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00:01 Harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that He will, He will
00:07 send forth laborers into His harvest.
00:10 Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
00:18 Then said I, "Here am I. Send me, send me!"
00:23 Life on the edge will enable you
00:25 to be infected harvest before Lord.
00:28 We now invite you into our classrooms to come,
00:31 experience life.
00:43 Welcome, once again to the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
00:46 Right now we're gonna be,
00:47 going into the second half of our health presentation.
00:50 We've done the first half, we kind of laid a foundation
00:53 there of showing that, that God does care what we eat
00:55 He wants our bodies to be healthy,
00:56 He wants us to be healthy both spiritually and physically.
00:59 I'll let you know in between our break here
01:01 that someone brought me a cup of carrot juice
01:03 and I swallowed that down and wash it down with water.
01:07 No, actually I like fresh carrot juice
01:09 and I was telling you about my friend, Wolkeray,
01:11 and he makes carrot juice,
01:12 he puts a little few other things in with it.
01:13 I understand from Anida here they actually put an apple in
01:16 when they mix their carrot juice up,
01:17 run a apple through the grinder
01:18 to make it apple juice,
01:19 I suppose when you run it through.
01:21 And it goes in with carrot juice
01:22 and it sweetens it up a little bit but, you know,
01:24 we do strive to be healthy and I love,
01:28 I love the way I feel since I started eating right.
01:32 And, and for those of you at home
01:33 if you've never experience that,
01:34 if you've never really ate according to the Bible
01:37 and understand what I am talking about,
01:38 it may be a little difficult.
01:40 And as we're going through this study,
01:41 you understand that this is not just a study on health,
01:45 but it's also a study on how we can better serve God.
01:48 And that's the purpose of that principle in the Bible.
01:51 If God has something in the Bible for us,
01:52 that's for our better good.
01:54 Then I think it's beneficial to us
01:56 to follow what He has for us.
01:57 And we're gonna do a quick review here just now,
02:00 overall what you may have missed it,
02:01 you didn't see the first part of the study
02:03 and you're picking up the second half.
02:04 You notice the screen here,
02:05 we are studying health and the abbreviation for the Bible
02:09 marking part of it is "H", once again it is "H".
02:12 And the purpose of it is to show that God cares
02:14 about not only our spiritual but our physical health.
02:18 And that is a new-- that was,
02:19 I got to admit that was a new revelation for me
02:21 after I first become a Christian, the fact that,
02:23 that God wants me to be healthy physically.
02:25 After all you remember I had, I had misunderstanding
02:27 about what happens when you die?
02:29 And if you think about it God would-- if you believe that
02:33 you go straight to heaven right after you die?
02:35 And God want you to be with him
02:37 then He would want you to be healthy wouldn't He?
02:38 He will die quicker and he will get you see quicker right
02:40 to be with you quicker.
02:41 But that's not His purpose right,
02:42 because we know that you're laying
02:43 in the grave waiting on the resurrection.
02:45 But why are you here?
02:46 God wants us to be healthy and able to serve Him
02:49 to be able to go out and do the work
02:50 that He has given us to do and that's to preach the gospel
02:52 in all the world, it's hard to do that,
02:54 if you're unhealthy and you're not feeling well and you're,
02:56 and you're drug down all the time.
02:58 Oh, I thank the Lord for this health message,
03:00 you know, you guys here know pretty well,
03:02 my hours are usually from before day light
03:04 to well after dark before I actually get home.
03:06 I do have a wife for the last 15 years,
03:08 I think that's one of the things that's helped
03:09 keep us together, I'm never there.
03:11 I'm just kidding, we spend a lot of time together,
03:13 we spend a lot of time together.
03:14 But seriously the more you, you tax your body as far as,
03:18 as far as mentally and physically of doing things
03:21 you need to be healthier and eating healthier things
03:22 right to stay, to stay going.
03:24 And so I thank the Lord for this,
03:26 for the health message and the principles
03:27 that He has given to us.
03:28 The Center It part of the study again is
03:31 "Jesus wants us to be healthy?"
03:33 Jesus wants us to be healthy
03:34 both physically and spiritually.
03:36 Now, we left off the last time
03:38 in Leviticus Chapter 11 in verse 47.
03:41 Leviticus Chapter 11, we're gonna go back
03:42 to Leviticus 11 now.
03:44 So, if I can get you that,
03:45 turning your Bibles with me to the Book of Leviticus,
03:48 Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus,
03:51 Leviticus the 11th Chapter.
03:55 And, we had, I believe it was Darleen
03:58 or who has read verse 47 was that you Darleen?
04:02 Where it says, "To make a difference
04:03 between the clean and the unclean and the beast
04:05 that may be eaten and not be eaten."
04:08 That was Shalida, okay,
04:09 that was Shalida that read that.
04:10 So, God had just told us there that,
04:12 that He has it-- there is a difference between
04:14 clean and unclean and then we went to the Book of Genesis
04:16 and we found out that it wasn't just for the Jews,
04:18 but actually before there was every Jew on the earth,
04:21 all the way back in the Book of Genesis
04:22 in the days of Noah, God had made a distinction
04:24 between the clean and the unclean animals,
04:26 do you remember saying that?
04:27 And then He told us in Genesis again,
04:29 Genesis Chapter 8 I believe this is where we're at?
04:31 Genesis Chapter 8 and He says, you know,
04:33 I've given you-- Genesis 9,
04:35 Genesis 9 verses 1, 2, 3, that's where it was.
04:37 He says I've given you every animal,
04:39 everything that moves is food for you
04:40 even as the green herb and we discovered there that,
04:43 that when it says even as the green herb
04:45 that there are some green herbs that if you ate,
04:47 it would kill you, for instance "Poison hemlock".
04:49 You know, hemlock and other herbs that, that are poison
04:52 and there are certain animals that are poison too
04:54 and that's where we're going to now.
04:55 We're gonna find out that God did give us certain animals
04:58 that He said hey, you know, what?
04:59 This will kill you.
05:01 So, don't-- therefore don't eat from that
05:03 and we're gonna find out right now
05:04 what those animals are?
05:05 As we look at one of them now,
05:07 the first one we're going to is
05:09 Leviticus Chapter 11 and its verse 3,
05:12 if you're-- you don't have to take notes on this part,
05:14 because I've just wrote Leviticus 11 up there
05:16 and we're gonna go through these animals,
05:18 but it's not just verse 3,
05:19 it's, it's, it's several verses as we go through that
05:22 describe both mammals and fish and birds,
05:24 where God says, if you insist on eating these things
05:29 there's certain ones I don't want you to eat,
05:31 certain ones it's okay for you to eat.
05:33 And now, we're gonna look at the first one
05:34 as we pick up in Leviticus Chapter 11.
05:36 I'm gonna read verses 1 through 3 right now.
05:39 "And the Lord spoken to Moses and Aaron, saying unto them."
05:42 "Speak to the children of Israel, saying,
05:45 these are the beasts which you shall eat
05:48 among the beasts that are on the earth."
05:50 These are the beasts that you shall eat.
05:52 Now, before we go any further, let me ask you just,
05:55 just so we can get the thought process
05:57 going a little bit here.
05:59 Is God gonna, is God giving these,
06:01 these, these laws to them right now for the Jews,
06:04 as He given to them, because He doesn't want them,
06:07 He wants them to eat certain foods and not,
06:08 not-- certain foods because He's like punish them,
06:11 like, you know, like there is certain,
06:12 there are certain animals out there that may not,
06:14 that may taste really, really good
06:15 and God doesn't want him to have it,
06:16 so He's gonna punish them and say you can eat these animals,
06:18 is this the purpose behind this?
06:20 No, the purpose behind this is we're gonna find out,
06:22 is there are certain ones that are an abomination
06:24 they are unclean, says please don't eat this.
06:26 And there's other ones He says now,
06:27 if you got to eat one at least eat these becuase
06:29 these what we will call clean or a little more healthy.
06:33 A little more healthy, you know, and that's,
06:35 that's the purpose of this, because some people say
06:37 and I've heard it said that these unclean
06:39 and clean dietary laws was only for the Jews.
06:42 But the question I have to have is if the purpose
06:44 behind giving the law is that health purpose
06:46 that God has given them.
06:48 If it's a health purpose, it's the Jew's body,
06:51 if I had a Jewish fellow standing here next to me,
06:53 is his body different than mine?
06:55 We're like okay, he can't eat this,
06:56 but I can because I have a different body,
06:58 it won't affect me but it will affect him,
06:59 is that what the purpose of the law?
07:01 No, if the purposes of these laws are given,
07:03 so that you and I can be healthy,
07:06 then it will be for everybody and not just for the Jews.
07:09 Does that make sense? And that's why
07:11 He gave it all way back in the days of Noah,
07:13 it hasn't changed.
07:14 And we'll get into some difficult texts
07:16 as we get to the end of this because I can hear
07:17 the objections coming up even now.
07:19 Verse 3, "Whatsoever parts the hoof,
07:23 and is cloven footed, and chews the cud,
07:25 among the beast, these that you shall eat."
07:28 Among the beast that you shall eat.
07:29 What must they be before you can eat them,
07:31 they must do what?
07:32 Parts of hoof and chew the cud.
07:34 Does anybody know what part the hoof means?
07:37 And a split hoof like a deer
07:40 or a cow or a pig has a split hoof.
07:43 Okay, so these animals all have split hoofs,
07:45 but it also said not only must have a split hoof
07:47 but it also must "chew the cud".
07:49 Now, what's "chewing the cud?"
07:51 anybody know what chewing"
07:53 now I got these Kentuckians over there,
07:54 they are not chewing the cud, is right?
07:58 Pick that microphone and try it again Mike.
08:00 Wow, it's an animal that grazes. Yeah.
08:03 And then they-- They-- what they do is, yeah,
08:05 they regurgitate the food back up in their mouth
08:07 and chew it some more and swallow it back
08:08 down into another stomach or something
08:10 and it digest a little more and a,
08:11 and a they split it back up in their mouth again
08:13 and it chew on it some more and they swallow it back down,
08:15 it's chewing the cud.
08:16 And it helps in digestion,
08:17 animal must split the hoof and chew the cud.
08:20 So, if you gonna eat an animal
08:22 according to the biblical laws here
08:24 you know, what God has given
08:25 as far as health principles go.
08:26 If you're gonna eat an animal
08:27 that's of the beast of the field it must be both,
08:30 chew the cud and be split hoof.
08:32 Even though the pig, you know, it's split a hoof,
08:33 it doesn't chew the cud and it's interesting
08:36 the descriptions that God gives,
08:37 I mean, you think and now what's that have to do
08:38 with clean or unclean.
08:39 And it's fascinating to me as we go through this
08:41 and you'll see this, that, the animals
08:44 that God gives in this description
08:46 all like the nasty scavenger animals,
08:48 you know, the ones that, that don't fit in this
08:50 what we're looking at the ones
08:51 that don't fit are really pretty nasty
08:53 when you look at their lifestyle, right?
08:55 But the ones that do fit up we tend to think
08:57 they're more little more cleaner,
08:58 for instance a cow?
08:59 A cow doesn't go around eating all the garbage,
09:01 what's it eat? The grass and things like that,
09:03 so it's not like a scavenger out there just eating
09:05 whatever you through down in front of it.
09:08 And so, that it's fascinating to me
09:10 when you find how God categorize this.
09:12 He just said simply this is the things to look for,
09:14 you think what's the part of hoof
09:15 have to do with chewing the cud,
09:16 what God's like or being clean in God's like well,
09:19 when ever I created animals,
09:20 I made it a point to make the ones that had the parted hoof
09:23 and chewing the cud ones they are gonna be clean.
09:26 It's like the way I created them and it's fascinating
09:29 how all the categories do fit with animals.
09:31 So, let me give you few examples,
09:32 can we eat a deer? If you gonna eat this,
09:34 can, is a deer okay, the deer is clean right.
09:36 How about a cow? Yes. All right.
09:38 How about a camel? No, according to this why
09:41 because a camel has a hoof, even though it chews the cud,
09:45 cud, it has the hoof like a horse and so therefore
09:47 horse obviously is unclean or is unclean to eat too.
09:50 So, what we've looked at so far as the animals
09:52 that in the field they must both chew the cud
09:55 and be parted at the hoof.
09:57 Now, I'm gonna read on down here
09:58 a little more into this.
10:00 Let us continue on says verse 4,
10:02 "Nevertheless these shall you not eat of them
10:04 that chew the cud" so the ones that chew the cud
10:07 that you're not allowed to eat "of them
10:09 that divides the hoof, as the camel"
10:12 don't eat the camel, you know,
10:13 what you gonna do now don't you?
10:15 Go home and clear that freezer out
10:16 all those camel stakes you got,
10:20 "because he chews the cud, but divides not the hoof,
10:22 he is unclean to you."
10:24 "And the coney" oh, you know,
10:26 what that means?
10:27 No more hot dogs, it says right there
10:30 that you can't eat the coney.
10:32 Oh, common now everybody follow along with me,
10:33 you know, what the coney is right?
10:34 A coney is a hot dog and it makes a perfect sense--
10:38 you've heard a Coney Island?
10:40 Right, it's talking about the hotdog,
10:41 and I think it's interesting in the King James,
10:42 I just think that's hilarious myself when you read that.
10:44 It says you can't eat the coney.
10:45 Now, it's not talking about a hotdog obviously,
10:49 its talking about like there's a,
10:50 it's like some kind of a, my understanding
10:52 it's sort of like a,
10:53 does may have different translation,
10:54 it gives another name for it
10:56 because I think it's something if I remember right, Tom?
11:00 The rock hyrax, right, hyrax,
11:02 yeah I thought it was like a mountain,
11:03 like almost like a badge or something
11:05 that lived up in the mountains.
11:06 Leopards and rock badger.
11:07 Rock badger, yeah, something like that,
11:09 so you're not to eat that either,
11:10 because it's unclean.
11:11 And I think it's funny though because
11:12 we can apply that to today's language
11:14 and just you call it a coney.
11:16 You know what a hotdog is right?
11:17 Whatever it is whether its beef or whatever
11:19 they just take the innards and whatever is left
11:21 after they scrape up everything on the fort
11:22 end of the day, they are thrown into machine
11:23 run it through a grinder and out comes a hotdog.
11:27 You know, I love aggravating,
11:28 I love aggravating the vegetarians
11:30 do they eat vegelinks.
11:31 You know what a vegelink hotdog is?
11:33 It's all the scraps at the end of the day
11:34 at the broccoli factory, you know,
11:36 it's thrown all in and you run through there
11:37 and that's what comes out as a hotdog.
11:40 It's all the, it's all the nasty stuff
11:41 that's left, right?
11:43 I'm just kidding.
11:45 But you get the point, you know,
11:46 hotdogs are unclean, you know,
11:48 as far as biblical goes, because it is,
11:50 it's not, it has the part you are not supposed to eat
11:53 as far as the flesh hotdog goes.
11:54 I can take a little bit that one says
11:56 allow me to turkey dog,
11:57 oh great you're eating the turkey guts.
12:00 All right, then the turkey blood and what's left?
12:01 You ever noticed that is,
12:02 it doesn't look nothing like a turkey,
12:04 you know, a turkey dough looks nothing like a turkey,
12:06 you've ever noticed that? You open it up
12:07 than it doesn't look like
12:08 a breast meat or anything like that,
12:10 it's pretty nasty.
12:12 And if you ever go to one of those places
12:15 in my understanding I have a, there was a guy,
12:17 I had the privilege of baptizing.
12:19 Oh, actually know it wasn't him it was his friend,
12:21 the other guy that didn't get baptized
12:22 because he worked at a factory
12:24 where they processed pigs.
12:26 And, you know, and they put them in the,
12:28 in different, different animals
12:29 I understand as well but they--
12:30 he done all that work, you know,
12:32 butchering and everything like that putting them
12:33 in the machines and he will not eat meat that stuffing.
12:37 He is like, do you saw what this stuff was,
12:39 you won't touch it and so if you ever think that,
12:43 that oh there is nothing wrong with eating this stuff,
12:45 go talk to somebody that works in one of those places,
12:47 there are like all vegetarians.
12:51 Anyway not all but I would be and,
12:54 and the lot of them are, a lot of them
12:56 are they see what goes on there, you know.
12:58 Could you imagine at the end of the day,
12:59 they just or whatever they just take
13:01 left over's of everything that left over
13:02 and they put it in a machine,
13:03 they make hotdogs out of it, and then you eat this.
13:09 Okay, so we're looking here now
13:11 as we're going on you're not allowed to have the coney,
13:12 no more hotdogs, because he choose the cud
13:15 but divide us not the hoof.
13:17 So, even though the-- even though the coney or the,
13:19 or the rock badge as you said and the camel,
13:24 even though, even though they chew a cud
13:26 their hoofs aren't divided, so no eat them.
13:29 And then in verse 6 it says,
13:30 or the hare, now what's the hare?
13:32 Oh, man, eat nothing better than the rabbit is there?
13:36 Eating it, now it depends on where you're from, right?
13:39 Remember, I grow, we, we if it moved we ate it.
13:41 And so, and so it says don't eat the rabbit,
13:43 don't eat the hare because,
13:44 because the rabbit even though it chews the cud,
13:47 he has a paw, and its so cute,
13:50 that's what the girls say.
13:53 Because he chews the cud but does not divide the hoof,
13:55 he is unclean to you.
13:57 And the pig or the swine, now meddling aren't they?
14:01 Now, from the beginning of the study,
14:03 from the very beginning God says,
14:04 hey the principle here is I want you to prosper
14:07 in being good health even as your soul prospers
14:10 and so He gives dietary laws,
14:11 He gives certain laws, He says if you obey these,
14:14 you'll be healthier.
14:16 And so as you read down through this,
14:18 as you're giving a study
14:19 or you're preaching or whatever you're doing,
14:20 as you're reading down through these keep in mind
14:22 that's the purpose of this.
14:23 Sometimes we can, we can kind of fall over into,
14:26 yeah and stop eating this and stop eating that,
14:28 if you eat that you're going to hell.
14:29 No, that's not the point, the point is with the,
14:32 with the laws that God has given us
14:33 is that God wants us to be healthy.
14:37 Now, if you would were not eat these things
14:39 and you become healthier, is it worth it?
14:42 I mean even if you, even you
14:43 set the spiritual part aside,
14:45 I mean, just I'm not willing to do
14:46 that right but if you set that aside
14:48 and you're just like living out in the world
14:49 and you're just living for yourself
14:51 and it's all about the here and now being and,
14:53 and having your money and things like that,
14:54 what good is it to have your money
14:56 if you can't enjoy with good health.
14:58 So, even if, even if
14:59 someone were to take this spiritual aspect
15:01 of this whole thing and put it aside
15:02 then serving of God which God wants us to be healthy
15:04 and serve Him in health.
15:05 Science even the day, good science actually,
15:08 you know, teaches us the same thing
15:09 that the Bible tell us all along,
15:10 the best diet is not to be eating these things.
15:14 You know, your high cholesterol things
15:15 like that it comes from eating things
15:16 that God says don't eat.
15:19 I think I told you guys at the beginning of the first study
15:21 that I had like cholesterol of almost,
15:23 it was like 200 and something
15:24 and it was pretty high I remember that.
15:26 And ever since I quit,
15:28 changed my diet everything is fine.
15:30 No, no problems, you know, I feel good.
15:33 So, and so I am totally sold on
15:35 what the Bible has given us here,
15:37 because I've tried what God has said
15:39 and given the example, I know, that it works.
15:42 You know, it's funny to me
15:43 because very ones that mark me for doing this
15:45 are the ones that never tried it.
15:48 You know, they would say oh,
15:49 that's a bunch of boney, bunch of boney
15:50 and they're taking the blood pressure medication
15:52 and getting their insulin shots and all this kind of stuff
15:55 and they originally have these problems.
15:57 The doctors have realized that it comes upon
15:59 because of their, because of their diet,
16:01 the way they have been living and eating
16:02 and not exercising and these kind of things
16:04 but yet those are the very people
16:05 that make fun of me for living like this.
16:08 Something strange about the way
16:09 we live in this world, isn't it?
16:11 All right, let's carry on verse 7,
16:13 "And swine, though he divides the hoof,
16:15 "he is not clovenfooted, yet he choose not the cud,
16:17 he is unclean to you."
16:19 "Or their flesh, of their flesh,
16:22 "he shall not eat, and their carcass
16:24 "you shall you not touch,
16:25 they are unclean to you."
16:27 So, just stay away from this stuff
16:28 as disease that's what He says.
16:31 "These," verse 9 "These shall you eat of all
16:34 that are in the waters."
16:35 So now we're gonna start talking about the fish here
16:37 the things that are in the waters,
16:39 that's okay and not okay to eat
16:41 according to the Bible.
16:42 Now, let me, let me just,
16:44 we just throw it out here and, and,
16:45 and we'll go over some examples,
16:47 "whatsoever has fins and scales in the waters,
16:50 "and in the seas, and in the rivers,
16:52 them shall you eat."
16:53 That's pretty simply isn't it?
16:55 I was listening to Mark Finley preach one time
16:57 and he was telling the story about,
16:59 I understand after a World War I
17:01 before World War I and World War II,
17:03 you know, like the time World War II is breaking out,
17:04 or something along those lines.
17:06 That the government had a problem they said,
17:08 you know, while our pilots have gone down in the,
17:10 in the ocean and things like that close to islands
17:12 and they and they-- they would go to an island
17:15 they would get there and they be by themselves
17:16 and then they would end up eating
17:18 something out of the water or something that we killed them.
17:20 And so they wanted to come up with the handbook
17:21 that the pilots could have that if they,
17:24 if they were to be stranded somewhere
17:25 and while they were waiting to be rescued,
17:27 they can use that handbook to figure out
17:28 what will be okay, not okay to eat in the waters
17:30 if they caught something to eat.
17:32 And so they, they went
17:33 and they paid this guy lots of money, you know,
17:35 hundreds and thousands of dollars
17:36 or whatever it was, you know,
17:37 and they done this research and everything
17:38 and they come up with this handbook
17:40 and he was telling him the story to come up
17:41 the handbook like that thick
17:42 and the pilots can keep it with them
17:44 and if they went down they can always look
17:45 in their handbook and see if it's okay to eat this,
17:47 how to prepare the food and stuff like that.
17:48 And in the handbook itself they had a statement
17:51 like at the end of it.
17:53 If you loose your handbook and you're stranded
17:56 and you don't want to do if it doesn't have
17:58 fins and scales just stay away from it, you'll be safe.
18:01 I could have saved them
18:03 hundred and thousands of dollars, right?
18:04 And just said hey if you open up the Leviticus 11,
18:07 that's exactly what God said.
18:09 So, it has to have fins and scales.
18:10 Let me give you guys a quick quiz,
18:12 now, I'm a fisherman myself.
18:13 And there, I understand for sure
18:16 that there are certain foods that are clean
18:18 and certain ones that are unclean, right?
18:20 As far as fish goes, now used to
18:22 up until recent time not to long ago
18:24 I used to eat clean fish, okay?
18:27 I will go catch them fish myself
18:28 and when I'm pulling those big fish, now,
18:30 I had this friend, I always went fishing with Bob,
18:32 and he really taught me how to fish really good
18:34 and we're gonna go to the screen here now
18:36 and we're gonna see on the screen here
18:37 a picture of Bob, up there.
18:39 And he was, he was actually get that picture of him
18:45 and he's not as good at catching fish
18:46 as some of the rest of us are,
18:47 you see those little thing he has there?
18:49 He calls that a fish and you'll see the lure
18:51 he is using, is actually almost
18:52 as big as the fish he caught is.
18:54 And so, and so Bob he had survived on fish,
18:58 he doesn't do so well.
18:59 And I'm about the same way often times myself,
19:03 when I will go fishing if-- if I had to survive
19:07 on that we would have been hungry.
19:09 So, you know, it may tell you something
19:11 even though fish is not plentiful for me and for others.
19:15 The, the fruits and the vegetables
19:17 and grains and nuts since I can get plenty of those,
19:19 I never had one get away, all right.
19:23 But there are certain fish if you gonna eat them
19:25 and the one like you see there with that Bob there,
19:27 that was a Bass and a Bass is that clean or unclean?
19:29 So we throw up back or keep it
19:31 although he would haven't threw that back,
19:32 because this is too small and it's against the law
19:33 that keep them that small.
19:35 So, is it okay or not okay to keep a Bass?
19:37 It's okay, because it has fins and scales, right?
19:40 How about, now here's one that get some people some times
19:44 and we're gonna eat one. How about a carp?
19:46 It's clean exactly right and carp,
19:48 you know, everybody thinks oh, carp,
19:49 they are always nasty fish
19:50 but it has a mud vein in the back of it,
19:52 you know, those of you there are fisherman
19:53 and understand a little bit about it,
19:55 but they have fins and scales.
19:56 And it is kind of interesting because all the nasty stuff
19:59 gets in that mud rain as far as I know,you know,
20:00 but they, they are pretty nasty looking as far as that goes.
20:03 All right, how about a catfish?
20:06 So, biblically can we eat a catfish?
20:08 No, let me tell you a story about a catfish.
20:11 I was fishing down on the Kentucky river one time
20:13 and ran into these guys and tell me a story about,
20:15 they was out there in their boat
20:17 and they look up the way up the river
20:19 and they see the water moving around,
20:20 turning up there, up ways,
20:21 it looks like something is out in the water,
20:22 but looks like someone is
20:23 laying on the bank close to them.
20:24 And so they take their boat and they didn't want to go
20:26 running up to real fast wide open with their motor
20:28 and they are both scare whatever it was away,
20:29 so they kind of just creep up there
20:31 real soon as they get closer and closer
20:32 and they start seeing something,
20:33 its like what is that?
20:34 And they finally get close enough and they see what it is.
20:36 On a bank is a dead dog, you know,
20:39 a big, a big dead dog like this
20:41 and this is gonna sound disgusting,
20:42 I hope you're not eating at home
20:43 because if you are, you might want to leave the room,
20:45 I'll give you a second, okay, times up.
20:48 And this dog is laying there with its guts hanging out,
20:50 right it's rotting, its half decayed,
20:51 its been dead there, with its guts hanging out
20:53 and what was moving in the water
20:55 was his two big cat fish were up there
20:56 and they were eating that guts out of that dog
20:58 that was left leg like half in the water
21:00 and half on the bank.
21:02 And you know what lot of people would do with that point?
21:03 They would catch those catfish
21:05 and take them home and eat them.
21:08 What do you think you're comfortable with that,
21:09 that's pretty disgusting isn't it?
21:11 But now, here's what fascinating about this.
21:12 A catfish what makes it unclean,
21:15 is it because it eat those things?
21:17 Because it has no skills, when God designed the fish,
21:22 He says, okay, the things that are gonna be
21:23 scavengers they are gonna be eating all the garbage,
21:25 I'm gonna designed it a certain way
21:26 so that you and I just can look at it and say,
21:28 no, no I can't eat that,
21:29 you know, if I'm hungry and there is nothing else to eat
21:31 I can't eat that because it's unclean,
21:34 and it's a scavenger, it can kill you.
21:36 And so you have that, that case there with the catfish.
21:40 Now no one was ever gonna want to eat catfish again are they?
21:43 Like when they see that country fried catfish.
21:45 And then now hear this
21:46 and they were feels I hear this or I get letter.
21:47 But that's farm race catfish.
21:50 You know, they don't go eating dogs,
21:52 they eat other garbage.
21:55 God has said, don't eat it,
21:56 because He wants you to be healthy.
22:00 You know, it's fascinating
22:01 is that like my understanding
22:03 and I've read about this before
22:05 that some of the highest cholesterol animal
22:07 of all the animal that most people will eat,
22:09 but one of the, one of the ones
22:10 would like the highest cholesterol, you know,
22:11 what it is lobster. I understand that lobster
22:15 is almost like the highest cholesterol,
22:16 you know, it's like.
22:17 And you know what the lobster does,
22:18 it's pretty nasty, you know, how they catch like crab
22:20 and offspring things like that, right.
22:22 They just get a bunch of dead stuff,
22:23 they put it in a cage and they will come and eat it.
22:25 That's what their job is to clean up
22:26 the dead stuff out of the oceans.
22:28 And then we go and we take the thing
22:30 that's been eating all the dead stuff out of ocean,
22:31 the dead and decaying things.
22:33 And they would say, oh, this stuff is so good.
22:37 All right, but that's not the best thing for us, is it.
22:40 If God wants us to be healthy, we must obey His rules.
22:42 I mean, if we want to be healthy as God wants us to be,
22:44 we must obey His rules.
22:46 "So these shall ye eat of all that are in the waters,
22:49 whatsoever hath fins.
22:50 Leviticus Chapter 11 verse 9, "it has to have
22:52 "fins and scales in the waters.
22:54 "And all that have not fins and scales in the seas,
22:56 "and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters,
22:59 "and in living thing which are in the waters,
23:00 they shall be an abomination to you."
23:02 Does God change? No. God doesn't change, does He?
23:07 So if God says, it's an abomination
23:10 that's a serious word doesn't it?
23:12 Does God say, okay, there's no longer abomination
23:14 my followers can eat it, this is not abomination any more,
23:16 it makes no sense whatsoever, does it?
23:19 It just, well, I got to admit
23:20 when I first started understanding this myself,
23:23 I had a lot of trouble with this,
23:25 it's very hard, it was very hard for me.
23:26 And I had to just say, Lord, not my will,
23:29 but yours be done.
23:30 If God does asking you or asking me
23:32 not to eat or to eat something
23:34 then it will be very beneficial us,
23:35 beneficial for us obviously since He is the creator,
23:38 so He is the one that wrote the handbook.
23:41 I don't want to take this body that He is given me
23:43 and try to turn it back into Him
23:44 all messed up and everything say, can you fixed it.
23:47 I want to obey the handbook
23:49 or as the illustration we use the earlier with a car.
23:52 You know, we want to do what the people
23:55 that designed the car tells what to do with it,
23:57 so it could be best for the car,
23:58 this is what God has given us.
24:00 And so these things that we are going over right now,
24:02 I'm try to make it as light hearted as I can,
24:05 but, yeah, it is serious thing.
24:07 You know, when I give this study
24:08 especially in certain parts of the country,
24:10 you know, that there are certain people
24:13 that they depend on even in United States
24:15 it maybe hard for some people to understand.
24:17 But they depend on the things they catch
24:19 and the things they kill for food throughout
24:21 times in their life because that's just
24:23 their means of getting foods still.
24:25 And they around the world that's the same way,
24:26 so God says if you're going to eat this,
24:28 please, I want you to be healthy,
24:30 there is no good to eat things and stay alive
24:32 if you're going die of multiple,
24:34 you know, problems with heart and lungs
24:36 and arteries and things like that clogging up is there,
24:39 it doesn't do as much good.
24:40 And so He does give us His principles
24:42 because He wants us to be healthy.
24:45 All right, now we're going on, we're moving on here,
24:47 we're still in Leviticus Chapter 11,
24:49 and we just got done with the fish part of it.
24:51 Now we're gonna look at the birds,
24:52 the birds, verse 13.
24:56 "And these are they which ye shall have in abomination
24:58 among the fowls or the birds,
24:59 they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination."
25:02 And it starts giving examples of certain kinds of birds
25:04 that you will notice something about these birds,
25:06 they are all scavengers, they are all predators,
25:08 they are all the ones that are hunting
25:11 and killing things and eating them.
25:12 For instance, it says, the vulture,
25:14 oh, let me backup the eagle first,
25:16 and then Ossifrage, now that's not,
25:18 that's not an ostrich, but in the King James,
25:21 it's a Ossifrage, and does anybody have
25:23 a different translation there to give me
25:24 another name for that bird?
25:26 Nobody. Vulture.
25:28 Okay, a vulture and the osprey,
25:30 now they have those in Florida.
25:31 Oh, osprey, now those are the things
25:35 we have in Florida, Heron, as the white birds
25:37 with its spit tale coming out like that,
25:39 does it what they are, osprey, I think is what they are called.
25:42 You know, it's very, it's very sad to me,
25:43 I was, I was golfing with the Pastor's Scot
25:45 and couple other guys one day on the golf course.
25:47 And, of course, you golf from the golf course.
25:49 But anyway we were standing there and I see,
25:52 I hear a noise and I just as I look over,
25:55 Scot, says, look at that, we look over and this osprey,
25:57 he comes down and he dives right down to the corner
25:59 of this tree and grabs the sparrow
26:01 and starts flying off with the sparrow in its close,
26:04 and the sparrow just squalling and squalling
26:06 and the other sparrows are trying to hit that big bird,
26:07 and knock over the bird and it is just like,
26:09 if I had someone just stopping that,
26:11 you know, I couldn't stop it,
26:12 but you know, what the osprey did?
26:13 It went and ate that sparrow.
26:15 So no one has a problem not eating osprey, do they?
26:19 Actually, if I would like to kill the thing myself,
26:21 if I had an opportunity, yeah, that would have,
26:24 if I had, I had impact
26:25 I want to save the sparrow, but I couldn't.
26:30 So anyway, you think about these animals
26:32 and the birds that were looking at here
26:33 and here's what funny most people,
26:35 you say, don't eat a crow,
26:38 of course, I'm not gonna eat a crow.
26:40 Don't eat it, don't eat it black bird,
26:41 I'm not gonna eat the black bird, or a vulture,
26:44 ooh, nasty, right?
26:46 Don't eat a pig, why?
26:48 For the same reason you don't eat a bird
26:49 or you know, the same reason you don't eat a black bird
26:51 or vulture or one of those things right?
26:53 Because God says though.
26:57 All right, and the owl, and the night hawk,
26:59 the cuckow, how we say that,
27:02 and the hawk after his kind, the little owl,
27:04 the cormorant, and the great owl,
27:06 the swan, the pelican, and the gier eagle,
27:09 the stork, the heron after his kind,
27:11 and lapwing, and the bat after his kind.
27:13 And all fowls that creep, upon all fours,
27:16 shall be an abomination to you.
27:18 All right, so let's look at over couple of birds,
27:20 it just gives a list of birds that are unclean,
27:23 would a bird that is a forager that fit in this category.
27:27 Forager is like a chicken right, chicken clean or unclean?
27:33 Biblically it is clean right? How about a dove?
27:39 You know, dove is clean, because we sacrifice them right,
27:41 they wouldn't, we wouldn't sacrifice unclean animals.
27:44 And so, you also have that the pigeon,
27:47 the same category as a dove.
27:48 All right, so you can eat these things, if you insist.
27:50 But, God has said the best diet is what?
27:54 Stay away from these things, stay away from them even.
27:57 So these are things that are clean,
27:58 if you want to go and eat, how about turkey?
28:01 Turkey is clean, yeah, these may you eat
28:05 of everything that creeping upon,
28:06 that goes upon earth are four,
28:07 which have legs above their feet.
28:09 I've almost have struck with that,
28:11 just reading out in the King James,
28:12 I've never went looked at up any other place
28:13 but something has legs above its feet.
28:16 I don't know anything doesn't have
28:17 a leg above his feet.
28:19 Well, there must be something that I'm missing there
28:21 which have legs above their feet to leap
28:23 with all upon the earth, verse 22.
28:25 "Even these of them may you eat,
28:27 the locust after their kind,
28:29 and the bald locust after his kind,
28:30 and the beetle after his kind,
28:32 and the grasshopper after his kind.
28:33 Hey, Mike, have all the grasshoppers
28:35 you want brother, as matter of fact,
28:36 you can have mine too.
28:37 Yeah, so you need these things if you insist locust
28:40 and you remember John the Baptist
28:41 come along eating what? Locust and wild honey.
28:43 Now I've had people say, well, that's locust bean.
28:45 Well, I've never been to prove that
28:46 and no one has ever shown it to me either from the Bible.
28:48 So may get a letter, someone can
28:49 actually send me a letter and show me,
28:51 oh, this is why it is.
28:52 I've had people try to just make that statements said,
28:55 John the Baptist, so we can eat that,
28:56 what was called the locust being and honey and I say,
28:59 well, locust bean, is that sweet?
29:00 Yeah, so you're eating honey and sweet locust beans.
29:05 All right, so they're warning there when you look it up,
29:09 it actually, when I looked it up in the concordance it said,
29:11 it was like the bug, the locust bug, like the grasshopper.
29:14 So if he wasn't eating that, if he was locust bean,
29:17 I'm fine with that too, I'm just trying to
29:18 my best to stick with the scriptures here
29:20 and go by that.
29:22 So if you want to eat the bugs
29:24 you can eat a locust or grasshopper or an ant.
29:29 You can still eat your chocolate
29:30 with couple of ants I understand,
29:32 but actually you shouldn't have the chocolate.
29:35 All right, now we cover the bugs,
29:37 we've covered all that stuff and verse 23,
29:39 "But all other flying creeping things,
29:40 which shall go upon all four feet,
29:43 shall be an abomination to you."
29:44 Now comes the difficult part,
29:48 because lot of people would say,
29:49 okay, I'm following the scriptures,
29:51 I'm following the Bible, I'm eating healthy
29:53 and I'm eating my cow, my deer and these kind of things.
29:56 But didyou know, that when you eat those things
29:59 today in our country, especially in around
30:01 and lot of places around the world.
30:02 You're not actually eating clean animals
30:05 because the Bible also forbids the eating of blood and a fat.
30:09 Let us go to our next text here,
30:11 Leviticus 3:17, and whom I'm going to get to
30:13 read Leviticus 3:17, as we turned there
30:15 Leviticus Chapter 3, Anida, would you like to
30:17 read that for us?
30:21 This is also another part of this message,
30:24 you know, well, we'll just get into this,
30:26 go ahead as soon as you get there.
30:28 "It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations
30:31 "throughout all your dwellings,
30:33 that ye eat neither fat nor blood."
30:35 So The Bible says here, "You eat neither," what?
30:38 Fat. Fat or blood?
30:39 And,you know, when you go to the grocery store,
30:41 and you see, you're in the meat section there
30:44 of your local index or whatever it is
30:45 or the Wal-Mart or the Kruger
30:47 whatever you're in the meat section.
30:48 And you see that, you see that nice big display
30:51 of all that good looking tasteful cow,
30:54 and all these other kind of hands
30:56 and things over there right.
30:57 And you like at them, they're red and juicy,
30:59 you know what's the juice is right?
31:00 It's blood.
31:01 And you know, what's in the blood?
31:04 Urine, you know, when you eat a big juicy steak,
31:07 you're eating blood and urine.
31:10 Doesn't it sound good?
31:12 Somebody, I know people that love to eating their steaks,
31:15 almost rare, and you like just little brown on top
31:17 and the bottom eating all the juicy things.
31:19 They're just like animals, when you're eating like that,
31:22 you are just like an animal.
31:24 And so, the Bible says,
31:25 "Don't eat the blood or the fats."
31:26 So if you're eating that big fat juicy steak
31:28 and you're eating the fat around the edge,
31:30 you're disobeying what God asks you to do.
31:34 You're disobeying God.
31:36 I never thought of that like that before,
31:37 probably have you, early some people haven't,
31:39 you know, may be listening this,
31:40 never they thought like that, but its simple principle,
31:42 I'm doing what God has asked me not to do.
31:45 Do you think God is gonna bless that?
31:47 No, I know that, it's going to be come up
31:48 and say, wait a minute, the Bible says,
31:50 as long as you prayed it is blessed, no it doesn't.
31:53 We'll go there, it's in 1st Timothy Chapter 4,
31:56 and we'll go there later on in the answers,
31:58 answer part of this section.
31:59 But just kind of think it's true,
32:01 is God gonna contradict Himself?
32:03 Is He gonna say, one places in abomination to do this,
32:05 in other place He says, oh, yeah, go ahead,
32:07 eat whatever you want.
32:08 That is not the God that's in the Bible.
32:10 He says, "I'm the Lord and I do not change."
32:13 He does not change. So He says,
32:14 "Don't eat the blood or the fat."
32:16 And then we're going to Deuteronomy
32:17 Chapter 12 and Verse 23.
32:18 Deuteronomy, it's on the screen there,
32:21 from Leviticus, where do we go to get Deuteronomy?
32:24 To the right one book, yeah, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus,
32:27 and Numbers, Deuteronomy Chapter 12,
32:30 Deuteronomy Chapter 12.
32:34 And we can get somebody to read that?
32:40 Mike, you want to read that,
32:41 Deuteronomy Chapter 12 and read verse 23?
32:46 "Only be sure that thou eat not the blood,
32:49 for the blood is the life,
32:50 and thou mayest not eat the life with the flesh."
32:53 Okay, what's another reason that He gives us
32:55 besides a health reason I'm not eating the blood?
32:58 That's what the life is.
32:59 That's the life of the animals in the blood and,
33:01 you know, what God says, "I don't want you eating that,
33:02 I don't want to eat that."
33:03 And if you remember in a sacrifices,
33:05 when they would kill the animal,
33:06 they would take the blood.
33:08 And they would use that as a symbol of the sin
33:10 being transferred from the animal
33:12 that you just confessed your sins over
33:14 into the holy place and he would sprinkle
33:15 in the holy place there right.
33:17 So in the blood, is the symbolism and also the sin.
33:22 And then it would take, and He says,
33:23 "I don't want you eating a blood,
33:24 that's where the life of the animal is,
33:25 that's where the life is, you can eat the carcass.
33:28 And He say, like that, it sounds a lot,
33:29 lot more like, I don't want to have it,
33:30 but you can eat the carcass of the animals He says,
33:33 but don't eat the blood.
33:34 And you cannot hardly find food today,
33:39 as far as flesh food goes without the blood in it.
33:43 Have you had kosher meat, I mean,
33:45 completely kosher without the fat or the blood.
33:48 You know, I think beef churkey is probably
33:49 about close as you can come to having that.
33:50 You know, and no more reason it has any flavor to it,
33:52 because they put spices in it.
33:56 So the fried juicy steaks and things like that is not
33:59 what you called kosher in the Bible.
34:01 You're still disobeying God.
34:03 I mean, if He says, don't eat the fat and the blood,
34:04 and you eat the fat and the blood,
34:06 that's the same thing as eating something unclean.
34:09 So all of us out there that says,
34:10 oh, yeah, I'm following the Bible,
34:12 I'm not eating unclean foods.
34:14 You are, if you're eating them in an unclean way,
34:16 you can eat a clean food in the wrong way,
34:18 and it would be unclean.
34:20 Have you thought of that one before,
34:22 pretty serious isn't it?
34:25 But I'm just presenting this
34:26 because I want everybody to understand
34:28 as well as what the Bible is giving us
34:30 that God wants us to be healthy,
34:31 but He doesn't wants us disobeying Him.
34:33 Have you been doing these things all along,
34:35 may be it's time to do what God wants us to do.
34:39 Again this study here is about for the people
34:42 that have that relationship with the Lord,
34:44 and they want to please Him.
34:46 I made a statement little early
34:48 before we had class and I was telling them,
34:49 telling my students I've had people tell me,
34:51 when I tell them that, you know,
34:52 I want to keep the Sabbath and I want to obey God
34:56 with the health principles and I want to do these things
34:57 because I love God, and I've had people say,
34:59 you're trying to earn your salvation.
35:01 You're trying to do things so that God will love you
35:03 and you don't understand that God already loves you.
35:05 And in fact the Lord gave me something just yesterday
35:06 and I want to share right now,
35:07 because I think this is the good place to share it.
35:10 You know, when I was dating my wife,
35:12 we did not have a relationship yet.
35:13 We were just, like I just started like seeing her
35:16 and I was doing all kinds of things
35:17 to try to get her to love me, right.
35:20 I'll be doing things for her
35:21 to try to get her to love me, right?
35:22 But now after we've been married
35:24 and we were married for sometime,
35:26 they coming up tomorrow again
35:27 is our 15th wedding anniversary.
35:29 Tomorrow, you know, even during different times
35:32 in my life, I do good things for her,
35:33 am I then doing good things for her
35:35 to try to get her to love me.
35:36 No because she already does,
35:37 why am I doing good things for her then?
35:39 Because we already do love her and my argument back now that,
35:43 this is like, this is just epiphany,
35:45 like God give me this Revelation here,
35:47 is when someone tells me that's claiming
35:48 to be a Christian,
35:50 they're claiming they love God and serving God.
35:51 And they come to me and say,
35:52 the only reason you're doing these things
35:53 is to try to get God to love you,
35:55 because you don't understand He already loves you.
35:56 You know, it's like they're telling me,
35:59 they don't really have a relationship with God
36:01 and they see that, if they do anything
36:02 to try to do anything for God,
36:04 they're gonna be doing it for God,
36:05 in order try to get Him to love them,
36:07 because they really don't have that relationship with Him
36:08 because if they did, they would understand
36:10 that I'm doing things for God because I already love Him
36:12 and He already loves me, just like I do things for my wife
36:14 because she already loves me and I already love her.
36:17 When you first start doing that,
36:18 when you first see your wife,
36:20 you're trying to get her to love you, right?
36:21 And when people first come to Jesus
36:22 and they may not understand the gospel,
36:24 they may want to start doing things for the wrong reason.
36:26 They may want to start doing things thinking
36:27 if I do these good things for God,
36:29 He wanted to love me.
36:30 He wants to love me more that way, right?
36:32 And they don't understand the relationship
36:33 and those people may be never grow in their walk
36:35 with the Lord and they never understand
36:36 why somebody else can be doing things
36:39 and wanting to just give up things in their life,
36:41 wanting to do things to make Him happy.
36:44 And it's not to try to get Him to love me.
36:46 It's because He already does love me
36:48 and I already love Him.
36:50 That's the difference in the reasoning
36:52 between for a lot of people.
36:54 So I just want to throw that out right here
36:56 because I often times I'll say, yeah,
36:57 you just try to earn your salvation,
36:59 you're trying to get God to love you.
37:01 No, I believe He created me, I believe He redeemed me
37:06 and out of appreciation and love for what
37:08 He's already done for me and how much He loves me.
37:10 I want to please Him.
37:11 That's the relationship with God.
37:14 I want to continue on here to our next
37:15 Proverbs Chapter 23 verse 29.
37:18 We're going now and making the transition here
37:20 a little bit, Proverbs 23, did you know that
37:22 God is interested in what you drink,
37:24 as well as what you eat.
37:27 Some people think that drinking alcohol
37:30 is an okay thing, you know,
37:31 the Bible says, contrary to that.
37:33 So we're gonna go to the Book of Proverbs.
37:34 Does anybody know which direction we go
37:36 from Deuteronomy to get to Proverbs.
37:38 Right. I'm in Ezekiel which way
37:40 I need to go? Left, left.
37:42 All right, I'm in Isaiah. Solomon.
37:45 Solomon, Proverbs.
37:49 All right, they're move me back to the left
37:51 from Ezekiel and Isaiah, you keep going back to left
37:53 and you get to Proverbs
37:55 and we're going to the 23rd Proverbs
37:57 Chapter 23 verse 29 through 35.
38:01 And I believe Vanessa can read that for us.
38:08 Twenty-nine through thirty-five.
38:10 Yeah, and I'll probably interrupt you quite a bit, okay.
38:12 All right, don't laugh at me, you just,
38:14 you just concentrate on your reading.
38:15 All right, all right.
38:18 "Who hath woe? Who hath sorrow?
38:22 Who hath contentions? Who hath babbling?
38:26 Who hath wounds without cause?
38:29 Who hath redness of eyes?"
38:31 Well, the only person I've ever known
38:33 like that was the friends, I used to run around
38:34 with before I become a Christian.
38:37 They had all these things.
38:38 You know when they headed on, you know,
38:39 when they add these things happening to them
38:41 every weekend, right?
38:43 I was always the designated driver until I said,
38:45 you know, one night, I'm going to end up in jail
38:47 with the bunch of drunk, so I quit designating driving
38:48 for them, you guys just go on, carry on."
38:52 "They that tarry long at the wine,
38:55 they that go to seek mixed wine."
38:58 So, who has the red eyes and all these problems?
39:01 The people that are drinking wine, right?
39:02 All right, keep going.
39:04 "Look not thou upon the wine when it is red,
39:09 when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it move,
39:13 moveth itself aright.
39:16 At the last it biteth like a serpent,
39:21 and stingeth like an adder.
39:25 Thine eyes shall behold strange women,
39:29 and thine heart shall utter perverse things."
39:34 Okay, hold on just a second.
39:35 The people that spend their time drinking the alcohol,
39:38 the wine, now I want you to understand in the Bible,
39:41 very rarely and anyway makes the distinction
39:43 between what will be, we will call fermented wine
39:46 and unfermented wine, right?
39:48 So something like, what we may call grape juice,
39:50 the Bible will call the fruit of the wine or wine,
39:52 but now it's making a distinction right here
39:54 what you're reading its taking about that wine
39:55 when it turns red, don't look upon it.
39:57 In other words, when it's alcohol
39:58 and when it's turned to alcohol
39:59 and it's fermenting,
40:00 don't even look upon it, and the people that do,
40:03 they're morals decline quite a bit,
40:07 because, you know, you start looking
40:08 upon strange women, they have the red eyes,
40:10 they have things that happening to them,
40:11 they don't even remember, keep reading.
40:14 "Yea, thou shalt be as he that lieth down
40:17 in the midst of the sea, or as he that lieth
40:22 upon the top of a mast.
40:25 They have stricken me, shalt thou say,
40:29 and I was not sick, they have beaten me,
40:33 and I felt it not, when shall I awake?
40:38 I will seek it yet again."
40:40 What they are talking about here?
40:42 He is talking about someone that's addicted to alcohol.
40:45 You know, like I'll go ahead
40:47 and I'll take this stuff, and then when I wake up,
40:48 I want it again because I just,
40:50 I just have this thirst for this alcohol, right?
40:52 But, when I have it, people beat me up,
40:54 I don't recognize it, you know,
40:55 I lay with strange, women, I didn't recognize it,
40:57 that cause a lot of problems.
41:00 You know, if you just took, at this point,
41:03 we're not gonna talk about the other things
41:04 that destroy our bodies beside just the foods.
41:06 and I'm, I'm little more passionate about this here too,
41:08 even a little, little farther than
41:11 I was about the food thing,
41:12 but I want you to think about something.
41:13 If we just took the Bible and none of us had a Bible at all,
41:16 and we're just living through this world,
41:17 living our lives through this world,
41:18 and we're just trying to find out
41:19 a way through and find out what's best and what's worst,
41:22 common sense that God has given you,
41:24 tells you that you just stay away from alcohol,
41:27 all the arguments that He try to say well,
41:28 a little wine is good for the belly,
41:30 And all this kind of stuff and they say,
41:31 "Is He talking about fermented or unfermented."
41:33 Oh, it must be talking about fermented,
41:34 God doesn't care if I was drinking fermented wine.
41:37 Let me tell you something,
41:38 statistically one in every five people
41:40 that taste alcohol become addicted,
41:43 one in every five.
41:45 Now, I'm preaching now, I got to preach here because
41:47 I'm little more passionate about this,
41:48 and when I give the Bible study,
41:49 if I'm dealing with somebody
41:50 that does have alcohol issues,
41:51 I get very passionate with him too,
41:53 because I care about their soul.
41:54 When you gives Bible studies,
41:56 if you don't care about their soul,
41:57 your Bible study is not gonna be affective anyway,
41:59 you understand, if it's just words
42:00 that you're giving and there is nothing
42:02 that's in your heart that God is giving you
42:03 for a passion, for the soul of this person
42:05 that you're studying with
42:06 or you're preaching to or whatever it maybe.
42:08 If you don't have us, if you don't have
42:09 a burden for their soul,
42:10 it's gonna be pointless anyway because
42:11 the Spirit of God is not gonna be there working.
42:13 So I'm gonna be a little more passionate right here,
42:15 but I want you to think about something.
42:16 If one out of every five people
42:19 get addicted to alcohol they taste it statistically,
42:21 would you keep a dog in your yard
42:22 bit one out of every five people
42:24 that came by, or it depends on who was it came by, right?
42:27 You know, I think it was that salesman
42:29 that won't go away or whatever it is,
42:30 yeah, I wouldn't mind it, but you'll be sued.
42:33 You understand what I was talking about here.
42:35 And they say, you know, I don't think we go to that.
42:37 Let me see here, no we don't.
42:39 That story about Jesus in the Book of John,
42:41 his first miracle, he changed his water to--
42:44 Wine. Wine and I've heard people,
42:46 actually trying to argue, and make the point that,
42:48 it was fermented wine because they said,
42:51 "Hey, you save the best stuff to last, like,
42:53 like the best stuff is the most alcohol firmament
42:55 or whatever is there."
42:56 No, the best stuff is the freshest grape juice
42:58 that we'll be talking about, think about it.
43:00 Would Jesus give His blessings
43:02 to a wild drunken party of where he make
43:04 gallons and gallons of fermented alcohol?
43:08 That's just ridiculous,
43:09 I mean, that's just so ludicrous,
43:10 I almost feel embarrassed saying it,
43:11 but I've dealt with people that's try to argue
43:12 that that was the point, that that's what he done,
43:15 he created alcohol, it's okay to have it.
43:18 No, no. You know, the violent crimes and rapes
43:23 and almost everything that you find
43:25 going on has alcohol tide right to it,
43:28 all the major crimes, all the things they're going on,
43:29 the people were on some form of alcohol,
43:32 it destroys your body, it destroys your mind,
43:36 you don't think clearly, you do stupid things,
43:39 and they were church people.
43:41 For church people, actually say,
43:42 it's okay to have a little that is foolishness,
43:47 just common sense. Now, let's go back to the Bible,
43:49 I'm just, I'm just talking common sense,
43:53 and you know, I know this for a fact because,
43:56 I was, I wasn't drinking the alcohol
43:58 or anything like that, I was even before
43:59 I became a Christian, I kept myself clean,
44:01 you know, I just, you know,
44:03 you wondered why I kept myself clean
44:04 mostly because I knew it will disappoint my dad
44:05 if he found out I was doing things.
44:08 Even when I was away from home
44:09 or whatever moved away,
44:10 I was, I was, I was going
44:11 to my the electronic school in Lexington, Kentucky
44:13 and moved away from home, I still in my mind,
44:16 could not do things like that because I was, I knew,
44:18 if he found out, he'll be so disappointed.
44:20 But now the rest of the guys I went around
44:22 with did plenty of that stuff, you know,
44:24 and I saw plenty of it,
44:25 and I saw how dump it made them act.
44:28 You know, I got admit,
44:30 I did try it or like twice there,
44:32 and I thought this is so stupid.
44:35 You know, we all messed up from time-to-time and move,
44:37 but not, not since becoming a Christian,
44:39 I'd never even consider that.
44:41 You know, because now it's not afraid
44:43 if my dad's going to find out,
44:44 now I know that my real dad does see it.
44:49 And so without even going in all the details
44:51 of the alcohol part, and the arguments
44:52 that people try to make, you know,
44:54 if you're a born again Christian,
44:56 if you've faith for the Lord Jesus Christ,
44:59 this is an even, not even an issue.
45:02 You know, and the people that say,
45:04 well, it doesn't matter,
45:05 you continue along that road,
45:07 that's the same thing that Eve said
45:08 when she looked at the fruit, it doesn't matter.
45:10 You know, it's very dangerous,
45:13 I just feel, to me it's almost embracing
45:15 that Christians actually had to bring this up
45:17 and talk to other Christians about not drinking alcohol
45:19 that it is sinful, and its wrong
45:20 and its destroying your body.
45:22 When you drink alcohol, it destroys brain cells.
45:25 I need all the brain cells I can get.
45:27 So does God want us to whatever we do,
45:30 whatever we do, whatever we eat,
45:31 drink, whatever we do,
45:32 must we do all to the glory of God.
45:34 And it's not bringing glory to God,
45:36 when you drink alcohol and act like a fool
45:38 and to say, well, I just drink
45:39 to get a little buzz, well, I just drink for the flavor,
45:41 I don't get drunk at all, I don't get a buzz.
45:43 Then why do you drink? Why do you drink?
45:47 I mean, if you don't drink to get to have,
45:49 even get a buzz or what everything like that
45:50 then drink fresh grape juice.
45:53 You know, you drinking to in order
45:54 to get that numbness in your mind,
45:55 that numb feeling you get,
45:56 whatever it is when you're drinking,
45:58 you drink for that.
45:59 And you, what you're doing is you're taking yourself
46:01 and you're lowering your morals
46:03 and things like as you put
46:04 that stuff in your body.
46:05 And you're gonna do things, that's disappointing to God,
46:07 I don't want to take that chance.
46:09 It's hard enough to fight the devil off
46:10 with the clean mind and clean heart
46:12 and serving him much less to start lowering
46:14 my abilities purposefully
46:17 in order to and still try to serving Him,
46:20 it's foolishness that's my sermon on it.
46:25 But think about it, most auto accident are from what?
46:28 Drinking, they are already in this,
46:31 in fact they are mail texting--
46:35 with distracted driving, you know,
46:36 whatever it is, but alcohol does it to you.
46:39 So we're gonna continue on here
46:41 to the next text Proverbs 20:1,
46:43 we're gonna hammer on this just a little bit,
46:45 Proverbs 20 and verse 1,
46:48 oh, man we're gonna run out of time,
46:51 I'll read this one, Proverbs 20 verse 1,
46:53 "Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging,
46:56 whosoever is deceived thereby is very wise."
47:00 Oh, did I misread that, yeah, they are not wise.
47:03 And what's it called, what does the Bible called wine?
47:06 A mocker and he says, you're deceived by it.
47:10 In other words deception, remember what we said,
47:11 deception was.
47:12 Thinking everything is okay when its not.
47:15 Brothers and sisters, for those you at home,
47:18 I remember my friends when I run around with them
47:21 they were doing the alcohol,
47:23 they thought everything was fine
47:24 when actually it wasn't.
47:27 They were very deceived by alcohol.
47:30 And if you think its okay to use that,
47:31 you're going totally against the scripture
47:33 here and common sense.
47:35 First Corinthians 6:10,
47:37 1 Corinthians Chapter 6 and verse 10,
47:41 look what it says. There was a guy
47:43 come to my church one day
47:46 and he was a homeless guy,
47:50 he was a drunk guy off the street.
47:51 And he interrupted the church service
47:53 and few things like that and he says,
47:55 he yells out, he says, I want to get help with my,
47:58 with my problems, my alcohol,
47:59 Michael was there that day and he just was yelling out,
48:01 disrupting the church. So we took him back,
48:02 we had a conversation with him
48:03 and we pray with him and we were trying to help him out
48:05 and things like that.
48:07 And you know, you know what the guy told me,
48:08 he told everyone of us.
48:09 He said, this is not a issue of whether or not
48:12 I'm gonna be save, he says, I've already been saved,
48:15 I was baptized and the Bible teaches,
48:16 once saved always saved.
48:17 He says, so I can keep drinking alcohol all I want,
48:20 because I've been, you know,
48:21 he was taught from the people that taught him
48:23 from the Bible that it didn't matter,
48:24 you can drink alcohol,
48:25 you do whatever you want to do,
48:26 because he is saved.
48:30 Ludicrous isn't it?
48:31 Because look what the Bible has to say about that.
48:32 First Corinthians 6:10,
48:34 this is what we quoted him, he said didn't matter.
48:39 Robert, you want to do that one,
48:41 First Corinthians Chapter 6 and verse 10,
48:45 this is about, speaking about the people
48:46 that are not gonna be in heaven.
48:49 Okay, the people that are not going to be in heaven.
48:52 "Nor thieves, nor covetous,
48:58 nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners,
49:05 will inherit the kingdom of God."
49:08 So the Bible says, and thank you so much, Robert,
49:11 there for reading that for us.
49:12 That drunkards, revilers, and extortioners
49:16 will not inherit the kingdom of God.
49:17 Will drunkards be in the kingdom of God?
49:19 No. So is it safe to drink alcohol? No.
49:23 I mean, even if you're drinking not to get drunk,
49:25 but there is a chance you may get addicted to it,
49:26 is it safe?
49:27 I mean, if there was a one,
49:29 one in one thousand percent chance,
49:31 one chance in one thousand,
49:32 if it was one in one thousand chance
49:34 that you may become addicted to alcohol
49:36 and end up being lost to be a drunkard,
49:37 would you want to take that chance? No.
49:39 No, not even close.
49:41 So the Bible is very clear that the people
49:43 that are doing these things are not gonna be
49:45 in the kingdom of God and I want to make sure
49:47 I'm in the kingdom of God, don't you?
49:48 So God has given us principles to both
49:50 on how we eat and how we should drink.
49:52 Let me ask you just a few things in general.
49:54 Do you think, now we've learned this
49:55 that its okay to smoke marijuana,
49:57 just a little bit.
50:00 All right, how about this one,
50:01 is it safe to do a little bit of cocaine,
50:05 how about just a little bit of morphine,
50:07 you know, just like everyday
50:09 you get a little bit morphine to keep that,
50:10 keep that feeling, is it okay for that?
50:12 How about just a little caffeine.
50:16 Oh, oh, you guys didn't give me such a reply.
50:19 You know somebody is throwing stuff to television.
50:22 Look, drugs are classified
50:23 by the last three letters of their name.
50:26 If you're taking, you put up on a screen
50:27 and you have, you have cocaine,
50:29 it ends with ine,
50:31 you have morphine it ends with ine.
50:33 You put up there caffeine it ends in ine,
50:36 it's just a milder form of that.
50:38 Did you know, you can overdose on caffeine,
50:40 did you know that's possible?
50:42 Yeah, you can get too much Caffeine in overdose.
50:43 Now I want you to think about
50:44 what's going on in our country,
50:45 in our world today. We got all these drinks out there,
50:47 they are putting out for people,
50:49 and they are loading people, young people
50:50 on caffeine just like.
50:51 I mean, They're like becoming
50:52 totally addicted to caffeine.
50:54 And they're going to school that way,
50:58 you know, they go stop in the morning
50:59 on the way to school and they drink one of those
51:01 what they called Surge, or something like that,
51:03 Monster, yeah, I've seen those things
51:05 and one called Red Bull or something like,
51:07 I've seen their advertisements, but I don't touch the stuff.
51:09 Can you imagine me on caffeine? No.
51:11 Like I don't touch the stuff, I stay away from it.
51:13 I mean, you will be just like this, you know,
51:15 I love that at least I can make them laugh.
51:19 But, could you imagine me on caffeine?
51:21 I used to be, oh, man,
51:23 I was like this all the time, you know,
51:25 and I can remember when I first learn this truth,
51:28 I've been in the church sometime
51:29 and no one had told me that caffeine was bad.
51:32 And then somebody come along and said,
51:33 they saw me drinking like my mountain dew,
51:35 you know my, my big thing mountain dew
51:36 and I have couple of them in a day
51:37 and just wired up all the time, right.
51:40 And I wouldn't sleeping well, and I just,
51:42 I was just, can you imagine I was hyperactive.
51:45 You should have heard how fast I talked
51:47 when I was on caffeine.
51:49 And they said, hey,
51:50 You're not supposed to have that? I say why?
51:52 I don't see anything Bible says that,
51:54 And then they start to explaining to me
51:56 that it was a drug, and it was affecting my body.
51:57 And that drugs change things in your body,
52:00 you know like even though it doesn't say in the Bible
52:03 not to smoke marijuana.
52:06 We know that, even though
52:07 that Bible doesn't say to do that,
52:08 that is wrong because it effects you
52:10 and destroys brain cells and it changes things,
52:13 chemical things in your body, in your mind, right.
52:15 Same with cocaine and same with heroin
52:17 and this kind of drugs we don't do those
52:19 because we know that the Bible principle teach us,
52:21 we shouldn't have those things.
52:23 I say, wow, and caffeine is the same way,
52:24 they said, yeah, I said, okay.
52:27 Now this is why I have a real bad problem
52:30 in being a minister in the ministry.
52:34 The reason I have a real bad problem
52:35 right here with this, is because I know,
52:38 I can't relate to someone that says,
52:41 I'm just addicted I can't let go this.
52:43 When they told me I needed to quit
52:44 doing the caffeine, you know what I did.
52:46 I quit doing the caffeine, as I quit drinking mountain dew.
52:49 They said, didn't you have headaches? No.
52:51 Oh, didn't you have, didn't you have
52:52 like withdrawals.
52:54 Not that I can think of.
52:56 And so I just quit doing,
52:58 I just quit doing the caffeine all together
53:00 and it was no problem, I didn't have a problem.
53:02 So when I have to deal with somebody
53:03 and they say, you know,
53:05 I just can't get the victory over this,
53:06 I just can't seem to get rid of caffeine.
53:08 I say, well, you know what,
53:10 I can't relate to you
53:11 but I know somebody that can,
53:13 you see the Bible teach us.
53:14 So let's go to our next text, Romans Chapter 13,
53:16 Romans 13th Chapter, is our next text.
53:22 First of all, the Bible tell us,
53:24 who has Romans 13 ready by the way.
53:28 Romans, the 13th Chapter,
53:29 everybody be turning with their texts with this.
53:33 Acts, Romans 13, Chapter 13 and verse 14.
53:41 All right, I'm there by myself,
53:43 Gloria, would you like to read that for me?
53:53 Gloria, I have it, I'll do to it, I'm sorry,
53:55 because we're running short of time,
53:56 I will go ahead and grab it for you.
53:58 "But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ,
54:00 and make no provision for the flesh,
54:02 to fulfill the lusts thereof."
54:05 So the Bible tells us that we're not,
54:07 we're not to make provision for the flesh.
54:09 In other words if you have a problem
54:11 with being addicted to something,
54:12 say it's caffeine or whatever it is
54:14 and you're addicted to something.
54:15 The Bible says, "Don't go to that thing
54:17 and make provisions to be there,
54:19 flee from it, get away from it."
54:20 Like if I have problem let say,
54:22 for instance smoking, you know the best thing
54:24 I can do to quit smoking
54:25 is don't buy cigarettes anymore.
54:28 And then what I'm going to withdrawals,
54:29 I'm having a bad time with it
54:30 or things like that.
54:31 You know, I don't have with there
54:33 so I can't smoke it right.
54:34 But wait a minute,
54:35 what if its too much for me, I can't handle them.
54:36 I'm just gonna have a nervous breakdown
54:38 if I don't have one.
54:39 Look at the promise from the Bible Philippians 4:13,
54:42 look what the Bible promises.
54:43 Now again this study here is for Christians isn't? Right.
54:47 And so if you are Christian,
54:48 you can believe the Bible and trust in the Bible
54:50 can't you?
54:51 So we're gonna find out what the Bible tells us
54:53 in the Book of Philippians Chapter 4 and verse 13,
54:56 if you think, feel like that just
54:57 by not making provision for the flesh, you're staying
55:00 away from it, will help you.
55:01 The Bible says,
55:02 you got a promise from a word of God,
55:03 Philippians Chapter 4 and verse 13,
55:06 I'm gonna go ahead and read that one too.
55:08 I can do all things except give up cigarettes
55:11 and caffeine and eating pig through Christ
55:14 that strengthens me.
55:16 Oh, it doesn't say that, does it?
55:18 What does it actually say?
55:19 I can do all things period through Christ
55:23 who strengthens me.
55:24 In other words God can give me
55:25 the victory over whatever it is I'm having trouble with,
55:28 no matter what it is,
55:29 no matter what I'm struggling with.
55:30 God has promised that He can, He can help us,
55:32 He can get us through it,
55:33 He can give us the victory over whatever it is
55:36 that we need victory over.
55:38 Now some people say, but you know,
55:42 I really like these things, I mean,
55:45 I really love it.
55:46 Why would God takes something from me
55:47 I like so well.
55:49 You know, doesn't the pig taste good?
55:52 Oh, man, I'll tell you
55:53 there is nothing better than a pork chop,
55:54 it's delicious.
55:56 And so why is God taking these things from me?
55:58 God says, I'm not asking you to give up anything.
56:01 Psalm 84:11,
56:03 Psalm 84 and verse 11,
56:11 "For the Lord God is a sun and a shield,
56:15 The Lord will give grace and glory
56:17 and no good thing will he withhold from them
56:20 that walk uprightly.
56:22 Is God going to, is God gonna hold
56:23 any good thing from you?
56:25 No, in other words when we think
56:26 there is something good for us.
56:28 By faith we must believe
56:30 that when God say its not, then its not.
56:33 Are you understanding That?
56:34 He's not gonna withhold any good thing from us,
56:36 He's gonna make sure that, whatever it is that's good,
56:39 He has provided for us.
56:41 The problem is that often times we have an idea
56:43 of what we think is good and what we want
56:45 and it's not what God wants us to have.
56:48 Let's go to our closing text,
56:49 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 and verse 23,
56:52 when you given this study,
56:55 you're gonna have a lot of objections.
56:58 Especially if the person has not being converted.
57:01 You know, if the person doesn't understand
57:03 the whole principle between loving God enough
57:05 to one that serve Him more than anything else.
57:07 You understand what I'm saying,
57:09 1 Thessalonians 5 and verse 23,
57:13 "And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly,
57:17 and I pray God your whole spirit, soul, and body
57:20 be preserved blameless
57:22 into the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
57:24 Paul's appeal to us,
57:25 as he wants us to be preserved blameless,
57:27 he doesn't want our bodies to be defiled
57:28 by the things of this world
57:29 whether it's physical or spiritual.
57:31 God is calling for you and for me right now
57:34 to surrender all things to Him and He has promised
57:37 He will give us the strength to overcome.
57:39 I want to invite you people at home to continue
57:41 to go along with us
57:42 as we continue to study the Bible.


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