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00:04 Welcome back to Books of the Book!
00:06 Well professor why don't we jump right back into our
00:08 thought and just continue us on our journey of the book of Mark.
00:11 We were looking at Mark chapter 1 in comparison
00:13 with Revelation Chapter 14.
00:15 We notice they both talk about the Gospel and the
00:18 question that might arise is, is there any way to
00:21 comparing these two?
00:22 We found that Jesus Gospel had three parts.
00:26 It was the idea of a prophecy of the Bible,
00:30 the idea of a promise of the kingdom,
00:33 and of the call of discipleship.
00:35 If we put in a graphic here it's interesting to
00:37 see the comparison we can make between
00:40 Revelation 14 and Mark chapter 1
00:44 In Mark chapter 1 we notice that Jesus Gospel fulfilled
00:48 the time of a prophecy in Daniel Chapter 9.
00:52 We do not have time to go into that in detail - the
00:54 powerful traveler - very powerful and it talks about
00:57 the coming of the Messiah and when He would arrive.
00:59 And Jesus said the time was fulfilled, that's when
01:02 the prophecy was fulfilled.
01:03 In Revelation Chapter 14 the angel says that the
01:08 hour of His judgment has come and that is a
01:10 fulfillment of prophecy of Daniel 7 and Daniel 8.
01:13 So it is really interesting, you have Daniel 7 and 8
01:16 being fulfilled in preparation for
01:18 the second coming of Jesus.
01:20 You have Daniel 9 being fulfilled at His first coming.
01:24 The kingdom is near and then over in the first angel
01:28 message we have the judgment has come.
01:30 Now if you read Daniel 7 you'll find out that the
01:32 judgment is the time when God's people receive the kingdom
01:35 So there is again a kingdom promise that appears over
01:38 in the first angel's message, then finally the call of
01:41 discipleship to repent and believe
01:43 the gospel for the call of Jesus.
01:45 The angel in Revelation 14 says, "fear God, glorify God,
01:49 worship God", again a call to discipleship, a call to
01:53 repentance and change from the way the world has been going.
01:56 These two kinds of Gospels, or Gospel messages,
01:59 are very parallel to one another.
02:02 That is quite fascinating,
02:03 so Jesus he is preaching this gospel.
02:05 What is the first thing He does?
02:06 The very first thing He does is found in verses 16 to 20.
02:10 Let's read those again.
02:13 Mark chapter 1:16-20
02:15 If you would read those verses for us.
02:17 Sure, "now as he walked by the Sea of Galilee he
02:20 saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net
02:23 into the sea for they were fishers. And Jesus said
02:26 unto them come ye after me and I will make you to
02:29 become fishers of men. And straightway they forsake
02:32 their nets and followed him. And when he had gone a
02:35 little further he saw James the son of Zebedee and
02:38 John his brother, who were also in the ship,
02:40 mending their nets and straightway He called them:
02:43 and they left their father Zebedee in the ship with
02:45 the hired servants and went after him. "
02:47 So the first thing that Jesus does - called His
02:52 disciples - calls and His disciples.
02:53 His first disciples were two pairs of brothers that
02:56 are fishermen there by the Sea of Galilee.
02:58 No questions asked?
03:02 Yeah! they don't ask, so what is the salary?
03:05 Yeah what are the fringe benefits?
03:07 Well where are we going? - right!
03:08 Or what we going to be eating? Is it going to be good food?
03:10 Yeah they just go and it is so surprising - right!
03:14 Because like none of us today,
03:17 if somebody came and said something like that to us,
03:19 We'd say, Oh sure, let's go.
03:21 And then we would watch them walk off on their own.
03:24 Are you crazy?
03:25 Yeah and that's the way it may come across to us,
03:29 but what Mark wants to emphasize by this is
03:33 the authority of Jesus.
03:35 Jesus calls, it's a plain Stark call follow Me, I will make you
03:40 fishers of men.
03:41 He actually promises them - and he doesn't try to
03:42 And He doesn't try to convince you either of the why's.
03:45 It's His authority.
03:46 Now we read the other Gospels like Luke we see that
03:50 Jesus is teaching by the seaside, and they gets a big
03:53 catch of fish and they understand more.
03:55 In the gospel of John some of the disciples are
03:59 listening to John the Baptist and He says behold the
04:01 Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.
04:04 There is background that these people have with
04:06 Jesus but, Mark gives us none of that.
04:08 He just gives us this stark call Jesus says follow Me
04:12 I'll make you fishers of men and Lord and behold
04:14 they get up and off they go.
04:17 He gives them this promise and He is the One that is
04:20 going to fulfill the promise, I will make you fishers
04:23 of men, which is kind of an interesting phrase
04:27 when you think of it, you know.
04:28 It doesn't sound too good for the fish,
04:30 but this is actually not a negative concept that
04:35 they are going to be fished, like they are
04:37 going to be judged for something.
04:38 When you get in the book of Jeremiah there is
04:40 a passage that talks that way.
04:41 This is where they are going to becoming part of the
04:45 kingdom of God, becoming part of the community of faith.
04:48 So it's an exciting mission they're going to be on at
04:51 the very beginning of the call.
04:55 I have to ask this question because we are talking
04:57 so much about Jesus' ministry.
04:59 What was a typical day for Jesus and His ministry, I
05:03 mean what do the typical take consist of?
05:04 Well it is very interesting.
05:07 In each of the four Gospels the ministry of Jesus,
05:10 a the actual beginning of the ministry of Jesus is
05:12 introduced in a particular way.
05:14 In the Gospel of Luke the ministry of Jesus is
05:17 depicted as He gives the sermon in the
05:20 synagogue in Nazareth.
05:23 He gives a sermon that really lays out kind of where
05:26 He is going with His ministry.
05:29 The Gospel of Matthew, the initial sort of beginning
05:32 out of ministry Jesus is the sermon on the Mount.
05:35 Loved by millions of people.
05:36 In the Gospel of Mark in the beginning of Jesus' ministry
05:41 is depicted as a "typical day".
05:45 A typical day which turns out to be the Sabbath.
05:49 Its first described here in Mark chapter 1 verses 21-28.
05:56 So let's just read that passage Mark 1:21-28
05:59 And Kevin I will have you read that for us.
06:03 "They went into Capernaum and straightway on the
06:06 Sabbath day he entered into the synagogue and taught.
06:09 And they were astonished at his doctrine: for he taught
06:12 them as one that had authority, and not as the scribes.
06:15 And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean
06:18 spirit; and he cried out, saying let us alone; what
06:22 have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? art
06:25 thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art,
06:28 the Holy One of God. And Jesus rebuked him, saying,
06:32 hold thy peace, and come out of him. And when the unclean
06:35 spirit had torn him, and cried with a loud voice,
06:38 he came out of him. And they were all amazed,
06:41 in so much as they questioned on among themselves,
06:44 saying, What thing is this? What new doctrine is this?
06:46 For with authority commanded he even the unclean
06:50 spirits, and they do obey him. And immediately
06:53 his fame spread abroad throughout all the
06:56 region round about Galilee. "
06:57 Now if I could ask you a question about that,
07:00 the passage that you just read, Kevin.
07:02 What concept or what idea do you think this passage,
07:05 especially focuses on telling us about Jesus?
07:08 I think it really focuses on Jesus authority and His power
07:12 to control even the demons.
07:14 Exactly right - its emphasis is beyond a shadow
07:18 of a doubt, it is plain as day.
07:19 Over and over again what happens, is He comes
07:21 and Mark says, He taught as authority, not like the scribes.
07:25 It gives us an idea that humm, maybe these scribes
07:28 aren't going to be His friends.
07:29 We will find out about that later, but He talks with
07:32 authority, and they say, wow, what a new teaching.
07:34 And not only does He have this wonderful teaching,
07:38 but then there is this man with a demon in him,
07:41 and Jesus casts out the demon.
07:43 And Lord and behold at the end that people are all
07:46 amazed at that and say once again, a new teaching
07:48 with authority, He commands even the unclean spirits
07:51 and they obey Him.
07:52 Again just like we saw in the call to the disciples,
07:56 an emphasis on the authority of Jesus again comes up.
07:59 Now I would like to add a side note the fact that He
08:02 told the demon to basically, be quiet.
08:03 It's a little more than that actually, in Greek,
08:07 the terminology is kind of like shut up.
08:10 Which we tell our children, us parents do that,
08:13 but He said be quiet.
08:14 He doesn't want him to do any more talking.
08:17 This is actually the beginning of a theme in the
08:20 Gospel of Mark that people have wondered about.
08:23 Because when you read through Mark and you come
08:25 across this Jesus is always telling people shhh,
08:28 shhh don't tell, don't say anything.
08:31 And usually it is all about who He is.
08:35 That He's the Messiah, or that He is the Son Of God,
08:39 and He tells them not to be quiet, to the point that
08:43 scholars have called this theme, the Messianic Secret.
08:47 Sounds cool huh! the Messianic Secret.
08:50 There was a scholar about a hundred years ago,
08:54 his name was William Reed, and he wrote a book
08:57 called the Messianic Secret, written in German
08:59 and translated into English.
09:01 His basic idea was that Jesus never claimed to be
09:04 the Messiah, how's that for believers.
09:06 Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah.
09:08 And the reason there was the secrecy throughout the
09:12 Gospel was because the church was confused or
09:17 embarrassed by this and so it they made it a secret,
09:19 He just told people not to tell until after His
09:22 resurrection - right!
09:24 A pretty weak argument actually.
09:25 It is because it really doesn't catch all of the
09:28 information about the Gospel of Mark - right!
09:30 Mark doesn't only have a theme we call the Messianic
09:34 Secret, it's a theme of secrecy and revelation.
09:38 One of not showing and the other showing.
09:42 As we go through this book we are going to see very
09:45 interestingly how sometimes Jesus tells people not
09:49 to tell at other times He says go tell.
09:52 And sometimes people stay quiet and other times they
09:55 go on blabber everywhere, you know, with who He is.
09:59 Much to the Lords glory, - well yes all though
10:04 sometimes it did cause Him a bit of trouble - absolutely,
10:07 Jesus always had a reason for the things that He said.
10:10 At typical day for Jesus - a typical day for Jesus,
10:14 this is a Sabbath day, interesting enough,
10:16 a typical day.
10:17 Now it doesn't end here in verse 28, it continues
10:20 through much of the rest of the chapter.
10:22 We do not have time to read it all, but He goes to the
10:26 house of Simon and heals Simons s mother-in-law, so we
10:31 know Peter was the married men.
10:32 Then in the evening after sunset, again Mark doesn't
10:37 say why did people wait until after sunset,
10:39 he expects them to know the Sabbath did
10:41 not end until after sunset.
10:42 When they came He heals them all, it seems for some
10:46 time He is healing and then He got up the next morning
10:50 early and went out to pray.
10:53 The typical day of Jesus, we have a graphic that shows
10:57 this if you will look up on the screen you will be able
11:01 to see the things that happened in His typical day.
11:05 He went to the synagogue, we would say today He went
11:09 to church on a Sabbath day.
11:10 He was teaching with authority there.
11:13 He cast out an unclean spirit so healing was part
11:17 of His typical day.
11:19 He also rested at Simons house.
11:22 He healed the Mother-in-Law of Simon,
11:25 Simon's Mother-In-Law, she had a fever and
11:27 Jesus rebuked it and it went away.
11:29 He healed many people into the night, it's not
11:32 mentioned that He slept but we are sure that
11:36 Jesus also had some sleep.
11:38 But He didn't stay in bed until was all Sun light
11:42 outside, watch TV until two o'clock in the morning.
11:45 No, rising early in the morning He went out and spent
11:48 time in prayer.
11:50 It's rather instructive what Jesus went through and what
11:53 He did, the question might be for you and me, What is
11:55 my typical day - our a typical day like of course?
11:58 Do I spend my day the way Jesus spent His day?
12:01 Do I spend time in prayer?
12:03 Do I spend time blessing and helping other people?
12:06 Lifting them up and encouraging them through
12:09 any problems they might have?
12:11 You know I find that so beautiful in the Gospel is that
12:16 you never find Jesus using His power for His own
12:19 purposes, but rather always in blessing for others.
12:23 Yes I want my day to be like Jesus typically - sure!
12:27 That is the challenge the Gospel of Mark brings to us.
12:30 For each of us to bless and encourage others and
12:35 to use our time wisely.
12:36 I couldn't agree more.
12:37 He prayed in the morning, used His power to bless
12:41 others, and that is kind of model that we're
12:44 are supposed to follow.
12:45 You know Jesus is our great example and so why
12:48 don't you think about as you go through your day
12:50 to use your God-given skills in blessings for others.
12:53 Don't forget to spend that time praying in the morning.
12:56 Don't sit there and watch TV till 2, 3 o'clock in the
12:59 the afternoon and then think about what the
13:01 Lord wants you to do, but take advantage of that.
13:03 Professor we really appreciate you joining us once
13:05 again on Books of the Book.
13:07 Thank you, my pleasure to be here.
13:08 Don't forget to join us next time.
13:10 Once again this was Books of the Book, study your Bible,
13:13 study it deep and God will show you great truths that you
13:16 may not otherwise have noticed.


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