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Participants: Danita Jones (Host), Lyndon Carriger (Host), Sanders Family, Cleveland Hobdy


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him.
00:19 Hello and welcome to "Magnify Him."
00:22 I am Danita Jones. And my name is Lyndon Carriger.
00:25 Psalms 98:1 says,
00:27 "O sing unto the Lord a new song,
00:29 for He has done marvelous things."
00:32 And we have some artists today
00:34 that are coming to sing a new song
00:37 and I'm so excited Lyndon, I think I may sing something.
00:40 Wait a minute now, I told before,
00:43 you're the host of the show not a featured artist.
00:46 That may be true but you know what,
00:47 God has been so good to us
00:49 that sometimes it just makes you want to sing.
00:51 He has been good, hasn't He? Yes, absolutely.
00:53 Well, we're gonna go ahead and listen to these artists.
00:56 So sit back and relax as we magnify Him.
01:02 Magnify the Lord with me
01:05 Magnify Him.
01:10 I am so excited about this next group
01:13 that you're going to meet on our program.
01:15 You know, I'm a believer
01:16 that some of the greatest harmonies can from family.
01:20 And you're about to meet a fantastic family,
01:22 not just one two three or four by we have seven members
01:25 of the great Sanders Family here.
01:27 Welcome Sanders Family to our program.
01:29 Thank you.
01:31 Let's hear some names and ages
01:32 because we got a lot of kids here,
01:34 but tell me your name.
01:35 Cameron and I'm 11.
01:37 I'm Jeanne, I'm 18.
01:39 I'm Dad and I'm 25.
01:43 I'm Stephanie, I'm mom.
01:44 I'm Deon and I'm 17.
01:46 I'm Janice and I'm 18.
01:47 Hi, I'm Elijah and I'm 15.
01:49 Wow, we have a guitar
01:50 that we're gonna be able to hear little later.
01:52 Now, first I want to hear you were talking with me earlier
01:54 before the recording started
01:56 that you all are a blended family.
01:57 I would love to hear little bit more about
01:59 how you all came together
02:00 and how we added all this greatness together.
02:04 Well, I was a student at Southern
02:06 and my husband was a guest singer at Orchid Park,
02:09 where we are members and he fell in love.
02:11 We were married and we've been married for 13 years.
02:14 That is wonderful
02:15 and we have this great family that came together.
02:17 Now what point did you realize, "Hey, we have something here.
02:20 We could actually start singing together."
02:22 How did that come about?
02:23 Well, always being that my family--
02:26 being raised in a family that was a musical family.
02:29 Music, singing, writing was just something we always did.
02:32 Once my wife and I got married,
02:34 she had two little girls, I had two little boys,
02:36 we got married and I thought,
02:37 I m starting to listening to these kids sing,
02:38 we'd have family worship.
02:40 So I would teach them parts in family worship
02:41 and I thought, man, these kids,
02:42 we could actually, you know, use them as a group
02:44 and it just started from family worship.
02:46 Singing at family worship.
02:48 That is amazing and I know you all do a lot of traveling.
02:50 Where're some of the places
02:51 that you were able to take your family
02:53 and that here or around the world
02:54 or in the United States?
02:56 Let's see, all over the country.
02:59 California, Oregon, Michigan, Washington, Illinois,
03:04 South Caroline, North Caroline, Virginia, Ohio, Mississippi,
03:09 Alabama, Georgia, all over, all over.
03:10 And that seems like a great thing
03:12 to able to expose everybody to that kind of traveling.
03:14 I want to hear from one of the kids now.
03:15 What's it like to be in a family
03:18 that sings as amazingly as you all do?
03:21 Well, it's actually really good.
03:23 Its good way to teach us to focus
03:25 and how to pay attention and how to--
03:29 you have to practice a lot, so it teaches us how,
03:33 I guess to-- I guess practice makes perfect
03:37 and that's a good thing and also in our studies.
03:39 It helps us to be stabilized and grow and it's really cool.
03:43 That's awesome.
03:45 Now who does most of the arranging
03:46 in a lot of the songs or the writing that you all do?
03:48 Dad.
03:50 You do, dad does. That is awesome.
03:51 Twenty five-year-old dad
03:52 does most of the arranging, that's right.
03:54 And how does that go about?
03:56 Do you just hear it your head at first and you say,
03:58 my family can do this that something
04:00 that comes to you in your head?
04:02 Well, when it comes to arranging
04:04 other peoples' songs
04:05 it happens like I'll hear and say,
04:07 "Man, I bet that song will sound good but this song,
04:08 then he has this piece," so I just it add it and say,
04:10 "hey guys, listen to this."
04:12 And my sons will pick it up and they'll play it
04:13 and they were like, "oh, good sounds,"
04:14 and we just take off and sing it.
04:16 But when it comes to original songs
04:17 that comes more from my personal...
04:20 relationship with Jesus Christ.
04:22 As I'm spending time with God its like,
04:24 almost like He reveals to me certain things and I'm like,
04:26 "I want to say this, but how can I say this?
04:27 What is the best way to say this?"
04:29 And I think, you know what, I'm gonna put this in a song.
04:31 And I'll start up with the chores
04:32 and, you know, I will say well, how will the song to go,
04:34 then I'll start with the verses and all the other stuff comes
04:35 and teach everyone the parts and we're gone.
04:38 Well, I am gonna head back to my seat.
04:40 I can't wait to hear you all and Deon, Elijah, you go ahead
04:42 and take your spaces and while I'm going
04:44 please tell our wonderful audience
04:46 about the song your going to sing.
04:48 The song that we're gonna sing is a worship medley
04:50 and we just hope and pray that you're blessed
04:52 by these wonderful words.
05:11 I'm forgiven
05:13 Because you were forsaken
05:18 And I'm accepted
05:22 You were condemned
05:26 I'm alive and well
05:28 Because your spirit is within me
05:32 Because You died
05:35 And rose again
05:41 Amazing love
05:44 How can it be?
05:48 That You, my King
05:50 Would die for me
05:56 Amazing love,
05:59 I know it's true
06:03 And it's my joy to honor You
06:09 In all I do
06:13 I'll honor You
06:20 Draw to close to You
06:27 And never let me go
06:34 I lay it all down again
06:42 To hear you say That I am Your friend
06:49 Help me find a way
06:53 To bring me back to You
06:59 And You're all
07:02 I want
07:07 An You're all
07:09 I've ever needed
07:14 And you're all
07:16 I want
07:21 Help me know You are near
07:26 Oh
07:29 You came from heaven to earth
07:33 To show the way
07:36 And from earth to the cross
07:40 My debt to pay
07:44 And from the cross to the grave
07:47 And from the grave to the sky
07:51 Lord, I live to get more life
07:56 May God
07:58 Keep me lifted up
08:03 May God
08:05 keep me lifted up
08:10 May God
08:12 keep me lifted up
08:17 Hosanna
08:24 May God
08:26 Keep me lifted up
08:31 May God
08:33 Keep me lifted up
08:38 May God
08:40 Keep me lifted up
08:46 Hosanna
08:52 He will always
08:55 Be my grace
08:58 Amazing love
08:59 God will perfect
09:01 What He's promised
09:06 And sooner or later
09:10 iit will turn in my name
09:13 Oh
09:19 It's turning around
09:24 For me
09:36 It's turning around
09:41 For me
09:52 By the grace of God, I hope it's your desire
09:55 to see Jesus Christ face to face when He comes.
10:07 I wish I was there to
10:12 See we the lightening to add up
10:16 A smile that opened His eyes
10:22 Or to been there to see
10:27 You promised Abraham
10:30 That he would be like the stars
10:34 In the sky
10:37 But of all the things
10:41 In this life that I like to see
10:45 None can't compare To Your great majesty
10:50 I want to Jesus
10:53 Sweet Lamb of God
10:55 Redeemer of men
10:57 Who purchase my pardon
11:01 The giver of life
11:02 Forgiver of my sins
11:04 To see Jesus
11:08 The one who has given me Peace within
11:12 So later in the grave When You come on that day
11:16 I pray that all of my life
11:18 Will crave seeing up you Jesus
11:28 I wish I was there to
11:33 See You walk on water
11:36 Or give sight to the blind
11:43 Or to have been there To see You
11:47 Raise Jairus daughter
11:51 Or to water to wine
11:58 But of all the things
12:01 In this life that I like to see
12:05 None can't compare to When You come back for me
12:10 I want to Jesus
12:14 Sweet Lamb of God
12:15 Redeemer of men
12:17 Who purchase my pardon
12:21 The giver of live Forgiver of my sins
12:25 To see Jesus
12:28 The one who has given me Peace within
12:32 So later in the grave when you come on that day
12:36 I pray that all of my life Will crave
12:40 So later in the grave When you come on that day
12:44 I pray that all of my life Will crave
12:47 So later in the grave When you come on that day
12:51 I pray that all of my life Will crave
12:56 Halleluiah
13:03 Halleluiah
13:10 Halleluiah
13:18 Halleluiah
13:25 Halleluiah
13:32 Halleluiah.
13:54 Magnify the Lord with me
13:57 Magnify Him.
14:02 God is so good
14:03 because not only do I have a singer next to me,
14:06 a musician, I have a man of God,
14:09 a preacher of the word. He is Pastor Cleveland Hobdy
14:13 from the South Central Conference.
14:15 I'm so glad to have to today on "Magnify Him."
14:17 Thank you so much, Lyndon. It's an honor to be here.
14:19 What a blessing this is. Praise the Lord.
14:21 You know, I want to ask you, of course about your preaching
14:26 but I want to first get into your music.
14:28 When did you first recognize
14:30 that you had a gift in the music ministry?
14:33 Well, it started years ago.
14:35 My dad was a band director and I did instruments,
14:38 I stated playing instruments
14:40 from the time I was a little child.
14:41 Grew up and I was not in the church
14:43 and so I got into high school,
14:45 I started to doing the 70's jazz and R&B.
14:47 And I was even once in a band called "Satan's Touch."
14:50 Oh, wow.
14:52 Well, I was not intended to be a Satan worshipper
14:54 by they say that God has mercy on babies and fools.
14:57 I was the fools' part because it was just a tough name.
15:00 But we did clubs and we did concerts
15:03 and it was just-- and then I accepted Christ
15:05 and I transferred into the church
15:07 and I realize I couldn't do that music in the church.
15:08 Oh, absolutely.
15:10 And so I wanted to-- I know, I want to
15:11 but I want to express my love to God in music
15:13 because it was in my spirit and I just tried to sing.
15:16 I never sang before and I was 20 years old.
15:19 So what was the best piece of advice that was given to you
15:23 to make you kind of change or?
15:26 Well, my dad was, first of all
15:28 he hated the fact that I was doing.
15:29 He didn't want to give up my music but the word was,
15:31 "son, try something else.
15:32 God will honor what You give to Him.
15:34 If it's in you it will come out,
15:36 but play with what you're playing.
15:38 Because the devil will you back out from once you've come."
15:41 Right.
15:42 Now, I also mentioned that you're a pastor.
15:44 So talk to me a little bit about your calling.
15:48 Well, the Lord placed unusual call,
15:50 it is an urban city call
15:52 and it is a long story that I won't get into
15:53 but the Lord confirmed it and I was in a big crusade
15:57 and we baptized a lot of people.
15:59 I was volunteering, I was an accounting major.
16:01 Had no plans to be a preacher
16:02 but the Lord laid that thing on me and before I know it,
16:05 25 years of ministry have gone by.
16:08 And I've loved every moment.
16:09 I'm still as on fire for Jesus today
16:12 as I was when I first got started.
16:14 Glory the God.
16:16 You know, I have heard you sing before,
16:19 so I know that you're on fire.
16:20 Just with your music I've heard you preach.
16:22 He brings the word every Sabbath.
16:24 I mean, you have to listen to this,
16:26 preacher, this man of God.
16:28 I also know that you have a lot of stories.
16:32 Would you mind maybe sharing a story with us
16:34 about how God has used you with you're ministry?
16:37 Yes, well, something recently, I was at a store upgrading
16:40 my son's cell phone and I meet people all the time,
16:43 all walks of life, rich, poor and I'm walking this guy
16:48 calls me out and I'm tried, I'm exhausted.
16:51 I've had a long day, long travels
16:54 and I don't feel like being panhandled.
16:56 Now just saying, "Lord, he's a panhandler.
16:58 Help me, Lord."
17:00 And he calls my name, he says, Pastor Hobdy.
17:01 And I say oh, he knows me.
17:03 So I turned around and this story
17:05 is really what inspired the song
17:07 "People Need the Lord."
17:08 Inspired me to choose to sing that song
17:10 and I turned to see his face and I recognized his face
17:12 but I couldn't place him.
17:14 And he walked up to me and I waited for him
17:16 to ask me for something and he says,
17:19 "I just wanted to tell you, thank you so much
17:22 for praying for me last year."
17:24 He said, "You have no idea what god did with that prayer."
17:28 He said, "Things aren't perfect,
17:30 but things are not like they used to be
17:32 and I'm not perfect but I'm getting there."
17:34 He said, "I have my own business."
17:36 Yeah, well, Pastor Hobdy, praise the Lord for you,
17:39 you're doing two songs and right now we're gonna
17:43 listen to him sing on "Magnify Him."
17:52 God is able
17:59 God is able
18:04 God is able and
18:08 He won't fail
18:14 God is able,
18:21 God is able,
18:27 God is able, and
18:31 He won't fail
18:39 Tell me who can make a mountain
18:45 Move out of my way
18:50 Who can make a miracle
18:53 Because of my faith
18:58 And when the doctor says no
19:01 Who can still say yes
19:06 When I'm in trouble Who's right there
19:10 to help me pass every test
19:14 God is able,
19:23 God is able and
19:28 He won't fail
19:33 Tell me who can make a river
19:36 Out of a little stream
19:41 Who can tell the clouds To roll back
19:44 so that the sun can look at me
19:50 who can tell the wind to
19:53 Whistle through the trees
19:56 when I'm in trouble who is the same God
20:00 That will come down and rescue me
20:05 God is able,
20:11 God is able God is able
20:18 and He won't fail
20:22 He won't fail
20:30 He won't fail
20:37 Don't you dare give up
20:39 Don't you dare give him my god won't fail
20:48 God is able, God is able
20:55 God is able and
20:59 He won't
21:07 He won't
21:11 He won't fail No, He won't
21:19 He won't fail
21:24 He'll never leave you He'll never forsake you
21:31 No, He won't
21:36 He'll be right there till the end
21:44 He'll be till the end
21:50 Because He won't fail
22:04 He opened our eyes to see
22:06 the people of the world today
22:08 we can say how much they really need to the Lord.
22:16 Everyday they pass me by
22:23 I can see it in their eye
22:29 Empty people filled with care
22:35 Headed who knows where?
22:41 On they go through private pain
22:48 Living fear to fear
22:54 Laughter hides their silent cries
23:01 Only Jesus hears
23:08 People need the Lord,
23:14 people need the Lord
23:21 At the end of broken dreams,
23:28 He's the open door
23:35 People need the Lord,
23:41 people need the Lord
23:48 When will we realize
23:54 that people need the Lord?
24:11 We are called to take His light
24:18 To a world where wrong seems right
24:24 And What would be too great a cost
24:30 For sharing life with one who's lost?
24:37 With His love our hearts can feel
24:43 All the grief they bear
24:50 They must hear the words of life
24:56 Only wecan share
25:04 People need the Lord,
25:10 people need the Lord
25:17 At the end of broken dreams,
25:23 He's the open door
25:30 People need the Lord,
25:36 people need the Lord
25:43 When will we realize
25:49 that we must give our lives
25:54 For people need
26:03 The Lord The Lord
26:10 People need
26:19 the Lord
26:27 People need
26:30 People need the Lord
26:45 Magnify the Lord with me
26:47 Magnify Him Lord,
26:53 I'm available to You. Danita.
27:01 My will I give to you Danita.
27:05 Yeah, don't interrupt.
27:06 I'll do what you say do use me Lord
27:11 Danita? Yes.
27:13 What are you doing?
27:14 I'm singing praises to God because He has been good.
27:17 To show someone the way and enable me to say
27:23 I guess I can join you.
27:26 My storage is empty
27:31 and I am available to You
27:39 We had so much fun today, didn't we?
27:41 We always have fun here on Magnify Him.
27:43 Absolutely. And if you would like to
27:45 be on our program
27:46 then we have an amazing way that you can send
27:48 in your submission so you can appear
27:50 on our show. Yeah, you just go to
27:57 And please send in your submissions
27:59 and in the mean time join us next time
28:01 as we magnify Him.


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