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00:01 The harvest truly is plenteous,
00:03 but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray ye therefore, the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that he will, he will send forth laborers
00:09 unto this harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?"
00:17 Then said I. "Here am I, send me, send me."
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you
00:25 to be an effective harvester for the Lord.
00:27 We now invite you into our classroom
00:30 to come, experience LIFE.
00:44 Welcome to Life on the Edge.
00:46 For those of you joining us from home,
00:48 we're glad that you're able to join our class
00:51 here at the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
00:53 We've been learning how to share the Bible
00:56 with others and marking our Bibles and so we are glad
00:59 that you're able to be here at this
01:01 your first time, we ask you to grab your Bible
01:04 grab a pencil or notepads, so you're able to take notes
01:07 as we go through.
01:08 And you can get the studies that we've done
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01:17 This is our very last study,
01:18 so I'm sure many of you had experiences already
01:20 as you've shared the word with others,
01:22 you seen the studies and we will love
01:24 to hear your experiences.
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01:30 The study for today is witnessing.
01:33 We're going to mark the study Wt,
01:38 the purpose of this study is to show that every
01:41 true disciple of Christ is born
01:43 into the Kingdom of God as a missionary.
01:47 And we've talked about centering
01:49 every study on Christ.
01:51 As we centered the study on Christ
01:52 we think about Christ who came to seek and save
01:55 the lost and He has given us that same mission.
02:00 We're going to be going through 17 texts during
02:02 the study these are the first 12
02:05 and the remaining texts on the study.
02:08 You want to make sure that you have these
02:10 in front of your Bible and the back of your Bible
02:12 somewhere you can reference to them,
02:14 whenever you're ready to give us
02:16 study on witnessing.
02:20 This mother was, looked outside
02:23 and saw a beautiful sunny day.
02:26 It was one of those days that you just think
02:30 you know I can't, it's so beautiful to be inside.
02:32 So, she decided she is going to take
02:34 children out to the park.
02:36 She takes the little ones goes to the park and does
02:38 what every mother does when they take their
02:41 children to public place, starts by talking
02:44 to the children, stay close to mommy,
02:46 make sure you don't go too far,
02:47 you know they're in a playground and mom had
02:49 given them the sand as their parameter,
02:53 don't go beyond where the sand is,
02:55 just stay right here.
02:56 And mom sits there
02:57 and the children began playing.
02:59 Now, Michael, he loves making new friends.
03:03 So he went on the playground and began
03:05 to talk to new friends and started playing.
03:09 Victoria found a friend that she knew from school
03:13 and she was so excited they started playing.
03:15 Elizabeth, being the youngest,
03:17 she just follow Victoria around.
03:20 And they all were playing and mom was watching
03:23 and was talking to a friend as well,
03:26 all of a sudden mom looks around the playground
03:29 and she sees Michael, she sees Victoria
03:34 but where is little Elizabeth?
03:37 Mom runs to Michael, Michael,
03:39 where is Elizabeth?
03:41 I don't know, last time I saw
03:42 she was with Victoria.
03:43 Victoria where is Elizabeth, oh she is,
03:45 oh she was just here.
03:49 Victoria had gotten so excited
03:52 about playing with her friend,
03:53 she lost track of little Elizabeth.
03:57 Elizabeth meanwhile was following
03:59 a little butterfly that she has seen
04:01 and caught her attention.
04:03 Now, Elizabeth was so excited with it,
04:05 she did not realize she had walked
04:07 beyond the sand.
04:09 She gone into the grass, she gone behind a tree
04:12 and she was just there looking and then
04:14 all of a sudden she sees a pile of ants.
04:16 Have you ever looked at ants and how
04:19 they are constantly moving constantly working.
04:23 Well, Elizabeth thought this was just amazing
04:26 and so she just sit down and sat there just amazed
04:30 watching little ants going up and down sticks
04:33 and carrying things and she was just you know
04:36 so entertained she lost all track of time.
04:39 She had no idea that she had gone beyond
04:42 the safety of her mother, she couldn't even,
04:44 mother couldn't see her, she was in a place
04:46 where anyone could have taken her and something could
04:49 happen to her and she had no reach of mom,
04:51 mom couldn't see her.
04:52 But she didn't realize any of this,
04:53 because she was so entertained.
04:55 Meanwhile mother is going around.
04:57 Now when mother saw Michael, and Victoria,
05:01 Michael and Victoria right away began to look
05:06 for Elizabeth as well and until they found
05:09 Elizabeth none of them had rest.
05:15 The same way we have a heavenly Father
05:20 whose children are lost and He has no rest.
05:27 Now, are you and I going to be like
05:32 Michael and Victoria who as soon as mother
05:36 let them know that Elizabeth was missing
05:39 they joined in the search.
05:42 Are you going to say you know I'm too busy
05:46 playing, mom can go find Elizabeth?
05:53 Today we're going to be looking
05:55 at what the Bible teaches about the search
05:59 for those who are lost.
06:02 Before we go into the story and to this study
06:05 in the Bible, let's have a word of prayer.
06:08 Dear Lord heavenly Father,
06:10 we thank you for the privilege
06:11 that you give us to study your word.
06:13 Thank you Lord for all that we have been
06:15 learning here and for the opportunity Lord
06:18 to be able to share this with others.
06:20 I pray Lord that your spirit will be with us
06:22 as we study about witnessing.
06:24 May we understand clearly the lessons
06:27 on this study, Lord, and the mission
06:29 that you have given us.
06:30 May it convict our hearts and move us Lord,
06:32 to do that which you want for us to do,
06:35 in Jesus name we pray, amen.
06:38 We're going to begin this study looking
06:40 at Matthew Chapter 9 and we're gonna be
06:43 reading verses 35 through 38.
06:46 Matthew Chapter 9 verses 35 through 38.
06:50 This is a first text of our study,
06:51 so we're going to mark it 1Wt,
06:55 we're going to Romans 10:13 through 15
06:58 underline that's the text
06:59 we're going to be going to after this.
07:02 We're reading Matthew Chapter 9
07:05 verses 35 through 38.
07:10 Gloria, could you read that for us please.
07:13 Matthew 9 verses 35 through 38.
07:17 "Then Jesus went about all the cities
07:20 and villages, teaching in their synagogues,
07:23 preaching the gospel of the kingdom,
07:26 and healing every sickness
07:29 and every disease among the people.
07:32 But when He saw the multitudes,
07:34 He was moved with compassion for them,
07:37 because they were weary and scattered,
07:40 like sheep having no shepherd.
07:43 Then He said to His disciples,
07:46 the harvest truly is plentiful,
07:49 but the laborers are few.
07:52 Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest
07:54 to send out laborers into His harvest."
07:59 Thank you, Gloria.
08:01 Here we see Jesus, first it's,
08:03 it gives us a little detail what he has been doing,
08:06 what has he being doing?
08:09 Preaching, and teaching, and healing.
08:13 Okay, Jesus going preaching,
08:16 teaching and healing and He sees the multitude
08:19 and He says he was moved with compassion.
08:23 Jesus was moved with compassion why?
08:28 There was scattered like sheep
08:30 with out a shepherd, they were lost.
08:34 Jesus was moved with compassion,
08:36 because his children, those who He loved
08:39 He could see them lost.
08:43 And then He makes this statement,
08:47 the harvest truly is plenteous
08:50 but the laborers are few.
08:53 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest
08:56 that He will send forth laborers
08:58 into His harvest.
08:59 I can see Jesus saying this with His heart
09:03 just calling out, just pleading
09:08 with His disciples, because His heart is moved
09:12 with compassion for those who are lost.
09:16 Now, certainly there was a sound of concern
09:21 in his voice, let's look at why was it
09:24 that he was so concerned.
09:25 That this harvest was so great
09:28 and there was not enough laborers.
09:30 Let's look at Romans, we're going to look
09:32 at Chapter 10 of Romans and we're going to be reading
09:35 verses 13 through 15.
09:38 Romans Chapter 10 and we're going to read
09:42 verses 13 through 15, this is a second text
09:47 of our study, we're going to mark it TWt, 2Wt excuse me.
09:54 We just came from Matthew 9 verses 35 through 38
09:58 and we will be going to Matthew Chapter 28
10:01 verses 18 through 20.
10:03 We're reading now Matthew,
10:05 Romans Chapter 10 verses 13 through 15.
10:10 Mike, could you read that for us please?
10:12 "For whosoever shall call upon the name
10:14 of the Lord shall be saved.
10:16 How then shall they call on Him
10:18 in whom they have not believed?
10:20 And how shall they believe in whom
10:21 of they have not heard?
10:23 And how shall they hear without a preacher?
10:25 And how shall they preach except they be sent?
10:28 As it is written, how beautiful are the feet
10:30 of those who preach the gospel of peace
10:32 and bring glad tidings of good things.
10:35 Thank you, Mike.
10:36 In this passage how is it
10:38 that people receive salvation?
10:41 On the name of Jesus, through Jesus.
10:44 And then if, if they don't know Jesus
10:48 how they going to be able to receive salvation,
10:50 how are they going to know
10:53 if we don't go and tell them.
10:56 So Jesus had certainly a valid concern to know
11:01 that there was not enough laborers because
11:04 if the laborers are not going to tell the people
11:06 they will continue to be lost.
11:10 Salvation is through Jesus and if we're not
11:13 going and telling people about Jesus and teaching
11:17 them about Him, how are they going to be saved.
11:22 We're going to look at when Jesus talks about
11:24 these laborers who are missing on in action,
11:27 when He talks about laborers who are needed,
11:30 who is He talking about?
11:31 Let's look at Matthew Chapter 28
11:34 and we're going to look at verses 18 through 20,
11:37 Matthew Chapter 28 verses 18 through 20.
11:47 This is the third text of our study,
11:49 we're going to mark it 3Wt.
11:51 We just came from Romans 10 verses 13 through 15
11:56 and we're going to Matthew Chapter 4 verse 19.
12:00 We're reading now Matthew Chapter 28,
12:05 we're going to read verses 18 through 20.
12:08 Jessica, could you read that for us please?
12:11 "Jesus came and told his disciples,
12:13 I have been given complete authority
12:16 in heaven and on earth.
12:18 Therefore, go and make disciples of all
12:20 the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father
12:24 and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
12:27 Teach these new disciples to obey
12:29 all the commandments I have given you.
12:32 And be sure of this, I am with you always,
12:35 even to the end of the age."
12:39 Thank you, Jessica.
12:40 Now, here who is, who is Jesus
12:43 on this passage talking to?
12:46 His disciples, his disciples were there,
12:48 it says on verse 16.
12:54 So, they took, oh verse 16,
12:58 and then the eleven disciples went away,
13:00 so the eleven disciples were there He is talking
13:02 to his disciples and He gives them this command
13:06 to go and teach all nations.
13:09 Now, was this command only for the disciples there?
13:14 No. We see that on verse 20 when Jesus says, lo,
13:20 I am with you always even unto the end
13:24 of the world.
13:25 Now, has the world ended? No.
13:28 Are the disciples still alive today? No.
13:31 So then he must have been including all of those
13:35 who would follow him throughout the ages
13:38 on this command.
13:39 He is calling you and I as we've chosen to follow
13:42 Jesus to go therefore and teach all nations.
13:46 Here Jesus is calling His disciples not just
13:50 the one sitting there with Him but all through
13:52 the ages until the end of the world.
13:55 And he is saying to go and do what?
13:59 To teach all nations.
14:03 What are they going to teach?
14:05 All things.
14:07 You know we spend, we have been spending time
14:10 here learning different things of the Bible teaches
14:15 and how to share these things.
14:17 So, Jesus is calling us to share these things
14:21 that he's commanded in His word with others.
14:24 All things that He has commanded to all nations,
14:28 so that means everyone, that means those
14:32 that we like and those that we don't like.
14:35 That means our neighbors, the people that we work for,
14:40 the people that we meet in the different places,
14:43 God has called us to witness
14:45 to all the ones that He has put in our vicinity.
14:53 Now, here many, many times we fear going out
14:56 because we don't know what to do.
14:58 But on this verse it says, it says,
15:01 Jesus before He gives the command says
15:03 all power is given unto me in heaven and on earth.
15:08 All power is given unto me in heaven and earth.
15:11 And then the next words are go ye therefore.
15:14 So, we can go in confidence that all the power
15:19 that Jesus has will go with us,
15:23 as we go out to minister to others.
15:28 Now, can we call ourselves
15:30 followers of Christ if we are not
15:34 taking part in winning souls.
15:36 No, let's look at what the Bible says on this,
15:39 we're going to be in the same book of Matthew
15:42 but we're going to go to Chapter 4 and we're going
15:45 to look at verse 19, Matthew Chapter 4
15:50 and verse 19, this is the fourth text of our study,
15:58 you're gonna mark it 4Wt.
16:01 We just came from Matthew Chapter 28
16:04 verses 18 through 20 and we're gonna be going
16:07 to John Chapter 8 verse 12.
16:11 We're in Matthew Chapter 4 verse 19,
16:15 Scott, could you read that for us?
16:18 "And he saith unto them, Follow me,
16:21 and I will make you fishers of men."
16:25 Now, here it says, follow me and I will do what?
16:29 Make you fishers of men.
16:31 What is a fisher of men? Is a what?
16:35 Someone who catches people,
16:37 we're bringing people to Jesus.
16:39 Now, it says follow me
16:41 and I will make you fishers of men.
16:44 So, we're not being fishers of men,
16:46 are we following Him? No.
16:50 If we follow Him says,
16:52 Jesus will make us fishers of men.
16:56 So, as followers, true followers of Jesus
16:59 we have to be working for the salvation of souls.
17:04 A true follower cannot call themselves
17:08 a follower and not take part in this work.
17:11 Now, if you think about it,
17:12 Jesus life was all about winning souls.
17:16 So, how can we say we're following Jesus
17:18 and not doing that which He did.
17:20 And how can we be close to Him
17:24 and not take part of His work.
17:26 Now, we're going to look at John Chapter 8 verse 12.
17:32 John, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Chapter 8,
17:38 we're reading verse 12.
17:41 This is the fifth text of our study,
17:44 you're going to mark it 5Wt.
17:47 We just came from Matthew Chapter 4 verse 19
17:51 and we'll be going to Matthew Chapter 5
17:54 verses 14 and 16,
17:57 we are now in John Chapter 8 verse 12.
18:02 Shalita, could you read that for us?
18:08 "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying,
18:11 I am the light of the world,
18:12 he that followeth me
18:14 shall not walk in darkness,
18:16 but shall have the light of life."
18:18 Thank you, Shalita.
18:20 Here Jesus, what does He say about Himself?
18:24 He is the light of the world.
18:26 Jesus is saying, I am the light of the world.
18:30 What does He say about those that follow Him?
18:33 They will not walk in darkness.
18:34 They will not walk in darkness.
18:36 He is the light of the world and He says those
18:39 that follow Him will not walk in darkness,
18:41 let's look at this a little bit more clearly.
18:44 In Matthew Chapter 5, Matthew 5
18:50 and we're looking at verses 14 and 16,
18:53 Matthew Chapter 5:14 and 16.
18:57 this is the sixth text in our study.
19:00 At the end of this reference
19:01 you're going to mark 6Wt,
19:04 we just came from John Chapter 8 verse 12
19:07 and we will going to Acts
19:09 Chapter 26 verses 16 through 18.
19:13 We're reading now Matthew Chapter 5 verses 14 and 16.
19:20 Roberto, could you read those for us?
19:26 Matthew Chapter 5 read verse 14 and then verse 16.
19:32 "You are the light of the world.
19:34 A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.
19:38 Let your light so shine before men that they may
19:43 see your good works, and glory
19:45 you Father in heaven."
19:49 Thank you, Roberto.
19:50 Now, we just read before Jesus says
19:53 that I am the light of the world.
19:56 Now, here He's saying what?
19:59 That we're the light of the world.
20:02 When you receive Jesus in your life,
20:05 because He is light we become light.
20:11 And it says, let your light so shine before men.
20:16 So, if we are light we have to let that light shine.
20:21 Now, let's look at what happens when we become
20:24 light and we let our light shine.
20:27 We're going to look at Acts
20:29 Chapter 26 verses 16 through 18.
20:34 Acts Chapter 26 verses 16 through 18, Matthew,
20:39 Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Matthew, Mark, Luke,
20:43 John, Acts, Chapter 26 and we're looking
20:47 at verses 16 through 18.
20:51 This is the seventh text in our study,
20:54 you're going to mark it 7Wt.
20:57 We just came from Matthew Chapter 5
20:59 verses 14 and 16 and we will be going
21:03 to John Chapter 1 verses 38 through 45.
21:08 We're reading Acts Chapter 5 verse 14,
21:16 verses 16 through 18, I'm sorry.
21:18 Tom, could you read that for us please.
21:21 "But rise and stand on your feet,
21:24 for I have appeared to you for this purpose,
21:27 to make you a minister and a witness
21:30 both of the things which you have seen and of the things
21:34 which I will yet reveal to you.
21:36 I will deliver you from the Jewish people
21:39 as well as from the gentiles to whom I now send you
21:42 to open their eyes in order to turn them
21:46 from darkness to light and from the power of Satan
21:49 to God, that they may receive forgiveness
21:52 of sins and an inheritance among those
21:56 who are sanctified by faith in Me."
21:59 Thank you, Tom.
22:00 Here now we are light, Jesus is light
22:03 and because we receive Him we're light and it says
22:05 here that when we're light what do we do?
22:07 We turn them from darkness into light
22:13 and from the power of Satan unto God.
22:18 When you and I receive the light
22:21 and become light and share the light,
22:23 let that light shine, then we can turn them
22:29 from the darkness into light.
22:32 Deliver them from the power of Satan, unto God.
22:39 Now, I like this passage, it's very interesting
22:42 to me, because this one of my favorite people
22:45 in the Bible is Paul.
22:46 It's just amazing to me to see a man who used
22:50 all of his strength and power to persecute
22:53 those who follow Christ.
22:55 And in this passage, Jesus comes to Paul
23:01 and has an encounter with him,
23:02 now so far to this moment he has done nothing
23:05 but persecute all those who call
23:07 in the name of Jesus.
23:09 And here Jesus has an encounter with him
23:12 and after this encounter, Paul's life is completely
23:17 changed and transformed.
23:19 And notice what Jesus tells Paul
23:22 when he comes to Him.
23:24 He tells him, rise and stand upon thy feet,
23:28 for I have appeared unto thee for this purpose,
23:33 to make thee a minister and a witness,
23:37 both of these things which thou have seen
23:39 and of those things in which I will appear unto thee.
23:43 Rise up for I have come for this purpose
23:46 to make you minister and a witness.
23:49 When Jesus comes in our lives,
23:51 he says the same thing to us, rise up.
23:57 Rise and stand upon thy feet for I have come
24:00 for this purpose to make thee a minister and a witness,
24:05 of the things which you have seen,
24:06 of those things that you've experienced
24:07 that you've learned, you are called now
24:11 to be a witness of those things
24:12 and share them with others.
24:14 Jesus comes into our lives and calls us
24:17 to be a witness and a minister.
24:20 We're going to look at some examples of people
24:22 in the Bible that when they receive Jesus
24:27 into their lives, they too became witnesses for Him.
24:30 The first example we're going to look at is found
24:32 in John Chapter 1 verses 38 through 51,
24:38 John Chapter 1 verses 38 through 51,
24:46 this is the eighth text of our study,
24:50 you're gonna mark 8Wt, we just came from Acts 26
24:55 verses 16 through 18 and we're going to be going
24:59 to Luke Chapter 8 verse 37 through 40.
25:04 We're now at John Chapter1 verses 38 to 45,
25:08 now we're going to be reading these in parts
25:11 so we're gonna start reading verses 38 through 42.
25:16 Mike, could you read those please?
25:20 "Then Jesus turned, and saw them following,
25:22 and says unto them, "What seek you?"
25:25 They said unto him, Rabbi, which is to say,
25:27 being interpreted, Master,
25:29 where dwellest thou?"
25:31 "He saith unto them, Come and see.
25:32 They came and saw where he dwelt,
25:34 and abode with him that day,
25:36 for it was about the tenth hour."
25:38 "One of the two which heard John speak,
25:40 and followed him, was Andrew,
25:41 Simon Peter's brother."
25:46 Through verse 42 yes, please.
25:50 "He first findeth his own brother Simon,
25:52 and saith unto him, we have found the Messiah,
25:54 which is being interpreted, the Christ."
25:57 "And he brought him to Jesus.
25:58 And when Jesus beheld him, he said,
26:00 Thou art Simon the son of Jonah,
26:02 thou shalt be called Cephas,
26:04 which is by interpretation, a stone."
26:07 Thank you, now here we see Andrew who has come
26:11 to know Jesus and what is the first thing he does?
26:16 He goes and gets his brother
26:18 and brings him to Jesus.
26:21 He's found Jesus and now he goes
26:24 and finds his brother and he brings him to Jesus.
26:28 Now, let's continue reading there is another
26:30 example here if we read now verses 43 to 45
26:35 we're going to see another disciple
26:38 that came to Christ and what he does as soon
26:40 as he finds Christ, verses 43 to 45.
26:46 "The day following Jesus would go forth
26:48 into Galilee, and findeth Philip,
26:49 and saith unto him, Follow me."
26:51 "Now Philip was of Bethsaida,
26:53 the city of Andrew and Peter."
26:55 "Philip findeth Nathanael,
26:57 and saith unto him, we have found him of whom
26:59 Moses in the law, and the prophets did write,
27:01 Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph."
27:05 Now, Philip here may seizes and what does he do?
27:10 He gets Nathanael, he goes and finds his friend
27:13 and tells his friend.
27:14 When Jesus come into our lives we have to go
27:18 and tell others that experience is so special
27:21 that we can't keep it to ourselves,
27:22 we go and tell our family here we see the example
27:26 of Andrew goes to his brother,
27:28 we tell our friends, we see the example of Philip
27:31 going to his friend Nathanael.
27:33 Now, let's look at another example,
27:35 this one is found in Luke Chapter 8
27:38 and we're going to read verses 37 through 40,
27:41 Matthew, Mark, Luke Chapter 8
27:47 and we're going to be reading verses 37 through 40.
27:53 This is the ninth text of our study
27:56 at the end of this reference
27:57 you're going to mark 9Wt,
28:00 we just came from John Chapter 1
28:02 verses 38 through 45
28:04 and after this we're gonna be reading
28:06 John Chapter 4 verses 3 through 18 and then 25
28:11 through 30 and then verse 39.
28:13 We're now reading
28:15 Luke Chapter 8 verses 37 through 40.
28:20 Scott, could you read that for us please? Sure.
28:23 "Then the whole multitude of the country
28:25 of the Gadarenes round about besought him to depart
28:28 from them, for they were taken with great fear,
28:32 and he went up into the ship,
28:33 and returned back again."
28:36 "Now the man out of whom the devils were departed
28:38 besought him that he might be with him,
28:40 but Jesus sent him away, saying,
28:42 Return to your own house,
28:44 and show how great things God has done unto thee.
28:49 And he went his way, and published throughout
28:51 the whole city how great things Jesus
28:54 had done unto him.
28:55 And it came to pass,
28:57 that, when Jesus was returned,
28:59 the people gladly received him,
29:01 for they were all waiting for him."
29:04 Thank you, Scott.
29:05 Now, here we see a man that Jesus had delivered
29:12 and he goes and tells who?
29:16 The whole city, everybody that means
29:19 your neighbors, that means your bank
29:21 and your hairdresser, every person you know.
29:25 He went and told everybody
29:27 and because of his sharing with everyone
29:29 a lot of people received the gospel.
29:34 He went and told everyone.
29:36 Now let's look at another example,
29:38 we're going now to John Chapter 4,
29:41 John Chapter 4,
29:47 and we're going to be reading first
29:49 verses 3 to 18 this is a tenth text of our study
29:54 at the end of this reference
29:55 you're going to mark 10Wt,
29:57 we just came from Luke Chapter 8
29:59 verses 37 through 40 and we will be going
30:02 to Luke Chapter 3 verse 16.
30:06 We're now on John Chapter 4
30:09 and we're first going to be reading verses 3, 3 and 4,
30:15 3 and 4 please.
30:21 "He left Judea,
30:22 and departed again to Galilee.
30:26 He needed to go through Samaria."
30:30 Now, here in verse 4 it says he needed
30:34 to go through Samaria,
30:36 Jesus is going to from Judea to Galilee.
30:39 Now, the Jews of this side, they didn't,
30:41 they didn't like the Samarians very much
30:44 and they would always avoid going through there,
30:47 so there is other ways to go through Galilee.
30:50 But it says here you must need to go through Samaria.
30:54 When I read this, it really caught
30:55 my attention, because I see it in my life many times
30:59 you know, Jesus knew he had a divine appointment.
31:03 So, He needed to go through there
31:05 and it's happened to me many times and I can remember
31:09 just a few months ago I was going to Oregon
31:14 and my flight was gonna go through Atlanta,
31:17 from Orlando to Atlanta, I get to the airport,
31:20 I'm their on time, I'm on the line,
31:22 I get to the counter and I realize
31:25 I left my drivers license in the car.
31:28 Now, this says you can't go very far without
31:32 our identification so I had to go get my drivers license,
31:35 I get out of the line, walk outside,
31:38 my car was parked in one of those parking
31:42 lots there in the airport.
31:44 So I had to stand outside and wait
31:46 for the shuttle to come.
31:49 It was very early in the morning,
31:52 so the shuttles were not coming as often
31:55 as they usually do, I waited there for a long time.
31:58 By the time I went to my car and got back
32:02 to the line it was too late to get on the plane,
32:06 so I missed my plane.
32:08 Now, that morning I had woken up early
32:10 and I spend my time with the Lord
32:11 and I have surrendered the day to Him.
32:14 So, when that happened I said well, Lord,
32:16 let's see what you do now?
32:17 I knew he had a plan, didn't know what it was
32:19 but I knew He had a plan.
32:21 So, I go to the counter and the lady's like, hmm,
32:23 don't look like we have anything else
32:25 going to Oregon today.
32:26 Then I'm like okay, well can you check for me
32:28 and she kept checking, she kept checking and finally
32:30 she said oh I found something
32:31 this one is gonna go through Salt Lake City
32:34 and so you going to go a different direction
32:35 and you're gonna get their just an hour later
32:38 than I was supposed to get there,
32:39 so we end up doing it in that way.
32:41 Now, I had woken up really early
32:43 so I was really looking for to sitting in the plane
32:47 and sleeping, except as I sat down I found that my,
32:54 the person sitting next to me wanted to talk.
32:56 This man, a Baptist had been studying the Bible
33:02 and he found out as we have studied
33:06 that the rapture was not biblical and to him
33:11 that was good but it brought some fear
33:13 because then he say,
33:15 well, now since I'm not gonna be rapture
33:18 that means I have to be here through
33:20 all the tribulations and all of these things
33:22 and he began to think, what do I do to avoid
33:27 the mark of the beast?
33:29 Now, we study that but he had not gone
33:32 until understand that yet.
33:34 So, I had sometime to share with him,
33:36 and when I got back to Oregon I realized that,
33:39 that was not a coincidence I must needed
33:44 to have gone through Salt Lake City
33:46 because he was going there
33:47 and that's what the Lord wanted me to.
33:49 And here in this story we see Jesus going
33:53 to Galilee and he knows he has to go through Samaria
33:56 because there is a divine appointment he has there.
33:59 We're gonna continue reading now verses 5 through 9.
34:03 Jessica, could you read those for us.
34:07 "Eventually he came to the Samaritan village
34:10 of Sychar, near the parcel of ground that Jacob
34:16 gave to his son Joseph.
34:18 Jacob's well was there, and Jesus,
34:20 tired from the long walk, sat wearily
34:23 beside the well about noontime.
34:26 Soon a Samaritan woman came to draw water,
34:29 and Jesus said to her, Please give me a drink.
34:34 He was alone at the time because his disciples
34:36 had gone into the village to buy some food.
34:39 The woman was surprised, for Jews refuse to have
34:42 anything to do with Samaritans.
34:44 She said to Jesus, You're a Jew,
34:47 and I am a Samaritan woman.
34:49 Why are you asking me for a drink?
34:51 Thank you, Jessica.
34:53 Now, here we see that the women was surprised
34:56 He would ask her for a drink, why?
35:01 She was a Samaritan and he was a Jew.
35:04 Did Jesus let that keep him from sharing
35:07 with this woman?
35:08 No, and so we as followers of Jesus have
35:11 to do the same way he does.
35:13 So, as we are witnesses for Christ we are not
35:16 to stop at those who are different from us.
35:20 But we are to share to everyone,
35:22 we're gonna continue reading
35:23 verses 10 through 18,
35:27 Jessica, could you continue there,
35:29 verses 10 through 18.
35:31 "Jesus replied, If you only knew the gift God
35:34 has for you and who I am, you would ask me,
35:38 and I would give you living water.
35:41 But sir, you don't have a rope or a bucket,
35:43 she said, and this is a very deep well.
35:47 Where would she get this living water?
35:50 And besides, are you greater than our ancestor
35:52 Jacob, who gave us this well?
35:55 How can you offer better water
35:57 than he and his sons and his cattle enjoyed?
36:00 Jesus replied, people soon become thirsty again
36:04 after drinking this water.
36:06 But the water I give them
36:08 takes away thirst all together.
36:11 It becomes a Perpetual Spring within them,
36:14 giving them eternal life
36:17 Please, sir, the woman said, give me some of that water.
36:21 Then I'll never be thirsty again,
36:24 and I won't have to come here to haul water.
36:26 Go and get your husband, Jesus told her.
36:29 I don't have a husband, the woman replied.
36:33 Jesus said, You're right.
36:34 You don't have a husband For you have had
36:37 five husbands, and you aren't even married to the man
36:40 you're living with now.
36:42 Sir, the woman said you must be a prophet."
36:47 Thank you Jessica.
36:49 Here Jesus, basically share the gospel
36:51 with this woman in a nutshell and she,
36:55 he is able to tell her about the secrets of her life.
37:01 And she recognizes that he cannot be just
37:04 a regular man because of this.
37:07 There is no secrets we can keep from God
37:09 and only He knows everything about us.
37:11 He is able to tell this woman and she recognizes
37:14 because of that, that He must be from God.
37:18 Now, we're gonna look at verses 25 through 30,
37:22 25 through 30, Tom, could you read that for us please.
37:30 "The woman did said to him,
37:33 I know that Messiah is coming.
37:34 Who is called Christ, when he comes,
37:37 he will tell us all things.
37:40 Jesus said to her, I who speak to you am he.
37:44 And at this point His disciples came,
37:46 and they marveled that He talked with a woman,
37:49 yet no one said, what do You seek
37:52 or why are You talking with her?
37:54 The woman then left her water-pot,
37:56 went her way into the city,
37:58 and said to the men.
37:59 Come, see a Man
38:02 who told me all things that I ever did.
38:04 Could this be the Christ?
38:07 Then they went out of the city and came to Him."
38:10 Thank you, Tom.
38:12 Now, here this woman had just heard from Jesus
38:15 and what does she do?
38:18 She left what she was doing,
38:20 said she left her water-pot,
38:21 she was busy doing it but she leaves the things
38:23 that she is doing and she goes right away,
38:26 she doesn't wait until she learns more or says,
38:28 well you know, now I know a little bit
38:30 I'm gonna wait until I learn a lot more
38:32 and I leave it to the disciples,
38:33 she goes right away with what she knows
38:36 and she shares it with the people
38:37 and let's look at the result
38:38 of this, in verse 39, verse 39.
38:44 Scott, could you read that for us?
38:46 Sure, John Chapter 4 verse 39.
38:50 "And many of the Samaritans of that city
38:53 believed on him for the saying of the woman,
38:55 which testified, He told me all that I ever did."
38:59 Thank you, Scott.
39:00 Here we see the result of her faithfulness.
39:03 She shared just what she knew at the time
39:05 that this man has come and told her all that
39:07 she has done, and because of that
39:10 many it says in that city came to believe.
39:14 Many in the city came to believe,
39:16 we're gonna see one more example of someone
39:20 who was the witness for Christ.
39:21 Now, we're going to look at John the Baptist
39:23 who was a very powerful witness for Christ.
39:26 He had a very special purpose and we're gonna
39:29 see what made his witnessing so powerful.
39:32 We're going to Luke Chapter 3 verse 16,
39:36 Luke Chapter 3 verse 16, this is the eleventh text
39:42 of our study, you're gonna mark it 11Wt,
39:46 we just came from John Chapter 4 verse 3 to 18,
39:51 and 25 through 30 and 39 and we will be going
39:54 to John Chapter 3 verses 27 through 30.
39:57 We're reading now from Luke Chapter 3 verse 16.
40:03 Gloria, could you read that for us?
40:05 "John answered, saying to all,
40:09 I indeed baptize you with water,
40:11 but one mightier than I is coming.
40:15 Whose sandal straps I'm not worthy to loosen.
40:20 He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire."
40:24 Thank you, Gloria.
40:25 Here, John the Baptist is witnessing and he says,
40:32 one mightier than I, now hold to that thought
40:36 and go to John Chapter 3:27 and through 30,
40:42 one mightier than I, John Chapter 3
40:46 verses 27 through 30, this is the twelfth text
40:49 of our study, at the end of this reference
40:51 you're gonna mark 12Wt,
40:54 we just came from Luke Chapter 3 verse 16
40:58 and we will be going to John Chapter 12
41:01 verse 32, we're reading now from John Chapter 3
41:05 verses 27 through 30.
41:08 Shalita, could you read that for us?
41:12 "John answered and said,
41:14 A man can receive nothing,
41:16 except it be given him from heaven.
41:19 Ye yourselves bear me witness, then I said,
41:22 I am not the Christ, but that I am sent before him.
41:26 He that hath the bride is the bridegroom,
41:30 but the friend of the bridegroom,
41:32 which standeth and heareth him,
41:35 rejoiceth greatly because of the bridegroom's voice,
41:39 this my joy therefore is fulfilled.
41:42 He must increase, that, but I must decrease."
41:45 Thank you, Shalita.
41:47 Here we see John the Baptist again
41:50 as he speaking to people about Jesus and he says,
41:53 He must increase but I must decrease.
41:57 One mightier than I, what is,
42:00 what is John doing here?
42:04 He is lifting up Jesus, very good,
42:07 he's taking the focus off of himself
42:10 and pointing to Jesus.
42:13 People were coming to the place because
42:15 of the powerful message that he was bringing
42:18 that they were following him and he made sure
42:21 that he led him back to Jesus.
42:24 And it is important that we do the same,
42:26 we're going to look at why in John Chapter 12
42:30 verse 32, John Chapter 12 we're gonna look
42:34 at verse 32 and this is the thirteenth text
42:38 of our study, at the end of this reference
42:40 you're gonna mark 13Wt,
42:43 we just came from John Chapter 3
42:45 verses 27 through 30 and we will be going
42:49 to 2 Corinthians Chapter 5
42:51 verses 17 through 20,
42:54 we are reading now John Chapter 12 verse 32.
43:00 Mike, can you read that for us please?
43:02 Yeah, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth,
43:06 will draw all men unto me."
43:07 Thank you, Mike.
43:09 Here we see why John was doing this.
43:11 Jesus says, if I am lifted up,
43:14 if we lift up Jesus, then all men
43:18 will be drawn unto Him.
43:20 If we lift up Jesus in our homes
43:25 our families will be drawn unto Jesus.
43:29 If we lift up Jesus in our workplace
43:34 the people there will also be drawn unto Jesus.
43:38 If we lift up Jesus in our school,
43:42 our classmates will be drawn to Him.
43:46 So, John and his witnessing understood
43:49 how important it was to lift up Jesus,
43:53 because salvation is in Jesus Christ.
43:57 Let's look at 2 Corinthians Chapter 5
44:01 and we going to be reading verses 17 though 20,
44:05 2 Corinthians Chapter 5:17 through 20,
44:11 this is the fourteen text of our study,
44:15 you gonna mark at the end of this reference 14Wt,
44:20 we just came from John Chapter 12 verse 32
44:23 and we will be going to Romans Chapter 1 verse 16.
44:29 2 Corinthians Chapter 5
44:32 and we're reading 17 through 20.
44:37 2 Corinthians Chapter 5
44:39 verses 17 through 20.
44:40 Roberto, could you read that for us please? Yes.
44:44 "Therefore if anyone is in Christ,
44:49 is a new creation, all things have passed away,
44:54 behold, all things have become new.
44:59 Now all things are of God,
45:03 who has reconciled us to Himself
45:07 through Jesus Christ,
45:09 and has given us the ministry of reconciliation."
45:14 Thank you.
45:15 Here it tells us that God has reconciled us
45:19 to Himself by Jesus Christ.
45:22 And then it says that he had given us
45:25 the ministry of reconciliation.
45:28 We have learned that it was Jesus who reconciled
45:31 us through Christ and as we have been called
45:34 to be ministers of reconciliation
45:36 we have been given the job of leading people to Christ.
45:41 So, they can be reconciled and then
45:43 it says now then we are ambassadors for Christ.
45:51 And He is talking about them who have come
45:54 to Christ and become new creatures,
45:56 it began saying, therefore if any man
45:58 being Christ he is a new creature.
46:00 So, when we become a new creature
46:02 we are now ambassadors for Christ.
46:09 I am an ambassador for Christ,
46:13 you are an ambassador for Christ,
46:16 you at home are an ambassador for Christ.
46:19 Christ has calls us to be ambassadors for Him,
46:24 when we receive Christ and come to be,
46:28 to have a new life in Him
46:30 we are now ambassadors for Christ.
46:33 Now, sometimes we think you know
46:35 there is some people that we are just sure
46:38 that they're gonna reject the gospel.
46:40 And we figure well, if I share it with them
46:43 they just, they're just not going to,
46:45 they're just not going to accept it.
46:47 And then we also think well if I,
46:48 if I talk about Christ that work
46:50 and people are just gonna think I'm weird,
46:53 and if I tell people in my neighborhood
46:57 they're just gonna, you know, stop talking to me.
47:00 We might be afraid or ashamed of sharing
47:03 the gospel, but let's see what encouragement
47:06 the word of God gives us in Romans Chapter 1
47:08 verse 16, Romans Chapter 1 verse 16,
47:18 this is the fifteenth text of our study,
47:22 you're going to mark
47:23 at the end of this reference 15Wt,
47:26 we just came from 2 Corinthians Chapter 5
47:29 verses 17 through 20
47:31 and we will going to Ezekiel Chapter 33
47:35 verses 7 through 9.
47:37 We're now reading from Romans Chapter 1 verse 16,
47:41 Tom, could you read that for us?
47:43 "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,
47:47 for it is the power of God to salvation
47:51 for every one who believes for the Jew first,
47:54 and also for the Greek."
47:56 Thank you, Tom.
47:57 Here he calls what?
47:58 It calls the gospel of Christ what?
48:01 Power of God, the Power of God unto salvation.
48:08 Here Paul is saying, I'm not ashamed of the gospel
48:10 because it is the power of God unto salvation.
48:14 So, when you go to share the Gospel
48:16 don't be afraid, don't be ashamed of sharing,
48:18 you're sharing a powerful thing
48:21 and if people reject it
48:24 we shouldn't feel bad for ourselves,
48:27 we should feel bad for them,
48:29 we have a great thing to share, a powerful thing,
48:33 power to salvation, we should not be ever afraid
48:38 of sharing the gospel or ashamed of sharing it.
48:42 Because we are giving them
48:44 power unto salvation, power unto salvation and then,
48:48 and then continue you know we still have this
48:52 doubt of people who may reject that,
48:54 we know already they have said I don't want nothing
48:56 to do with Christ,
48:57 but the Bible also talks to us about that.
48:59 In Ezekiel Chapter 33 verse 7 through 9,
49:03 Ezekiel Chapter 33
49:08 and we're going to look at verses 7 through 9, sorry.
49:15 This is the sixteenth text of our study,
49:17 you're gonna mark 16Wt.
49:20 We just came from Romans Chapter 1 verse 16
49:23 and we will be going to John Chapter 20
49:26 verses 19 through 20.
49:29 This is Ezekiel, we're reading now
49:31 Ezekiel Chapter 33 verse 7 through 9.
49:38 Scott, could you read that for us? Sure.
49:40 "So, thou O son of man I have sent thee a watchman
49:44 unto the house of Israel, therefore thou shall hear
49:47 the word in my mouth and warn them from me.
49:51 When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man,
49:54 thou shalt surely die, if thou doesn't speak to one
49:58 the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die
50:01 in his iniquity, but his blood
50:03 will I require at thine hand.
50:06 Nevertheless if thou warned the wicked
50:08 of his way, to turn from it, if he do not turn
50:12 from his way he shall die in his iniquity,
50:15 but thou has delivered thy soul."
50:19 Thank you, Scott.
50:20 Now, here it tells us if we want the person
50:25 and tell them of the gospel
50:26 and they choose to reject it,
50:28 are we responsible? No.
50:30 But if we don't and they're lost,
50:33 are we responsible?
50:34 Yes, God will hold us responsible for those
50:40 who we have not warned.
50:45 Now, this brings me to question,
50:48 do I have blood in my hands?
50:51 And I hope each of us is, is,
50:54 is asking God and searching to our hearts
50:56 to show us if there is someone that we have
51:00 neglected to share, we don't,
51:01 I don't know about you, but I don't want to have
51:03 blood on my hands.
51:04 So, we wanna make sure that we share the gospel,
51:09 even if know, are sure in our hearts
51:11 that they're going to reject it,
51:13 our responsibility is to share it
51:16 and leave God with the results,
51:20 that's very important.
51:22 We're going to finish with John Chapter 20,
51:25 we're gonna look at verses 19 through 21,
51:28 John Chapter 20,
51:32 verses 19 through 21,
51:35 this is the last text of our study,
51:37 at the end of this reference
51:38 you gonna mark 17Wt,
51:40 we just came from Ezekiel Chapter 33
51:43 verses 7 through 9.
51:46 And this is the end, so you're just gonna write
51:49 end on the bottom.
51:50 We're reading now John, John Chapter 20
51:55 verses 19 through 21.
51:58 Jessica, could you read that for us?
52:01 "That evening, on the first day of the week,
52:04 the disciples were meeting behind
52:06 locked doors because they were afraid
52:08 of the Jewish leaders.
52:10 Suddenly, Jesus was standing there among them.
52:13 Peace be with you, he said.
52:15 As he spoke, he held out his hands for them
52:18 to see, and he showed them his side.
52:21 They were filled with joy when they saw their Lord.
52:24 He spoke to them again and said,
52:26 Peace be with you.
52:28 As the Father has sent me, so I send you."
52:32 Thank you, Jessica.
52:34 Here Jesus, after his resurrection,
52:39 comes to His disciples, He appears to them
52:42 and He tells them peace be unto you.
52:45 And then He says as my father has send Me,
52:50 even so send I you,
52:55 as my father has send Me,
52:57 even so send I you.
53:01 Jesus today is saying to us as my father has send Me
53:08 send I you.
53:11 Is it our desire to answer to this call
53:15 by saying, Jesus, send me?
53:19 Do you decide today to say, yes, I will go.
53:25 Let us pray.
53:27 Dear Lord heavenly Father,
53:29 we thank you for the powerful
53:33 testimony of your word.
53:34 We thank you for what He has done in our lives
53:38 and we pray Father that you will help us
53:42 to share this same wonderful news that you've given to us
53:47 with others that the lives of many will be changed,
53:51 transformed and saved because of it.
53:54 Help us, dear Lord, to understand
53:57 that this is a privilege that you have given us.
54:01 Help us to have the burden for the salvation
54:04 of souls that we need to have,
54:07 that we will go and share the gospel with all nations.
54:14 Lord, help us to trust in you because you said, lo,
54:18 I am with you even to the end of the world.
54:22 Help us to understand that as we go out
54:24 and share with people you are with us,
54:27 and that what we are coming to share with them
54:29 is that your power unto salvation,
54:33 that we will have no fear,
54:34 no shame but to stand and go to answer to the call
54:41 to save those who are lost.
54:43 This we pray, in Jesus name, amen.
54:49 This is the last study that we are going to do
54:54 and we encourage each of us here and you at home,
54:58 to take what you have learned and go
55:01 and share with others.
55:03 Jesus concerned when he saw the multitude was,
55:07 the harvest truly is plenteous
55:11 but the laborers are few.
55:14 Are you, my friend, going to take a stand
55:18 and be a laborer for Christ.
55:21 Are you going to say today, Jesus send me,
55:26 it is my desire that each of us here as well as you
55:30 at home will take what you have learned
55:33 week after week in this lessons,
55:36 and you will share it with those
55:39 that you've come and contact with.
55:41 I promise you that as you share the word of God
55:44 it will become even more meaningful to you
55:47 and it will bring change and transformation
55:49 in your own life.
55:50 There is nothing that comes from a spending
55:53 in the time, time in the word of God
55:56 but blessings, to us and to those
55:58 that we share it with.
56:00 So, I pray that you will take the time
56:03 to share these, that you will begin today
56:06 to pray and say, Lord, show me those that I need
56:10 to share with and give me the trust to go
56:14 and do in knowing that you will be with me.
56:17 This is my encouragement to you
56:19 and to each of us here.
56:21 May you take the time to share
56:22 God's word with others.
56:24 We remind you again that the rest of our studies
56:27 are found in our website
56:29 at
56:36 Well, my friends, you and I have completed
56:38 the Life on the Edge course.
56:41 We've walked through the Bible,
56:43 we promised in our very first program
56:45 that you're about to embark on a journey
56:47 through scripture that would be like
56:49 no other you had been on.
56:51 And here we are, God has taken us
56:53 from the Garden of Eden,
56:55 lost all the way back
56:56 to the Garden of Eden, restored.
56:59 Aletta has just told us that we are the witnesses
57:03 for Jesus Christ, it reminds me of the thing
57:06 that Isaiah said, he said
57:08 that he was the witness for the Lord.
57:12 God told them to tell all of us
57:13 that I am the Lord's witness.
57:16 And so we just want to thank
57:17 every one of you for tuning in.
57:19 Remember, if you didn't get the rest
57:22 of the studies, we need you to go
57:23 to the website
57:30 Where you'll able to see all of those
57:31 other videos, download the handouts.
57:34 And my friend, some of you may even
57:36 want to come to our classroom
57:38 and simply experience LIFE.


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