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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Danita Jones, Lyndon Carriger


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone He is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him.
00:16 Hello, and welcome to "Magnify Him."
00:18 I'm your host Yvonne Lewis.
00:20 Wait, wait a minute, what about us?
00:22 You mean, you were the host of "Magnify Him"
00:26 Okay, yeah, I guess, I should say,
00:29 welcome to "Magnify Him," and I'd like to introduce you,
00:33 to our new hosts Danita Jones and Lyndon Carriger.
00:38 Much better. Yes.
00:40 Duawne Starling and I
00:41 are no longer hosting this program,
00:43 we've turned it over to Lyndon and Danita now.
00:46 Okay, so is that better?
00:47 It is, it is.
00:48 Okay.
00:50 Well, I just want you to know
00:52 that we welcome both of you with all our hearts,
00:56 we're so thankful to have you here,
00:59 and we know that our viewers are gonna be blessed
01:01 by your music and your ministry.
01:03 Well, thank you Yvonne, we love you.
01:05 Absolutely love you.
01:06 Now, let's get started. Okay.
01:08 So I'm gonna be watching you guys
01:10 from the production truck, so don't mess up.
01:12 Uh-oh! Uh-oh!
01:14 Magnify the Lord with me
01:17 Magnify Him.
01:21 Well, I am so glad that I'm not in the hot seat first.
01:27 Yvonne said that because we were
01:28 the new hosts of "Magnify Him"
01:30 that our audience might not to know who we are.
01:33 So Lyndon is gonna go first.
01:36 Wait a second, isn't it "Ladies first" though?
01:37 It is, just not today.
01:39 So on "Magnify Him" today,
01:40 we're gonna talk to Lyndon first
01:42 and then, you're gonna sing a little later for us.
01:43 I'm really excited about that. Okay.
01:44 Okay, but let's talk about you first.
01:47 I want to start with your beautiful wife.
01:49 Yes, she is beautiful. And your lovely children.
01:51 Well, I've been married for 12 years.
01:54 We got married when we were 19 years old.
01:57 And I wouldn't normally advice that,
01:59 but it worked for us, and it took us 10 years
02:03 in order to have our 2 year old,
02:05 my beautiful daughter Olivia,
02:07 and God just really answered our prayer,
02:09 that we didn't think we were gonna be
02:10 able to even have kids.
02:12 Oh, wonderful.
02:13 But God answered our prayers and gave us two.
02:16 And now, we don't want anymore so--
02:19 Yes, so our audience at home, though Lyndon is not shy about
02:21 showing pictures of his beautiful children.
02:24 So Olivia and what is your--
02:26 And Braxton. And Braxton.
02:27 And yeah, he's about 3 months right now.
02:30 Well, he's very new.
02:31 When you see this, he'll probably be older
02:33 and very bigger, 'cause was 8 pounds 9 ounces.
02:35 Wow, he was a big baby. Yeah, yeah.
02:37 So our audience is gonna find out
02:39 very soon that you play.
02:41 Yes.
02:42 How did you get started on the piano?
02:44 Well, my mom put me in piano lessons.
02:45 I took Suzuki music course. Yes.
02:48 And I took it for 4 years and often on.
02:52 I wasn't the best student
02:53 because I just naturally play by ears,
02:56 so any time they put sheet music up in front of me...
03:00 Like what I heard you said, I had the teacher play.
03:03 That was earlier, yes, you have the teacher play for us.
03:05 Yeah. And then you can play it later.
03:07 Exactly. Until you get caught.
03:08 Until you get caught.
03:10 How many music teachers
03:11 did you go through before you got?
03:12 I don't even remember. But I know that I did.
03:16 I put my hand through like a glass window
03:18 when I was about 10 and tore tendons in this finger
03:21 and cut up all this.
03:23 I have a lot scars, a good story.
03:25 And that kind of stopped my music lessons.
03:26 Oh, wow.
03:28 But clearly you didn't stop your ministry though.
03:29 It did not.
03:31 'Cause you are fantastic on the piano.
03:32 Praise the Lord, thank you.
03:33 And you sing. I do.
03:35 Which people a lot can't do, they can't sing and play.
03:37 It's either like one or the other.
03:38 So is that difficult for you to do, or?
03:40 It depends on the song.
03:43 But it's not difficult 'cause I've done it for a while now,
03:46 but when I first got started, it was rough.
03:50 I'm glad you learned, 'cause we're gonna enjoy that.
03:52 Praise the Lord.
03:53 So what you are a minister of music?
03:55 You want to talk a little bit about that?
03:57 I am, I'm a minister of music in Chattanooga, Tennessee,
04:00 at two churches, at Orchard Park
04:02 and then also St. Elmo.
04:03 And how did that come about?
04:05 How did people find out that
04:06 Lyndon could be minister of music?
04:07 Well, they moved me down from Nebraska
04:10 and it was a story from there.
04:12 Well, I'm absolutely sure that they enjoy your ministry.
04:15 So you have a beautiful family.
04:16 Yes. Yes. And you play.
04:18 And you sing, and I'm excited
04:20 because that's exactly what we're about to here.
04:22 So Lyndon, go on over to the piano,
04:25 and we're about to hear my co-host
04:28 share his ministry with you.
04:30 Ladies and Gentlemen, Lyndon.
04:49 Oh Lord, my God
04:53 When I in awesome wonder
04:59 Consider all the works
05:03 Thy hands hath made
05:08 I see the stars
05:12 I hear the rolling thunder
05:17 Thy power throughout
05:21 The universe displayed
05:27 Then sings my soul
05:32 My Savior God
05:37 To Thee
05:42 How great Thou art
05:50 How great Thou art
05:58 Then He sings my soul
06:04 My Savior God
06:09 To Thee
06:13 How great Thou art
06:22 How great Thou art
07:04 Then sings my soul
07:09 My Savior God
07:13 To Thee
07:18 How great Thou art
07:26 How great Thou art
07:33 Then sings my soul
07:39 My Savior God
07:44 To Thee
07:47 How great Thou art
07:56 How great Thou art
08:05 How great You are
08:13 How great You are
08:36 You know, our God truly is a great God
08:39 and, you now, I just cannot wait for that day
08:42 when I get to see Him face-to-face,
08:45 we shall behold Him.
08:51 The sky shall unfold
09:02 Preparing His entrance
09:12 The stars
09:13 Shall applaud Him
09:23 With thunders of praise
09:33 And the sweet light in His eyes
09:40 Shall
09:44 Shall enhance those awaiting
09:55 And we shall behold Him
10:06 Then face to face
10:17 We shall behold Him
10:27 Yes, we shall behold Him
10:38 Face to face
10:43 In all of His glory
10:52 Yes, we shall
10:55 Behold Him
11:03 Yes, we shall
11:05 Behold Him
11:13 Oh, face to face
11:24 Our Savior and Lord
11:35 The angels shall sound
11:45 The shout of His coming
11:53 And the sleeping
11:57 They shall rise
12:04 From their slumbering place
12:14 And those who remain
12:21 They shall, they shall
12:26 Be changed in one moment
12:33 And we
12:36 We shall behold Him
12:46 Then face to face
12:57 We shall behold Him
13:06 Yes, we shall behold Him
13:16 Oh, face to face
13:22 In all of His glory
13:32 Oh, we shall
13:36 Behold Him
13:43 Yes, we shall behold Him
13:51 Behold Him
13:54 Face to face
14:04 Our Savior and Lord
14:14 We shall behold Him
14:25 Our Savior and Lord
14:39 Our Savior and Lord
14:54 Magnify the Lord with me
14:57 Magnify Him.
15:02 Well, I'm back over here on the piano,
15:04 and today since we are the co-hosts,
15:07 and Yvonne is gone,
15:09 I get the privilege of doing whatever I want to.
15:13 So we're gonna do the interview
15:15 over here, on the piano.
15:17 And you know what, I'm so honored and happy
15:19 to share the seat, to host the show
15:23 with Ms. Danita Jones, everybody.
15:26 Danita, so where are you from?
15:29 Well, I'm from Huntsville, Alabama, originally.
15:32 And then I spent some time in Columbus
15:34 with my husband for a while
15:35 and we ended up back in Huntsville
15:38 which is, it's really odd
15:39 because you'll never see yourself moving back
15:41 to the city that you're born and raised in.
15:43 But we're blessed in there and with our four kids,
15:46 and we're having a really good time, really.
15:48 Wow, four kids, so how did you guys meet?
15:51 Wow. Well, let's see.
15:53 My husband and I met when we we're 15 years old,
15:57 and his father is actually a pastor,
16:00 and his father was moved to our church.
16:03 And we met at 15 and became fast friends,
16:06 well, not right away, we weren't fast friends
16:08 'cause I didn't like him at first.
16:09 And then, but when we actually
16:11 did become friends,
16:12 it was just kind of one of those things
16:14 that actually clicked,
16:15 and we've been that way ever since.
16:16 Yeah.
16:18 Well, you are such a talented person.
16:20 She's a very good singer
16:21 which you guys are about to find out.
16:22 Which you already know about
16:24 Lyndon, you just found out he's a fantastic singer.
16:26 Praise the lord, praise the lord.
16:27 I don't know if I want to sing anymore.
16:30 I'm not sure about if I want to sing anymore.
16:31 She can hold her own.
16:32 I don't know about that.
16:34 But you're not just talented in singing,
16:36 you also have your own production company.
16:38 I do, actually, I have a degree in theatre,
16:41 I graduated from Fisk University
16:43 in Nashville, Tennessee.
16:44 And one of my passions is always been
16:46 to be able to create a production company,
16:48 that Adventists can be a part of
16:51 and not have to worry about the Sabbath.
16:52 And so what I do is, that I created this company
16:55 where it's open to every one of course,
16:57 but we never do Friday night show,
16:59 we don't do Sabbath day shows,
17:00 which is actually really huge in theatre.
17:02 And it allows people to be able to be
17:04 in a very safe environment,
17:06 while still being able to do shows that are,
17:09 they can be passionate about
17:10 and that are reputable in the community
17:12 and we, of course, have fun,
17:14 and theater being one of my biggest passions,
17:16 it's one of my first loves, besides music,
17:19 that I really care about,
17:21 and so that is kind of productions by Danita Jones.
17:23 And we travel around,
17:25 and we do a lot of church things,
17:26 we do a lot of community things,
17:28 so it's really a lot of fun.
17:29 And the traveling,
17:30 where are some places that you've gone?
17:32 Where we've gone are, well, of course, Columbus,
17:34 and I've been to Pennsylvania, and we've been to DC,
17:40 and when we were in Columbus, we traveled to Huntsville,
17:43 and we've been to Memphis,
17:44 actually went there this past summer.
17:46 And we do different types of shows,
17:48 of course, we do church shows.
17:49 We also do shows that are important
17:51 to people in our community.
17:53 So we do talk about things like domestic violence,
17:55 and we talk about AIDS,
17:56 and things that make people think.
17:59 A lot of times people don't realize
18:00 that when they're watching a show,
18:02 sort of like this one,
18:03 that they can receive something,
18:05 and they can learn something while they're watching it
18:08 and not realize it until they get in their car
18:10 and go home and we pride ourselves
18:12 at my production company like that so...
18:13 You know, that's awesome.
18:15 Well, we're about to hear you sing.
18:16 So what are you gonna do?
18:18 How about "Give us this day?"
18:19 Okay, why don't you come around front
18:21 and if you want I can play for you.
18:23 That'd be great. All right.
18:48 Give us this day
18:56 Our daily bread
19:03 You said you would
19:13 Supply all my needs
19:26 According to
19:32 Your riches
19:38 I have but to ask
19:47 And I shall receive
20:04 To go from here
20:10 And share this love
20:15 You gave to me
20:23 To show someone
20:30 who is lost
20:36 And help them find their way
20:47 The way to truth and faith
20:55 So they can be free
21:03 Like me
21:07 Oh, free
21:14 Like me
21:18 And Lord
21:22 We need your love
21:28 And Lord
21:32 We need your peace
21:37 Oh Lord
21:43 We need your joy
21:54 This day
22:09 Give us this day
22:25 Praise the Lord,
22:26 and that, ladies and gentlemen, that is my co-host.
22:29 Oh, wow, Lyndon, you're sweet, thank you.
22:31 God be praised.
22:33 But you know, you said something
22:34 really interesting earlier.
22:35 You said that Yvonne isn't here anymore, which is true.
22:37 True.
22:39 Which means we can close the show,
22:40 however we want.
22:42 I like your thinking.
22:43 All right, I want to sing a song.
22:44 Okay, okay, let's--
22:46 I got a medley of songs, let's do a medley.
22:47 We can do that. All right.
23:09 When the glory of the Lord
23:15 Fills this holy temple
23:22 He will lift us high
23:32 And on angels' wings we'll rise
23:38 To the pure and holy
23:44 When His spirit fills
23:50 This place
23:53 When His glory
23:59 When His glory
24:04 When His glory fills this place
24:14 When His glory
24:19 When His glory
24:24 When His glory
24:28 Fills this place
24:35 The splendor of a king
24:42 Clothed in majesty Clothed in majesty
24:47 Let all the earth rejoice Let all the earth rejoice
24:56 He wraps Himself in light
25:02 Wraps Himself in light
25:04 And darkness tries to hide
25:09 And trembles at His voice
25:13 Trembles at His voice
25:17 How great is our God
25:23 Sing with me
25:24 How great is our God
25:30 All will see
25:31 How great
25:34 How great is our God
25:44 Oh, age to age He stands
25:51 Age to age He stands
25:52 And time is in His hands
25:56 Time is in His hands
25:58 Beginning and the end Beginning and the end
26:05 How great is our God
26:11 Sing with me
26:13 How great is our God
26:18 All will see
26:20 How great
26:23 How great is our God
26:30 Oh, oh
26:34 How great is our God
26:39 Sing with me
26:40 How great is our God
26:45 Oh, and all will see
26:47 How great
26:50 How great is our God
26:56 Always remember
27:02 Jesus, Jesus
27:10 Always remember
27:18 Jesus, Jesus
27:31 Always keep Him
27:35 On your mind
27:45 Always keep Him
27:50 On your mind
28:02 Wow. That was fun.
28:03 I think this is gonna be a really great season.
28:05 I really do, too.
28:06 I think we're gonna have a lot of fun.
28:07 Well, you, join us again next time,
28:09 as we come back, and "Magnify Him."


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