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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Denise Barclay, Christopher Tramel


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus, the Lord is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Hello everyone, and welcome to "Magnify Him."
00:20 My name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:22 Once again, it's an honor to be able
00:24 to present artists to you, who are focused on lifting up
00:27 the name of Jesus through their gifts.
00:30 And yet the focus is never on the gift,
00:32 it's on the gift giver.
00:34 So stay tuned as we lift up the name of Jesus,
00:37 our soon coming King.
00:39 Let's worship Him, let's adore Him,
00:41 let's praise Him because He is worthy of our praise.
00:45 Magnify the Lord with me
00:48 Magnify Him
00:53 I'm sitting here with Denise Barclay.
00:56 Denis, welcome to Magnify Him. Thank you. Nice to be here.
00:59 It's so great to have you.
01:00 You know, I was listening to you in sound check
01:02 and you have just such a sweet wonderful
01:06 but powerful voice, but you know how to control it.
01:08 Have you always sung?
01:10 Well, I started when I was about seven,
01:12 just you know, in and out of church
01:14 and listening and praying and hoping that one day,
01:17 I could, you know, do music ministry.
01:19 What's your favorite music to sing?
01:22 Oh, that a hard question.
01:24 I love singing spiritual inspirational music.
01:27 Music that can touch folk, music that means
01:30 something to me but that I know would also mean
01:33 something to someone else going through something,
01:35 similar to maybe what I've been going through.
01:37 Yes. What would you tell our viewers,
01:39 if there's one thing that you can tell them?
01:41 What would you tell them about how to get through something?
01:48 Well, I think, what I would say to them
01:50 is that there're times when you feel that you're the only one
01:54 in the world going through whatever it is.
01:56 And at those times, it's probably the darkest
01:59 but the Bible tells us, that those are actually
02:02 the times when you should look up.
02:04 And just, even if you have to say,
02:06 call the name of Jesus that He'll hear you
02:09 and that He will come to your rescue.
02:11 And sometimes it sounds cliché because we hear
02:13 that all the time but in your heart just believe,
02:16 have faith and hold on because
02:18 eventually the light will come again.
02:21 That's wonderful.
02:22 That's wonderful because people need to know
02:25 that there is hope and that there is,
02:27 that there is an open door through Jesus Christ.
02:29 What do you do for a living?
02:31 I'm in marketing for programs across the country
02:35 that work with children with special needs,
02:37 children and families with special needs,
02:38 whether they're in juvenile justice system
02:40 or in the neglect system.
02:42 Wow, wait till our viewers hear you sing
02:45 and they might have already heard you because
02:47 you've already been on 3ABN, our parent network.
02:50 But wait till they hear you sing and minister
02:54 and just give God the glory with that voice.
02:56 They're going to say, she's not in ministry
02:58 full time, music ministry full time.
03:00 But you are ministering, you are ministering.
03:03 What church do you attend?
03:04 My home church is Community Praise Center
03:06 in Alexandria, Virginia,
03:08 where Pastor Wright is our senior pastor.
03:11 Well, give Pastor Wright my regards, I love him.
03:14 I will. Sit back.
03:15 Listen to the wonderful ministry
03:18 of our sister Denise Barclay.
03:38 I'm alone dear Lord
03:42 All alone in my heart
03:46 No one here but me
03:51 With my hand stretched out to thee
03:54 Please forgive my past
03:59 Give me faith that will last
04:02 I stumble and I fall
04:07 One more time hear my call
04:13 Hear my call
04:17 Make me whole again
04:22 Take control again
04:26 It's your Wayward child returned
04:29 With lessons learned
04:33 Touch my soul again
04:37 Welcome me home again
04:43 I'm finally back Where I belong
04:48 Make me whole again
05:03 Don't know why I strayed
05:07 Choose to go my own way
05:11 I'm not good when we're apart
05:15 It just makes Pieces of my heart
05:18 Oh, the places I've been
05:24 Bring me back To you again and again
05:28 You've seen me through it all
05:31 One more time hear my call
05:36 Make me whole again
05:40 Take control again
05:44 It's your Wayward child returned
05:48 With lessons learned Oh, lessons learned
05:52 Touch my soul again
05:56 Welcome me home again
06:03 Finally back where I belong
06:07 Make me whole again
06:14 There are so many things That I regret
06:22 Don't give up on me, no Lord
06:26 Don't give up on me yet
06:32 No, not yet
06:34 Please make me whole again
06:40 Take control again
06:44 It's your Wayward child returned
06:48 With lessons learned
06:51 Lessons learned
06:52 Touch my soul again
06:56 Welcome me home again
07:03 Finally back where I belong
07:09 Thank you Lord
07:11 Finally found my way home
07:15 Make me whole again
07:30 Make me whole again
07:43 Today, if you're watching and you're someone
07:46 in need of physical, emotional or spiritual healing,
07:50 this next song points you to Jesus Christ,
07:54 who is sitting there, waiting to answer all your questions.
07:57 No need to be alone. He loves you.
08:17 This world sound--in stream
08:25 Where people live for Chasing their dream
08:33 Where restless hearts
08:38 They spin their time
08:44 Trying to find a love That will bind
08:49 I know this feeling All so well
08:57 Just like the woman
09:01 At the Bethlehem--
09:05 Our--heart
09:10 That longs to know
09:17 Where healing waters flow
09:25 That's where I want to go
09:32 Jesus is standing right there
09:36 And He is waiting to answer All your questions
09:41 Lonely heart, don't despair
09:44 He loves you, oh yeah
09:48 The price has already Been paid
09:52 And all you have to do is enter
09:57 For Jesus the only way
10:00 Just look to Him
10:02 And say Him
10:08 Lord, take this Broken heart of mine
10:15 And make it pure And holy thine
10:23 Lord, I'm so glad
10:28 That now I know
10:32 I know
10:35 Where healing waters flow
10:43 That's where I want to go
10:50 Jesus is standing right there
10:54 And He is waiting to answer All your questions
10:59 Lonely heart, don't despair
11:02 He loves you, oh yeah
11:06 The price has already Been paid
11:10 And all you have To do is enter
11:15 For Jesus the only way
11:18 Just look to Him And say Him
11:26 Lord, take this Broken heart of mine
11:33 And make it pure
11:38 Holy thine
11:41 Lord, I'm so glad
11:46 That now I know
11:52 I know where Healing waters flow
12:01 That's where I want to go
12:05 Oh, yes
12:08 I know where Healing waters flow
12:17 Where healing waters flow
12:25 Where healing waters flow
12:33 Where healing waters flow
12:40 Don't you want to go
12:43 Where healing waters flow
12:50 Where healing waters flow
12:55 Don't you want to go
12:57 Where healing waters flow
13:05 Where healing waters flow
13:47 Magnify the Lord with me
13:51 Magnify Him
13:56 Viewers, help me welcome
13:57 Christopher Tramel to Magnify Him.
14:00 I'm just glad to be here. It's so great to have you.
14:02 You know, we found you, discovered you
14:05 so to speak in New York, when we did our
14:08 talent search at Ephesus Church.
14:11 And you were one of the contestants
14:14 and what a blessing, what a blessing.
14:16 How did you hear about it?
14:18 I'm doing camp-meeting, they announced that
14:20 they were having auditions.
14:23 For Dare to Dream at Ephesus and then I said,
14:25 this is a great opportunity to go down
14:28 and just witness for the Lord.
14:31 He opened the door and may He be here today.
14:34 Praise the Lord.
14:35 How did you come to know the Lord?
14:37 Well, you know, as a little child I grew up
14:40 in Adventist's home and I was always in the church
14:43 but during Church, I think at the age of 18,
14:47 I finally realized that why I was serving God.
14:51 And I was doing all the right things
14:53 and singing and going to Sabbath school.
14:56 But I did not understand the personal relationship
14:58 that I should have with God.
15:00 And then at the age of 18, I gave my life over to God
15:02 and ever since then, I've been serving Him
15:05 and I'm blessed in His name.
15:07 That's wonderful, you know,
15:08 and it comes through in your music.
15:09 I was listening to you in the sound check
15:11 and your relationship comes through,
15:14 it's-- You have something going with God.
15:18 And that's a wonderful thing.
15:19 Did something happen when you were 18
15:21 that kind of turned your life around?
15:23 Well, I understand God's anointing,
15:28 I understood that I have to live for Him
15:31 and had to do the things that He wanted me to do.
15:33 And there was an incident but it came to a full recognition
15:38 that I needed to make a public display
15:42 of my acceptance of God leading in my life.
15:46 Yes.
15:48 To the watery grave and even gave myself to Him.
15:51 Amen, that's beautiful.
15:53 What-- I know that you told me earlier
15:57 that you sing with the quartet?
15:59 Yes. Tell us about the quartet?
16:01 The name to quartet is just voices
16:03 and all through my high school years,
16:06 my college years I've had experience
16:08 of singing with quartet.
16:10 And there's a group of men up in Hudson Valley in New York.
16:14 Oh, in Hudson Valley, I used to live up there.
16:16 What part of Hudson Valley? In Gypsy.
16:17 Yeah, I used to live in Pleasant Valley.
16:19 Yeah, we attended the Beacon Light
16:20 Seventh-day Adventist Church. Okay.
16:22 And we just recorded an album in November.
16:26 And album, even our album is
16:28 Mary, Don't You Weep and we go around to
16:30 the churches and to Baptist churches
16:32 and we uplift the Lord.
16:34 And it's a song genre that many people do not do any more.
16:41 And we get a chance to just play the love of God,
16:44 and there's no music behind our voices.
16:46 It is just harmonizing and many women are truly blessed.
16:50 So Christopher, what would you say
16:51 to that 18 year old boy or girl that's looking for something,
16:56 but doesn't really know what he or she is looking for?
16:59 Well, as 18 year old, there are so many things
17:01 out there that 18 year old gets involved in
17:04 and unless he or she realizes that something is missing
17:07 in their life, they go to church
17:10 and most of the time-- When we were of that age
17:12 we continued to go because our parents asked us to go and,
17:16 but until we realized that there's something that I need
17:19 to have in my life that where I can go to
17:23 and even in my college or high school,
17:25 I need assistance where it might help.
17:27 We're just dealing with peer pressure.
17:28 I need to have to know that I can have
17:30 one on one relationship with God.
17:32 And when I realized, when you realize that
17:34 there's nothing that can stop you,
17:37 you can do anything through God.
17:38 And so give your life, give your life over to God
17:42 is a big step in your life and that would probably
17:45 the biggest decision that you'll make in your life.
17:47 Yes, yes, thank you.
17:49 That is so true and, you know, as we listen to your music,
17:53 again your relationship shines through.
17:56 So that's a wonderful blessing.
17:58 Sit back listen to Christopher as he ministers in Jesus' name.
18:24 Lord you're holy
18:28 Lord you're holy
18:32 And we lift you up
18:35 And magnify your name
18:40 Oh, Lord you're holy
18:46 Lord you're holy
18:50 And we lift you up
18:53 And magnify Your name
18:58 As I look around and I see
19:03 All the works that Your hands has made
19:08 The awesomeness of you
19:12 And how your love Will never fade
19:16 Mere words cannot express What I feel inside
19:21 I can't describe Your glory divine
19:25 But as a token of my love
19:29 This is what I'll do
19:33 I lift my hands and cry, holy
19:37 You're holy
19:38 You're so holy
19:42 You're holy
19:43 And we lift you up
19:46 And magnify Your name
19:52 Lord you're holy
19:55 You're holy
19:56 So holy You're holy
20:01 And we lift you up
20:04 And magnify Your name
20:10 There's not enough words That I can say
20:15 To tell you how much I appreciate
20:19 All the wonderful things You've given me
20:23 Your love and kindness
20:25 Your tender mercies
20:28 It's my desire to praise you
20:33 And tell you how much I love you
20:37 You're worthy of all the honor
20:41 Lord, you're worthy Of all of the praise
20:45 I don't know how You could love me
20:51 How you could Give me so much mercy
20:55 You didn't have to suffer And die for me
20:59 Way back, on Calvary
21:02 But I just want to thank You
21:06 I really, really Want to thank You
21:10 Yes I do, I just want To thank you, Lord
21:15 Thank you thank you
21:20 Thank you Lord
21:22 Wonderful, Glorious Holy and Righteous
21:26 Victorious, Conqueror Triumphant and Mighty
21:31 Healer, Deliver Shield and Defense
21:35 Strong Tower And My Best Friend
21:39 Omnipotent, Omnipresent Soon Coming King
21:44 Alpha, Omega Lord of Everything
21:48 You're holy Lord Holy is your name
21:59 Lord you're so wonderful
22:01 Victorious, Conqueror Triumphant and Mighty
22:06 My Deliver
22:11 Strong Tower And My Best Friend
22:15 Omnipotent, Omnipresent Soon Coming King
22:19 Alpha, Omega Lord of Everything
22:24 You're holy Lord
22:26 Holy is your name
22:34 Lord, You're so holy Holy
22:40 I've got to cry holy Holy
22:44 Is your name
22:50 The Angels cried Holy
22:53 Holy, Holy
23:00 Holy is your name
23:29 Truly our God is holy and worthy to be praised.
23:33 This next song lets us know that our God is a personal God
23:38 and He understands our praise.
23:40 He lets us know that there's something
23:42 about our praise He loves.
23:54 The flowers in the fields
23:59 Burst forth with blooming
24:07 And the winds begin To whisper
24:12 He's alive
24:19 Even the trees Lift their branches
24:26 High to the heavens above
24:31 In perfect harmony
24:34 With the creator of the world
24:43 But there's just something
24:45 About my praise He loves
24:55 There's just something About the way I
25:00 Speak His name Jesus
25:07 All the hosannas And hallelujahs
25:15 Are sung to Him By the angels above
25:20 There's just something About my praise
25:27 Something about my praise
25:35 The Lord has been So real to me
25:42 And He's given me A special kind of love
25:46 And I have more To thank my Father for
25:53 Than all the angels In heaven above
25:59 For I've been for a cleansing
26:05 In that crimson stream of love
26:11 And that makes my praise
26:14 Just a little something special
26:17 To the Father above
26:21 And just because I'm his child
26:24 But there's just something
26:26 About my praise He loves
26:36 There's just something About the way I
26:41 speak His name Jesus
26:48 All the hosannas And hallelujahs
26:56 Are sung to Him By the angels above
27:01 There's just something About my praise
27:08 Something about my praise
27:15 Something about My praise
27:24 He loves
27:47 Magnify Him
27:52 I am always so blessed by the artist who come to minister
27:55 on this program and I pray that you were blessed too.
27:59 See you next time.


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