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00:21 Welcome to Books of the Book!
00:23 We have been studying the book of Mark and
00:25 it is quite an exciting study.
00:26 I am pleased to tell you that we have
00:28 Professor Tom Shepard from Andrews University.
00:31 He is a professor of New Testament Interpretation.
00:34 Thanks for joining us!
00:35 It's good to be with you!
00:36 Now what did you study for your Ph. D., what did you
00:40 do your dissertation on?
00:41 I studied sandwiches Kevin: sandwiches!
00:43 Sandwiches in Mark Kevin: okay!
00:46 Yeah it's kind of an unusual story.
00:48 When I was at the seminary doing my Ph. D. studies,
00:52 I took all the Gospel classes that they offered there,
00:57 and of course we studied the Gospel of Mark.
00:59 And in the midst of studying this book we came
01:02 across a passage in Chapter 3, where there were
01:06 2 stories that were together.
01:08 One was put in between the other.
01:09 And that is called a sandwich.
01:10 I had never heard about this before, SANDWICH STORIES?
01:17 So I said to the professor, my curiosity was raised by
01:21 this, and I said, "so what do the sandwiches mean?"
01:25 The professor said the 2 stories interpret one another,
01:29 that's what scholars think about it.
01:31 Tom: So what does that mean? Kevin: right!
01:35 So when it came time to choose a dissertation,
01:39 one of my professors said you better choose
01:41 something that you really enjoy because you are
01:42 going to live with it a long time.
01:44 Kevin: So it makes sense to me right?
01:45 Yeah, so I was looking around what could I study and I
01:48 landed on this idea of Sandwich Stories.
01:51 I started to look into what Sandwich stories are.
01:55 Who has written about them.
01:57 I found out it had not been written about a great
02:00 deal but that there were a number who had written
02:03 and it didn't seem real conclusive exactly as to
02:07 what was going on in these stories.
02:09 So I decided that is what I would study.
02:11 I searched around for some time trying to find a good
02:16 method of research to analyze these stories.
02:20 There had been developed something called A Narrative
02:23 Analysis, by scholars, actually outside of biblical
02:28 scholars, it's a way of analyzing stories, you look at
02:31 the characters and the actions that take place.
02:34 Where it happens, the props that are there in the setting.
02:37 All these characteristics of a story, the time relationships,
02:40 and you can analyze the story.
02:42 It kind of unfolds to you the way that a story is told.
02:47 It shows you analytically the method of the storyteller.
02:52 So then I took and analyzed these stories.
02:56 Basically here's a graphic that shows what
02:59 A Sandwich Story is.
03:01 A sandwich story is one story that is
03:06 interpreted by another story.
03:08 The inner story is "sandwiched" in the middle of
03:12 the 2 halves of the outer story.
03:15 We actually can go right on into the next graphic,
03:18 that shows the 6 places where these Sandwich stories
03:23 appear in the Gospel of Mark.
03:24 They appear in Mark chapter 3:20-35, where a story of
03:28 Jesus family coming to get Him because they thought
03:32 He was crazy, is sandwiched around the story of controversy
03:38 over whether or not Jesus has the Spirit of God,
03:40 the Beelzebub controversy.
03:43 Then in Mark chapter 5:21-43,
03:46 we are going to look at today.
03:47 We have Jairus' daughter, who had died and was raised,
03:50 and the woman with the hemorrhage.
03:52 Then we have in Mark chapter 6, the mission
03:55 of the 12 disciples, sandwiched around
03:57 the story of the death of John the Baptist.
04:00 Over in chapter 11:12-25, we have the story of the
04:06 cursing of a fig tree, a very unusual story,
04:08 it's sandwiched around the story of the cleansing of the temple.
04:12 Then in Mark 14:1-11, we have the passion plot,
04:17 that Judas Iscariot becomes involved in is
04:19 sandwiched around the story of the woman
04:23 anointing Jesus at Bethany.
04:25 And finally we have Mark chapter 14:53-72,
04:30 where Peter's denial is sandwiched around the story
04:34 of the Jewish trial of Jesus.
04:35 So we have these 6 different passages,
04:38 and I took and analyzed each one of them
04:41 and ended up writing a dissertation of more than
04:43 400 pages long, probably too long.
04:45 So I guess you had a few things to say!
04:47 A few things we won't talk about Kevin: before we eat
04:49 the sandwich, so to speak, I would like to know
04:51 what stories are going to be in this sandwich?
04:53 Alright, this one we are going to look at is in
04:55 Mark chapter 5:25-43, one of my favorite stories
05:00 in the Gospel of Mark.
05:01 And we are going to read the entire story - okay!
05:03 Right, I'm going to read the outside story and
05:07 I want you to read the inside story, okay?
05:09 Now the inside story is the story of a woman
05:11 and her story goes from verse 25-34.
05:17 Jairus' story starts in verse 21 and then begins again
05:23 in verse 35-43, so we will kind of have two different
05:27 voices out of the two stories.
05:29 Mark chapter 5 starting with verse 21.
05:31 Tom: "When Jesus had crossed over again in the boat
05:34 to the other side, a large crowd gathered around him:
05:36 and so he stayed by the seashore. One of the synagogue
05:39 officials named Jairus, came up and on seeing him,
05:43 fell at his feet. And implored him as earnestly saying,
05:48 my little daughter is at the point of death, please come
05:51 and lay your hands on her so that she will get well
05:54 and live. And he went off with him, and a large crowd
05:58 was following him, and pressing in on him. "
06:01 Kevin: "and a certain woman, which had an issue of blood
06:05 12 years, and had suffered many things of many physicians,
06:08 and had spent all that she had, and was nothing
06:12 bettered, but rather grew worse. When she had heard
06:18 of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his
06:22 garment. For she said, if I may touch but his clothes,
06:25 I shall be whole. And straight way the fountain of her
06:28 blood was dried up; and she felt in her body that she
06:31 was healed of that plague. And Jesus, immediately
06:34 knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him,
06:37 turned him about in the press, and said, who touched
06:40 my clothes? And his disciples said unto him, thou
06:44 seest the multitude thronging thee, and say as thou,
06:47 Who touched me? And he looked round about to see her
06:50 who had done this thing. But the woman fearing and
06:54 trembling, knowing what was done in her, came and fell
06:56 down before him, and told him all the truth. And he said
06:59 unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made the whole;
07:02 go in peace, and the whole of thy plague. "
07:05 Tom: "while he was still speaking, they came from the
07:08 house of the synagogue officials saying, your daughter
07:11 has died: why trouble the teacher anymore? But Jesus
07:16 overhearing what was being spoken said to the
07:19 synagogue official, do not be afraid any longer,
07:22 only believe. And he allowed no one accompany him
07:25 except Peter, and James, and John the brother of James.
07:29 They came to the house of the synagogue official,
07:33 and he saw a commotion, people loudly weeping and
07:36 wailing. And then he said to them, why make a
07:39 commotion and weep? The child has not died but is
07:43 asleep. They began laughing at him, but putting
07:47 them all out he took along the child's father
07:50 and mother and his own companions, and entered
07:52 the room where the child was. Taking the child by
07:55 the hand, he said to her, Tal-i-tha-cumi,
07:58 which translated means little girl,
08:01 I say to you get up. And immediately
08:05 the girl got up and began to walk; for she was 12
08:08 years old. And immediately they were completely
08:11 astounded and gave them strict orders that no one
08:14 should know about this, and he said,
08:16 something should be given her to eat. "
08:19 Two powerful stories Tom: two very powerful stories.
08:22 If you walk back through them just a little bit,
08:25 you get a feeling for the incredible emotions that
08:29 were happening to these two people as they met with
08:33 Jesus, as they were worried about their problems.
08:36 Jairus comes and there's these characteristics that
08:41 show that he is deeply in earnest.
08:43 It says he sees Jesus and falls at His feet.
08:47 I don't know the last time you fell at somebody's feet,
08:51 maybe it was when you propose to your wife,
08:53 I don't know?
08:54 That would be the last time I remember!
08:56 When you fall at somebody's feet, it is like you are
09:01 very humbled in front of them Kevin: right!
09:03 Religious leaders were not usually Jesus' friends,
09:06 we already saw that in chapter 2.
09:07 They were usually combative with Jesus and here
09:11 this man comes and why has he fallen,
09:13 and why is he earnestly pleading?
09:15 Well he tells us why.
09:17 He says, "my little daughter is at the point of death. "
09:22 Now this point in the story we do not know how old
09:24 this girl is.
09:25 And it is very interesting how in the story she has so
09:27 many different names, she herself never speaks.
09:30 But she's called, little daughter, she's called daughter,
09:33 she's called Talitha, which means lamb.
09:37 It was the word that might be used as a term of
09:41 endearment and so this little girl, he says little
09:44 daughter not because she is so small, but because
09:47 she's very precious to him.
09:48 He is very in earnest and they start going, Jesus
09:54 without a word follows the synagogue ruler,
09:57 but it says the crowd is pressing in on Him.
10:00 The word used here is a word that they used
10:03 when you squeezed a grape.
10:04 You know like when you crush grapes,
10:06 they would be pressed.
10:08 Right, which would indicate that,
10:09 it was quite a large crowd.
10:10 A large crowd and movement was very slow,
10:13 they were just moving ahead, maybe, by inches.
10:15 Well you can imagine Jairus and how he felt.
10:18 It was like hurry up, hurry up, let's go, my daughter
10:22 is almost dying, help, help let's go, let's hurry.
10:26 Right at this point, at this crucial point is where
10:30 we break in to the story of this woman.
10:32 And the story starts off with this women's long, long
10:37 history, you know it's been 12 years of hemorrhaging.
10:42 Now, a woman who is bleeding, by Jewish law would be
10:48 unclean, she would not be pure.
10:51 So she could not be involved in religious services.
10:54 Nor could she be that close to people if I understand
10:57 correctly.
10:58 Yes and it might not be too far to stretch
11:01 it to say that her husband might divorce her and that
11:05 she becomes destitute because she spends all of her
11:09 money on doctors and medicine.
11:13 You know medicine, doesn't it always taste bad?
11:16 It tasted bad but it still didn't get things better
11:19 and she is just so discouraged, going downhill,
11:23 down and down and getting no better,
11:26 but getting worse and worse.
11:28 It says that she heard about Jesus, now it said about
11:30 Jairus that he saw Jesus.
11:32 If you read carefully here in verse 27,
11:35 it said she heard about Jesus.
11:37 So she comes up, in the crowd,
11:39 behind Him and touches His clothes?
11:42 Now why did she touch His clothes?
11:44 Now if you are unclean you are not supposed to touch
11:46 other people because that makes them unclean, but she
11:49 touches his clothes for she thought, "if I just touch
11:54 his garments I will get well. "
11:56 Her faith is focused on this, she is stretching out
12:02 to reach Him, there is so many people around Him,
12:05 pushing and crushing and pressing, she just barely
12:09 reaches and touches the hem of His garment.
12:12 She believes that's going to be enough.
12:13 That's going to be enough and immediately she is
12:16 made well in the flow of her blood stops.
12:20 Now if a person had a hemorrhage like this for such
12:24 a long, long period of time, she would anemic.
12:27 Where the hemoglobin level in the blood goes too low.
12:33 The usual level of hemoglobin in the blood is 14 to 16
12:38 like milligrams per deciliter, or whatever it is they
12:43 measure in medical terms.
12:45 But 14 to 16 is the usual term we talk about for a
12:48 normal hemoglobin.
12:49 It wouldn't be unlikely that this woman's hemoglobin was 8,
12:52 maybe close to half of what it should be.
12:55 Her skin would be paler, she would have lots of
12:59 weakness, just couldn't hardly get up and do anything.
13:03 So it is amazing that she even made it to Jesus.
13:06 Yeah, and then she touches Jesus and medically her
13:09 hemoglobin jumps to 14 to 16.
13:12 Just an amazing, it would be like electricity going
13:15 throughout your body.
13:16 My sister is a nurse and she told a story one time.
13:20 A little bit scary, but of one time in the hospital
13:24 a mistake was made.
13:26 A person was given 1 or 2 units of blood, who wasn't supposed
13:29 to get the blood.
13:30 Now there are great risks of giving blood.
13:33 You have to match cross match and everything.
13:34 But evidently they had done that properly,
13:37 but he wasn't supposed to get blood,
13:38 he had too much blood in his system.
13:40 And that still is dangerous for your heart,
13:41 but she tells how this man, he felt wonderful.
13:46 It was like suddenly he had all this energy.
13:49 So this woman would feel Kevin: Electrified!
13:52 Electrified! She could just go and leap over buildings
13:55 and run a marathon and be just Kevin: quite an experience.
13:59 Quite an experience.
14:00 But that's what happened when you came in contact with
14:02 Christ though, it is quite an experience.
14:03 Yes it was.
14:04 Especially when you can reach out and touch,
14:06 even the hem of His garment.
14:07 You know let's take a short break because we want to
14:09 really find out what the whole point to these stories were.
14:12 Stay with us!
14:14 We will be back shortly in Books of the Book.


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