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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus, the Lord is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Hello, and welcome to "Magnify Him."
00:19 My name is Duawne Starling.
00:20 And my name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:22 Thank you so much for tuning in.
00:24 There is a special blessing in store just for you.
00:27 That's right.
00:29 We are always so honored
00:30 to bring to you incredible talent,
00:32 ministers of music
00:33 who are going to let the Lord use them to inspire,
00:37 uplift and encourage you.
00:39 That's right, Duawne.
00:40 And we're going to hear some music from you today.
00:42 Oh, yes, yes, yes. Oh, we're gonna be blessed.
00:44 I'm looking forward to your ministry.
00:45 Well, I can't wait.
00:46 I love when God uses me to bless His people.
00:49 So don't go away.
00:50 Join us as we lift up the name of Jesus and magnify Him.
00:54 Magnify the Lord with me
00:57 Magnify Him
01:02 I'm sitting here with my co-host Duawne Starling.
01:06 And I get to sit in this chair.
01:07 Usually you're in this chair, and I'm somewhere else,
01:11 but I get to interview you now.
01:13 It's so good to have you.
01:15 Number one, as the co-host of "Magnify Him."
01:18 And number two as an artist.
01:20 You know, I was listening to you do your sound check,
01:23 and the Lord has blessed you
01:25 with such a fluid, silky instrument.
01:28 How did you avoid taking that into the world?
01:31 Why do you sing for Jesus?
01:33 You know, well, first of all I never had a desire
01:35 to take it into the world.
01:37 Raised in church, but not just raised in church,
01:41 church was raised in me.
01:43 And I developed a relationship with God very early in life.
01:47 So I knew that I would sing,
01:48 I always knew that I would sing.
01:50 All right.
01:51 And I didn't know what, you know, the venues would be,
01:53 but I knew it was not secular music.
01:56 Yes. I just never felt an urge.
01:59 You know, I never felt a desire
02:01 to be pulled in that direction at all.
02:03 And that's so unusual. I love church.
02:04 Did you listen to secular music?
02:05 Oh, yes, I did.
02:06 When my mother wasn't listening,
02:08 I listened to secular music.
02:10 I did.
02:11 I think she's watching now.
02:12 She's probably watching.
02:14 I study people.
02:15 I mean, 'cause I think there were things
02:17 that I can learn and pull from them,
02:19 like Luther Vandross
02:21 and Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin.
02:24 But at the same time I was listening
02:26 to the Brothers of Washington D.C.
02:28 I was listening to Edwin Hawkins
02:30 and Walter Hawkins.
02:31 I was listening to the Smallwood Singers,
02:34 Andrae Crouch, you know, people like that.
02:37 That's amazing, because many times
02:40 a lot of people that are as talented as you
02:42 start out in the church,
02:43 and then end up being seduced into the world.
02:46 And you're saying that
02:47 you never even had a desire for that.
02:49 No, never did.
02:50 That's amazing. Never did.
02:52 Tell us a little bit about your journey musically,
02:54 some of the things that you--
02:55 And I know you are-- I have to tell our viewers
02:58 that you're one of the most humble people
03:00 and the love of the Lord just comes through.
03:02 But I'll say this,
03:03 I know that you sang at Ted Kennedy's birthday party.
03:07 Tell us some of the artists that you've worked with.
03:09 I've done a lot in--
03:12 Well, I lived in Nashville for 10 1/2 years,
03:14 so I worked with artists like Kirk Franklin.
03:16 He was the very first one I started with.
03:17 I was in The Family.
03:20 "Till We Meet Again," may His peace be with you.
03:23 Yes, I love that.
03:24 I was the guy singing that, I was 19.
03:25 Wow.
03:27 And so it started there,
03:28 and I went to Daniel Winans and then Bebe & CeCe Winans
03:32 and Angie and Debbie Winans and on to Donnie McClurkin.
03:39 I did a lot of studio work.
03:40 That's kind of like how I made my living for 10 1/2 years.
03:43 I did a lot of studio work.
03:45 So I mean, even Dolly Parton.
03:46 I did, you know, I did some road work with Dolly Parton,
03:49 did the Jay Leno show a couple of times.
03:52 Artists like Fred Hayman, I did some things with him.
03:55 He's one of my favorites, too.
03:57 Yeah. Yeah.
03:58 It's a long list.
03:59 And, you know, sometimes when I was depressed
04:01 I would go to the record store
04:04 because we still had record stores.
04:06 Okay, you know, I'm dating myself,
04:07 we had record stores.
04:09 I would go to the record store and to encourage myself
04:12 I would look at all the CDs
04:14 and count how many that I was on.
04:15 Wow.
04:16 And say, you know what, you do have a gift,
04:19 and your gift will be used,
04:20 you know, whether it's in the background right now.
04:22 But I knew that I wasn't always supposed to stay there.
04:25 God always had a bigger calling,
04:27 a larger destiny for me.
04:29 And so I just-- I'm thankful and grateful
04:32 for the opportunities that I've had,
04:34 you know, supporting other artists.
04:36 And now God's giving me my own platform,
04:38 and I will use it for His glory.
04:40 Yes. Amen.
04:41 He's expanding your borders, your territory.
04:42 Yes. Stretching them.
04:44 He's stretching, He's taking you
04:46 out of your comfort zone.
04:47 Yes.
04:48 And that's-- we have such a great God.
04:50 We do. He's such a great God.
04:51 And He has greater plans for us than we could even imagine.
04:56 You know, last year this time you had no idea
04:58 that you would be co-hosting a television program.
04:59 No, not at all.
05:01 A worldwide television program.
05:02 A worldwide--
05:04 You know, never did I think that.
05:06 You know, but that just goes to show that
05:08 my dreams are miniscule
05:11 when it comes to God's dreams for me.
05:12 Absolutely.
05:13 You know, His dreams always supersede what I dream.
05:15 Absolutely.
05:17 Jeremiah 29:11, one of my favorite verses.
05:19 For I know the plans and thoughts
05:22 that I have toward you, saith the Lord,
05:24 you know, plans to give you--
05:25 To prosper you.
05:26 To prosper you and to give you a future
05:28 and a hope according to the NIV.
05:30 Right. A future and a hope.
05:31 You know, there is a plan specifically for you.
05:34 Exactly. And that's just so beautiful.
05:36 Another thing that I love about you
05:38 is that you are a family man.
05:40 Yes. Your family is so important.
05:42 I love the way you talk about your wife.
05:44 Tell us about your family.
05:45 Well, I have been married 10 years.
05:47 It was 10 years, 2 weeks ago as a matter of fact.
05:49 So we've been married 10 years,
05:52 we were friends for almost 11 years, platonic friends.
05:56 So, you know, every day I'm with my friend.
05:59 You know, she is my closest female friend.
06:01 And we have three daughters,
06:04 and we have a dramatic daughter,
06:07 we have a carefree daughter, and we have--
06:11 I don't know the third one is just--
06:13 she's got her own thing going.
06:14 I don't even know how to describe her,
06:16 but three beautiful daughters.
06:17 Oh, that's awesome. How old are they?
06:19 Six, five and three.
06:20 Hands are full. Wow, wow.
06:23 I know you love those babies with all your heart.
06:25 I sure do.
06:27 I sure do. That's so wonderful.
06:29 You know, it is so great
06:31 when you have a minister of music
06:34 who loves the Lord like Duawne Starling.
06:45 Some days I think I'm wasting my time
06:52 Trying to find peace of mind
06:58 And, oh, this world
07:02 Of broken promises
07:06 Is messing with my head
07:11 But it's temporary anyway
07:18 So, Lord, I'm counting on You
07:23 To put the order through
07:28 When You call my name
07:30 I might get carried away
07:34 In a day to another place
07:40 I'll catch a ride on a breeze
07:43 Above all the trees to another place
07:53 And sometimes I think I'm ready now
08:00 To take my final bow
08:05 But I don't want you to think
08:10 I'm giving up, no, no, no
08:13 Oh, but I'm so ready to go
08:18 I want to go where there's no despair
08:22 And the sun shines on everyone
08:30 Am I the only one dreaming of that day?
08:37 I might get carried away
08:41 In a day to another place
08:47 And I'll ride on a breeze
08:50 Above all the trees to another place
09:00 Oh, what a place to be
09:04 Where there's freedom
09:05 There's really freedom
09:10 And I can't wait
09:13 Till I see His face
09:17 That one day
09:19 I'm carried away
09:22 In a day to another place
09:28 And I'll ride on a breeze
09:30 Above all the trees to another place
09:37 Oh, a better place
09:39 I might get carried away
09:43 Away
09:48 I might get carried away
09:55 In a daze now
10:00 I might get, I might get carried away
10:10 Philippians 4:13 says,
10:12 "I can do all things through Christ
10:14 who strengthens me."
10:15 There's nothing that's impossible
10:17 when you take the hand of the Father
10:19 and never let it go.
10:39 I can do this
10:45 It can be true
10:51 I can stand up
10:57 I can make it through
11:03 I'll be all right
11:07 So I've been told
11:13 If I only take Your hand
11:18 And don't let go
11:25 I'll be stronger
11:31 Cry no longer
11:36 And I'll never wander
11:41 From Your love no more
11:48 And I'll be wiser now
11:53 Not like before
11:58 If I only take Your hand
12:04 And don't let go
12:10 I can do the one I intended
12:17 The one that You need, Lord
12:21 And I can go beyond every circumstance
12:28 When down on my knees
12:33 When I'm down on my knees
12:41 I see my way now
12:47 Now that I found
12:52 One who knows how
12:57 And He cares to show
13:03 And He'll protect me
13:07 From all that I don't know
13:14 If I only take His hand
13:20 I do believe that I can stand
13:26 If I only take His hand
13:31 I can be a better man
13:37 Lord, I'll simply take
13:42 I'll take Your hand
13:47 Please don't, don't let go
13:58 Don't let go
14:02 I'm counting on you
14:15 Magnify the Lord with me
14:18 Magnify Him
14:23 Praise the Lord.
14:24 I'm sitting here with Shirley Ann Thomas-Laurencin.
14:27 And what a delight it is to meet you.
14:30 Pleasure. Thank you for being here.
14:32 I am delighted to be with you.
14:33 When I first met you, the first thing that I noticed
14:37 was that you have a peaceful demeanor.
14:39 And then when I heard you sing,
14:42 not only is it beautiful,
14:43 but there was still that peaceful demeanor.
14:46 What is the purpose behind your music?
14:51 I believe that there is just a purpose for life
14:54 and specifically for music,
14:58 the purpose is to somehow give a message of hope.
15:05 Right.
15:06 There is something profoundly
15:11 different about music
15:15 because it reaches the soul in a way
15:21 that words alone
15:25 may not necessarily be able to accomplish.
15:29 So for me that's a purpose.
15:31 There is-- There is hope.
15:36 There is the opportunity to uplift spirits.
15:41 Yes.
15:43 I think once that is accomplished,
15:45 and we are able to point individuals to Christ
15:51 then ministry would have accomplished.
15:54 There is such power.
15:56 Yes.
15:57 Such power in the Word,
15:59 but when you couple the Word
16:02 with the music the power is expanded.
16:07 And I agree with you,
16:08 I agree with you that there are some places
16:09 that Word alone won't go.
16:12 Yeah.
16:13 And even when you don't have lyrics to a song,
16:18 a song can still minister to you.
16:19 Oh, absolutely.
16:20 Are there--
16:22 Are there any songs that you'll be ministering today
16:24 that has that kind of power?
16:28 That same effect on you?
16:32 I think you'll agree with me that
16:34 the music must speak to you first.
16:37 Right.
16:38 And certainly I try to choose songs that--
16:45 they've reached to me at some place
16:47 at some point in my-- in my spiritual journey.
16:51 And it has affected me so much
16:54 that I'm hoping I'm able to translate that to the listener.
17:01 And so that they, too,
17:02 can get that message, get that feeling.
17:06 So there are two songs that I'll share with you today.
17:13 One is called "New Jerusalem."
17:15 I love that.
17:18 Who's longing for home.
17:19 Yeah.
17:20 I'm absolutely looking for that day
17:23 because there is more to this,
17:28 more to this life.
17:30 It just doesn't end here.
17:32 And the message of hope
17:34 that comes with that is that
17:36 we look forward to a better place.
17:41 So I'll share that as well as a song
17:45 called "Over the Cross."
17:46 Yeah.
17:51 If it weren't for Calvary.
17:53 If it weren't for Calvary where would any of us be?
17:55 Hallelujah.
17:57 I love that God will stretch us sometimes
18:01 into the position that He wants us in.
18:03 Yes, yes.
18:04 And if we are obedient, He will lead us into venues,
18:09 such as this, that we never even imagined.
18:12 We can't get so complacent with this world though
18:14 because there is a New Jerusalem.
18:16 Absolutely.
18:17 A New Jerusalem that He's prepared
18:19 that we're all going to enjoy if we're faithful.
18:21 And that's good news.
18:23 If we're obedient. Amen.
18:24 If we're trusting Him. Yes.
18:26 If we're living for Him. Yes.
18:27 And I believe you are.
18:29 Honestly, I would love for you to listen to the voice,
18:34 to the ministry of this woman of God,
18:37 this powerful woman of God.
18:39 I know you will be blessed
18:40 as she sings "New Jerusalem."
18:56 For words could describe
19:01 The longing in my heart
19:06 For the place
19:10 God has for me
19:15 When I think of Heaven's glory
19:21 Awaiting the redeemed
19:28 All my soul within rises up
19:34 At the thought of what will be
19:41 How I long
19:44 For the New Jerusalem
19:50 Just to see my Savior's face
19:57 All my heart is in Jerusalem
20:04 My home, my resting place
20:25 I've heard that the streets are paved with gold
20:33 And the light there never fades
20:40 I've heard of treasures to behold
20:47 That words could not explain
20:52 And the praise of the saints like an ocean
21:00 Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
21:07 How I long for the New Jerusalem
21:14 Just to see my Savior's face
21:21 All my heart is in Jerusalem
21:28 My home, my resting place
21:36 No more crying, and no more pain
21:44 My every tear will be wiped away
21:50 All suffering on earth will cease
21:54 Forevermore at peace
21:58 Jerusalem
22:04 Jerusalem
22:14 Jerusalem
22:16 Just to see my Savior's face
22:24 All my heart is in Jerusalem
22:30 My home, my resting place
22:37 My home, my resting place
22:52 My home
22:59 My resting place
23:14 So grateful for what Christ did on the cross
23:18 for you and for me.
23:40 My longing for love wouldn't go away
23:46 I was desperate, searching
23:51 Broken by pain
23:54 Searching for answers when nothing seemed right
24:01 Where were my answers, and what was my life?
24:09 Blinded by sin until and unless I believed
24:16 And turned my eyes
24:19 My eyes to Calvary
24:24 Oh, the cross where Jesus died
24:30 He shed His blood, gave His life for you and I
24:37 My sin erased, no longer lost
24:45 My debt was paid
24:48 I am saved
24:54 Oh, the cross
25:00 Day after day as I live my life
25:06 I find heartache and trouble
25:11 Battles to fight
25:14 When fear tried to grip me, and I feel alone
25:21 Jesus is with me
25:24 I'm not on my own
25:29 Now I can say that you in my heart I believe
25:36 My debt has been paid
25:39 Because of Calvary
25:44 Oh, the cross where Jesus died
25:52 He gave His life for you and I
25:57 My sin erased, no longer lost
26:05 My debt was paid, I am saved
26:10 Oh, the cross
26:13 Oh, the cross
26:17 Where Jesus died
26:22 He gave His life for you and I
26:27 My sin erased
26:31 No longer lost
26:36 I am saved
26:38 Oh, I am saved
26:42 Oh, the cross
26:46 Where Jesus died
26:51 He gave His life for you and I
26:57 My sin erased
27:01 No longer lost
27:07 My debt was paid
27:11 Oh, my debt was paid
27:21 Oh, the cross
27:35 Magnify Him
27:41 Duawne, that was truly a blessing, wasn't it?
27:43 Yes, it really was.
27:44 It's so great to be able to share
27:46 these artists with the world.
27:47 And I was so blessed by your ministry.
27:49 Oh, thank you.
27:51 And thank you for tuning in.
27:53 Until next time, God bless you.


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