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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Elticia Buisson, Britney Charles


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:18 Hello and welcome to Magnify Him.
00:20 My name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:22 Thank you so much for tuning in.
00:24 Today we have two anointed young women
00:27 who will minister to you in song.
00:29 And that's the operative word here.
00:32 This program is never about performance.
00:34 It's always about ministry.
00:36 So don't miss the blessing that's in store
00:39 as we magnify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
00:43 Magnify the Lord with me
00:46 Magnify Him
00:52 Elticia Buisson, did I say that right?
00:54 Yes! Yeah!
00:56 Is with us in Magnify Him.
00:57 Welcome, Elticia. Thank you.
00:59 Thank you for having me.
01:00 Oh, your voice is so wonderful.
01:03 How long have you been singing?
01:04 I've been singing probably since the crib.
01:07 My mother always had me and twin sister,
01:09 if we weren't singing, we were playing an instrument.
01:12 Oh, you have a twin sister? Yeah, we're twins.
01:14 Identical? Fraternal.
01:15 Fraternal, okay, okay.
01:17 Wow! And she sings as well.
01:18 She sings as well.
01:20 Wow!
01:21 And are you in full-time music ministry?
01:23 I am part-time to full music ministry.
01:27 But I'm an Adventist school teacher.
01:29 Oh. What grade?
01:30 I teach high school history. Do you?
01:33 Yes. I love it.
01:35 Wow! Wow!
01:36 Well, you don't look like you're much older than
01:38 high school yourself.
01:39 God bless you.
01:41 Yes, you look amazing.
01:43 Well, I noticed when you were singing
01:44 that there's just such a clarity in your tone
01:49 I can't wait for our viewers to hear you.
01:51 What do you think
01:53 has been the most... the most important factor
01:58 in the development of your gift?
02:01 It's a two fold.
02:03 One is... the relationship that I've grown with Christ.
02:08 And I know what I am singing about.
02:10 Yes.
02:11 I experience His grace and His mercy.
02:14 So when I get up on the stage, I'm singing directly to Him.
02:17 Yes. It's like a love song to Him.
02:20 And with that and just great teachers
02:23 who taught me how to listen and study music correctly.
02:27 With those two things, it's a win-win combination.
02:29 Oh, that's wonderful.
02:31 And you know what that it comes across,
02:32 you know, and that's what we're about here
02:35 on Magnify Him.
02:36 We really want... the artist
02:39 to show their relationship with the Lord.
02:42 We want the viewers to just kind of get a feel for that.
02:45 Viewers know that
02:47 you are going to sense that anointing
02:49 when you hear Elticia Buisson.
03:08 Gave me my hands
03:13 To reach out to man
03:18 To show them Your love
03:23 And Your perfect plan
03:27 You gave me my ears
03:32 I can hear Your voice so clear
03:37 I can hear the cries of sinners
03:41 But can I wipe away Their tears?
03:51 You gave me my voice
03:56 To speak Your Word
04:01 To sing all Your praises
04:06 To those who never heard
04:10 But with my eyes, I see a need
04:15 For more availability
04:20 I see hearts That have been broken
04:24 So many people to be free
04:32 Lord, I'm available to You
04:42 My will, I give to You
04:47 I'll do what You say
04:50 Do use me Lord
04:54 To show someone the way
04:58 And enable me to say
05:05 My storage is empty
05:11 And I am available to You
05:25 Now I'm giving back to You
05:29 All the tools You gave to me
05:35 My hands, my ears My voice, my eyes
05:39 So You can use them As You please
05:44 I have emptied out my cup
05:49 So that You can fill me up
05:53 And now, I'm free And I just long to be
05:58 More available to You
06:05 Oh Lord, I'm available to You
06:15 My will, I give to You
06:20 I'll do what You say
06:23 Do use me Lord
06:27 To show someone the way
06:32 And enable me to say
06:39 My storage is empty
06:44 And I am available to You
07:00 You can use me Lord
07:05 You can use me Lord
07:13 Use me
07:17 Use my hands, use my feet
07:26 I'll go where you need
07:32 Use me
07:36 Use me Lord,
07:39 To show someone the way
07:44 And enable me to say
07:51 My storage is empty
07:56 And I am available to You
08:03 I am available
08:06 I am available
08:09 My storage is empty
08:15 And I am available to You
08:28 Oh my storage is empty
08:34 And I am available
08:44 To You
08:50 I'm available to You
09:08 It's good to know that no matter what I go through,
09:10 the God of the universe
09:12 holds me in the palm of His hand.
09:13 God, you are my God.
09:34 Oh Thou who knowest
09:38 My beginning
09:41 Thou who created the plan
09:49 Who orchestrated My life's journey
09:56 God, You are my God
10:04 God of decisions Creator of answers
10:12 God who ordained my way
10:19 In my transition
10:23 Held my position
10:27 God, You are my God
10:33 I will forever give You praise
10:41 Honor and celebrate Your name
10:48 God of the past, present
10:53 And Who is to come
10:57 Oh God, You are my God
11:15 Who orchestrated
11:20 My life's journey
11:23 Oh, God, You are my God
11:30 I will forever give
11:35 You praise
11:38 Honor and celebrate
11:42 Your name
11:45 God of the past, present
11:50 And Who is to come
11:54 God, You are my God
12:00 I will forever give
12:05 You praise
12:08 Honor and celebrate
12:13 Your name
12:16 God of the past, present
12:21 And Who is to come
12:25 Who is to come
12:29 Whatever You do with me
12:34 It's all right
12:36 You have my total trust
12:44 Glory and honor
12:48 Dominion and power
12:51 God, You are my God
13:03 You are the only wise God
13:07 Yeah!
13:10 You are God in the good
13:13 You are God through the bad
13:17 You are the only wise God
13:22 Yeah!
13:25 When I can't see my way You are God
13:29 You are gonna take me through Because you are God
13:33 You are the only wise God
13:37 Yeah!
13:40 Thank you for loving me
13:44 Thank you for keeping me
13:48 You are the only wise God
13:52 Yeah!
13:57 Oh Thou who knowest
14:00 My beginning
14:04 God, You are my God
14:11 God, You are my God
14:17 Love you, Lord
14:19 God, You are my God
14:27 God, You are my God
14:41 Magnify the Lord with me
14:44 Magnify Him
14:50 I'd like to welcome Britney Charles to Magnify Him.
14:54 Welcome, Britney, so nice to have you.
14:56 Put your mike up
14:58 'cause we want to hear that pretty voice.
14:59 Thank you. So tell us where you're from.
15:02 I'm from the Virgin Islands. St. Croix, Virgin Islands.
15:05 St. Croix. Yes.
15:06 So you came all the way here to Thompsonville,
15:09 West Frankfort, Illinois from St. Croix.
15:12 Yes I did.
15:14 It's a paradise there, isn't it?
15:15 It is. Beautiful, absolutely.
15:16 Is this your first time in the States?
15:19 No, this is actually one of many times in States
15:21 but my first in Illinois.
15:23 Okay, okay.
15:24 Well, we're so happy to have you.
15:26 Thank you. Happy to be here.
15:28 Let me ask you, when...
15:30 when you were little, were you singing?
15:32 When did you start singing?
15:33 I actually started from the age of four.
15:36 And I did my first solo in kindergarten.
15:40 I can distinctly remember
15:44 that the song was Ten thousand angels cried.
15:48 Wow!
15:49 You remember the first song you sang.
15:50 Yes.
15:52 Well, do your sisters and brothers sing as well?
15:54 Well, my brother, he is studying out now.
15:56 He usually says that-- now that I'm gone from home.
15:58 I'm in college that he has,
16:00 you know, his time to emerge so.
16:03 Now, you're in college. Yes.
16:05 Where do you attend college?
16:06 Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences.
16:08 Oh, and what is your goal?
16:10 What are you going to be?
16:12 Well, I would love to become an Ob Gyn.
16:16 Oh, wonderful, wonderful. Thank you.
16:19 So when did you decide
16:21 that you wanted to sing for Jesus?
16:23 Well, pretty much at the age of three,
16:27 I started singing.
16:28 But I got the chance to do a solo at the school
16:33 and I jumped at the chance.
16:34 Wow.
16:36 Tell us what the Lord means to you.
16:38 Well, I love the Lord very much.
16:40 And he has brought me a very long way
16:43 and through a lot of trials and tribulations.
16:46 And what I think is that in my way, in my own way,
16:51 I can give back to the Lord in His ministry
16:54 just with my music.
16:56 Yes, yes.
16:57 What is your vision for your ministry?
17:00 I know you want to be an Ob Gyn full-time,
17:03 but what do you want to do with music?
17:05 I also want to be like a travelling Ob Gyn.
17:09 And so that way it would be easier for me
17:13 to go from place to place and also minister in music
17:16 wherever I'm needed, you know, in any church
17:18 or something that I attend abroad.
17:20 That's wonderful, that's wonderful.
17:22 So where are you in college now?
17:24 Are you in your first or second year?
17:26 I'm actually in my third year.
17:27 You are third year. Yes.
17:28 Oh, that's incredible.
17:30 What's your favorite subject?
17:32 My favorite subject would have to be English.
17:34 English. Yes, I love English.
17:35 Okay.
17:36 Literature or grammar or what aspects of English?
17:38 Well, all because I am a very avid reader
17:42 and also I love the grammar.
17:44 So it would have to be all aspects of English.
17:47 That's wonderful, that's wonderful.
17:49 Let me just ask you,
17:50 if there is a young woman out there
17:52 that wants to go to medical school
17:55 and wants to be in ministry,
17:57 what would you say to her in 30 seconds?
17:59 What would you say to her?
18:01 Well, I'd have to tell her that it's not easy
18:05 but you can't give up.
18:06 I have had many obstacles
18:08 and you're gonna have obstacles too.
18:10 Just keep on pushing.
18:12 Keep your goal in mind and just keep on pushing
18:16 and serving the Lord.
18:17 Okay, before we end,
18:19 who's your favorite artist?
18:20 Or who are your favorite artists?
18:22 My favorite artist, I would say,
18:24 would have to be CeCe Winans
18:25 and my favorite song by her is...
18:30 what is it?
18:32 Mercy said no.
18:33 Oh, yes--
18:34 I love that one. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
18:36 Wonderful. Well, thank you so much.
18:37 And I know our viewers will be blessed by your ministry.
18:40 Thank you.
18:42 Listen to the ministry of Britney Charles.
18:46 She is determined to do well in school
18:49 as well as minister
18:50 for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
18:53 Listen to her as she magnifies Him.
19:14 There are days when I feel
19:19 The best of me is ready To begin
19:24 Then there're days when I feel
19:29 I'm letting go And soaring on the wind
19:35 'Cause I've learned In laughter or in pain
19:41 How to survive
19:46 I get on my knees
19:51 I get on my knees
19:56 There I am before the love
20:00 That changes me
20:05 See I don't know how But there's power
20:09 When I'm on my knees
20:22 I can be in a crowd
20:27 Or by myself almost anywhere
20:33 When I feel there's a need
20:37 To talk with God He is Emmanuel
20:44 When I close my eyes
20:46 No darkness there
20:50 There's only light
20:54 I get on my knees
20:59 I get on my knees
21:04 There I am before the love
21:08 That changes me
21:14 See I don't know how But there's power
21:17 In the blue skies
21:22 In the midnight
21:28 When I'm on my knees
21:39 I get on my knees
21:44 I get on my knees
21:49 There I am before the love
21:53 That changes me
21:59 See I don't know how
22:01 But there's power When I'm on my
22:06 Oh, when I'm on my
22:13 When I'm on
22:14 My knees
22:30 On my knees
22:41 So many times in our lives
22:43 we go through trials and tribulation.
22:45 But brothers and sisters if you just hold on
22:48 your reward is heaven and we are going up yonder.
23:13 If you want to know
23:18 Where I'm going?
23:23 Where I'm going soon?
23:32 If anybody ask you
23:37 Where I'm going?
23:41 Where I'm going someday soon?
23:50 I'm going up yonder
23:55 Going up yonder
24:00 I'm going up yonder
24:03 To be with my Lord
24:09 I'm going up yonder
24:14 Going up yonder
24:19 I'm going up yonder
24:22 To be with my Lord
24:28 I can take the pain
24:33 The heartache that it brings
24:37 The comfort in knowing
24:41 I'll soon be gone
24:47 As God gives me grace
24:51 To run this Christian race
24:56 Until I see my Savior
25:00 Face to face
25:05 I'm going up yonder
25:10 I'm going up yonder
25:15 I'm going up yonder
25:18 To be with my Lord
25:24 I'm going up yonder
25:29 I'm going up yonder
25:33 I'm going up yonder
25:37 To be with my Lord
25:45 If anybody ask you
25:50 Where I'm going?
25:56 Where I'm going?
26:04 If anybody ask you
26:09 Where I'm going?
26:14 Where I'm going?
26:18 Tell them from me
26:20 I'm going up yonder
26:25 I'm going up yonder
26:30 I'm going up yonder
26:33 To be with my Lord
26:39 I'm going up yonder
26:44 Going up yonder
26:48 I'm going up yonder
26:52 To be with my Lord
26:58 I'm going up yonder
27:02 I'm going up yonder
27:07 I'm going up yonder
27:13 To be with my Lord
27:17 I'm going up yonder
27:21 I'm going up yonder
27:26 I'm going up yonder
27:30 To be with
27:34 My Lord
27:47 Magnify Him
27:52 I was so blessed by our program today
27:54 and I hope that you were too.
27:56 Make sure that you tune in next time
27:58 when we Magnify Him together.


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