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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Welcome to Magnify Him. My name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:21 I'm really excited about our program today.
00:24 I believe that God has a special blessing
00:26 in store for you.
00:28 Stay tuned for some amazing God given talent.
00:31 We're going to lift up the name of Jesus
00:33 and magnify Him.
00:35 Magnify the Lord with me
00:38 Magnify Him
00:44 I'm sitting here with one of my absolute favourite people
00:48 on the planet, Pastor John Lomacang.
00:51 Welcome to Magnify Him, Pastor John.
00:53 Thank you, Dr. Lewis.
00:54 It is so good to have you here. May I call you John?
00:56 Yes, may I call you Yvonne.
00:58 Absolutely.
00:59 Let's get comfortable with each other.
01:01 Let's just be comfortable. As we already are.
01:02 I know, absolutely.
01:03 I have been so blessed by your music over the years
01:07 and I know that two of the songs that
01:09 you're gonna sing today are about trials and--
01:12 What can you tell us about trials
01:14 and how does this kinds of relate to your ministry?
01:16 Well, you know, in the many years of pastoring
01:20 and 28 years of marriage, 25 years of pastoral ministry,
01:23 I've learned one constant truth.
01:26 Many are the afflictions of the righteous.
01:29 You know, the Christian's life
01:30 is often beset by trials and tribulations
01:33 and sometimes we come to church
01:35 and we try to hide those behind the canopy
01:37 of praise God it's a happy Sabbath or--
01:39 You know, God is good all the time.
01:41 We get into these clich├ęs
01:42 but deep within we're going through
01:44 a valley of difficulties.
01:46 And so what I did is I began to look
01:48 through the Bible and began to see
01:50 what the purpose of those trials are.
01:52 You know, the Bible tells us first of all,
01:54 don't think it's strange concerning
01:56 the fiery trials that will try you
01:59 as though some strange thing happened to you.
02:01 Yes.
02:03 And then you know, the Bible also says in Revelation,
02:04 we're gold tried in the fire.
02:08 And so-- then the Bible talks about
02:11 the fiery darts of the wicked one.
02:13 And truly we can go through a week
02:15 and feel those fiery darts.
02:17 We can go through and go to the valley
02:19 of the fiery trials.
02:20 And I always wondered, "Why would God allow
02:23 His children to go through that?"
02:25 And then I came to the conclusion that
02:27 God does not allow anything
02:28 that's not valuable to go through the fire.
02:32 And he doesn't say, "If you go through the fire
02:36 but when-- "
02:38 That's right.
02:39 And so we know that He's with us
02:40 when we go through the fire.
02:42 That's right, when you pass through the waters,
02:43 they will not overflow you.
02:44 Exactly. Yes, and through rivers.
02:46 And through the rivers.
02:48 And so, so a lot of times we have to face that in reality
02:52 and say, well, the one encouraging thing
02:54 about trials is, as we'd say in the,
02:58 in the, in the, in the Arabian Sea,
02:59 "It ain't gonna last always.
03:01 That's right. That's right.
03:02 You know, what I found in trials,
03:04 Pastor John, is that--
03:05 See I slipped back to pastor format--
03:07 What I found is that through suffering,
03:12 though you would not want to repeat it,
03:14 there's a sweetness because you can almost
03:17 sense God's presence.
03:19 If you press into Him, you can sense His presence.
03:22 You can sense His comfort.
03:24 You know, it's like it brings you strong--
03:27 It makes you stronger in Him.
03:29 And there's a sweetness about that.
03:32 There's something about trials and suffering that--
03:35 Again though you don't request it
03:38 when you're going through it,
03:39 it can just draw you closer to the Lord.
03:42 I met a person once who said--
03:44 she prayed for the Lord to give her patience.
03:46 She said, "That was a terrible request."
03:49 Because patience doesn't come unless
03:52 what you're praying for hasn't come--
03:53 Hasn't arrived yet.
03:55 Sometimes patience comes at a time where you're saying,
03:57 "Okay, Lord, I've been up--
03:59 Okay, Lord I've been up here on the cross long enough-- "
04:01 Yes.
04:02 "I have the patience I need now.
04:04 Let me come down."
04:05 But our heavenly Father knows when enough is enough.
04:07 Yes.
04:09 You know, we look at the trial of Job
04:10 and we always say,
04:11 "Well, I know I haven't gone through it.
04:13 Job has gone through.
04:14 But in every one of our lives, we have a little Job moment.
04:16 We do.
04:17 Because God knows exactly what we're able to bear.
04:19 Yes.
04:20 He never, and I've read a statement
04:22 in Ellen White's writings where she says,
04:23 "God measures the trials."
04:25 Yes.
04:26 "He measures and like the faithful person.
04:28 You know, if you, if you're loading a moving van
04:31 and you have your little four year old son or daughter.
04:34 You're not gonna say,
04:35 "Carry the couch into the truck."
04:37 Exactly. Because they can't do it.
04:38 But you say, "Well"--
04:40 You look around the room and say,
04:41 "I know they can carry that."
04:42 You give it to them.
04:44 And to them it may be really heavy.
04:45 But you know they can make it.
04:47 Yes. He has to mould us.
04:48 We can't just you know, our experience,
04:51 we have to grow in Him.
04:53 And He has to mould us.
04:54 And that can't be done without melting us a bit.
04:58 Oh, that's true. Through that fire.
05:00 I'm glad you said melting,
05:01 because gold that is smelted comes out pure.
05:06 Yes. God does not--
05:08 As one of my favourite lady said Sister L. J. Hughes.
05:12 She was a Bible worker in our church
05:13 and also the president of the Bible Instructors--
05:15 Instructors given Pacific Union.
05:17 She'd always say, "God don't make junk."
05:21 And that's true
05:22 because God sees what we can be.
05:25 I often came up with a favourite saying
05:28 that I use in the sermon once, "If God is melting you,
05:32 He's getting ready to mould you into the shape
05:34 that He want you to be eternal."
05:35 Exactly.
05:37 And so that's what happens to gold.
05:38 They melt all that raw material that draws the dirt--
05:41 The valueless material rises and they'll just scoop it off
05:46 and that pure gold bar comes out.
05:48 And if the gold could take, it would say,
05:50 "Man that was hot."
05:51 Yeah.
05:52 "But I worth a whole lot more now."
05:54 Exactly. So those are fiery trials.
05:55 Yes, yes.
05:57 The song "Just Be There"
05:59 that you're going to sing has such significance to me
06:03 as a mother whose children were--
06:05 had strayed from the Lord and I think that when in--
06:08 If any mother is listening this evening,
06:11 mother or father, listen to the lyrics of this song
06:15 and know that God is going to restore your children.
06:20 I've had many tears and sorrows
06:23 I've had questions for tomorrow
06:27 There were times I didn't know right from wrong
06:33 But in every situation
06:36 God gave blessed consolation
06:40 That my trials come to only make me strong
06:48 I've been a lot of places
06:50 And I've seen so many faces
06:55 But there were times that I felt so all alone
07:01 But in that lonely hour
07:04 Yes, that precious, lonely hour
07:08 Jesus let me know that I was His own
07:13 That's the reason I say that
07:16 Through it all
07:18 Yes, through it all
07:22 Oh, I've learned to trust in Jesus
07:26 I've learned to trust in God
07:28 And it's been
07:30 Through it all
07:32 Oh, yes, through it all
07:36 Oh, I've learned to depend upon His Word
07:43 So I thank God for the mountains
07:47 And I thank Him for the valleys
07:51 I thank Him for the storms
07:54 He's brought me through
07:58 'Cause if I never had a problem
08:02 I'd never know that He could solve them
08:05 Never know what faith in His Word can do
08:10 That's the reason I say that
08:12 Through it all
08:14 Yes, through it all
08:18 Oh, I've learned to trust in Jesus
08:22 I've learned to trust in God
08:25 And it's been through it all
08:28 Oh, yes it's been, yeah
08:30 Through it all
08:32 Oh, I've learned to depend upon His Word
08:38 That's the reason I'm walking
08:40 Through it all
08:42 Oh, yes it's been, yeah
08:44 Through it all
08:46 Oh, I've learned to trust in Jesus
08:50 I've learned to trust in God
08:53 And it's been through it all
08:56 Yes! Through it all
09:00 Oh, I've learned to depend upon His Word
09:08 Yes, I've learned to depend upon God's Word
09:14 Oh yes, I've learned
09:17 To depend upon God's Word!
09:37 You know, trials often outline
09:39 the paths of Christians in this world
09:41 and the Bible says,
09:43 "Many are the afflictions of the righteous.
09:45 But the Lord delivers him out of them all."
09:48 No matter how many trials you go through, friends,
09:50 just remember this.
09:51 When all the trials are over and they're all behind us,
09:54 don't forget the number one thing is to just be there.
10:16 Cradled in my arms I held you
10:22 And I loved you more with each day passing by
10:30 Sharing joy, sharing pain
10:35 Through the sunshine and the rain
10:40 I can't believe
10:41 It's time to say goodbye
10:48 I don't know what the future brings you
10:54 But I hope that you'll keep Heaven
10:58 As your goal
11:02 For I taught you how to pray
11:06 And I made sure you knew the way
11:10 So remember my request
11:15 Before you go
11:18 Just be there
11:22 When we finally make it home
11:26 And when we stand before the throne
11:30 Just be there
11:34 So when I turn around to see
11:38 If you'll be standing next to me
11:46 Just be there
12:04 It's not an easy road
12:07 You're travelling
12:10 But every place that you go Jesus has been
12:18 So if you find you've made a turn
12:23 Forgetting what you've learned
12:27 You may have to start all over again
12:36 It's not an easy load you're bearing
12:42 But the trials of your faith
12:46 Will make you strong
12:50 Facing danger unaware
12:54 He won't allow what you can't bear
12:58 So my prayer is that your faith
13:03 Will lead you home
13:06 Just be there
13:10 When we finally make it home
13:14 And when we stand before God's throne
13:18 Just be there
13:22 So when I turn around to see
13:26 If you'll standing next to me
13:34 Just be there
13:42 Will you be standing next to me?
13:50 Just be there
13:58 Just be there
14:11 Magnify the Lord with me
14:14 Magnify Him
14:20 I like to welcome Monique Griffiths
14:22 to Magnify Him.
14:24 Thank you. I'm so glad you're here.
14:26 What a blessing your music is. I head you earlier and...
14:30 My!
14:31 I mean, God has blessed so incredibly.
14:34 Tell me a little bit about your music ministry?
14:37 What've you been doing?
14:38 Well...
14:41 Recently I've been ministering a lot more
14:46 because I was afraid to go out
14:49 and spread the gospel through music
14:51 because I lost my voice.
14:53 Really? Tell us about that?
14:55 Well, I had my son, a wonderful musician.
14:59 How old is your son?
15:00 He's seven years old. Okay.
15:02 And I ended up having to have a c-section.
15:06 And from that c-section I lost my voice completely.
15:09 I couldn't sing. Tenor was too high.
15:12 My, my and from what I've heard
15:15 your range is expansive.
15:17 I mean it's just incredible so God restores.
15:20 He does.
15:21 How long after you lost the voice did you recover?
15:24 Well, I started singing tenor around
15:28 may be when he was two years old.
15:30 Okay.
15:31 And so I got together with my vocal teacher
15:35 and with prayer and support from my husband, of course.
15:38 Yes.
15:40 The encouragement helped me to built into--
15:43 And gain it back.
15:45 And God really restored my voice.
15:48 And He even changed the color of my voice.
15:51 Really? How so?
15:53 Its more, its more of a gospel warmer sound
15:56 than it was before.
15:57 Really? Yes.
15:59 So not only-- Is God amazing or what?
16:02 Not only did He restore it, but He made it better.
16:05 Yes, He did. God is incredible, isn't He?
16:07 He is.
16:09 You have a music ministry with your husband
16:11 and that's a blessing as well.
16:13 Tell us a little bit about that too?
16:16 Our ministry started when we were dating.
16:19 And it grew when we got married.
16:21 And so now we just praise God together.
16:24 Amen.
16:26 What a blessing it is to have a companion
16:27 that you can minister with.
16:29 I mean, I just think that
16:30 that's one of the greatest blessings
16:32 that we can possibly have.
16:34 And speaking of blessings,
16:36 I just know that you're going to be amazingly blessed
16:40 by the ministry of my sister here.
16:43 She is...
16:45 A phenomenal woman of God, an anointed songstress,
16:49 Sister Monique Griffiths, listen to her.
17:09 There are burdens that
17:12 I carry everyday
17:17 Sometimes they make me want to cry
17:26 Hopeless feelings harbored
17:29 Deep inside my heart
17:32 And I find it hard
17:36 To hold my head up high
17:44 In the middle of the darkness in my life
17:51 I find a strength to carry on
18:00 I am holding
18:04 To a promise Jesus made
18:07 And I know it won't be long
18:11 'Til we'll be gone
18:17 'Cause in a while we'll be gone
18:25 And we won't have to cry anymore
18:34 All our sorrows left behind
18:43 And that's the day
18:45 That I am waiting for
18:51 And that's the day
18:53 That I am longing for
19:07 If you feel there is
19:10 No meaning in your life
19:14 And you'll feel
19:18 That you've lost your way
19:21 All you got to do is
19:23 Just listen closely
19:27 To the voice that's deep inside
19:31 And remember
19:33 What the Savior has to say
19:41 'Cause in a while
19:44 We'll be gone
19:47 And we won't have
19:49 To cry anymore
19:58 All our sorrows left behind
20:06 And that's the day
20:07 That I am waiting for
20:14 Oh, that's the day
20:16 That I am longing for
20:29 Coming again
20:33 Coming again
20:36 My Jesus is coming again
20:44 Yeah, yes!
20:46 He's coming again
20:52 Coming again
20:55 My Jesus, yeah, yeah
21:00 He is coming again
21:11 And that's the day
21:13 That I am waiting for
21:20 Oh, that's the day
21:23 That I am longing for
21:47 As I go through my Christina journey,
21:50 I know I have to go through many trials and tribulations
21:52 because that will make me stronger.
21:55 So for those things I say to God be the glory
21:59 for the many great things that He's doing in my life.
22:23 How can I say thanks
22:32 For the things
22:36 You have done for me?
22:44 Things so undeserved yet
22:52 You gave
22:55 To prove Your love for me
23:00 The voices
23:04 Of a million angels
23:10 Could not express
23:15 My gratitude
23:18 For all that I am
23:21 And ever hope to be
23:31 I owe it all to Thee
23:38 To God be the glory
23:46 To God be the glory
23:55 To God be all the glory
24:02 For the things
24:06 He has done
24:11 With His blood
24:17 He has saved me
24:21 And with His power
24:26 He has raised me
24:28 So to God
24:34 Be all the glory
24:40 And it's for the things
24:44 He has done
24:50 Just let me live
24:54 Let me live my life
24:57 And let it be pleasing
25:00 Lord to Thee
25:05 And should I gain
25:11 Should I gain any praise
25:15 Let it go to Calvary
25:27 With His blood
25:33 He has saved me
25:36 And with His power
25:42 He has raised me
25:44 So to God
25:50 Be all the glory
25:56 And it's for the things
26:01 Oh, yeah!
26:03 For the many things
26:05 That He's done in my life
26:07 It's for the things
26:11 For keeping me from dangerous seen and unseen
26:15 Oh, thank you Lord
26:16 For the things
26:18 For the many, many things
26:20 Lord, it's for the things
26:22 For giving me my right mind
26:25 It's for the things For the things
26:29 For the things
26:32 Yeah!
26:34 For the things
26:36 Yeah!
26:38 For the things
26:40 Yeah! For the things.
26:44 For the things For the things
26:56 God I thank you
26:59 For the many, many, many, many things
27:07 Let you have
27:13 The glory
27:30 Magnify Him
27:35 Psalm 69:30 says,
27:37 "I will praise the name of God with a song
27:40 and Magnify Him with Thanksgiving."
27:43 I'm thankful that we were able to be a part of sharing
27:46 these anointed artists with you at home.
27:49 It really was a blessing for me
27:50 and I pray that it was a blessing for you as well.
27:53 Thanks for tuning in. See you next time.


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