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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone He is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Welcome to Magnify Him.
00:19 My name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:21 The Bible tells us to "Sing unto the Lord a new song."
00:25 Today our artists will bless you with their music,
00:28 but most of all with their ministries.
00:31 They are really serious about the Lord
00:33 and determined to magnify Him.
00:36 So call your friends, call your neighbors
00:40 and tell them to tune in
00:41 as we lift up the worthy name of Jesus Christ through music.
00:47 Magnify the Lord with me
00:50 Magnify Him
00:55 Pastor Moses Brown has joined us on "Magnify Him",
00:58 welcome to "Magnify Him."
01:00 It's my pleasure.
01:01 So good to have you. Thank you, Dr. Lewis.
01:03 Pastor Brown, you have such an interesting story
01:05 and I had the privilege of interviewing you
01:07 for Urban Report, that-- your story is--
01:11 so your testimony is so inspirational
01:14 would you just give our viewers just a little bit-- for those
01:16 who don't know about you and your past.
01:19 Well, I come from an origin that Christ has to intervene.
01:25 My birth mother was 13,
01:26 raped left me in the hospital there in Florida.
01:29 A Seventh day Adventist couple, Anna and Leroy Brown came along
01:33 and they adopted me
01:34 and they gave me the name Moses.
01:36 And they told "You're gonna be somebody."
01:38 I and took that seriously
01:40 even though I went through some struggles in my life.
01:42 But God has pushed me in positions
01:45 that I know was His divine hand that put me in that position.
01:49 Praise the Lord. God is so good, isn't He?
01:50 Yes, He is awesome.
01:52 I mean He had a plan for you,
01:55 from the foundation of the world.
01:57 He had a divine plan for you.
01:59 And here you are, doing what you do,
02:01 singing for God and what else are you doing?
02:04 Tell us about your ministry.
02:05 Well, I'm one of the pastors at Florida Hospital,
02:08 there to Adventist health systems.
02:10 And also, we have joined together
02:12 with the evangelistic campaign.
02:15 I'm taking Feed Our Children ministries
02:17 which is uh, a ministry I started 27 years ago.
02:21 To feed people and to give them hope
02:23 and to take their brokenness in our inner cities.
02:25 And I'm using that also to do evangelistic work.
02:28 My goal is to baptize a thousand souls, Dr. Lewis.
02:32 Amen.
02:33 And so we will be going to urban areas
02:35 where they have brokenness and there's poverty.
02:37 And people haven't heard of Christ.
02:39 They think God has given up on them.
02:41 I want them to know that God still loves them.
02:43 Come on, pastor.
02:44 And I'm gonna reach that place with the hope of Christ.
02:46 You know, I was just listening
02:48 to the something on the radio today.
02:50 And the commentator was saying that
02:52 87 percent of teachers have had children
02:56 in their class rooms that come hungry.
02:58 Yes. Children are hungry.
03:00 How can you learn when you're hungry?
03:01 So your organization is feeding children
03:04 and then using that for evangelism?
03:07 Elaborate just a little bit more in that.
03:09 Well, we found out that if you bring food,
03:11 it's the way Jesus did.
03:12 He brought... Come on.
03:13 Fish and loaves of bread and we bring that fish
03:16 and loaves of bread out to the community.
03:18 And they come they come from all walks of life.
03:21 And we give them opportunity to meet us,
03:23 you know, because people may not remember what say
03:25 but they remember how you make them feel.
03:27 And we try to let them know that we compassionate people.
03:30 You know, I like people say, you know,
03:32 well, people remember you
03:33 if your church left your community today?
03:35 So we try to come out there and touch their needs
03:38 and then we them about Jesus and His love.
03:40 Yes. Isn't that what Jesus did?
03:42 He met people where they were. Exactly.
03:45 And then from there, you know, he would heal them
03:49 and He would feed and then He would teach.
03:53 So it's like, you know,
03:55 you can't really learn on an empty stomach.
03:59 So you're feeding the people, you're feeding the children
04:02 and you can also get to the parents
04:04 through the children.
04:06 We have reached many that way.
04:08 I'm taking this to different conferences
04:10 and letting them know, this is the process
04:12 that we can use, you can work out of the box.
04:14 And let them know that if you get out there
04:16 and just kind of meet them and greet them,
04:18 you don't have to beat them down with a Bible.
04:20 But show them the Bible through your examples.
04:21 Absolutely.
04:22 That's what we are trying to do.
04:24 That's the key.
04:25 Tell us about your music ministry
04:27 and what you're doing with that?
04:29 I'm putting, uh, new CD together,
04:32 going with my new book that's coming out.
04:34 Oh, come on.
04:35 The name of the book is "Bit but not Broken".
04:37 Oh.
04:38 And I'm writing some music, gonna tie in with that.
04:41 And my music, with the Second Chance
04:44 CD I have, and the Hymns--
04:46 Favorite Hymns of the Church.
04:47 They're in the ABC stores all around the country.
04:49 And God has just been great and awesome
04:51 and I'm using that to help my ministry.
04:52 Praise the Lord.
04:54 So you have multifaceted, a multifaceted ministry.
04:58 You're the chaplain for the Florida Health Systems.
05:01 You pastor a church? I'm a pastor--
05:04 That's full time with the Florida Health Systems.
05:07 So we keep going.
05:09 I come right under the north American division,
05:10 that's where my ministerial license comes from.
05:12 So I-- they send me everywhere just get the word of God.
05:15 Amen.
05:16 Sit back and be blessed by the rich Gospel sounds
05:19 of Pastor Moses Brown.
05:31 What do you do
05:34 When you've done all you can
05:38 It seems like you just can't make it through
05:45 What do you say
05:47 When your friends walk away
05:51 You're all alone, all alone
05:58 What do you do give
06:01 When you've given your all
06:05 Seems like it's never enough?
06:11 Stand, when there's nothing left to do
06:18 Stand, let the Lord see you through
06:25 After you've done all you can,
06:30 You just stand
06:38 How do you handle
06:41 The guilt of your past
06:44 Tell me, how do you deal with the shame
06:51 How can you smile while your heart's been broken
06:58 Filled with pain, with pain?
07:05 What do you
07:07 When you've done all you can
07:10 And seems like you just can't make it through.
07:18 Stand, when there's nothing left to do
07:24 Stand, let the Lord take you through
07:31 After you've done all you can
07:37 You just stand
07:40 Stand and be sure
07:44 Be not entangled with bondage again
07:51 Stand and endure
07:57 Yes, God's got a purpose,
08:01 God's got a plan
08:05 What do you do
08:06 When you've done all you can
08:10 And it seems like you just can't make it through
08:18 Stand, when there's nothing left to do
08:24 Just stand, let the Lord take you through
08:31 Through the storms
08:34 Through the rain
08:37 Through all your pain
08:40 And all your hurt
08:44 Don't you bend, oh, don't you bow
08:51 Don't give up, no, don't give in
08:57 He said He'll never leave you
08:59 Oh, God said He'll never forsake you
09:03 Oh, it's gonna be all right
09:06 Oh, yeah
09:12 After you've done all you can
09:18 After you've done all you can
09:25 You've been through the rain
09:27 You've been through all your pain
09:30 Oh, you just stand
09:37 Oh, you just stand
09:53 I wrote this song because wanted you to know
09:57 that I want Christ to be in your place.
10:00 This song is "In This Place."
10:20 Lord, I long for Your Spirit
10:25 In this place
10:30 Lord, I long for Your Spirit
10:36 In this place
10:41 For my heart is so empty
10:48 Without you
10:53 Lord, I long for Your Spirit
10:59 In this place
11:04 Lord, I long for Your love's a-flow
11:10 In this place
11:16 Lord, I long for Your love to be
11:22 In this place
11:27 For our hearts get so empty
11:34 Without You
11:39 Lord, I long for your love to be
11:45 In this place
11:51 Lord, I pray that Your healing will be
11:58 In this place
12:02 Lord, I pray that Your healing will be
12:08 In this place
12:14 For my heart gets so empty
12:21 Without You
12:25 Lord, I pray that Your healing will be
12:32 In this place
12:37 Lord, I long for Your anointing to flow
12:44 In this place
12:46 Oh, Lord, I pray
12:52 That Your anointing will flow
12:55 In this place
13:00 For our hearts gets so empty
13:07 Without You
13:11 Lord, I long for Your anointing
13:19 Lord, I long for Your healing
13:24 Lord, I pray
13:27 For Your Spirit to be
13:33 In this place
13:35 Oh, Lord, let it rain
13:38 Oh, we long for Your Spirit
13:42 Oh, Lord, please in Your Spirit
13:47 Lord, I long for Your Spirit
13:53 In this place
14:08 Magnify the Lord with me
14:11 Magnify Him
14:17 You know, "Magnify Him" gives me the opportunity
14:20 to welcome different artists
14:23 and sometimes, they're my family.
14:25 And today my cousin Pam is on "Magnify Him."
14:29 Pam Burleigh welcome to Magnify Him.
14:31 Thank you so much for the invitation.
14:33 I have to tell the viewers about us.
14:35 So this is the first time
14:37 that I've actually met my cousin.
14:39 Pam's dad and my mother's father were brothers.
14:44 They're both deceased now.
14:46 But Pam is my second cousin
14:49 and I had never met you before now.
14:52 So our cousin Karen Thomas, Karen Jones Thomas,
14:55 uh, had told me about Pam.
14:58 And I'd heard about her through the years.
15:00 And I heard that she sang and I got listen to her sing.
15:03 And I was like, she has to be on "Magnify Him."
15:06 So praise the Lord.
15:07 You get to be blessed and I get to be blessed
15:09 because I meet my family.
15:10 Oh. Thank you, that's so sweet.
15:12 And you came with your husband and your children.
15:14 Yeah. It's two of your...
15:17 Yes, two of my daughters two of my four daughters.
15:19 That's so great.
15:20 Okay, so we have a lot of catching up to do
15:22 both on and off, off the screen but tell us a bit about,
15:26 first of all, about your ministry.
15:29 When did you start singing?
15:32 I believe I was about six, seven,
15:35 but I started early on,
15:37 and you know, just started singing,
15:39 you know in the choir at church.
15:41 And then, you know, as you go to middle school
15:44 and I started singing with, you know, the school choir
15:47 and then, you know, high school.
15:49 So I sang pretty much all my life.
15:51 Did your dad sing?
15:53 Uh, he did sing. Did he?
15:54 He's kind of has that Frank Sinatra voice.
15:58 Okay.
15:59 Yes, and then my mother, mother sang as well.
16:03 Okay.
16:04 So it comes from both sides really, with you.
16:07 It does.
16:08 Because I didn't really get to know your dad
16:10 and I didn't really get to know my granddad
16:12 I didn't know whether he sang or not.
16:15 But it came down through both sides.
16:17 It did. That's awesome.
16:19 So when did you get into ministry?
16:24 Ministry?
16:28 Uh, I would have to say in high school.
16:30 You know, but it's just in my recent years,
16:34 within the last-- I'll say within the last 20 years.
16:38 That it is, uh, what I'd know
16:42 that I was created to do.
16:46 Singing to the Lord.
16:47 Yes, yes, to singing to Him.
16:51 When did you find Jesus?
16:52 When did Jesus become your savior?
16:54 Give us a little bit of your testimony.
16:58 About-- when I was 12. Okay.
17:01 I found Him and then, you know, as I got older,
17:04 you know, I kind of strayed away.
17:08 But then, thank God, that I was able to get back
17:10 into His graces before it was too late.
17:14 And He's just been maturing me in Him
17:18 more and more, you know, everyday.
17:21 You know, every week, it's a day by day, step
17:24 but you know, I thank the Lord for, uh, saving me.
17:29 Yes.
17:30 And for letting me know
17:31 that I needed to align my will with his.
17:34 You know, in order to, in order to serve
17:37 and so, you know.
17:39 I thank God.
17:41 It's a growth process, isn't it?
17:43 Yes, yes, it is. For all of us.
17:44 I mean, you know, we find Him and then sometimes
17:47 we go to the left, He brings us back.
17:50 You know, but it's all along that road
17:54 that He has us on, that continuum,
17:56 that sanctification road if you will,
17:59 that it's a lifetime deal.
18:01 So we just keep growing and learning and all of that.
18:04 That's right. It's a process.
18:06 But He's made us a promise.
18:08 And so we can't stagger at the process.
18:10 Come on now. You have to look.
18:12 See my cousin preach! I don't know.
18:18 It is a process. It is.
18:21 And He's made us a promise.
18:23 He'll never leave us nor forsake us.
18:25 Right? Never.
18:26 So in that we learn about him, we grow in Him.
18:31 And He just uses us. Yes.
18:34 And He's using you in a mighty way.
18:36 I was listening to you during sound check
18:38 and I mean, I'm just loving what God has done
18:43 with your voice and with you ministry.
18:44 Amen.
18:45 He's got great work for you to do.
18:47 So now are you working on a project,
18:49 do you have a project?
18:50 What's going on with that?
18:51 Uh, no not working on a project.
18:54 I've been under contract before
18:55 but that didn't quit work out.
18:57 And so I'm just waiting to see what the Lord going to do.
19:01 Uh, I'm one of the devotional leaders at my Church
19:04 and also one of the praise leaders
19:08 and so, you know, I'm singing constantly.
19:10 But it's what I do.
19:12 It's what I was created for. So I love it.
19:14 And isn't it amazing when you are walking in your destiny.
19:18 I tell the viewers on Dare to Dream,
19:21 a lot on Urban Report, this other program
19:23 that I host, that God's got a plan.
19:26 He does.
19:27 He's got a divine destiny for us.
19:30 And when you're walking in that destiny
19:31 there is nothing more fulfilling than that.
19:34 Because you know, this is why I'm on the planet.
19:37 That' right, this is who I am. This is who I am.
19:39 It's what I do. Yeah.
19:40 Absolutely, Kelly Price said that I believe.
19:42 Yes, yes and so it must be good to know for you
19:47 this is where God has planted you.
19:49 Do your children sing as well?
19:50 They do. Really?
19:51 My children do sing some of them, a little.
19:54 Shower head singing than others but yes, they do sing.
19:57 That's awesome.
19:58 So your family supports what you're doing?
20:01 Your husband came with you. Yes.
20:03 Your kids came with you. Yes they did.
20:04 That's so wonderful. It is wonderful.
20:06 Because again, on Dare to Dream
20:08 we are really focused on the family.
20:11 And building and supporting the family
20:14 and looking at what's going on.
20:16 So I just thank you so much for coming.
20:20 Oh, and I thank you for having me.
20:21 Oh, you are kidding. Yes.
20:22 Oh, you have to come again. I will.
20:24 And I'd love to have you on Urban Report as well.
20:27 To talk and to share your story.
20:29 Great.
20:30 Pam Burleigh has really been a blessing,
20:35 even this early in our relationship,
20:38 I mean, I'm so thankful that she's here.
20:41 And I know that you're gonna be thankful too.
20:45 Listen and be blessed.
20:55 Lord
20:57 I will lift
21:03 Mine eyes
21:07 To the hills
21:15 Knowing my help
21:23 Is coming from You
21:35 Your peace
21:39 You give me
21:44 In time
21:49 Of storm
21:55 And you are the source of my strength
22:07 You are the strength of my life
22:16 And I lift my hands
22:21 In total praise
22:27 To You
22:35 For You are the source of my strength
22:46 You are the strength of my life
22:53 God
22:56 And I lift my hands
23:01 In total praise
23:07 To You
23:13 Amen
23:16 Amen
23:21 Amen
23:29 Amen
23:31 Amen
23:36 Amen
23:41 Amen
23:48 Amen
24:05 The Lord wants your all. He wants it all.
24:20 There's a voice that cries out in the silence
24:24 Searching for a heart that will love Him
24:29 Longing for a child that will give Him their all
24:33 Give it all, He wants it all
24:37 There's a God that walks over the earth
24:41 He's searching for a heart that is desperate
24:46 And longing for a child
24:47 That will give Him their all
24:50 Give it all, He wants it all
24:53 And He says, love me
24:57 love me with your whole heart
25:01 He wants it all today
25:04 Serve me, serve me with your life now
25:09 He wants it all today
25:12 Bow down, let go of your idols
25:18 He wants it all today
25:20 He wants it all today
25:22 He wants it all today
25:24 He wants it all today
25:28 And there's a God that walks over the earth
25:33 He's searching for a heart that is desperate
25:37 Longing for a child that will give Him their all
25:41 Give it all, He wants it all
25:45 And he says love me,
25:49 love me with your whole heart
25:52 He wants it all today
25:55 Serve me
25:57 Serve me with your life now
26:01 He wants it all today
26:04 Bow down, let go of your idols
26:09 He wants it all today
26:11 He wants it all today
26:14 He wants it all today
26:15 So give it all
26:20 All of you, more of you
26:22 He wants it all today
26:29 All of you, more of you
26:31 Wants it all today,
26:37 All of you, all of you
26:39 He wants it all today, today, today
26:46 He wants it all today
26:48 He wants it all today
26:50 So give it all
26:54 There's a voice that cries out in the silence
26:59 Searching for a heart that will love him
27:03 Longing for a child that will give him their all
27:07 Give it all
27:10 He wants it all
27:18 Magnify Him
27:23 I was so blessed by today's program.
27:26 You know there's a song that says
27:27 when we all get to heaven,
27:29 what a day of rejoicing that would be when we all see
27:33 Jesus, we'll sing and shout the victory.
27:36 One day soon we're gonna be able to stand
27:39 around the sea of glass
27:40 and sing to together and praise God
27:43 and lift Him up and Magnify him.
27:46 Thanks for tuning in. Join us next time.
27:49 God bless.


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