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Participants: Duawne Starling (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Mark Prentice, Michael Gayle


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Hello and welcome to Magnify Him.
00:19 My name is Duawne Starling. And my name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:23 Thank you so much for tuning in.
00:25 Prepare your heart to meet some
00:27 ministers of music in our program today.
00:30 I know that you will be greatly encouraged
00:32 and blessed by their ministry.
00:34 Yes, I believe you will.
00:35 There is such a special blessing in store for you,
00:38 just for you.
00:39 So join us as we lift up the name of Jesus.
00:43 He is so worthy to be praised. Yes.
00:46 Come and let us magnify the Lord.
00:48 Let us exalt His name together.
00:51 Our God is an awesome God.
00:53 Our God is a worthy God. Yes.
00:55 He is worthy of praise.
00:57 Magnify the Lord with me
01:00 Magnify Him
01:06 I like to welcome Michael Gayle to Magnify Him.
01:10 Welcome, Michael. So good to have you here.
01:13 Tell us-- How did you get started in music?
01:16 Oh, I got started maybe like 25 years ago.
01:22 My sister-- You don't look that old.
01:23 Really? Thank you.
01:26 You're welcome.
01:28 But my sister, she used to take organ lessons
01:30 and I'd always ask her tons of questions.
01:34 And then she played the clarinet,
01:36 so then I learned in junior high school
01:38 how to play the saxophone.
01:39 So the saxophone is your primary instrument?
01:41 Yes, yes.
01:43 What are the instruments do you play?
01:46 Saxophone, keyboards, organ, guitar.
01:49 Oh, my, so you're a one man band?
01:51 Yes.
01:53 And you sing? Yes.
01:55 Praise the Lord. God is so good
01:57 as He gives us gifts and talents
01:59 and it's such an amazing thing.
02:02 What made you decide to use it for the Lord?
02:04 Wow. My mom actually forced me
02:08 to use it for the Lord. And it was a good thing,
02:11 because, you know, the Bible does say
02:13 to turn up your children. So it was her responsibility
02:16 to recognize the gift in me at early age
02:19 and really just push me in that direction
02:22 and when I got older, I didn't depart from it.
02:25 I was gonna say, what made you stay
02:27 since your mom forced you into it?
02:29 What made you stay in?
02:31 I found the love for music at a young age,
02:35 but eventually you make a connection
02:37 between you talents and your gift.
02:40 And if you can make that connection early,
02:44 you're pretty much not straying from there.
02:46 Explain that a little bit more,
02:47 your talents and your gifts, what do you mean?
02:49 The talent is the ability to play music,
02:53 but the gift is, musically it's the gift
02:55 of encouragement or healing or things like that.
02:57 Those are the gifts of the body of Christ.
03:00 So when God gives us a talent
03:02 whether in the Bible the parable was about,
03:04 you know, the money talent.
03:05 Right, right.
03:07 He held them accountable for what they did with it.
03:09 So everybody can do something different
03:11 with the talent God gives them,
03:13 but the gifts should edify the body of Christ
03:16 in the form of healing
03:18 or in the form of encouragement,
03:20 those are the gifts that we want to make sure
03:23 that our talent connects with the gift.
03:24 Oh, I like that. That's a good word.
03:28 That's a good word.
03:30 Would you say that when you got started,
03:34 that there were challenges,
03:36 what kinds of challenges did you face with music
03:39 and trying to be a Christian at the same time?
03:44 I think the biggest challenge I faced was...
03:49 pushing past opinions of people.
03:54 Because I'm the youngest in my family,
03:56 so usually the older ones get to do things first
04:01 and you want to do it, you know,
04:03 like little David pushing into side, get out of here,
04:06 what do you want? Right, right.
04:07 So just to push past people's opinions.
04:09 You know starting on the saxophone,
04:11 I wasn't that bad, but when I wanted
04:13 to learn keyboards at 17,
04:15 people said it was too late
04:17 and you know should have started younger
04:20 and people don't want to show you stuff.
04:21 Then you have to push past the popular opinion
04:26 and really do what God has put in your heart to do,
04:28 because He says, that He gives you he desires of your heart.
04:32 So the actual things that you want to do when you're in Him,
04:35 those actual desires are actually given to you.
04:38 So you have to kind of move past
04:40 the push back of others opinions and all.
04:43 What about the opinions about playing the saxophone,
04:46 because sometimes people think that's too jazzy
04:48 an instrument to worship with?
04:50 Well, you know, this is a different time
04:51 we're living in right now
04:53 and people are little bit more open to it.
04:55 And what I found is that people are receptors
04:58 when they see that you're not show boarding
05:00 and it's not a jazz concert.
05:01 And they realize that the person
05:03 is just really the instrument
05:05 and God is the one using them.
05:07 And the saxophone is just another tool
05:09 that can be used in worship.
05:11 Yes. And you use the saxophone
05:13 just-- Do you just play by yourself?
05:15 Just play the saxophone and worship the Lord?
05:18 Yes. I also do that on piano
05:20 because it takes a lesser wind.
05:25 But yes I do, do that often also.
05:28 And that's-- It's so important
05:30 to just worship the Lord
05:31 through the instruments that He has given us,
05:33 whether it's through our voices,
05:35 whether it's through playing the piano, saxophone,
05:40 it's all about using the instruments
05:43 that He's given us.
05:44 And today we're going to be blessed
05:47 with Michael Gayle using the instruments
05:49 that God has given him to worship
05:52 and magnify the Lord.
08:58 I truly believe that God love songs
08:59 that talk about His greatness.
09:01 The next song I'll be playing is "How Great Thou Art."
14:17 Magnify the Lord with me
14:20 Magnify Him
14:26 Praise the Lord. I'm here with Mark G. Prentice.
14:29 And what a joy it is to have you in Magnify Him. Welcome.
14:32 Thank you so much. It's a pleasure to be here.
14:34 I heard you in soundtrack.
14:36 Yes. You were doing some hymns.
14:38 Yes, yes. Now I love hymns. Okay.
14:40 And what I love about hymns is that they are still current,
14:43 no matter what situation you're dealing with,
14:46 you can still find a hymn.
14:47 It's so true. Right. To match the situation.
14:51 You know, and the thing I love about hymns,
14:53 I love to have it, go so well with the Bible.
14:56 You know, it seems if it lines right up
14:59 with everything that's there.
15:00 And I just wanted--
15:03 I wanted to sing hymns for wow.
15:05 You know like to record a album of hymns
15:09 so that I could enjoy in that, the world could enjoy it.
15:12 Now how did you go about choosing which hymn,
15:14 because there's so many hymns,
15:16 you know, there are great hymns.
15:18 Did you find that these minister to you
15:20 more than others or how did you go about choosing them?
15:23 Well, I would say yes.
15:24 It was a thing where they ministered to me.
15:27 You know, songs like "I must have Jesus."
15:30 You know, A father along, you know,
15:32 I tell you, we don't understand why things happen.
15:35 You know, when I see a lot of people dealing with hurt,
15:37 but along-- When we get to heaven
15:39 we'll know all about it, you know.
15:41 So those things and I could agree you
15:43 with and I can identify with.
15:46 Did you grow up singing hymns?
15:47 I mean, can you elaborate a little
15:49 on your background and...?
15:51 Well, my family sings, the whole family sings.
15:55 I started singing at a very young age.
15:58 Hymns wasn't a thing really now we did in a house so much.
16:01 But we were more into gospel. Yeah.
16:03 But, some of the hymns as you start listening
16:06 to the words you see the meaning of them.
16:10 And I started putting a little gospel twist
16:13 to some of these hymns, you know,
16:15 and having a good time with it.
16:16 So you arranged all of these?
16:18 Yes.
16:19 Excellent. Yes.
16:20 Do you arrange a lot of music or?
16:22 That's what I do.
16:23 I enjoy arranging and writing
16:26 and producing also, you know,
16:28 so I have a wonderful time doing that.
16:31 I love it. Yeah.
16:32 I love that. When you have a strong man
16:36 who can influence people with the word of God,
16:40 the strong man's presence is so needed,
16:42 you know, in front of our young men
16:44 and young women, they need to see us.
16:47 It's so true.
16:48 You know and in the body of Christ
16:50 we're not represent it as often as we need to be.
16:53 We often see the woman in church with the children.
16:56 You don't often see the man in church with the children.
16:58 This is shame.
16:59 This is shame no doubt, you know,
17:01 and, like I go around and sing a lot.
17:02 And just like you said, you see that often
17:05 where there's a congregation full of women
17:09 and men are so sparse, you know so.
17:13 I'm happy to be one of those that are in the church
17:16 and doing it for the Lord, you know,
17:17 and able to be that male figure in the church, you know.
17:21 Well, I appreciate that you're here.
17:22 Oh, man, it's a pleasure. Yes, yes, yes.
17:24 And I'm looking forward to the father along experience,
17:29 you know, not maybe understanding it now,
17:31 but I believe God is gonna show it to us.
17:33 I believe.
17:34 You know everything,
17:35 there is a season for everything.
17:37 And who knows how long the season is,
17:40 but we'll know about it,
17:42 we'll know about it sooner or later.
17:43 Yes, indeed.
17:45 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
17:46 Now I want you to prepare your hearts
17:49 for the ministry of Mark G. Prentice singing
17:54 "We're Marching to Zion" that beautiful city of God.
18:04 Come, we that love the Lord
18:08 And let our joys be known
18:12 Join in a song with sweet accord
18:16 Join in a song with sweet accord
18:20 And thus surround the throne
18:24 And thus surround the throne
18:28 We're marching to Zion
18:32 Beautiful, beautiful Zion
18:36 We're marching upward to Zion
18:40 We're marching upward to heavenly Zion
18:44 We're marching up to Zion
18:48 To that beautiful city of God
18:52 Let those refuse to sing
18:57 Who never knew our God
19:00 But children of the heavenly King
19:04 But children of the heavenly King
19:09 May speak their joys abroad
19:13 May speak their joys abroad
19:17 We're marching to Zion
19:21 Beautiful, beautiful Zion
19:25 We're marching upward to Zion
19:29 We're marching upward to heavenly Zion
19:32 Oh, we're marching upward to Zion
19:37 To that beautiful city of God
19:41 The hill of Zion yields
19:45 A thousand sacred sweets
19:49 Before we reach the heavenly fields
19:53 Before we reach the heavenly fields
19:57 Or walk the golden streets
20:01 Or walk the golden streets
20:05 We're marching to Zion
20:10 Beautiful, beautiful Zion
20:13 We're marching upward to Zion
20:17 We're marching upward to heavenly Zion
20:21 Oh, we're marching upward to Zion
20:27 Upward to heavenly Zion
20:29 Oh, we're marching upward to Zion
20:33 To that beautiful city of God
20:37 Then let our songs abound
20:42 And every tear be dry
20:46 We're marching through Immanuel's ground
20:50 We're marching through Immanuel's ground
20:54 To fairer worlds on high
20:58 To fairer worlds on high
21:01 Oh, we're marching to Zion
21:06 Beautiful, beautiful Zion
21:10 We're marching upward to Zion
21:14 To that beautiful city of God
21:18 We're marching to Zion
21:22 Beautiful, beautiful Zion
21:26 We're marching upward to Zion
21:30 We're marching upward to heavenly Zion
21:32 Left foot, right foot
21:34 We're marching up to Zion
21:39 Left foot, right foot
21:42 We're marching up to Zion
21:46 To that beautiful city of God
21:56 Sometimes this life is so hard
21:58 and we don't understand
22:00 why things happen the way they do.
22:02 But Father Along will know all about it.
22:05 And years ago my father used to sing this song
22:08 and I didn't know what it meant back then,
22:10 but I know what it means more now.
22:18 Father along will know
22:23 all about it
22:27 Father along will
22:31 understand why
22:35 Cheer up my brother
22:40 live in the sunshine
22:43 'Cause we'll understand it
22:48 all by and by
22:53 Tempted and tried
22:56 will often me to wonder
23:01 Why it should be thus
23:06 all the day long
23:10 While there are others
23:14 living about us
23:19 Never molested,
23:23 though in the wrong
23:27 Father along will know
23:32 all about it
23:36 Father along will
23:40 understand why
23:45 Cheer up my brother
23:49 live in the sunshine
23:53 'Cause we'll understand it
23:58 all by and by
24:02 Tempted and tried
24:05 how often we question
24:10 Why we must suffer
24:15 year after year
24:19 Be in a queue by those
24:24 of our loved ones
24:28 Even though we want
24:32 in God's holy fair
24:36 Oh, Father along
24:39 will know all about it
24:45 Father along He will
24:50 understand why
24:54 Cheer up my brother
24:58 live in the sunshine
25:02 'Cause we'll understand it
25:07 all by and by
25:11 We'll understand it
25:15 all by and by
25:20 We'll understand it
25:24 all by and by By and by
25:28 We'll understand it
25:33 all by and by
25:37 Soon we will see
25:40 our dear love and Savior
25:46 Here the last trumpet
25:50 sound through the sky
25:54 Then we will meet
25:57 those gone on before us
26:03 Then we shall know
26:06 and understand
26:09 Why Father along
26:14 will, will know all about it
26:20 Father along will
26:24 understand why
26:29 Cheer up my brothers, my sisters
26:32 My brothers live in the sunshine
26:37 'Cause we'll understand it
26:42 all by and by
26:49 Yes, we'll Yes, we'll
26:52 all by and by
26:57 Might not know why you're going through
26:59 What you're through right now
27:02 But Father along will,
27:06 We will, we will, we will
27:08 all by and by
27:12 You will understand
27:16 All by and by
27:21 You will understand
27:23 Oh, yes,
27:25 all by and by
27:42 Magnify Him
27:48 Duawne, wasn't that program a blessing?
27:49 Yes.
27:51 You know if we just would give God the praise
27:54 and magnify Him not just with our voices,
27:57 but with our whole hearts would be amazing.
27:59 It would be. Thank you for tuning in.
28:01 And until next time...


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