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Program Code Duration Description Participants
MTS000047A Video
MTS000047B Video
0:28:30 Dreaming of Home Gary Krause
MTS000094A Video
MTS000094B Video
0:28:30 Growing Churches - Angkor Wat NA
MTS000095A Video
MTS000095B Video
0:28:30 Passionate Service Gary Krause
MTS000096A Video
MTS000096B Video
NA People Centered NA
MTS000102A Video
MTS000102B Video
0:28:30 Simple City Mission - Washington D. C. NA
MTS000104A Video
MTS000104B Video
0:28:30 EPIC Mission Gary Krause (Host)
MTS000106A Video
MTS000106B Video
NA Far from Home NA
MTS000701A Video
MTS000701B Video
0:28:30 God Found Me Gary Krause
MTS000705A Video
MTS000705B Video
0:28:30 Golden Memories - Mumbai NA
MTS000706A Video
MTS000706B Video
0:28:30 God is Good NA
MTS000802A Video
MTS000802B Video
0:28:30 Lives Changed - Mexico City NA
MTS000804A Video
MTS000804B Video
NA The Pearl NA
MTS000806A Video
MTS000806B Video
0:28:30 Healing and Teaching NA
MTS000902A Video
MTS000902B Video
0:28:30 Share This Love - San Antonio Gary Krause
MTS000904A Video
MTS000904B Video
0:28:30 Waterproof Faith Gary Krause
MTS000905A Video
MTS000905B Video
0:28:30 Let Your Light Shine - San Antonio NA
MTS000906A Video
MTS000906B Video
0:28:30 Missionaries Need Missionaries Too Gary Krause
MTS001002A Video
MTS001002B Video
0:28:30 Mission on the Move, Part 1 - Mainz Gary Krause
MTS001004A Video
MTS001004B Video
0:28:30 Missionary Tribute NA
MTS001005A Video
MTS001005B Video
0:28:30 The Floating Church Gary Krause
MTS001006A Video
MTS001006B Video
0:28:30 Frankfort, Germany Gary Krause
MTS001102A Video
MTS001102B Video
0:28:30 Mission on the Move, Part 1 - Manaus Gary Krause
MTS001103A Video
MTS001103B Video
NA No Information Available NA
MTS001104A Video
MTS001104B Video
0:28:30 No Age Limit NA
MTS001105A Video
MTS001105B Video
0:28:30 Total Transformation NA
MTS001106A Video
MTS001106B Video
0:28:30 Your Mission Offerings NA
MTS001201A Video Transcript
MTS001201B Video Transcript
0:28:30 Rich Opportunities Gary Krause
MTS001202A Video Transcript
MTS001202B Video Transcript
0:28:30 Mission on the Move, Part 3 Gary Krause
MTS001203A Video
MTS001203B Video
0:28:30 Finding Hope Gary Krause
MTS001204A Video
MTS001204B Video
0:28:30 Urban Centers Gary Krause
MTS001205A Video
MTS001205B Video
0:28:30 Beyond Borders Gary Krause
MTS001206A Video
MTS001206B Video
0:28:30 Just for Kids Gary Krause
MTS001301A Video
MTS001301B Video
0:28:30 My Talent - My Mission Gary Krause
MTS001302A Video
MTS001302B Video
0:28:30 Mission on the Move part 4 Gary Krause
MTS001303A Video
MTS001303B Video
0:28:30 13th Sabbath Offering in Action, Austria Gary Krause
MTS001305A Video
MTS001305B Video
0:28:30 Planting in Paris Gary Krause
MTS001306A Video
MTS001306B Video
0:28:30 Go Healthy - New York City Gary Krause
MTS001401A Video
MTS001401B Video
0:28:30 Mingling and Serving NA
MTS001402A Video
MTS001402B Video
0:28:30 Twenty Days of Torture NA
MTS001403A Video
MTS001403B Video
0:28:30 Blind Hope NA
MTS001404A Video
MTS001404B Video
0:28:30 Love Thy Neighbors NA
MTS001405A Video
MTS001405B Video
0:28:30 The Missing Piece NA
MTS001406A Video
MTS001406B Video
0:28:30 Making God Known NA
MTS001501A Video
MTS001501B Video
0:28:30 Missionary Angels NA
MTS001502A Video
MTS001502B Video
0:28:30 Learning the Love of Jesus NA
MTS001503A Video
MTS001503B Video
0:28:30 More Than Just a Game NA
MTS001504A Video
MTS001504B Video
0:28:30 5 Sheets and 3 Beds NA
MTS001505A Video
MTS001505B Video
0:28:30 Amazing Grace NA
MTS001506A Video
MTS001506B Video
0:28:30 A Heart for Mission NA
MTS001601A Video
MTS001601B Video
0:28:30 Sydney NA
MTS001602A Video
MTS001602B Video
0:28:30 Pathway to Health - Auckland NA
MTS001603A Video
MTS001603B Video
0:28:30 Seville NA
MTS001604A Video
MTS001604B Video
0:28:30 Building the Future - Tunis NA
MTS001605A Video
MTS001605B Video
0:28:30 Sorido Bay - Beirut NA
MTS001606A Video
MTS001606B Video
0:28:30 Inspiration - Avondale NA
MTS001701A Video
MTS001701B Video
0:28:30 A Higher Purpose NA
MTS001702A Video
MTS001702B Video
0:28:30 Compassion NA
MTS001703A Video
MTS001703B Video
0:28:30 Urban Mission NA
MTS001704A Video
MTS001704B Video
0:28:30 A Place of Hope NA
MTS001705A Video
MTS001705B Video
0:28:30 NA
MTS001706A Video
MTS001706B Video
0:28:30 Window Into Gibraltor NA
MTS001801A Video
MTS001801B Video
NA A Prayer for Healing NA
MTS001802A Video
MTS001802B Video
NA Elephant Attack NA


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