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Participants: Danita Jones (Host), Lyndon Carriger (Host), Princess Brooks, Victor Rodriguez


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him.
00:19 Hello and welcome to Magnify Him,
00:22 I'm Danita Jones. And I'm Lyndon Carriger.
00:25 You are going to receive a special blessing today
00:28 on Magnify Him.
00:29 Absolutely.
00:31 Today we have two amazing artists.
00:32 We are going to hear a little instrument,
00:35 and then we're going to hear a little song
00:37 so we are truly excited about what we are going to see today.
00:40 Yeah, so if you are at home, or if you are online,
00:43 or if you are on your cellphone,
00:44 we want you to just sit back,
00:46 relax and praise God with us as we Magnify Him.
00:51 Magnify the Lord with me
00:54 Magnify Him.
00:59 Here on Magnify Him, we like to share the gospel
01:03 of the good news of Jesus Christ in song.
01:06 And today, I have Miss Princess Brooks with me.
01:09 Mrs. Princess Brooks,
01:11 'cause your husband is backstage
01:12 and he'll probably kill me if I just say miss.
01:16 Welcome to Magnify Him today. Thank you.
01:18 Glad to be here,
01:20 this is an honor and a privilege.
01:21 I'm just blessed, truly blessed.
01:23 It's our honor to have you here
01:25 and I have heard you sing before
01:27 because once again,
01:28 she's another one of my praise team members,
01:29 so I'm really glad to have you here
01:32 and you are actually going solo.
01:34 You have been solo actually for a while
01:36 but you are about to put out a CD, I hear.
01:38 Yes. It'll be coming out soon.
01:40 Hopefully we'll have everything ready,
01:41 and get ready to go by November.
01:43 Okay, now if you could let people know,
01:46 what is your style or genre?
01:49 Pretty much gospel.
01:51 I can do some contemporary for like weddings
01:54 and stuff like that but basically gospel.
01:56 I want to preach and sing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
01:59 Yeah. That's it.
02:01 Yeah, and that's what it's all about.
02:02 Yes.
02:04 How did you get started in music?
02:05 I got started with my mother.
02:07 My mother would gather all nine of her children
02:10 and have family worship.
02:12 Me as a young child, I hated coming to worship.
02:14 However, I knew at my age now,
02:18 that was the best thing she could have ever done,
02:20 because it's just amazing.
02:22 Wow, and you have children of your own?
02:24 I do.
02:26 And so I'm sure you have incorporated that
02:27 with your children as well.
02:29 I have. Now, your whole family sings.
02:33 So what is it like growing up in a family with singers?
02:38 You know, it is truly awesome because we can get together
02:41 and start singing and when they hear a part
02:44 that's not being sung, somebody can just slide in there
02:47 and start singing that part
02:48 and it's just beautiful, beautiful.
02:51 So you guys sing together a lot?
02:52 Oh, yeah.
02:54 Family worship, we still have family worship.
02:55 Believe it or not, we still have family worship.
02:57 Oh, praise the Lord.
02:58 Well, with you guys singing together,
03:00 what confirmed your ministry in order to go solo?
03:04 Well, I mean, I was just led to do it.
03:08 You know, I have sung with groups
03:10 and choirs all my life, but the Lord is just like,
03:13 you know, you need to step out on your own
03:15 and be a witness for me.
03:17 And move on, it's just time to move on.
03:19 Okay, well tell me
03:21 just a little bit more about yourself.
03:22 What do you do professionally?
03:24 I'm a Production Supervisor.
03:25 Okay, and you also said you have a family
03:29 so do you want to give them a shout-out today?
03:31 Yes, I have a daughter, Princess Britney.
03:33 Uh-huh. I named her after me.
03:35 And my son Brandon, and my husband Freddie.
03:37 And my in-laws, they are just wonderful people.
03:39 So it's just a beautiful family, beautiful family.
03:41 Awesome.
03:43 What songs are you going to do today?
03:45 What sin and Jesus Paid It All.
03:49 Why did you choose those two songs by chance?
03:52 What Sin just helps me to remember the things
03:56 that I used to do and how when I confess my sins to Jesus,
04:00 He forgave me for my sins.
04:02 And when I bring them up, He's like, what sin, what sin?
04:06 And then you'd remember that Jesus paid it all.
04:09 All to Him I owe, all to Him I owe.
04:12 Wow, it is so good that God gives us a second chance
04:16 and you know...
04:20 with what we do as music ministers,
04:23 just to sing the good news to people,
04:25 I mean, I know it gives you a good feeling,
04:27 it gives me a good feeling.
04:30 What-- Describe that feeling if you can
04:33 of when you are through ministering the people
04:35 and you see that their souls have been touched.
04:38 It is amazing, because you know it's only God
04:43 that can only reach them through that music,
04:45 it's not me, only God.
04:47 If I'm trying to take the credit, then I have lost
04:49 all credibility of trying to witness for Christ.
04:53 So it's all about God.
04:54 You are absolutely right.
04:56 Real quick, where can people reach you?
04:57 They can reach me on Facebook, Princess L. Brooks.
05:00 Princess L. Brooks.
05:01 Everybody, I am just so happy, I'm so excited
05:06 to welcome Miss Princess Brooks
05:08 as she sings for us on Magnify Him.
05:10 Thank you.
05:37 It happened so long ago
05:41 I cried out for mercy back then
05:45 I plead the blood of Jesus
05:49 Begged him to forgive my sins
05:53 But I just can't forget it
05:56 It just won't go away
05:59 So I wept again,
06:01 Lord wash my sin
06:03 But this is what He'd say
06:11 What sin?
06:14 What sin?
06:16 Well that's as far away
06:18 As the east is from the west
06:26 What sin?
06:29 What sin?
06:31 It was gone
06:33 The very minute you confessed
06:40 Buried in the sea
06:44 Of forgetfulness
06:53 The heaviest thing you'll carry
06:56 Is the load of guilt and shame
07:00 You were never meant To bear them
07:03 So let them go in Jesus name
07:08 Our God is slow to anger
07:11 And quick to forgive our sins
07:15 So let Him put them Under the blood
07:18 Don't bring them up again
07:23 Cause He'll just say
07:26 What sin?
07:29 What sin?
07:31 Well that's as far away
07:33 As the east is from the west
07:41 What sin?
07:44 What sin?
07:46 It was gone
07:48 The very minute you confessed
07:55 Buried in the sea
07:59 Of forgetfulness
08:15 Lord, please deliver me
08:20 From my accusing memory
08:24 Nothing makes me weak this way
08:27 Than when I hear you say
08:33 What sin?
08:37 What sin?
08:39 Well that's as far away
08:41 As the east is from the west
08:48 What sin?
08:52 What sin?
08:54 It was gone
08:56 The very minute you confessed
09:02 Buried in the sea
09:08 Of forgetfulness.
09:38 The cost Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe.
09:46 I hear
09:49 The Savior say
09:54 Thy strength
09:57 Indeed is small
10:01 Child of weakness
10:05 Watch and pray
10:09 Find in Me
10:13 Thine all in all
10:18 Jesus
10:21 Paid it all
10:26 All to Him
10:30 I owe
10:34 Sin had left a crimson stain
10:40 He washed it
10:44 White as snow
10:54 For nothing good have I
11:00 Whereby
11:03 Thy grace to claim
11:07 I'll wash
11:11 My garments white
11:15 In the blood
11:19 Of Calv'ry's Lamb
11:24 Jesus
11:27 Paid it all
11:32 All to Him
11:36 I owe
11:40 Sin had left a crimson stain
11:47 He washed it
11:50 White as snow
12:10 And when
12:16 Before the throne
12:20 I stand
12:24 In Him complete
12:27 Jesus died
12:31 My soul to save
12:36 My lips
12:41 Shall still repeat
12:47 Jesus
12:49 Paid it all
12:54 All to Him
12:57 I owe
13:02 Sin had left a crimson stain
13:08 He washed it
13:12 white as snow
13:15 He washed it
13:20 white as snow
13:32 White as snow.
13:43 Magnify the Lord with me
13:46 Magnify Him.
13:50 I'm so excited today because we have on our program
13:54 a magnificent saxophone player, Mr. Victor Rodriguez.
13:58 Welcome to the program, Victor.
13:59 Hi, how are you doing?
14:01 Now, we were talking earlier, you and I and I thought
14:03 that you had one of the most amazing testimonies
14:06 that a lot of people actually don't get to talk about it
14:09 how they were brought into this world
14:10 and you were telling me the amazing story behind
14:14 why it is such a great thing
14:16 you are actually still here with us.
14:17 Tell us a little a bit about that?
14:20 Well, as I am told, by my mom,
14:23 I actually, you know, shouldn't be here.
14:25 I am supposed to be and I am a miracle baby.
14:30 As it turned out, you know, I was born on the 9th of August
14:34 and...
14:36 of course, you know, being the first baby,
14:39 I was a big deal, you know, for my parents
14:43 and when I am told as the day after I was born,
14:48 an accident happened.
14:50 I think I was dropped or something.
14:53 And you know, my mom,
14:54 they didn't know about it until later.
14:57 And it was a big emergency and I had all this swelling.
15:00 I still have scars on my wrist from all of the...
15:06 blood that I was, you know, that I was given
15:09 and from what I am told, I was like really swollen
15:13 and I was basically--
15:16 The main principal doctor on my case,
15:19 you know, told my parents that they should call a priest
15:22 and, you know, to read last rites because he didn't think,
15:26 you know, he was going to make it.
15:28 And...
15:30 you know, my father being a man of faith
15:32 that he was, he's passed.
15:37 But...
15:39 he said, "No we don't need to call the priest."
15:43 And...
15:45 my parents and my father,
15:48 there were three churches in New York praying for me,
15:53 for God to deliver me and my father,
15:57 you know, promised that if I was spared,
16:00 you know, I would be dedicated and he would serve God
16:04 and all of this,
16:06 and...
16:09 and God spared my life.
16:11 You know, after a few days,
16:12 and three whole churches in New York praying for me.
16:17 God spared my life and eversince then I think
16:21 the devil has had that like a special thing
16:23 to try and frustrate whatever God's purposes are for me,
16:30 but I thank God that he spared my life.
16:33 I know He's got a purpose for me,
16:35 because I've been through so many things
16:39 and been to so many places that,
16:43 you know, today I praise God,
16:45 you know, that I'm still standing.
16:46 That is an amazing story and clearly like you said
16:49 God has a purpose for you.
16:51 Now I want to touch a little bit on
16:53 how you got started playing the saxophone.
16:54 I think that is an amazing story
16:57 about how you got your parents to know
16:59 that that was the instrument that you wanted to play.
17:01 Right.
17:03 Yeah, I remember we were driving,
17:06 who knows where
17:07 and you know, I was in the backseat
17:10 and I remember my father, you know, looking back,
17:14 you know, and asking me
17:16 "So son, so what instrument do you want to play?"
17:20 And...
17:23 I didn't even know the name of the instrument,
17:26 I just kind of seen it and I was like,
17:30 "Well, I like to play the one that goes like this."
17:35 Oh my goodness.
17:37 And I just kind of drew it out in the air.
17:41 I didn't even know the name of it
17:42 and there my dad was like, "Ah, it's saxophone."
17:46 "You want to play the saxophone."
17:47 "Oh, you want to play the saxophone."
17:48 That is a great story.
17:50 I am so excited you are here to play for us today
17:53 and we cannot wait to hear your ministry.
17:55 We know that is a gift so I want everyone
17:57 of our audience members to sit back
17:59 and get ready for Victor Rodriguez.
22:42 Today is the Day of Salvation...
22:45 do not wait until tomorrow.
26:34 Magnify Him.
26:38 These artists really ministered to my soul.
26:41 Absolutely.
26:42 And I pray that you received a blessing as well today.
26:46 Absolutely.
26:47 First of all, Victor with that amazing saxophone,
26:51 and just to hear the story that he had about
26:53 how he learned how to play.
26:54 Kudos to his parents for even knowing the instrument
26:58 that he was talking about.
26:59 Absolutely.
27:00 And speaking of parents, kudos to Princess' mother,
27:03 that's how she got started singing.
27:04 Her whole family sings.
27:06 I'm telling you, don't sleep on my praise team now,
27:09 all of them can sing.
27:11 That's absolutely right.
27:12 You know, you have thing here with your praise team members
27:14 coming and singing for us
27:15 and we are so blessed for that to happen.
27:18 And we want you all out there to be blessed.
27:20 And if anybody out there has a ministry
27:23 that they would like to share
27:25 with Dare to Dream or here on Magnify Him,
27:27 we ask that you send in your submissions
27:30 so that may be you can appear on our show.
27:32 Absolutely and you can send them
27:33 to,
27:37 or you can mail submissions to Dr. Yvonne Lewis,
27:41 care of 3ABN, P Box 220,
27:46 West Frankfort, Illinois 62896.
27:50 That is awesome and you come on the show
27:52 and you join us and maybe you will be able to help us
27:55 share your glorious ministry with our audience.
27:57 Hey, Danita, they can meet you.
27:59 And you too. Yeah.
28:00 That is great and you can
28:02 join us again as we Magnify Him.


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