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Discipleship 1 - Mark 8 - 9

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00:04 Welcome back to Books of the Book, we are in the
00:07 book of Mark and we just heard what is called
00:10 Jesus called to discipleship.
00:12 What it really means is to take up the
00:15 cross and follow Me.
00:16 Professor can you continue leading us down this journey?
00:18 Are right, we said that there were 4 kinds of
00:20 characteristics, a journey reference, then there
00:23 was a passion prediction, and misunderstanding and
00:27 then a teaching about discipleship.
00:29 The misunderstanding the disciples had was about the
00:34 real direction that the Messiah was going to go.
00:38 You remember at the beginning of this whole series
00:41 that we talked about the way of the Lord.
00:43 Jesus is on a journey.
00:46 Now, Who is Jesus? He is the Messiah,
00:50 now that is nailed down.
00:51 The question is where is He going?
00:53 He does not mince words, He tells His disciples
00:56 right a way where I'm going is to death.
00:58 I'm going to a cross and that is just
01:03 unacceptable to them.
01:04 Peter voices the words in saying, not you Lord,
01:08 that just can't be, Your going that direction.
01:11 Then He rebukes Peter, this then leads to His
01:16 discipleship teaching which is in verses 34-38
01:21 and He makes it very plain.
01:23 He says in verse 34, "if anyone wishes to come
01:28 after me he must deny himself and take up his
01:32 cross and follow Me. "
01:34 What is rather interesting here is that He says, if
01:37 anyone wishes to come after Me.
01:40 At the beginning of the gospel, He invited the
01:44 disciples to become His followers.
01:47 Do you remember the words He used?
01:49 Kevin: Follow Me!
01:50 Follow Me and what, I will make you fishers of men right?
01:55 Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men,
01:57 just like little kids song that we have.
01:59 There was no mentioning there about suffering was there?
02:04 No not at all.
02:05 There was no mention about a cross.
02:06 Nope - and now they are following Him and they
02:10 probably have some kind of grandiose ideas of there's
02:13 going to be thrones, there is going to be crowns,
02:15 there is going to be a wonderful kind of experience
02:18 that they will go through.
02:21 A step up from fishers on the sea of Galilee.
02:24 Instead of a step up it is a step down - right!
02:27 He allows them to make a decision again, they had to
02:32 decide first to follow Him.
02:33 He said if anyone wishes come after Me.
02:37 Notice that it looks like journey doesn't it?
02:39 Coming after Me, He said, He must deny himself
02:42 and take up his cross and follow Me.
02:45 The most stark kind of terms, the cross was the most
02:50 terrible way to die.
02:51 Kevin: Right you did want to have anything
02:52 to do with the cross.
02:54 It was an exposed way to die, people would live on a
02:58 cross for several days and be exposed to the elements,
03:02 animals would eat them, it was just terrible.
03:05 One of the ancient Roman authors said that the idea,
03:08 not only the vision of the cross, but the view of the
03:12 cross should be far from the Roman perspective,
03:15 but even from his thoughts.
03:16 You shouldn't even think about the cross because it
03:18 was such a terrible, terrible way to die.
03:20 So Jesus says, if you follow Me you are going
03:23 to die on a across.
03:24 It sounds so stark so terrible so the question comes
03:29 up why would anyone want to do that?
03:32 Why would anybody want to follow a person that was
03:37 going to do this?.
03:39 So Jesus has a 3-step way in the next verses that
03:43 explains why it makes sense to follow Him.
03:46 Why death on a cross is what we are called to as Christians.
03:51 So read for us again would you verse 35-38.
03:57 Kevin: "for whosoever will save his life, shall lose it.
04:01 But whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the
04:04 Gospels, the same shall save it. For what shall it
04:08 profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his
04:11 own soul? Or what should a man give in exchange for
04:15 his soul? Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me
04:18 and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation
04:21 of him shall also the son of man be a shame when he
04:25 cometh in the glory of his father with the holy angels. "
04:28 Alright so there are 3 things that Jesus does,
04:31 that a person has to do.
04:32 To utterly deny yourself, you have to take your
04:36 cross and follow Him.
04:39 Then he gives a series of reasons of why
04:42 that makes sense.
04:43 This starts off in verse 36, "for what does it profit a
04:48 man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?"
04:51 The strange thing about this, verse 37 as we go on, "for what
04:57 will a man give in exchange for his soul?"
04:58 The strange thing about this is that Jesus has told us
05:01 that we should utterly deny ourselves, but now it sounds
05:04 like He's talking about the value of the soul.
05:06 So He kind of turns on this idea of value, alright?
05:12 So he says if someone offered you a million dollars
05:17 Kevin, they said they would give you a million dollars.
05:20 You would say wow, do you like that idea
05:22 of a million dollars?
05:23 Kevin: Sure, I have got a lot of bills. Could do a lot
05:25 with a million dollars.
05:26 Yeah, there is just one condition and that is a year
05:30 from now you have to die.
05:32 Are you still interested in the million dollars?
05:34 Kevin: No, I think you can keep your million dollars
05:36 and go on your way.
05:37 Professor: Ha, Ha, Ha I think so.
05:40 Kevin: it's not quite worth it.
05:41 Professor: it's not worth it, your life is
05:43 worth more than that money.
05:44 Now Jesus said, what will it profit a man to gain the
05:48 whole world, that is more than a million dollars, but
05:51 forfeit his soul, for his very inner being in his life.
05:55 What will a man give in exchange for his soul?
05:58 Jesus is talking about the question of value.
06:02 He presented first the paradox of salvation that
06:05 you have to lose to gain, but then He talks about
06:09 this concept of value, a question of value,
06:12 that you are worth so much and then finally
06:15 in verse 38 He clenches at all.
06:17 "For whoever is a shame of me in my words in this
06:22 adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will
06:24 also be ashamed of him when he comes to the glory of
06:27 His Father with the holy angels. "
06:29 This is a cosmic view of life, the cosmic view of life
06:34 is what really places the question of value all
06:38 out in front of us.
06:39 You've got to get the long view in mind, it is not just
06:43 life here, you have eternity before you.
06:46 We'll you have eternal life with God or not?
06:48 Kevin: And we so often get wrapped up in our own little
06:52 world without really seeing the greater picture and that
06:55 is where we really end up stumbling because
06:57 it is so much bigger.
06:58 The picture is so much greater than our own little
07:00 world, our little lives regardless of how much money
07:02 we have, how great our wealth and possessions are,
07:05 life is so much deeper and bigger than that.
07:08 Now let's go on a look at the second
07:10 one of these predictions.
07:12 In this section and the next one we are looking at 3
07:15 passages in chapters 8, 9, and 10 so we have to
07:18 quickly move on to Chapter 9.
07:19 And look at the next chapter of prediction which is in
07:21 chapter 9, Mark 9:30-37.
07:25 I'll read verses 30 to 32 and you read 33-37.
07:32 "From there they went out and began to go through
07:35 Galilee," there is a reference to the journey, "and he
07:38 did not want anybody to know about it for he was teaching
07:40 his disciples and telling them that the Son of Man is to
07:43 be delivered into the hands of men, and they would kill
07:46 him. And after he has been killed, he will rise three
07:49 days later," there is the passion prediction, "but they
07:51 do not understand this statement and they
07:54 were afraid to ask him. "
07:56 Kevin: "and He came to Capernaum and being in the House
07:59 he asked them what was it that you disputed among yourselves
08:03 by the way? But they held their peace for by the way
08:06 they had disputed among themselves who should be the
08:09 greatest. And He sat down at call the twelve and saith
08:13 unto them, if any man desires to be first, the same shall
08:17 a last of all and servant of all. And He took a child
08:21 and sat Him in the midst of them, and when He had taken
08:24 him in His arms, He said unto them, whosoever shall
08:27 receive one of such children in my name receives Me
08:30 And whosoever shall receive Me, receiveth not me but
08:34 the One that set Me. And John answered Him saying,
08:37 Master we saw one casting out devils in thy name and
08:41 followeth not us and we forbid him because
08:43 he followeth not us. "
08:45 Alright, so we noticed here that we have a journey
08:49 reference, we have a passion prediction, and they
08:53 don't understand His statement, that is what
08:55 it says in verse 32.
08:57 Then we have a teaching, and this teaching on
08:59 discipleship actually extends all the way down to
09:01 the end of the chapter.
09:02 So next time we are going to take a look at that and
09:05 more detail, but rest of the chapter, but I want to
09:07 notice this first section.
09:09 He came to come to Capernaum and He gets in the
09:11 house and asks them a question, what were
09:12 you discussing on the way?
09:13 Now they didn't answer right away because they have been
09:19 talking about who was the greatest - right!
09:20 It's really something like your mother might be talking
09:24 to you when you were little child and she found you
09:26 doing so wrong and said, what were you doing?
09:29 It's suddenly puts the whole thing in a new light, were
09:33 you are ashamed to say anything about it.
09:36 Even just a simple question like this, I told you that
09:40 teachers like to ask questions, Jesus asked this simple
09:43 question and they are just silent because they had been
09:48 bragging about who was the greatest.
09:50 So what does He do, in verse 35 He sits down, He calls
09:56 the 12 and then He says if anyone wants to be first, he
10:02 should be last of all in servant of all.
10:04 What does that remind you of?
10:06 It reminds me of the Passover, - it reminds you of the
10:09 Passover - in the upper room - oh in the upper room!
10:11 Yes there are something like that as well, does it
10:13 remind you of anything here in Mark that we
10:15 have read just recently?
10:16 Yeah deny Himself, deny yourself and take up your cross.
10:20 That's chapter 8 isn't it? Where He talked about it.
10:23 It is very similar, so of one might ask is there
10:25 anything new here, actually there is.
10:28 This is a practical extension of that idea of denying
10:33 yourself and taking the cross and following Jesus.
10:35 Notice where the practical explanation or the practical
10:39 application goes.
10:41 He says if anyone wants to be first he shall be last of
10:45 all and servant of all.
10:48 Following Jesus means you will serve other people.
10:52 You are not going to serve yourself anymore.
10:54 You died to self, you set self aside, that is to die the
10:58 cross, but now your life is to be embodied in
11:02 service to other people.
11:04 I will tell you what I found, I found that in life that times
11:07 when I'm most assured or find greatest satisfaction is
11:13 when I help other people.
11:14 Kevin: Absolutely!
11:15 That is the most satisfying thing when somebody else
11:18 receives a blessing from the work that you do.
11:21 Now I like in verse 36, it says that He takes a child
11:26 and sets him before them, and then it says He took the
11:29 child in His arms.
11:31 I like that picture, Jesus taking a child in His arms.
11:34 Say where did this child come from?
11:36 Well there always children probably hanging around
11:39 and He just sort of motioned to child came into the
11:42 midst of all these big adult men and Jesus takes the
11:46 child in His arms.
11:48 I kind of have a problem with people that children are
11:51 afraid of, but evidently children were not afraid of
11:55 Jesus, they were attracted to Him.
11:57 It is a wonderful lesson, we must receive this child,
12:04 you receive Me, if you receive Me you don't receive Me,
12:07 you receive the one who sent Me, that was the Father.
12:11 The child the lowest one is like the person at the
12:14 highest level so the first shall be last and
12:18 the last shall be first.
12:19 So it's a topsy-turvy kind of world in discipleship.
12:23 Kevin: I imagine the disciples felt a little unnerved at
12:26 what had just happened.
12:29 Yeah I am sure they were pretty quiet they didn't have
12:32 much to say at this point.
12:34 Now after He finishes this gets disciples thinking,
12:39 what's going on, where is this going, and actually John,
12:44 you read the verse actually John in verse 38 raises the
12:48 question about discipleship.
12:50 It is really quite interesting, although it is the
12:55 beginning of the next section which will be the whole
12:57 discussion of where we are going to look at the last
13:01 part of the chapter 9 next time and look at all of
13:04 chapter 10 on discipleship.
13:06 We can't look at every single passage in the book,
13:09 there is just not enough time.
13:10 And we speaking of time have ran out of time once again.
13:13 This is just really great stuff and I, it is nice
13:16 diving into discovering all these things that
13:19 you don't otherwise see.
13:20 And a practical applications that come from - right!
13:23 Kevin: I thank you once again for coming.
13:24 Kevin is good to be with you and let's keep studying
13:27 God's Word together.
13:28 Kevin: Don't forget service what it is all
13:31 about, not serving yourself but serving others.
13:33 The next time you look at a little child, think that
13:36 that is the one Jesus took in His arms and said all such
13:38 is the kingdom of heaven.


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