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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Hello and welcome to "Magnify Him."
00:19 Thank you for tuning in.
00:21 My name is Yvonne Lewis and unfortunately my co-host,
00:24 Duawne Starling could not be here for this season.
00:27 He and his family are recuperating
00:29 from a car accident.
00:30 Our prayers are with you D.
00:33 There's a dynamic program in store just for you,
00:36 so stay tuned as we magnify Him.
00:40 Magnify the Lord with me
00:43 Magnify Him
00:49 One of the wonderful things about Magnify Him
00:51 is that I get to sit and talk to the artist
00:54 and get to introduce them to you.
00:56 This is Mark Udo Williams. Welcome, Mark.
00:58 Hello, Yvonne. Welcome to "Magnify Him."
01:00 Thank you very much. Sure.
01:01 Mark, how long have you been singing?
01:03 I've been singing for roughly 10 years.
01:07 I say 10 years
01:08 because I started singing for real church and--
01:12 But the other years before
01:13 that I've been singing in school
01:15 and I'm singing in different plays
01:17 and theater productions
01:19 for high school and middle school.
01:20 And you are the child of two diplomats, correct?
01:24 Yes, I'm.
01:25 Tell us about growing with diplomats as parents.
01:28 Well, the one general thing about
01:30 growing up with diplomats as a child is that
01:33 you get to travel to different countries
01:36 and sometimes we stayed two years
01:39 and sometimes we stayed four years.
01:41 And you learn about different cultures very easily
01:44 because you make friends in different cultures,
01:46 but the sad part of that is you leave them
01:49 after those years that you've stayed there.
01:51 Yes, and did your parents encourage your music
01:54 as you were growing up?
01:56 Yes, they did. My father is a singer.
01:59 He used to sing in his church and my mom sings
02:01 and so we would hear them sing in the house
02:04 and my brother and my sister, we have musical abilities.
02:08 I took up playing the piano--
02:10 I know a little about playing the piano,
02:11 but I know how to play the guitar
02:13 and the harmonica.
02:14 But so we're very musically oriented in our family.
02:17 Oh, that's great.
02:18 And when did you decide that you wanted to sing for Jesus?
02:21 Well, before I became a Seventh-Adventist Christian
02:25 I was singing in the world.
02:27 I sang at college, it's called Opera workshop
02:31 and when I got baptized and I got converted,
02:36 God inspired me.
02:37 This is what I want you to do for me,
02:39 you know, I was doing in the world
02:40 and now I was doing it for Christ.
02:42 And how do you compare
02:44 singing in the world with singing for Jesus?
02:48 Well, singing the world is very carnal.
02:52 It kind of caters to the emotional part
02:55 of a human being.
02:56 But when you sing for Christ, it's both spiritual
03:00 and transcends to the emotional,
03:02 reaching into the heart
03:03 and pulling people closer to Christ.
03:05 Amen, so what would you have our viewers
03:07 know about you and your ministry?
03:11 Well, my God has really inspired me with music
03:16 and I've been to many churches.
03:19 And unfortunately, I have to say that
03:21 music is misused with the instruments
03:25 and so on and so forth
03:27 and God has inspired me with tasteful music
03:30 because in the Old Testament the Levites,
03:32 there is a portion of the Levites
03:34 which would sing to bringing the worship of God.
03:36 Lucifer and Adam brought in the worship of God,
03:38 so things started with music and so God inspired me
03:42 that I should sing this way that I've been trained
03:45 and use it for the glory of God.
03:47 But sing and pray and fast
03:50 so that when people hear the music
03:51 they're not only drawn by the words
03:53 and the beauty of the song, but by the spirit behind it.
03:56 I believe there is always a spirit behind everything
03:59 that you do and I ask that,
04:01 I always ask that God would be behind me as I sing.
04:05 Truly, there is a spirit behind the music
04:09 and we are so grateful that the Holy Spirit anoints music.
04:14 So listen to Brother Mark as he ministers to you
04:19 and be blessed by the anointing
04:22 of the Holy Spirit on his music.
04:37 Wonderful, merciful Savior
04:43 Precious Redeemer and friend
04:50 Who could have thought that a lamb could
04:56 Rescue the souls of men
05:01 Oh, You rescued
05:03 the souls of men
05:12 Counselor, comforter, keeper
05:18 Spirit we long to embrace
05:24 You offer hope when our hearts have
05:31 Hopelessly lost the way
05:35 Oh, we've hopelessly
05:38 lost the way
05:43 You are the one that we praise
05:49 You are the one we adore
05:56 You give the healing and grace
06:01 Our hearts always hunger for
06:07 Oh, our hearts always hunger for
06:49 Almighty, infinite Father
06:56 Faithfully loving Your own
07:02 Here in our weakness You find us
07:08 Falling before Your throne
07:13 Oh, we're falling before Your throne
07:21 You are the one that we praise
07:27 You are the one we adore
07:34 You give the healing and grace
07:39 Our hearts always hunger for
07:45 Oh, our hearts always hunger for
07:53 You are the one that we praise
07:59 You are the one we adore
08:05 You give the healing and grace
08:10 Our hearts always hunger for
08:16 Oh, our hearts always
08:20 hunger for
08:38 What would I do, if it was not for grace.
08:57 Time measured out my days
09:04 Life carried me along
09:12 In my soul I yearned to follow God
09:20 But knew I'd never be so strong
09:26 I looked hard at this world
09:31 To learn how heaven
09:35 could be gained
09:40 Just to end where I began
09:46 Where human effort
09:49 was all in vain
09:56 Were it not
09:58 for grace
10:04 I can tell you where I'd be
10:11 Wandering down some pointless road to nowhere
10:19 With my salvation up to me
10:26 I know how that can go
10:34 The battles
10:35 I would face
10:42 Forever running but losing the race
10:50 Were it not
10:52 for grace
11:08 So here is all my praise
11:16 Expressed with all my heart
11:24 Offered to a friend
11:28 who took my place
11:32 And ran a course I could not start
11:38 And when He saw in full
11:44 Just how much
11:46 His love would cost
11:52 He still went the final mile between me and heaven
12:00 So I would not be lost
12:08 Were it not for
12:10 ....grace
12:16 I can tell you where I'd be
12:23 Wandering down some pointless road to nowhere
12:31 With my salvation up to me
12:38 I know how that can go
12:45 The battles I would
12:47 ....face
12:56 Forever running but losing the race
13:03 Were it not for grace
13:11 Forever running
13:15 but losing the race
13:20 Were it not
13:22 for grace
13:49 Magnify the Lord with me
13:52 Magnify Him
13:57 I'd like to welcome to "Magnify Him,"
14:00 Four Hands for Him,
14:02 the ministry team of Mr. and Mrs. Jemuel Anderson,
14:06 Jemuel and Donna-Maria Anderson.
14:09 Great to see you.
14:10 Hi, Dr. Lewis. Hi, so nice to have you here.
14:14 When I listened to you during the sound check,
14:18 you guys just have such a great chemistry
14:22 and the music is so anointed.
14:25 First of all, how did you--
14:27 Okay, let's really do the personal thing,
14:30 how did you guys meet, first of all?
14:32 Long time ago, go ahead.
14:33 I got to share this because actually
14:35 I was in Andrews University,
14:38 I was roommates with her brother.
14:39 Oh.
14:41 And so Clarence Thomas and who--
14:44 And I didn't see Donna Maria that much
14:47 but that's where it started.
14:48 She probably can tell you more.
14:49 Yes, our paths did not cross
14:51 again until Florida, all those years.
14:53 So this is after school. After college.
14:55 Right, we were friends.
14:56 So we have a friendship of over 25 years.
14:58 Yeah, we just told on ourselves.
15:00 That's okay, you look good, don't worry about it.
15:02 So you were friends
15:04 for how many years before you decided to date?
15:07 Over 20 years.
15:08 A little over 20, yeah, yeah.
15:11 And so you were of course playing separately.
15:15 Right, she had her ministry, I had my ministry.
15:16 I've been doing, you know,
15:17 piano thing for many years now and so,
15:20 but I always knew she was a musician
15:21 but we never, you know,
15:24 we never play together like that.
15:25 As a matter of fact, one thing I want to point it out
15:27 even when we were married,
15:28 six months to our marriage, we didn't play together.
15:31 Yes, there was no connection.
15:33 In our courtship we never played,
15:35 sang, nothing like that.
15:37 Now do both sing as well?
15:38 She sings.
15:39 Oh, see I didn't know that. And she sings very well.
15:42 Okay, all right, well, that's good to know.
15:44 So we'll know that for next time.
15:46 So, you were friends for 25 years,
15:49 you get married and then you still for 6 months
15:53 don't start playing together or anything.
15:55 Yeah, and, yeah.
15:57 So what made you decide to get started
15:59 with Four Hands for Him.
16:00 Well, this is a thing because--
16:02 I would encourage
16:03 those who are wonderful married couples out there.
16:07 We just-- something we wanted to do together,
16:08 wasn't anything planned.
16:10 I mean, some people might go out for walks,
16:12 you know, spend some time together.
16:13 Even doing things on the Sabbath,
16:14 one day we just said,
16:15 let's do something together on the piano
16:17 and wasn't planned to do anything big and so that--
16:21 will you continue about it, I'm gonna tell it all.
16:24 You're well on your way. We were in church.
16:26 We had been practicing something just fun at home
16:30 and we were in church one Sabbath
16:31 and the minister of music came and said,
16:33 "Our special music is not here, can you help me?"
16:36 So we looked at each other and we said,
16:38 honestly, we have not been preparing anything,
16:42 him as a solo pianist and me as a vocalist.
16:45 And she said, well, can you pray
16:47 because let's just see what happens.
16:49 So in about 3 minutes, she came back,
16:51 she said the music is not here, can you help us?
16:54 And so we looked at each other and said you know,
16:56 we need to ask God if this is the moment.
16:58 Maybe he wants us to share what we did in the living room
17:01 and then we played the song
17:02 and we've been playing ever since.
17:04 Oh, that is glorious. He just blessed.
17:07 Yes, that's so true. Do you have children?
17:09 No, we do not.
17:10 Okay, but you're a teacher. Yes, ma'am.
17:12 Talk about what you do when you're not ministering.
17:16 Well, the ministry has several phases.
17:20 So when we're not ministering together as musicians,
17:23 I'm ministering in the classroom
17:25 to a whole person.
17:28 I teach 5th grade at Walker Memorial Academy
17:30 where Bill Farmer is the principal
17:31 and music is very much part of that also
17:33 because God has made us wonderfully.
17:36 There's music in our bodies, not just the heart,
17:38 but the blood and the different organs.
17:40 God made everything to work so well with each other.
17:42 So I point that out
17:44 in our science lessons and our Bible lessons
17:46 then of course there is the math,
17:47 the time signature and the rhythm.
17:48 So we get our percussion going with pounding our books
17:51 and bringing out the instruments
17:52 all kinds of fun things.
17:54 Yes, I enjoy teaching and that ministry
17:56 in the class room,
17:57 preparing souls for the kingdom.
17:58 Amen. Yes, ma'am.
18:00 Amen, that is so important. What do you do?
18:02 Well, I have, I guess one of those,
18:04 I don't call a nerdy job, but I'm a programmer.
18:07 So I'm one of those guys With--
18:11 Yeah, but someone has to do it, right.
18:12 That's right, praise the Lord.
18:13 So, it's software engineering and--
18:15 Actually, I spend a little time at Walker Memorial Academy
18:18 and I think it was a couple of years.
18:21 I was supported, you know,
18:24 whether I was a tutor
18:26 and sometimes I stepped in as a substitute teacher.
18:28 So we were actually together there for couple of years.
18:30 Yes. That was nice.
18:32 So I came by to tutor some of her students
18:33 and that was pretty cool.
18:34 That is so great. Yes.
18:36 What were you gonna say?
18:37 I was gonna say that the children still ask for him
18:40 and we had a good time ministering there
18:42 and even though that we do not have children together.
18:45 I have two sons who adore him,
18:47 his stepchildren Jonathan and Jeff
18:48 and we're able to bring that music forward
18:52 in different kinds of ways.
18:53 That is awesome, that is awesome.
18:55 So where do you see your ministry going,
18:58 Four Hands for Him, where is it going?
19:01 Well, I see--
19:03 First of all, we have wonderful individuals in our lives
19:07 who are helping us sort of guide us and so,
19:11 you know, I call them mom, is my mother-in-law,
19:14 she is Carol Mary
19:16 and we have some great friends in Elsie,
19:17 those of them who helped us.
19:21 Where are we going?
19:23 Well, the Lord has led us even here, for example,
19:27 and so we have ideas of where we want to go,
19:31 but you know, we have a recording out
19:33 and so that's coming up very shortly.
19:35 Tell us about that.
19:36 Well, Four Hands for Him is our first recording
19:39 and it is funny how we didn't plan to
19:42 in the beginning to do anything special.
19:44 But you know, Lord has blessed songs over the years
19:47 and it's just adding up and before we knew,
19:49 we had enough songs.
19:50 So you know, we can actually do this.
19:52 Actually, I want to say there are a lot of difference
19:55 L.C. Schmidt and Mom has said,
19:59 you know, what guys want to do,
20:00 yeah, that's right let's do something together
20:02 and so that's how the birth of CD and everything.
20:05 It became apparent, you know,
20:07 you made me think about something,
20:09 it became apparent as we would minister,
20:11 you know, in different parts of our nation.
20:14 Individuals would come up to us and ask
20:16 how can they take this experience home.
20:18 How can they continue to praise God
20:21 with what they heard
20:22 and the question kept coming and so we put it before God
20:26 and we listened to good friends and family and they said,
20:28 you just really need to step out in faith and record
20:31 because it's touching hearts.
20:33 And we said, Lord you must know
20:35 what that's all about
20:36 because we had never planned to record anything
20:39 and so here we are.
20:40 Isn't it amazing how God brought you together?
20:44 And then he has you ministering music together.
20:47 Music is such an intimate thing.
20:51 You know, when you can sing together, play together,
20:54 it's just such an intimate thing.
20:56 And here on Dare to Dream, we really focus on the family.
20:59 And building up the family and you were just saying,
21:02 Brother Jemuel, that you wanted to have something.
21:05 You two wanted to have something
21:07 that you could do together.
21:08 That's right. Yes.
21:09 As husband and wife.
21:10 And it's just so wonderful to see
21:12 because in this time,
21:14 in which the family is just being eroded.
21:19 You guys are representing what we're promoting here
21:22 at Dare to Dream and that is.
21:24 Family unity and placing God at the center.
21:28 Is there anything that you would like to say
21:30 to any of the married viewers out there
21:34 that are really trying to find something to do together,
21:38 find a way out of--
21:41 Let's say they're having a bad marriage,
21:43 what would you recommend?
21:44 I would recommend,
21:46 you know, going to park is wonderful,
21:48 spending time on the beach, walking together,
21:50 but I think there's something special about
21:51 going to ministry together.
21:54 Being a blessing to others
21:56 and sometimes it takes the focus
21:58 from within your each other and being a blessing to others.
22:01 Thank you.
22:03 I think that's--
22:05 You know, Lord is glorified from that
22:08 but I think that's probably one of first places to start.
22:11 We turn out together, whether in the community,
22:14 whether it's feeding the homeless,
22:15 whatever it may be through the church
22:17 and you'll be amazed
22:18 what will happen as a result of that.
22:19 I think I enjoyed my ministry by myself over the years,
22:22 but it is something special when,
22:24 you know, I get to share with her.
22:25 Would you add to that?
22:27 Yes, I can see the Holy Spirit
22:30 using what he's entrusted to us.
22:34 Because Jemuel had his beginning
22:37 with his family of origin,
22:38 I had my beginnings
22:40 and our families put us both before the family altar,
22:42 his brother taught him piano.
22:44 My parents said you need to learn
22:46 how to read music
22:47 and who would've guess that from our family altars,
22:50 we as a couple can continue to praise God
22:53 and magnify His name.
22:55 Amen. It's very humbling.
22:57 It is humbling and it's humbling
23:00 because we know that God has a special plan for us
23:03 and he had the special plan for you guys
23:06 before the foundation of the world.
23:08 So now our viewers are going to hear
23:11 what God has blessed you with in this wonderful gift of music
23:15 the God has blessed you with.
23:17 Please listen to Four Hands for Him,
23:21 as they plan "Lead on, oh, king, eternal."
28:24 Magnify Him.
28:29 It's always such an honor
28:30 to be able to share these artists with you.
28:33 I pray that you were blessed by their ministry and song.
28:36 Until next time lift up the name of Jesus
28:40 and magnify Him.


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