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Discipleship 1 - Mark 8 - 9

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00:21 Welcome to Books of the Book, we have been studying the
00:24 book of Mark and I am pleased to mention that we have
00:27 Professor Tom Shepherd from Andrews University.
00:31 He is a Professor of New Testament Interpitation.
00:34 Welcome Professor!
00:35 Thank you good to be with you.
00:36 I have to ask you a quick question - yeah
00:38 have you ever been mistaken somebody else?
00:40 You know it is really interesting, when I was doing
00:43 my studies in public health back at Loma Linda,
00:45 my hair was quite a bit blonder, I was exposed
00:49 in the California sun.
00:50 One day my wife and I were at the grocery store
00:54 and going to the checkout line when we got up to
00:57 the checkout line the young lady who was the checker
01:00 said when I so you back there in a line, I said,
01:05 Oh no, John Denver is in my line.
01:07 She mistook me for John Denver, of course I am
01:11 not John Denver but in the book of Mark we read
01:15 in chapter 8 that quite a few people did not
01:18 recognize who Jesus was.
01:20 So I will like us turn there, Mark chapter 8:27-31 and
01:25 maybe Kevin you can read that for us.
01:27 "And Jesus went out and His disciples into the towns
01:31 of Caesarea, Philippi and by the way He asked His
01:36 disciples saying to them, whom do men say that I am?
01:39 And they answered John the Baptist, but some say Elias,
01:43 and others one of the prophets. And He saith unto them
01:46 but whom say ye that I am? And Peter answereth and said
01:51 unto Him, thou art the Christ and He charged them that
01:55 they should tell no man of Him, and He began to teach
01:58 them that the Son of Man must suffer many things and
02:00 be rejected of the elders and of the chief priests and
02:04 scribes and be killed after three days rise again. "
02:07 Professor: This is the turning part in the book of Mark.
02:11 Before this we've said that the book of Mark divides
02:15 into two main sections.
02:17 Chapters 1 to 8 especially focus on the
02:19 question who is Jesus.
02:21 We've heard the unclean spirits say, He is the
02:25 Holy One of God, and John the Baptist says He is the
02:28 mightier one, and other people say, He has to be Beelzebub.
02:32 Even Herod the king in chapter 6, which we did not
02:35 read that passage but they ask in some Elisha and
02:39 some say one of the prophets.
02:40 Just almost the same phraseology here.
02:43 Everybody had an idea about who Jesus was,
02:46 but most of them have the wrong idea.
02:49 And the question comes that Jesus applies not just asking
02:54 other people say, but now He says what about you?
02:58 What do you say, who do you say that I am?
03:02 As a teacher I have learned that questions are crucial
03:07 in the classroom and I kind of tell people there
03:10 are 3 kinds of questions.
03:12 There are factual questions, like if I said, how many
03:18 people went into the ark? Well 8 people.
03:21 I asked you a factual question at the beginning of the
03:24 series, how many gospels are there, that was a little
03:27 bit of a trick, factual questions because there is one
03:29 gospel told by 4 different people.
03:31 Those are factual questions, you can give information,
03:35 sometimes you can answer yes or no.
03:37 The second kind of question is a thought question
03:40 where you have to think it through.
03:44 What is it that makes a person unclean, ahhh that is
03:48 not something you can just give a yes or no
03:50 to answer you have to ponder between outside
03:52 cleansing and inside purity,
03:55 The third kind of question is what
03:58 I call a heart question.
03:59 This is the question where you asked directly
04:02 to the person's heart.
04:03 This question that Jesus asked was a heart question.
04:07 It sounds like a factual question but it is a heart
04:10 question because you get that the question of
04:13 commitment and discipleship.
04:14 And He says what about you? Who do you say that I am?
04:19 Peter answered, You are the Christ, You are the Messiah.
04:23 This becomes the great turning point in the book because
04:28 from now on Jesus is going to start talking more and
04:31 more about His death.
04:33 In fact this section chapters 8, 9, 10, we are going to
04:39 study in this current program and the following one,
04:43 it is kind of a two-parted.
04:44 We will look at chapters 8, 9 and 10 in the passage of
04:48 Scriptures that deal with this issue of discipleship.
04:52 Jesus take special time to train His disciples.
04:56 Now surrounding this section someone might ask how do
05:00 you know that this is a section all to itself?
05:02 We have a little graphic that illustrates something
05:04 that comes before and something that comes
05:06 right after this section.
05:08 There are two stories of blind men who were healed.
05:13 The first story surprises people, it's in chapter 8,
05:17 just before this question that Jesus asked His disciples.
05:21 The blind man at Bethsaida, and what is really unusual
05:24 is that it takes 2 times for Jesus to heal him.
05:28 He touches him first and the man can see people like
05:34 trees and then He touches his eyes a second time
05:39 and the man is able to see clearly.
05:43 There is a very big emphasis on seeing,
05:47 in fact there are 4 different words that are
05:49 used for the question of seeing.
05:52 It is so odd that this man cannot see and
05:57 Jesus has to touch him twice.
05:58 The other end of this story, there is a wonderful story in
06:01 chapter 10 of blind Bartimacus, he is there by the road and
06:06 he hears that Jesus is going by.
06:09 He says son of David, this is a term for the Messiah,
06:12 son of David have mercy on me.
06:14 And all the people say shhh! Be quiet!
06:17 It was like secrecy motif that we have been talking
06:20 about, the secrecy of revelation.
06:21 They said Shhh, Shhh, don't talk.
06:23 He cries out more, Son of David have mercy on me.
06:26 Jesus calls him and they bring him and he throws off his
06:30 cloak, which is a sign that he has faith, he thinks that
06:36 Jesus is going to help him, because if he was not able
06:38 to see he would not be able to find that cloak too
06:41 easily now would he?
06:42 He comes and Jesus heals him, He says what do you want,
06:46 he said I want to see, Jesus healed him and then he
06:49 follows Jesus on the way.
06:50 Now what did these two stories, they are almost like
06:53 parables in a way.
06:55 They are actually stories of a blind man being healed.
06:57 In a way they are kind of like parables of discipleship.
07:01 The blind man gets touched the first time and
07:05 he cannot see completely.
07:08 It is like the disciples, they say you are the Christ
07:10 but we are going to see that when He starts talking
07:13 about His death, no, no they don't want
07:16 to think about that.
07:17 Kevin: They re-think their whole idea of who Jesus was.
07:19 They want Him as the Messiah but not that kind of a
07:24 Messiah, on the other end blind Bartimacus uses a
07:29 messianic terminology, he follows Jesus on the way,
07:34 it verily much sounds like a disciple.
07:37 It kind of book ends around this sometimes it's called
07:41 an Inclusio.
07:42 This is kind of like bookends around a central section.
07:45 Well that is not the only thing that gives us the idea
07:48 that this section is especially about discipleship,
07:52 we have another graphic that displays a pattern that
07:54 shows up in all 3 chapters 8, 9, and 10.
08:00 There is a reference to a journey, then there is a
08:04 passion prediction, then there is some kind of a
08:07 misunderstanding or fear that the disciples have,
08:10 and then there is a teaching about discipleship.
08:14 Now let's go back to chapter 8 and see if there are
08:19 those 4 characteristics.
08:21 But 4 characteristics were a journey, a reference
08:24 to a journey, a passion prediction, a misunderstanding,
08:28 and then a discipleship teaching.
08:31 So read for us verse 27.
08:34 Kevin: "and Jesus went out and His disciples into the
08:38 towns of Caesarea, Philippi and by the way He asked His
08:42 disciples saying unto them, Who do men say that I Am?"
08:45 So what do you see there?
08:46 Jesus wants them to make a confession - wants them to
08:50 make a confession and is there any reference
08:52 to any kind of journey?
08:54 Yeah there is - there sure is, they are going along and
08:57 Jesus went out along with His disciples to the villages
09:00 of Caesarea and Philippi, so there's a
09:02 reference to the journey.
09:03 The next thing that always shows up in these is a
09:06 passion prediction, now we haven't read that yet
09:10 and so we better read that section and this will be
09:13 verses 32, well actually verses 31 is where the
09:18 passion prediction is, let's read 31-33 and we
09:21 will get another part of this.
09:22 Kevin: "and he charged them that they should tell no
09:25 man of him. And he began to teach them that the son
09:28 of man must suffer many things and be rejected of the
09:32 Elders, and of the chief priests and the scribes,
09:34 and be killed and after three days he would rise again,
09:37 and he's spake that saying openly and Peter took him
09:43 and began to rebuke him," Read verse 33 too, "but when
09:47 he had turned about and looked on his disciples, he
09:50 rebuke Peter saying, get thee behind me Satan, for
09:53 thou severest not the things that be of God,
09:55 but the things that be of men. "
09:57 First of all we had a reference to a journey,
10:00 was there a passion prediction?
10:02 Did he predicted he was going to die - yes.
10:05 We call the death of Jesus the passion of His crisis,
10:08 but word passion deals with the idea of suffering,
10:12 so Jesus's suffering.
10:13 It's so there is a journey reference, there is a passion
10:17 prediction, the reference to His death and suffering and
10:21 resurrection that will take place.
10:22 Was there any misunderstanding? - well Peter wouldn't
10:26 have it that way - Peter wouldn't have it that way,
10:29 in fact Peter does something kind of unusual here,
10:31 he takes Jesus and rebukes Him - right!
10:34 Every now and then there will be student in the
10:38 classroom that will rebuke the teacher,
10:40 or straighten out the teacher.
10:41 And I'm not Jesus, I need directing sometimes,
10:46 once in a while the students will come along and help
10:48 get me back on the straight and narrow, or some way
10:51 they will straighten out what I said, or the
10:53 mistake in my presentation.
10:55 But to do that to Jesus is another thing, and Peter,
11:00 he believed with all his heart that Jesus was the
11:04 Messiah, but for Jesus to suffer and die,
11:08 no - Kevin: no way!
11:10 No, that is not what he expected, the disciples did
11:13 not expect, the people of his day did not expect this.
11:16 They expected the Messiah would be a popular leader
11:19 who would push the Romans out of power in Palestine
11:23 and reestablish Israel as a nation under God.
11:27 It was a popular expectation, but they didn't expect
11:32 a Messiah who would die on a cross.
11:35 Right no problem calling Him Christ if He was going
11:37 to be the conquering Messiah.
11:38 Professor: yes! Kevin: but the suffering Messiah,
11:41 I don't know if I'm ready to make Him, you know
11:43 declare Him as Christ under those means.
11:44 We have here is the reference to the journey,
11:47 and workers to see this in each of the chapters 8, 9,
11:50 and 10, the reference to the journey, then there
11:53 comes a passion prediction, and some kind of
11:55 misunderstanding, Peter doesn't get it.
11:57 The last thing that we have is then this teaching on
12:00 discipleship and that is in verses 34-38,
12:07 so let's read those verses.
12:10 Kevin: "and when he had called the people into him with
12:13 his disciples also he said unto them whosoever will come
12:16 after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and
12:20 follow me. For whosoever shall save his life shall lose
12:23 it, but whoever she'll lose his life for my sake and the
12:27 Gospels, the same shall save it. For what shall it
12:30 profit a man if he gave the whole world and lose his own
12:33 soul? What shall a man give in exchange for his soul?
12:36 Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and my words
12:40 in this adulterous and sinful generation of him also
12:44 shall a man be ashamed when he cometh in the glory of
12:47 His Father with the holy angels. "
12:49 So here we have the section that has a teaching about
12:55 the discipleship, we want to unpack this and see.
12:59 The first thing we notice is that He's summoned the
13:02 crowd with His disciples.
13:03 So is actually not just the disciples alone,
13:07 Kevin: He summons the whole crowd, He wants
13:09 everybody to hear this.
13:10 So it is interesting that His disciples, by themselves
13:13 are the ones that make the confession that He is a
13:16 Christ, but when He talks about this discipleship
13:19 teaching He invites more people in so that they can
13:23 hear what He is going to say.
13:25 Kevin: this is where it is really starting to get
13:28 good and we are really seeing what is going on here.
13:30 Before we move a little further into it we need to
13:33 take a break so hold that thought.
13:35 Come back in a few moments and join us on
13:37 Books of the Book.


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