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Participants: Yvonne Lewis & Duawne Starling (Host), Justin Davis, Heather Willis


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Hello everyone and welcome to Magnify Him.
00:20 My name is Duawne Starling.
00:21 And I'm Yvonne Lewis.
00:23 Thank you for tuning in.
00:24 We know that you're gonna receive
00:26 a special blessing today.
00:28 Today, we have two very special artists
00:30 with two distinct styles of music
00:32 yet their focus is the same, to magnify Him.
00:35 So as you listen to Rebekah and Justin minister
00:38 in song I am confident that you'll be blessed.
00:42 So stay tune and we lift up
00:44 the name of Jesus and magnify Him.
00:46 Magnify the Lord with me
00:49 Magnify Him
00:54 I am sitting here with Rebekah Willis,
00:57 a wonderful, wonderful,
00:59 talented gifted song stress for the Lord.
01:02 It's so nice to meet you. Welcome to Magnify Him.
01:05 Thanks you. I am so pleased to be here.
01:06 Oh, well, we are so grateful that you would come
01:09 and bless us with your ministry.
01:11 Your voice is just so beautiful.
01:15 Your whole family sings.
01:16 Your sister also is an artist with us this season as well.
01:20 Tell us about your family.
01:22 What kind of family did you grew up in?
01:24 I grew in a ministerial family. Okay.
01:27 Everything in our home was about pleasing God
01:30 and learning how to use everything you had
01:32 to the best of your ability.
01:33 We didn't have everything.
01:35 My parents came from very different backgrounds
01:37 but they took what they had and they used it.
01:40 And for us we took what they gave us
01:43 and we're trying to use it even more.
01:45 Yes.
01:46 You know, we actually went from--
01:49 we did evangelistic meetings growing up
01:52 and there were five of us, five of their children--
01:56 siblings of mine, one brother, four girls.
01:59 Wow.
02:00 So there was no shortage of things to do
02:03 around the house and because everybody
02:06 has a personality that's deep and strong,
02:08 you know, you always got to hear the critics.
02:13 My four of my best critics are four people
02:15 that love me the most, you know,
02:17 and my parts don't pull punches and things like that
02:19 but it's all in love and it's never hurtful
02:22 because the idea is to develop your talent,
02:25 whatever your talent maybe to the best of your ability
02:29 so that you can use it for God, be useful in His kingdom
02:31 because otherwise there's no other reason to be here.
02:34 Yes, yes. For sure.
02:36 So with your siblings, do they all sing?
02:40 Do all of your siblings sing?
02:41 All of them sing.
02:43 My brother is actually a pastor now
02:46 and he is little reticent to sing sometimes
02:49 because he's gotten used to just doing all the speaking
02:52 and writing and things like that.
02:55 So but the rest of us do keep up singing.
02:58 My sister, Tanika, she lives in the Huntsville area
03:02 and she sings and my sister Heather,
03:06 she sings in Michigan and my other sister,
03:08 Heather, they some time sing together.
03:10 And they like to sing together.
03:11 So it's a real hard, you know when there are five of you
03:14 and you know, five fingers make fist.
03:15 And then all of a sudden one by one people go away.
03:18 You have to remake your ministry.
03:20 Yes.
03:21 But the good thing is God already knew
03:23 what was in our future.
03:24 Amen. So tell us about your ministry.
03:26 Where are you going with it? What are you doing?
03:28 Well, listen, I have had the most interesting life,
03:32 one of these days I may tell you about it.
03:34 Well, you know what?
03:35 I'll have you on another program
03:36 and have you come and talk to us about it.
03:38 Well, you know, it's all miracles.
03:40 From beginning to the end the Lord has just guided
03:43 and taking care of me and so having had
03:48 the good instruction from my parents.
03:49 You know, Bible says,
03:51 "train up a child in the way he should go."
03:52 Yes.
03:53 Having had that instruction
03:55 my life comes from being close to God.
03:58 That's where I can live and breathe and have my being.
04:02 You know what I am saying? Yes. Yes.
04:04 And so for me, when I didn't get
04:07 what I thought He wanted me to have
04:09 I realize that I was kicking against he pricks,
04:13 as the Lord told Saul it's hard to kick against the pricks.
04:16 You need to turn around and listen
04:17 to what I am telling you to do.
04:18 Yes.
04:20 And so I focused all of my energy, instead of saying,
04:22 well, Lord, I know You want me to do this
04:24 but I need to have an income.
04:27 I focused all of my energy on teaching,
04:31 teaching the gospel.
04:33 Writing, couldn't get away from writing.
04:35 You know my mother taught us to write when we were little
04:38 and I can't get away from that, you know.
04:40 Are we talking about writing songs or
04:41 Writing music, writing--
04:43 I actually just wrote a book, you know.
04:45 Wonderful.
04:47 But writing and whatever He gives me
04:49 that's what I want to do.
04:51 Well, you know what, you are going
04:53 to bless our socks off today by the grace of God
04:56 because there's an anointing on you and your ministry
05:00 and we just praise the Lord for it.
05:02 So thank you so much for being with us today.
05:04 Well, I appreciate the opportunity.
05:07 Rebekah, what is it that you want
05:08 our viewers to know about you and your ministry?
05:11 Well, our ministry is about feeding others.
05:14 So they can go to,
05:16 that's K-A-T-Y and find lots of information,
05:21 free downloads, teachings that are available,
05:23 all biblically sound.
05:25 Amen. That's so great.
05:27 You know, viewers, it's so important
05:29 that we appreciate our artists on Magnify Him
05:34 because they really do want to minister.
05:38 So take a look at Rebekah and be blessed.
05:43 I was alone and standing in the portal
05:48 All I was seeking was locked into my storeroom
05:53 Thought I had beaten the system, still had more room
05:57 Nothing escapes Your view
06:02 What I was doing was trying to sneak in my way
06:07 Just like the dragon who took the wider highway
06:12 There is no secret with You.
06:14 I can't get by Say nothing escapes Your view
06:20 You're the truth and the Love that lights up the avenue
06:27 Do not let me lose You
06:30 All I have
06:32 Only death, ends the stubborn, broken path
06:37 Give me eyesight so I can see
06:45 What is this thing that is coming over me now?
06:50 I want to be in the way, I'll get the know-how
06:55 Faith comes by hearing, rebuke me, changing my style
07:00 Nothing escapes Your view
07:04 Oh, how I love You
07:06 I see all You have given
07:09 Never too much could you ask, for You I'm living
07:14 Sought me, You saved me, I won't look back right then
07:19 Nothing escapes Your view
07:23 You're the Truth and the Love that lights up the avenue
07:30 Do not let me lose You
07:32 All I have
07:35 Only death, ends the stubborn, broken path
07:39 Give me eyesight so I can see
07:47 When I was alone and standing in the portal
07:52 All I was seeking was locked into my storeroom
07:57 Thought I had beaten the system, still had more room
08:02 Nothing escapes Your view
08:07 Precious, You're Awesome!
08:09 My foundation is so sound
08:12 Gifted, You keep me,
08:13 I'm sleeping through the night now
08:16 No longer gauging my wealth by my accounts now
08:21 Nothing escapes Your view
08:33 Strong person will try to solve every problem
08:36 that comes their way.
08:38 Well, we don't have to do that. In fact, we can't.
08:42 We have a Creator God, that has a plan,
08:45 He's working it out and we need to turn everything over to Him
08:50 and let Him bear our burdens.
09:11 Yeah.
09:14 Put the sword away
09:22 Did you think I couldn't pray?
09:30 To my Daddy up above and in His love
09:37 He pull me through
09:45 We deny the thrives
09:50 Yes, we did, Lord
09:53 Such an extraordinary price, oh, my Lord
10:01 That you volunteer to pay so I could say, Lord
10:08 That I still have You
10:15 You made me whole
10:22 Troubled winds have been very mean
10:29 I was wretched and worn, had lost my soul
10:37 But I know, I know
10:43 That I still have You
10:52 Well, I knew with then
10:58 Yes, I did
11:00 While I was standing in the pouring rain
11:07 Well, well
11:09 Well, I would never be the same in anything, no
11:17 But I still had You
11:22 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Your enormous love
11:31 Yeah
11:33 Covering me like a cloth Yes, it is
11:40 You kept the burden of my sin from settling in
11:48 And I still had You
11:55 You made me whole
12:02 It was You who carried me
12:07 Yeah, yeah, Lord
12:10 I was wretched and worn, had lost my soul
12:16 But I know, I know
12:22 And I still had You
12:29 It was You who made me whole
12:34 And You who carried me
12:38 Yes, Lord, because I was wretched
12:43 I was worn and I had lost my soul
12:47 But I know, I know
12:54 Still had You
13:01 Through storm and rain
13:04 Through sunshine, though pain
13:08 No matter what was happening
13:11 You were there with me
13:14 Because You're has to die
13:16 You're redeemed the mighty God and my everything
13:22 In You I put my trust, I am not afraid
13:29 Oh, It was You who make me whole
13:36 Oh, yeah, it was You who carried me
13:46 I was wretched, yeah
13:48 I was alone and had lost all my soul
13:53 But I know,
13:56 I know that I still had You
14:10 Magnify the Lord with me
14:13 Magnify Him
14:19 I am sitting here with a wonderfully
14:21 gifted singer and songwriter, a worship leader.
14:25 My friend Justin Davis, welcome to Magnify Him.
14:28 Thank you for having me. Glad to be here.
14:29 Bless you, man.
14:30 So I tell you one of the things I love about you
14:33 is that you're a worshipper,
14:35 not just a worship leader but a worshipper.
14:38 What is this-- I guess the things
14:39 that you do to kind of get into God's presence?
14:44 It's often through reflection of things that God
14:47 has brought you through those testimonies in life
14:49 that really allow you to connect
14:52 to a place of gratitude, a place of thanksgiving
14:56 and for me that's what worship is about,
14:58 honoring God for what He's done in my life
15:00 and also for who He is.
15:01 So the songs that you've sung tonight--
15:03 I know we've heard one already
15:05 and we're about to hear another one.
15:06 Are those songs that you're written?
15:08 Songs I've written and co-written.
15:09 Okay.
15:10 Very good. Very good.
15:12 Now are you working on something now or?
15:13 Yeah, those two songs are actually
15:15 from my first project.
15:16 Okay. Entitle Fear Not, it's a EP.
15:19 I love that.
15:20 And my newest record coming soon will be
15:22 a full length worship project
15:23 and so I'm beginning to write songs for that
15:25 and connect with different writers and folks.
15:28 So I am really excited about that.
15:29 Very nice. Very nice.
15:30 And you're also a family man?
15:32 Yes, sir. I am married almost four years.
15:34 Excellent.
15:35 My wife is actually a pastor. So I am a pastor's husband.
15:38 A pastor's husband.
15:41 So one wife, one child?
15:44 Yes, sir.
15:45 Very good, very good.
15:47 I tell you what,
15:48 some of the things that I love about,
15:50 you know, ministry is seeing couples minister together.
15:54 Is there ever a time
15:56 when you guys on the road together
15:57 or she's speaking and you're singing.
16:00 No, it hasn't been often yet.
16:01 Okay.
16:03 We're both still developing in our ministry journeys.
16:06 But ultimately-- when we got married
16:07 of course when we dated, we saw that God
16:09 will have a ministry for us both.
16:10 And so we're really waiting
16:12 for that perfect timing as it were.
16:14 But defiantly when we are at the same church
16:16 at times or ministering the same place
16:18 I'll often sing a song of meditation for her.
16:21 So it's a beautiful thing to be able to minister with my wife.
16:23 And what church are you currently attending?
16:25 We currently attending
16:26 the Atlanta Berean Church in Atlanta, Georgia,
16:28 where she servers as an associate pastor there.
16:30 Excellent. Excellent.
16:32 This is-- I tell you,
16:34 this is a good information
16:36 because I believe you need to be heard
16:39 and she needs to be heard.
16:41 And I'd love to see more opportunities
16:43 for you guys to minister together.
16:45 Yeah.
16:46 It That would be awesome
16:48 to minister more often with my wife.
16:49 I'd love it.
16:50 Yeah, maybe we'll get to see that,
16:52 you know, her speaking and you singing.
16:53 Yes, sir.
16:54 So in your music, are you more of a songwriter
16:57 or you co-writing or how do you--
17:00 I wrote a lot of songs that I sing and minister
17:03 and I have a great friend Michael O'Hare,
17:05 he's out of Guelph, Ontario.
17:06 We went to Oakwood together.
17:07 He's my favorite writer, my favorite co-writer.
17:09 Really?
17:10 One of my greatest inspirations for Christian songwriting.
17:13 Now who else have you listen to?
17:14 Who else has inspired you?
17:16 I am heavily inspired by Byron Cage.
17:18 I love his ministry.
17:20 Of course you may-- you've been a blessing
17:22 to look up to and to hear Oakwood stories as well.
17:24 So that's powerful.
17:26 I tell you what, it's been a pleasure having you here
17:29 and I know it will be a pleasure to hear you.
17:31 Every time I hear you I am blessed.
17:33 Praise the Lord. Every time.
17:35 So I pray that you will be blessed
17:38 by the ministry of Justin Davis as I often am.
17:41 This man is a man of God, he's a man of purpose,
17:45 he's a wonderful songwriter and a great singer.
17:48 Enjoy.
18:08 Glory, I know
18:12 Praises to Your name, most high
18:15 I worship You only
18:19 'Cause for me You gave Your life
18:24 I could never repay You if I try
18:31 I just want to say, I love You, Lord
18:39 Forever it's your name that I adore
18:47 For You are worthy to receive glory and honor, Majesty
18:54 Among the nations there is none like You, Lord
19:02 And never for every knee shall bow down
19:06 When at the day the trumpet sounds
19:09 And we cry, hallelujah!
19:13 Worthy is the lamb slain for me
19:20 I just want to say, I love You, Lord
19:29 Holy, mighty, just and true are all Your ways
19:36 So with my lips and my heart
19:40 I give sacrifice of praise
19:45 And even for the brand new mercies of this day
19:53 I just want to say, I love You, Lord
20:00 Forever it's your name that I adore
20:08 For You are worthy to receive glory and honor, Majesty
20:16 Among the nations there is none like You, Lord
20:23 For every knee shall bow down
20:27 When at the day the trumpet sounds
20:31 And we cry, hallelujah!
20:34 Worthy is the lamb slain for me
20:43 I just want to say, I love You, Lord
20:51 Even if I have thousand tons loaded
20:55 We love to praise You
20:59 So with every breath I breathe call the names for enable
21:07 To plan my heavenly and complete my hope and dreams
21:15 Because You love me first, I love You, God
21:25 I just want to say, I love You, Lord
21:33 I just want to say, I love You, Lord
21:40 This is why.
21:41 For You are worthy to receive glory and honor, Majesty
21:49 Among the nations there is none like You, Lord
21:56 For You are worthy to receive glory and honor, Majesty
22:04 Among the nations there is none like You, Lord
22:10 Nobody like you, Jesus
22:12 Every knee shall bow down
22:16 When at the day the trumpet sounds
22:19 And we cry, hallelujah!
22:23 Worthy is the lamb slain for me
22:33 I just want to say, I love You, Lord
22:59 The word of the Lord declares
23:00 that in His presence
23:02 there is fullness of joy and at His right hand
23:05 there are pleasures for evermore.
23:07 Let's enjoy His presence. Worship with me.
23:40 God, we simply long to bask in Your presence.
23:51 Father, Father, I love You for all You've done for me
23:59 And Lord, I just want to thank You for victory
24:06 There was so many, so many times in my life
24:10 When I didn't think I'll make it through
24:13 Your love did
24:17 It was Your grace that saw me through
24:23 And in Your presence I shall daily live
24:31 In Your presence all of my sins forgiven me
24:39 In Your presence I shall love by
24:45 In Your presence Lord, this fullness of joy
24:55 Lord, I just want to praise You
24:59 With every part of me
25:03 And every day within this temple I offer thee
25:11 I lift up my hands and heart in worship and praise to You
25:18 A living sacrifice I would be as I'm daily drawn to You
25:27 In Your presence I shall daily live
25:35 And in Your presence all of my sins forgiven me
25:43 In Your presence I shall love by
25:49 In Your presence Lord, this fullness of joy
25:59 In Your presence I shall daily live
26:07 In Your presence
26:09 In Your presence all of my sins forgiven me
26:15 In Your presence
26:17 In Your presence, God, I shall love by
26:23 In Your presence
26:25 This fullness of joy
26:32 Glory be to the Father, to the Son, to the Holy One
26:41 We bless Your name, we give Your name praise all
26:48 We love You, God
26:51 We lift Your Holy name
26:54 And Your is to be praised and adorned forever
27:02 I shall love by
27:05 I shall love by
27:09 I shall love by
27:15 In Your presence
27:17 I shall love by
27:20 In the presence of the key
27:22 I shall love by
27:24 In the presence of the key
27:26 I shall love by
27:28 In the presence of the key
27:31 In the presence
27:33 I shall love by
27:36 I shall love by
27:38 I shall love by
27:40 I shall love by
27:44 In the presence of the key
27:47 In the presence
27:52 God, we long just to be where You are.
27:57 May we eternally live in Your presence.
28:06 Thank You, Lord.
28:14 Magnify Him
28:19 Duawne, I am so--
28:21 always so blessed by our programs.
28:23 Yes.
28:24 We had such a great time today, sharing God together.
28:27 Rebekah was phenomenal.
28:29 Justin, always great.
28:30 So we love that you were able to share this time with us
28:34 and so until next time, magnify Him.


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