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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Duawne Starling (Host), Loren Mulraine, Sherice Tomlin


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus, the Lord is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Hello, everyone, and welcome to "Magnify Him."
00:20 My name is Duawne Starling.
00:22 And I'm Yvonne Lewis.
00:23 And once again we are excited about "Magnify Him."
00:27 What do you think about "Magnify Him," Duawne?
00:28 You know, I think "Magnify Him"
00:30 is a perfect idea.
00:32 Praise the Lord. I honestly do.
00:34 We are bringing singers
00:36 who are musicians and songwriters as well.
00:40 But the main thing is they're concerned about ministry.
00:42 Yes. Yes.
00:43 And that's so important because again
00:45 we want to give God the glory.
00:47 The name of the program is "Magnify Him,"
00:50 not magnify the artist, but "Magnify Him."
00:52 And so what our viewers are gonna see
00:55 is the artist really lifting up the name of Jesus
00:59 and bringing Jesus into the homes of the viewers
01:02 so that they can have a sense of who He is.
01:05 And sharing their testimonies through songs,
01:08 you know, and just letting people know
01:09 that we are more alike then we are different.
01:11 If we just tell each other the things
01:13 that we've gone through
01:14 we are far more like than we are different.
01:16 Yes, and music is a great way to do that.
01:18 Music is a great way for us to connect
01:22 and for us to really again share Jesus with others.
01:26 So sit back, take a look at "Magnify Him"
01:30 as we glorify and lift up
01:32 the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
01:34 Amen.
01:36 Magnify the Lord with me
01:39 Magnify Him
01:44 I'm sitting here with Sherice Tomlin.
01:46 She's a wonderful woman of God.
01:48 She's a recording artist. She's a writer.
01:52 You know, the list could go on.
01:54 One of the things that I love about you
01:56 is that when I listen to you
01:57 I can tell that you are authentic,
01:59 that this is not just something that's been rehearsed,
02:02 but this is something that you live
02:04 on a day to day basis.
02:06 What I'd like to know is,
02:07 where does the passion come from?
02:10 Right, amen, I tell you the passion
02:12 truly comes from the Father.
02:13 Serving Him is really what drives me.
02:16 And since I'm not-- I don't think that I'm a pastor
02:19 so I just-- my contribution is through song.
02:23 And so I-- that's really what drives me.
02:26 I'm sure if you wanted to pastor you could.
02:27 Have mercy.
02:29 Because I know you have a lot of Word in you.
02:30 Have mercy.
02:32 I am a broken vessel just being used,
02:34 so you just never know.
02:36 Praise God.
02:37 So the CD that you are going to sing from today,
02:40 can you tell us some of the things
02:42 that we would hear on it.
02:43 You know, I'm pretty diverse in my music.
02:46 So therefore genres differ.
02:50 Today I'll be singing one of them.
02:52 It's a ballad that was written
02:54 by my cousin and I, Stephanie Clark.
02:55 And the rest of it you'll hear some traditional churchy things
02:59 and some gospel reggae.
03:01 My parents are from Jamaica so,
03:02 you know, I have to represent my heritage.
03:05 I love it. I love that stuff so...
03:07 But music altogether,
03:08 I mean, classicals are my favorite stuff.
03:10 I really enjoy that.
03:11 So are you doing the gospel reggae song today?
03:13 Oh, no, not today. Not today?
03:16 I'm gonna sing "Without You, Lord."
03:18 That was actually, I re-did that song.
03:21 I did it on my first album,
03:22 and on the second one 'cause it's just a favorite of mine.
03:25 I just had to do it again.
03:26 And then of course another one
03:28 from my heart "People Need The Lord."
03:29 I love that.
03:30 So where can we purchase your CD?
03:33 If you go on to my website that will be,
03:36 you should be able to obtain it from there.
03:39 It should be on iTunes and CD Baby soon
03:42 and of course
03:43 Wonderful.
03:45 So I would love for the audience
03:48 to hear these two songs and we are preparing now
03:51 to hear the ministry of Sherice Tomlin.
03:53 And I know you will be blessed.
04:04 Without you, Lord
04:07 I can't find my way
04:13 I need Your spirit
04:19 To guide me each day
04:24 That's why I now come to You
04:29 On bended knees
04:34 Asking you, Father
04:39 To lead me please
04:51 Without you, Lord
04:54 I can't make it
05:01 Without you, Lord
05:04 I can't take it
05:11 Without you, Lord
05:14 I can't go straight
05:20 Without you, Lord
05:24 I can't find my way
05:36 Lord, I need You to guide me
05:41 Help me to win
05:47 I can't fight much longer
05:51 This battle I'm in
05:54 No, no
05:57 That's why I'm telling You, Lord
06:01 To send, Lord, send Your help
06:07 I can't do without You, Jesus
06:10 I can't make it
06:13 By myself, Lord
06:19 Without you, Lord
06:21 I can't make it
06:29 Without you, Lord
06:31 I can't take it, no
06:39 Without you, Lord
06:42 I can't go straight
06:48 Without you, Lord
06:52 I can't find my way
06:55 You said that wherever I go
06:58 You would protect me
07:03 Even in the midst of my enemies
07:15 I long from my heart today
07:19 Perfect the heart
07:25 But I know that it starts within myself
07:33 In myself
07:41 I can't live without You, Lord
07:47 I cannot live without You
07:49 No, no, Lord
07:54 I cannot live without You
07:59 I cannot live without You
08:02 You are so blessed, so precious, so precious to me
08:06 Lord, you are the best thing indeed
08:11 I cannot live I cannot live
08:16 I cannot live, Lord
08:29 I cannot make it, Lord, no
08:35 I can't, Lord
08:39 Without you, Lord
08:42 I have no strength without You, Lord
08:54 I can't find my way
09:15 This song simply speaks about our need for our Lord.
09:19 We live in such a world filled with hate,
09:22 anger, diseases, death.
09:25 But I've just come here to encourage you
09:28 to let you know that God is there,
09:31 he's still in control.
09:33 Know that we all,
09:35 whether we're doing good or not, need the Lord.
09:48 Every day they pass me by
09:55 I can see it in their eyes
10:02 Empty people filled with care
10:08 Headed who knows where
10:16 On they go through private pain
10:23 Living fear to fear
10:29 Laughter hides their silent cries
10:36 Only Jesus hears
10:44 People need the Lord
10:51 People need the Lord
10:58 At the end of broken dreams
11:06 He's the open door
11:13 People need the Lord
11:20 People need the Lord
11:28 When will we realize
11:35 People need the Lord
11:53 We are called to take His light
12:01 To a world where wrong seems right
12:08 What could be too great a cost
12:13 For sharing life
12:17 With one who's lost
12:23 Through His love our hearts can feel
12:29 All the grief they bear
12:36 They must hear the words of life
12:44 Only we can share
12:51 People need the Lord
12:59 People need the Lord
13:06 At the end of broken dreams
13:13 He's the open door
13:20 People need the Lord
13:28 People need the Lord
13:36 When will we realize
13:43 That we must give our lives
13:48 For people need the Lord
14:05 People need the Lord
14:29 The Lord
14:39 Magnify the Lord with me
14:42 Magnify Him
14:48 I am so thrilled to be sitting here with Loren Mulraine.
14:51 Loren, welcome to "Magnify Him."
14:53 Thank you. Thank you, so much.
14:54 Glad to be here. We go a long way back.
14:56 Yeah, we do. We do.
14:57 It was several years ago I did my first CD,
15:00 and as an attorney, an entertainment attorney
15:02 you negotiated that deal for me.
15:04 That's right. Thank you, Loren.
15:05 I don't know if I got to say thank you before but thank you.
15:08 My pleasure.
15:09 Your ministry has just blossomed and grown.
15:11 Tell us what you've been doing.
15:13 Well, I've done over the last--
15:16 I started doing solo ministry about 20 years ago.
15:18 I did at least four solo recordings.
15:21 Wonderful.
15:22 The most recent one is called "Fall on Me."
15:24 And the songs I'm gonna be doing today
15:25 are from that CD.
15:27 "Renewed, Restored, Redeemed"
15:28 and "I Am" are both part of that.
15:30 And I tour with Breath of Life Quartet primarily.
15:33 And usually when we tour,
15:34 we also have solo spots within the tours.
15:37 And, you know, I'm just trying to use
15:40 all the gifts God gave me.
15:42 And He's given you so many.
15:43 I was listening to your--
15:44 Praise God. Yes, amen.
15:45 I was listening to your soundtrack,
15:48 and your voice is just so clear.
15:50 And-- Oh, it's just--
15:52 it's beautiful and you minister.
15:53 And that's what we're really focusing on here
15:56 with "Magnify Him."
15:57 We want ministry.
15:59 Tell us what you really want to do with your ministry?
16:01 What are you doing?
16:02 Well, I'm trying to do
16:03 more and more writing and producing.
16:05 So on my project I wrote all the songs and produced it.
16:09 So the songs that you're gonna sing for us today you wrote?
16:11 Those are original songs, yes, that I wrote.
16:13 Wonderful. Wonderful.
16:14 Produced and arranged.
16:16 And then on the Breath of Life Quartet
16:18 I produced and co-wrote
16:20 and arranged most of that as well.
16:22 That is awesome.
16:23 Do you have as a writer,
16:24 do you have set times
16:25 that you write or, how do you do that?
16:27 That's really interesting.
16:28 Because of the fact that I don't do music fulltime
16:31 I write in bunches.
16:32 So, for example, I'm a professor at a university
16:35 and during those breaks I'll write five or six songs,
16:38 you know during Christmas break.
16:40 See, you know, see that's such a gift.
16:43 You know, not just anybody can just sit and write
16:45 five songs during a break.
16:47 Do you have set hours that you do it?
16:49 Not really.
16:50 I kind of combine craft and inspiration.
16:52 The inspiration part just hits you
16:54 whenever it hits you.
16:55 For example, the first song that I'm gonna do today,
16:58 the hook of that came to me in a dream.
17:00 Did it?
17:01 And I woke up, I didn't want to turn on the lights,
17:03 and I just wrote out the notes
17:04 on a piece of paper next to my bed
17:05 because I didn't want to wake up.
17:07 Yes, and you don't want to forget.
17:08 Wow, wow, wow.
17:10 What is your favorite song that you've written?
17:13 My favorite song is probably the title song
17:15 of the album which is "Fall On Me,"
17:18 and close second will probably be "I Am."
17:20 Yeah.
17:22 I heard "I Am" on your soundtrack,
17:23 oh, you just want to worship the Lord.
17:26 Praise God. And that's just--
17:27 That's really what it's all about worshipping God.
17:30 Let's go and talk about Breath of Life a bit.
17:33 You've been with them for how long?
17:34 I've been with Breath of Life for almost 20 years now.
17:37 Started in 1992 and been all over the world
17:41 and we've really been blessed
17:42 to be a part of that great ministry.
17:44 And it's so awesome.
17:45 And you guys like come together
17:46 from all different parts of the country
17:48 and get together and rehearse and all.
17:50 Yeah, yeah. That is incredible.
17:52 What about your family?
17:53 I have a wife and five kids at home.
17:56 Wow.
17:57 Four daughters and a son. You are a busy guy.
17:59 Yeah. Yeah.
18:00 How old are they?
18:01 Going from 16 to 2 1/2. Oh.
18:03 So we have five drop-offs in the morning.
18:08 That's got to be challenging.
18:10 So how do you combine ministry
18:14 and home and Breath of Life?
18:16 How do you do all that?
18:17 Because you have ministry
18:18 and you have your profession as an attorney.
18:19 Sure. Sure.
18:21 The ministry part is something that occurs
18:23 every day and every moment.
18:25 And so I just take advantage of the inspiration
18:27 that I get from different times
18:29 and places to feed into my ministry.
18:32 That is awesome. That is awesome.
18:34 We are so blessed today
18:35 to have Loren Mulraine to minister to us.
18:40 As you listen to the lyrics of these songs worship God,
18:45 worship Him and magnify Him.
18:58 Create in me
19:03 A clean heart
19:07 And renew a right spirit within me
19:15 Yeah, yeah
19:17 Cast me not away
19:22 From Your presence I pray
19:27 Don't take Your Spirit from me
19:37 Restore the joy
19:41 Of salvation to me
19:46 May my spirit be willing to serve You
19:56 On my own I am lost
20:01 But with You I can be renewed,
20:09 Restored, redeemed
20:16 My mind's renewed
20:21 My heart's restored
20:26 My soul has been redeemed
20:29 By the blood of the Lamb
20:33 And I know that I am
20:36 My mind has been renewed
20:41 My heart has been restored
20:45 My soul has been redeemed
20:55 So I thank You, oh, Lord
21:00 You are great, You are good
21:05 Loving kindness is everlasting
21:14 With my heart I can say
21:19 I'm redeemed of the Lord
21:24 I am renewed, restored, redeemed
21:35 My mind's renewed
21:40 My heart's restored
21:44 My soul has been redeemed
21:48 By the blood of the Lamb
21:51 And I know that I am
21:54 My mind has been renewed
21:59 My heart has been restored
22:04 My soul has been redeemed
22:10 By the blood of the Lamb
22:13 So I thank You, oh, Lord
22:18 You are great, You are good
22:23 Loving kindness is everlasting
22:33 With my heart I can say
22:38 I'm redeemed of the Lord
22:42 I am renewed, restored, redeemed
22:55 I have been renewed, restored, redeemed
23:06 Not only does God want to renew your mind,
23:08 restore your heart and redeem your soul,
23:10 but He also wants to be the answer
23:12 to every question in your life,
23:14 solution to every problem.
23:16 "I Am."
23:21 I am the author of the ages
23:26 The words, the book, the pages
23:30 I am the name above every name
23:36 I am the answer to the question
23:42 The reason your confession
23:46 Will never ever leave you the same
23:52 I am a still small voice
23:59 And a mighty wind
24:07 The bread of life and living water
24:12 I make right all that is wrong
24:16 In your weakness, I am strong
24:24 I am the grace you need to save you
24:29 From sins that I forgave you
24:33 The giver of the living sacrifice
24:39 I am the power to restore you
24:45 The crown that's waiting for you
24:49 I gave My Son, whose blood has paid the price
24:55 I am the mountain high
25:02 And the valley low
25:10 I am the sunshine in your darkness
25:14 And the rain upon dry lands
25:19 I am the one who holds the world in My hands
25:27 A father to the fatherless and a friend to those alone
25:34 A shelter to the homeless, I will not forget my own
25:42 I am giving you the power to go possess the land
25:50 When you're in your darkest hour
25:53 Just take My hand
25:58 I am the power of salvation
26:04 The healing for all nations
26:08 I am the word to set the captives free
26:14 I am to all who dare believe Me
26:20 To all who would receive Me
26:24 The promise that you'll live eternally
26:29 If you just seek My face
26:36 And turn from your own ways
26:44 I am the one who will forgive your sins
26:49 And I will heal the land
26:52 I am the Alpha and Omega
26:56 The first and last
27:00 That's what I am
27:15 I am the author of the ages
27:21 The words, the book, the pages
27:24 I am the one who holds the world in My hands
27:32 I am
27:43 Magnify Him
27:47 Duawne, I'm so thankful
27:49 that we've been able to share
27:50 these talented artists with the world.
27:51 Yes, yes.
27:52 It really has been a blessing,
27:54 and I pray that you have been blessed.
27:56 Until next time.


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