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Participants: Danita Jones (Host), Lyndon Carriger (Host), Jason Bulgin, The Group


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:16 Hello and welcome to Magnify Him.
00:20 I'm Danita Jones.
00:21 And I am Lyndon Carriger.
00:22 Thank you so much for tuning in.
00:24 Today we have two anointed artists
00:27 who will minister to you in song.
00:29 That's right, Lyndon.
00:30 And ministry is the operative word here
00:32 because these artists are not just coming to perform,
00:35 they are coming to share their talents with us
00:37 and lift the name of Jesus Christ.
00:39 Praise the Lord.
00:40 So don't miss the blessing that is in store
00:43 as we magnify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
00:47 Magnify the Lord with me
00:50 Magnify Him
00:55 I'm so pleased to welcome a group,
00:58 not just any group they're called
01:00 The Group are here with me today on Magnify Him.
01:04 How did you guys get your name The Group?
01:08 Well, it all started years ago when we sang one time
01:14 and was supposed to be for just one occasion
01:16 and we had such a good time singing that we decided,
01:19 let's do this all the time.
01:20 And so when it came to what we'll call ourselves?
01:23 One person just said, call it The Group, you know.
01:26 And it was more along the lines of
01:29 hey, it's not about us anyway,
01:30 let's not have like a fantastic fabulous name
01:32 trying to jot in to ourselves, we're just a group, man.
01:34 Yeah.
01:35 I'll make a long story short.
01:37 When we sang they didn't have a name for us on the bulletin
01:41 and we didn't have a name,
01:43 I am like the member of the group,
01:44 and they just put in The Group.
01:47 We didn't actually tell them put in The Group
01:49 and we saw that on there and we said,
01:51 that's good we'll take it.
01:52 And then from that point on
01:53 we actually land with The Group, Group stuck so.
01:55 Wow.
01:56 So tell me a little bit about yourself.
01:58 We're going to go down the line
02:00 so that the viewers at home they can know about you.
02:03 And we'll start right here.
02:05 My name is Nicholas Smith.
02:07 I'm originally from California
02:08 but I've been living in Texas the last 14 years or so
02:11 and I sing base in The Group
02:13 and I work daytime as a power plant operator.
02:16 Great.
02:17 My name is Walter Von.
02:18 I am from actually Galveston, Texas.
02:21 I spend most of my time in DFW area though.
02:24 I really enjoy music.
02:25 My conversion, I was somewhere around age of 20.
02:28 So you know, I was you know, into a lot of different things.
02:32 And I came into the church
02:33 and I heard this style of music,
02:35 you know, Take 6 and Unity, and it really touched me.
02:39 So that's what brought me into the church
02:41 and I've been doing this ever since.
02:43 Okay. All right.
02:44 My name's Brandon Parraway,
02:46 I'm from Fort Worth, Texas, born and raised.
02:49 I actually-- I am a business owner in Irving
02:52 and own a health and wellness company.
02:55 I went to Oakwood College.
02:56 All right now
02:58 Sang in The Aliens in 2001, on scholarship there
03:01 and I've been singing in The Group for you know,
03:04 the last, you know, 12 years with them
03:06 back and forth actually.
03:07 When I would go to college,
03:08 I'll come back and sing with them on break,
03:10 didn't have a replacement for me.
03:12 So I've enjoyed, it's been a blessing
03:13 Okay.
03:15 My name is Phillip, I sing baritone in The Group,
03:18 also play bass guitar.
03:19 I live in Arlington. I was born in New York though.
03:23 I've always enjoyed singing as long as I can remember,
03:26 just really like music a lot.
03:28 Okay.
03:29 So, Nick, how did you guys form The Group?
03:33 Well, actually the group was a vision of another member
03:38 who is not a member with us anymore,
03:40 he's their brother and I was just invited
03:43 to help play some of the music there
03:45 but their base didn't show up
03:47 and so when I showed up to sing for them
03:50 that day that's when we came to go ahead
03:52 and make it a permanent thing.
03:53 Okay.
03:54 So do you guys do this full time
03:57 or want to do it full time?
04:00 Well, what we actually do is
04:02 we use our weekends out of our schedules
04:05 to spend time and do ministry.
04:06 Okay.
04:07 And we'll schedule to go to a church
04:09 and then we'll go to a nursing home
04:11 or hospital or a sick and shut in
04:13 or anything in that situation.
04:14 So that's pretty much how our schedule
04:17 is pretty much.
04:18 We go from a church and then we'll work with the church
04:20 to go to the nursing home.
04:22 So we walked to create a ministry to where
04:24 we can create more groups that can go out
04:26 and minister to people who are sick and shut in,
04:28 you know, on their weekends in their spare time.
04:30 Okay. All right.
04:32 So tell me, I've been in a group before,
04:34 so how do you guys do with your rehearsals?
04:38 That's a lot different
04:39 from how it was in the beginning.
04:41 I remember when we first started
04:42 sometimes we would learn three or four songs
04:44 a night practicing into 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning
04:47 but now it's a little bit different now,
04:49 just whenever we can.
04:51 My brother, he has Bible studies
04:52 at his place every other Friday
04:54 and so the Friday is our weekend.
04:56 We practice on Sabbath, sometimes we practice as well.
04:59 Okay.
05:00 So who does the arranging of music?
05:03 With the way, the way the music is arranged
05:06 is actually probably pretty unique
05:08 in comparison to a lot a groups because
05:10 most of them are pretty, very musically inclined.
05:13 I mean, two of them play the keyboard.
05:14 Nicholas and Walter play the piano,
05:16 play the keyboard.
05:17 And Nichols-- I mean, Walter also plays guitar
05:20 and my brother also plays the guitar.
05:22 So sometimes Walter will write music,
05:24 sometimes Nicholas will write the music,
05:26 then we'll come together and learn it
05:28 after we have our notes often
05:31 I'll put together
05:32 some of the dynamics of the song.
05:33 So we kind of all have a part to play
05:35 in the way the song turns out.
05:36 Yeah.
05:37 You guys mentioned
05:39 that you do your vespers or devotions.
05:43 How does that impact your ministry
05:46 together as brothers?
05:48 Well, I believe the most important part of any group
05:52 is to make ministry the focal point of anything
05:56 that you do when you sing.
05:57 Now I think that, that actually keeps egos
06:00 from raising up and rearing its ugly head,
06:03 you know, in any group, you know,
06:04 because you saw a lot of group that break up, you know.
06:07 And I think ministry has kept us together
06:08 and it kept us strong.
06:09 I mean, we sing together
06:11 but we're really like we're brothers,
06:12 like you know we, you know each other's nerves
06:16 and you know all that stuff.
06:18 But I think ministry, that kind of held us together,
06:21 so that's the strongest thing that keeps us together.
06:23 Well, that's awesome
06:24 and I know that ministry keeps you guys together
06:27 but I also know that you guys
06:29 have to have some type of funny story
06:32 of where things quite didn't go the way that you planned.
06:36 Do you guys travel a lot?
06:39 No, we don't travel too much out of the metroplex
06:43 but we do get around within the metroplex.
06:45 I'll say not travel across the country
06:47 around the world or anything like that
06:48 but we do get around within a 100 mile radius.
06:51 Yeah, so you got a funny story for that 100-mile radius?
06:56 Well, actually
06:59 singing in a gospel group is a great tool to have
07:02 especially when you're like a young black male,
07:05 or mid-age black male, you know,
07:06 when you get pulled over by the police
07:07 sometimes you can tell them, hey, we sing in a gospel group.
07:11 And it's funny because on our way down here
07:13 we got pulled over by the police.
07:14 Oh, no.
07:15 Coming down here, you know,
07:17 and I was like, Lord,
07:18 I hope Nick is in there telling this man
07:20 that we sing in a gospel group.
07:21 And you'll be amazed
07:23 how many times having a Bible in your car
07:26 like God look out for you, you know in those situations.
07:28 We only have just a little bit a time left.
07:30 Tell me what songs you guys gonna do today?
07:34 Well, the first song that we're going to do
07:35 is "Redeemed."
07:37 A lot of people heard of the hymn,
07:38 it's a slightly different rendition
07:40 than you might have heard before.
07:41 The second song is
07:42 "Are You Ready for Jesus to Come?"
07:44 So, Brandon, where can people follow you
07:47 or know more about your group?
07:50 You can actually go to our website
07:52 at
07:55 or you can find us on Facebook
07:56 at
07:59 Okay.
08:00 Well, it's been a pleasure, fellas.
08:01 And you know
08:03 it's going to be a pleasure for you.
08:04 Sit back, relax and be blessed. The Group.
08:09 Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it
08:16 Redeemed
08:20 By the blood of the Lamb
08:25 Redeemed through His infinite mercy
08:32 His child, and forever, I am
08:43 Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it
08:50 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb
08:56 Redeemed through His infinite mercy
09:02 His child, and forever, I am
09:08 Redeemed, redeemed
09:15 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb
09:21 Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it
09:28 His child, and forever, I am
09:34 I think of my blessed Redeemer
09:39 I think of Him all the day long
09:43 I sing, for I cannot keep silent
09:48 His love is the theme of my song
09:52 Redeemed, redeemed
09:57 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb
10:01 Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it
10:06 His child, and forever, I am
10:11 Redeemed,
10:16 Redeemed
10:22 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb
10:33 Redeemed
10:37 How I love to proclaim it
10:43 His child, and forever,
10:47 I am
10:59 Jesus is coming again soon.
11:02 Are you ready for Jesus to come?
11:05 The theme of the Bible
11:10 Is Jesus
11:19 And how He died to save men
11:24 And how
11:27 He died to save men
11:33 The plan of salvation
11:36 Assures us
11:41 He's coming back
11:47 Again
11:54 Are you ready
12:02 For Jesus to come?
12:07 Today
12:10 Are you faithful
12:13 In all that you do?
12:19 Have you fought a good fight?
12:26 Have you stood for the right?
12:32 Have others
12:35 Seen Jesus in you?
12:42 Are you ready to stand in your place?
12:50 Your place?
12:53 Are you ready to look on His face?
13:01 His face?
13:03 Can you look up and say,
13:09 "This is my God!"
13:17 Are you ready
13:25 For Jesus?
13:28 Oh, are you ready
13:32 For Jesus?
13:38 Are you ready
13:45 For Jesus
13:49 To come?
13:58 Ready to come
14:10 Magnify the Lord with me
14:13 Magnify Him
14:18 We are so excited to have
14:20 Jason Bulgin here with us on Magnify Him.
14:23 Welcome, Jason.
14:24 Thank you for having me.
14:25 I'm so excited that you are here.
14:27 Now I am pretty sure
14:28 if my memory is serving me correctly
14:30 that you were actually here doing something else
14:32 a while back with your sister, is that correct?
14:34 Oh, yeah, I was here with my sister.
14:35 I accompanied her on the piano.
14:37 Yes, but today we're going to have
14:38 special treat because you're not on the piano today,
14:40 you're actually at the mike singing.
14:42 Yes, I came to share some of my original songs.
14:45 I mean, it's an awesome gift to be able to share
14:48 a music that God has given you.
14:49 That's wonderful and of course
14:50 we'll get to that in a few moments.
14:52 But first, you and I were talking before
14:54 and I think you have an awesome story
14:56 that you need to share with some of our viewers
14:57 about a car accident you were in
14:59 and what came from that?
15:01 What kind of testimony came from that?
15:03 Well, it's a long testimony
15:05 but I'll give you the short version.
15:06 Basically, May 2011,
15:08 I was in a horrible car accident,
15:10 I tried to avoid a deer, went to a ditch,
15:12 got thrown out of the car
15:13 on the opposite side of the highway.
15:14 It's like 11:30 at night at truck route
15:18 and basically left for dead,
15:19 but somehow I was saved,
15:22 a police officer happened to be passing by that time.
15:25 He made call to the emergency services
15:27 and from that experience I wrote a book basically
15:30 and it's basically chronicling
15:32 the healing process, the recovery process.
15:35 It's an awesome testimony of how just God restore me.
15:38 I mean, it forced me to deal with a lot of things
15:40 that I hadn't dealt with.
15:41 And I mean, recovery and restoration
15:43 is a beautiful thing.
15:44 So it's an awesome testimony.
15:46 That is, and what is the name of the book?
15:48 The book is entitled 25 And Counting.
15:50 I love that.
15:51 And how will our viewers be able to get that book?
15:54 Well, it's on my website,,
15:58 and you can go there and find that.
16:00 You have music there as well.
16:02 It's a whole bunch of things there.
16:03 Yes.
16:04 And we're going to talk about that music.
16:05 You have a few albums actually out right now.
16:09 You have two that we were talking about before,
16:11 what are those-- the names of those albums?
16:12 Well, last-- I think the last Valentines Day
16:15 I released the EP called Love Letters
16:17 and basically it's my love songs to God.
16:19 And one of the songs that I am actually going to do today
16:21 is a love letter to God, it's called "Sweetest name."
16:24 And it's a beautiful just love letter to God
16:26 and it was-- I was at a point where
16:28 I just wanted to express my love in a way
16:30 that men don't usually expresses their love to God.
16:33 So I thought it was an awesome way
16:34 to just share love.
16:35 That's wonderful, "Sweetest name."
16:36 I think I like that song already
16:38 and I haven't even heard it yet.
16:39 What about some of your other albums?
16:40 I know you're also working on one
16:42 that's due to come out very soon.
16:44 You want to talk about that one a little bit?
16:45 Well, I am actually working on a praise and worship project
16:47 that has bunch of praise and worship songs.
16:49 I mean, I enjoy praise--
16:51 I enjoy church music,
16:52 I enjoy music that you can always sing in church
16:54 and throughout service.
16:55 So I made a collection of songs
16:57 that you can use in your church services
16:59 and just use it as a tool to outreach and praise God.
17:03 I mean, I just love praising God.
17:04 So it's an awesome gift to have.
17:05 That is wonderful.
17:06 And praise and worship songs are actually something
17:08 that a lot of our churches have moved into now.
17:10 So that is actually a neat tool that a lot of praise
17:13 and worship leaders can use now.
17:15 So was that part of the reason why you started that project?
17:19 I think it was part of the reason.
17:20 I mean, I just--
17:21 I am always involved in music ministry
17:23 every church I go to.
17:24 So it was only natural for me to be a part of it
17:27 and actually pour into it.
17:29 I mean, I can't just be a spectator all my life.
17:31 There's, I got to give back something,
17:32 so I thought it was awesome for me to share my gifts
17:35 in a way that everyone can benefit from it.
17:38 Well, we love that attitude here
17:40 and we know you're going to do the "Sweetest name"
17:41 and what's the name of the other song
17:42 you're going to be singing?
17:44 The other song is "Be Lifted High."
17:45 Well, we're excite and ladies and gentlemen, Jason Bulgin.
17:51 Lord, we declare Your majesty all over the earth.
17:54 Father, we lift high Your name today
17:56 We celebrate Your name.
17:57 Your name is worthy to be praised.
17:59 Father, we thank You for Your grace,
18:01 for Your love and it endorse for ever.
18:03 Father, we lift You high.
18:06 Be lifted high in the earth
18:10 Your Majesty
18:15 Be lifted high in all the earth
18:19 Reveal Your glory
18:22 No one can compare
18:25 Awesome are You
18:28 To You all praises do
18:32 Be lifted high in all the earth
18:36 We lift You high
18:40 Be lifted high in all the earth
18:43 Your Majesty
18:44 Your Majesty
18:47 Be lifted high, God
18:49 Be lifted high in all the earth
18:52 Reveal Your glory
18:53 Reveal Your glory
18:55 Father, there's no one else like You
18:57 No one can compare
18:59 Awesome are You
19:00 Awesome are You
19:01 And to You
19:02 To You all praises do
19:05 Be lifted high
19:07 Be lifted high in all the earth
19:09 Father, we lift you high
19:10 Be lifted high
19:12 Let's sing the song.
19:14 Be lifted high
19:18 Be lifted high in all the earth
19:23 Be lifted high
19:27 Be lifted high in all the earth
19:31 Be lifted high
19:35 Be lifted high in all the earth
19:39 Be lifted high
19:44 Be lifted high in all the earth
19:49 Sing to your father.
19:50 Be lifted high in all the earth
19:53 Your Majesty
19:54 Your Majesty
19:57 Oh, be lifted high in all the earth
20:02 Reveal Your glory
20:03 Reveal Your glory
20:05 No one can compare
20:06 No one can compare
20:09 Father, awesome are You
20:10 Awesome are You
20:11 And to You
20:12 To You all praises do
20:15 Be lifted high
20:17 Be lifted high in all the earth
20:19 Father, we lift You high
20:21 Come on let's sing it out all together.
20:23 Be lifted high
20:25 Be lifted high
20:27 Oh, be lifted high
20:29 Be lifted high in all the earth
20:31 Father, we adore You today.
20:32 Say, be lifted high
20:35 Oh, be lifted high in all the earth
20:40 We lift You
20:42 Be lifted high
20:45 In my life
20:46 Be lifted high in all the earth
20:48 Oh, we lift You high
20:50 Be lifted high in all the earth
20:52 Father, we lift You today.
20:55 Come on, I love this part.
20:57 It says, Mighty God, awesome are You.
20:59 Mighty God, awesome are You
21:02 And to you all praises do.
21:05 No matter what you're going through.
21:06 You say He's a mighty God and awesome are You.
21:10 To You all praises do.
21:12 To You all praises do
21:14 Mighty God, awesome are You
21:19 And to You all the praise
21:20 To You all praises do
21:26 Come on, let's take it out.
21:28 Be lifted high
21:33 Be lifted high
21:35 In all the earth, God.
21:37 Be lifted high
21:39 Be lifted high
21:40 Be lifted high
21:41 In my life
21:43 Be lifted high
21:44 Oh!
21:50 Be lifted high
21:52 Be lifted high in all the earth
21:55 Be lifted high
21:56 Be lifted high
21:57 In my life
21:59 Be lifted high
22:01 Come on, let's go to that phrase again.
22:03 My God, awesome are You
22:07 And to You all praises do, Jesus
22:11 Father, we're going to lift You
22:12 Mighty God, awesome are You
22:16 And to You all praise
22:19 Can we say it one more time.
22:20 Mighty God, awesome are You
22:24 To You all praise
22:26 To You all the praises do
22:32 We praise Your name today.
22:35 Be lifted high.
22:38 Father, we thank You for Your love.
22:39 We thank You for Your grace.
22:41 We thank You for Your mercy, Jesus.
22:44 No one can compare to You.
22:46 My lips are flowing with Your praise, God.
22:48 And today I'll just give my praise offering to You.
22:51 You are worthy of all the praise.
22:53 Be lifted high in my life, at my job, in everything I do.
22:58 Hallelujah.
23:00 You're a mighty God, Jesus.
23:04 Oh, what a mighty God
23:07 You're an awesome God
23:09 You're worthy God
23:12 Hallelujah.
23:14 Accept my praise offering, Jesus.
23:17 Hallelujah.
23:25 Some say Jason is a sweet name
23:27 but I think the sweetest name on this earth
23:28 is the name of Jesus.
23:34 It was Your words that calm storm,
23:40 few raging winds
23:44 I am still secure
23:46 You shall turn the rain, took away the pain
23:53 Jesus is the sweetest name
23:59 My melody is sympathizing Jesus
24:05 Who understands and heals my deepest pains
24:12 Your love for me has made a change in me
24:19 Jesus is the sweetest name
24:23 The sweetest name I know
24:29 You are the sweetest name I know
24:35 I like this verse.
24:38 In sickness and health You're by my side
24:44 Without Your grace I would've died
24:50 I am grateful to You
24:54 Your love pulled me through
24:57 And Jesus is the sweetest name
25:03 My melody is sympathizing Jesus
25:09 Who understands and heals my deepest pain
25:16 Your love for me has made a change in me
25:23 Jesus is the sweetest name
25:28 My melody
25:30 He's a man who walked on water
25:34 He stretched out His hand to save my sinking soul
25:41 He breathed into me new life
25:45 Oh, what a joy, I can't explain
25:50 Jesus is the sweetest name
25:55 The sweetest name I know
25:59 Can you just say Jesus wherever you are?
26:01 Just say, Jesus.
26:03 He is, He is I know that He is the sweetest name I know
26:10 He is, He is My Jesus is the sweetest name I know
26:16 He is, He is I know that He is the sweetest name I know
26:22 He is, He is My Jesus is the sweetest name I know
26:29 I got a smile when I'm singing.
26:31 I know that He is the sweetest name I know
26:35 He is, He is
26:38 My Jesus is
26:39 Just think about all that He's done for you.
26:41 He is
26:42 Oh, He is
26:44 I know that He is the sweetest name I know
26:49 Oh, my Jesus is
26:53 Oh, He is
26:55 He is
26:57 Say, I know that He is the sweetest name I know
27:00 Say, He is, He is
27:03 My Jesus is the sweetest name I know
27:06 Oh, I should have died and You kept me
27:09 Should have died and You saved me
27:13 He is, He is
27:16 My Jesus is the sweetest name I know.
27:23 Magnify the Lord with me
27:26 Magnify Him
27:31 You know, Danita,
27:32 these artists really minister to my soul today.
27:35 Absolutely. They were a blessing to hear.
27:37 But they were delight to talk to.
27:38 Yeah.
27:39 The Group, they like to go to hospices
27:41 and sing for those who are dying
27:43 and you know, that is really ministry.
27:45 And you know what, ladies, two of them are single.
27:47 Oh, my goodness.
27:48 And you know, Jason,
27:50 to be able to write a book from that car accident,
27:53 that truly was a wonderful testimony to hear.
27:55 Yeah, well, we hope you enjoyed that as well today.
27:59 And join us next time
28:01 as we lift the name of Jesus and magnify Him!


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