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00:01 Harvest truly is plenteous,
00:03 but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray Ye therefore, the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that He will, He will send forth laborers
00:09 into His harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
00:17 Then said, I. "Here am I, send me, send me."
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you
00:25 to be an effective harvester for the Lord.
00:27 We now invite you into our classroom
00:30 to come, experience, Life.
00:43 Hello, welcome back again
00:45 to the Lay Institute for Evangelism
00:46 here in sunny Florida.
00:48 I'd like to welcome you people at home
00:49 as well and just thank you for joining us
00:52 today in tuning in.
00:54 In case you just now-- is being the very
00:56 first time you've ever tuned in and seeing
00:57 what's going on here at Life,
00:59 the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
01:01 What we're doing here is having
01:02 an interactive Bible study.
01:04 And we're not only interactive Bible study,
01:05 we're actually teaching one another how to give
01:07 Bible studies to somebody else.
01:09 And if you're joining us for the first time
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01:30 to teach this here at Life all those things can be done.
01:34 We want to encourage you though,
01:35 it's nothing like being here actually physically here
01:37 where you can be interactive with us
01:39 and see the other things that are going on
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01:42 And so we want to encourage you
01:43 to come and experience life.
01:46 You can get more information again
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01:48 You can look at-- download an application, fill it out,
01:51 send it off and we'll be glad to see you
01:53 in the spring of 2010 or anytime after that.
01:56 You can see the other sessions
01:57 that will be taking place.
01:59 But right now today, we're going to be looking
02:01 at one of my most favorite presentations,
02:04 I think I've said that at every presentation
02:06 I've given, I like everyone of them.
02:08 But I do specifically like this one,
02:09 it does me, have a little meaning to me more than
02:12 some of the others and you understand
02:13 why as I move along.
02:14 And it's the presentation what we're gonna be
02:16 showing is that in the Bible that God cares
02:18 about our health.
02:20 He does definitely care about our health
02:21 both physically and spiritually.
02:23 And if you notice at the screen here
02:24 that's exactly what we say the purpose of the study is.
02:27 This purpose of the study is to show that God cares
02:30 about our spiritual and our physical health.
02:33 Now that might be a new revelation to some people
02:35 and think really does God care me and I thought
02:37 it just long as-- as long as I'm healthy spiritually
02:39 and long as I love the Lord everything is going
02:40 to be fine and in a sense that's true,
02:42 but did you know that good spiritual health
02:46 or also and because good spiritual health means
02:48 just spending time with God
02:49 and you're in His word and things like that.
02:51 You will find that the Bible teaches that God wants us
02:53 to be healthy physically too.
02:54 So if you have good spiritual health,
02:56 which you mean you're spending time with God,
02:57 you also understand when you spend time with God
03:00 reading His word that He expects us to take care
03:03 of the bodies that He has given us.
03:04 And that's where we're gonna be going through
03:05 with the study today.
03:06 Now I must admit the study isn't for--
03:10 it would not be for the people
03:11 that really aren't Christians
03:12 and have given their heart to the Lord.
03:14 Because if you don't have that relationship
03:17 with Jesus, if you're not close to Him
03:19 and trusting in Him and loving Him,
03:21 then when the Bible says, you know what,
03:23 you need to change this in your life or change
03:24 that in your life is not gonna do you any good
03:27 unless you have Him in your life.
03:29 And so this-- through the study we're gonna be
03:30 looking at things that the Bible teaches
03:32 that we should not have things
03:34 we should abstain from, things that we should have
03:36 throughout the Bible that God gives us.
03:38 So that's going to be part of the study today.
03:40 Also as we move along here
03:42 to the Center It part of it.
03:43 The Center It is simply exists almost
03:45 like the purpose.
03:47 Jesus wants us to be healthy.
03:49 Jesus wants all of us to be healthy.
03:51 The Center of it is Jesus cares for you
03:53 and He wants each of us to be healthy.
03:55 Now before we go on to the next slide
03:57 we're gonna have-- the next slide is going to be
03:58 a list of all of the text
04:00 we're gonna have for this study
04:01 and there is actually 18 of them
04:03 and we'll get through them in two hours.
04:06 This will definitely be a two hour session,
04:08 so for those you at home you'll get to sit
04:10 and watch the first half of this,
04:11 you watch the first hour and if it's interesting
04:14 enough and you wanna go ahead and finish getting
04:16 that Bible study, you've to go ahead and go back
04:19 in later on and get part two off the website there
04:22 and watch it as well.
04:23 But there is only one study guide to it.
04:25 So you don't have to go about and say where is
04:27 part two, the study guide part two on the internet.
04:29 It's all come from the same study guide.
04:31 We'll just stop about half way through
04:33 and then pick up the rest of the way
04:34 in a two hour session.
04:36 And for those who are here and for those
04:38 you at home as well, I would like to invite you
04:39 to bow your head with me as we seek God's guidance
04:42 as we study His word today.
04:44 Lord Jesus, thank you so much for the health
04:47 that you've given to us, for this life
04:49 that you've provided for us.
04:51 And I pray Lord, as we open Your word now
04:53 and we study this very important message
04:55 on health that You'll give us understanding
04:58 and You'll give us wisdom that when we're done
05:01 here Lord, we'll know how to serve you better.
05:03 And I pray this in the name of Jesus, amen.
05:07 As we turn to the screen here you'll see
05:09 that our text that we're gonna be using here
05:11 for the health presentation.
05:12 Now you'll notice here that the abbreviation
05:15 for the health study when you're marking
05:16 your Bible just simply H.
05:18 So when you get to that first text in your Bible
05:20 and you're marking it up you'll put it 1H.
05:22 And we'll go to that and let you see it
05:24 as we get them to the marking part of it.
05:26 But that's what you use H.
05:28 Now, I had one of the students here said
05:29 when you done those as a study on health,
05:32 the destruction of the wicked what it was,
05:34 right, and we told you to use DW
05:36 and I said during that presentation well,
05:38 you can actually use an H if you want to if you insist
05:41 and I wasn't thinking ahead for another thing.
05:43 Well, health presentation is also an H.
05:45 So what I wanna encourage you to do if you actually did
05:48 do that when we done the destruction
05:49 of the wicked and you marked it in the Bible.
05:51 If you marked it H instead of DW on this one
05:56 you have to use HT
05:58 or something like that for health.
05:59 Just use HT so it keeps it separate like that.
06:02 Shalida was the one, you know,
06:03 done that and she was hoping
06:05 I wouldn't embarrass her today, but that's okay.
06:07 She obeyed me both ways.
06:09 All right, and so we're gonna end up
06:11 in the-- with the last text today being
06:13 1 Thessalonians 5:23.
06:14 We'll get down somewhere probably around
06:17 in the first half of this, we'll probably get
06:18 somewhere around Leviticus Chapter 11 number 9
06:21 That's about we'll finish off at in the first half of this.
06:23 So let us carry on now and go to our first text.
06:27 Our first text on the screen is Revelation Chapter 14,
06:33 Revelation the 14 Chapter
06:35 and here is what we're going to be studying here
06:37 and the reason why I opened up with Revelation 14.
06:39 Does anybody know what Revelation 14
06:41 one that first part of Revelation Chapter 14
06:44 basically just that Chapter what is known for,
06:47 what it's kind of famous for?
06:48 We call it the Three Angels' Message, right.
06:50 And what you gonna find
06:52 in these Three Angels' Messages,
06:53 we discover the judgment in the Three Angels' Message.
06:56 We discover the mark of the beast
06:57 in the Three Angels' Message.
06:58 We find that the Gospel is going to go
07:00 into all over the world in Three Angels' Message.
07:02 Many things packed in those verses
07:04 right about these messages is gonna be going
07:06 to all over the world.
07:08 Well today, what we're gonna find out
07:09 is also the very fact that God want's us
07:11 to be healthy is also in that Three Angles Message
07:15 and we're gonna unpack that right now.
07:17 So at this time Robert,
07:20 Robert is gonna read to us.
07:22 Sorry Robert, I had to think about your name
07:23 there for a second, read to us
07:24 Revelation Chapter 14 verses 6 and 7,
07:27 Revelation 14:6 and 7.
07:31 "Then I saw another angel flying
07:34 in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting
07:37 gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth
07:42 to every nation, tribe, tongue,
07:45 and people saying with a loud voice,
07:49 'Fear God and give glory to Him,
07:52 for the hour of His judgment has come,
07:55 and worship Him who made heaven and earth,
07:59 the sea and springs of waters.'"
08:03 Thank you very much.
08:04 Now you remember early on in one of the studies
08:07 we read from here and it was a matter of fact
08:10 it was the study on judgment two.
08:12 The second part of the judgment,
08:14 the judgment study, is judgment part two.
08:16 And we saw here that first angel
08:20 is going to be preaching the everlasting gospel, right.
08:23 That's what it says here, the everlasting gospel.
08:25 And we ask what is the everlasting gospel?
08:27 And then the answer comes in verse 7,
08:29 because it says this everlasting gospel saying
08:32 and then it goes on to-- as to what he was saying.
08:35 Saying with a loud voice,
08:36 fear God and give glory to Him.
08:39 And then we focused in on the hour
08:41 of His judgment has come, worship Him that made
08:42 heavens and the earth, the sea,
08:43 and fountains of water and all those things.
08:45 Well, what we haven't focused in on yet
08:47 is what it says fear God and give glory to Him.
08:49 Now the question is going to come up right now.
08:52 How do we give glory to God?
08:54 That's a good question isn't it?
08:56 I mean that's part of the everlasting gospel,
08:58 giving glory to God is part of the everlasting gospel.
09:01 Well how is it we give glory to God?
09:03 Well, let us go on now to our next text,
09:04 we're gonna answer this question,
09:05 we're gonna begin answering this question,
09:07 and while we're turning in our Bibles
09:08 to the second text.
09:09 Let me ask you some of the ways.
09:10 Please tell me, some of the ways
09:12 we can give glory to God?
09:13 Can anybody give me just some,
09:14 just some ideas how can you give glory to God
09:16 in your life right now as a Christian?
09:18 Do good to others. Do good to others.
09:20 How we dress. How we dress.
09:22 Witnessing. Witnessing.
09:24 How about singing hymns, is that giving glory to God?
09:26 Reading our Bibles, does that give glory to God?
09:28 Right, there are many things we can think
09:30 of that give glory to God.
09:31 But now we're gonna look at is there is also
09:33 the way we give glory to God can be in the way
09:35 we eat, in the way we drink,
09:38 and many other things.
09:39 There's many ways we can give glory to God
09:41 and how we are gonna find out is go to the Bible
09:42 1 Corinthians Chapter 10 and verse 31.
09:45 And Tim is gonna read that for us,
09:47 1 Corinthians Chapter 10 and verse 31.
09:49 Go ahead Tim. Don't go ahead yet.
09:53 So everybody else is there from Revelation
09:55 we're gonna turn to the left
09:56 1 Corinthians Chapter 10 and verse 31.
09:58 There you go, now you read it for us I'm there.
10:01 "Whether therefore you eat, or drink,
10:03 or whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God."
10:06 Okay, Paul is writing here to the Corinthians
10:09 and he says for whatsoever you do,
10:12 whether you eat or whether you drink,
10:16 do all to the glory of God.
10:17 So is there a way that we can eat and drink
10:20 that gives glory to God?
10:23 Of course it is because he says whatever you do,
10:25 do it to the glory of God,
10:26 whether you eat or drink.
10:27 So if there is a way to eat and drink
10:29 to the glory of God, would that also logical conclusion
10:32 here would be, there is a way you can eat and drink
10:34 that would not bring glory to God.
10:37 Do you see that from the text?
10:39 Now do you see like when you're given
10:40 a Bible study how this first part leads you
10:42 so perfectly together.
10:43 I mean, you've the Revelation 14 text
10:46 it says fear God and give glory to Him.
10:48 And then you go here to this text
10:49 in 1 Corinthians 10:31 it says whatever you do
10:52 give glory to God.
10:54 So it has to be given glory to God.
10:55 And I've heard people say, you know,
10:57 like since whatever we do we give glory to God.
11:00 We'll be doing something that the devil
11:01 would have them doing and they say well yeah
11:03 but I'm praising the Lord while I'm doing it.
11:05 You know, you follow what I'm saying, right.
11:07 You know, we do something completely outrageously wrong
11:09 and say well, I'm giving glory to God,
11:11 I'm thanking Him.
11:12 No, the context of the verse here,
11:15 the context of what he is saying is your actions
11:18 will give glory to God or not give glory to God.
11:21 Giving glory to God is not something
11:23 you just say out of your mouth.
11:25 Are you following that?
11:26 And so some people actually have that idea,
11:28 as long as I'm, saying praise the Lord
11:30 then I must be giving glory to God, right,
11:32 but that's not necessarily the case.
11:35 If I'm going around like today as the matter of fact
11:37 tomorrow is my 15th wedding anniversary
11:39 with my wife, right.
11:41 And so tomorrow on our 15th wedding anniversary
11:43 I'll go out with another girl
11:44 and I'm gonna say glory to God.
11:47 And then you think that's really giving glory to God.
11:49 But I'll go to church with the other girl.
11:51 No because your actions actually show
11:54 whether or not you're giving glory to God, okay.
11:56 So tomorrow on my 15th wedding anniversary,
11:59 I know people at home saying oh well
12:01 he doesn't look that old he must have got married
12:02 when he was like 15.
12:04 No I'm just kidding, I'm we had this
12:06 discussion yesterday I found out
12:08 from some of our students here that I couldn't pass
12:10 the 29 anymore, I'm heart broke.
12:14 Let's carry on here.
12:15 So we found out, we found out here now
12:17 in the Bible that whatever we would do
12:18 whether we're eating or drinking we should do
12:20 all to the glory of God.
12:22 Now, from this point we are gonna
12:24 go on to 1 Corinthians Chapter 6:19 and 20,
12:29 because some folks think
12:32 1 Corinthians Chapter 6:19 and 20,
12:40 let me get there myself 1 Corinthians Chapter 7
12:41 I said that's not the verse.
12:43 1 Corinthians 6:19 and 20
12:45 and Mike is gonna read that one for us.
12:49 "What? Know you not that your body
12:51 is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you,
12:54 which you have of God, and you are not your own?"
12:56 Mike can I ask you a question?
12:57 Have you ever had anybody said it's my body
12:59 I'll do what I want? Yes.
13:01 You know, Paul's argument here right in
13:03 1st Corinthians is we're just reading.
13:05 Is if you say that, if you say that my body is mine
13:07 I'll do what I want you're saying you're not a Christian.
13:09 Because he says if you're Christian
13:11 who owns your body.
13:12 Yeah, read it again now with that in mind.
13:14 Let's start right there again I'm sorry.
13:16 Pick it up again. What?
13:17 "What? Know you not that your body
13:19 is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you,
13:22 which you have of God, and you are not your own?"
13:26 Verse 20. Yeah go ahead verse 20.
13:28 "For ye are bought with a price,
13:29 therefore glorify God in your body,
13:32 and in your spirit, which are God's."
13:34 Once again we hear that again Mike,
13:36 glorify God in your body and your spirit
13:38 which belongs to God.
13:40 And so time and again as you read in the Bible
13:42 as you find in the Bible God is defining
13:44 Christians through Apostle Paul here,
13:47 he is defining Christians.
13:48 If you gonna follow God you gonna understand
13:51 that the body does not belong to you,
13:53 but it belongs to God Himself.
13:55 He owns you.
13:56 First of all He created you.
13:58 Secondly, He redeemed you.
14:00 So therefore He owns you.
14:02 And so can you imagine the situation here.
14:05 Let's suppose, let's suppose right now
14:07 that Shalida here.
14:13 Let's suppose that Shalida goes out
14:14 and buys herself a new car, brand new car,
14:17 like to have a new one, won't you?
14:18 So she has this brand new car and she takes
14:21 the instruction manual to her brand new car
14:23 and she just puts in a glove box and closes it
14:25 and she goes and drives her car
14:26 about 15,000 miles about 20,000 miles
14:30 and all of the sudden smoke starts rolling out of it.
14:32 And so she takes it in-- takes it back
14:34 to the dealership and when she get's back to dealership
14:37 it's all scratched up on the sides,
14:38 smoke throwing out of it and she never done
14:41 one thing to take of it what she had it.
14:43 Is anybody here going to be upset with it?
14:45 How careless of you, wouldn't bother me a bit.
14:47 It's your money you wasted it, you know,
14:49 it's your business, right.
14:51 Of course it's God's money she wasted
14:52 and we would may be little upset with her,
14:54 that's my point of view, but still the point
14:56 is it was her car she done she want to.
14:58 But let's suppose Shalida borrowed my car
15:01 and she takes it away and she goes down
15:03 and I said yes Shalida you can borrow my car.
15:04 She has taken it down to Miami to visit family
15:06 or whatever and about a week later
15:08 she shows back over my house.
15:09 The car is beat up, smoke rolling out of it,
15:11 you know, the windows are cracked and things like that.
15:13 Would I be angry with her
15:14 or little upset with her then?
15:15 Of course I would have to forgive her because
15:17 then I couldn't go to heaven if I wouldn't, right.
15:19 But I would definitely, I would definitely get
15:20 little upset with Shalida wouldn't I, why.
15:22 Because it's my car, your body that you claim
15:26 to be yours is not your body according to Bible,
15:28 but it belongs to God.
15:30 And if God give us our body and after only about
15:33 20,000 miles of usage, right,
15:35 I say 20 years into our life it looks like
15:37 our body has been used by somebody for 75 years,
15:41 then do you think God would have any issue with us,
15:43 if it was something we did ourselves, you know,
15:45 things can happen, right.
15:46 So God expect us to take care of what He has given us.
15:49 God expect us to take care of what He has given us.
15:52 And, you know, God gives us strong warning
15:55 against those people that insist
15:58 that it's mybody, I can do what I want.
16:00 He gives very strong counsel against that
16:02 and you find it in 1 Corinthians
16:03 the next chapter we're going to next we're going to
16:05 1 Corinthians and I got to skip one because
16:08 we're going to 1 Corinthians Chapter 3
16:10 and verse 16 and 17, 1 Corinthians Chapter 3
16:13 verses 16 and 17.
16:15 Now this is one of the strongest points,
16:17 one of the strongest statements in the Bible
16:19 that you can find regarding how you take care
16:21 of your body and Ms. Gloria is gonna
16:23 take-- take the privilege of reading that one for us
16:26 and I thank you for doing that.
16:27 1st Corinthians Chapter 3 verse 16 and 17
16:30 the strongest warning you find in all the Bible
16:34 about abusing your body.
16:35 Let's go ahead and hear that from Ms. Gloria.
16:40 "Do you not know that you are a temple of God
16:43 and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?
16:47 If anyone defiles the temple of God,
16:50 God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy.
16:55 Which temple are you."
16:57 What is that the Bible says that God is going
16:59 to do the man or the woman that decides
17:01 they're just going to mess up their body
17:03 and it doesn't matter what happens to their body.
17:05 God will destroy them, that's pretty serious isn't it.
17:08 I mean, that's not my words,
17:10 that's the Bible's words.
17:11 You know, I have friends,
17:13 many friends that are not Christian,
17:16 and relatives especially.
17:18 And I can remember, I remember often times
17:20 I've heard many people say,
17:21 well, you know what it's my body I'll do what I want.
17:24 And they do that just that very thing
17:26 that they eat all kinds of things that just are not
17:28 good for them, they drink things
17:30 they should not be drinking,
17:31 they smoke anything, right.
17:33 They do these things and they say it's my body.
17:36 But yet, here's what they will do,
17:38 they will say to their family
17:39 and their loved one's, I love you.
17:42 Of course they do. No, they don't.
17:44 I want you to think about this Tim,
17:45 I'm gonna pick on you for a minute.
17:46 Tim, let's suppose you're married man, okay.
17:49 And you got your wife there and you say,
17:51 honey I love you and you're a smoker
17:53 and a drinker and you're just a rabble-rouser, right.
17:57 Eating all kinds of things that are bad for you
17:59 and things like that you're bloating up,
18:00 you're getting big, you're getting unhealthy
18:02 and you're getting lazy, and you're lying
18:03 in the house and it's just getting worse
18:04 all the time, okay.
18:05 But you say, where your wife says oh Tim I love you.
18:07 She is like catering to him,
18:08 she just loves him so much and adores him.
18:11 Tim, you got to pretend with me, okay.
18:13 You have your wife, you love her.
18:17 Whenever you have your stroke
18:19 and you are laying there with drool running out
18:21 your mouth and your -- then your lovely wife has to come
18:25 and spoon feed you whose life has just been ruined.
18:30 My wife's life has been ruined.
18:31 Exactly right, exactly.
18:34 My dad died at very young age,
18:36 52 I believe how old he was when he died.
18:38 He died in 1999 and it devastated me.
18:42 I love spending time with my dad,
18:44 but you know my dad thought it didn't matter
18:46 what you ate and what you drank
18:47 and all these kinds of things.
18:48 And he smoked all the way up until
18:50 like eight years before he died when the doctor
18:52 finally told him, said if you continue smoking
18:54 you won't see your grandkids, right.
18:56 So he quit smoking and he got to see his grandkids.
18:59 But then in 1999 he dropped dead
19:01 with massive heart attack but, you know,
19:02 in his mind, his view it didn't matter what you ate.
19:05 Whenever my dad dropped dead
19:06 of massive heart attack, whose life was messed up?
19:09 Yours. Yes, my life is messed up.
19:11 So as you're growing older,
19:13 as you're young and you're developing habits
19:15 that are really bad that is harming your body
19:17 and you say well it doesn't matter because
19:18 it's my body you maybe-- maybe the case
19:21 you may not be serving God
19:22 and giving your body to Him, right.
19:24 You may be serving yourself,
19:26 but do not lie to your family and tell them
19:28 you love them.
19:32 You understand that, right?
19:33 I mean, I tell my family I love them,
19:34 I love my kids, I love my wife,
19:36 but if I go out and destroy this body.
19:39 When if I drop dead of a heart attack,
19:41 or whenever I have a massive stroke
19:42 and I'm laying there in a nursing home
19:44 or any of these things happen.
19:45 Can these things happen to people that live healthy?
19:47 Yes, over a period of time it does happen,
19:49 but it's a lot less frequent.
19:51 It's a way rarer for that to happen
19:55 to someone that's eating right,
19:56 exercising and doing right, than it is for someone
19:58 that's just saying it doesn't matter,
19:59 I'll do what I want.
20:01 You know, they-- is all way back in the 60s,
20:04 you know, where they call these,
20:06 first I understand calling cigarettes coffin nails.
20:10 You know, having another nail for your coffin, right.
20:12 That's like terminology used way back then.
20:14 Now we're gonna get into the details
20:15 of this later on, but what I want you to understand
20:17 is before we get into the health part of this,
20:20 as far as the details of it,
20:21 the reason I've such a burden for this
20:23 is because I've seen it happen too many times.
20:26 And it's usually more along with the men,
20:28 the men side of it.
20:30 You know, when I was growing up
20:31 it was the women that were all the religious people
20:33 and stuff, they were in the families.
20:35 Like the men they never went go to church
20:36 and things like that.
20:37 Almost like they think it's all of the religion
20:39 that's for women and children.
20:41 It's like, you know, salvation
20:42 that's only for women and children.
20:44 No, I could definitely use that myself too.
20:46 And but it seem like it was almost looked
20:48 as a girly thing to do, that's what the women,
20:50 children did right.
20:51 And it's the same way with health and things like that.
20:54 I'm glad things are changing somewhat in the world.
20:56 I mean, people are being more and more
20:57 health conscious right now especially
20:59 with the healthcare debates and everything going on.
21:01 But all that set aside, the reason
21:03 I want to be healthy primarily is to serve God.
21:07 And secondarily I want to be healthy for my family.
21:11 And so there is a way you can eat and drink
21:14 that will glorify God but there is a way
21:16 you can eat and drink that will not bring
21:18 glory to God and it will actually cause you very much,
21:22 very large problems overtime, you know.
21:25 And so we're gonna continue on
21:26 in the study here and we're basing it in primarily
21:30 going from what I've just laid here as a foundation.
21:34 You know, you think about that as a foundation.
21:35 It's pretty serious, it's not just something
21:38 we can just brush off and say, well,
21:39 I'll accept this part of the gospel,
21:40 I accept this part of the Bible and this part.
21:42 When it comes out whole health thing
21:43 no I'm just gonna brush it away.
21:46 Shalida back to the car you borrowed.
21:49 If you would have took that manual that you threw
21:51 in the glove box and shut up and never opened it up,
21:53 you know, it told you to change the oil,
21:55 when to change the oil, right.
21:56 It would have told you exactly
21:57 how much air to put in your tires.
21:58 It would have told you all these things
21:59 and if you have followed that your car would be
22:01 in a lot better shape and lasted a lot longer.
22:03 And when you take it to the dealership
22:04 and you say why is all these things happening,
22:06 why are all these things happening to my car.
22:08 They are gonna say, well, you didn't follow the manual
22:10 and, you know,
22:11 often times when we go to God saying Lord
22:14 please heal my diseases.
22:15 The reason we have it to start with not always
22:18 that often times is because
22:20 we never followed the manual.
22:22 You know, and not that he won't help you,
22:23 the dealership you take it back to,
22:24 they will help you, but it's gonna cost you.
22:27 And I believe with all my heart that Jesus,
22:28 when we come to Him, even with our health problems
22:30 that we have often times brought upon ourselves.
22:32 He will help us, but I think it costs us
22:35 a little pain or little suffering
22:36 and a few things things like that,
22:38 because God also want's us to learn to trust Him.
22:42 All right, am I going too slow?
22:47 I'll let everybody know at home if you've seeing
22:49 some of the earlier shows that are recorded
22:52 I was talking really fast and I've been
22:54 reprimanded for that.
22:56 Now, they say, you need to slow down
22:58 a little bit and it kills me.
22:59 You know, what happens to me is when I slow down
23:01 thoughts come to my mind and I don't get to the--
23:04 the end of my sentence quick enough to start
23:07 saying that thought and it goes away.
23:09 So I'm struggling here.
23:12 All right, now our next text here
23:13 we're go to is in 3rd John verse 2, 3rd John,
23:17 there is only one chapter in 3rd John verse 2
23:19 and it's to the right we're at
23:21 and it let's us know that God is not only caring
23:23 about our spiritual well being,
23:25 but just as much as equally so actually
23:28 he cares about our physical.
23:29 Now 3rd John is right before-- if you go
23:32 to Book of Revelation and back up one book,
23:34 what book are you in? Jude.
23:36 Jude and back up one more book,
23:37 what book are you in. Third John.
23:39 So we're going to 3rd John verse 2
23:43 and I believe Danielle is going to read
23:45 that one for us 3rd John verse 2.
23:48 "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou
23:51 mayest prosper and be in health,
23:53 even as thy soul prospereth."
23:55 So John here writing on the inspiration
23:58 of the Holy Spirit says beloved I want you
24:00 to prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.
24:04 So is God interested about
24:05 in our spiritual life being healthy? Yes.
24:08 But He is just as interested in our
24:10 physical life being healthy.
24:12 Absolutely, absolutely.
24:13 And as we go through this,
24:15 you're gonna find out that, you know,
24:16 like myself and some of the and some
24:18 of the other friends I have, I'm just gonna pick
24:20 on Mike over here too and maybe Tim
24:23 I can pick on him, I know his background a little bit.
24:25 But many of us during our younger part of our life
24:28 we really messed up our spiritual life.
24:30 You know, there wasn't one, it was non existent.
24:32 We were basically I guess you could say
24:34 serving the devil, because if you're not
24:35 serving God in a sense that's who
24:36 you're serving, right.
24:38 And so we weren't living for God
24:40 spiritually nor physically.
24:42 But just as same whenever we came to God
24:45 he healed our spiritual past if we come to Him
24:48 even though we lived our life not serving Him
24:50 physically, He can heal our physical past too.
24:53 He can make things get better,
24:54 he can make us healthier with things
24:55 can change in our life.
24:57 Lifestyle changes both spiritually and physically
25:00 will make us more healthy.
25:01 You know, what I mean, make us feel better
25:02 make things better.
25:03 God can heal us.
25:04 We know He can and we know He is willing to.
25:07 Now from this point, we're gonna make
25:09 a little bit of a transition.
25:10 We've laid the foundation that everybody understands
25:13 when I'm giving the Bible study or even
25:14 when I'm preaching this in evangelism,
25:16 I'm going a lot faster in evangelism.
25:18 But whenever we're preaching it,
25:19 or whenever we're teaching it we lay this foundation
25:21 that it's not okay for me to claim to be a Christian
25:25 and then say that God doesn't care about
25:26 how I'm physically.
25:28 As a matter of fact John just told us
25:29 that it's just important our physical health
25:32 as our spiritual health.
25:34 Now that's a new Revelation to a lot of people.
25:36 I mean, there are probably people at home right now,
25:38 or people watching this DVD or whatever
25:40 and they are saying well
25:41 I've never been taught about that.
25:42 I've never been connected the two,
25:43 that our physical health and our spiritual health
25:45 is equal and that God cares about that, but He does.
25:48 And what I've discovered in my personal life
25:50 that is after I started eating more healthy
25:53 and living healthy and trying to obeying
25:55 the laws, the health rules that God has given us
25:57 out of the scriptures, when I started doing that.
26:00 After I started doing that
26:01 my spiritual thoughts became clear.
26:04 It's like I wasn't so muddled in my head,
26:06 you know, with the stuff that I was putting
26:07 in my body wasn't helping me think as clearly
26:10 as I was able to after I started,
26:13 I started eating as God would have me eat.
26:15 So it does make a difference
26:16 and that's what the Bible lays out.
26:17 As a case in point, let us go to our next
26:21 part of the text, you see that transition there
26:22 when you're giving a Bible study, right.
26:25 In other words like I give my personal experience,
26:27 this is good when you're given a study
26:29 or even preaching.
26:30 When you give your personal experience
26:31 and I say I discovered in my own life that what I eat
26:34 and drink and those things helped me
26:36 to think more clearly and I was able to understand
26:38 spiritual things better.
26:39 Let us look at a case in point
26:40 and go to the Bible.
26:42 And that's where we're going to now is Daniel Chapter 1.
26:44 You see how that ties together,
26:45 because we're gonna see in Daniel Chapter 1
26:47 that the very same thing happens.
26:48 Now I'm gonna make a statement here
26:52 after we get somebody reads part of Daniel Chapter 1
26:55 and it's gonna seem a little bit outrageous.
26:57 Actually I'm gonna say it now,
26:59 when Daniel eats healthy here in Daniel Chapter 1,
27:04 he didn't become healthy
27:05 because he was eating healthy.
27:08 He became he didn't become wiser
27:09 and all these things we gonna find here because
27:11 he was eating the right food.
27:12 He did it because he was obeying God.
27:15 And you will see as we go along here,
27:16 it's just a ten day process.
27:17 Let us look at here what helped him,
27:19 wasn't the fact that he was just eating
27:21 the right food, it's because he was obeying God.
27:23 That's the important principle here
27:25 is obedience to what God would have us to.
27:27 So if someone like to read Daniel Chapter 1 and verse 8.
27:29 I think Dosung is gonna read that for us.
27:31 Daniel Chapter 1 and verse 8 and then also
27:35 you stay ready to read verse 12 through 15.
27:38 "But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would
27:41 not defile himself with the portion
27:43 of the king's meat, nor with the wine which he drank,
27:48 therefore he requested of the prince
27:50 of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself."
27:54 Okay let us picture what's going on here with Daniel.
27:57 Daniel has just been taken away,
27:59 marched about a 1000 miles across the dessert
28:02 from his home town there in Jerusalem
28:05 all the way to Babylon.
28:06 While Daniel is in Jerusalem,
28:09 he was taught as he was growing up to eat
28:11 certain ways because there was laws
28:14 that they had health principles
28:15 and health laws that God
28:16 had given the Jewish people, right.
28:18 And He had given it to all people as we learn
28:19 as we go on, but He given it to the Jewish people there
28:21 and Daniel had been taught to obey those laws.
28:23 He had been taught that God is real
28:25 and that God cares for you, He is gonna take care of you.
28:27 And while he was there in Babylon, you know,
28:30 we looked at-- we mentioned already once
28:31 before that there was a prophet there
28:32 by the name of Jeremiah, the prophet
28:34 and he was saying they are gonna go away to Babylon
28:36 and the other religious leaders at the time
28:38 say no God is going to take care of us
28:40 we're not going to get carried away.
28:42 But yet Daniel, he saw his family likely murdered,
28:45 he saw a bunch of friends and relatives
28:47 all killed, when the Babylonians come
28:49 and besiege the city,
28:51 pretty horrible situation, isn't it.
28:52 Do you think this would have given Daniel
28:54 a reason not to be trusting God anymore.
28:57 I mean, like if you're young kid
28:59 and you've just seen all these things
29:00 that Daniel happened it to you
29:02 would you say is God does even care,
29:04 does He actually even real,
29:05 does He even care about me.
29:07 But somehow someway even in the midst
29:09 of all that, you know, foreign land
29:12 where he is surrounded by idolatry and idols
29:16 and things like that, he is forced to serve
29:18 in a king's palace, he is forced to go to that school.
29:21 I mean all these things are happening in his life,
29:23 yet Daniel with all that going on says,
29:26 you know, what.
29:27 My body doesn't belong to me, it belongs to God
29:29 and I don't want to defile myself
29:31 with what the king would have us eat.
29:33 He is still trusting in God,
29:35 that's pretty powerful isn't it.
29:36 You know, you and I often times
29:38 if you just think about it little bit,
29:40 I'm on hostile ground.
29:43 Anytime you want to make a stand for God,
29:45 anytime you wanna serve God with what you eat,
29:47 what you drink, when you go to church right now,
29:50 right, where and all these kinds of things.
29:52 It's an hostile environment a lot of times
29:54 especially if you are around nonbelievers
29:55 will give you a hard way to go about, won't they.
29:57 But we've to be like Daniel and say,
29:59 you know what, I'm gonna make a stand for God.
30:02 And so that's what he says here,
30:03 he says look please--
30:04 he is gonna make request here to the chief
30:07 of the eunuchs and says please don't,
30:08 I don't want to eat this stuff
30:09 and drink this stuff, I can't do it because
30:11 I'll be defiling my body, I'll be disappointing God.
30:14 And now we're gonna pick it up again in verse 12
30:16 and Dosung is gonna read now verses 12 through 15
30:19 as we continue on here.
30:22 "So Daniel says to Belshazzar,
30:23 "Prove thy servants, I beseech thee, ten days,
30:26 and let them give us pulse to eat,
30:29 and water to drink."
30:30 Okay, hold on just a second.
30:31 He says I want, just ten day trial please because
30:34 remember the chief of the eunuch say Meltzar
30:36 he was worried like, if I give you guys,
30:38 if I don't give you the kings food
30:39 you're not going to be as healthy,
30:40 because you got to eat all this stuff
30:42 in order to be healthy.
30:43 The idea in that time was if you don't eat
30:44 this stuff, you won't be healthy.
30:47 So Daniel says please just try for a ten days,
30:49 just let me have vegetables,
30:51 pulse to eat and water to drink, that's all I want.
30:53 And if ten days if you don't see a difference
30:55 then fine I'll go and eat your food,
30:57 that's testing God.
30:59 Now let me ask you in general
31:03 if you take somebody off the street,
31:05 yeah two people that's eating
31:06 just awful food Dosung, right,
31:08 they are just eating things that's just--
31:09 but that's their lifestyle
31:10 and they've a certain look to them,
31:11 they're just kind of normal and you can't right,
31:13 you don't see anything very bad wrong with him, right.
31:15 And you have two of those people and you take
31:16 one of them out of that situation
31:18 and say okay, you only gonna have fruit,
31:19 you only gonna have vegetables and water
31:20 to eat for ten days.
31:22 You think there is going to be a really
31:23 a huge difference between the two.
31:24 I mean they will be somewhat likely,
31:25 but it won't be like a noticeable difference
31:27 in that short of time.
31:29 I mean some people argue with me on that point.
31:31 Oh yes, there would be too, but I don't see it.
31:33 I mean, I mean like coming out of the environment
31:34 I was, I was eating Big Max and all these kind of things
31:36 and I felt really healthy.
31:38 Like when I first became a Christian I was running
31:39 like five miles a day,
31:41 I was exercising and I felt like I was healthier
31:44 just as healthy as anybody in the church.
31:46 I found out later on I had cholesterol
31:47 almost to 300 but besides that's I felt good,
31:51 right and I look good and I really believe
31:53 if they would have taken me out of my situation
31:55 and said okay here I want you to come over here
31:56 and eat only vegetables for ten days.
31:58 I don't think anybody will notice
31:59 any big difference in me.
32:01 But here what the point is,
32:03 is that Daniel chooses to obey God
32:05 and he tells him look, let it be done for ten days
32:08 and see if there is a difference.
32:10 All, right, so his point is here
32:11 is obedience to God. Read the rest of it.
32:13 "Then let our countenances be looked upon before thee,
32:16 and the countenance of the children
32:18 that eat of the portion of the king's meat,
32:20 and as thou seest, deal with thy servants.
32:24 So he consented to them in this matter,
32:26 and proved them ten days.
32:27 And at the end of ten days their countenances
32:30 appeared fairer and fatter in flesh
32:33 than all the children which did eat of the portion
32:36 of the king's meat."
32:37 So Daniel and his friends that were blessed with by God
32:42 working with the king there no doubt
32:43 in a situation worked out where they could eat
32:45 just the vegetables and water for ten days.
32:48 And at the end of ten days they looked fairer and flesh,
32:51 they looked fatter and I know that
32:53 doesn't look sound good today in our culture,
32:55 but in other words they looked more healthy.
32:57 They looked healthier than the other boys
33:00 who are just like them, but only were eating
33:01 the king's meat and the foods that the king was providing.
33:04 The point is here, when Daniel choose to obey
33:07 what God wanted to eat, God then blessed Daniel.
33:11 And you know, you know, what happened at the end of this
33:13 and you can read it in verse 20 here.
33:15 It's as we're leading up to verse 20
33:18 in the same Chapter that after three years
33:20 span of Daniel eating just these foods,
33:23 Daniel and his friends eating these foods
33:24 and serving in the kings palace
33:25 at the end of the time, look what it says in verse 20.
33:27 "And in all matters of wisdom
33:29 and understanding, that the king enquired of them,
33:31 he found them ten times better than
33:33 all the magicians and astrologers
33:34 that were in all his realm.
33:35 And than Daniel continued even
33:36 to the first year of King Cyrus."
33:39 In other words Daniel ate what God would have him eat,
33:42 he lived like God would have him live,
33:44 and God actually blessed him and his friends
33:46 to be ten times better, ten times wiser,
33:48 ten times healthier, whatever
33:50 than all the other young ones who grew up.
33:52 And I like it's interesting because the next part
33:54 of that statement says and Daniel continued even
33:56 to the first year of King Cyrus.
33:58 What happened to the rest of the guys? They died.
34:02 And as you read through the Book of Daniel,
34:03 you know, he lived till the ripe old age.
34:05 I mean, he has lived all the way up into the time
34:07 where that into 70 year period
34:08 where they are going back to Jerusalem
34:10 he is still alive then.
34:11 So if he would say, he was only ten,
34:14 if he was ten years old when they took him
34:16 to Babylon he was 80 years old and still living
34:20 when he is writing to into the Book of Daniel.
34:22 So it's very interesting that you can link
34:25 that right back to the fact that he ate
34:27 what God would have him eat.
34:28 And you know, you know, what the good thing is
34:30 about being vegetarians don't you, right.
34:32 If you eat that vegetarian diet like
34:34 Daniel did, eating foods like Daniel did,
34:35 the lions don't want to eat you
34:36 because it's not much there.
34:39 That's not the case at all.
34:41 You know, then the lions, the lions didn't want him,
34:44 he is a vegetarian, hey, nothing there right,
34:45 there is no meat on the bone of the vegetarian isn't it.
34:48 I'm a vegetarian look at this.
34:52 That's embarrassing.
34:55 All right, now let's go back,
34:57 I want to tell you as we're going here
34:59 to our next section Genesis Chapter 1 and verse 29.
35:02 Genesis the 1st Chapter and verse 29
35:05 we're gonna go to here and we're gonna look
35:06 at the original diet that God gave.
35:07 Now, I got to tell you here again coming out
35:11 of the background that I was in that, I was--
35:13 what you call really un-church.
35:15 You've not been to Church, you can count
35:16 how many times on your hands and maybe take your shoe
35:19 off and get one toe out.
35:21 The times I had been to church all growing up.
35:23 And as I was growing up I got relatives
35:26 especially like my grandmother.
35:27 She is a Methodist and I've relatives that many
35:29 of them are Methodist and that kind of thing.
35:31 And when they found out I was becoming
35:33 a Seventh-day Adventist they frowned on that,
35:35 you know, they didn't like that idea.
35:37 And so the religious thing was always
35:39 kind of avoided to logic stand, but every once
35:42 in a while somebody would throw
35:43 something out at me.
35:44 And I remember being home one time
35:46 and I was sitting out on the back porch with my mom
35:49 and my grandmother and lawyer was sitting there
35:52 and my grandmother just out of nowhere because
35:54 she knows that I eat vegetarian, right,
35:56 and she says well I heard on the radio
35:58 the news that vegetarians don't get enough B12
36:01 they have bad eyesight.
36:03 And I said really granny? She said yeah.
36:05 I said well I notice you are wearing glasses
36:08 and she said oh that's because I'm old.
36:10 I said well my mom wears glasses?
36:13 Because she is old too.
36:14 I said my brother who is only two older than me
36:17 is wearing glasses for the last three years.
36:20 Well, well you know, impress a little bit
36:22 and I said, let me ask you something.
36:24 In the Bible granny, God gave us a diet
36:27 in the Bible what was the original diet?
36:30 The original diet that God gave granny
36:31 you believe He created us and so therefore
36:33 he would know what's best for us.
36:35 He is like gives us the sharp menu right,
36:36 as far as what to do.
36:38 So what is the diet that God gave us in the Bible?
36:41 I don't know, of course me I'm pretty persistent,
36:44 I said granny, you've been a Christian
36:46 like your whole life and you don't know
36:47 what the original diet was.
36:49 I don't know lamb.
36:51 And I said no, actually the original diet
36:54 and then I told her what it was
36:55 and we're gonna turn to that right now
36:56 Genesis Chapter 1 and verse 29.
36:59 Genesis Chapter 1 and verse 29
37:02 and Bill is going to read that for us,
37:04 Genesis 1 verse 29.
37:06 And God said, "See, I have given you every herb
37:09 and that yields seed which is on the face
37:12 of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed,
37:17 to you it shall be for food."
37:20 So according to the Bible Genesis 1 and we know
37:22 that this is like when God has created mankind,
37:24 right he got mankind created and he says okay
37:26 here is your diet. Here is what you gonna eat.
37:28 What was the diet? Fruits.
37:30 And if you notice here, its fruits,
37:32 grains and nuts basically the original diet.
37:34 Now, check this out the original diet
37:36 was fruitarian, it was fruitarian.
37:39 And they says well you can't live on just fruits,
37:42 grains, and nuts, are you sure?
37:44 I mean because of our, because of our taste buds,
37:47 and because of our desires, and because
37:49 we have these-- we desire certain things
37:52 we feel like, oh, there is no way
37:53 I could live without that, right.
37:55 But original diet here He says fruits, grains,
37:57 and nuts is basically what He says here,
37:59 because it has to be something
38:01 from the seeds, I mean look at here.
38:04 It has to have the seeds upon the face
38:05 of the earth and everything that grows
38:06 from tree there and a fruit tree yielding seed
38:09 it shall be for your meal.
38:11 So it would be nuts and fruits, you know,
38:12 the grains that kind of thing, right.
38:15 Now I think this is interesting
38:17 as I thought about this before.
38:19 Somebody might
38:21 straight me out on this or clue me in some way different,
38:23 but it's interesting to me that see
38:24 you can eat the fruits, you can eat the grains,
38:26 and you can eat the nuts
38:27 without killing the plant itself.
38:29 And you remember in Eden the original plan
38:31 that God had was nothing was going to die right.
38:33 God created everything perfect,
38:34 there was no sins and nothing have to die,
38:36 so you can eat the fruits off the tree,
38:37 the tree will still live.
38:38 You can eat the grains, you can eat the nuts
38:39 and nothing had to die.
38:41 Everything can keep right living
38:42 and you could be healthy eating God's original diet.
38:44 But, you know, something came along,
38:47 Adam and Eve had a little problem they,
38:48 they decided that they are going to eat
38:51 something that God had told them not to eat.
38:55 Isn't that interesting?
38:56 The original problem with us
38:58 being in a whole problem of sin right now
39:00 is when Eve ate something
39:02 that God had asked her not to eat.
39:03 And you know what she said, you know,
39:05 basically what she said, when you look at
39:06 in Genesis Chapter 3 and Eve looked at that fruit,
39:09 it says in verse 6 and this is not in your study,
39:12 I'm just gonna throw that out there
39:13 because it just came to me.
39:14 This part of it says when the woman saw,
39:16 Genesis 3:6, "When the woman saw
39:18 that the tree was good for food,
39:19 and that it was pleasant to the eyes."
39:21 You know, what it's exactly saying there.
39:23 She looked at the fruit that God said don't eat
39:25 and said I just don't see anything wrong with that.
39:29 God has said don't eat a certain fruit
39:31 and Eve says but, I don't see anything wrong with that.
39:34 As a matter of fact I got this brilliant
39:36 serpent right here, the snake
39:37 that I've never seen before talking snake
39:39 and he is telling it's perfectly fine.
39:43 He is going against, he is going against
39:44 what God has to say and telling her do something
39:47 that God had told her not to do.
39:49 And so therefore she obeyed the serpent,
39:50 you know, and ate something that God had
39:52 asked her not to eat and that's why we're here.
39:56 That's why you have aches and pains,
39:57 that's why you have problems in your lives
39:59 right nowadays, because Eve decided to eat
40:01 something that God had told her not to eat.
40:04 So do you think God cares about
40:05 what we eat or doesn't eat?
40:07 The whole reason why this mess started
40:08 is because we've done that.
40:10 But so you look at there and we just saw
40:12 the original diet was just fruits, grains, and nuts.
40:14 But, you know, after she made this mess
40:16 and then you keep right on following along
40:18 you'll find that God after the sin problem
40:21 in Genesis Chapter 3 verse 18 we're gonna read that now
40:23 Genesis Chapter 3 and verse 18
40:25 and I'll go ahead and read that one,
40:28 Genesis Chapter 3 and verse 18.
40:34 After sin it says now "Thorns also and thistles
40:38 shall it bring forth to thee,
40:39 and thou shalt eat the herb of the field."
40:43 So now God has told Adam and Eve, told Adam,
40:45 you have to go out and start plowing up the field.
40:48 And as you plow the field things are gonna
40:50 grow when you start planting things
40:52 and it's gonna bring forth, and it shall bring
40:55 froth thorns and thistles you gonna have that problem
40:57 and you shall eat the herb of the field.
41:00 Now I don't know about you,
41:02 but I have two roundworms.
41:04 You know, like have you noticed when you go out,
41:06 you plant a garden and you put seeds
41:08 in the ground then what grows up
41:12 are weeds all around it and then the seed
41:14 will finally start growing up this big.
41:15 Isn't it amazing how much faster the weeds grow
41:17 than do the actual plants?
41:20 You know, its part of the curse,
41:21 it says thorns and thistles are gonna be there,
41:23 but you're gonna eat now
41:24 also of the herb of the ground.
41:26 Now what will be the herb of the ground?
41:27 Vegetables. Vegetables.
41:29 So you know, what after sin things began to die.
41:34 Death is a result of sin.
41:36 And so now when you take,
41:37 when you take a carrot up out of the ground
41:39 and you clean it all off and you scrub it down
41:41 and you run it through the juicer and drink it
41:43 or you actually eat it like a carrot, you know,
41:46 just go ahead and eat it you're killing it.
41:50 You're killing it, it's dying
41:52 and it goes into your body.
41:53 You ate the whole plant, it's not the plant is not there
41:56 anymore you took and ate it.
41:57 And so the things like that began to die then,
41:59 you know, we started eating the vegetables
42:01 as well as the fruits and the grains and the nuts.
42:04 So that was added to the diet.
42:05 So God's original diet, well,
42:06 we looked at right here was first fruit, grain,
42:08 and nut and then he added vegetables.
42:10 And it's interesting because people says
42:12 now wait a minute, wait a minute
42:13 what about the animals.
42:16 God gave us animals to eat too.
42:17 There is no record in the Bible of anybody
42:20 eating an animal, eating one until after the flood.
42:23 I'm not saying they weren't eating it before the flood,
42:25 I'm not saying oh yeah they wasn't eating
42:26 animal before the flood.
42:27 They may very well been people eating animals
42:29 before the flood but there is no record
42:31 in the Bible of anybody eating an animal
42:33 until after the flood.
42:36 And so as we go into this next part of this
42:39 we're gonna go and find out
42:40 that God had a distinction between animals
42:43 even that could be eaten and not eaten.
42:45 Now if you want to be the healthiest,
42:47 the healthiest and do the very best according
42:49 to the Bible what is that we should be eating.
42:51 Fruits, grains, and nuts and vegetables,
42:53 you know, we add the vegetables in it
42:54 to because that's what Daniel ate
42:55 and Daniel-- Daniel was eating the vegetables
42:57 that's what's the pause was.
42:59 So what we find like the healthiest and the best
43:01 is the fruits, grains, and nuts and vegetables.
43:03 I just gonna throw something out
43:05 just little early, maybe little premature but,
43:08 you know, when you eat an animal that animal
43:10 what do they tend to eat.
43:11 Most of the animals that we eat
43:12 what are they tend to eat.
43:14 Vegetables right.
43:15 Like you ate the cow the cow is not eating
43:16 other cows unless they have like grinding it up
43:19 in their food and dump it in like
43:20 I understand they do now.
43:21 They take the sick and dying cows and the sheep
43:22 and stuff and the pigs they grind them up
43:24 in the food and feed it back to the cows
43:26 and then we've the mad cow
43:27 and all kinds of crazy stuff going on.
43:28 I mean I've heard all kinds
43:29 of horrible stories like that.
43:30 But in general when you eat a cow or you eat
43:33 a deer, you eat something like that,
43:35 you're actually eating the nutrients
43:37 and the vitamins the stuff you get from the animal
43:39 comes from the fat that it has been eating
43:41 vegetables and those things are in its system
43:44 and then you eat it out of there
43:45 and you are turning glean from the meat that it has.
43:47 So I'll tell you what, just like when you wanna go
43:50 buy something and get a good discount
43:51 you can eliminate the middle man
43:53 and go right to the source and do a lot better.
43:55 It's the same way what you eat.
43:57 You can eliminate the middle man,
43:58 you can eliminate the middle cow
44:00 and you can go right to the source
44:02 and eat the vegetables and it's much better for you.
44:06 It really is.
44:08 There are people right now just going crazy
44:10 saying no, you got to have meat,
44:11 you got to have this, that's what they thought
44:13 in the days of Daniel.
44:14 You know, we haven't progress much
44:15 that's one of the reasons I don't,
44:17 definitely don't believe in evolution, because
44:19 we have not evolved and we're definitely not
44:20 any smarter than they were
44:22 way back in the times of Babylon thinking
44:23 the same things we're still thinking in.
44:26 We're devolving and so right now at this point
44:30 we're gonna go on to Genesis Chapter 1
44:33 and verse no I'm not in Genesis Chapter 9,
44:37 okay messed up there.
44:39 Genesis Chapter 9:1 through 3,
44:40 we will look at the second part of this.
44:42 It goes on with Genesis 3:18,
44:44 Genesis 9, 1 through 3.
44:47 It said oh man we got to fix it in truck,
44:49 you know, it seems they are yelling right now
44:52 as they are putting together this video,
44:54 he saying okay put a cut right there
44:55 we got to edit that, it will work all right.
44:57 Genesis Chapter 9 verse 1 through 3
44:59 and Darlene is gonna read that for us.
45:02 This is after the flood.
45:04 So God blessed Noah and his sons,
45:06 and said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply,
45:09 and fill the earth and the fear of the Lord
45:12 and the dread of you shall be on every beast,
45:18 and upon every five of the air,
45:20 on the earth, and every bird of the air,
45:25 and on let's see bird of the air,
45:28 on all that move on the earth,
45:31 and on all the fish of the sea.
45:33 They are given into your hands."
45:35 That really emphasize verse 3 for me.
45:37 "Every moving thing that lives
45:38 shall be food for you.
45:40 I have given you all things,
45:43 even as the green herbs."
45:46 All right, now, you know,
45:48 we just read just now.
45:49 You know, Darlene do you realize
45:50 what you just read there verse 3
45:52 again it says every moving thing that lives
45:54 shall be meat for you even as the green herb.
45:56 You know what the problem with that is right,
45:58 what's He telling them.
45:59 What is God telling Noah and His son's right here,
46:02 everything that moves shall be food for you.
46:05 That's what it says, read it there.
46:07 Shalida taken ahead no but that's exactly what it says.
46:09 Verse 3 it says, every living verse 4 let's finish
46:16 Verse 3 it says, "every moving thing lived
46:17 shall be meat for you even as the green herbs
46:19 had I given you all things.
46:20 Verse 4 says, but flesh with the life there off
46:23 which is in the blood there we shall not eat.
46:25 So it's saying no need of blood but it says
46:27 every moving thing I've given you as food.
46:30 And, you know, what the logical objection here is
46:33 and I say okay that means every animal is okay
46:35 and clean to eat according to God's directions
46:37 He has given to Noah.
46:38 Isn't that what it says there?
46:40 I'm kind of covering two things right here,
46:41 we're gonna cover, we're getting into the animal
46:42 part of eating and we're also covering
46:45 what will be called a difficult text.
46:47 But it is very simple as soon as
46:48 you read the context.
46:50 It says as every green herb have I given it to you.
46:53 Is it safe to eat every green herb?
46:55 Have you heard of the herb Hemlock?
46:58 Do you know if you eat Hemlock you'll die?
47:00 So since God has said that every animal is okay
47:03 for you to eat or all moving things are okay
47:05 to eat even as the green herb.
47:07 God is simply saying if it doesn't kill you
47:10 then it is okay to eat it.
47:12 And then, you know, he made a distinction
47:13 between the things that will kill you
47:14 and the things that won't.
47:15 even before the flood and I love doing this.
47:18 Now you guys are all like
47:19 Seventh-day Adventist here
47:20 and so you're gonna get this one right.
47:22 But you will be surprised how many times
47:24 I went to a minister of other churches
47:27 or even members, you know,
47:28 and I'll ask them this question.
47:30 Because they say-- because what we're
47:32 getting into now is the fact that the animals
47:36 there is a distinction that God made between
47:37 clean and unclean and people will say well
47:39 that was only for the Jews.
47:41 Like Jews have the different body than we do.
47:43 But let me ask you how many Jews
47:45 were around in the days of Noah. None.
47:48 None, because the first Jew was? Abraham.
47:50 Yeah, you go to Abraham, right, and then Isaac,
47:53 and Jacob was the first one
47:54 actually called Israel, Israel.
47:57 So the children of Israel,
47:58 the Jews or Abraham than Isaac
47:59 and Jacob his descendents.
48:01 Okay, that was a much past in the days of Noah
48:03 well after the flood.
48:05 So God never made a distinction between
48:07 clean, unclean animals as far as it goes to-- for
48:10 all the rest that was prior to that, did he.
48:12 And then I like to take on the Genesis Chapter 7,
48:15 Genesis Chapter 7 and verse 2,
48:18 Genesis Chapter 7 and verse 2.
48:20 You read verse 1 and 2 actually it says
48:23 "And the Lord said unto Noah,
48:25 come thou and all your house into the ark,
48:27 for thee have I seen righteous before me
48:29 in this generation.
48:30 Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee
48:34 by sevens, the male and his female,
48:36 and the beasts that are not clean by two,
48:38 the male and his female."
48:39 So when you ask the question how many of each animal
48:41 went on the Ark, Darlene what is everybody said.
48:43 Give me the common answer. Two.
48:45 Two by two right but according to the Bible
48:47 what it was that we just read.
48:48 Did they go on two by two or do they go on
48:50 by sevens and twos.
48:52 Now I'm gonna make another little statement here
48:53 I think that's very interesting.
48:54 I think they went on by 14s and 4s.
48:58 Does it make sense. Look at what it says,
49:00 of every clean beast thou
49:01 shalt take to thee by sevens,
49:03 the male and his female.
49:05 If you taken by sevens the male and his female
49:07 how many do you have. Fourteen.
49:08 Yeah, and that the beast that are not clean
49:10 by two the male and his female.
49:13 Yeah, you wouldn't have to say by two the male
49:15 and his female like you just simply said
49:16 if unclean beast just take two.
49:18 Obviously it has to be the male and the female.
49:21 But what it's actually saying here is like okay
49:23 take two the by sevens.
49:24 Now, if seven divisible by two.
49:27 Now, some people say well,
49:28 there was just one male and six females.
49:30 Well give me the Bible text for that
49:31 I believe that one too.
49:32 And so, I think in my context here that makes
49:34 quite a few animals on to the Ark, doesn't it.
49:36 So whether it's seven, whether it's 14s
49:38 and 4s or 7s and 2s whichever however
49:41 it was the fact is they did not go into the Ark
49:43 simply two by two.
49:45 They went on the Ark by sevens and twos.
49:47 Because God had made a distinction even before
49:50 the flood that they were clean beasts,
49:52 that were okay to eat and non clean beast
49:55 that were not okay to eat.
49:57 Now we're gonna take it a step further as we go
50:00 into this study little bit and find out that
50:01 even in the last days that the Bible predicts
50:03 in the last days that we're not to eat
50:05 or gonna have to get away from meat altogether.
50:08 Did you know the Bible taught that?
50:10 We'll get into that later on as we go along.
50:12 So let us carry on, now we've understood
50:14 that God gave a distinction.
50:15 First of all He says if you're going eat
50:17 the best diet, if you want to be the healthiest
50:18 you need to eat fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables.
50:21 But if you're going to eat meat right now
50:23 He says there are distinction in the meats
50:25 between what we will call clean meats
50:28 and unclean meats.
50:29 And that's where we're going to with our next text.
50:31 We're gonna get into that part of that
50:33 but first we're going to
50:34 Leviticus Chapter 11 and verse 47.
50:37 Leviticus 11:47, and Shalida is gonna be kind enough
50:40 to read that one for us.
50:41 Leviticus Chapter 11, do you know how to get
50:43 to Leviticus Shalida, you wanna help us out
50:45 little bit from Genesis.
50:47 It's the third book of the Bible.
50:48 So you got Genesis in what? Exodus.
50:51 Then Leviticus and then we go to 11 Chapter
50:53 and you gonna read verse 47 for us.
50:56 What's the purpose of Leviticus Chapter 11, Shalida?
50:59 "To make a difference between the unclean
51:01 and the clean, and between the beast that may be
51:04 eaten and the beast that may not be eaten."
51:07 So God here speaking to who,
51:10 at this point the children of Israel
51:12 to Mosses and He says I want you now,
51:15 I've given you a list of things and the purpose
51:16 of this list is so that you can know
51:18 the difference between the things that are clean
51:19 and unclean and things that are okay to be eaten
51:21 and not okay to be eaten.
51:23 Now there is something I find very fascinating.
51:26 As we go through this list and we start determining
51:28 what animals God has said is okay, not okay.
51:31 There is something, it just blows me away
51:34 is when you start looking at the ones that He says
51:35 are unclean are the ones that everybody likes
51:38 to eat that gives them high blood pressure,
51:39 high cholesterol and all these kind of medical problems.
51:41 I mean like I'll just throw one out,
51:44 everybody is kind of general one everybody knows.
51:46 Did you know that the pig is unclean?
51:48 Now, you know, as soon as you go to the doctor
51:50 with high blood pressure,
51:51 high cholesterol and all these things,
51:52 one of the first things that doctors often times
51:54 will tell you if there is half their way in there
51:57 and the money they get paid is that they say,
51:59 you know, what you may have to give up that pork.
52:02 That sausage, and that baking,
52:03 and that ham stuff, you know,
52:04 it's clogging up your arteries and it's giving
52:05 you high blood pressure and it's causing
52:07 these problems for you. If you give that up,
52:08 that will probably help a little bit.
52:09 You know, but unfortunately
52:11 they don't do that often times today.
52:13 Oh, man it's so sad.
52:15 In my family this will get back down
52:17 my mom's never watched one of my sermons or anything
52:19 of that she will watch she just be the one to get
52:21 her hands on right.
52:24 She has told me because she takes her row
52:27 of medications, right, it's like keeping
52:29 in the window straight I got a row of medications
52:31 up there she takes for blood pressure,
52:32 cholesterol and all these things right.
52:34 But doctor has told me it doesn't matter
52:35 it's not on diet it's inherited and as long
52:37 I take this medications I can eat what I want.
52:40 I think that she will be used for malpractice.
52:45 That is, that is so, yeah maybe the medications
52:47 can help you eat whatever you want.
52:49 But when you throw something in your body
52:51 that's not naturally there in order to take care
52:52 of something you mixing things up,
52:54 you're messing things up and things aren't going
52:55 to get better they just gonna progressively get worse.
52:58 You know, like I've seen these people like
53:01 they start taking the medication
53:02 and God help my wife's grandmother.
53:08 She takes, she takes a medication to help her
53:09 to go to the bathroom and she takes another one
53:12 to help keep often going to bathroom.
53:13 You know, she takes one to help her to have fluids
53:16 and other help one to be dry, you know,
53:17 I mean she will just take one to counteract the other one.
53:20 All the times she is taking all different medications,
53:21 you know, and it's like she spins her life.
53:24 Popping these pills and try to make her body work.
53:27 And God has said if you'll just go out of the principles
53:29 that I've given you I can make your body work.
53:33 And it's not the case as I've heard so many times,
53:36 oh it's just because you're getting old.
53:38 Listen I know many, many
53:41 Seventh-day Adventist Christians
53:43 that follow the health principles
53:44 that we find in the Bible.
53:46 In one of their sayings about just used I just love
53:50 daily he is passed on now.
53:51 His name is Eric Smith, I think he was 96,
53:54 94 or 96 when he died and even up to the right
53:58 just a few weeks before he,
53:59 he actually died he was coming to work
54:00 where the company that he started there.
54:02 Well, I was working at the time.
54:03 He would come to work everyday
54:05 and he is still making machines and designing parts
54:07 and this I mean has done all kinds of things.
54:09 And he is working, he is healthy,
54:10 his mind is clear in everything
54:11 the man was taking no medication.
54:15 And his son, you know, my good friend Woker,
54:17 he is getting up in there in age too as well,
54:19 you know, he takes nothing.
54:21 You know, what his medicine is, his carrot juice.
54:24 You know, every time, almost every time I go there
54:26 he offers me some of that carrot juice.
54:27 Here have some of this, you know,
54:29 and I like it all I did taste okay,
54:30 I've better things but I like carrot juice.
54:33 But the point is under so many people
54:36 that follow the principles that we're gonna be
54:37 that we've shown so far and the ones
54:39 we are gonna continue to show is we're getting ready
54:40 going to part two after we done with this one.
54:43 And these principles will make you healthy.
54:47 God is the one that wrote this manual.
54:49 He is the one that gave us these
54:50 health principles, He is the one that told us
54:52 what is okay and not okay to eat
54:53 and what's good for us.
54:55 And if we follow it he will make us healthy
54:58 just like he did for Daniel.
55:01 It's funny to me because I get to live in
55:02 two different worlds and what I mean
55:04 by that is I've the world I've got my family
55:08 my close family who are the people I worship with
55:11 and go to church with them.
55:12 The Bible says that He has made them
55:13 all one blood, you know, those who follow Christ
55:15 are one blood and I see the ones that are close
55:17 to Jesus and the ones that are surrendering to Him
55:19 and they are living by the health principles
55:21 He has given them.
55:22 Even was it they didn't start to later in life
55:24 and I see that they are like healthier,
55:25 they don't have medications,
55:26 some of them still have a few things here
55:28 and air problems and we're still living
55:29 in a sinful world you understand.
55:31 But it's such as minor small amount.
55:33 And then when I look at my other family,
55:35 you know, the one that I, that I,
55:37 biological family and those.
55:39 Even like my brother who is just a couple of years
55:41 old than me he has the cholesterol problems
55:43 and things like that and he has had them
55:44 for several years now.
55:46 And my dad died early of a heart attack
55:48 and my grandfather died early of a heart attack
55:50 on my mom's side and then my grandfather
55:53 of my dad side he was 80 when he died.
55:55 But in general, you know,
55:57 he had health problems taking medications
55:58 and things like that.
55:59 In general that is dying younger on that side
56:01 of my family and the only distinction I see
56:04 the only thing like from standing in the middle
56:06 looking at both sides of this scenario,
56:08 the only distinction I see is the fact that my family
56:11 on this side of the ones that are following
56:14 the health principles that God give them
56:16 they are eating and living
56:18 what God would have them live and these aren't.
56:21 And so if there is a way that you can actually
56:24 see a difference, you know,
56:25 and see one way you could be more healthier
56:26 than the other why don't you want to follow it.
56:30 It doesn't make sense to me.
56:32 I mean, it's like-- it was a no brainier for me.
56:34 I was just, yes, I want to be healthy.
56:37 I don't want to orphan my kids when I'm 51 years old.
56:42 And then on top of all that to the glory of God
56:46 I'm doing what he wants me to do.
56:50 And now we got only less than a minute
56:51 and go right now and when we come back
56:53 for the second half of the study
56:54 we're gonna be getting into the details of the animals.
56:56 The God says okay, if you insist on eating an animal
56:59 these are the ones that is okay,
57:00 these are the ones that are not okay
57:01 and then we gonna talk about
57:02 alcohol and cigarettes and all those kind of things.
57:04 So you definitely don't want to miss that right
57:06 as you put that cigarette out on the ashtray
57:07 for the last time.
57:09 We're gonna invite you back here
57:10 to the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
57:12 We will back here just in a few minutes for us
57:14 and just whenever you want to watch that tape
57:16 at home or see that downloaded on the internet
57:19 we invite you go to
57:22 You can download the lessons,
57:23 you can watch the videos
57:25 and we're looking forward to seeing you back here
57:27 in about ten minutes for us right.
57:30 So go ahead and take yourself a break
57:32 and we hope you come back and spend some time with us
57:34 here at the Lay Institute for Evangelism.


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