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00:16 Hello and welcome to Magnify Him I'm Danita Jones
00:20 and I'm Lyndon Carriger
00:21 today is Youth Day on Magnify Him
00:24 we have Tivon Yearwood Gordon
00:27 and Farrah Barry.
00:28 You know we love to support our young people
00:31 here on Magnify Him
00:32 and we encourage them to use their gifts for Jesus.
00:35 And you know what is so great Lyndon
00:37 is that we hear that Tivon is actually an aspiring singer
00:41 and that Farrah is a beautiful pianist
00:43 so we look forward to the Program today.
00:45 Yeah... it's going to be awesome seeing them backstage
00:48 is just letting me know how old I really am.
00:50 Yeah, there are a lot of references we made
00:52 that they really didn't understand
00:53 so they're kind of young.
00:54 Well, you know what... get your kids in the room
00:57 we want them to check out today's Magnify Him
01:00 because we are going to be lifting up Jesus.
01:05 Magnify the Lord the King... Magnify Him.
01:10 Music from Montreal,
01:13 I'm so excited to introduce you all to Tivon Yearwood Gordon
01:18 all the way from Canada with us today in the Studio
01:20 welcome to Magnify Him, Tivon.
01:22 Thanks.
01:23 Okay, so... let's start off with some basics
01:26 I want to talk about some of the things that you enjoy doing
01:28 a lot of people may not be into sports
01:32 is there anything else that you actually love to do?
01:34 I like... at school and my church I play
01:37 an instrument called the Saxophone.
01:39 Yes. It's very common to me...
01:43 Yes, and what kind of Sax do you play,
01:45 the Alto Sax or the...? The Tenor...
01:47 The Tenor Sax... very low and mellow sound...
01:49 When did you get started playing the Saxophone?
01:52 Grade 7... Wow! and are you in the Band
01:55 at your school... or it's just something you do on the side?
01:57 Yeah... I'm in the Band...
01:59 That is really neat and do you all have a chance
02:01 to travel around Canada or...?
02:03 No, not really, we didn't get a chance...
02:05 You guys kind of just stay at the school
02:07 that's fine... that's neat... and so you came
02:10 all the way here to the States to be in our Program
02:12 we know that was a lot of traveling
02:14 we were talking earlier...
02:15 you said that this is actually not the first time
02:17 that you've been to America. No...
02:19 What are the other places
02:20 that you've been that you've visited?
02:22 I've been to Boston, Washington, Florida,
02:25 Wisconsin and... yup...
02:30 We talked about Wisconsin because I asked you
02:32 I said, "What is in Wisconsin
02:33 that would bring you from Montreal?"
02:35 and you told me it was... Pathfinders...
02:37 Pathfinders... and you guys have like a...?
02:39 Camporee where everyone, it's international
02:42 and everyone from different countries come...
02:44 over a hundred countries, they come and gather in one spot
02:46 That is really, really neat, well today,
02:49 you're not playing the Saxophone
02:50 and clearly you're not here in Thompsonville to camp with us
02:53 so... you're here to sing
02:56 and I want to talk a little bit about your singing
02:58 you told me that you started... you've been singing
03:00 since you were like 5- or 6-years old...
03:03 Yeah... How did you get started singing?
03:05 Well, I really don't know,
03:06 all I remember is that someone told me to sing
03:09 and the first song that I sang
03:12 was "Twinkle, twinkle little star"
03:14 Wow! Yeah... and it was pretty good,
03:16 so... That works...
03:18 Yeah, I don't know if I wanted to do it but...
03:20 I did it and... everyone liked it so...
03:22 That is neat and was that at a school or
03:23 were you on a stage when that happened?
03:25 It was at church. Oh, you sang
03:26 "Twinkle, twinkle little star" at church?
03:28 Yeah... I like your church already...
03:29 I love that... so you sang that
03:31 and when did you begin singing Gospel,
03:34 what were the earliest memories of you singing Gospel music?
03:36 My first time singing Gospel publicly was when I was 14
03:42 in a choir that we have in church called "Joy Bus"
03:45 and so... yeah... that was the first time I sang Gospel
03:48 and then I started to progress into Soul and stuff like that.
03:51 That is really cool and in singing Gospel,
03:53 I'm sure that now you're kind of very aware
03:56 of some of the Gospel music artists around the world,
03:58 who are some of your favorite artists?
03:59 I like Fred Hammond, Smokie Norful, Marvin Sapp...
04:03 Those are some good guys... yeah
04:05 we're hoping that maybe one day they'll be on our show
04:07 we'll invite you back and you can sing with them
04:09 that will be really neat, yeah...
04:11 yeah... so, let me ask you a couple more things,
04:13 you did all this traveling,
04:15 I know that someone did not send their 17-year-old son
04:18 down here by themselves, I think I overhead you guys say
04:21 about 19 hours to get here, who came with you
04:24 and is in the Studio with you today?
04:25 Well, my mom, my sister,
04:27 and a friend from church came with us.
04:29 And is it cold where you all came from
04:31 I know you didn't come to warmer weather
04:33 but it must be spring for you down here.
04:35 It's warmer... it's not spring I wouldn't call it that...
04:38 but it's warmer... it's way warmer than Montreal...
04:40 It's way warmer than Montreal, that is neat
04:42 and, of course, we thank you so much
04:44 because you're missing school
04:46 and you're having to do homework down here,
04:47 you guys are literally turning right around and going back
04:51 but I'm so glad that you came to share your ministry with us
04:54 now, does your sister or your mom sing?
04:56 Yeah, both of them sing.
04:58 They do... yeah... and then have you guys
05:00 ever thought about doing like a trio at church?
05:01 We did actually... last Saturday.
05:03 You did... we're nailing it today on Magnify Him
05:06 what did you guys sing last Sabbath?
05:09 "I'll Trust You" by Richard Smallwood.
05:11 Oh yes, that is a beautiful song.
05:13 Well, what are you going to do for us today?
05:16 I'm going to sing two songs, the first one is,
05:19 "I'll Find A Way" by Fred Hammond
05:21 the second one is, "All I Ever Really Wanted"
05:23 by Donnie McClurkin.
05:24 Oh and those are two great Singers
05:26 and I'm sure that they are amazing songs
05:28 and we can't wait to hear you,
05:29 and we had a lot of fun hanging out backstage...
05:32 what is something that you want our Viewers
05:34 to take from your performance?
05:36 Well, when I sing, it's like...
05:38 it's a different kind of ministry
05:39 and I want other people to experience the love of God
05:42 in a different way,
05:43 like bringing people closer to God.
05:44 So, yeah, it's basically it.
05:46 We know that somebody is going to be really blessed
05:48 and maybe, Tivon, if we have you back
05:51 we can have your mom and your sister come
05:53 Yeah... and then you bring your
05:54 Saxophone and then you guys can make
05:56 it like a huge band,
05:57 kind of like a family band... Yeah...
05:59 We can work that out I'm hoping...
06:00 Yeah... that will be really great
06:02 and we will have to invite you guys back again
06:04 and give you a little bit more time...
06:05 maybe make it a couple of shows... how about that?
06:07 That would be awesome,
06:09 well we thank you so much for coming...
06:10 Thanks... Ladies and Gentlemen,
06:11 I want to introduce you to the wonderful voice
06:14 of Tivon Yearwood Gordon...
06:17 I've lost some joy, I've lost some time
06:26 Now it feels like I will lose my mind
06:35 Journeyed long and lost my way
06:41 And now it feels like
06:46 I've lost is all I say
06:51 Searching here and over there
06:57 for what've lost
07:01 Where is it? I don't know,
07:05 But I will find a way to lift up my hands
07:12 lift up my hands... background singers
07:13 And I will find a way
07:15 to worship you Lord find a way, I will find a way...
07:22 And though my heart is low,
07:24 I'll find a way to give You praise
07:31 I will find a way to love you more
07:38 I've lost so much down through the years
07:46 It seems that all I find here lately
07:53 is a face so full of tears
07:57 I search each dark and empty place
08:04 The peace I used to know, somehow I have misplaced
08:13 Searching here and over there
08:19 for the things I've lost
08:23 I don't have them anymore
08:27 But I will find a way to lift up my hands
08:32 lift up my hands background singers
08:35 And I will find a way to worship You Lord
08:40 find a way, I will find a way...
08:43 And though my heart is low
08:45 I'll find a way to give you praise
08:51 I will find a way to love you
09:00 One thing I've not lost
09:03 is the will to move ahead
09:07 And I've kept a faith that trust in You Lord
09:16 And I find way down within myself,
09:20 a love for you Lord that overflows
09:24 But I know that I can love You more
09:28 with every loss and through it all
09:32 I will find a way to lift my hands... lift up my hands...
09:39 And I will find a way to worship You Lord
09:46 find a way, I will find a way...
09:48 And though my life is broken,
09:50 I'll find the way to give You praise
09:56 I will find a way to love you
10:01 I'll find a way...
10:05 I know I will... I know I will, ooh ooh find
10:11 I'll find a way to worship you...
10:15 And though my life is broken
10:19 I'll find a way to give You praise
10:24 I will find a way to love,
10:28 I will find a way to love
10:36 find a way to love
10:42 You more...
10:51 more...
11:01 All you ever need is Jesus.
11:16 Searching for a lifetime
11:19 For something to satisfy
11:22 Paid a lot of prices and so many nights I cried
11:28 In my time of desperation
11:31 Came a simple revelation
11:34 That was
11:37 All I Ever Really Wanted Was You...
11:40 Thought I wanted money and I thought I wanted fame... oh my
11:45 Thought it would fulfill me
11:48 That's until it finally came
11:51 Then I sweetly hear you begging me
11:55 And it only took one second
11:58 To see
12:00 All I Ever Really Wanted Was You... Yeah...
12:04 There were times I didn't know what I was to do
12:08 Said I didn't know what
12:10 To think of you...
12:12 But when I turned around I turned and found
12:15 You were there all the time
12:18 I didn't know what
12:20 Or where to go...
12:21 I didn't know what I was to know...
12:25 But you loved till you loved me to the truth... yes
12:30 You love me like you do...
12:32 If there were a moral to the things that I have learned, yeah
12:38 It would be to follow love every move and every turn
12:45 In a time of second chances
12:48 What I found in second chances
12:51 Is that
12:53 All I Ever Really Wanted Was You yeah...
12:56 Was you... yeah...
12:58 There were times I didn't know what I was to do
13:00 I was to do...
13:02 I didn't know what
13:03 To think of you...
13:05 But when I turned around I turned and found
13:08 You were there all the time
13:12 Or where to go...
13:15 Said I didn't know what I was to know...
13:18 But you loved me
13:20 till you loved me to the truth yes...
13:24 You loved me like you do, yeah
13:26 If there were a moral for the things
13:29 that I have learned oh huh
13:33 It would be to follow love every move and every turn
13:38 For in my time of second chances
13:41 What I found at second glance is
13:44 Is that
13:46 All I Ever Really Wanted
13:48 You know I found in you Oh oh
13:52 All I Ever Really Wanted
13:55 Somehow I know it's true Oh huh my
13:58 All I Ever Really Wanted
14:02 You know I found in you You know I found in you...
14:06 All I Ever Really Wanted
14:08 Somehow I know it's true yeah Oh
14:13 All I Ever Really Wanted
14:15 Was you, oh Lord...
14:26 Magnify the Lord the King Magnify Him.
14:33 Pianist playing...
14:48 more playing...
14:59 more music...
15:09 piano...
16:13 brisk music...
17:12 more music...
17:26 Magnificent... magnificent
17:29 Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, we mixed it up on you...
17:32 Normally, we have the interview first
17:34 but today... we had the song first!
17:36 And I'm going to go over here and talk to Ms. Farrah
17:38 she did an awesome job today
17:40 tremendous talent and you know...
17:44 where are you from?
17:45 Well, I used to live in Chicago
17:48 but I moved to Thompsonville a couple of years ago.
17:53 So you're right here in Thompsonville.
17:56 Okay, what grade are you in?
17:58 Eighth...
17:59 You're in the 8th Grade what school do you go to?
18:01 Thompsonville Christian Academy
18:03 Okay, let's talk about your piano playing
18:07 just a little bit here,
18:08 when did you start playing the piano?
18:11 When I was like eight, I took lessons for like a year
18:19 and
18:20 it didn't really help much
18:22 so we just decided to quit the lessons
18:25 but then... I started playing the piano by myself
18:27 and I kind of taught myself...
18:28 So, you kind of taught yourself how to play the piano
18:31 so, you play by ear?
18:33 Yes. Okay, hmmm...
18:35 so since you play by ear
18:37 what are some other songs you like to play?
18:39 Hmmm...
18:46 You got a few? Maybe some hymns?
18:49 Yeah... I was trying to learn one hymn song
18:53 and it was called, "The Quiet Place"
18:55 but I couldn't quite get it done.
18:57 That's a beautiful song, so you play for church a lot?
19:00 Yeah, I think about once a month for Sabbath School.
19:04 Okay, so you play once a month for Sabbath School
19:07 I would love to have you play for Sabbath School at my church
19:10 what is your favorite song
19:13 out of all of the songs that you play?
19:18 Hmmm...
19:22 I don't really know the names of a lot of the songs I play.
19:26 Now, you know your talent comes from God right?
19:28 Yes... You are very talented
19:32 and it's... I'm so glad to see that
19:34 you give Him all the glory for that,
19:36 what do you want to be when you grow up?
19:38 Hmmm... I wanted to be a missionary
19:42 to go around... and I'm also learning
19:45 Japanese so that I can go to Japan
19:48 and I can minister to them because I noticed that
19:52 they're really... like...
19:55 falling apart there when it comes to that
19:56 and so I just want to bring God to them
20:00 so that they can be happy too.
20:02 That's great, you know, I could try some Japanese
20:05 but it probably wouldn't be very good,
20:07 it wouldn't be good at all because I would be making it up
20:09 so, would you be able to
20:11 give me... just a line... in Japanese?
20:14 I could say, "My name is Farrah. "
20:16 Yes, say, "My name is Farrah. "
20:18 "Watashi no name was Farrah desu. "
20:20 Can you say, "God is good?"
20:24 You don't have to do that
20:28 well, you know, I started playing the piano
20:31 at a young age too and I play by ear too
20:35 and when I was a kid there was this one song
20:39 that I really actually sang and as I got older
20:43 I kind of learned how to play
20:44 do you mind if I do it for you?
20:47 Okay... you can hold this.
21:00 He is playing the piano
21:12 more playing...
21:19 They're all above me beneath me
21:28 before me...
21:31 They're all around me...
21:35 My Father's angels
21:38 all protect me...
21:41 everywhere...
21:49 They're all above me... beneath me...
21:57 Before me... they're all around me...
22:04 My Father's angels all protect me
22:11 everywhere...
22:17 I could never stray so far...
22:26 my Father... would lose track of where I am
22:35 Angels are beside me holding tightly
22:44 my hand...
22:48 They're all above me... beneath me...
22:56 before me... they're all around me...
23:02 my Father's angels all protect me
23:09 everywhere...
23:15 Even when the night's so long
23:24 I just can't see
23:28 a thing in front of me
23:33 I don't need to worry...
23:38 they... they can see... they see me...
23:47 They're all around me beneath me, yeah...
23:56 before me... they're all around me
24:03 my Father's angels all...
24:07 protect me
24:10 My Father's angels all
24:14 protect me,
24:17 My Father's Angels all Protect Me...
24:26 everywhere...
24:35 everywhere!
24:42 Everywhere...!
24:54 Magnify Him
24:59 Piano playing...
25:09 I'm so old
25:11 I'm getting old...
25:16 Lyndon... Lyndon...
25:20 Oh! I thought Farrah was still here.
25:23 What are you doing?
25:25 Oh, I was just writing a song I mean...
25:27 thinking of the youth that were here
25:30 it just made me feel kind of old.
25:32 Okay... well... you shouldn't feel old,
25:36 I mean, you should feel more like a Role Model.
25:39 You don't want to sing the song with me?
25:41 No, actually... because I'm not old,
25:43 well, at least not quite... but, I heard you and Farrah
25:47 earlier on the Piano backstage,
25:49 you guys sounded really good really good...
25:50 She did a good job... didn't she?
25:52 She did do a good job and you singing...
25:55 I didn't know... well, I guess, I did know that you sang
25:57 but singing and playing...
25:58 that actually is a good look for you.
26:00 Well, thank you, thank you so much
26:02 that made me feel just a little bit better.
26:04 No, you're still old... don't get... you're still old...
26:06 I'm bald...
26:08 And that's true too.
26:09 I'm getting some gray hairs in here...
26:11 But that's okay... Role Model for the kids
26:13 we're excited to hear you sing.
26:15 That makes the picture bigger and brighter and...
26:19 Absolutely.
26:20 purpose... for my life.
26:22 I think it's kind of unfair though
26:23 because you guys got to sing a little bit
26:25 about some of the childhood songs that you had,
26:27 and I didn't get to sing the childhood songs that I had,
26:30 Hmmm... do you want to sing a song?
26:32 Well, since you asked...
26:34 Okay... what song do you want to sing?
26:36 Well, here's the thing, I don't know
26:38 see... I know a whole lot of childhood songs
26:40 but I'm not really sure which one I want to sing.
26:43 So... what about this song?
26:45 Piano playing...
26:51 Of course, I know that song.
26:57 A sunbeam... a sunbeam...
27:02 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
27:07 A sunbeam... a sunbeam...
27:14 I'll be a sunbeam for him.
27:21 Oh! that was wonderful and you know what?
27:24 I am so happy that these kids
27:26 are willing to be sunbeams for Christ too.
27:28 Yeah, the boldness that they have
27:30 for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
27:32 it just gives me chills...
27:34 and I'd like to thank their parents as well
27:36 for nurturing their talent
27:37 in not just their talent for the world
27:39 but using their talent for God.
27:41 You know what? It's almost that time, Lyndon,
27:43 we're going to have to go but you know what?
27:45 If anybody does think that they have any more youth
27:48 that would like to participate in Dare to Dream
27:50 or in Magnify Him,
27:51 please contact us on our website because you know what?
27:54 We love having Youth Day around here.
27:56 Oh, we sure do... and you know what?
27:58 It is time to go... so... until next time
28:01 Magnify Him...


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