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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worth
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Hello everyone, and welcome to "Magnify Him."
00:20 My name is Duawne Starling.
00:22 And I'm Yvonne Lewis. Thank you for tuning in.
00:25 Once again, we're going to present artist to you
00:28 who are focused on
00:29 lifting up the name of Jesus with their gifts.
00:32 Yes, we are and the songs you will hear
00:34 will truly lift up our magnificent God.
00:37 So stay tuned,
00:38 don't turn that dial as we lift up the name of Jesus
00:42 and we're gonna magnify Him.
00:44 Magnify the Lord with me
00:47 Magnify Him
00:53 We are so excited at "Magnify Him"
00:56 to have none other than Celestine Barry.
00:59 How are you? Good.
01:01 Very good to have you.
01:02 Thank you so much for having me.
01:03 Now you're no stranger to 3ABN, the 3ABN family,
01:07 but this is your first time on "Magnify Him," correct?
01:10 That's right, that's right. Yes.
01:11 Yes. So welcome.
01:12 It's a blessing to be here.
01:13 Welcome. Thank you.
01:15 I like to start off our interviews
01:17 by giving our viewers,
01:19 you know, some background information
01:20 so where are you originally from?
01:24 I came from Philippines
01:26 Philippines, yes.
01:27 I got here in the US in '99.
01:30 Okay.
01:32 And live in Chicago.
01:35 Did you speak any English before you came to America?
01:37 Nope. Not really just yes or no.
01:40 Yes or no. Yes.
01:41 Now how did you learn, did you learn by book,
01:43 did you learn by conversation?
01:45 I think conversation with my husband.
01:47 Okay.
01:48 Now you've been married how long?
01:50 Almost 14 years.
01:51 Oh, excellent. Yes.
01:53 Excellent and your husband is a musician as well?
01:57 Yes.
01:58 So what types of music do you do together,
02:01 do you co-write together or?
02:03 Yes, well,
02:05 his musical background is like progressive rock.
02:10 Okay.
02:11 So one day when I ask him, when we get married
02:13 and ask him to try to write a Christian song.
02:18 Yeah.
02:19 So from his musical background
02:20 there was a huge challenge for him.
02:24 Okay.
02:25 But he did it anyway for the Lord.
02:26 Amen.
02:27 So I praise the Lord for that
02:30 and so we did our first recording in 2004,
02:35 it's all originals.
02:36 Okay.
02:37 And so that's how our ministry got started.
02:41 Now when you're writing music, 'cause I'm a writer as well
02:44 and I always like to ask other songwriters,
02:47 what is your formula, do you start with a melody,
02:50 do you start with an idea then develop it
02:53 or do you kind of do both at the same time?
02:55 I think for me, I started with the lyrics.
02:59 Okay.
03:00 Yeah I get some ideas and just write it down
03:02 and then share with my husband,
03:04 show it him and then he write music
03:06 and we collaborate this and there.
03:08 Yeah. Yeah.
03:09 So you left the Philippines, you moved to Chicago.
03:12 Yes.
03:13 And but you're no longer in Chicago.
03:14 No. No.
03:15 Not anymore, I just moved.
03:18 And you're living where now?
03:21 Just right around the corner, like 5 minutes away from here.
03:24 I love it, I love it. Yes.
03:26 So what brought you from, you know,
03:28 the windy city to the 3ABN area?
03:31 I believe it's God is leading at this way. Yeah.
03:35 Because I didn't know this place at all
03:38 and it just happened that I get invited from
03:41 one of the member here.
03:42 Okay.
03:43 And to sing a special music,
03:44 so I did and then I just like the place,
03:47 it's just quiet and I've been
03:49 wanting to move to the countryside.
03:51 Yes.
03:52 Kind of thing, so it is like answered prayer for me.
03:56 So the next thing that we should be hearing form you,
03:59 I know you have one CD currently.
04:01 Are you still co-writing,
04:03 are you still preparing for another project
04:05 to release another CD?
04:07 Yes, we did one in 2004 and another in 2009
04:14 and now we just release last May
04:16 and we're planning to do another one.
04:19 Oh, excellent. Yes, yes.
04:21 You've been busy.
04:22 Yeah, very busy, praise the Lord.
04:24 I love that, I love that.
04:26 So we are looking forward to your ministry
04:29 and I would love to know just a little snippet about
04:31 what you'll be doing for us here on "Magnify Him."
04:36 "Orphans of God" and "My Redeemer Lives."
04:40 Yes, I love that song "My Redeemer Liveth."
04:43 I know that you'll be blessed
04:45 and I know that your hearts will be ministered too,
04:47 by the ministry of Celestine Barry.
05:03 Who here among us has not been broken
05:11 Who here among us is without guilt or pain
05:18 So oft' abandoned by our transgressions
05:26 If such a thing as grace exists
05:30 Then grace was made for lives like this
05:38 There are no strangers
05:42 There are no outcasts
05:46 There are no orphans of God
05:54 So many fallen, but hallelujah
06:01 There are no orphans of God
06:22 Come ye unwanted and find affection
06:30 Come all ye weary, come and lay down your head
06:37 Come ye unworthy, you are my brother
06:45 If such a thing as grace exists
06:49 Then grace was made for lives like this
06:56 There are no strangers
07:00 There are no outcasts
07:04 There are no orphans of God
07:11 So many fallen, but hallelujah
07:19 There are no orphans of God
07:28 O blessed Father, look down upon us
07:35 We are Your children and we need Your love
07:43 We run before Your throne of mercy
07:50 And seek Your face to rise above
07:58 There are no strangers
08:02 There are no outcasts
08:06 There are no orphans of God
08:13 So many fallen, but hallelujah
08:21 There are no orphans
08:25 There are no strangers
08:28 There are no outcasts
08:32 There are no orphans of God
08:39 So many fallen, but hallelujah
08:53 There are no orphans of God
09:07 There are no orphans of God
09:28 For I know that my redeemer lives
09:32 and at the last He will stand upon the earth.
09:45 Who taught the Sun
09:48 Where to stand in the morning
09:54 And who told the ocean
09:57 You can only come this far
10:03 And who showed the moon
10:08 Where to hide till evening
10:12 Whose words alone can
10:15 Catch a falling star
10:20 Well I know my Redeemer lives
10:30 I know my Redeemer lives
10:38 Let all creation testify
10:43 With this life within me cry
10:48 I know my Redeemer lives
10:56 Yeah, yeah
11:00 The very same God
11:04 That spins things in orbit
11:09 He runs to the weary
11:12 The worn and the weak
11:18 And the same gentle hands
11:24 Hold me when I'm broken
11:28 They conquer death to bring me victory
11:36 Now I know my Redeemer lives
11:45 I know my Redeemer lives
11:54 Let all creations testify
11:59 Let this life within me cry
12:04 I know my Redeemer
12:10 He lives to take away my shame
12:18 And He lives forever I'll proclaim
12:27 That the payment of my sin
12:32 Was the precious life He gave
12:37 But now He's alive and there's an empty grave
12:47 And I know my Redeemer lives
12:56 I know my Redeemer lives
13:05 Let all creation testify
13:10 Let this life within me cry
13:15 I know my Redeemer
13:19 I know, I know my Redeemer lives
13:27 I know that I know my Redeemer lives
13:35 I know that, I know that, I know that,
13:37 I know that, I know He lives
13:41 My Redeemer lives
13:44 Because He lives I can face tomorrow
13:49 He lives, He lives, I go with Him this morning.
13:55 Yeah, He lives, He lives,
14:04 I know, my Redeemer lives
14:10 My Redeemer, He lives
14:24 Magnify the Lord with me
14:27 Magnify Him.
14:34 You know, one of the benefits
14:37 of being one of the hosts on "Magnify Him,"
14:40 is that you get to hear artists from everywhere,
14:43 the best artists and another thing is
14:46 I get to interview these artists
14:49 and one of my absolute favorite artist
14:52 is my co-host and brother, Duawne, Duawne.
14:56 Yvonne.
14:57 I'm so glad, you know, I just have to tell everybody,
15:01 your being here with us on "Magnify Him"
15:04 to me is just so providential, God sent you.
15:07 Yeah, definitely.
15:08 And it is just, it's such a blessing to have you
15:11 and when I listen to you sing,
15:13 your voice is like, it's like liquid silk.
15:16 I mean, it just, it's-- Thank you.
15:18 And you minister. Yes.
15:20 When did you decide
15:22 that you wanted to really minister for God?
15:25 I'm so glad that you asked that question.
15:27 I was actually,
15:28 I was singing background for Donnie McClurkin,
15:30 we were doing a concert,
15:32 it was in Hartford, Connecticut.
15:34 It was in March of 1999. Wow.
15:40 And I was standing on stage, he was doing altar call
15:44 and normally what he would do is,
15:46 he'll do the altar call and he pray for people
15:48 and he'd go down to the floor and he'd pray for people.
15:51 But this particular day, he wasn't leaving the stage
15:53 and there was a young guy and I saw him,
15:56 my spirit just leaped out to him
15:58 and I felt like I was supposed to pray for him,
16:01 but that was out of my nature, you know,
16:03 but God said, go do it.
16:05 And it was that night when I did it,
16:07 it was that night that God said,
16:09 I've more for you than just singing.
16:12 That's the entry, you know,
16:13 but there's more to your ministry than just singing.
16:16 So had you been writing just before then or?
16:19 I had been, I've always been writing. Okay.
16:21 It started with poems when I was a kid
16:23 and it turned into songs
16:25 and high school and throughout college I was writing but--
16:29 And I wrote the two songs
16:30 that I'll be doing later on, in this show.
16:32 Tell us about that, what--
16:34 Give us some background on those songs.
16:37 The first one that you're gonna do is.
16:38 Is "Free." "Free."
16:40 Because I wrote "Free" because
16:41 I believe so many Christians walk around bound
16:45 and the Word says in Galatians,
16:47 I think it's 5:30 or something like that,
16:50 that "It's for freedom sake that Christ has come
16:54 and he has set you free."
16:55 Come on, come on.
16:56 "So don't be burden by a yoke of slavery."
17:01 And we walk around burden by a yoke of slavery,
17:04 so I really wrote that song to encourage people
17:08 to accept the freedom that they already have and walk in it.
17:11 Oh, that's beautiful, beautiful. Yeah.
17:14 And what about the other one?
17:15 "I Can Do This," now of all the songs I've ever written
17:18 that's probably the closest to me.
17:20 Really, why?
17:21 I wrote it to myself and I remember,
17:24 I study David a lot, King David. Okay.
17:26 And David he encouraged himself,
17:28 you know, when he was being--
17:29 When he was being pursued by Saul and running,
17:32 hiding out in caves, there was nobody around
17:34 to encourage him and he said,
17:35 "Take courage my soul."
17:37 So I often believe that there won't be people around to say,
17:42 you know what, good job
17:43 or something as simple as you look nice today, you know,
17:46 sometimes we'll have to look at ourself in the mirror
17:48 and say, I can do whatever it is
17:51 that we're challenged with,
17:53 but the key is that we have to do it with the strength of God.
17:56 That's right. We can't do it alone.
17:58 We can do all things through Christ.
17:59 All things, all things.
18:01 Yes, amen, amen.
18:02 You know, one of the things that I noticed you
18:05 and I know I've mentioned it before,
18:07 in our interview before,
18:08 when you were an artist on "Magnify Him."
18:10 But I'm so impressed
18:13 by the way you are with your wife and children,
18:17 I mean, again, I know I mentioned it before but to me,
18:20 that's such an important piece.
18:21 You take them everywhere with you
18:24 and we were all going to dinner yesterday,
18:27 I noticed you were on the phone with your baby girl.
18:30 Yes. She's your oldest, right?
18:31 Yes.
18:32 And then you talk about your wife all the--
18:34 There's just, this love you tell us about your family
18:38 and what they mean to you.
18:40 I don't even know if I could put in words what they mean.
18:44 They mean, aside from God, they mean everything.
18:48 And if I'm not with them then I need to let them know
18:51 that I'm with them spiritually
18:53 and even as far as a little song that I wrote
18:57 when my, oldest is 7 but when she was a baby
19:00 and I would sing it to her when she goes to sleep.
19:02 So when I'm away,
19:03 I still have to call home and sing that song.
19:05 Oh.
19:06 Because they don't want to hear mommy sing it,
19:07 they want to hear me singing.
19:10 Now does Carmen sing?
19:11 She does, we sing together in a choir
19:13 at Opera College and Dianna McMurry's.
19:15 She does sing,
19:16 she'll tell you that she is not a soloist though.
19:18 Absolutely have to meet them.
19:20 Yes, you do.
19:22 When I come up there. We look forward to that.
19:23 Or when, you know, what bring them here.
19:25 Yeah, I'll bring them here.
19:26 So we can have them on "Magnify Him."
19:28 That would be great. Yes.
19:29 And we also have to give shout out to Monique Anderson.
19:32 Most definitely.
19:33 She was our talent coordinator. Yeah.
19:35 She was the director for "Magnify Him." Yeah.
19:38 She assisted in getting everybody together
19:41 and now she is gone on and moved on to greener pastures,
19:45 so to speak so.
19:46 We love you, Monique. We love you, Monique.
19:49 Anyway, can't wait for our viewers to hear you today.
19:52 As well because you just bring such an anointing to the table.
19:57 Thank you.
19:59 We just know that God has a special plan for you
20:04 and God has a special plan for you, listen and be blessed.
20:18 The truth about freedom is there is a price to pay
20:23 It's not about make a wish and way for come what may
20:28 Sooner or later you know it all comes down to faith
20:33 Just wait, just pray
20:39 As walking this freedom road at times you're by yourself
20:44 And some of those who want to love will now have someone else
20:50 When everything's abandons you,
20:52 you're breathless and depressed
20:54 Believe you'll see that we have wings to fly and be free
21:07 From that tie that binds all you need
21:12 Is to open your mind and see
21:18 You're already free
21:24 So don't be burden by the pain of slavery
21:30 For every chain you'll find that Jesus is the key
21:35 And His love provides us with the opportunity
21:39 To be at peace and we have wings to fly and be free
21:52 From that tie that binds all you need
21:58 Is to open your mind and see
22:03 You're already free
22:25 Believe you'll see that we have wings to fly and be free
22:38 From that tie that binds
22:41 All your need is to open your mind and see
22:48 You've got to see that we have wings to fly
22:57 And be free from the tie that binds all your needs
23:04 Is to open up your mind and see, you're already free
23:17 The truth about freedom is there is a price to pay
23:29 The Word says in Philippians 4:13
23:32 that "I can do all things through Christ
23:34 who strengthens me."
23:35 So for the believer there is nothing,
23:38 nothing that is impossible,
23:40 if you take the hand of the Father and never let it go.
24:02 I can do this, it can be true
24:14 I can stand up, I can make it through
24:25 And I'll be all right so I've been told
24:36 If I only take Your hand and don't let go
24:48 I'll be stronger and cry no longer
24:59 And I'll never wander from Your love, no Lord
25:11 And I'll be wiser now, not like before
25:21 If I only take Your hand don't let go
25:33 I can be the one I intended
25:39 The one that You need
25:44 And I can go beyond the circumstance
25:51 When down on my knees
25:56 When I'm down on my knees
26:04 I see my way now
26:10 Now that I've found
26:16 One who knows how
26:20 And He cares to show
26:26 He'll protect me from
26:32 All that I don't know
26:38 If I only take His hand
26:43 I do believe that I can stand
26:49 If I only take His hand
26:54 I can be a better man
27:00 Lord, I simply take, I'll take Your hand
27:09 Please don't, don't let go
27:21 Don't let go, I'm counting on You
27:41 Magnify Him
27:46 Duawne, what a blessing this program has been
27:48 and how wonderful to hear you.
27:51 You just always bless my soul when you sing.
27:53 Thank you, thank you,
27:54 I told you, that's what my heart loves to do.
27:56 I love ministering in song.
27:58 We can tell, we can tell, it's your passion.
28:01 So until we see you next time
28:03 remember to put Christ first in all things and magnify Him.


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