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Participants: Danita Jones (Host), Lyndon Carriger (Host), Steven Norman, Lesile & Marguerite Samuels


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00:18 Hello and welcome to Magnify Him.
00:22 I'm Danita Jones
00:24 and I'm Lyndon Carriger.
00:25 You know we're so glad that you tuned in today
00:28 Psalm 98:5 and 6 says,
00:30 "Sing unto the Lord with the harp;
00:32 with the harp, and the voice of a psalm.
00:35 With trumpets and sound of cornet
00:38 making a joyful noise before the Lord, the King. "
00:41 Wow! and Lyndon, trumpets and coronet...
00:44 I feel like that's a clue
00:46 with the kind of show that we're going to have today.
00:47 Well...
00:48 Oh, I'm already excited that we may be able to hear
00:51 some instruments and some voice in song in praise today.
00:56 Definitely, so sit back, enjoy, relax, get your praise on
01:00 as you magnify Him.
01:03 Magnify the Lord the King Magnify Him.
01:11 Everyone it is times like these that I just really enjoy
01:15 sitting in this chair here at Magnify Him.
01:18 I have a special brother in Christ today...
01:21 an anointed, talented brother in Christ
01:24 his name is Steve Norman, he plays the Saxophone
01:27 Steve, welcome to Magnify Him today.
01:30 Thank you.
01:32 How long have you been playing your instrument?
01:35 Well I've been playing on about...
01:38 going on about 23 years.
01:40 Twenty-three years... when did you start playing?
01:43 I started playing when I was 10-years old.
01:47 Ten... so I'll let people do the math of how old you are.
01:49 So, you've been playing since you were ten...
01:52 now you also told me backstage
01:54 that you're a Pastor's Kid... correct?
01:56 That's correct...
01:58 So, how does that prepare you
02:00 for doing Music Ministry now that you're older?
02:02 Well, I think it prepares a person...
02:06 and it definitely prepares me
02:10 because it puts me in the place
02:13 it put me in the place of ministering to people
02:16 at an early age,
02:18 my father would often have me play
02:21 before and after his sermons,
02:23 at the home church where he was stationed
02:27 or you know... traveling abroad
02:30 and I got to minister to a lot of people,
02:34 and that's when I got my first taste of the ministry.
02:37 Praise the Lord, you are definitely ministering
02:40 to people... I hear you have a testimony
02:42 go ahead and tell me a little bit about that.
02:46 Well, you know, I went blind at the age of 22
02:49 and I lost my kidneys two years later,
02:54 and I had to be put on dialysis
02:57 and I was put on the transplant list
03:01 to get a kidney and a pancreas,
03:06 and that came about almost five years later.
03:11 Wow! how did all of that impact
03:15 your music ministry today?
03:17 Well, I think it makes it stronger,
03:20 I think, you know the fact that
03:24 I have a determination to serve God
03:27 in whatever capacity He puts me in,
03:31 the fact that I want to praise the Lord
03:34 because I know that Jesus is the center of my joy
03:37 and I know that my soul has been anchored
03:41 and I know that Jesus... He leads us...
03:44 and, you know, I think all of that
03:48 I can't really understand it but the Lord just impacts people
03:55 when they hear my testimony and they hear me play.
03:58 What an encouraging, powerful,
04:02 story you have
04:03 listen... how can people get in touch with you
04:07 about your music ministry?
04:10 Praise God... you can get in touch with me
04:13 through my Manager who is also my wife.
04:17 Oh, that's great.
04:18 Yeah... her e-mail address is
04:22 len332@yahoo. com
04:27 And you're making this your full-time ministry
04:30 so you're wanting to go to area churches
04:33 and do concerts, correct?
04:35 Yes...
04:36 And you're also... you're putting out a CD?
04:38 Yes, I am working on a CD currently
04:41 so, yes...
04:43 Now, tell me... you're about to do
04:46 a couple of songs for us,
04:47 what are the songs that you're going to do today?
04:49 Well, the first song is, "Savior Like a Shepherd Lead us"
04:53 and the second song is,
04:55 "Jesus, You're the Center of my Joy"
04:58 Oh, those are great songs,
04:59 any reason why you chose those two?
05:01 Well, the first song... "Savior Like a Shepherd Lead us"
05:06 that song just... you know...
05:08 I'm blind... and a lot of times you think
05:12 a blind person should have
05:14 someone guiding them,
05:16 well, I think there's no better person to guide me
05:20 than the Savior.
05:22 Praise the Lord for you, Brother Steve,
05:24 you know what? I'm going to sit back here,
05:26 I'm going to relax and I'm going to enjoy
05:28 Brother Steve Norman and I pray...
05:30 you at home will... as well.
05:32 Piano playing...
05:39 more piano music...
05:47 Savior, like a shepherd lead me
05:54 Much we need Your tender care
06:00 In Your pleasant pastures feed us
06:07 For our sins, Your folds prepare
06:14 Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus
06:21 You have bought us, Yours we are
06:28 Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus
06:38 You have bought us, Yours we are
06:47 Piano playing music...
06:53 We are Yours, please befriend us
07:01 Be the Guardian of our way
07:07 Keep Your flock, from sin defend us
07:16 Seek us when we go astray
07:23 Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus
07:30 Hear, O hear us when we pray
07:38 Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus
07:48 Hear, O hear us when we pray
07:57 Hear, O hear us when we pray...
08:05 Hear, O hear us when
08:15 we pray
08:25 closing piano music.
08:29 more closing piano music
08:35 All of my real joy is centered in Jesus.
08:41 Piano playing...
08:49 Piano playing,
08:58 Jesus,
09:02 You're the center of my joy
09:08 All that's good and perfect
09:14 comes from You
09:19 You're the heart of
09:22 my contentment
09:26 Hope for all I do
09:30 Jesus, You're the center of my joy
09:39 When I've lost my direction
09:45 You're the compass for my way
09:51 You're the fire and the light
09:55 When nights are long and cold
09:59 In sadness,
10:04 You're my laughter
10:06 That shatters all my fears
10:11 When I'm all alone,
10:14 Your hand is there to hold
10:20 hold...
10:22 Jesus,
10:24 You're the center
10:26 of my joy
10:31 All that's good and perfect
10:38 comes from you
10:42 You're the heart of
10:46 my contentment
10:50 Hope for all I do
10:53 Jesus,
10:55 You're the center of my joy
11:02 You are why I find pleasure
11:07 In the simple things in life
11:13 You're the music in the meadows
11:19 and the streams
11:22 The voices of the children,
11:28 my family, and my home
11:33 You're the source and finish
11:37 of my highest dreams
11:42 Oh,
11:45 Jesus,
11:47 You are the
11:51 center of my joy
11:55 All that's perfect
11:59 comes from you
12:04 You're the heart
12:07 of my contentment
12:10 Hope for all I do
12:14 Jesus,
12:17 You're the center
12:20 Jesus,
12:22 You're the center
12:24 Jesus...
12:27 You're the center
12:30 Jesus
12:32 You are everything...
12:34 You are my hope
12:37 for tomorrow
12:40 When I'm lonely
12:42 deep inside
12:45 You're my joy
12:48 Oh Jesus
12:50 You're the center
12:55 of my help
12:58 You're my...
13:02 music...
13:06 You're my song...
13:15 You're my joy...
13:21 Oh Jesus
13:26 Jesus,
13:28 You're the center of my joy
13:36 joy...
13:39 my joy...
13:48 my joy.
13:56 Magnify the Lord the King
14:00 Magnify Him.
14:05 I am so excited to have on the Program today
14:09 a wonderful couple that have an amazing ministry
14:12 please help me welcome
14:14 Marguerite and Leslie Samuel welcome to the Program.
14:17 Thank you. Thank you very much.
14:18 I just want to get started first,
14:20 the fact that you sing, Marguerite,
14:23 and Leslie... you play...
14:24 and the fact that you all are together
14:25 but I do want to hear a little bit of how you all met
14:28 and how this started.
14:31 Well, who do you want to hear first.
14:33 Well, we can hear your version first
14:34 because I know his is probably going to be a little
14:36 bit different than yours. Mine is too long...
14:37 Well, studying at Andrews University,
14:41 about a year into it,
14:42 I saw him and I realized that he played the piano
14:46 and I said, "You know, he's pretty good
14:48 I think I want to ask him to be my accompanist"
14:50 and so I approached him and he agreed
14:52 and so, from then on, our friendship grew
14:55 and the opportunities arose and he could meet them
14:59 and we ministered together.
15:01 That is amazing and what kind of led you
15:04 to realize that this was something that could
15:07 not only help in the ministry but blossom into
15:10 a wonderful marriage that you all have?
15:12 Well, we... a few years later
15:16 we actually were in a group together
15:18 a group that she started with a friend
15:21 and I joined the Group later on
15:23 and eventually what ended up happening
15:26 was the other friend left,
15:28 and I became a Co-Director with her
15:30 and then we started spending more time together
15:32 started to get to know each other better
15:34 one thing led to another
15:36 and the next thing you know we got married.
15:38 That is amazing and how long has it been,
15:40 how long have you been married?
15:41 Eight years...
15:42 Wonderful and you were telling me before
15:45 that you have a 21-month-old...
15:47 That is correct, little Noah...
15:49 that is amazing
15:50 and so now you have this amazing ministry
15:52 you were telling me about the other group that you all started
15:55 tell me a little bit more about that
15:56 the journey...
15:58 It's called the Journey Ministries
15:59 Journey Ministries, go ahead.
16:01 Yes, it started on the campus of Andrews University
16:03 actually two seminary students had an idea
16:05 and they met up with me and another friend
16:08 who are musicians studying in Andrews University
16:11 and I said, "Let's start a group"
16:12 so my friend and I were the first Directors,
16:15 Co-Directors... and 16 of us got together
16:18 had our first concert in November 2003
16:20 and it's been going strong ever since.
16:22 That is wonderful and what is the kind of music
16:25 that you all do?
16:26 We do predominantly Spirituals
16:28 but we also do Gospel, Anthems, Hymns,
16:32 some Contemporary... here and there...
16:36 that is remarkable and, of course,
16:38 we are going to hear you sing a little later on,
16:40 and we're going to talk to you in a second about your singing
16:43 I want to know a little bit more about you playing the piano
16:45 how did that begin, what age did you start playing?
16:48 Well, I started to play around the age of 12
16:51 I started to take lessons
16:52 and I went to lessons for a little while
16:54 and I remember coming home and telling my parents
16:56 "I want to stop, I can't do this anymore"
16:59 because what was happening was
17:01 you know, you had the notes on the page
17:04 and you had to do exactly what the notes said,
17:06 and if you deviated from that,
17:07 the teacher didn't like it very much.
17:09 That is correct.
17:10 So, I stopped playing... I stopped going to lessons
17:13 but I had a piano at home so, I always loved the piano
17:15 but I just continued kind of playing around at home
17:18 and learned a few chords here and there,
17:21 and learned to play in different keys
17:22 and I've been playing since then and I love it.
17:24 And I love that you came home and told your parents,
17:27 "I don't to be in this box, I want to be able to play
17:30 what I feel" so that is great.
17:32 And you and your beautiful voice you have an amazing voice,
17:34 we were able to hear it during the Sound Check,
17:36 tell me how you got started singing.
17:38 Well, I don't remember not singing...
17:40 Wow! I think I was born singing
17:43 but the first time I remember
17:47 being on a stage
17:48 was actually when I was in elementary school
17:50 maybe, somewhere between first and third grade
17:53 and I was asked to sing for Christmas presentation
17:56 and my parents helped me memorize the carol,
18:00 "Away in a Manger" Oh...
18:02 I got up there, my mom made me a nice dress
18:04 and I forgot the words,
18:06 and the whole audience began to sing with me
18:09 it was exciting, scary, and a great experience overall.
18:13 But that gave you an amazing start
18:15 and I want to hear a little bit about some of the songs
18:17 that you're going to be doing for us today
18:19 what is the first song that you're going to do for us?
18:21 The first song is called, "Naaman"
18:23 Yes! and I love the song
18:25 this song is dear to me because I know what it feels like
18:28 to experience a sickness
18:31 that you don't know why you're having it
18:33 and if it will ever be cured
18:35 so I believe in the power of God and He's done that in my life.
18:38 And that is a great song by the great songwriter,
18:41 Eleanor Wright... one of my favorites
18:43 and what is the second song that you're going to be doing?
18:46 The second song is a hymn, "Take My Life and Let It Be"
18:48 Hmmm... hmmm... Yes...
18:50 and that is good
18:51 you know a lot of times we find in our churches
18:53 that we're losing some of these hymns
18:54 so I'm glad that you're carrying on that ministry.
18:56 It is wonderful talking to the two of you
18:58 and I just want to encourage people
19:01 to continue to pray for this ministry
19:03 and all of the things that you all are doing
19:05 in your life and especially for your marriage
19:08 and your son because you all have
19:09 an awesome thing here
19:11 and now without further ado you all sit back and enjoy
19:14 Ms. Marguerite and Leslie Samuel
19:17 as they sing and play for you today.
19:18 Piano playing...
19:26 Piano playing some more
19:32 Naaman the Leper went down into the Jordan seven times,
19:40 he came up shoutin',
19:42 oh Lord, I see the change
19:45 Naaman the leper went down
19:49 into the Jordan seven times
19:53 he came up shoutin',
19:55 Oh Lord, I see the change
19:59 Well, if you don't know what a leper is
20:03 I want you to lend an ear
20:06 Open the pages of your mind
20:09 and I'll paint a picture there
20:12 See, there were sores on Naaman's body,
20:16 spreading from limb to limb
20:19 He'd seen many a doctor,
20:22 there was no hope for him
20:26 Till one day a little servant girl said,
20:30 "Master, good news!
20:32 I know somebody,
20:34 who knows somebody,
20:36 who knows what to do for you. "
20:39 So, she sent him to the prophet,
20:42 Naaman couldn't believe his ears
20:45 When the prophet told Naaman
20:47 to dip in the water
20:49 way down there
20:51 Naaman, the leper went down
20:55 into the Jordan seven times
20:58 he came up shoutin',
21:00 Oh, Lord, I see my change
21:05 Well he went on down in the water,
21:09 one time and then again
21:12 He began to wonder as he looked down at his hands
21:17 See there were plenty of rivers in his homeland,
21:21 where the waters ran crystal clear
21:25 And he wondered why the prophet
21:28 had to send him way down there
21:31 so he went on down for the fourth time,
21:35 and he started to go back home
21:38 When a voice called out to him,
21:41 "Naaman! Hold on!
21:44 There's no power in the water,
21:48 none in the muddy stream
21:51 You see the power
21:52 it comes from doing what God says!"
21:57 Naaman the leper went down
22:00 into the Jordan seven times,
22:03 And he came up shoutin',
22:07 Oh Lord, I see my change
22:10 So, he went on down for the fifth time,
22:14 body still covered with sores
22:17 Seemed the muddy Jordan
22:20 made his pain a whole lot more
22:23 Six times in the Jordan,
22:27 six times... no change...
22:30 Six times and then he looked and said
22:34 Six times no change
22:37 Well, I know he must have thought somehow
22:40 way back in his mind
22:44 He'd be free from the dread disease
22:47 without dippin' seven times
22:50 Well, I know he must have doubted
22:53 God's promises to be true
22:56 But, Naaman had to learn that when God said, "Seven"
23:01 six won't do
23:03 Naaman, the leper went down
23:06 into the Jordan seven times,
23:09 he came up shoutin', Oh Lord I see my change
23:16 Naaman the leper went down
23:19 into the Jordan seven times
23:22 he came up shoutin', Oh Lord,
23:26 He came up shoutin'
23:28 Hallelujah! He came up shoutin',
23:32 he came up shoutin',
23:34 oh Lord
23:36 He came up shoutin',
23:37 oh Lord
23:42 I see...
23:48 the change!
23:55 shoutin', oh Lord
23:58 I see the change!
24:02 Piano playing...
24:08 More piano playing...
24:13 I just want the Lord to use me anyway He can.
24:17 Piano playing...
24:24 More Piano playing...
24:32 Take my life
24:37 and let it be
24:42 Consecrated, Lord, to Thee
24:51 Take my hands
24:54 and let them move
24:58 At the impulse of Thy love,
25:06 At the impulse of Thy love.
25:15 Take my feet
25:19 and let them be
25:22 Swift and beautiful for Thee.
25:31 Take my voice
25:34 and I will sing,
25:38 Ever only for my King
25:46 Ever only for my King.
25:54 Take my love,
25:58 my Lord, I pour
26:01 At Thy feet its treasure store.
26:08 Take myself and I will be
26:16 Ever, only,
26:20 for my King
26:24 Ever only
26:28 for my
26:34 King.
26:44 Magnify Him
26:50 What a wonderful Program what a blessing!
26:53 and those testimonies Yeah...
26:55 Steven's testimony...
26:57 Yeah, I can't believe the things he's had to go through
27:00 and the fact that he still gives every ounce of his life to God
27:04 I mean, what a testimony! what an encouraging testimony
27:07 Absolutely...
27:09 I wanted to throw in there though
27:10 that he brought a Piano Player with him
27:12 his Pianist and his name is Terrence Brown
27:15 he wanted me to tell you that you can listen to his music
27:19 at terrencetracks. com
27:21 And he and Steven have such a remarkable ministry
27:23 and the fact that they are willing to continue
27:26 to share that... is amazing
27:27 Yeah...
27:28 Marguerite and Leslie Samuel
27:31 they have a special place in my heart
27:33 you know, my parents actually ministered through music
27:36 in their marriage and I love to see
27:38 married couples who come together in Christ
27:41 and then continue to want to minister to people
27:44 in music that is a great thing.
27:46 It certainly is...
27:47 So, we're going to continue to lift their marriage up
27:50 and their ministry up
27:51 and of course their little one in prayer.
27:52 You know, if you want to be on our show here,
27:56 you can send your submissions to yvonne. lewis@3abn. org
28:01 or you can mail your submissions to Dr. Yvonne Lewis
28:06 c/o 3ABN, Post Box 220, West Frankfort, Illinois 62896
28:11 Join us again as we Magnify Him.


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