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Cleansing The Temple / Cleansing The Heart

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00:05 Welcome back to Books of the Book, we are reading
00:07 the book of Mark and just finished reading were
00:10 Jesus walks into the temple, pushes over the tables
00:12 of the money changers, pushes out all the animals
00:14 and creates quite a stir.
00:16 He does something kind of weird, as someone would say,
00:20 not a usual thing that Jesus does and so we are trying
00:23 to dissect this in find out what is going on in what
00:25 was in the mind of Jesus and what was the problem
00:27 with the situation there in the temple.
00:29 Professor can you continue to lead us in this discussion?
00:33 Alright we are reading in Mark chapter 11 and verse 17
00:36 is where Jesus gives an explanation as to why He did
00:40 what He had just done, clearing out the temple.
00:43 It says, "He began to teach and say to them,
00:46 is it not written My house should be call a
00:49 house of prayer for all the nations?
00:51 But you have made it a robbers den. "
00:53 Kevin: Jesus uses the word here, "is not written",
00:56 so they must have known about this text He quoted.
01:00 He actually quotes from two different passages,
01:04 and ones that you and I might not put together right
01:07 a way, but He had a reason for putting them together.
01:11 The text about the house of prayer, a beautiful text,
01:14 "the house of prayer for all nations",
01:16 actually comes from Isaiah 56:7.
01:19 The other He has a little slipet of a quotation
01:24 from a place in Jeremiah 7:11 where it talks about,
01:30 here it says a robbers den in my translation.
01:32 What does it say in yours?
01:34 Kevin: "a den of thieves".
01:36 Tom: a den of thieves, the word in Greek actually
01:40 refers not just to robbers and thieves,
01:44 but to Brigands and revolutionaries.
01:48 Kevin: oh okay!
01:49 So, this is not just people who are stealing things,
01:54 but people who are rebellious and planning plots
01:58 against maybe government or something.
02:00 He puts together two kinds of pictures that
02:04 just don't seem to fit.
02:07 A place where people are praying and then a place
02:11 where people are planning revolution, and this
02:14 seems out of character.
02:17 They do not belong together, so the question
02:20 we might kind of ask out of this is what
02:24 about my church or
02:25 your church, is it a house of prayer for all
02:29 nations, all people, or is it a place where
02:33 there is lots of fighting going on,
02:35 where there's lots of turmoil.
02:39 Kevin: bickering behind people's back.
02:41 Tom: and where people don't come in and find
02:43 a peaceful place to pray.
02:45 Kevin: so are there any lessons within
02:47 the story here that would indicate how we should
02:49 conduct ourselves in church?
02:51 Tom: there is an interesting chain of events
02:53 that takes place here.
02:54 The first event if we want to go back and say,
02:57 what was the first thing that happened here?
03:00 The very first thing that happened here was actually they
03:02 started to bring in the stalls, and the money
03:05 changers tables, and they started to do in
03:08 God's house that what should not be done.
03:10 That was a negative action that should be done.
03:13 Jesus comes into the house and He says this isn't right.
03:18 This isn't what God's house is for and so He starts
03:21 to change that, He starts to cleanse it out.
03:24 That's a positive action.
03:25 He starts to make the temple, again, a house
03:29 of prayer for all nations, not just for people who
03:33 are closer to the temple, but even out here
03:35 in the court of the Gentiles.
03:36 A house for people could pray quietly, and come
03:39 into communion with God and not be worried about
03:42 things of business around them.
03:45 This creates another event, you could say a negative
03:49 action, and that is the leaders are offended at what
03:53 Jesus has done and they start to plot Jesus death.
03:57 This leads to yet another negative action, which
04:00 will be later in the gospel of Mark, were Jesus
04:04 is put to death, crucified on the cross.
04:07 When He dies on the cross the temple's curtain
04:12 is torn in two from top to bottom signifying that
04:17 something is ending here at the temple.
04:20 The temple is not the same as it was before,
04:24 and we know that even 40 years later that the
04:27 temple was destroyed by the Romans.
04:29 A negative action, Jesus tries to correct it
04:33 with a positive action, but that leads to negative
04:37 actions which eventually end in the ruin of the temple.
04:41 It is really sad that this testimony of Jesus,
04:47 but the work He was doing was rejected
04:49 by the religious leaders.
04:51 They couldn't see Him as Messiah, they couldn't
04:55 accept this kind of cleansing activity He was
04:58 bringing on so they plotted to kill Him.
05:01 I wonder why the leaders where so upset, because
05:04 they should have really known that wasn't what the temple
05:08 was designed for, all this marketplace activity
05:11 going on here, and so they must've been pretty
05:14 protective of the circumstances of
05:16 the time Jesus walk in.
05:19 Yes they were the guardians of the temple,
05:22 and so they should have been thinking about
05:24 their duty to make the temple a place of prayer,
05:30 but they became protective of their own interests,
05:35 or the interest of the people around them,
05:37 and forgot what the temple was really made for.
05:40 So it is really like hypocrisy you're supposed to be
05:43 one way but you're doing something in a different way.
05:47 So Jesus comes in and He will not accept that, He is
05:51 against the sin of hypocrisy.
05:52 Now if we go on to read verses 20 to 26, Mark 11:20-26
05:58 we will see the conclusion of the story
06:01 about this fig tree.
06:03 Kevin: so do you want me you a go-ahead read?
06:05 Tom: yeah go ahead and read, starting in verse 19.
06:09 Kevin: "and when evening had come he went out
06:11 of the city, and in the morning as they passed
06:14 by they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots
06:17 and Peter calling to remember and saith unto Him, Master
06:21 behold the fig tree which thou curseth is withered
06:24 away. And Jesus answered saying to him, have faith in
06:28 God for verily I say unto you that whosoever shall
06:32 say it to this mountain be thou removed and be thou
06:35 cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart
06:38 but show believe those things which He saith shall
06:41 come to pass he shall have whatsoever he saith.
06:44 Therefore I say it to you, whatsoever things that
06:47 you desire, when you pray believe that you receive
06:51 them and you shall have them.
06:52 And when you stand praying forgive of if ye have
06:56 ought against any, but your Father, also which
06:59 is in heaven would forgive you your trespasses,
07:02 but if you do not forgive neither were your Father
07:06 which is in heaven forgive your trespasses. "
07:08 Kevin: So a pretty powerful passage about
07:11 prayer and faith here.
07:12 Tom: Yes it is, very much so.
07:13 It starts off with we reenter and learn about
07:17 this fig tree, and see in tea that the fig tree
07:20 has withered away.
07:21 So He cursed the fig tree it dried up, now in the
07:26 middle story about the temple, He cleanses temple
07:31 so it seems like the opposite, an opposite kind of
07:34 action actually to what He did with the fig tree.
07:38 He cleansed it, the outside story curses the fig tree.
07:42 Now if when the fig tree withers away it does not bode
07:46 well for what was going on the inside story.
07:49 Remember we said there were negative actions,
07:51 positive actions kind of one against the other.
07:54 The cleansing of the temple should have brought the
07:56 temple back to the way it should have been, but
07:59 the religious leaders went and plotted Jesus' death.
08:02 So that really bowed very poorly for the outcome
08:05 that would happen for the temple when He died,
08:08 the curtain was torn in two, and like 40 years
08:11 later it was destroyed.
08:13 So that what supposed to be cleansing actually
08:16 became a curse.
08:18 That which was mostly positive in an action and
08:21 its outcome, actually became negative, not because
08:24 Jesus, but because of those who would not accept
08:27 the message that God was bringing to them through Him.
08:31 Now Peter notices this and he sees this fig tree and
08:35 he says look Master the fig tree has withered away.
08:38 And Jesus said have faith in God.
08:40 Tom: you know it is really interesting that you might
08:44 say Let Me tell you a lesson about hypocrisy, let Me
08:47 tell you how things should be, but instead He says,
08:49 Kevin: have faith in God. Tom: have faith in God.
08:51 and then He gives us this wonderful promise about if you
08:56 believe, or if you ask and you believe, it will happen.
09:01 So people wondered sometimes that... Kevin: God will
09:05 answer all prayers - yeah - is that true?
09:07 Sounds like a blank check doesn't it, it says pray and
09:10 you believe strong enough, it's going to happen.
09:12 Kevin: if it doesn't happen right away if you believe a
09:15 little more little harder - right - it will happen.
09:17 If you pray little more and you pray a little longer
09:20 you can probably convince God. Kevin: right
09:22 Tom: - right, it doesn't sound like the way Jesus
09:26 usually talks about things over in Matthew we have
09:29 the words of Jesus where He says, don't go on babbling
09:33 on and on about in prayer but you are supposed
09:37 to pray simply to God.
09:38 He says that we are to pray our Father which art in
09:41 heaven hallowed be Thy name Thy will be done on
09:44 earth as it is in heaven, so were supposed to be
09:47 focused on the will of God.
09:49 In Mark chapter 14:36 in the garden of Gethsemane,
09:53 Jesus prays not my will but Yours be done.
09:57 So how does that fit with this passage?
10:01 Well when He talks about this mountain being removed and
10:05 cast into the sea, He may actually be alluding to a
10:09 text in the book of the Zechariah.
10:11 Zachariah 14:4 talks about the Mount of Olives splitting
10:16 in two when the Messiah returns, the second coming of
10:20 Jesus, He will return and come down and it was split in
10:24 two, and divide and go off in the distance in two ways.
10:28 So you might say this is to pray for the second coming,
10:32 the will of God to happen in a second coming of Jesus
10:35 that we are supposed to pray for.
10:37 He also goes on and says that we are to
10:41 forgive one another.
10:42 If you've done anything against anyone, He says so your
10:46 Father in heaven will also forgive your transgressor's.
10:50 You see for me to be forgiven by God, but not to
10:55 forgive you if you do me wrong - Kevin: that's hypocrisy.
10:59 Tom: that's hypocrisy, that's exactly right!
11:01 Jesus was strongly against hypocrisy we have seen this all
11:04 through this lesson, all through this chapter He opposes
11:07 hypocrisy and He says that we are suppose to forgive others
11:10 when they wrong us.
11:11 Now I found in my life that the hardest people to
11:14 forgive are the ones that don't ask for forgiveness.
11:18 The ones who do you wrong and never thought that,
11:21 what they did, what did I do?
11:22 Kevin: because it takes initiative on our part.
11:24 Tom: they don't think that they have
11:26 done anything wrong.
11:27 Jesus said that is a Christian duty for us to forgive
11:33 sins because we have been forgiven by God.
11:35 We don't forgive because we are good people,
11:38 we don't forgive because we're nice, we forgive because
11:42 God has told us to forgive, it is a duty as a Christian.
11:47 I found out what I forgave somebody who had done my
11:50 family wrong, oh some time ago, that when I would think
11:55 about it again I would be upset again.
11:57 You get upset when somebody does you wrong.
11:59 I find out that I had to forgive them over and
12:02 over and over again, over and over and go through this
12:06 until a forgiveness settled down on my heart and I was
12:10 able to forgive them.
12:11 Jesus said 70 times 7 and sometimes that
12:14 may have to be for just one sin that you have
12:16 to forgive somebody for.
12:17 It's a really wonderful lesson about forgiveness.
12:20 Kevin: oh absolutely because when Moses asked to
12:22 see the Lord he proclaimed Himself before Moses
12:24 said the Lord thy God, merciful and gracious, so why
12:27 wouldn't we as His children be merciful and gracious.
12:30 Professor once again we are out of time,
12:32 I can't believe it, but I just want to thank you
12:34 for sharing what you have learned in your research
12:36 in the book of Mark.
12:37 Tom: thank you very much it was good to be
12:38 with you Kevin, God bless.
12:39 Kevin: it is always a pleasure remember out there that Jesus
12:42 did things for a reason, and sometimes we need to dig a
12:45 little deeper beneath the surface, to find out why He did
12:48 what He did, and also remember
12:50 do not be a hypocrite, be a Christian, it's the
12:53 it is the most important thing.


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