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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:28 Said the night wind to the little lamb
00:35 Do you see what I see Do you see what I see
00:40 Way up in the sky, little lamb
00:45 Do you see what I see Do you see what I see
00:50 A star, a star, dancing in the night
00:55 With a tail as big as a kite
01:00 With a tail as big as a kite
01:13 Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy
01:18 Do you hear what I hear? Do you hear what I hear?
01:24 Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy
01:29 Do you hear what I hear? Do you hear what I hear?
01:34 A song, a song, high above the trees
01:39 With a voice as big as the sea
01:44 With a voice as big as the sea
01:52 A Child, a Child, sleeping in the night
01:57 Let us bring him goodness and light
02:06 He will bring us goodness and light
02:15 He will bring us
02:19 Goodness and light
02:35 Magnify Him.
02:39 Welcome to Magnify Him Christmas.
02:42 Merry Christmas, Lyndon.
02:44 Merry Christmas, Danita.
02:45 You know I know we're not suppose to have favorites,
02:48 but I think today's program
02:49 is definitely gonna be my favorite.
02:51 Why?
02:52 Because of what we're talking about.
02:53 You know Christmas is an amazing time of year
02:56 especially to remind people
02:58 that Jesus is the reason for this season.
03:01 I'm glad you said that. What a better--
03:03 I mean there is no better opportunity for us
03:05 Christians to let people know
03:07 the reason why we celebrate Christmas
03:09 and sing songs and just glorify the Savior.
03:13 I'm so happy about that. It is fun.
03:14 And you know the song we just sang
03:16 is actually one of my favorites,
03:17 "Do you hear what I hear".
03:18 And it actually just reminds people
03:20 of how people came together
03:22 to celebrate the birth of Christ.
03:23 And we actually are going to do that
03:25 today with a lot of familiar faces.
03:26 Yeah, we're just gonna come together, aren't we?
03:28 Yes and be able to talk about Christ
03:30 and you at home may recognize some familiar faces also,
03:34 and of course to start this off,
03:36 one of my favorite singers here at Magnify Him,
03:39 My co-host, Lyndon Carriger. Well, thank you.
03:42 So why don't you go get ready
03:43 and I'm gonna tell the audience about
03:45 what he is singing today.
03:46 We are so excited that Lyndon is going to be blessing us
03:50 and singing one of our favorite songs
03:52 here on the program, "Oh Holy Night."
04:04 Holy night!
04:14 Oh holy night!
04:18 The stars are brightly shining
04:24 It is the night of our dear Savior's birth!
04:34 Holy night!
04:37 Long lay the world
04:41 In sin and error pining
04:47 Till he appeared and the soul felt its worth
04:56 A thrill of hope
05:00 The weary world rejoices
05:05 For yonder breaks
05:09 A new and glorious morn!
05:15 Fall on your knees
05:21 Oh hear the angel voices
05:29 Oh night divine
05:37 Oh night when Christ was born
05:46 Oh night divine
05:54 Oh night
05:58 Oh night divine
06:03 Oh night
06:09 Oh Holy night
06:17 It was a Holy night
06:23 When Christ was born
06:29 Fall on your knees
06:37 Oh hear the angel voices
06:45 Oh night divine
06:53 Oh night
06:57 When Christ was born
07:02 Oh night divine
07:16 Oh night
07:20 It was a Holy night
07:25 When Christ was born
07:42 To save the world
07:52 Magnify Him
07:56 Praise God, Lyndon, that was absolutely wonderful.
08:00 All glory to God.
08:01 You know this time of year,
08:03 that is actually one of my favorite songs
08:04 and I wasn't kidding earlier
08:06 when I said that you are definitely
08:07 one of my favorite singers here on the program.
08:09 Oh, well, thank you.
08:10 You are also one of my favorite singers
08:12 and to sing with
08:14 you are one of my favorite singers to sing with.
08:16 Absolutely especially earlier in the program, absolutely.
08:19 You know, the viewers at home
08:21 are gonna get a chance to hear you sing.
08:22 Why don't you tell them what you gonna sing.
08:24 I would love to. All right.
08:25 This is absolutely one of my favorite songs
08:28 this time of the year.
08:29 I'd like to think of it as a Christmas lullaby.
08:32 A song that Mary was able to sing to Jesus
08:35 as soon as she had a quite moment alone,
08:38 "Who could imagine a king".
08:45 Mommies and daddies
08:50 Always believe
08:55 That their little angels
08:59 Are special indeed
09:03 And that you could grow up
09:07 To be anything
09:13 But who would imagine a king?
09:22 A shepherd or teacher
09:26 Is what you could be
09:31 Or maybe a fisherman
09:36 Out on the sea
09:39 Or maybe a carpenter
09:44 Building things
09:49 But who would imagine a king?
09:58 It was so clear
10:02 When the wise men arrived
10:06 And the angels were singing
10:11 Your name
10:15 That the world would be different
10:20 'Cause you were alive
10:24 That's why heaven stood still to proclaim
10:34 One day an angel said quietly
10:42 That soon he would bring something special to me
10:51 And of all of the wonderful gifts
10:57 He could bring
11:04 Who would imagine?
11:08 Who could imagine?
11:16 Who would imagine a king?
11:44 Magnify Him
11:49 It is my pleasure to introduce our first guest
11:52 for Magnify Him Christmas.
11:54 You know it is been said that seven is the perfect number
11:57 and we have seven family members,
11:59 talented family members that are gonna offer up
12:02 a perfect praise unto our redeemer.
12:05 Today we have the Saunders family.
12:07 Welcome to Magnify Him, again.
12:09 We have CJ, we have Jone, we have Brother Cameron,
12:14 we have Jonesia, Sister Stephanie,
12:16 we have Elizha over there on the guitar
12:19 and we also have Dionavin on the piano.
12:21 Let me tell you, you guys are in for a treat
12:24 if you haven't got to hear them sing before.
12:27 Cameron, what song are you singing today?
12:29 The first song we're gonna sing is a melody
12:30 it's, "Joy to the World" and "oh holy night".
12:33 And the second song will be, "Silent Night."
12:36 Awesome.
12:37 Well everybody my friends, the Saunders family.
12:52 Joy to the world!
12:54 The Lord is come
12:56 Let earth receive her King!
13:00 Let every heart prepare Him room
13:04 And heaven and nature sing
13:06 And heaven and nature sing
13:08 And heaven, and heaven and nature sing
13:16 Joy to the world!
13:18 The Savior reigns
13:20 Let men their songs employ
13:24 While fields and floods
13:26 Rocks, hills and plains
13:28 Repeat the sounding joy Repeat the sounding joy
13:32 Repeat, repeat the sounding joy
13:39 He rules the earth with truth and grace
13:43 And makes the nations prove
13:47 The glories of His righteousness
13:51 And wonders of His love And wonders of His love
13:55 And wonders and wonders of His love
14:06 Fall on your knees
14:14 Oh hear the angels' voices
14:21 Oh night divine
14:29 Oh night
14:32 When Christ was born
14:37 Oh night divine
14:45 Oh night
14:48 Oh night divine
14:55 Divine
15:17 Silent night
15:23 Holy night
15:29 All is calm
15:35 All is bright
15:41 Round yon Virgin
15:48 Mother and Child
15:52 Holy infant
15:58 So tender and mild
16:04 Sleep in heavenly peace
16:16 Sleep in heavenly peace
16:27 Silent night
16:33 Holy night
16:39 Darkness flies
16:44 And all is light
16:50 Shepherds hear
16:55 The angels sing
17:02 Hallelujah
17:08 To our King
17:14 Christ the Savior is born
17:25 Christ the Savior is born
17:37 Silent night
17:43 Holy night
17:49 Son of God
17:55 Love's pure light
18:01 Radiant beams
18:06 From Thy holy face
18:12 With the dawn
18:17 Of redeeming grace
18:24 Jesus Lord
18:29 At Thy birth Of thy birth
18:35 Jesus Lord, at Thy birth
18:51 Magnify Him.
18:55 We promised you today that you're gonna be blessed
18:58 with some amazing singing and see some familiar faces
19:02 and I'm so excited to have my friend back,
19:05 Mrs. Chelauna King.
19:07 Welcome back to Magnify Him.
19:08 Thank you for having me.
19:10 Now I'm excited because you were here
19:11 the first time Lyndon and I hosted,
19:13 so it is great to see your face here again
19:15 and I cannot wait to hear
19:16 what you're gonna be singing for us.
19:18 Thank you.
19:19 What exactly will you be singing today?
19:20 I would be singing, "Would it still be Christmas"
19:22 and "A Shepherd's Carol".
19:23 We cannot wait to hear it.
19:24 And, ladies and gentlemen,
19:26 please enjoy Mrs. Chelauna King.
19:46 Would it still be Christmas
19:51 If the Christ child never came?
19:57 Could it still be Christmas
20:02 Or just another day?
20:07 Would choirs still be singing
20:13 Songs of peace on earth?
20:17 Would angels be rejoicing
20:23 If there had been no birth?
20:31 Could there be Christmas
20:35 Would love be the same?
20:40 Would it all be different
20:43 If we never heard His Name?
20:48 What would be the reason
20:52 For this special season?
20:57 If there had been no baby born that day
21:06 What if hope had never come?
21:11 God never sent His Son
21:15 What would Christmas be?
21:21 Born a king in Bethlehem
21:25 Salvation for all men
21:33 Hope and love
21:39 From above
21:47 Would it still be Christmas
21:50 If the Christ child never came?
21:55 Could there be Christmas
21:58 If we never heard His Name?
22:02 What would be the reason
22:07 For this special season?
22:14 If there had been
22:16 No baby born that day?
23:12 Who is this child
23:14 Who was born in the night?
23:18 Angels proclaiming His birth
23:23 Now we must follow the star and its light
23:28 To see the gift God gave to Earth
23:34 He is the Lord
23:39 All glory we give to His name
23:44 We'll bow down and worship
23:50 And it'll never be the same
24:01 Where can we find the place where he lay?
24:07 Not in a mansion or a hall
24:12 There in a manger, sleep on the hay
24:18 He is the savior of all
24:23 The miracle of love
24:29 Born in Bethlehem town
24:34 Will reign forever above
24:39 With a crown of crowns
24:47 The light from the stable glows in the night
24:53 A wondrous light to behold
24:58 Surely all heaven rejoices tonight
25:04 To watch the story unfold
25:10 He is finally here
25:15 Our messiah redeemer the Lord
25:20 Will bow down and worship
25:25 For tonight the King is born
25:46 Magnify Him.
25:51 I hope you are enjoying yourself so far at home.
25:54 You know if you are ever on the go just a side note,
25:57 you can go ahead and download that 3ABN app,
25:59 and you can watch us on the go.
26:01 The program must go on here though.
26:03 And I have a special group of seven.
26:06 They're called 7th Element.
26:08 And you may say, "Lyndon,
26:09 there are six fellows up here, where is the seventh?"
26:12 The seventh is the Holy Ghost, is that correct, gentlemen?
26:16 That's right.
26:17 So what songs are you gonna be singing today?
26:19 We're gonna do two songs today.
26:21 Now the first one is, "Oh, come let us adore Him"
26:25 and we adore him because the second song says,
26:28 "He is everything that is beautiful to us".
26:29 All right now.
26:31 Well, these gentlemen from Florida
26:32 are gonna bless your souls, 7th Element.
26:58 O Come All Ye Faithful
27:05 Joyful and triumphant
27:12 O come ye
27:14 O come ye to Bethlehem
27:24 Come and behold Him
27:31 Born the King of Angels
27:40 O come, let us adore Him
27:45 O come, let us adore Him
27:52 O come, let us adore Him
27:59 Christ the Lord
28:06 O come
28:10 Let us adore Him
28:15 Come, let us adore Him
28:22 Come, let us adore Him
28:32 O Sing, choirs of angels
28:37 Sing with exultation
28:43 O Sing all ye citizens
28:49 Of heaven and earth
28:54 Glory to God
28:57 Glory to God
29:04 Glory in the highest
29:10 O come, let us adore Him
29:14 Come and adore Him
29:17 O come, let us adore Him
29:25 O come, let us adore Him
29:34 Come, let us adore Him
29:44 Jesus Christ the Lord
29:49 O come, let us adore Him
29:56 Christ the Lord
30:02 O come, let us adore
30:08 Him Christ
30:12 Oh, Christ the Lord
30:24 Oh, Christ the Lord
30:53 My eyes cry
30:56 When I think about you
31:02 And all the wonderful things
31:06 That you do, that you do
31:10 Tears of joy my resistances breakdown
31:18 Joy brings, whenever you are around
31:27 And like the flowers of springs
31:32 You're the reason, why I sing
31:37 All the joy and the sunshine you bring
31:45 You are, you are
31:50 You're my brightest shining star
31:54 You're everything that's beautiful to me
32:14 Loving memories of you
32:19 Holding me
32:23 You opened my eyes
32:26 You helped me to see
32:31 Our companion to this lonely hearts
32:39 Mountains and the ocean
32:43 Can't keep us apart
32:48 And like the winds in the air
32:54 You whispered something in my ear
32:58 All your loving words I am longing to hear
33:05 You are everything that's beautiful
33:13 And everything to me
33:19 O thank you, Lord
33:22 Lord, I need you so much
33:26 And everything that you touch
33:30 It's so beautiful to see
33:39 You're everything that's wonderful
33:47 And wonderful you be
33:52 Wonderful you be
34:02 You're all I ever wanted
34:10 Ever need That's why we stay together
34:15 You're everything that's beautiful to me
34:24 So beautiful
34:26 So beautiful to me
34:52 You're so beautiful
34:55 Beautiful to me
35:06 Magnify Him.
35:11 We promised great singing on this program
35:14 and I know that you have gotten that so far.
35:16 We know that you have been blessed
35:18 by the wonderful singers that we've had
35:20 and we also promise bringing families together.
35:24 As you saw earlier, we did have a family sing together
35:26 but now it is my turn
35:29 to bring my family here on to the program.
35:31 Ladies and gentlemen, my big brother Mr. Brian Bates.
35:35 Nice to have you here. Good to be here.
35:37 Now this is not your first time here on Magnify Him,
35:39 and you're no strangers to 3ABN.
35:41 That's right.
35:42 But we are excited to have you sing
35:43 in our Christmas program today.
35:45 Now, what exactly are you gonna be singing?
35:46 I'm gonna be doing "God rest ye merry gentlemen"
35:49 and "Sweet little Jesus boy".
35:52 Oh, sweet little Jesus boy,
35:53 that's actually one of my favorites.
35:54 Now, I see over your shoulder there,
35:57 that my co-host is on the piano,
36:00 so I know we're in for a treat, that Mr. Lyndon is back there,
36:03 he is gonna play for you.
36:04 So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Brian Bates.
36:27 God rest ye merry, gentlemen
36:31 Let nothing you dismay
36:36 Remember, Christ, our Savior
36:40 Was born on Christmas day
36:45 To save us all from Satan's power
36:49 When we were gone astray
36:53 O tidings of comfort and joy
37:00 Comfort and joy
37:02 O tidings of comfort and joy
37:15 From God our Heavenly Father
37:20 A blessed Angel came
37:24 And unto certain Shepherds
37:29 Brought tidings of the same
37:33 How that in Bethlehem was born
37:37 The Son of God by Name
37:41 O tidings of comfort and joy
37:47 Comfort and joy
37:50 O tidings of comfort and joy
38:03 And when they came to Bethlehem
38:08 Where our dear Savior lay
38:12 They found Him in a manger
38:16 Where oxen fed on hay
38:21 His Mother Mary kneeling down
38:25 Unto the Lord did pray
38:29 O tidings of comfort and joy
38:35 Comfort and joy
38:38 O tidings of comfort and joy
38:51 Now to the Lord sing praises
38:56 All you within this place
39:00 And with true love and brotherhood
39:04 Each other now embrace
39:08 This holy tide of Christmas
39:13 All other doth deface
39:17 O tidings of comfort and joy
39:23 O tidings of comfort and joy
39:33 O tidings of comfort and joy
39:55 Sweet little Jesus boy
40:02 They made you be born in a manger
40:10 Sweet little holy child
40:18 Didn't know who you were
40:25 Didn't know you come to save us Lord
40:33 To take our sins away
40:39 Our eyes was blind
40:44 We couldn't see
40:50 We didn't know who you were
40:58 You have told us how
41:05 And we are trying
41:13 Master, you have shown us how
41:21 Even when you were dying
41:28 Just seems like we can't do right
41:36 Look how we treated you
41:44 But please Sir forgive us, Lord
41:53 We didn't know it was you
42:00 Sweet little Jesus boy
42:08 Born such a long time ago
42:16 Sweet little holy child
42:24 We didn't know who you were
42:38 Magnify the Lord with me
42:41 Magnify Him
42:45 Well, Danita, what a wonderful show.
42:48 We've had today... I agree, that was fantastic.
42:50 And it's not over. It's not.
42:52 'Cause guess what?
42:53 We have everybody here back to sing.
42:56 We're gonna do a couple of songs,
42:58 Christmas carols like around the fire place, marshmallows.
43:02 I love that. Toasting it.
43:03 What is it, chestnut roasting.
43:05 Right, on an open fire, right.
43:07 Something like that, but we're gonna
43:09 just sing to glorify God
43:11 and what are some special Christmas memories
43:16 that you had growing up?
43:17 You know, my favorite tradition
43:18 that we had growing up was that,
43:21 the day after Thanksgiving,
43:22 we would put up all of the decorations
43:25 and probably like the going into Sabbath,
43:29 probably right before Christmas,
43:31 my mother would get on the piano,
43:32 we'd sit around and we'd sing
43:33 all of our favorite Christmas songs.
43:35 And it was just really a great time
43:36 just looking at the lights on the tree,
43:38 it was a lot of fun.
43:39 What about you? What kind of traditions?
43:41 Well, growing up, I said this last year
43:44 on the Christmas show, I love orange rolls
43:47 and my mom makes orange rolls during the Christmas season,
43:51 so that was always a tradition
43:53 but lately my tradition has been--
43:55 Be here for 3ABN Christmas.
43:57 That, we love that, that's a good tradition.
43:58 And Magnify Him Christmas.
44:00 So we're excited
44:01 because we have the Magnify Him.
44:03 Carol.
44:04 Christmas carol. And, you know what?
44:05 I want to ask them, do you guys have
44:07 any Christmas traditions or memories?
44:11 Well, I would have to say, a couple of years ago,
44:18 I was blessed to become a mommy
44:21 and every years at Christmas time,
44:25 I look forward to pulling out all the lights,
44:27 plugging them in
44:28 and watching their eyes light up,
44:31 when they see all the lights,
44:32 mommy, I want to help put up the tree.
44:35 I look forward to it every year
44:36 because I know that they will see in Christmas,
44:40 what I see in Christmas.
44:42 And I pray that everyone watching this show
44:45 will also enjoy the holiday season
44:47 with your families as we're gonna enjoy singing today
44:51 with our new family members on this show.
44:54 That was very well said,
44:56 and I know I have another person
44:57 that has a traditions, Saunders family,
45:01 you guy have a special Christmas tradition,
45:03 7th Element, I know the brothers,
45:05 we have brother in here.
45:08 Well, we also a after Thanksgiving,
45:10 we like to get all the decorations,
45:12 put the decorations out.
45:14 To us Christmas is more of a time
45:16 for just family fellowship and friend and reconnecting
45:19 and truly realizing the true reason for the season
45:22 which is Jesus Christ.
45:24 That is the true reason
45:25 and we're gonna sing about them.
45:26 We are, but, you know, what's really fun
45:28 is that usually when it's someone's birthday,
45:31 you sing them a happy birthday song.
45:34 Yes, I know where you're going.
45:35 Exactly so, you know, a lot of times
45:37 we look to Christmas as it being Jesus' birthday,
45:40 so what better way to celebrate
45:42 than to sing Jesus happy birthday.
45:45 Happy birthday to Jesus.
45:46 Hey, 7th Element, can you help us out with that?
45:48 Sure. Yeah, thank you--
45:55 Happy birthday to you
46:00 Happy birthday to you
46:06 Happy birthday dear Jesus
46:12 Precious savior
46:18 Merry Christmas
46:23 To you
46:32 You to you
46:41 That was amazing.
46:42 Yes. Did you hear that person in?
46:44 I did, I heard that, that was great.
46:48 Y'all, that was amazing, so we're gonna-the carol,
46:51 the Magnify Him carol, the Christmas carol
46:55 is going to join us and sing a few songs.
46:57 You guys ready to do some singing?
46:59 Yeah.
47:00 We cannot wait, so here we go,
47:01 so the first song Lyndon,
47:03 what is the first song that we're gonna sing?
47:04 Hark! The herald angels sing.
47:06 Hark! The herald angels sing.
47:07 And you at home can join us
47:08 as we sing along with the carol.
47:20 Hark! The herald angels sing
47:25 Glory to the newborn King
47:29 Peace on earth and mercy mild
47:34 God and sinners reconciled
47:39 Joyful all ye nations rise
47:44 Join the triumph of the skies
47:48 With angelic host proclaim
47:53 Christ is born in Bethlehem
47:58 Hark! The herald angels sing
48:03 Glory to the newborn King
48:09 Christ by highest heaven adored
48:14 Christ, the everlasting Lord
48:19 Late in time behold He'll come
48:24 Offspring of a Virgin's womb
48:29 Veiled in flesh the Godhead see
48:33 Hail the incarnate deity
48:38 Pleased as man with man to dwell
48:43 Jesus, our Emmanuel
48:48 Hark! The herald angels sing
48:53 Glory to the newborn King
48:59 Hail, the heaven born Prince of Peace
49:04 Hail, the Son of Righteousness
49:09 Light and life to all He brings
49:14 Risen with healing in His wings
49:19 Mild He lays His glory by
49:24 Born that man no more to die
49:29 Born to raise the sons of earth
49:34 Born to give them second birth
49:39 Hark! The herald angels sing
49:44 Glory to the newborn King
49:53 That was excellent Christmas carol.
49:56 You all did an amazing job.
49:58 Lyndon, what's another song
49:59 that we can sing around this time of the year?
50:01 Well, you guys remember, Gloria, let's sing that one.
50:08 I love that, let's do that.
50:09 And in Excelsis Deo, what's the title?
50:11 Angles we have heard on high.
50:12 I think that's what we know it as and you at home,
50:14 join us please as we sing, "Angles we have heard on high."
50:26 Angels we have heard on high
50:31 Sweetly singing o'er the plains
50:35 And the mountains in reply
50:40 Echoing their joyous strains
50:45 Gloria
50:55 In Excelsis Deo!
50:59 Gloria
51:09 In Excelsis Deo!
51:16 Come to Bethlehem and see Christ
51:22 Whose birth the angels sing
51:26 Come, adore on bended knee
51:31 Christ the Lord, the newborn King
51:36 Gloria
51:45 In Excelsis Deo!
51:50 Gloria
52:00 In Excelsis Deo!
52:09 That was beautiful. That was beautiful.
52:11 It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
52:15 Well, Lyndon, I think we have time for one more.
52:18 Okay.
52:20 Now, you, guys, you have one more in you, right?
52:21 Yes.
52:22 Awesome, they need to be hired as Christmas carol.
52:24 We love that, they know everything
52:26 so, Lyndon, it's up to you, what are we gonna sing?
52:28 We can do "Joy to the world" but wait a second,
52:30 somebody already sang that, right?
52:31 Somebody sang that earlier.
52:33 How about, you guys know the "First Noel"?
52:35 Yes.
52:36 Yeah, let's do that song.
52:37 Awesome.
52:56 The First Noel
53:00 The Angels did say
53:04 Was to certain poor shepherds
53:09 In fields as they lay
53:13 In fields where they
53:17 Lay keeping their sheep
53:22 On a cold winter's night
53:26 That was so deep
53:30 Noel
53:32 Noel, Noel
53:36 Noel
53:39 Born is the King of Israel!
53:47 They looked up
53:52 And saw a star
53:56 Shining in the East
54:00 Beyond them far
54:04 And to the earth
54:09 It gave great light
54:13 And so it continued
54:17 Both day and night
54:22 Noel
54:24 Noel, Noel
54:28 Noel
54:30 Born is the King of Israel!
54:38 Noel
54:40 Noel, Noel
54:44 Noel
54:50 Born is the King of Israel!
55:02 Beautiful everybody,
55:04 can you go ahead and to our viewers
55:05 and just give one big merry Christmas.
55:08 Merry Christmas.
55:11 Magnify Him.
55:16 Well, we are at the end of our program,
55:18 it has been great today.
55:19 God has blessed us. It is been wonderful.
55:21 It went by too fast, all of this great singing.
55:23 It did. We'll do it again next year.
55:24 Absolutely but, you know, I think we have some time
55:26 for a few Christmas wishes, what do you think?
55:28 Okay, let's do it. Absolutely.
55:30 Who has the Christmas wish for our viewers?
55:32 I got one, I got one.
55:34 I'd like to take this time just to wish prosperity
55:36 and especially love from all of us, to all of you.
55:41 That's great, I accept that.
55:43 I would like to wish that all of you will be able
55:46 to be with your family because family
55:47 is definitely important this time of the year.
55:49 Oh, that's wonderful,
55:50 that's a wonderful Christmas wish.
55:53 And I'd like to just wish everyone a merry Christmas
55:55 and God's blessing as we enter into the new year.
55:58 Well, praise the Lord.
55:59 You know, that's actually perfect,
56:01 I don't-- we have to end on a song so.
56:03 Absolutely.
56:04 Yeah, I mean, so let's sing something
56:06 with blessing others like for the New Year.
56:11 Wishing them a merry Christmas?
56:12 Like we wish you a merry Christmas,
56:13 we wish you a merry Christmas.
56:15 How about that?
56:17 You guys ready for just one small little song with us?
56:18 Yeah. Absolutely.
56:20 Go ahead, Lyndon.
56:21 We wish you a merry Christmas
56:24 We wish you a merry Christmas
56:27 We wish you a merry Christmas
56:29 And a Happy New Year
56:31 Good tidings we bring to you and your kin
56:36 Good tiding for Christmas and a Happy New Year
56:41 We wish you a merry Christmas
56:43 We wish you a merry Christmas
56:45 We wish you a merry Christmas
56:47 And a Happy New Year
56:53 Merry Christmas everybody.
56:55 Chelauna has a CD, go online to iTunes to purchase that.
56:59 Danita, this is the end, there's the end.
57:02 Well, we want to wish everyone from all of us here at 3ABN
57:06 and Dare to Dream, Merry Christmas
57:08 and a Happy New Year.
57:10 And a happy birthday to Braxton, my son,
57:12 his first birthday.


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