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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him.
00:15 Hello everyone and welcome to Magnify Him.
00:18 My name is Duawne Starling. And I'm Yvonne Lewis.
00:20 Thank you so much for tuning in.
00:22 And, Duawne, I'm so glad you're back.
00:24 We missed you. It's not the same without you.
00:26 Oh, good. I'm glad to be back.
00:27 So you can't shaft on us anymore.
00:30 Once again we're going to present artist to you
00:32 who are focused on lifting up the name of Jesus
00:35 with their gifts.
00:37 Yes, and the songs you will hear will truly lift up
00:40 and magnify our magnificent God.
00:42 So stay tuned as we lift up the name of Jesus
00:46 and magnify Him.
00:48 Magnify the Lord with me
00:51 Magnify Him.
00:57 Here on Magnify Him, we're often blessed
01:00 with gifted artists who have powerful ministries
01:04 but it's not so often
01:06 that we get to talk with friends of ours,
01:08 and today I get to speak with a friend of mine
01:12 and her name is Marva Mortley.
01:14 Marva, welcome, welcome, ever welcome.
01:16 Thank you, Duawne. How are you doing, Duawne?
01:19 I'm good. I'm good.
01:20 So, let's start with where are you from? Can we?
01:25 I'm originally born in Brooklyn, New York.
01:27 Brooklyn, New York. Yay!
01:29 And I've moved recently to Antioch, Tennessee
01:33 which is 20 minutes outside of Nashville.
01:35 Wonderful. Yeah.
01:37 Now, explain to us
01:38 why the move from New York to Nashville.
01:40 I wanted to change,
01:43 definitely music.
01:44 Okay.
01:46 And I believe that God has a calling for me to be here
01:49 so I obeyed and I came and I know that I'm blessed.
01:54 Always, there is a process...
01:57 Whatever He does, there is a process.
01:59 And a lot of times we won't get in line
02:01 or we won't trust the process.
02:04 What is the process been for you
02:06 of developing your music ministry
02:09 and I'm assuming that your music ministry
02:12 has taken you to Nashville, that's part of the process.
02:17 Just surrendering my plans to His.
02:20 Yeah.
02:22 And trying to be positive in all things,
02:25 I met some challenges along the way,
02:28 but doing my best to keep my eyes focused on Him.
02:33 Yeah.
02:34 And...
02:37 learning my music,
02:39 getting involved as much as possible
02:41 and throwing my fresh glowing altar
02:44 and say everything I'm doing, you know,
02:47 that's where it's at and I'm very excited about it.
02:50 Now, do you write music also? Yes, I do it.
02:53 Matter of fact, I wrote a song that's out there right now,
02:56 and I've been writing since I was like 14, 16
03:00 but I haven't put all those songs out there.
03:03 Okay.
03:05 But my one song is what are you waiting for.
03:08 What is what are you waiting for about?
03:12 At a young age,
03:13 I started signing as a singing evangelist.
03:15 Okay.
03:17 And through those years of singing
03:20 to win souls to Christ, I just got a picture one day
03:25 of what God is trying to say to people,
03:28 why are you waiting? What are you waiting for?
03:30 You heard the sermon.
03:31 You've seen the preacher preach.
03:33 You heard the Bible worker talk to you and counsel you.
03:37 And he knows
03:39 that you're going through some challenges right now.
03:41 But in respect to what heaven is like
03:45 and what I have planned for you,
03:47 what are you waiting for.
03:49 And so I wrote the song based on that.
03:52 And so it's like the altar call.
03:54 But it has a very contemporary sound to it
03:58 and... I just, I love the song. I love the song.
04:03 I heard-- This is in line with what you just said,
04:05 I had a pastor say once
04:07 that we as Christians are information junkies.
04:11 And we get high on information,
04:13 but what do we do with the information.
04:15 What are we waiting for?
04:17 Sometimes I think that we think that
04:20 our situation is grater than the God that we serve.
04:25 And if we realize who he really is,
04:28 we can just surrender that
04:31 and know that He is going to work it out,
04:33 so I just pray that people will give their lives to God.
04:37 So what can we expect to hear from you today on Magnify Him?
04:43 The song is "I understand." I understand.
04:46 By Smokie Norful, one of my favorites.
04:49 And then the second song is by J.Moss,
04:52 it's called "We Must Praise." We must praise.
04:54 Everyday we must praise. Yes.
04:56 No matter what we're going through.
04:58 Now, are you a worshipper at heart?
05:01 Yes, I am. Yeah.
05:02 I spend a lot of time with the God,
05:05 especially these days lately, morning time
05:08 and sometimes He wakes me up at 3 o'clock in the morning.
05:11 And it's in those early morning times that He speaks,
05:15 so I pray that you'll enjoy the music ministry
05:17 of Marva Mortley.
05:25 Sometimes I feel like giving up
05:32 I feel like my best
05:34 Just ain't good enough
05:39 Lord if you hear me, I'm calling you
05:45 Do you see, do you care
05:48 All about What I'm going through
05:52 And then he says,one more day
05:58 One more step
06:01 See I'm preparing you
06:04 My child for myself
06:09 And when you Can't hear my voice
06:13 Please trust my plan
06:17 I'm the Lord, I see And yes I understand
06:24 But sometimes I feel like
06:27 I'm all alone
06:31 I feel like a stranger So far from home
06:38 I feel like I've done All that I can do
06:45 Please Lord give me strength
06:47 I'm just trying To make it through
06:51 That's when he told me One more day,
06:57 one more step
07:00 See I'm preparing you
07:03 My child for myself
07:07 And when you Can't hear my voice
07:12 Please trust my plan
07:16 I'm the Lord, I see you
07:18 And yes I understand
07:24 He knows
07:26 Just how much we can bear
07:31 And in the time of trouble
07:36 He promised he would always be there
07:39 Now, I understand
07:42 The Lord is telling you I understand
07:47 I am the Lord, I see you
07:50 And yes I understand
07:55 I am the Lord
07:57 I changeth not
08:02 I won't forget nor have I forgot
08:08 You see every thing works
08:10 According to my plan
08:15 I am God, trust me,
08:17 I got the whole world In my hand
08:23 One more day
08:27 one more step
08:30 See, I'm preparing you
08:34 My child for myself
08:38 And when you Can't hear my voice
08:42 Please trust my plan
08:46 I'm the Lord I see you
08:49 And yes I understand Oh, yeah, yeah
08:54 I'm the Lord I see you
08:57 And yes I understand
08:59 Every trial, every burden, every thing Yeah!
09:03 I am the Lord, I see you
09:05 And I understand
09:08 Understand
09:11 Understand
09:14 I understand
09:22 We must always give God the praise,
09:24 no matter who we are or what we're going through.
09:27 He knows about our situation,
09:29 but we still got to give Him praise.
09:31 So let just praise the Lord.
09:44 If I were a drummer
09:48 I would use my cymbals
09:53 And if I were a writer,
09:58 I would use my pencil
10:03 I would use my voice,
10:08 If I were a singer
10:13 No matter who or what we are
10:17 We must praise
10:22 If I was a doctor,
10:27 I would use my research
10:31 A prolific dissertation Oh, yeah
10:36 If I was a speaker
10:41 I would use my hands,
10:46 if I were a potter
10:51 No matter who or what we are,
10:56 We must praise
11:01 Let the people of God
11:06 Bless Him
11:08 Let it brings the ring
11:10 Let it ring with
11:13 Love and truth
11:20 With our gifts we exalt Thee
11:23 Merciful, wonderful God
11:28 We must praise
11:34 If I were an eagle,
11:39 I would use my wings
11:43 But since I'm a believer
11:47 I use everything
11:52 So make a joyful noise
11:58 All ye people
12:03 No matter who or what we are
12:08 We must praise
12:13 Let the people of God
12:18 Bless Him
12:20 Let it brings the ring
12:22 Let it ring with
12:25 Love and truth
12:32 With our gifts we exalt Thee
12:35 Merciful, wonderful God
12:40 Yes, somebody blessed in praise He is holy
12:47 Holy Oh, yeah,
12:52 Bless He's holy
12:57 He's holy name
13:02 He is worthy
13:04 And all the glory
13:07 Give him all the praise
13:11 I'll magnify Him
13:14 I'll worship Him
13:16 Oh, give the Lord all His due
13:21 He is got you
13:24 We love you
13:27 Give Him all the praise
13:31 I'll worship him
13:34 Put Him first heart In going today
13:39 We must
13:42 Praise.
13:53 Magnify the Lord with me
13:56 Magnify Him.
14:02 I'd like to welcome Erika Jones to Magnify Him.
14:05 Welcome Erika. Thank you so much.
14:07 So good to have you here. It's great to be here.
14:10 So tell us about your background.
14:13 Where were you born?
14:14 I was born in Natchez, Mississippi.
14:16 Okay.
14:17 And from there I moved to Woodville, Mississippi
14:19 with my parents and my grandparents
14:21 and from there we moved to Louisiana
14:24 and Texas and now back to Louisiana.
14:28 Wow. What part of Texas were you in?
14:29 I was in Dallas, Texas. I came here from Dallas, Texas.
14:33 Okay. Now, when were you there?
14:35 I was in Dallas from 2000 to about 2010.
14:38 Wow!
14:40 I'm surprised that we never crossed paths in Dallas.
14:43 And Dallas is kind to me, it's like a little big town,
14:46 you know what I mean. Exactly.
14:48 Isn't it? Exactly.
14:49 So usually you know some of the people
14:51 from the other churches and all but I'm glad you're here today.
14:55 Yes, so am I.
14:56 And I know, we're going to be blessed
14:57 when we hear you sing
14:59 'cause I heard you in your sound check
15:00 and you just-- God has really blessed you.
15:03 Praise the Lord. Have you always sung?
15:05 Have you always sung? I have.
15:06 But I don't remember exactly when I knew I could sing,
15:10 but I do remember I had a teacher
15:12 who had me sing on a Christmas program,
15:16 and I've been singing ever since,
15:18 I was about seven years old.
15:20 And my debut song was Naaman, the Leper.
15:22 Oh! And you have to learn all those words.
15:25 I have to learn all the words and sing them many times.
15:29 That's great. That's great.
15:30 So you started singing at seven and your family is musical
15:35 or you the only one?
15:37 Yes, both my mother and father sing.
15:39 My dad is a soloist as well
15:42 and my brother is musically inclined,
15:44 however he does not sing.
15:47 Does he play instruments?
15:48 Yes, he plays and he...
15:50 loves to listen to all kinds of music.
15:52 He is a great critique,
15:54 and helps me keep myself straight.
15:57 That's good. That's good.
15:58 So at seven you started singing and then what about
16:02 when you were in high school in college, did you sing there
16:05 or did you just kind of stop for a while.
16:07 What'd you do?
16:08 Well, I didn't sing much in high school besides church,
16:12 and then the older I got when I went off to college,
16:15 I did sing some more for different events
16:18 and joined some groups and then pursuit a solo career
16:23 by writing and then producing a CD.
16:25 Oh, wonderful.
16:27 Okay, I want to get back to your CD
16:28 but let's talk a little bit about college
16:30 because I saw Duawne's face light up when he saw you
16:34 and Marva today, I mean this is just--
16:36 it's just great, he had a chance to see
16:38 two of his friends from Oakwood.
16:40 Did you guys sing in the same group or what was that?
16:42 Yes, it's a great reunion we had today.
16:45 But we did,
16:46 we sang in Dynamic Praise together at Oakwood.
16:49 One of the things that I noticed,
16:51 I went to Oakwood too back in, but anyway...
16:56 One of the things that I noticed about Oakwood
16:58 and I know you'll concur with this
16:59 is that the talent there,
17:02 I mean it's just so tremendous,
17:05 you can find every type of singer
17:09 from classical to gospel, you know, hardcore gospel,
17:14 contemporary gospel,
17:16 I mean it's just such a plethora of talent there.
17:20 Yes.
17:21 The Aeolians, Dynamic Praise,
17:24 I mean it's just anything you want there, you can find.
17:27 That's right.
17:29 When you were there 'cause I don't know,
17:30 I know when I was there, I sang myself into oblivion
17:33 and the next year I just wasn't singing at all.
17:36 Did you find that you were singing a lot there
17:40 or where you just kind of singing a little?
17:43 I was singing a little and then I joined Dynamic Praise,
17:46 and I think that's what sort of thrust me into...
17:48 wanting to sing even more.
17:50 So I was able to cultivate that longing
17:53 and that desire to sing, and it was nurtured there,
17:57 and so from there I think it just developed
17:59 into something much more.
18:01 Hmm.
18:02 Now, when did you really make
18:05 a firm decision to sing for the Lord?
18:08 I've made a firm decision to sing for the Lord
18:11 after I left Oakwood.
18:14 I was working...
18:16 and continuing to go to school in Louisiana.
18:19 And I just started writing lyrics.
18:24 It was nothing I ever intended to do...
18:27 and so I just started writing the lyrics
18:29 and then I would also hum melodies to them
18:34 and just put the melodies and the lyrics together,
18:39 and there were songs being written.
18:41 And I just praise the Lord
18:43 for because I really feel like it's a gift from him.
18:46 And really still after that
18:49 there were coupe of years that passed
18:51 and I hadn't done much with it and I moved to Dallas
18:55 and I would go to sleep at night
18:58 and wake up with songs on my heart.
19:02 And so I started sleeping with the tape recorder
19:04 beside my bed and I'll wake up
19:06 and just sing the songs into the tape recorder
19:08 and that's when I just really felt
19:10 like the Lord was telling me
19:12 that He had a work for me to do.
19:13 Praise God. It is a gift from Him.
19:15 Yes.
19:17 It is a gift to have those songs in your heart
19:19 and to wake up with them, that's incredible.
19:22 So, you have written the songs that are on your CD now
19:27 or tell us about your CD?
19:29 Yes, I have a CD "Shine Your Light On Me".
19:32 And I have written all of the songs on the CD
19:34 with the exception of one song that's one there
19:36 and it's actually sung by my dad.
19:39 "There's A Leak In This Old Building."
19:41 And my dad has been very instrumental in my career.
19:46 He is a soloist and I've just sat at his feet
19:50 and listen to him singing and really felt
19:53 that God put a calling up on his life also.
19:56 And so I just want to follow in his footsteps
19:58 and wherever Jesus leads me.
19:59 Amen. Amen.
20:02 So Erika in our closing moments,
20:04 what would you say to young people?
20:06 What message do you have for young people?
20:08 I just encourage young people to give their lives to Christ
20:11 and let Him use them.
20:12 Be vessels for Christ
20:14 because He is the one true answer
20:17 and a lot of children seemed to seeking for something,
20:19 so Jesus is what they need.
20:22 Amen.
20:24 What more can we say.
20:26 Erika has given her life to Christ.
20:29 She writes and is used by God.
20:32 Sit back and be blessed as she magnifies Him.
20:45 He is here for the broken
20:50 Life to the one
20:51 Who is undone
20:57 He is peace to the wounded
21:02 Hope for the helpless one
21:09 He is here, He is here
21:15 Be still my soul, be still
21:21 Be still my soul, be still
21:27 Wait patiently upon the Lord
21:34 Be still my soul, be still
21:48 When the waves rise against me
21:52 And the wind tries to draw me
21:55 Away
22:01 I will stand on the mountain
22:04 Safe in Your arms
22:06 I will sing
22:09 I will sing
22:13 Be still my soul, be still
22:19 Be still my soul, be still
22:25 Wait patiently upon the Lord
22:31 Be still my soul, be still
22:36 Be still
22:40 I know He is God
22:43 He is here
22:46 He is here
22:48 Be still
22:52 I know He is God
22:55 He is here
22:58 He is here
23:03 So be still my soul, be still
23:10 Be still my soul, be still
23:15 Wait patiently upon the Lord
23:22 Be still my soul, be still
23:28 Wait patiently
23:31 Upon the Lord
23:37 Be still my soul
23:40 Be still
23:53 Blessed Assurance
23:55 one of my all time favorite songs.
23:57 What an assurance we have in Jesus.
24:00 This is my story. This is my song.
24:13 Blessed assurance
24:18 Jesus is mine
24:24 Oh, what a foretaste
24:29 Of glory divine
24:33 Heir of salvation
24:39 Been purchased by God
24:44 I'm born of His Spirit
24:50 washed in His blood
24:55 This is my story
25:00 This is my song,
25:05 Praising my Savior
25:11 All the day long
25:16 This is my story
25:21 this is my song
25:26 I'm praising my Savior
25:32 All day long
25:42 Perfect submission
25:47 All is at rest
25:52 I in my Savior,
25:57 I'm happy and blest
26:02 Oh, I'm watching and waiting
26:08 And I'm looking above
26:13 I'm filled with His goodness,
26:18 lost in His love
26:23 Well, this is my story
26:29 this is my song,
26:34 I'm praising my Savior
26:39 all the day long
26:45 This is my story
26:50 This is my song
26:55 Praising my Savior
27:00 All the day long
27:05 Praising my Savior
27:11 All day long
27:16 Praising my Savior
27:21 All day long.
27:31 Magnify Him.
27:36 What a blessing this program has been.
27:39 You know what, it's amazing because this time
27:41 two of your friends from Oakwood been here.
27:43 I know. I know.
27:45 We always have beautiful talent
27:47 and just gifted artists on Magnify Him.
27:50 So until next time,
27:51 remember to put Christ first
27:53 in all things that you do,
27:56 and magnify Him.
27:57 God bless you.


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