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00:04 We are studying sandwiches in Books of the Book.
00:07 Not sandwiches, Sandwich Stories, so Professor continue
00:10 us on our journey of the story of the woman with the
00:12 issue of blood.
00:14 We are studying Mark chapter 5, and the woman's
00:17 story is found in Mark 5:25-34 and it interrupts
00:20 the story of Jairus.
00:21 See Jairus is never mentioned in the woman's story.
00:24 You think of him on the sides of the story sort of
00:27 wringing his hands, saying let's go, less go, let's go.
00:31 What happens with the story is she touches Jesus cloak,
00:35 she is immediately senses that she is well,
00:38 and then something changes.
00:43 See usually in a healing story, you have some
00:46 recognition of the problem, the person comes to Jesus,
00:49 they are healed by Jesus and then there's a
00:52 recognition that they are well.
00:54 That is a very common kind of a pattern, but that's not what
00:58 happens in this women's story.
01:00 What happens here instead is there is this long search
01:05 for the person who was healed.
01:09 She knows that she is well, and the text says that
01:12 suddenly Jesus knows that power had gone out of Him.
01:16 He turns around and the crowd and says,
01:18 Who touched my clothes?
01:19 Which is a very strange question to ask.
01:22 Kevin: right! Well because Jesus knows everything
01:25 and the fact that He is in the crowd, but also the
01:28 fact that He knows everything, why would He say,
01:30 Who touched Me?
01:31 Anybody that was in the crowd, you can just imagine,
01:34 everybody was hanging on His words, so I can just see
01:37 somebody in the back of the crowd just trying to look.
01:39 Kevin: Who touched me? Tom: What did He say?
01:41 What did He say? What did He say?
01:43 He wants to know, who touched His clothes and of course
01:47 the disciples are kind of confused by this.
01:51 They say, Master everybody's is pushing and touching You.
01:54 But that's the wrong thing to say Master,
01:57 don't say, who touched My clothes, you know.
01:59 He asks, it's really a joke, Who touched My clothes?
02:03 Was it you? Was it you? Who, who was the one that
02:06 touched My clothes?
02:07 The circle gets wider and wider, and you can just
02:09 imagine what is going on in this woman's head.
02:11 She is saying, oh no! He's angry at me!
02:14 He didn't want me to touch Him! I'm well, oh no!
02:18 Now I am going to get sick again,
02:20 He's going to take the power back.
02:22 I stole the power from Him now,
02:23 He's going to take it back.
02:25 So she is really, but eventually it cannot be hidden.
02:29 Kevin: right! Tom: It says she's trembling, she is
02:33 afraid that Jesus is going to take the power back,
02:37 or He is angry with her, she is trembling.
02:38 She gets down in front of Him and tells the whole truth,
02:43 the whole story, you can imagine how long it took.
02:45 You know if you are going to a doctor's office, the
02:48 doctor comes in and says, So what brought you in today?
02:51 Doc, it started 20 years ago, you know you're in
02:53 trouble. Kevin: you're in for the long haul.
02:56 Right, might as well sit down.
03:00 She tells the whole story, and then Jesus gives her
03:03 the benediction of peace, "Daughter go in peace".
03:05 "Your faith has made you well. "
03:07 Wonderful ending to her story, but just at that moment
03:11 they come from Jairus's house, we re-enter his story,
03:14 at this juncture.
03:16 It is as if though life and death are brought right
03:19 against each other, because they come up and use
03:23 the same word daughter.
03:24 They say your daughter has died.
03:26 That is not good news!
03:27 Why trouble the teacher anymore, you can see the
03:30 tears start to weld up in his eyes,
03:32 his little daughter is dead.
03:34 And I imagine Jarius's mind, this woman just got healed.
03:37 Tom: She was in the way! Kevin: She was in the way!
03:40 Exactly, this was an interruption to his need,
03:43 his deep need at that time.
03:45 It would've happened. Kevin: Right!
03:46 If she hadn't been in the way.
03:48 It is so stark and so harsh, so Jesus overhears
03:52 this and He says, "Don't be afraid, just believe. "
03:57 He allows no one else to go with Him.
04:00 Now the story starts to get smaller and smaller and
04:03 smaller, the spaces get less and less, you know fewer
04:07 and fewer people.
04:08 He comes to the home of Jairus and everybody is wailing.
04:12 It could be quite a situation,
04:16 quite a scene actually, back then.
04:18 I was a missionary in Africa, there were experiences
04:21 that I had were people died, so sad.
04:23 The crying that would go on, just wailing and weeping,
04:30 just so very sad.
04:32 Jesus comes there and He says some strange again.
04:35 He says, Why are you crying, little girls not dead,
04:38 she's asleep?
04:39 Right on cue, just like you were watching a TV program
04:43 and they had this canned laughter right on cue,
04:46 everybody starts to laugh.
04:47 He has told a joke, you know He told a joke in the
04:50 woman's story, who touched My clothes?
04:52 That's a strange thing to say,
04:54 Kevin: Quite an inconsiderable joke at that.
04:55 They were talking about this girl that they
04:57 believe is completely dead, which she is.
04:59 Tom: Yeah telling jokes at the funeral.
05:00 Kevin: Right telling jokes at the funeral, how
05:02 contestable, Tom: to do that!
05:04 Then He pushes them all out, out, out, and pushes them out.
05:08 Then He takes the father and mother and goes
05:10 in with the little girl.
05:11 So now the spaces have become smaller and smaller,
05:13 and He comes in and raises her to life.
05:15 Calls her by the common name that they might use,
05:18 Talitha, the little lamb, He said, Talitha cumi,
05:20 little girl wake up.
05:21 She opens her eyes and the first thing she sees
05:24 is the smiling face of Jesus.
05:26 He lifts her, I mean it's so wonderful that both
05:29 stories end in such a very positive,
05:32 the tragedy is turned into joy.
05:35 Now something strange happens too right?
05:37 I'm putting myself in Jarius position, my daughter
05:41 has just been raised from the dead, What do you think
05:44 the first thing I'm going to do is?
05:45 Tell everybody about it!
05:47 Tom: That's right!
05:48 But what does Jesus says, Tom: Now don't tell anybody!
05:51 Now you can imagine Jairus saying,
05:54 Kevin: Yeah that's going to be an easy secret to keep.
05:56 Tom: We'll try, we'll do our best.
05:58 The little girl runs out, they say who was that?
06:03 was that your daughter?
06:04 Well I think so, well she was dead,
06:06 well she's alive now.
06:08 What's he going to say, how did that happen?
06:10 Kevin: Unbelievable!
06:12 Well in your research of both of these stories,
06:15 I'm sure there are some points to them,
06:17 what did you find?
06:18 Yes, I had to study the 6 stories, and analyze
06:22 all of them, and see if there was anything that
06:25 they had in common.
06:26 The thing I discovered was that they were all involved
06:30 in the question of irony.
06:32 Now we have a graphic that describes to us what irony is.
06:37 Irony has two levels, two different levels of reality.
06:42 Secondly, the two levels stand in contrast with one
06:47 another, or conflict one another.
06:50 The third is a technical term called Alazony, where
06:53 someone does not see the contrast, does not get the
06:56 irony of the situation.
06:58 If I might give a simple illustration of irony.
07:02 If it was a very terribly, rainy and ugly day outside,
07:06 and I walk into your office and I said,
07:08 What a beautiful day out!
07:10 You would smile realizing that I was talking about,
07:15 or I was trying to make the best of a bad day.
07:17 You would recognize that I was speaking an irony,
07:20 however if there were a little child there they might
07:23 say, It's not a nice day, it's terrible outside.
07:27 There's the 3 ideas of irony.
07:30 There is two levels, the rainy day outside and my
07:33 comment that it's actually a nice day.
07:35 The two were in contrast with one another,
07:38 and somebody who's not on the end, doesn't get it.
07:42 Now these Sandwich Stories, have either parallel
07:47 characters doing opposite kinds of actions that
07:50 plays into the irony, or they have opposite
07:53 characters doing parallel actions.
07:55 We have another graphic here that illustrates the
07:58 contrast between Jairus and the woman.
08:02 Jairus is named, but the woman is not.
08:05 He is male of course, she's female.
08:08 He's named she's unnamed.
08:09 He is a Synagogue ruler, of course because she is
08:12 unclean she is an outcast.
08:13 He has a daughter who is 12 years old, and she
08:17 has been hemorrhaging for 12 years.
08:19 The daughter's case is an acute case, she is about to die.
08:23 The woman's case is chronic.
08:25 Jairus sees Jesus, the woman hears about Jesus.
08:30 Jairus's story starts in public and ends in private,
08:34 the woman's story starts in private and ends in public.
08:38 Kevin: Quite fascinating!
08:39 So it is very interesting, you have this contrast
08:41 between these two stories and it produces,
08:44 it takes and makes an ironic situation and dramatizes,
08:48 that is, puts it in a story situation.
08:51 So we have another graphic that shows the actual
08:54 dramatized irony of this particular Sandwich Story.
08:59 The acute case of the little girl ends in death while
09:03 the Messiah pauses to find the woman with a chronic
09:08 illness healed by "stealing" Jesus' power.
09:12 The irony is particularly displayed, and the juncture
09:17 between the two stories, were Jesus says to the woman
09:21 "daughter go in peace, your faith has made you whole".
09:25 At the very same time, it says while He was still
09:30 speaking to her, the others come up and say to Jairus,
09:34 "your daughter has died".
09:36 Daughter your faith has made you well, your daughter is dead.
09:42 Life and death are put right against each other,
09:46 the emotional roller coaster, Kevin: must have
09:49 been quite something, Tom: quite something for
09:52 both Jairus and for this woman for the experiences
09:54 that they went through.
09:56 You know these stories are so rich, so full of detail
10:00 like you are describing the irony in both of them and
10:03 how they operate together.
10:05 There has got to be some life lessons we can draw from these.
10:08 There are indeed and again we have another graphic
10:10 that shows a view of the life lessons that one might
10:13 be able to draw off from these concepts.
10:16 God is with you in the darkest times.
10:19 You know I think that is so important to remember, I
10:22 have been through a few dark times in my life and
10:26 usually at those times it is hard to think that God
10:29 is there, or to feel His presence.
10:31 But God is with you, He was with this woman, He was
10:35 with Jairus even in the most difficult times.
10:39 That which confuses us is not confusing to Jesus.
10:43 He was in charge in these stories wasn't He?
10:46 Kevin: absolutely!
10:47 Tom: He knew exactly what was happening, and the jokes
10:49 He says that everyone misunderstood, are actually the
10:52 hiding of His power as the Messiah.
10:54 So when life plays a joke on you,
10:58 remember that Jesus understands.
11:01 The third lesson, be patient, God has something
11:06 better in store for you.
11:08 The woman went through 12 years, Kevin: that was a
11:11 longtime! Tom: yeah, you know the question whenever
11:13 these kind of things happened, is, Where is God?
11:16 Why does He let this happen to me?
11:18 It's like rich lessons about the issues of salvation.
11:22 The last is, go in peace and be well from your malady.
11:26 A wonderful, wonderful blessing that comes on somebody
11:30 as God takes care of them.
11:33 You know I think about Jarius, and I think about the women.
11:36 With Jairus it was like finality, your daughter is dead!
11:39 So is like finality, no more reason to hope anymore.
11:43 And with the woman, it was this long-term thing, no
11:46 reason to hope because all my past experiences show
11:49 that nothing good is going to happen.
11:51 When I studied this story with people who are studying
11:54 medicine, I say shall we always do what Jesus did?
11:57 The usual thing is that people say, of course you
12:00 should always do what Jesus did.
12:02 Well, Jesus healed the chronic cases first, then He
12:07 healed the acute case.
12:08 If we went into an ER and we took care of the person
12:13 with the cut on their finger instead of the heart attack,
12:16 Kevin: people would be in an uproar!
12:18 Jesus could do that because He was the Master.
12:20 Absolutely!
12:21 He was the Lord, He was the Messiah and able to do that.
12:24 And that is what is so beautiful about Jesus, He may not
12:27 do things the conventional way, but He has the authority
12:30 to do the unconventional way.
12:32 You know He waits until Jarius's daughter is dead
12:35 brings her to life, it's just beautiful I love these lessons.
12:39 Professor I want to thank you once again for joining us
12:41 on Books of the Book.
12:42 It's good to be here and we look forward to studying
12:44 some more in the Gospel of Mark.
12:46 Excellent, so do I.
12:47 Folks remember, it doesn't matter if you have been
12:50 through discouraging times, and it may be as dark as it
12:53 has possibly ever been, or perhaps it seems final, God
12:56 can always to miraculous things.
12:58 Join us next time on Books of the Book!


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