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The Most Expensive Gift & The Darkest Night

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00:05 Welcome back to Books of the Book, we are studying the
00:07 book of Mark and we just finished learning a little bit
00:10 about the woman who came and anointed Jesus feet.
00:12 So we are going to pick up right there, Professor.
00:14 Alright so we notice that this is one of those sandwich
00:17 stories where one story is put in the middle of another
00:21 one and interrupts it.
00:22 The story of the middle was a story of this woman.
00:24 In the outer story was the story of Judas.
00:28 You couldn't hardly get a more distinctive difference
00:32 between these two stories.
00:33 Kevin: quite a contrast!
00:34 Tom: yeah quite a contrast between them where the
00:36 woman does some very gracious to Jesus and were
00:39 Judas betrays Jesus to death.
00:41 So we have a little graphic that describes the
00:43 dramatized irony between the two stories.
01:00 Now I don't know anybody who names their son Judas.
01:04 Kevin: you don't hear very often that's true, I don't
01:08 recall anyone that I know.
01:09 Tom: people are not going to name their child Judas.
01:12 Kevin: I know somebody who named their dog Judas.
01:14 Tom: Will there you know...
01:16 Kevin: it might be because the dog wasn't
01:17 quiet a friendly dog.
01:19 Tom: you might name a dog Judas, but you're not going to
01:21 name a person Judas because that is all about betrayal.
01:24 He's gone down in history as this person who betrays,
01:27 in fact we're going to read the story of Jesus arrest, and
01:30 think about that a little bit more of what Judas did.
01:35 Here Jesus said that what the woman did would be told
01:39 throughout the world as a reminder wherever the
01:42 gospel is preached as a memorial to her.
01:45 She anointed Jesus before His death, when He went
01:49 to the cross He had the memory of this woman's
01:53 action in His mind, everybody else had left Him.
01:57 He was all alone when He went to die, and He could
02:00 remember this woman's gracious and loving act.
02:03 So it stood in sharp contrast to what Judas was doing.
02:06 Now this chapter, chapters 14, 15, and 16 are
02:10 known as the passion narrative, the story of the
02:13 suffering, the death, and the resurrection of Christ,
02:16 a very famous section of the gospel of Mark,
02:19 and any of the Canonical Gospels.
02:21 The Gospels that are in our Bible.
02:23 Now we don't have time actually to discuss all of the
02:26 passion narrative, all the things that take place.
02:30 We can just point out how things go from here.
02:33 Jesus has been at Bethany on the first day of unleavened
02:38 bread, which would have been Thursday of that week.
02:42 He says to His disciples to prepare the Passover and
02:45 they go and prepare it.
02:47 He tells them where to find the place to do that.
02:50 They come and eat the meal, the Passover meal,
02:53 which we have come to call the Lord's supper,
02:56 or the Last Supper.
02:57 They didn't think of it that way,
03:00 it was a typical Passover meal.
03:02 Jesus Institutes the Lord's supper at this meal, the
03:07 reminder of the cup, the reminder the bread and it
03:11 points towards His death.
03:13 Where we are going to pick up the story is actually
03:16 after those events, we are going to go to verse 32 and
03:19 we are going to read through verse 52, about 20 verses
03:23 that we are going to read.
03:24 I will read verses 32-42, then you read verses 43-52.
03:29 Mark 14:32-52. "They came to a place named Gethsemane,
03:33 and he said to his disciples sit here until I have
03:36 prayed. And he took with him Peter and James and John
03:40 and began to be very distressed and troubled. And he
03:43 said to them my soul is deeply grieved to the point of
03:47 death remain here and keep watch. And he went a little
03:50 beyond them and fell to the ground and began to pray
03:53 that if it were possible the hour might pass him by.
03:57 And he was saying Abba father all things are possible
04:01 for you, remove this cup from me, yet not what I will
04:05 but what you will. And he came and found them sleeping
04:09 and said to Peter, Simon are you asleep. Could you not
04:13 keep watch for one hour, keep watching and praying
04:16 that you may not come into temptation. The spirit is
04:20 willing but the flesh is weak. And again he went away
04:23 and prayed saying the same words and again he came and
04:26 found them sleeping for their eyes were very heavy and
04:29 they did not know what to answer him. And he came the
04:32 third time and said to them are you still sleeping and
04:35 resting it is enough the hour has come, behold the Son
04:38 of man is being betrayed into the hands of sinners.
04:41 Get up let us be going, behold the one who betrays
04:44 me is at hand. "
04:45 Kevin: "and immediately while he yet spake cometh
04:48 Judas one of the 12 and with him a great multitude with
04:52 swords and staves. From the chief priests and the
04:55 scribes and the elders. And he that have betrayed him
04:58 had given them a token saying whomsoever I shall kiss that
05:01 same is he, take him and lead him away safely. And as
05:06 soon as he was come, he goeth straightway to him and he saith
05:09 Master, master and kissed him.
05:11 They laid their hands on him and took him. And one
05:14 of them that stood by drew a sword and smote a servant
05:17 of the high priest and cut off his ear. And Jesus
05:20 answered and said unto them are ye come out as against a
05:24 thief with swords and with staves to take me? I was
05:27 daily with you in the temple teaching and ye took me
05:30 not. But the Scripture must be fulfilled and they all
05:34 forsook him and fled. And there followed a certain young
05:37 man having a linen cloth cast about his naked body and
05:41 the young men laid hold on him and he left the linen
05:45 cloth and fled from them naked. "
05:47 Tom: alright we obviously have two scenes here.
05:50 One is the scene of Jesus with His disciples in
05:53 Gethsemane and the other is the scene of the actual
05:56 arrest that takes place.
05:58 So we have a few minutes to talk about these two
06:00 different scenes.
06:02 Kevin: I have to ask you where exactly was Gethsemane?
06:04 Gethsemane, the term Gethsemane means oil press.
06:10 This was probably in an olive orchard to the east of Jerusalem
06:16 The problem is we don't know exactly where this was,
06:20 because the trees to the east of Jerusalem were cut down
06:24 by the Romans in 70 A.D. when they surrounded the city.
06:29 So we don't know exactly the place.
06:32 There is a traditional place that is put there on
06:34 the Mount of olives and you can visit it today.
06:37 There's a church there of the place of Jesus
06:39 agony in the Garden.
06:41 Now Jesus goes into the garden and things start to seem
06:46 strange the way they start to happen.
06:48 It is not unusual, He leaves some of the 12 when
06:51 He went up on the Mount transfiguration, He left the
06:55 9 down below and He takes Peter, James, and John with
06:59 Him upon the Mount transfiguration.
07:00 Here He leaves the 8, Judas isn't with them any more,
07:03 he was at the Last Supper but he's not here anymore.
07:06 He leaves the 8 and then Peter, James, and John He takes
07:09 further into the garden.
07:10 But He begins to become very distressed and troubled.
07:14 He says, He quotes scripture, "my soul is deeply grieved
07:18 to the point of death remain here and keep watch. "
07:23 He goes on and He begins to pray and seems terribly
07:27 depressed, terribly discouraged, which we have never
07:31 seen before anywhere in the gospel of Mark.
07:34 We get the reason for this in verse 36, this is the
07:39 one place where we hear the words of His prayer.
07:41 He prays 3 times.
07:43 He says, "Abba father, all things are possible for you,
07:48 remove this cup from me, yet not what I will,
07:52 but what you will. "
07:54 Kevin: before we go on what exactly is the cup?
07:57 Jesus says, "remove this cup from me?"
07:59 Tom: remove this cup from me, well there has been
08:01 several cups that have been referred to in
08:04 the gospel of Mark.
08:06 Just previous to this in the Last Supper there was
08:09 a cup that we might call the cup of blessing,
08:13 because it's usually blessed in the Lord's supper.
08:16 He gives it to His disciples to drink and says,
08:19 this is my blood which is poured out for you.
08:23 Earlier in the gospel of Mark in chapter 10, you
08:26 remember when we talked about John and James, they made
08:31 a request, we didn't have much time to talk about it
08:35 but, He had asked them are you able to drink My cup?
08:39 Are you able to be baptized with My baptism,
08:41 they said sure.
08:43 And He said you will drink My cup, and you will be
08:46 baptized with My baptism, but to sit on my right or
08:49 left that's not for Me to give.
08:51 So that seems like some kind of mysterious cup of suffering,
08:56 or in chapter 14 we had a cup of blessing.
08:59 This seems to obviously be, the cup of suffering that
09:02 He is talking about.
09:04 So this cup of suffering, it seems as though God is,
09:07 metaphorically, holding this cup of suffering to His
09:11 lips right here in the garden of Gethsemane.
09:14 He doesn't want to drink it, He doesn't want to drink
09:17 it, so what is He to do?
09:18 He says here Father you can take it away,
09:21 and 3 times He prays this.
09:23 But He says, not my will but Your will be done.
09:27 The interesting thing is that God says no!
09:31 God says no to His prayer.
09:34 No, He will not take the cup away.
09:36 He comes and finds the disciples sleeping and He says,
09:39 "be watching and praying", He calls on them
09:42 to watch and pray.
09:44 We have a little graphic here that illustrates an
09:46 interesting parallel between chapter 13 and chapter 14
09:49 on the terminology.
09:51 In Mark 13: 33-37, which was part of the Eschatological
09:55 discourse, Jesus had said that you should keep watch
09:59 because your master might come in the evening, at
10:03 midnight, at Cockcrow, or in the morning.
10:05 And every single one of those terms, except for the
10:08 term midnight, every single one of those terms reappears
10:12 in the passion narrative.
10:14 Here it appears at the Last Supper when they ate the
10:18 supper that was at evening.
10:19 The midnight doesn't appear, but Jesus does pray 3
10:22 times, so like three hours moving toward second
10:25 watch of the night.
10:27 At Cockcrow is when Peter denies Jesus, and the morning
10:30 is when Jesus is handed over to the Gentiles.
10:32 So this concept of keeping watch, staying awake which
10:36 He tells the disciples here in Gethsemane, is linked to
10:40 Eschatological idea, the last time's idea,
10:43 so they should have been watching.
10:45 They should have been staying awake and praying
10:48 so that they would not enter into temptation.
10:51 But that is not what they did.
10:53 The next scene presses in upon us and it is the scene
10:57 of Judas betraying Jesus.
10:59 It is so terrible, he comes and betrays Jesus...
11:04 Kevin: with a kiss!
11:06 Tom: with a kiss.
11:07 Artist often draw this picture of Jesus being betrayed
11:11 with a kiss and it is just the worst kind of betrayal,
11:15 because you are showing, it seems as though you are a
11:19 friend and yet it is the greatest hypocrisy isn't it?
11:23 Because instead of really caring for someone, you are
11:26 betraying them to death and handing them over.
11:29 Now I think there's at least two great lessons we can
11:33 draw here from this.
11:35 The first is that God may say no
11:39 in answer to our prayers.
11:41 You know we talked before about prayer and whether
11:45 prayer was something that you would ask and get
11:48 whatever you wanted.
11:49 Kevin: yeah I've heard the term before, rub the
11:51 redeemer, like use a genie in a lamp, you know rub
11:53 it and then you get your wish.
11:55 Tom: you get your wish, here we see that Jesus prays 3
11:57 times, now if anybody should have their prayer answered,
11:59 it should be Jesus.
12:00 Kevin: right of course!
12:01 Tom: but He prays 3 times in God says no.
12:03 You know what my friends, sometimes God may say no to
12:06 you or to me, because He has some greater redemptive
12:09 concept in mind that He has in store for us.
12:12 The other idea that we should draw from this is that
12:15 we are to watch and pray.
12:17 Jesus is coming again soon and you and I need to
12:20 stay awake, need to stay on watch.
12:22 If the disciples had stayed awake, they might not
12:25 have had the troubles they had later on where they
12:28 all fled away from Jesus.
12:30 There was a young man who ran away, he left everything
12:33 to flee from Jesus, we say.
12:35 Not to follow Him, he left everything to flee from
12:38 Jesus and ran away naked.
12:39 We should be left naked, we should be praying and watching.
12:43 Kevin: right couldn't agree more.
12:44 You know you just couldn't possibly do the last
12:48 closing scenes of Jesus life on Earth, you just can't
12:50 possibly do it any justice in the time that we have.
12:53 So we do need to come to a close, but I want to thank
12:55 you once again, professor, for coming and sharing
12:57 these truths with us.
12:59 Tom: thank you good to be with you.
13:00 Kevin: remember everyone out there to watch and pray
13:03 and keep awake spiritually.


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