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00:22 Hello and welcome to Books of the Book
00:24 Have you ever compared yourself to someone else?
00:27 No not me pastor, or maybe you have.
00:29 You know you have looked around and have noticed other
00:32 people and said, humm they are taller than I am.
00:34 Or smarter than I am, or thinner than I am.
00:37 But maybe at other times you have looked around and noticed
00:40 you know what I'm smarter than they are.
00:42 Or I'm taller than they are or I've kind of got
00:46 it all together or more money than they do.
00:47 Well you may be surprised to know that the
00:49 book of Mark actually opens up with a comparison.
00:52 And we are going to discuss that today.
00:53 I am happy to let you know that we have with us a
00:55 professor from Andrews University, Tom Shepard.
00:59 Welcome to our show!
01:00 Good to be back with you again Kevin.
01:02 We are going to look at the Gospel of Mark so
01:04 we should dive in once again.
01:06 Let's do that, let's find out what this comparison is.
01:08 Okay and Mark chapter one we are going to read Mark
01:10 chapter 1, verses 1-15, why don't you read verses 1-8
01:16 then I will read verses 9-15 - Alright let's do that.
01:19 "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ,
01:22 the Son of God: As it is written in the prophets,
01:25 Behold, I send my messenger before thy face,
01:27 which shall prepare thy way before thee, the voice of one
01:31 crying in the wilderness
01:32 prepare ye thy way of the Lord, Make his paths
01:35 straight. John did baptize in the wilderness,
01:37 and preach the baptism of repentance for the remission
01:40 of sins. And there went out unto him all the land of
01:44 Ju-dae'- a, and they of Jerusalem, and were all baptized
01:47 of him in the river of Jordan, confessing their sins.
01:50 And John was clothed with camel's hair and with a girdle
01:54 of a skin about his loins; and he did eat locusts and
01:57 wild honey; And preached, saying, There cometh one
02:02 mightier than I after me, the latchet of whose shoes
02:06 I am not worthy to stoop down and unloose. I indeed have
02:10 baptized you with water: but he shall baptize you with
02:12 the Holy Ghost. "
02:13 Continuing in verse 9, "In those days Jesus came from
02:17 Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized by John in the
02:20 Jordan. Immediately coming up out of the water he saw
02:24 the heavens opening and the Spirit, like a dove,
02:27 descending upon him. And a voice came out of the
02:30 heavens, you are my beloved son, in you I am well
02:34 pleased. Immediately the Spirit impelled him to go out
02:38 into the wilderness, and he was in the wilderness 40
02:40 days being tempted by Satan. And he was with the wild
02:44 beasts and the angels were ministering to him.
02:47 Now after John had been taken into custody,
02:50 Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel of God
02:54 and saying, the time is fulfilled and the kingdom
02:57 of God is at hand; repent and believe in the Gospel. "
03:01 And so did you see any comparison there Kevin?
03:06 You know not at first hand, I have to admit I,
03:08 nothing jumped out at me.
03:10 Well there is two people that are mainly
03:12 discussed in this passage.
03:13 The are John the Baptist and Jesus.
03:17 The comparison goes between these two individuals
03:21 at the very beginning of the gospel.
03:23 Well I am excited what we are going to find out.
03:24 Well we talked about before that this book is especially
03:29 about Jesus and where He is going.
03:30 So we noticed in verses 1-3 that it talks about make
03:34 ready the way or the path of the Lord.
03:37 So we get some kind of idea that Jesus is going to go
03:41 someplace, where is He headed?
03:43 The person that introduces him, or prepares the way,
03:48 is John the Baptist.
03:51 Now he's referred to not just in the gospel of Mark,
03:55 and the other gospel's.
03:57 The Jewish historian of the first century named
03:59 Josephus, also refers to John the Baptist.
04:03 Has several things about him and talks about Herod
04:07 putting him to death and how this disturbed people,
04:09 they were not happy with what the king had done.
04:12 So John was an important kind of a figure.
04:15 He prepares the way of Jesus by what was is called a
04:20 baptism of repentance.
04:22 This is interesting on two counts in the terms of
04:26 how it prepares the way for the Lord.
04:28 First of all it was baptism, now the Jews had ritual
04:32 washings that they would do.
04:34 Where somebody had become impure and they
04:38 would wash themselves and be made clean,
04:41 different things like that.
04:43 But we really don't have until the second century A. D.
04:46 any indications of people entering Judaism as a convert
04:50 thorough a ritual bath, or washing of baptism like John did
04:55 So John is really introducing something new here.
04:57 Yes he's bursting onto the scene with this kind of new
05:01 way of doing things, not only was it baptism that was
05:04 new, but here it was a baptism of repentance.
05:09 Now the word repentance means a change of mind.
05:14 It's like you are going one direction, and then you
05:18 change your mind and go the other way.
05:20 Not just a confession - yeah not just a confession
05:22 But actually turning and going a different way than
05:26 you were before.
05:27 So right from the very beginning of this book we get
05:30 this interesting indication that the way of the Lord,
05:34 the direction Jesus is going to be going, is different
05:38 than people were expecting.
05:39 It's different than the world expected for God's way
05:43 to go, they were headed this way and John said no.
05:46 We are going to introduce this new idea of baptism and
05:50 repentance leading you in a different direction.
05:54 Quite interesting, so I have to ask the question,
06:01 you kind of mentioned what repentance was, was this
06:04 familiar to the Jews, I mean the baptism part
06:07 obviously was not something new but,
06:10 The idea of repentance was, it's very Jewish - Right!
06:14 Kind of a concept that they would change, but what
06:17 is a little surprising here is the idea of the
06:20 comparison between Jesus and John the Baptist.
06:25 So someone might wonder, well did people in John's day
06:30 or in Jesus day, did they compare these two.
06:35 Or did they think that one was more important than
06:38 the other, actually there is interesting evidence,
06:42 you kind of read between the lines in the New Testament,
06:44 but you can come to see that some people thought John
06:49 was more important than Jesus.
06:50 It is kind of like rooting for the home team - Right!
06:55 Here's John the Baptist, we know him and he is doing
06:59 this but Jesus pops on the scene and He certainly
07:02 doesn't come in the way that they expect.
07:04 Yes and you see you have this idea of who came first.
07:08 John or Jesus, obviously John.
07:12 Who preached first, John.
07:16 Who baptized whom? John baptized Jesus.
07:22 So it makes it appear that John is more important
07:25 fellow and Jesus the less important.
07:28 But then the very first words in the gospel of Mark
07:31 where John speaks, he says after me comes One who is mightier
07:37 than I, I am not worthy to untie His shoes.
07:40 So by all outward and physical appearance John is
07:44 greater until he opens his mouth and speaks otherwise.
07:48 Now the last time we talked about the implied readers
07:50 and what is kind of interesting is the reader is
07:53 given the inside tract here that people
07:56 watching John wouldn't have.
07:57 Because the readers was told at the very beginning, the
08:00 beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
08:03 You get this phrase so that you and I, the reader,
08:06 know well whose the superior one, obviously Jesus
08:10 there is no question.
08:11 But that is not what the people of his day would necessarily
08:14 think because after all
08:16 John is the one who baptizes Jesus, so John himself
08:19 says, the One coming after me is mightier so John
08:23 gives this idea no I am not the one on top,
08:25 Jesus is the One on top.
08:26 You have this interesting odd comparison in a way where
08:31 is Jesus superior or is John superior?
08:34 Is John weak or is John strong?
08:38 Is Jesus weak or is He strong?
08:40 You get this kind of odd conception that the two of them
08:45 have these same characteristics, strong and weak.
08:47 Mixed together Jesus has very unusual powerful kind of
08:52 titles, He's the Son of God, He's the Lord, He's My
08:58 beloved Son, the mightier One all things are power
09:01 and yet John baptizes Him.
09:04 We have another graphic that shows this kind of,
09:06 it illustrates the idea of which of the 2 would be taken
09:10 greater and how the comparison was done.
09:12 So we will notice that Jesus there is listed as superior,
09:18 where John says I'm inferior or humble.
09:21 Jesus has a personal link with God, God speaks to Him
09:24 individually, where John is sent by God.
09:27 Jesus is baptized, that sounds like weaker.
09:29 John is the Baptizer, that sounds stronger.
09:32 We keep going, but Jesus is stronger again it says
09:35 Jesus will baptize with Holy Spirit,
09:37 while John baptizes with water, that sounds weaker.
09:40 Jesus is the beloved Son where John is only
09:43 the voice in the wilderness.
09:45 Jesus is tempted in the wilderness that sounds like
09:47 weakness, where John preaches in the wilderness
09:49 so you have this really interesting comparison.
09:52 We know clearly that Jesus is the more important
09:55 of the two, but yet He still has these characteristics
10:02 of weakness - Right!
10:03 And if you read it in the way it was presented in the
10:05 gospel that would bring us to the conclusion you are
10:08 lead to because you are looking at both of these and
10:12 think that Jesus was baptized and John was the baptizer
10:16 so John would appear to be the stronger one.
10:19 It kind of goes back and forth and so you are trying
10:22 to get a handle on what is going on.
10:23 Now this will play into a theme of the gospel about
10:27 Jesus death and passion.
10:28 You see what was not aspected in His day was that
10:32 the Messiah would die.
10:33 A crucified Messiah is what we call a Oxymoron.
10:36 Something you just don't expect.
10:38 Like an innocent guilt,
10:40 or like parting is such sweet sorrow.
10:43 Sweet sorrow, they don't seem to go together.
10:45 A crucified Messiah wasn't unexpected and so
10:48 right from the beginning of the gospel we get
10:50 some kind of indication things might turn
10:52 out different than we suppose.
10:54 Now we got to look quickly because we have an awful lot
10:56 of ground to cover in this presentation in chapter 1.
10:59 If we look at verse 14 and 15 again, if you would read
11:02 those verses one more time for us - sure.
11:03 "Now after that John was put in prison. Jesus came into
11:07 Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God. And
11:10 saying, the time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is
11:13 at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel. "
11:16 Alright now here we have the gospel according to Jesus.
11:19 Alright? and it is very interesting what He has to say.
11:23 The gospel according to Jesus has three parts, He says
11:27 the time is fulfilled.
11:29 The time is fulfilled, what time is this?
11:31 This is prophetic time - right!
11:33 This is a prophecy of the Bible that has coming to
11:36 fulfillment in the life of Jesus.
11:38 He has just been baptized, He has just been
11:40 anointed with the Holy Spirit,
11:42 and so the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
11:46 Sometimes people will say, OH no the gospel has nothing
11:49 to do with prophecy and those time lines, and those
11:52 time charts, don't believe it!
11:54 Jesus said the time is fulfilled, then the next part
11:58 He says the kingdom of God is at hand.
12:02 Some promise about the kingdom of God
12:04 and then, here is the call to discipleship,
12:06 "Preaching", I'm sorry the last part of verse 15,
12:09 "repent and believe in the gospel. "
12:12 There is the 3 parts of Jesus gospel.
12:14 Time prophecy, a promise of the kingdom, and then a call
12:19 to discipleship, repent and believe in the gospel.
12:22 Now it is interesting that when you compare this with a
12:27 prophecy or a statement in the book of
12:31 Revelation the last book of the Bible.
12:32 Let's turn to Revelation 14:6,7 Revelation 14:6,7 Is a powerful
12:39 message about the gospel.
12:41 It is a message of 3 angels going to all the world
12:45 to prepare the world for Jesus second coming.
12:48 Jesus prepared the world for receiving Him for His
12:52 first coming and John was involved in that.
12:53 Now we have 3 angels preparing for a second coming.
12:55 Read for us Revelation 14: 6, 7
12:58 "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven,
13:02 having the everlasting gospel to preach unto every nation and
13:05 and kindred, and tongue, and people.
13:08 To them that dwell on the earth.
13:10 Saying with a loud voice, Fear
13:13 God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment
13:16 has come: and worship him that made heaven, and the
13:19 earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. "
13:21 Alright, it is very interesting.
13:24 Here in verse 6 it says He brings an eternal gospel.
13:29 Over in Mark chapter 1 Jesus said that He was preaching,
13:33 the gospel writer was telling us that He is preaching
13:35 the gospel of God.
13:36 So we find we have 2 statements of the gospel in these
13:40 2 books, so we want to take a look and see if the gospel
13:44 in the book of Revelation is like the gospel of Jesus
13:47 back there in the gospel of Mark.
13:49 Interesting, Well hold that thought because we need to
13:53 take a short break but do not go away because this is
13:55 some really fascinating stuff and you are going to want
13:57 to get out your pens and take notes as we go along and
13:59 find about more of the book of Mark.


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