Melody from My Heart


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Participants: Burchfield Brothers "What Child Is This", Dave Lehman & Melody Firestone "One Night In Bethlehem", E.T. Everett "Silent Night", Golden Melody Quartet "We Three Kings", Kateena LeForge "Worship the Gift Medley", Natalia Nesteruk "Someday", Tammy Chance "There's a Song In the Air"


Series Code: MFMH

Program Code: MFMH000267

00:01 Oh Jesus still today I see You as You are
00:07 Please take my loving offering I praise you with my offering
00:15 I lift my humble offering
00:19 With melody from my heart
00:37 In times like these, you need a Savior
00:46 In times like these you need an anchor
00:55 Be very sure, be very sure
01:04 Your anchor holds
01:10 And grips the solid
01:16 Solid rock
01:24 In times like these
01:29 You need the Bible
01:34 Oh, be not idle
01:38 Be sure your anchor holds
01:45 And grips the solid rock
01:53 Oh, this rock is Jesus
02:01 Yes, He's the one
02:06 This rock is Jesus
02:12 The only one
02:17 Be very sure, be very sure
02:27 Your anchor holds
02:33 And grips the solid
02:39 Solid rock
02:47 Solid
02:53 Rock
03:26 Tired from their journey
03:31 They searched the town
03:35 But try as they might
03:39 Not a room could be found
03:45 Only a stable
03:49 With cattle all around
03:54 One night
03:56 One night in Bethlehem
04:03 One night
04:05 One night in Bethlehem
04:14 Joseph found a manger
04:18 For the baby's bed
04:24 Mary placed a pillow
04:27 Of straw beneath his head
04:32 Their hearts were filled with peace and love
04:37 The prayer of thanks would say
04:41 One night
04:44 One night in Bethlehem
04:51 One night
04:53 One night in Bethlehem
05:08 The eastern star was shining
05:13 Bright up in the sky
05:17 As shepherds kept their watch
05:22 In fields that were nearby
05:27 Heaven was rejoicing, angels sang lullaby
05:37 One night
05:39 One night in Bethlehem
05:46 One night
05:48 One night in Bethlehem
05:55 One night in Bethlehem
05:59 God fulfilled the master plan
06:04 And He gave His only Son to set us free
06:13 For God so loves the world
06:18 He gives everlasting life
06:23 To all of those who trust Him and believe
06:38 Jesus Christ our Lord was born
06:43 The savior of the world
06:49 One night
06:52 One night in Bethlehem
06:59 One night
07:01 One night in Bethlehem
07:08 One night
07:10 One night in Bethlehem
13:11 Someday
13:16 When this night is over
13:23 And the star has faded
13:29 And the angels fly
13:38 I will
13:43 Look at You with wonder
13:50 Dreaming of this first night
13:57 When I heard You cry
14:05 Someday
14:10 You'll take your tiny fingers
14:18 And with just a touch will
14:24 Will cause the blind to see
14:34 Someday
14:39 You will walk with strangers
14:46 But tonight, I'll rock You
14:53 Stay a while with me
15:10 Someday
15:15 They will call You Savior
15:21 Hope of all the people
15:28 Light and life divine
15:36 Someday
15:42 You will speak the words
15:47 And touch the hearts of many
15:55 As You now touch mine
16:06 You will
16:11 Speak in words and wisdom
16:19 Prisons doors will open
16:25 We all will be set free
16:36 Someday
16:41 You will walk among us
16:48 But tonight, I'll rock You
16:55 Stay a while with me
17:03 My, son, just let me rock You
17:14 Just stay a while with me
17:50 We three kings of Orient are
17:55 Bearing gifts we traverse afar
18:00 Field and fountain, moor and mountain
18:05 Following yonder star
18:12 Oh, star of wonder star of night
18:20 Star with royal beauty bright
18:25 Westward leading, still proceeding
18:31 Guide us to thy perfect light
18:43 Born a king on Bethlehem's plain
18:48 Gold I bring to crown Him again
18:53 King forever, ceasing never
18:57 Over us all to reign
19:05 Oh, star of wonder, star of night
19:13 Star with royal beauty bright
19:18 Westward leading, still proceeding
19:25 Guide us to thy perfect light
19:38 Glorious now behold Him arise
19:43 King and God and Sacrifice
19:48 Alleluia, alleluia
19:53 Sound through the earth and skies
20:02 Oh, star of wonder, star of night
20:10 Star with royal beauty bright
20:14 Westward leading, still proceeding
20:25 Guide us to thy perfect light
24:03 It came upon the midnight clear
24:12 That glorious song of old
24:22 From angels bending near the earth
24:31 To touch their harps of gold
24:41 Away in a manger no crib for a bed
24:51 The little Lord Jesus
24:56 Laid down His sweet head
25:07 The stars in the sky
25:13 Looked down where He lay
25:21 The little Lord Jesus
25:27 Asleep on the hay
25:43 What Child is this who lay to rest
25:52 On Mary's lap is sleeping
26:00 Whom angels greet with anthems sweet
26:09 While shepherds watch are keeping
26:26 Oh, little town of Bethlehem
26:34 How still we see thee lie
26:41 Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
26:49 The silent stars go by
26:56 Yet in the dark street shineth
27:03 The everlasting light
27:09 The hopes and fears of all the years
27:17 Are met in thee tonight
27:34 Sleep
27:37 In heavenly peace
27:52 Oh, Jesus still today I see You as You are
27:59 Please take my loving offering I praise you with my offering
28:07 I lift my humble offering
28:11 With melody from my heart


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