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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Hello and welcome to magnify him.
00:19 My name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:21 My co-host Duawne Starling
00:23 is not able to be with us this season
00:25 because he and his family were in a head on collision.
00:28 And they're recuperating from the accident.
00:31 Our prayers are with you, Duawne.
00:33 We know that God's got you.
00:35 Thank you so much for tuning in.
00:37 Today we have anointed artist,
00:39 who will minister to you in song
00:42 and that's the operative word.
00:44 This program is never about performance,
00:47 it's all about ministry.
00:49 So don't miss the blessing that's in store for us
00:52 as we magnify our Lord and Savior,
00:54 Jesus Christ.
00:56 Magnify the Lord with me
00:59 Magnify Him
01:05 Joyful noise is here with us at Magnify Him.
01:08 Yay! So good to have you.
01:11 Thanks for having us. It's great to be here.
01:12 Okay, so introduce yourselves to our audience.
01:15 We'll start with you.
01:16 Okay, my name Guielle Juzing, I'm 20
01:18 and I go to Oakwood University.
01:20 Yay.
01:21 My name is Marisa Juzing and I'm 15
01:23 and I am a sophomore at Oakwood Academy.
01:26 And my name is Patria Juzing and I am 18
01:29 and I am a freshman at Oakwood University.
01:32 Oh, Oakwoods in the house.
01:34 Yes, ma'am.
01:35 Oakwood was here yesterday too. Oh, okay.
01:37 But we know that Oakwood has such talent
01:40 and God has really blessed.
01:41 And He's blessed your family as well.
01:44 So what do you want to do?
01:47 Do you want to do music as a career like where,
01:51 where are you headed?
01:53 Well, for me,
01:54 I'm a healthcare administration major.
01:56 So I want to do music
01:59 but also what's outside of music,
02:01 so wherever God takes me
02:03 is where I'm willing to follow him.
02:04 That's so nice.
02:06 It's really the same for me
02:08 but I want to go to college to be an engineer.
02:12 So that's what I'm trying. Wow, I love it.
02:15 As of right now,
02:16 I'm in college for biochemistry but like Guielle said,
02:19 wherever the Lord is leading me
02:20 that's the path I'm willing to take.
02:23 You know, it's so wonderful to hear
02:25 and to meet young people who are sold out for Jesus.
02:28 Who say wherever God leads me that's where I want to go.
02:33 I mean to me that's like music to my ears
02:36 because so many young people
02:37 are all about themselves
02:39 and you know it's all about me--
02:41 Exactly.
02:42 But you, you were saying,
02:44 it's where God leads you and I just love that.
02:46 And your family is so strong, your dad and mom.
02:50 I mean, I just love seeing that is so important
02:53 they came with you today, it's so important.
02:55 Tell us about Joyful Noise.
02:58 What are you doing now?
03:00 You have a project out? What are you doing?
03:03 Well, right now we're working on a new project.
03:06 So we're in the midst of that
03:07 but we already have a project called The Path.
03:10 The Path and what inspire that title?
03:14 We got the title, The Path,
03:16 from a Scripture, Psalms 119:35.
03:19 Amen, you know, using scripture is so critical.
03:24 Singing about scripture, relating to scripture--
03:27 Why is it that you as young people
03:30 can relate to scripture?
03:31 Like to some of your friends says,
03:33 script for the Bible, please, that's we don't--
03:36 don't listen to the Bible.
03:38 What would you say to somebody that says that?
03:42 The Bible tells us about everything we need for life.
03:45 It's our tool, we use it and we need it.
03:48 So I just, I would tell anybody to go to the Bible
03:51 whenever they're going through something,
03:53 whenever they need Christ, they need Jesus.
03:55 Just go the Bible
03:57 and He'll talk to through the Bible.
03:59 He will speak to us through the Bible.
04:02 I've had situations, where I needed something,
04:05 some answer to a problem,
04:07 I opened the Bible
04:08 and right there was the answer for me.
04:11 So He will speak to us.
04:13 Let me just ask you something,
04:14 why do you sing for Jesus
04:16 and not just sing like R&B or hip hop.
04:20 Why are you singing for Jesus?
04:22 Well, for me it's more of a blessing
04:25 to be able to be sing for-- to be able to know
04:28 that I'm helping someone and encouraging someone.
04:31 Singing in the world, yeah, it's like entertainment for me.
04:35 Pretty good I mean,
04:36 it will be a pretty good entertainment
04:37 but singing for God
04:39 I feel like I'm being a blessing
04:40 towards someone else.
04:41 You know, encouraging someone else,
04:43 instead of just being there and entertaining.
04:46 That's good. What about you Marisa?
04:48 Well, I feel like it's the least that I can do
04:51 because God died for us.
04:53 So I just want to give Him back my all.
04:56 Praise the Lord.
04:57 And for me, we've been raised
04:59 in the SDA church all of our lives
05:01 so it's just something we grew up doing.
05:03 Amen.
05:04 Sit back and listen, and be blessed by Joyful Noise.
05:26 You...
05:34 ....gave me my hands,
05:39 to reach out to man
05:43 To show him Your love
05:49 and Your perfect plan
05:53 You gave me my ears,
05:58 I can hear your voice so clear
06:03 I can hear
06:04 the cries of sinners,
06:07 but can I wipe away their tears
06:11 Their tears
06:17 You gave me my voice,
06:22 to speak Your words
06:27 To sing all Your praises,
06:32 to those who never heard
06:36 But with my eyes I see a need
06:41 for more availability
06:46 I see hearts that have been broken,
06:50 so many people to be free
06:54 Be free
06:58 Lord,
07:00 I'm available to You,
07:08 my will I give to You
07:12 I'll do what You say do, use me Lord
07:20 To show someone the way
07:24 and enable me to say
07:31 My storage is empty
07:36 and I am available to You
07:42 I surrender....
07:47 ....all,
07:51 I surrender....
07:57 ....all
08:02 All to Thee my...
08:07 ...Blessed Savior
08:12 I surrender...
08:17 ...all,
08:26 I surrender...
08:33 ...all
08:39 Amen,
08:42 Amen,
08:49 Amen,
08:55 Amen
09:00 Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen
09:19 No matter what you're going through,
09:21 always remember that He will come through.
09:46 In my midnight when all I do is cry
09:53 I get weary my morning's hard to find
10:01 O Lord where are You, I need help to get through
10:09 So I'm calling You,
10:11 ...please come for me
10:17 Lord I need You more than ever
10:23 I cannot find my way
10:26 In my darkest hour You're near me
10:31 It's impossible to make it without You
10:38 I know you'll see me through,
10:42 ...through, through
11:02 I know You have problems that seem too hard to face
11:10 But I have a solution that fits in every place
11:17 Just put your faith in Christ and He will enrich your life
11:25 He's waiting to come...
11:29 ...for you
11:34 Lord I need You more than ever
11:39 I cannot find my way
11:43 In my darkest hour You're near me
11:48 It's impossible to make it without You
11:55 I know you'll see me through,
11:59 ...through, through
12:05 There are sometimes when we feel all alone
12:13 But God has a plan,
12:16 He won't leave us all alone
12:21 He'll come through, when we feel our hope is gone
12:28 And He will...
12:31 ...carry on
12:37 Lord I need You more than ever
12:42 I cannot find my way
12:46 In my darkest hour You're near me
12:50 It's impossible to make it without You
12:58 I know you'll see me through,
13:02 ...through, through
13:11 You always come through
13:14 Got Your own ways there
13:18 You're always by my side
13:22 You're always here
13:26 You come to my rescue
13:30 I love You Lord
13:34 Coz You never leave me
13:38 You're always by my side
13:42 You're always here
13:46 Thank You Lord
13:58 Magnify the Lord with me
14:01 Magnify Him
14:07 It's my pleasure to welcome,
14:09 Rise Lowrey, to Magnify Him.
14:11 Hey, Rise. Hi.
14:12 So good to have you here.
14:15 Okay, so let's talk a little bit about,
14:20 where you come from.
14:21 Like, I've known you for years.
14:23 We were in college together. Right.
14:25 So we go way, way back,
14:27 but where are you from originally.
14:29 Originally, I'm from Washington, DC.
14:31 And when did you,
14:33 at what point did you decide that you wanted to sing.
14:36 From early on when I was just a little child,
14:40 I wanted to sing.
14:41 My mom used to encourage me,
14:43 she gave us piano lessons,
14:46 she brought us to sing in the choir
14:48 and I just had that burning desire.
14:51 And you know one of the things
14:52 that our viewers will find out in a few minutes
14:56 is you have this sweet sound,
14:58 this pure sound to your voice.
15:01 Have you always just sung like,
15:03 with that pure sound
15:05 or did you ever try to do the raspy thing
15:09 or have you just always wanted to have
15:10 that pure, sweet sound?
15:12 Because it matches your personality.
15:14 Okay. That's who you are.
15:16 Well, I've always been very soft spoken
15:19 and even from a child,
15:21 you wouldn't know I was in the house.
15:23 I was so quite most of the time.
15:26 And it just seems that if flows better
15:29 when it's peaceful and flowing and soft.
15:32 Well, that is what you bring
15:33 and we praise the Lord for that.
15:35 You know, one of the songs
15:36 that you're gonna do has to do with blessings
15:38 and you have a story that--
15:41 I know we don't have much time,
15:42 but if you could kind of just encapsulate that story for us
15:46 about how God blessed you.
15:49 Once, when I was very young,
15:52 we went to Coney Island,
15:54 where we have a family beach trip
15:57 and my brother and I were surfing in the waves,
16:02 you know, body surfing.
16:04 And I got into a wave and I thought,
16:07 boy, this wave is taking the longest time
16:10 to let me out--
16:11 And how old were you?
16:12 I was only 11 years old and--
16:15 but I could swim pretty good.
16:16 I was a good swimmer.
16:18 I went out and then Holy Spirit said,
16:20 "Open your eyes."
16:22 When I opened my eyes, to my horror,
16:26 I looked like I was sliding down a side of a cliff.
16:30 And the wave had taken me way,
16:32 way out past the shore line.
16:34 And I was drowning.
16:36 And at that moment I said,
16:37 "O God, please, I don't want to die yet.
16:39 I haven't lived.
16:41 I haven't done anything for You."
16:43 And immediately I was propelled to the surface,
16:47 where I took a deep breath
16:49 and I caught a glimpse of my grandfather,
16:51 who had seen me.
16:52 And he was coming towards me
16:54 and then I went back down and then I came back up
16:57 and he grabbed me and started helping me.
17:00 Well, the two of us were out there,
17:02 bubbles were drowning then
17:03 and then I saw a man coming towards us.
17:08 He had white hair and he was saying,
17:10 "I'm going to help you,
17:11 they're sending a boat for you."
17:13 And sure enough the life guards had come in a boat
17:17 and they were throwing us
17:18 the little life preservers and so forth.
17:20 And then they saved
17:22 my grandfather first and then me.
17:24 And then they asked the gentlemen,
17:26 you know, did he want to get into the boat with them
17:28 but he said no, he could make it back.
17:32 When we got back to shore,
17:34 we could not find that gentleman anywhere.
17:36 It was an angel.
17:37 It was.
17:39 That is such a powerful, powerful testimony.
17:43 God has blessed you
17:45 and now you're going to share those sweet tones
17:49 and that blessing with our viewers,
17:51 from "Magnify Him."
17:53 So sit back and be blessed.
18:10 We pray for blessings,
18:14 we pray for peace
18:18 Comfort for family,
18:22 protection while we sleep
18:26 We pray for healing,
18:30 for prosperity
18:34 We pray for Your mighty hand
18:38 to ease our suffering
18:43 And all the while,
18:46 You hear each spoken need
18:50 Yet love us way too much
18:54 to give us lesser things
18:58 'Cause what if your blessings
19:00 come through rain drops
19:03 What if Your healing
19:04 comes through tears
19:07 What if a thousand sleepless nights
19:11 are what it takes to know You're near
19:16 What if trials of this life
19:21 are Your mercies in disguise
19:33 We pray for wisdom,
19:37 Your voice to hear
19:41 We cry in anger
19:43 when we cannot feel You near
19:49 We doubt your goodness,
19:54 we doubt your love
19:57 As if every promise
20:00 from Your word is not enough
20:05 And all the while,
20:09 You hear each desperate plea
20:13 And long that we'd have faith to believe
20:21 'Cause what if your blessings
20:22 come through rain drops
20:25 What if Your healing
20:27 comes through tears
20:30 What if a thousand sleepless nights
20:33 are what it takes to know You're near
20:39 What if trials of this life
20:44 are Your mercies in disguise
20:51 When friends betray us
20:55 When darkness seems to win
20:59 We know the pain reminds this heart
21:03 That this is not,
21:05 ...this is not our...
21:07 ...home
21:14 It's not our home, no.
21:27 'Cause what if your blessings
21:29 come through rain drops
21:32 What if Your healing
21:33 comes through tears
21:36 What if a thousand sleepless nights
21:40 are What it takes to know You're near
21:44 What if my greatest disappointments
21:48 or the aching of this life
21:53 Or the revealings of a greater thirst
21:58 this world can't satisfy
22:02 What if trials of this life
22:07 The rain, the storms, the hardest nights
22:13 Are Your mercies,
22:17 Your mercies in disguise
22:47 One of my favorite songs,
22:49 I love to sing in the morning is "In the Garden."
23:05 I come to the garden...
23:10 ...alone
23:14 While the dew...
23:17 still on the roses
23:24 And the voice I hear...
23:29 ...falling on my ear
23:33 The Son of God...
23:38 ...discloses.
23:42 And He walks with me,
23:48 and He talks with me
23:53 And He tells me...
23:55 ...that I am His own
24:02 And the joy we share...
24:06 we tarry there
24:11 None other...
24:14 ...has ever known
24:21 He speaks,
24:23 ...and the sound of His voice
24:30 Is so sweet...
24:33 ...the birds hush their singing
24:40 And the melody...
24:45 ...that He gave to me
24:49 Within my heart...
24:54 ...keeps ringing
24:58 And He walks with me,
25:04 and He talks with me
25:09 And He tells me
25:12 that I am His own
25:18 And the joy we share
25:23 as we tarry there
25:29 None other
25:31 has ever...
25:36 ...known
25:40 And He walks with me,
25:45 and He talks with me
25:50 And He tells me
25:53 that I am His own
25:59 And the joy we share
26:04 as we tarry there
26:09 None other...
26:14 ...has ever
26:19 ever known
26:29 He speaks to me o yeah,
26:34 all morning
26:38 His voice is so sweet,
26:42 so sweet as He speaks
26:48 He speaks to me
26:58 Magnify Him
27:03 I am always so blessed by the artists
27:06 who come to minister on the program.
27:08 They really minister to my soul
27:11 and I pray that you've received a blessing today as well.
27:14 Thanks for tuning in.
27:15 Until next time,
27:17 continue to put Christ first in all things
27:20 and magnify Him.
27:22 God bless.


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