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00:20 Welcome to Books of the Book.
00:22 Has anyone ever told you that you are doing things
00:25 wrong, or not quite doing them the right way?
00:27 How did that make you feel?
00:29 Did it make you mad, make you confused, did it
00:32 make you sad, how did it make you feel?
00:35 Well it is interesting that in Jesus' time quite
00:37 a lot of people were telling Him that He was doing
00:40 things the wrong way.
00:41 But you know what, Jesus had some very interesting
00:43 things to say in meeting some of these objections.
00:45 Today with us we have Dr. Tom Shepard.
00:48 He is a professor at Andrews University and
00:51 he teaches New Testament interpretation.
00:54 Thank you Tom for being with us.
00:55 Good to be with you Kevin.
00:56 So where have you been in Ministry for
00:58 the past few years?
01:00 Well I just recently came into Andrews University,
01:03 before that I was at Union College at Lincoln
01:06 Nebraska for 13 years, and actually before that
01:08 I was at a teacher in Brazil.
01:10 I had learned Portuguese and teach in Portuguese
01:13 and the Ministry stretches back further to do a Ph. D.,
01:17 being a missionary in Africa, in Malawi
01:20 and also here in Illinois.
01:23 I was a pastor, that is where I started my
01:26 so you sound like you are just a well of information
01:28 and I excited to see what you have to share with us.
01:30 I have a question right off the bat for you - okay.
01:33 You know sometimes people try to paint Jesus in this
01:36 perfect light, that He was extremely polite all the
01:39 time, and they try to smooth everything over to make
01:42 Him more accessible to the common people.
01:45 I guess my question is, since we are studying the book of Mark,
01:48 is this the case with Jesus, I mean did
01:50 everybody liked Him?
01:51 Well you kind of think the way sometimes Jesus is
01:55 depicted, everybody would like Him.
01:57 Who couldn't like Jesus?
02:00 But actually there were a number of people,
02:03 important people who did not like Jesus and
02:07 quickly became His enemies.
02:10 We will see in the Gospel of Mark, we are starting
02:12 the study of chapter 2 today.
02:15 There were a group of people who came
02:18 in conflict with Jesus.
02:19 In fact there are a series of stories that are called
02:24 conflict stories that appear in chapters 2, and just the
02:28 beginning of chapter 3.
02:29 A series of 5 stories where He comes in conflict
02:33 again and again with religious leaders.
02:36 There is actually another one set of conflict stories,
02:39 that actually comes down later in the Gospel of Mark,
02:42 where He is again in opposition, so it is sort of like
02:45 bookends within the book.
02:48 We have a graphic that shows these 5 conflict stories
02:51 in Mark chapter 2 and 3 and that would like to kind
02:54 of walked through those a little bit so people can
02:58 see just what it is like.
02:59 This graphic shows us that these controversy stories
03:04 start in chapter 2:1.
03:06 You will notice the content of the first one is the
03:10 paralytic who is healed, and the question is raised,
03:13 can Jesus forgives sins?
03:15 That is the big issue.
03:17 This story deals with the issue of sin and the issue of healing
03:23 The second story, also in chapter 2, is the feast at
03:27 Simon Levi's house and it is a question of eating
03:31 with sinners, then this deals with sin and with food.
03:34 You notice the first 2, both deal with the question of sin.
03:37 The first one deals with healing and
03:39 the second one deals with food.
03:40 You come to the third story and it is found in chapter 2
03:44 18-22, feasting or fasting was it right for Jesus'
03:48 disciples to fast like John's disciples did.
03:51 Why don't they fast they ask, that dealt
03:54 specifically with the question of food.
03:56 You see this line of linkages, the first one is about
04:00 sin and healing, then sin and food, then the third
04:03 one is about food and we come to the fourth one and it
04:06 is about plucking grain on the Sabbath.
04:08 Why did they break the Sabbath was the question
04:12 the religious leaders were asking,
04:13 and it is a again about food.
04:15 But it is also about the Sabbath.
04:16 Then the very last one in 3:1-6 they are healing of a man
04:20 who had a withered hand.
04:22 The question is what is lawful to do on the Sabbath day?
04:28 Is it lawful to heal somebody?
04:29 So that talks about the Sabbath and healing and the
04:31 healing links back to the first one again.
04:34 It is almost like a circle that you go through.
04:36 So it is rather carefully patterned in the
04:39 presentation of these 5 stories.
04:42 I really interested to see what we are going to learn
04:44 today, so why don't we take a look at the story of the
04:46 paralytic, what was that all about?
04:48 Let's read it first in Mark 1-12, I'll read verses 1-6
04:54 and you can read verses 7-12.
04:58 Alright Mark chapter 2 starting in verse 1, "when he
05:03 had come back to Capernaum several days afterward it
05:05 was heard that he was at home.
05:07 And many were gathered together so that there was no
05:10 longer room, not even near the door, and he was
05:14 speaking the word to them. And they came bringing to him
05:17 a paralytic carried by 4 men. Being unable to get
05:20 to him because of the crowd they removed the roof above
05:23 him, and when they had dug an opening they let down the
05:26 palette on which the paralytic was lying. And Jesus
05:30 seeing their faith said to the paralytic, son, your
05:33 sins are forgiven. But some of the scribes were
05:37 sitting there and reasoning in their hearts.
05:39 Why does this man thus speak blasphemies? Who can
05:44 forget sins but God only? And immediately when
05:46 Jesus perceived in his spirit that they so reason
05:49 within them selves, he said to them, why reason ye
05:52 these things in your hearts? Whether it is it's
05:55 easier to say to the sick of the palsy, thy sins be
05:58 forgiven thee; or to say or rise, and take up thy bed
06:01 and walk? But they you may know that the son of man
06:04 hath power on earth to forgive sins, (he saith to
06:07 the sick of the palsy,) I say unto thee, arise,
06:10 and take up thy bed, and go thy way into thine house.
06:13 And immediately he arose, took up the bed and went
06:16 forth before them all; in so much that they were
06:18 all amazed, and glorified God, saying we never
06:21 saw it on this fashion. "
06:23 Alright that is quite a story - it sure is.
06:28 Now seems that any place Jesus was, just about,
06:32 there were many people that came to see Him and
06:36 get in touch with Him.
06:37 There were so many people standing at the door of
06:40 this house that people carrying this paralytic the
06:44 4 people bringing him, they couldn't get in.
06:46 They couldn't push their way, it was like there was
06:49 people in the way so they couldn't get him to Jesus.
06:52 They do a very surprising thing, they go up on the
06:56 roof of the house.
06:57 Now the houses is in those days would have a flat roof.
07:00 Not like today's typical house where your shingles - yeah and
07:04 everything like that - what was the roof like back then?
07:06 Well the roofs back then, first the walls were like mud
07:10 bricks, and then they would put wooden beams on top of
07:14 those, and then they would put reeds.
07:17 Then they would take thorns that they would matt
07:20 together and put that on top of that and then several
07:22 layers of clay mud would go on top of that.
07:26 That was quite a job I mean this was no easy job
07:28 bringing out of a saw and just cutting a hole in the roof.
07:31 No one and the thing is it probably took a while to do
07:34 so, Jesus is inside and His disciples are sitting
07:37 around Him, and some of the religious leaders were
07:39 there and they were all crowding around the door.
07:40 Then everybody looks up because something is falling
07:44 from the ceiling.
07:45 Dirt starts to fall on people and they look up and
07:49 sure enough somebody is making a whole in the roof.
07:51 They look down inside, and make the whole bigger,
07:55 I mean they had a big hole, that made the whole
07:57 bigger and lowered this man down.
07:59 It seemed they were very persistent and that the case
08:04 was very critical that he be brought to Jesus right away.
08:08 One lesson you can draw for them as it is don't
08:12 get in the way of people coming to Jesus - right!
08:14 Which I think we so often do at times.
08:16 Sometimes we and some one coming who we think I don't know
08:20 if they should meet Jesus and we get in the way.
08:22 Through various ways - we can talk and say
08:26 things that will push people away and keep them
08:28 away from Jesus - right!
08:29 Well so they get him in front Jesus and Jesus says
08:33 something very odd.
08:35 The first thing He says to this man is,
08:39 "son your sins are forgiven".
08:42 You know that seems like, well of course Jesus would
08:48 say something like that, but I don't know the last
08:51 time you went to the doctor.
08:52 I saw a dermatologist a while ago, when I saw the
08:56 dermatologist didn't come in and say, Tom your
09:00 sins are forgiven, those weren't his words - right!
09:03 He looked at me, he looked over my skin and said
09:06 you're going to be okay kind of the thing you know.
09:08 So this is very odd - and even if he had said that
09:12 it would have raised quite a bit of question in your
09:14 own mind, who gave you the right to say my sins are forgiven?
09:17 Yell what are you doing in - which kind of ties
09:20 into our story also - it does.
09:22 People suddenly raised a question,
09:24 how could He say that?
09:25 Who can forgive sins but God only?
09:29 Now before we get there though it is rather
09:33 interesting as to why Jesus would raise the question
09:37 of sin in relation to this man's paralysis?
09:42 Almost as though there were a connection between
09:46 his sin and his sickness.
09:50 But actually there's quite a lot of biblical
09:53 precedence to lead people to think such things.
09:56 If you go back in the Old Testament you will find
09:59 the story of Miriam and she committed sins struck
10:03 with leprosy, it's healed but she does have leprosy.
10:07 You have Gehazi - Gehazi he also gets Nehemiah's leprosy
10:12 because of his sin, his selfish sin.
10:14 Then you have King Uzziah, he wants to go into the
10:18 temple and offered incenses to the king and leprosy
10:22 breaks out on his forehead.
10:24 So we have quite a bit of biblical precedence,
10:27 how we should not draw the conclusion that always
10:31 when somebody gets sick it is because
10:33 of some sin in their life?
10:35 In the Gospel of John chapter 9 verses 2 and 3,
10:39 Jesus and His disciples were walking along and
10:43 they came across a blind man.
10:44 The disciples said to Him, Master who sinned,
10:48 this man or his parents that he was born blind?
10:50 Just kind of like - which is kind of like us,
10:54 I think so often we see somebody sick or somebody
10:57 with misfortune befalls them and I think a lot of the
11:00 times our first question is why? What did they do?
11:02 What did they do wrong?
11:04 What got them into this trouble?
11:05 Job, he gets all these sores and we as the reader of
11:10 the book of Job know that's Satan is afflicting him.
11:13 His friends thinks that he has committed some big sin.
11:16 He just keeps insisting, no, no I haven't done
11:20 anything wrong and they never seem to quite get it.
11:25 There was this kind of feeling, now when Jesus and His
11:30 disciples were walking along and John said which man sinned,
11:33 this man or his parents that he was born blind?
11:35 Jesus said neither, neither this man nor
11:38 his parents, this happened that the glory of God
11:41 may be revealed in this man.
11:42 So here's the conclusion that we should draw.
11:44 There is a connection between sin and sickness,
11:48 but not between every sickness that comes along
11:53 is not necessarily caused by my own personal sin.
11:57 It might just be the weight of the sin of the centuries,
12:00 that through the laws of hereditary have come to
12:03 lie upon all human beings.
12:05 I might get cancer for nothing wrong that I did.
12:08 I might lived a very good life, even the best diet,
12:11 exercised every day and still gotten cancer.
12:14 It wasn't because of my sin, there are of course cases,
12:17 that I do something wrong and pay the penalty with
12:21 some kind of sickness.
12:23 That seems to be the case with this guy - so there
12:25 was a reason why Jesus said your sins are forgiven.
12:28 Your sins are forgiven, probably his own sin
12:31 had brought on his paralysis.
12:33 The next point that we can get from this is which was
12:38 the worst problem for this man?
12:40 The physical sickness or his experience of sin?
12:45 That is a very important question!
12:46 It seems as though it was sin.
12:49 That is the first thing that Jesus dealt with,
12:52 He didn't say, here get up and walk.
12:54 First thing He says is, your sins are forgiven.
12:57 You know you can just see this man suddenly relax.
13:01 As though the weight is taken away, I mean can you just
13:06 imagine doing something bad in your life, getting sick,
13:10 and feeling not only have I done something wrong and
13:15 paying for it, but God hates me.
13:18 God is against me, God won't forgive me, I am cut off
13:21 from God and you just get sicker and sicker.
13:23 And Jesus comes with the words of peace to this man,
13:26 "your sins are forgiven. "
13:28 What a wonderful, wonderful blessing.
13:31 But then that raises the objection that these other
13:34 people bring along - who gave Him the authority
13:36 to forgive sins?
13:38 Who gave Him the authority to forgive sins? - right!
13:42 You know it seems like such an issue - it is - that
13:45 needs to be dealt with.
13:46 And you know what were going to deal with this issue
13:48 but, we do need to take a quick break.
13:49 Don't go away, these are very important things you
13:52 want to hear about and let's learn some more things
13:54 about Jesus and why He did the things He did
13:56 from the book of Mark.
13:57 Stay tuned and we will be right back!


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