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Participants: Danita Jones (Host), Lyndon Carriger (Host), Deidre Robinson, Michael Harris


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00:19 Hello and welcome to Magnify Him.
00:22 I'm Danita Jones
00:23 and I'm Lyndon Carriger
00:25 Psalm 13:6 says, "I will sing unto the Lord
00:27 because He hath dealt bountifully with me. "
00:30 Today, we're going to meet some artists
00:33 that have something to sing about.
00:35 We certainly are, Lyndon,
00:36 and we cannot wait for them
00:37 to share their ministry with you.
00:39 For sure, as you listen to these artists,
00:42 think about what God has given to you... to sing about.
00:45 Magnify the Lord the King Magnify Him.
00:54 I am pleased to welcome Ms. Deidre Robinson
00:58 to Magnify Him today,
01:00 it's good to have you with us
01:02 you know I love a back story
01:05 of how artists actually get started,
01:08 so you know... I'm going to ask you that question
01:10 how did you start in music?
01:12 Well, I'm told that I've been singing
01:14 since before I could talk... Okay...
01:17 and I have continued to sing all of my life
01:20 and right on up until college
01:23 I sang with the Oakwood University Aeolians
01:25 and with that group I got to travel the world
01:28 I bet you did...
01:29 and it was amazing... and then I moved to Orlando, Florida
01:33 where I have lived for many, many years
01:36 and worked in healthcare for a long time
01:40 but I would always sing at church, different functions,
01:44 everything, and then a few years ago
01:46 I just felt a calling from the Lord
01:48 to use... not just my gifts in the administrative area
01:53 in healthcare but also, my gift in music
01:56 to really glorify and magnify His name.
01:59 Now that's a...
02:01 you said you worked in healthcare
02:02 that's a big jump from healthcare to music
02:05 how did you decide to do that?
02:08 Well, like I said, I had been singing for so many years
02:12 and many of my colleagues heard me sing and they said,
02:15 "What are you doing, sitting behind a desk?
02:17 You need to be out really sharing that gift
02:19 telling people about the love of God and His saving grace"
02:23 and so, I felt compelled to really be able to say,
02:28 "Okay Lord, I'm willing to step out on faith and sing for you. "
02:32 Okay, so, you're going to sing for us today
02:35 and what are some of the songs that you're going to be singing?
02:37 Today, I'm going to be singing a song
02:40 that's titled "Alabaster Box. "
02:43 Oh, that's a very good one, what's the other one?
02:46 The other one is, "That Name"
02:48 both of those songs have special meaning to me
02:51 and I just... I love them and I love ministering them
02:55 to other people because
02:56 they also touched the hearts and lives of many
02:59 so that they can know that they're forgiven
03:02 and Christ loves them too.
03:04 Yeah, those are staples of gospel music
03:06 well, I haven't heard you sing yet... so I cannot wait...
03:10 everybody... Ms. Deidre Robinson is going to
03:14 bless our souls today on Magnify Him.
03:16 Music playing...
03:24 ooooh... ooooh
03:33 music playing
03:39 some more music
03:45 more music
03:51 more music playing
04:00 The room grew still as she made her way to Jesus
04:08 She stumbles through the tears that made her blind
04:15 She felt such pain
04:19 Some spoke in anger
04:22 Heard folks whisper
04:25 "There's no place here for her kind"
04:31 Still on she came
04:34 through the shame that flushed her face
04:40 Until at last she knelt before His feet
04:46 And though she spoke no words,
04:50 everything she said was heard
04:53 As she poured her love for the Master
04:58 from her box of alabaster
05:03 I've come to pour
05:08 my praise on Him like oil
05:13 From Mary's alabaster box
05:19 Don't be angry if I wash His feet with my tears
05:28 and I dry them with my hair
05:34 You weren't there the night He found me
05:43 You did not feel what I felt
05:47 when He wrapped His love all around me
05:52 And you don't know the cost of the oil
05:57 in my alabaster box.
06:04 I can't forget the way life used to be
06:14 I was a prisoner to the sin that had me bound
06:21 I spent my days
06:26 pouring my life without measure
06:29 Into a little treasure box I thought I found
06:36 Until the day when Jesus came to me
06:44 And filled my soul with the wonder of His touch
06:52 So now I'm giving back to Him all the praise He's worthy of
06:58 I've been forgiven and that's why
07:04 I love Him so much
07:09 I've come to pour my praise on Him like oil
07:18 From Mary's alabaster box
07:25 Don't be angry if I wash His feet with my tears
07:32 And I dry them with my hair...
07:39 my hair...
07:41 You weren't there
07:44 The night Jesus found me
07:48 You did not feel what I felt
07:51 when He wrapped His loving arms
07:55 around me
07:57 And you don't know the cost of the oil
08:05 No, you don't know the cost of my praise
08:10 You don't know the cost of the oil
08:18 in my Alabaster
08:23 box...
08:31 oooh oooh oooh...
08:40 There is power in the name of Jesus
08:45 There is healing in the name of Jesus.
08:49 There is deliverance in the name of Jesus.
08:53 There is just something about that name...
08:57 Music playing
09:04 more music
09:12 There is a name
09:15 that is so precious,
09:19 A name so wonderful to me.
09:25 This name is worthy of all praises.
09:33 Because of Him,
09:36 I am made free.
09:40 That name is Jesus,
09:44 oh how I love Him.
09:47 The one who gave,
09:50 His life for me.
09:54 Because of love,
09:57 so unconditional,
10:01 I do have life,
10:04 eternally.
10:13 music playing
10:21 This name speaks peace,
10:25 unto my storm clouds,
10:28 This name speaks calm,
10:32 unto my fears.
10:35 And when I feel,
10:38 that no one loves me.
10:42 His loving presence is
10:46 so near.
10:49 That name is Jesus,
10:53 oh how I love Him.
10:56 The One who gave,
11:00 His life for me.
11:03 Because of love,
11:06 so unconditional,
11:10 I do have life,
11:13 eternally.
11:18 Praise that name!
11:25 Praise that name...
11:32 Praise that name
11:40 Praise that name!
11:47 Someday I'll leave,
11:52 this earthly dwelling,
11:56 Through time and space,
11:59 my soul will soar.
12:03 And I will finally see,
12:08 the face of my Jesus.
12:11 And praise that name,
12:14 forevermore!
12:19 That name is Jesus,
12:22 oh how I love Him!
12:26 The One who gave,
12:31 His life for me!
12:36 Because of love,
12:41 so unconditional,
12:45 I do have life,
12:48 eternally.
12:53 Ooooooh...
12:57 Matchless is that name!
13:02 Oh, glorious is that name!
13:09 Oh, wonderful is that name!
13:16 Let's all praise
13:23 that
13:25 name...
13:29 name!
13:33 Magnify the Lord the King Magnify Him
13:42 I am so excited today to have Michael Harris from Arizona
13:47 to join us here on Magnify Him
13:50 thank you so much for being with us today.
13:52 Thank you, I'm very excited to be here.
13:54 You have an awesome testimony
13:57 that we were talking about earlier in the Green Room,
13:59 would you please share that with us?
14:01 Well, you know for years I was addicted to drugs
14:04 as a young man
14:05 growing up on the South Side of Chicago
14:08 and I got to the point where I just...
14:10 got tired of hurting people, people who I loved the most.
14:12 One morning I woke up and I looked in the mirror at myself
14:15 and I saw what I had finally become
14:17 then I cried out, "Dear God, what have I done to myself?
14:20 I tried to stop using drugs so many times
14:22 on my own finite strength but I can't seem to do it
14:24 I need your divine power to come into my life. "
14:27 And you know, all of my friends had left me,
14:29 and deserted me, and I felt lost and all alone,
14:32 but there was One who never... never left me
14:34 yet when I was living in sin He was always there with me
14:39 and I've never gone to any Programs ever in my life
14:43 the moment I cried out to Him,
14:44 He began to pull me up out of the miry clay
14:46 I'd never gone to an AA Program,
14:48 I had never gone to a 12-step Program,
14:50 I took what I called the One-Step Program
14:53 with Jesus... He came into my life
14:54 and He began to give me a new life
14:57 and I'm not the man I was yesterday
14:59 but I pray that tomorrow I'm not the same as I am today
15:03 God has really blessed me.
15:05 That is incredible and it is our hope
15:07 that in a Program like this
15:09 that you'll be able to inspire someone
15:11 to be able to have the same testimony
15:13 and you have some exciting news you told me about too
15:15 you're a newlywed,
15:16 you just were recently married
15:18 that is very exciting.
15:19 Yes, yes, I married a young lady in the Hawaiian Islands
15:22 so... and her name is Lynton.
15:24 That is awesome, well you have two songs
15:26 you're going to sing for us today
15:27 you're going to sing "Your Grace and Mercy"
15:29 what's the other one? "Redeemed"
15:30 Redeemed... so... Ladies and Gentlemen...
15:32 I'm not who I once was... That is awesome...
15:34 Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael Harris.
15:37 Music playing...
15:45 more music...
15:54 some more music...
16:02 Seems like all I could see was the struggle
16:10 Haunted by ghosts
16:16 that lived in my past
16:22 Bound up and shackles
16:27 of all my failures
16:35 Wondering how long
16:39 is this gonna last
16:43 Then you look at this prisoner
16:48 and say to me, "Son, stop fighting a fight
16:53 that's all already been won"
16:59 I am redeemed,
17:04 You set me free
17:11 So I'll shake of these heavy chains
17:15 And wipe away every stain,
17:17 'cause I'm not who I used to be
17:22 I am redeemed,
17:28 I'm redeemed
17:34 All my life I've been called unworthy
17:43 Named by the voice of my
17:49 shame and regrets
17:54 But when I hear your whisper,
17:57 "Child, lift up your head"
18:01 Then I remember, oh God, You're not done with me yet
18:10 I am redeemed,
18:16 You set me free
18:22 So I'll shake off these heavy chains
18:25 And wipe away every stain,
18:28 'cause I'm not who I used to be
18:32 Because I don't have to be
18:36 that old man inside of me
18:39 his day is long dead and gone
18:43 Because I've got a new name,
18:47 a new life, I'm not the same
18:50 With a hope that will carry me home
18:55 I am redeemed,
19:00 You set me free
19:04 So I'll shake off these heavy chains
19:10 and wipe away every stain,
19:12 'cause I'm not who I used to be
19:17 I am redeemed,
19:22 You set me free
19:26 So I'll shake off these heavy chains
19:32 And wipe away every stain,
19:35 I'm not who I used to be
19:39 I said, I'm not who I used to be
19:45 Because, I'm not who I used to be
19:51 I am redeemed
19:57 I'm redeemed
20:04 Thank God I'm redeemed.
20:14 Sometimes I say to myself,
20:16 "Were it not for His grace, where would I be?"
20:19 I would probably still
20:20 be addicted to drugs and alcohol today,
20:23 but by His grace and His mercy I'm here
20:26 worshipping Him with you.
20:27 Music playing
20:34 more music
20:41 some more music
20:43 Your grace and mercy,
20:49 bought me through
20:56 I'm living this moment
21:04 because of You
21:11 I want to thank you,
21:18 and praise You too
21:25 Your grace and mercy,
21:32 brought me through
21:39 Your grace and mercy,
21:46 brought me through
21:53 I'm living this moment
21:59 because of You
22:07 I... I want to thank You Lord,
22:14 and praise You too
22:19 Your grace... Your grace and mercy,
22:28 brought me through
22:34 Thank You,
22:37 for saving
22:42 a wretched sinner like me
22:48 To tell the world that
22:53 salvation is free
22:59 There were times when
23:05 when old Michael just wouldn't do right
23:12 But grace and mercy watched
23:15 over me... over me...
23:20 Both day
23:23 Both day and night
23:26 Your grace
23:31 Your grace and mercy,
23:36 brought me through
23:41 I'm living
23:45 this very moment
23:50 because of You
23:55 I...
23:58 I want to thank You Lord,
24:02 thank You Lord,
24:06 and praise You too
24:08 Your grace
24:12 Your grace and mercy
24:17 brought me through
24:22 Justice
24:25 Justice demanded,
24:29 that we should die
24:34 But grace and mercy said
24:38 Oh no...
24:43 we've already paid the price
24:48 I was once blind,
24:52 but now I thank God I can see
24:58 'cause grace and mercy came
25:03 came along
25:08 oh... and rescued me
25:12 Does anybody know what I'm talking about here?
25:14 Your grace
25:19 Your grace and mercy
25:23 brought me through
25:28 I'm living
25:32 each and every moment
25:36 because of You
25:43 I...
25:47 I want to thank You Lord
25:50 thank You Lord
25:53 and praise You too
25:55 Your grace
25:59 Your grace and mercy
26:03 Your grace
26:06 and mercy
26:08 Your grace
26:10 Your grace and mercy...
26:14 Brought me
26:19 Brought me through
26:22 through...
26:24 Magnify Him
26:30 Wow! Lyndon... time flew by...
26:33 and I can't believe it's almost over?
26:35 Well, you know the saying,
26:37 "Time flies when you're having...
26:39 fun... " and that is absolutely correct
26:42 and our Artists today... what amazing testimonies!
26:45 You know, I was so encouraged by Mr. Michael Harris
26:48 he was willing to share that testimony
26:50 about being delivered from drugs
26:52 and a lot of people sometimes,
26:53 would be embarrassed to talk about that,
26:55 but the fact... that he is willing to share that
26:57 because we know that there's probably somebody
26:59 watching today that needs to hear that
27:02 and know that you know what?
27:03 Just keep going and stay encouraged
27:05 God can surely deliver you
27:07 and the fact that he's using his ministry in song to do that
27:10 is simply amazing!
27:11 Praise the Lord, and you know
27:12 Sister Deidre Robinson...
27:14 she has a powerful testimony as well
27:16 just leaving her... Healthcare Executive job...
27:21 to do singing full time...
27:23 we need to really keep her lifted up in prayer.
27:25 Absolutely...
27:27 that leap of faith sometimes
27:28 is what people need to do
27:30 in order to do ministries for God
27:31 and you have an opportunity to use your singing ministry
27:34 for God, here on Magnify Him.
27:37 Yeah, if you'd like to be a featured Artist on Magnify Him,
27:40 please send a copy of your work
27:41 via e-mail to yvonne. lewis@3abn. org
27:47 or you can mail submissions to Dr. Yvonne Lewis
27:51 c/o 3ABN, Post Box 220, West Frankfort, Illinois 62896.
27:57 So we have to go
27:58 but we hope that you join us again as we Magnify Him.


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