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00:01 Harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray Ye therefore, the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that He will, He will send forth laborers
00:09 into His harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
00:18 Then said, I. "Here am I, send me, send me".
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you to be
00:25 an effective harvester for the Lord.
00:28 We now invite you into our classroom
00:30 to come, experience, Life.
00:43 We would just like to welcome you all
00:44 back to our classroom.
00:46 We're located here on the campus of Pine Lake Retreat.
00:49 Those who at home, welcome into the classroom.
00:52 You will be able to see some of our students
00:53 as we video this Bible study.
00:56 The Bible study we're going to do today is on prayer.
01:00 Again those of you that are watching us
01:02 maybe watching on the internet,
01:04 or you have a DVD, or maybe on one of the networks,
01:06 we encourage you go to ComeExperienceLife
01:10 and download the Bible study.
01:13 This is Bible study number 21 in our
01:16 "Life on the Edge" course, and Life on the Edge
01:19 is a course that is designed to make
01:22 the edges of your Bible sharp.
01:25 Doesn't the Bible say in Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 12
01:27 that the word of God is quick, and powerful,
01:31 and sharper than any two-edged what? Sword.
01:34 Than any two-edged sword, that's right.
01:36 So we're going to be sharpening our sword
01:40 and what we've done is
01:41 we've marked these Bible studies in our Bible.
01:44 So right now if you've all been following along,
01:47 maybe you've got the DVD set.
01:48 You should have 20 Bible studies marked
01:50 in our Bible by this time,
01:52 and now we're doing Bible study number 21.
01:55 So we'll go to our graphic there.
01:57 The title of this Bible study is "Prayer."
02:01 And the code for marking it is what?
02:03 P. P. Well, that just makes sense, doesn't it?
02:06 The purpose of this Bible study is to show
02:10 that prayer is powerful, effectual,
02:14 and necessary for the disciple of Christ.
02:18 Prayer is powerful, effectual,
02:21 and necessary for the disciple of Christ.
02:25 What does necessary mean?
02:28 Something that you must to do, right,
02:30 it's necessary, something that is needed.
02:33 Our Center It here shows that Jesus
02:36 wants to hear and answer our prayers.
02:40 Jesus wants to hear and answer our prayers.
02:43 He shows us in His word that there are conditions upon
02:47 which our prayers are heard.
02:51 Now this may come as a surprise to some of us,
02:54 but there are things that you and I can do
02:58 that would cause God not to hear our prayers.
03:02 Now to me that is a thought
03:04 that I don't like to think about.
03:06 But it's true and we will go over this in this study
03:09 that it doesn't matter where we are in our station in life.
03:13 It doesn't matter where our life has put us.
03:16 God's hand is not too short that He can't save us,
03:19 nor His ear too heavy that He cannot hear us.
03:24 So God, if when we hit, you remember
03:26 in one of our other studies, I told you that
03:28 my theory on hitting rock bottom is that
03:30 you really don't hit rock bottom,
03:31 you just hit the rock and the only way to look is
03:34 at the rock because you just smashed into Him
03:37 and that rock is Jesus,
03:38 1st Corinthian Chapter 10 verse 4.
03:41 And so Jesus gives us conditions in His word
03:44 and maybe some of what we learn today is going to be
03:46 shocking for some of us, but when we know it,
03:50 we can apply it and we can know,
03:53 we'll never again where we've to wonder
03:55 if our prayers make it pass the ceiling.
03:59 Because we will be able to say, you know,
04:01 Lord, I've done everything that you've asked me to do.
04:05 Please hear my prayer and we can know that God
04:08 has heard that prayer.
04:10 But again don't misunderstand,
04:12 God can hear the prayer that say save me.
04:15 Did He hear Peter when Peter was sinking.
04:17 He sure did. Did He hear me
04:18 when I was sinking and I have my weight
04:20 is on there in the St. Joseph River in Michigan,
04:22 snow all over the ground and I fell in,
04:24 did He hear me? I said save me Lord,
04:26 and of course, He heard me and He saved me.
04:28 And He will do that for every one of us
04:31 when we give our life to Him.
04:32 So what you see there on the screen now
04:35 are the text that we're going to use in this study?
04:38 We're going to have 14 references
04:40 in this Bible study on prayer,
04:42 and it's broken off into seven different areas.
04:46 So you are looking at the graphic right now.
04:48 Seven different areas and the first area is the need,
04:53 the second area is forgiveness,
04:55 and then faith, then forgiving others,
04:59 persevering, unselfish asking,
05:03 and then asking according to God's will.
05:06 These are the seven different areas
05:08 that this Bible study is broken up into.
05:11 So we will go ahead and we will start
05:13 on our first section, the Need.
05:17 The reason that you and I would even begin
05:20 to pray is because we've a need.
05:26 So we're on, you notice on the graphic there,
05:28 we're in our first prayer text.
05:31 This is Luke 18:1through 7, and when you are marking it
05:35 in your Bible, it's a 1P is in the circle
05:38 then you have the line.
05:39 The line represents the text that we're at which
05:41 is Luke 18:1 through 7.
05:43 The reference we will be going to next is
05:45 Matthew Chapter 5 and verse 6.
05:48 So here we are.
05:49 We're opening our Bibles here in the room.
05:51 Those who that are at home or at school,
05:54 maybe on internet, watching in your DVD player,
05:56 get your Bible out and turn with us
05:58 to Luke the 18th Chapter and we will begin reading
06:03 in verse 1, Luke Chapter 18 and verse 1.
06:07 And Shalida, are you going to read that for us?
06:10 Let's just move that microphone over there to her.
06:13 Luke Chapter 18, you're gonna read
06:15 verses 1 through 7.
06:17 Now I may interrupt you, all right,
06:19 so just be prepared for that.
06:22 "And he spake a parable unto them to this end,
06:26 that men ought always to pray, and not to faint, saying"
06:30 Okay, stop right there.
06:32 What Shalida is the purpose of this parable?
06:40 Verse 1, what was that tells on?
06:44 To teach us to pray, it says right there,
06:46 and he spake a parable unto them to this end,
06:49 that men ought always to what?
06:52 To pray, so the purpose of this parable
06:54 is to teach us to do what? To pray.
06:57 So what happens here in this parable
06:59 that Jesus is using to teach us how to pray.
07:02 Go to verse 2. "Saying, There was in a city a judge,
07:08 which feared not God, neither regarded man.
07:11 And there was a widow in that city and she came unto him,
07:14 saying, Avenge me of mine adversary."
07:19 You were looking for me to interrupt you, weren't you?
07:20 Yes. I'm not, continue on.
07:23 "And he would not for a while but afterward he said
07:27 within himself, Though I fear not God,
07:29 nor regard man, Yet because this widow troubleth me,
07:33 I will avenge her, lest by her
07:36 continual coming she weary me."
07:38 Okay, stop right there.
07:40 What is the reason that this unjust judge
07:43 that doesn't fear God nor regard man.
07:46 What is the reason that he is going to answer
07:48 this ladies petition? Because she is bothering him.
07:51 Because she is bothering him.
07:54 She just keeps coming and coming and coming
07:57 and asking and asking and asking
07:59 and finally he says though I don't fear God
08:02 nor regard man, because this lady is wearing me down,
08:06 I'm going to answer her prayer.
08:09 And then continue reading there in verse 6 and 7.
08:13 "And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge saith.
08:18 And shall not God avenge his own elect,
08:21 which cry day and night unto him,
08:23 though he bear long with them?"
08:26 Okay, so notice that this lady has a need.
08:31 What is this lady's need?
08:34 To avenger her of her adversary.
08:37 Evidently someone was persecuting this lady
08:40 and she knew that it wasn't right
08:42 and so she goes to the judge, the judge is supposed
08:45 to treat all people fairly and she goes to the judge
08:48 and this judge says all right,
08:50 I'm just going to deal with this lady
08:51 because this lady is driving me crazy.
08:54 And then Jesus says in verse 6,
08:56 Here what the unjust judge says,
09:00 and shall not God avenge his own elect
09:03 which crying to him day and night
09:06 though he bear long with them.
09:07 This lady had a need. When you and I recognize
09:13 our need, when you and I recognize our need,
09:17 it drives us to pray.
09:24 One of your friends is in automobile accident.
09:28 What is the first thing you do?
09:31 You pray. An atheist, an atheist,
09:37 one that does not even believe in God
09:39 is in a life and death situation and what is
09:41 the first thing they do? They pray.
09:44 A need compels us to pray,
09:49 whether we're a believer or not,
09:51 if we've a need it compel us to pray.
09:57 So in order to pray we must have a what? A need.
10:03 Let's look at this again in Matthew Chapter.
10:06 Well, before we go there I want to focus
10:07 one more part on this Luke 18:1 through 7.
10:12 Jesus is not comparing
10:14 God with the judge.
10:18 He is contrasting God with the judge.
10:23 He is not comparing the two, He is contrasting the two.
10:28 An unjust man that doesn't fear God
10:30 and doesn't regard man, or the unjust judge
10:32 doesn't fear God and doesn't regard man
10:35 wait until somebody annoys him enough then to help them.
10:39 But then he contrasts God by saying
10:42 won't he avenge them how? Speedily, that's right.
10:46 So let's go to Matthew Chapter 5 and verse 6.
10:50 This is our next reference.
10:52 We're turning to the left there.
10:54 Matthew Chapter 5 and verse 6
10:57 and we will go ahead and let Anida read this,
11:01 Matthew Chapter 5 and verse 6.
11:06 And this is a promise from Jesus
11:08 and when we see a promise from Jesus
11:10 what I've done here in my Bible,
11:12 I don't know if you can see that or not,
11:14 but right there in my Bible, I've put a P right beside
11:17 that because that's a promise for me.
11:19 And what does that say Anida.
11:22 "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst
11:24 after righteousness for they shall be filled."
11:29 You ever get so hungry for something,
11:31 you just can't wait for lunch.
11:33 Yeah, about every day, you know,
11:35 1 o'clock rolls around and we still got 30 minutes
11:37 and then lunch comes, Praise the Lord.
11:39 But the Bible says, "Blessed are they which do
11:42 hunger and thirst after righteousness."
11:47 Do those people have a need? Yes.
11:49 And what is the promise for those people?
11:53 They shall be filled. So the first part
11:56 of this Bible said, we're showing that
11:59 a need compels us to pray.
12:04 A need compels us to pray and that God
12:07 will fill that need.
12:12 Maybe even somebody in this room has a need.
12:17 Maybe you are here at the Lay Institute for Evangelism,
12:21 and you came and you had X amount of funds,
12:24 but those funds would not carry you all the way
12:26 through to the end of the course.
12:31 Your need compels you to what?
12:33 Pray. Pray.
12:35 Not only that, it should compel us
12:37 to action, shouldn't it?
12:40 Maybe you recognize that you have a struggle in your life.
12:46 You've been struggling with it for years
12:47 and you can't get passed it.
12:51 You have a what? A need.
12:55 And so what you're going to do?
12:56 Pray. You're going to pray.
12:59 So the first condition is that
13:02 you and I recognize we've a need.
13:04 That's why humility is so important,
13:08 because a proud arrogant person does not recognize
13:10 that they have the what? A need.
13:14 So when we recognize
13:15 we've a need, then we pray.
13:20 We're gonna go now to our next section.
13:24 We're gonna go to the section on forgiveness,
13:28 the section on forgiveness.
13:29 You see that in the upper right
13:30 of your screen there, forgiveness.
13:33 So our third prayer text is
13:35 Psalm 66 verse 18,
13:39 Psalm 66 and verse 18.
13:42 The Bible says here, Psalm 66
13:46 that's in the middle of the Old Testament,
13:48 well, you may end up in Isaiah if you just go to the middle,
13:51 but or Ezekiel, you want to turn to the left
13:53 from those books and we're in Psalm 66
13:57 and our reference is verse 18.
14:02 What does the Bible say there?
14:04 Why don't we go ahead and let Vanessa read that for us,
14:08 Psalm 66 verse 18.
14:13 "If I regard iniquity in my heart,
14:17 the Lord will not hear me."
14:20 What does the Bible say there?
14:23 What does it say? "If I regard what?
14:26 Iniquity. What is iniquity? Iniquity is sin.
14:29 If I regard, what is it mean to regard something?
14:33 To cherish, to hold it, to like it.
14:36 If I regard or cherish or enjoy iniquity which is sin,
14:42 what does the Bible say there?
14:44 The Lord cannot hear me, will not hear me.
14:50 So if you and I are clinging to something
14:54 that we know to be wrong and sinful.
14:59 Is it right for us to go to God and say,
15:02 please give me something else?
15:05 But the Bible says here that if we regard
15:07 or cherish iniquity or sin in our lives,
15:10 then God will not hear us, because what we've done
15:15 is we've put whatever it is we're cherishing,
15:19 whatever sinful thing that is,
15:20 we've actually put that above God,
15:25 and God is a very jealous God, isn't He?
15:28 He is not a tyrant, don't misunderstand that.
15:31 God is a God that wants what He deserves,
15:36 and that is the service of love.
15:39 So if you and I are cherishing iniquity
15:42 in our hearts maybe we're bitter,
15:46 maybe we're angry towards someone,
15:53 maybe we need to ask God to forgive us
15:56 before we ask God for anything else.
16:00 Let's go to our next reference here.
16:03 We're going to Isaiah 59 verses 1 and 2.
16:07 We're still in the same section on forgiveness.
16:10 We're still in the same section on forgiveness.
16:13 Isaiah 59 verses 1 and 2.
16:15 You can see that there on the graphic on your screen,
16:18 Isaiah 59 verses 1 and 2.
16:23 And Roberto, would you mind reading that for us,
16:26 Isaiah 59 verses 1 and 2, and Roberto,
16:29 his first language is not English,
16:31 so Roberto always says that he is focusing on
16:35 pronunciation while he is trying to look at you at home.
16:38 So he is looking at you while he is focusing
16:41 on pronunciation, so you watch him.
16:44 "Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened,
16:48 that it cannot save nor his ear heavy,
16:53 that it cannot hear, but your iniquities
16:59 have separated you from your God,
17:02 and your sins have hidden his face from you,
17:06 so that he will not hear." Very nice.
17:12 Again a very heavy text in scripture, isn't it?
17:16 First of all the promise is made that the Lord's hand
17:19 is not shortened, that He cannot save,
17:22 nor His ear too heavy that He cannot hear,
17:25 so again nothing is impossible for God.
17:28 Matthew 19:26, "With men this is impossible
17:30 but with God nothing is impossible".
17:33 So the Lord's hand is not shortened that He can't save,
17:36 nor His ear too heavy that He can't hear.
17:39 Then there is this word but, no it's not but it's,
17:43 and your sins have hid His face from you that He what?
17:49 Will not hear. So again when you and I
17:54 cherish iniquity or sin in our lives.
18:01 What we're doing as we're putting that
18:02 in the place of God?
18:06 Now does Jesus want to deliver us from that?
18:10 He certainly does, doesn't He?
18:12 Does Jesus have the power to deliver us from that?
18:14 Yes. He certainly does.
18:16 Do you and I believe that He can deliver us from that?
18:20 That's, that's the crux, isn't it?
18:25 To actually believe that God can deliver you,
18:28 maybe, maybe you are addicted to something
18:30 that is destroying the temple of God, your body.
18:34 Maybe you have a destructive habit,
18:39 maybe you are just on the inside angry at someone,
18:44 and you like being angry.
18:48 You like hating that person.
18:52 Now this regarding iniquity in your heart,
18:55 this isn't talking about when you and I did
18:57 when we're actually struggling with the sin in our lives.
19:01 We're actually wrestling with God,
19:03 help me with this, I need your help with this,
19:05 I know this isn't right, I need you to help me.
19:08 God hears our prayer, doesn't He?
19:10 But when you and I say, aah, umm, Good morning,
19:13 it's good to see you at church today.
19:15 I cannot stand that low down dirty rotten beast.
19:19 We love to hate that person or we love to be angry,
19:25 or we love something that we know displeases God.
19:32 The Bible says that a double minded man
19:34 is unstable in all of his ways.
19:39 I don't wan to be double minded, do you?
19:41 Maybe it's time you and I ask God to just give us
19:44 that victory that's promised in Christ.
19:48 Just read it, it's in 1 Corinthians 15:57,
19:50 it says that, that we can have victory
19:53 through our Lord Jesus Christ.
19:55 Every one of us can have victory.
20:00 So the Bible says here that one of the conditions
20:04 for God hearing our prayer and answering it
20:10 is that we cannot regard or cherish sin
20:14 in our lives, is this clear?
20:17 Is it convicting? Sure it is.
20:20 God convicts us when we study His word, doesn't He?
20:23 Let's go to our next condition.
20:26 And we just talked about this a moment ago.
20:28 We're gonna go to our fifth text in the prayer study.
20:32 Our fifth text is Hebrews Chapter 11 and verse 6.
20:35 And we will go ahead and have Tim,
20:38 why don't you do that for us?
20:40 Tim will read that for us.
20:41 We're going to Hebrews Chapter 11 and verse 6.
20:46 Hebrews is in the New Testament.
20:48 Hebrews Chapter 11 pass a T section, is that right, Tim?
20:51 Yes. Okay, I'll get there,
20:52 you can go ahead if you like. Okay.
20:56 It says, "But without faith it is impossible
20:59 to please Him, for He that cometh to God,
21:04 must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder
21:07 of them that diligently seek him."
21:11 The Bible says there without faith it is what?
21:16 Impossible to please Him.
21:18 And then it's say there very interestingly,
21:20 for He that cometh to God, must believe that He is.
21:25 How else would you come to God
21:26 if you didn't believe He existed? How else?
21:30 You remember one of the memory,
21:32 the scripture memorizations that we're doing here
21:35 at the Lay Institute for Evangelism
21:37 was all that call upon the name of the Lord will be what?
21:41 Saved. Saved.
21:42 How then shall they call upon Him in whom they have not?
21:45 Believed. Believed.
21:47 And the Bible says right here,
21:49 but without faith it is impossible to believe Him
21:51 for He that cometh to God must believe that He is
21:55 and that He is a rewarder of them that do what?
22:01 Diligently seek Him.
22:04 So faith, we must have faith even to pray to God,
22:08 because we've to believe that God exists
22:12 in order to pray to Him. Do you see that?
22:15 So is faith necessary to have our prayers answered?
22:18 Yes. Absolutely, it is, isn't it?
22:21 And one of the most awesome thing you can do is
22:23 you can write down your prayer requests
22:26 and then when God answers those,
22:27 write down the date that He answered them.
22:29 You know, I shared with you
22:32 that I had written in my Bible,
22:35 I had prayed a prayer for my son, Jason,
22:37 then I prayed it and I actually wrote in my Bible
22:41 here in Psalm 37, it says,
22:43 I pray and claim this for Jason 6/8/2002,
22:47 answered on 6/15/2002.
22:51 So I wrote that I had prayed a prayer and claim
22:54 the promise from God and then God answered
22:56 that prayer seven days later, it's pretty cool.
22:58 Robert, I prayed that prayer on Sabbath
23:00 and then the next Sabbath God gave me the answer
23:03 to my prayer, so it's very powerful.
23:07 So we must believe that God is a rewarder
23:09 of those that diligently seek Him.
23:11 So you are struggling with something,
23:13 you are not cherishing the sin,
23:14 you are struggling with it.
23:16 And you go to God and you ask God to help you,
23:19 because you can't do with yourself.
23:21 That requires faith, that requires faith,
23:24 and will God give you the victory?
23:26 Oh, yeah, He certainly will.
23:27 Let's go to our next reference,
23:29 Mark the 11th Chapter verse 24.
23:33 Mark Chapter 11 and verse 24.
23:36 We're still on the condition of faith here.
23:40 Mark, Matthew, Mark,
23:42 the second book of the New Testament,
23:43 Mark Chapter 11
23:46 and verse 24.
23:51 And we will go ahead and let our brother
23:53 Bill read this for us.
23:55 So Bill just put that microphone under your chin,
23:57 not in front of your mouth but under that chin.
24:00 The Bible says Mark 11:24. "Therefore I say to you,
24:04 "whatever things you ask when you pray,
24:06 "believe that you receive them,
24:08 and you will have them."
24:10 So what's the condition there in that verse?
24:15 To believe, it's very plain,
24:17 isn't it, to believe.
24:21 It's says, therefore, I saying to you,
24:22 whatsoever things you desire when you pray
24:26 believe that you will receive them and what's the promise?
24:30 And you will have them.
24:31 Well, we're gonna get to another reference later on
24:34 in this study that will show why some of our prayers
24:37 that we sincerely believe in God,
24:40 we sincerely are seeking to rid our lives of sin
24:44 through God's power.
24:45 We're sincerely, petitioning the throne of heaven,
24:49 we prayed our way through the sanctuary
24:51 and there we're in the presence of God.
24:52 Why isn't God answering our prayer
24:54 the way we want Him to answer?
24:56 That's different from God answering the prayer
24:59 that you pray in the way that He knows is best, isn't it?
25:03 So here again the condition in
25:06 Mark Chapter 11 verse 24 is what?
25:10 Believe or faith, that's absolutely right,
25:14 believe or faith, well, we do not have to turn
25:16 very far to go to our next reference.
25:19 It's right there in Mark 11 verse 25 and 26.
25:24 Now this is probably one of the most
25:26 convicting verses for me.
25:29 Mark Chapter 11 verses 25 and 26.
25:32 There is a condition of God answering our prayers
25:36 on our willingness to forgive someone else.
25:42 There is a condition of God hearing and answering
25:45 our prayers on our willingness to forgive someone else.
25:51 So we will let Darlene go ahead and read this,
25:53 Mark Chapter 11, we're all there verses 25 and 26.
25:58 "And whenever you stand praying,
26:01 "if you have anything against anybody,
26:03 "forgive him, that your Father in heaven
26:06 may also forgive you in your trespasses"
26:09 But if you do not forgive neither with,
26:11 neither will your Father in Heaven
26:13 forgive your trespasses.
26:16 Isn't that another one of those heavy tasks?
26:19 It says when you stand praying forgive,
26:24 if you have ought against any that your Father also
26:29 which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.
26:34 That verse right there tells us that Jesus
26:38 that the Father will only forgive us to the extent
26:43 and measure that we're willing to forgive other people.
26:50 You've been hurt by someone in your life.
26:55 You think about that particular individual
26:57 and you just think aah! The Bible says here
27:03 that when we pray that we need to forgive those people
27:08 that we've ought against.
27:12 Because it says there in verse 25,
27:15 that your Father also which is in heaven
27:21 may forgive you your trespasses.
27:29 But you don't understand what that person
27:31 did to me, Scott.
27:32 You don't understand what I went through.
27:35 You don't understand what I put up with.
27:38 You just don't understand but does God?
27:43 He certainly does. And wasn't it Jesus?
27:47 When they were putting the nails into His hands,
27:52 that said, Father please forgive them,
27:55 because they don't know what they are doing.
27:59 So the Father is willing to forgive us.
28:05 Well, the Father wants to forgive us of everything.
28:08 But He can only go as far as we're
28:10 willing to forgive others, can't He?
28:12 Is that what that text says?
28:13 I mean, am I taken this out of context,
28:16 it's exactly what it says.
28:18 Then verse 26, "But if you do not forgive
28:24 "neither will your Father which is in heaven,
28:27 forgive your trespasses."
28:32 It simply can't be any clearer.
28:35 Maybe it's time for us to make some phone calls.
28:45 Maybe we pray in the morning
28:47 and it feels as if the thought that we're praying
28:50 or the words that we're saying are bouncing right off
28:52 of the ceiling and hitting us right back on the lips
28:54 where the thought and the words came from.
29:00 Maybe that's because we're cherishing.
29:05 Something that somebody has done to us
29:07 and we cherish the emotion that created in us.
29:13 Didn't Jesus say He came to give us peace?
29:19 But if you do not forgive, Mark 11:26,
29:22 neither will your Father which is in heaven,
29:24 forgive you your trespasses.
29:27 So we see there Mark 11:25 and 26,
29:31 that we must forgive others
29:33 in order for our prayer to be heard.
29:36 And we must forgive others in order for God to forgive us.
29:40 Let's go to our next reference in this section.
29:43 Matthew Chapter 6 and verse 12,
29:45 so you turn into the left.
29:48 Matthew Chapter 6 and verse 12.
29:51 Matthew Chapter 6 and verse 12,
29:53 and we will let Ms. Gloria read that for us,
29:57 Matthew Chapter 6 and verse 12.
30:01 Now this is a prayer that is very familiar to us.
30:04 Jesus is teaching us how to pray.
30:06 This is the Lord's Prayer and Jesus says
30:09 something very interesting
30:10 in the middle of the Lord's Prayer.
30:12 Matthew Chapter 6 and verse 12, Ms. Gloria.
30:15 You want to pick up that microphone there?
30:19 That will help us all, we able to hear you a lot better.
30:25 "And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors."
30:31 Jesus taught us to pray Father,
30:34 forgive us to the extent
30:38 that we will forgive others.
30:41 Isn't that what He says there?
30:45 Isn't it hard sometimes to forgive somebody
30:48 that has just done you so wrong?
30:54 Yet the more of Christ that lives in us,
30:59 the more of His love we will be willing to show,
31:03 and the more we will be willing to say
31:05 just like He did. Father forgive them,
31:08 because they don't know what they are doing.
31:10 They don't know how much this hurts me.
31:15 Maybe we've experienced that,
31:18 and it's time for us to go to God and make it right
31:21 with Him of course and then to go to that individual
31:24 and make it right with that person.
31:28 Let's go to our next, our next section here.
31:33 James Chapter 5 and verse 16.
31:36 This is under the section called "Perseverance."
31:39 This is under the section called Perseverance,
31:41 so we're in James the fifth chapter.
31:44 Now, how do I find James, let's see Daniel,
31:47 tell me how to find James?
31:48 Pick that microphone up and tell me, I'm in Matthew.
31:50 Where do I need to go? Help me get there.
31:56 Now you can go ahead and look in front of your Bible,
31:58 that's perfectly fine because for those of us
32:00 here in the class room, for those of us at home,
32:03 if we don't know where our book is,
32:05 all we've to do is open our Bibles to the very front part
32:09 of our Bibles and there we've the table of contents
32:13 and we're going to the New Testament book of James
32:16 but we're in Hebrew, we're in Matthew.
32:18 So Dania, why don't you now, that you have that open,
32:21 why don't you tell me which direction I need to go.
32:24 You need to go towards the back
32:25 of the Bible pass the T section.
32:28 To the back of the Bible pass the T section, very good.
32:30 Did you hear that? The back of the Bible
32:32 pass the T section and once I get pass
32:34 the T section what do I do?
32:36 Go pass Philemon and Hebrews that's after Hebrews.
32:40 Okay, you know, I didn't even see,
32:41 what did you say, Philemon, is that what you said,
32:43 I didn't see that one, but I do see James now.
32:45 So thank you very much.
32:46 Okay, so we're in James Chapter 5 verse 16,
32:50 and what does the Bible say there?
32:52 "Confess your faults one to another,
32:55 and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.
32:58 The effectual fervent prayer
32:59 of a righteous man availeth much."
33:01 The effectual fervent prayer
33:05 of a righteous man avails much.
33:11 How long has it been?
33:13 Now we're learning here at the Lay Institute for Evangelism
33:16 how to be a better soul winner.
33:18 How long has it been since you went to your knees
33:21 and you literally begged God to save someone.
33:26 You literally begged God to produce fruit
33:30 in that individual's life.
33:33 The Bible says here the prayer that avails much,
33:36 the prayer that results with much fruit
33:40 is the fervent prayer?
33:45 You know, I was doing Bible work
33:46 with somebody once, it was in New Mexico.
33:50 And I said on the way to one of our Bible studies,
33:54 I said, you know, we need to pray for the people
33:55 that we're going to study with again,
33:57 and they said, well, why should we pray again?
34:00 We just finished praying, why should we pray again?
34:03 Well, the Bible says the effectual fervent prayer
34:07 of a righteous man avails much.
34:09 So can we pray for someone too much?
34:11 Certainly can't, can we?
34:13 You know, even in 1st Samuel Chapter 12 verse 23,
34:16 Samuel says, God forbid that I should sin
34:19 against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you.
34:24 So the Bible tells us that we should be praying for others
34:28 and the prayer that avails much is the fervent prayer.
34:34 So let's go to our next slide there.
34:37 Our next slide is Psalm 55 verse 17.
34:42 Psalm 55 verse 17, and we're gonna see
34:45 how often God bless you.
34:46 We're gonna see how often David prayed.
34:50 Psalm 55 verse 17, so we're all just turning there
34:54 to the left going to the Old Testament.
34:58 Psalm, the 55th Psalm and verse,
35:03 Psalm 55 and verse 17.
35:05 Let me tell you something about the book of Psalms.
35:07 I was doing an evangelistic meeting in Sheridan, Oregon
35:10 and Pastor Ron Weiner, he still there.
35:12 He told me, he said, Scott, we're not going to
35:14 Psalms 55:17. I said, what do you mean?
35:19 He said, well, Psalms is plural.
35:21 It is a book of Psalms but we're going to the 55th Psalm,
35:27 so here we're in Psalm 55 verse 17.
35:31 I've never forgotten that he told me that
35:33 and I teach it everywhere I go.
35:34 What does David say, Mike,
35:36 what does he say there in Psalm 55:17?
35:39 "Evening, and morning, and at noon
35:41 will I pray and cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice."
35:45 Was David a prayer? Yes.
35:47 He was a prayer. How often did David say
35:49 that he cried unto the Lord?
35:51 Three times. When did he start?
35:56 Evening and morning and noon, isn't that very interesting?
36:00 You remember our Bible study on the Sabbath.
36:03 When does the Sabbath begin? In the evening.
36:07 The day begins, the new day begins in the evening.
36:10 We got that from Genesis.
36:12 The evening and the morning with the first day,
36:14 evening and the morning with the second day,
36:15 evening and the morning with the third day,
36:17 and David here just iterates that in a different way
36:20 when he is talking about prayer and David says,
36:22 evening when the day begins, morning when I wake up,
36:26 and noon in the middle of the day,
36:28 I cry unto the Lord.
36:31 Wasn't it Daniel, in the Book of Daniel
36:34 that pray to the Lord three times a day
36:37 out of his window, but then he got in trouble for that.
36:40 You may get in trouble with the world
36:42 for praying too much.
36:44 But you don't get in trouble with the Lord
36:45 for praying too much, because the Lord saved
36:47 him from the lions, didn't He? Very nice.
36:50 So the Bible tells us that the effectual fervent prayers,
36:54 so we must persevere in our prayers.
36:58 We will go to our next reference which is
37:01 Philippians Chapter 4 and verse 6.
37:04 What is it that we tell, that we can tell God?
37:09 What are the things that we can share with God
37:11 and Philippians Chapter 4 verse 6
37:13 is going to help us understand that.
37:16 Philippians, of course, is in the New Testament,
37:18 you go pass the gospels, pass Romans,
37:21 pass Corinthians, pass go eat popcorn,
37:25 Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians,
37:28 and we're going, well, I guess you don't go pass
37:31 Philippians because that's where we're going.
37:33 Philippians Chapter 4, uh, put your breaks on,
37:36 Philippians Chapter 4 and verse 6.
37:40 And we will go to those song for that.
37:42 Philippians Chapter 4 and verse 6,
37:45 what does that say Dilzon, "Be careful for nothing
37:51 but in every thing by prayer and supplication
37:53 with thanksgiving let your requests
37:56 be made known unto God."
37:58 Now I want you to notice something
37:59 that happen to Dilzon there.
38:01 You may loose your place when you are making
38:03 eye contact while you read.
38:05 This is a learning moment for us.
38:07 You may lose eye contact while you are looking up,
38:09 or you may loose your place while you are
38:11 looking up to make eye contact.
38:12 And he did exactly what he was trying to do.
38:15 You don't have to apologize, you don't have to say, uh,
38:17 I lost my place. You just simply pause,
38:20 you look, and then you continue reading,
38:22 so you did very well.
38:24 So the Bible says, now we will focus on what the text said.
38:27 The Bible says in Ephesians Chapter, Philippians 4:6,
38:31 "Be careful for nothing but in every thing
38:35 by prayer and supplication, in what?
38:38 Everything by what?
38:41 Prayer and supplication, let your requests
38:46 be made known unto God.
38:49 You know what this means, Bill?
38:51 This means that you and I can ask the God for anything.
38:56 You want a-- Now somebody,
38:58 maybe we get a letter on this one.
39:00 Somebody you may want a red Porsche car with tan interior.
39:05 Can you ask God for that?
39:08 You can suddenly asking, can't you?
39:10 You can ask God for anything.
39:13 The Bible says right there, "Be careful for nothing,
39:18 but in everything by prayer and supplication
39:20 with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God.
39:24 How can you pray with thanksgiving
39:26 if you haven't even received what you're praying for?
39:30 Faith, because you believe without faith
39:32 it is impossible to believe, to please Him.
39:34 For He that cometh to God, must believe that He is,
39:38 and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.
39:43 That's one of our texts that we just went over.
39:46 Be careful for nothing but in everything
39:50 by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving
39:53 let your requests be made known unto God.
39:57 You and I can ask God
40:00 for anything, for anything.
40:05 But we must believe and trust that God
40:09 will give us only that
40:11 which will benefit us for eternity,
40:15 only that which will benefit us for eternity.
40:20 One of the reasons that we do not ask God for things is
40:25 because we're not used to asking God for things.
40:29 You know, when I was growing up,
40:30 Shalida I could go to my dad and I can say,
40:32 hey dad, you know, I need a couple of bucks,
40:34 I want to go to Zippy Mart, get some candy.
40:36 Okay, and he would give me a couple of bucks.
40:38 Dad, I want to get some peanut butter crackers,
40:40 can you give some change, sure,
40:42 he would give me some change.
40:43 Then I got older and I would say to my dad,
40:46 Jessica I would say, dad, I need some money for gas
40:50 in the car, and so he would give me
40:52 some money for gas in the car.
40:54 Did you give it to me all the time? No.
40:55 Did he give it to me a lot of the time? Yes.
40:58 Or I would go to mom, mom I need money for so and so.
41:02 I was used to asking my parents for money.
41:06 It was very easy to go to my parents
41:08 and ask them for money.
41:10 Now I would basically like every cupboard
41:14 in my house get bared before I call my parents
41:17 and asked them for money.
41:19 Now that doesn't happen any more.
41:20 It used to happen, but Lord's been
41:22 very gracious to us in our home.
41:25 But notice the Bible says here that we can ask
41:30 God for anything, but the reason you and I
41:33 are not petitioning the throne of God
41:35 with fervent prayer is because
41:39 when we're not used to ask Him for things.
41:42 It's not easy for me to go to my parents
41:44 and ask them for money now, because I'm out of that habit.
41:48 But God wants to be our God.
41:51 He wants to be our Heavenly Father.
41:54 He wants to us to come to Him,
41:56 don't be careful in any of it,
41:58 just say God would you provide this for me.
42:01 I believe you will do it. Thank you for doing it.
42:05 And I am going to put it in your hands.
42:06 If you know it's best for me, I will take it.
42:09 Otherwise, I will leave it.
42:11 We see this principle here in Matthew Chapter 4,
42:15 isn't that our next reference there, no.
42:17 James Chapter 4 verse 3.
42:19 James Chapter 4, so we're in Philippians,
42:22 we're turning to James Chapter 4 and verse 3.
42:26 So James we've already been there once
42:28 and Danielle taught us how to get that very easily,
42:32 James Chapter 4 verse 3.
42:36 Oh, let's start with verse 2, verses 2 and 3.
42:39 So Jessica, can you read that for us?
42:42 James Chapter 4 verses 2 and 3,
42:46 and make sure we've eye contact with you.
42:49 "You want what you don't have,
42:51 "so you scheme and kill to get it.
42:54 "You are jealous for what others have,
42:57 "and you can't possess it, so you fight and quarrel
43:01 "to take it away from them.
43:04 "And yet the reason you don't have what you want
43:07 "is that you don't ask God for it.
43:11 "And even when you do ask, you don't get it
43:13 "because your whole motive is wrong.
43:16 You want only what will give you pleasure."
43:21 Isn't that powerful?
43:22 You have not the Old King James version said,
43:26 because you ask not and then it says,
43:30 you ask and receive not because you ask amiss
43:36 or you ask according to her version,
43:38 you ask for the wrong motive that you may consume it
43:43 upon your own pleasure.
43:46 What version were you reading from there?
43:48 In out the New Living Translation.
43:51 It said, you do not get anything because
43:54 you don't ask for and then when you do ask for,
43:56 you ask for the wrong motivation.
43:59 Oh, Lord, please help me to get a million dollars.
44:04 I've always wanted to go to school in helicopter.
44:09 Means, you ever have those kind of dreams or visions.
44:11 Wouldn't it be cool if I didn't have to rush
44:14 through breakfast, so that my helicopter
44:16 could just take me to school that fast.
44:18 You know, I used to,
44:19 I used to pray for those kind of things.
44:23 The Lord knew I didn't need it because
44:24 I still don't have it, so anyway.
44:27 The Bible says here that we do not have things,
44:31 because we ask for it for the wrong reason.
44:34 God is the one that reads our heart,
44:36 He knows our motives, and He is the one
44:39 that will decide whether we get it or not,
44:42 but our motive is the key to them.
44:44 Let's go to our next section here
44:48 "Unselfish asking."
44:51 Isn't that what we just notice there in
44:53 James Chapter 4 verse 3 that we asked for the wrong reason?
44:56 We're gonna see this again in unselfish asking.
45:00 We just did, didn't we?
45:01 That's the same--no, James 4:3.
45:04 So there we go, now we will go
45:05 to our next text which is Matthew 7 verse 7.
45:08 We did that already, didn't we?
45:10 No. No we didn't.
45:11 Okay, praise the Lord, we're all caught up with each other.
45:13 Let's go to Matthew Chapter 7 and verse 7.
45:18 And I love this principle here.
45:19 It's very plain, it's very easy,
45:21 it's very simple, Matthew Chapter 7 verse 7.
45:25 And what does scripture say there, Tim?
45:29 It says "Ask and it shall be given to you,
45:32 seek and you shall find,
45:34 knock and it shall be open on to you."
45:37 So the Bible tells us simply to do what?
45:40 Ask. Ask to do what?
45:42 Ask. Ask.
45:44 Why don't we receive things when we ask for them?
45:48 We ask for the wrong motive.
45:51 So we can ask all day long for that red Porsche
45:55 that has tan interior or a helicopter,
45:59 that's right,but if it's not for our best interest,
46:04 will God give it to us? No.
46:07 God is not a pawn in our hands.
46:12 You and I cannot go to the Bible and demand
46:15 that God do something, because God will give to us
46:21 what He knows is best for us.
46:23 But God wants to be made.
46:25 Well, God knows that He is our Heavenly Father.
46:28 But you and I need to recognize Him
46:30 as our Heavenly Father.
46:32 And so we go to Him and it maybe difficult.
46:35 Some of us maybe physicians.
46:36 We may have a job that allows us
46:39 to have anything we want.
46:43 Yet we still must be dependent on Jesus, mustn't we?
46:49 Some of us may own a very successful business
46:53 and we maybe able to get anything we want,
46:58 yet who is that we've to depend on?
47:01 Jesus, because who gave us
47:02 that ability to get that wealth.
47:05 Jesus did, that's absolutely right.
47:08 So here we're. We're in Matthew 7:7,
47:10 the principle is ask.
47:13 But we must ask for an unselfish purpose,
47:19 an unselfish purpose.
47:21 Let's go now, let's go to our next reference
47:24 which is actually our last reference.
47:27 We're going now to 1st John Chapter 5 verses 14 and 15,
47:33 1st John Chapter 5 verses 14 and 15,
47:36 and we're going to notice that
47:37 we must ask according to God's will.
47:41 So we're going now to Shalida.
47:43 Shalida will read for us, 1st John,
47:45 but Shalida I need you to help me get there.
47:48 I have closed my Bible
47:49 and I just have no clue how to get there.
47:53 You go to the last book which is Revelation.
47:55 Okay, Revelation. Got I, I'm in Revelation 13.
47:57 Go to the left. To the left.
48:00 Pass Jude. Pass Jude.
48:02 You see 3rd John.
48:05 Jude is a small book, isn't it?
48:06 Yes, it is. Okay, I just passed,
48:08 I am in 3rd John. Second John.
48:10 I am in second.
48:12 And you should see 1st John Chapter 5 on this page.
48:15 I do, I do 1st John Chapter 5 verses,
48:20 what verse did you say? Fourteen and fifteen.
48:22 Fourteen and fifteen, all right.
48:25 "And this is the confidence that we've in Him,
48:28 that if we ask anything according to his will,
48:31 he heareth us." And what's the condition
48:34 for Him to hear us? Ask according to His will.
48:37 What does that mean we must be willing to do, Shalida?
48:41 I'm sorry. What does that mean
48:42 that we must be willing to do?
48:43 If we ask according to God's will then we must be what?
48:49 We must be willing to accept His answer to our prayer,
48:53 is that right? Yes.
48:55 Okay, keep reading.
48:57 "And if we know that he hear us,
48:59 whatsoever we ask, we know that we've
49:01 the petitions that we desired of him."
49:05 So the Bible says there 1st John 5:14,
49:09 this is the confidence that we've in Him
49:14 that if we ask anything according to His will,
49:18 He does what? He hears us.
49:21 So for the individual that got little uptight
49:25 when we were over there in Isaiah 59 verses 1 and 2,
49:29 where it says that God will not hear us.
49:33 For the person that got uptight there, it says here.
49:36 If we ask anything according to His will,
49:39 so let's suppose that you are a sinner,
49:42 you are living like a Hagen.
49:44 You have absolutely no interest in God
49:46 and all the sudden a tragedy happens in your life,
49:49 and then you begin to pray.
49:52 Is it God's will that you pray to Him.
49:55 So will He hear you? Absolutely!
49:59 So when we pray something according to His will.
50:02 These are not words that are attached
50:05 to the end of a prayer.
50:08 These are not words that are attached
50:11 according to your will, amen.
50:12 These are not words that are attached
50:14 to the end of a prayer.
50:16 These are words that we live by.
50:22 And the only way to have eternal life is,
50:25 well, it's right there in 1st John 5 verse 11,
50:28 it says, and this is the record that God has given
50:32 to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.
50:37 He that hath the Son, hath life.
50:39 And he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.
50:44 So the only way to have life is to have
50:47 the word of life or Jesus living in us.
50:50 So when we pray according to God's will,
50:53 you and I--Now this, it's not a book of magic,
50:56 don't misunderstand, but we can go through here
50:58 and we can find promises and we can claim those promises.
51:03 Let's go to our promise right now.
51:05 Maybe we were angry with someone,
51:08 maybe we just don't see how God is going to get us
51:11 through this financial situation that we are in.
51:14 Let's go to Philippians Chapter 4,
51:17 Philippians Chapter 4 and verse 19.
51:22 We're struggling, we're struggling financially.
51:24 We don't know how are we going to make it.
51:26 We don't know how our bills are going to be paid,
51:29 and we're praying.
51:30 And now we're going to pray a prayer
51:32 that is according to God's will,
51:34 because God has said it.
51:38 If God says it then we can pray it
51:40 and we will know that it is according to God's will.
51:42 So Anida, can you read for us
51:44 Philippians Chapter 4 and verse 19
51:50 Philippians Chapter 4 and verse 19.
51:55 "But my God shall surely supply all your need,
51:58 according to his riches in glory by Jesus Christ."
52:02 So if we go to God and we say God
52:06 you've already promised me this.
52:09 You've already promised this to be a reality for me.
52:13 I'm going through foreclosure on my house.
52:15 I lost my jobs six months ago.
52:19 My wife hasn't worked, because she has been at home
52:21 with our kids, but you have promised me in
52:25 Philippians 4:19, you've said to me,
52:29 my God shall supply all of my need
52:32 according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
52:37 Is it God's will to supply all of your needs?
52:42 Absolutely. Now God in His ultimate,
52:46 ultimate vision of things.
52:50 God knows whether or not,
52:53 it is for our best interest that we keep our house.
52:59 God knows whether or not it's for a best interest,
53:02 maybe our money was creating idols
53:06 that we loved more than God.
53:10 Maybe our job gave us a false sense of security
53:14 rather than us depending on Jesus.
53:19 We can go to the word of God.
53:21 Turn to 2nd Peter, turn to 2nd Peter.
53:25 I want you to see this,
53:26 2nd Peter Chapter 1 and verse 4,
53:30 2nd Peter, the first Chapter and the fourth verse.
53:36 What we're doing here is we're praying things
53:38 according to God's will
53:39 and notice what the Bible says here.
53:41 We will go ahead and let Tom read this for us.
53:44 Second Peter Chapter one and verse four.
53:48 Speaking about promises, so I'm going to interrupt you
53:50 in this Tom, so just be prepared for that, okay.
53:53 "By which have been given to us exceedingly
53:57 great and precious promises"
54:00 You want me to interrupt you right now I'll do it.
54:02 Okay, that's a good time, Tom say, interrupt me now.
54:04 Whereby are given unto us exceeding great
54:06 and precious promises, Tom,
54:08 where are God exceeding great and precious promises found?
54:12 In His word. In His word.
54:13 All right, keep reading.
54:17 That through these-- That though these, what Tom?
54:20 You promises. You promises,
54:23 God's promises, right?
54:26 That through these promises what does it say?
54:29 You may be partakers of the
54:34 divine nature, having escaped the corruption
54:38 that is in the world through lust.
54:41 Isn't that a powerful thing there?
54:43 The Bible says that we can take the promises of God
54:47 and we can claim those promises as if they have
54:50 already come to pass,
54:55 and we can live that way
54:57 and become a partaker of the divine nature.
55:01 So when we pray according to God's will,
55:04 we go to the Bible and we find those references
55:08 that are very applicable to our lives.
55:11 And we claim those promises as if they are fact because
55:16 let me ask you a question.
55:18 When God said, let there be light how long
55:20 till there was light.
55:23 Immediately, so if God says that He can supply
55:25 all of our needs through Christ Jesus,
55:30 what does that mean?
55:32 All of them, you and I can have confidence
55:34 that our prayers are heard.
55:38 You and I can have confidence that we're praying
55:40 according to the will of God.
55:44 When we open the Bible and we find those
55:46 exceedingly great and precious promises, Tom,
55:50 and live as if those are reality in our life.
55:56 One person said it this way.
55:58 He said that the promises of God are like a blank check.
56:03 All you've got to do is cash it.
56:06 Even if we're struggling with something,
56:09 the promises of God are like a blank check in our lives.
56:14 So let's do a quick review here.
56:16 I need you to talk loud when you answer.
56:17 What was the first condition that we found there?
56:20 The first condition was what? Having a need.
56:23 What was the second condition?
56:26 To forgiveness, that's right.
56:28 Now we need to ask for forgiveness.
56:30 What was the third condition? Faith. Faith.
56:33 We must believe that God exist in order to please Him.
56:36 Number four? Forgive others. Forgive others.
56:40 God we found out in Mark 11:25 and 26
56:43 and then in Matthew 6:12.
56:45 God will forgive us to the extent that we forgive others.
56:48 What was the fifth one? To persevere. To persevere.
56:51 What was the sixth one? Unselfish asking.
56:53 Unselfish asking, and the seventh?
56:56 God's will. God's will.
56:57 And we just have to pray what God has already promised
57:00 to know that we're praying according to God's will.
57:05 Now everyone of us can think of something in our life
57:08 right now that probably conflicts with one
57:10 of those conditions, and so maybe the best thing
57:15 for us to do when we're finished with this class
57:19 is to go to God and make sure
57:22 that all of those conditions are taken care of.
57:27 God's sincerely wants to hear our prayer.
57:30 He wants to hear your prayer.
57:33 And He has laid out for us today what we need to do
57:36 to know that our prayer is heard.
57:41 Thank you for joining us.


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