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Hallelujah! Home at Last!

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00:01 We're really happy to invite you
00:02 to this special music program
00:06 on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
00:08 Oh, what a wonderful time to be alive, isn't it?
00:10 It really is.
00:12 Closing moments of earth's history,
00:13 a generation, they'll be able to see Jesus come back
00:15 in the clouds of glory.
00:17 When you just think about it, Danny,
00:18 and some of the words and some of the songs
00:20 they're going to be singing,
00:22 we're all going to be singing today.
00:23 It's so exciting to think that this is really going to happen.
00:28 Absolutely.
00:29 We've read about it.
00:30 But Jesus said it's going to happen,
00:32 so I believe if He said it, don't you?
00:34 If He says it, I accept it, I believe it with all my heart.
00:36 I know we got a choir here
00:37 believes what the Lord said is going to happen, right?
00:40 It's truth.
00:41 'Cause He is the way, the truth and the light.
00:42 He said, "If it were not so, I would have told you."
00:46 So we believe with all of our hearts
00:49 that Jesus Christ is coming again.
00:51 And we've been preaching this and singing this
00:53 especially the last year or so.
00:56 And this is part of the project on the Second Coming.
00:59 And I am for one really being blessed by this music.
01:04 It gives us great privilege
01:06 to introduce some of the special guests
01:08 that we have with us today.
01:09 I think I'll start at the piano over here.
01:12 We have brother Lari Goss.
01:13 Lari, give a little wave out here to our audience.
01:16 And for those of you that don't know Lari,
01:19 you might want to look him up on the internet
01:21 because if we gave off his accolades
01:23 all he's done we would be here all day, wouldn't we?
01:26 But Lari is a legendary composer, arranger,
01:29 a wonderful guy, loves Jesus.
01:31 His wife Carolyn is out here in the audience also.
01:33 We're glad that she is here.
01:35 And, Lari, thank you so much for what you've done,
01:38 orchestrating all of this, literally the choir, the music,
01:41 the orchestra, every part of it,
01:43 and for actually helping to write some of these songs
01:46 and we'll talk about those as we go,
01:48 but thank you so much.
01:49 Thank you. God bless you.
01:50 What a privilege it is to have you here.
01:52 Well, Danny, and other one of the writers for this music
01:55 is Danny Shelton.
01:56 And you have written some songs that you have told me
02:01 that you felt God just really gave them to you.
02:04 And when you're in that writing experience
02:08 and all of a sudden those words come,
02:11 how does it feel?
02:12 Well, it's really, sometimes it's very emotional.
02:17 One of the songs we'll do here in just a little bit,
02:19 just in time, when I wrote it,
02:20 it's the first time I've ever written a song
02:22 that I started crying as I was writing it
02:25 because I knew it wasn't from me.
02:26 I knew it was from the Lord.
02:28 We were asking for music
02:29 that would bring honor and glory to Him
02:31 and proclaim His Second Coming to a lost and dying world.
02:34 And so, I am thankful for that,
02:36 but, you know, God gets the credit of course.
02:39 We say God gets the credit for all the good things,
02:41 we just take the credit for the bad things.
02:42 So what you hear you don't like,
02:44 I'll take the blame for that.
02:45 But also Yvonne Lewis helped with the song
02:49 and Lari Goss wrote some,
02:51 and we'll talk about them a little bit before each song.
02:54 But we're thankful that we have this music
02:57 and we have this folk from Nashville.
02:59 Reggie Smith, stand up please.
03:01 Reggie, all you are, our viewers know Reggie Smith.
03:04 And Reggie is known around the world for his music,
03:07 incredible job that he does.
03:08 I want you to introduce...
03:10 You brought some of the folks
03:11 who actually have sung on this in the studios.
03:14 And we want you to introduce
03:15 and tell a little bit about each one.
03:17 I would be blessed too.
03:19 Danny, we're just honored to have these guys here.
03:22 They sing on so many records and CDs there in Nashville.
03:25 And they're just so excited to be here alive
03:27 to do this DVD with all of us
03:29 and with all of our 3ABN family.
03:31 My far left here, Rod, you have to stand up
03:34 and I have to stand on my tiptoes.
03:35 This guy is very tall so.
03:37 This is Rod Fletcher, Danny.
03:38 And, gentlemen, Rod is a dear friend,
03:39 we go back a long time singing together
03:42 actually at Disney, long time.
03:44 We're just not going to talk about the years
03:45 but Rod first of all is a father and a husband.
03:49 And secondly, he is an incredible credible singer.
03:52 Base singer, bass-baritone.
03:54 And he sings at the Grand Ole Opry.
03:56 So if you ever go to Grand Ole Opry,
03:57 you'll see Rod singing with all the artists that come through.
04:00 Rod Fletcher is here,
04:01 and we're just honored to have Rod.
04:03 Thanks, Rod. All right.
04:04 And next to Rod, we have Marty Funderburk,
04:07 He's a fellow Mississippian, have Lari and myself.
04:11 Marty is a phenomenal artist himself.
04:13 But I tell you what?
04:15 The Lord has gifted him with song.
04:17 And he writes some of the most beautiful, beautiful songs.
04:19 And I know, Yvonne, you've recorded some of his songs too.
04:22 And then Marty and I have written a few things together.
04:24 And I kind of, I am in the room as he's writing
04:27 so that's the way it rolls.
04:29 But Marty is a dear, dear friend, a great singer
04:31 and we are just honored to have Marty Funderburk.
04:33 Marty wrote a song that you guys do on your DVD here,
04:36 "Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth".
04:38 "Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth"
04:39 and we've wrote "Hold on Together" also.
04:41 Right. And the song Yvonne sings "Wonders Never Cease".
04:44 I mean that somewhere between heaven and earth,
04:46 I cry when I hear every time they sing it.
04:48 I guess I'm getting old and more emotional
04:50 but I'm telling you when you think about that
04:53 suspended somewhere
04:54 and you're saying, "Wow."
04:56 This is incredible.
04:57 Marty, thank you so much
04:59 for what you do for the cause of God.
05:00 Thank you, Marty.
05:02 And right next to me, this is Tammy Jenson.
05:03 And first of all, Tammy is a mother of three.
05:06 Mother of three and a wonderful wife,
05:09 at least that's what I hear it.
05:10 Okay, okay, so, she says also.
05:12 And you know what Tammy is an amazing singer,
05:15 an amazing person, she's a whole person.
05:18 You know, she's whole and she loves the Lord,
05:20 all of these people love the Lord
05:21 with all their heart, soul, and mind.
05:23 Great families.
05:25 You know what, and she's just a great singer.
05:26 And as I tell a lot of people
05:28 she can flat out whole day alto section down by herself.
05:31 So Tammy is an amazing person.
05:33 I know Melody has made fast friends
05:34 where they stand by each other in the sessions and stuff.
05:37 So we're just very honored to have Tammy with us
05:39 and on the sessions, too.
05:41 Yeah, Melody has told me
05:42 this woman has the most wonderful voice,
05:45 you would not believe how good she is.
05:46 Amazing. She is amazing. And we've heard you.
05:48 So thank you so much for sharing your talents
05:51 with us here in Southern Illinois.
05:54 And next to her, of course, everybody know this woman.
05:56 I know you know, Melody.
05:57 Melody Dawn.
05:59 And first of all, I got to tell you ladies,
06:00 that those who don't know what,
06:02 but Melody is a mother of eight.
06:04 Eight is enough she said.
06:06 No, so, but we just go we're not worthy,
06:09 but she's so calm with her children,
06:11 and she's just so fantastic.
06:14 And she said, "Yeah, I'm just holding it inside."
06:15 You have no idea what's inside.
06:17 You have no idea that Melody has that smooth,
06:20 wonderful Karen Carpenter voice that we all love here.
06:24 And when she sings but just go,
06:25 "Oh, that's it. That's it."
06:27 And Melody has joined us on the sessions in Nashville.
06:29 We're so honored to have her.
06:30 She can flat out sing that alto, man,
06:33 that low alto so...
06:34 Did a great job.
06:36 We're so glad to be singing with you, Melody.
06:38 And, you know, this lady right here,
06:40 she's directing the choir E.T. here.
06:42 This is our director and producer right here.
06:43 E.T., we couldn't get you to turn around.
06:45 Oh, there she is.
06:47 There you go, just for a second.
06:49 There you go. All right.
06:50 And E.T. actually worked,
06:51 you know, a great deal on this project
06:53 also with you, Danny, and Lari.
06:55 And just an amazing pianist
06:57 and she's just our producer, man.
06:59 At least that's what we feel like,
07:01 so she's an amazing talent, E.T. Everett.
07:02 All right.
07:04 And over here next to her this is Ladye Love Long Smith,
07:07 a woman with many names.
07:08 Stand up, Baby.
07:10 But this is my wife and so many of you know her of 19 years...
07:14 All right.
07:15 And counting, or nine years, 19.
07:18 So, yeah, you know her.
07:19 That's Ladye Love and so, we're just glad...
07:22 I'm really always happy to have her.
07:23 Amazing singer and amazing person.
07:26 Great person.
07:27 So right next to her, Bonnie.
07:28 This is our tall girl.
07:30 I have to stand on my tiptoes for her.
07:31 Bonnie's a dear, dear friend from way back.
07:33 Bonnie sang with a group called First Call
07:36 that backed up everybody.
07:39 You know, and you're still singing together.
07:42 But you do a lot of solo work, too.
07:44 A lot of solo work also.
07:45 So she does with the trio and also...
07:47 And then sings on a ton of sessions.
07:50 Pretty much anything you've heard
07:51 in the last 35 years Bonnie singing on it.
07:54 She was two! Yeah, that's right.
07:56 She was two years old.
07:57 You were four when the Shedwin two.
07:59 But Bonnie's a dear friend.
08:00 Loves the Lord.
08:02 Mother of two.
08:03 And just beautiful, talented children.
08:06 And she's a beautiful person inside and out.
08:08 And we're so honored to have Bonnie with us.
08:09 Absolutely.
08:11 So thank you, Bonnie. Thank you for coming back.
08:13 Right next to her, this is Ms. Julie Goss.
08:16 Matter of fact, this is Lari's daughter-in-law.
08:21 All right. Married to B.J. Goss.
08:23 And Julie...
08:24 Yeah, she said, "I stole him, I stole him."
08:26 And then she did, and we heard a great, great story,
08:28 their romantic love story last night of how they met.
08:31 And it was a really great one. I love it.
08:33 This thing is going to take for a lifetime, you guys.
08:35 It's very special.
08:37 Julie actually sings a lot of sessions
08:39 and just wonderful...
08:40 These people have so much heart
08:42 and they love the Lord
08:43 with truly all their heart, mind, and soul.
08:45 Absolutely. They really do.
08:47 And as you know you've met these people.
08:49 These people are the real deal.
08:51 These are all family.
08:52 And you know what?
08:53 She sings out with Beth Moore,
08:55 a wonderful artist and wonderful writer,
08:57 and they do a lot of women's conferences
08:59 all over the world and around the world.
09:00 And also Tammy does that, too.
09:02 She goes out and sings with Beth Moore.
09:06 And this is Julie Goss
09:07 and we're so honored to have her back.
09:08 Thank you Julie. Yeah.
09:10 And everybody knows this lady right here, Ms. Yvonne Lewis.
09:13 Holy moly, I'm telling you, this girl,
09:16 I'm telling you, she's done it.
09:17 She is the voice that all people have heard.
09:20 And maybe they didn't know it but they've heard her.
09:22 Somewhere down the line they've heard her sing.
09:23 Somewhere down the line.
09:25 So many recordings.
09:26 We gave her a new nickname since iPhone 6 came out.
09:28 You know she's singing on it.
09:29 We're just calling her "6" for short.
09:31 Oh, so she's singing on a new commercial coming out!
09:32 So she's singing on the Verizon commercial
09:34 so y'all will hear her when you hear the...
09:36 What does she say, Reggie?
09:39 Just... Just the two of us!
09:41 That's it. You're gonna hear that.
09:43 Yeah, that's her right there. I already heard it.
09:44 All right.
09:45 We're so glad that Yvonne is here.
09:47 Of course, she's our general manager of Dare to Dream.
09:49 Yeah.
09:51 By the way, she sang that a few years back.
09:53 It wasn't just this week. Oh, absolutely.
09:55 But all of a sudden the company comes along and says,
09:59 "That fits our product between the two companies."
10:03 Verizon and is it Apple?
10:05 Yeah, Apple I think.
10:06 Yeah. Absolutely.
10:08 So that will be interesting to see her.
10:09 Yes. Also we've got our choir.
10:11 Raise your hand, choir. This is our 3ABN choir.
10:14 Glad that you all are here.
10:15 These folks are singers, they love Jesus.
10:18 And we're so thankful that they're all here, too.
10:21 Well, Jim, I think we need to get to singing.
10:23 Why don't we sing?
10:24 And we'll get our choir some of you coming up here.
10:26 Let's sing "Jesus is Coming Again".
10:35 Marvelous message we bring
10:39 Glorious carol we sing
10:44 Wonderful word of the King
10:48 Jesus is coming again
10:52 Coming again
10:57 Coming again
11:01 Maybe morning, maybe noon
11:06 Maybe evening, and maybe soon
11:10 Coming again
11:15 Coming again
11:19 Oh what a wonderful day it will be
11:23 Jesus is coming again
11:34 Standing before Him at last
11:39 Trial and trouble are past
11:43 Crowns at His feet we will cast
11:48 Jesus is coming again
11:52 Coming again
11:56 Coming again
12:01 Maybe morning, maybe noon
12:05 Maybe evening, and maybe soon
12:10 Coming again
12:14 Coming again
12:18 Oh what a wonderful day it will be
12:23 Jesus is coming again
12:27 Oh what a wonderful day that will be
12:32 Day that will be
12:36 Jesus is coming again
12:43 Coming again
12:46 Oh, the King is coming
12:51 The King is coming
12:55 I just heard the trumpets sounding
13:00 And now His face I see
13:02 Oh, the King is coming
13:08 The King is coming
13:11 Praise God He's coming for me, for me
13:19 Praise God
13:21 He's coming
13:25 For me
13:30 Jesus is coming
13:34 Jesus is coming again
13:40 Again
13:47 Praise the Lord.
13:49 Jesus is coming again.
13:51 Wow. That just sounds...
13:52 You all sound so beautiful and you even look good.
13:55 How about that?
13:56 The next song that we're going to do is
13:57 I've asked Ladye Love to do it.
13:59 It's a song that I started writing
14:01 just maybe a couple months or so ago.
14:04 And it says Calvary says love to me.
14:08 And I wrote this song and I showed it to Lari
14:10 and I said, "We're looking for new songs but I really...
14:13 Calvary is a wonderful,
14:14 you know, message
14:15 but all of these songs are second coming."
14:18 So guess what Lari Goss said?
14:20 "Well let me see it just a little bit
14:21 and I'll just add you a little bridge
14:23 and we'll put it in there."
14:25 And thank you so much, Lari,
14:27 for your help and support on this song.
14:29 But I just got to thinking one evening,
14:32 you know, how wonderful our God is.
14:34 He looked down in compassion
14:36 when He looks at us here on earth,
14:38 it's in compassion.
14:39 If it wasn't, He'd get rid of all of us, wouldn't He?
14:41 There's wouldn't be any hope for us,
14:43 but our God looks down in compassion and love.
14:45 So He knew rather than to do away with us
14:48 that He would come up with a plan,
14:50 and that plan was called Calvary.
14:52 So, Ladye Love, please sing to us
14:54 "Calvary Says Love To Me".
15:11 In compassion and love
15:15 He looked down to earth
15:20 Then He sent His son
15:24 Born of virgin birth
15:29 He knew from Creation
15:33 What was to be
15:38 With great love for man
15:43 He planned Calvary
15:51 Calvary says
15:53 Love to me
15:59 Like words
16:02 Could never say
16:08 The blood He shed
16:13 Was love written in red
16:18 Calvary says
16:21 Love to me
16:31 Separated by sin
16:36 Was the whole human race
16:41 Man was destined to die
16:45 Were it not for grace
16:50 A cross and three nails
16:54 Never held Him there
16:59 He willingly chose
17:04 The cross to bear
17:11 Calvary says
17:14 Love to me
17:20 Like words
17:22 Could never say
17:29 The blood He shed
17:33 Was love written in red
17:39 Calvary says
17:42 Love to me
17:47 He's coming back again
17:52 To take me home with Him
17:56 That's love
17:58 Beyond Calvary!
18:06 Calvary says
18:09 Love to me
18:15 Like words
18:18 Could never say
18:25 The blood He shed
18:29 Was love written in red
18:34 Calvary says
18:37 Love to me
18:43 The blood He shed
18:47 Was love written
18:50 In red
18:55 Calvary says
18:58 Love to me
19:05 Calvary says
19:09 Love to me
19:19 To me
19:30 Amen! Beautiful, Ladye.
19:32 While you're up here,
19:33 I'm going to ask your husband Reggie to come up.
19:35 And you guys are going to do a song.
19:38 This is one of the probably
19:40 most beautiful songs ever written.
19:42 And I know you know who wrote this song, We Shall Behold Him.
19:45 And when we think about it
19:49 that day that we're literally able to...
19:51 It says, the song tells it all.
19:53 But those in the ground sleeping
19:55 are going to be caught up to be together
19:57 with the Lord in the air.
19:58 And all of those of us here to see all of that
20:01 it's such an exciting...
20:04 It's so exciting, you can hardly put it into words.
20:07 But Dottie Rambo, didn't she write this song?
20:09 Yeah, she wrote it. She put it into words.
20:11 So when I hear this,
20:12 I get these little chill bumps and goose bumps.
20:14 Some of you know what I'm talking about over there.
20:15 You get them from time to time
20:17 and especially when I hear you guys sing this song.
20:19 So, "We Shall Behold Him".
20:46 The sky shall
20:49 Unfold
20:55 Preparing
20:57 His entrance
21:04 The stars shall
21:06 Applaud Him
21:13 With thunders
21:15 Of praise
21:22 The sweet light in His eyes
21:28 Shall enhance
21:32 Those awaiting
21:40 And we shall
21:43 Behold Him
21:49 Then face
21:52 To face
21:58 Oh, we shall
22:00 Behold Him
22:06 Yes, we shall
22:09 Behold Him
22:15 Face to face
22:20 In all of
22:22 His glory
22:28 Oh, we shall
22:31 Behold Him
22:37 Yes, we shall
22:40 Behold Him
22:46 Face to face
22:55 Our Savior and Lord
23:09 And the angel
23:12 Shall sound
23:18 The shout
23:19 Of His coming
23:26 And the sleeping
23:29 They shall rise
23:32 From their
23:36 Slumbering place
23:44 And those who remain
23:49 Shall be changed
23:55 In a moment
24:02 And we shall
24:05 Behold Him
24:11 Then face to face
24:20 We shall
24:23 Behold Him
24:29 Yes, we shall
24:32 Behold Him
24:38 Face to face
24:43 In all of His glory
24:52 We shall
24:54 Behold Him
25:00 Yes, we shall
25:03 Behold Him
25:09 Face to face
25:35 Our Savior
25:40 And Lord
25:49 Savior and Lord!
26:01 And everybody said "Amen."
26:03 Praise the Lord.
26:05 Thank you Reggie. Thank you Ladye.
26:07 What an incredible song.
26:08 We hope that you're singing with us at home
26:11 because this is an incredible project.
26:14 And we should be reminded...
26:16 In fact, Ellen White makes a statement,
26:17 we should spend, she says, sometimes an hour a day
26:20 contemplating the goodness of God.
26:22 And one of those things is,
26:23 how could a God that's so good love us who are so bad?
26:28 Right?
26:29 We were born into a sinful world,
26:31 but praise God because of His love for us
26:34 He made a way of escape for us.
26:36 And some day very soon
26:38 we shall behold Him face to face.
26:41 I'm going to ask my daughter Melody to come up.
26:43 And two or three months ago
26:46 I was thinking of songs for this project
26:50 and I thought about it from Mary's perspective.
26:54 Because you read and it says, "And early in the morning
26:56 that she went to the tomb" after Christ was crucified.
27:00 And it hit me, you know, she was possibly the same Mary.
27:04 I know there's some theological differences.
27:07 Some people say it was the same Mary, some not.
27:10 But this same Mary, I believe, once before,
27:14 Melody, had anointed the Savior.
27:16 But this time no wonder she couldn't sleep.
27:18 All through the night her heart was breaking.
27:20 She could only weep.
27:22 So she got up early in the morning
27:23 to go anoint the Lord.
27:25 Because it occurred to me Mary had depended on Jesus.
27:29 Jesus had brought her to truth.
27:31 But now her whole world had ended
27:35 because her Lord was dead.
27:37 So she went to the tomb out of love
27:41 to prepare His body.
27:43 But before she got there guess what happened?
27:46 She meets this angel and he says, "Why are you here?
27:50 He's alive. He's risen.
27:52 Forever He's alive."
27:53 So we put this song together.
27:55 We did the words and music, went down to Mr. Lari Goss
27:58 and I said, "Lari, we need some help on the verse."
28:01 And within a matter... this guy is amazing, Melody, right?
28:04 In a matter of minutes
28:05 he straightened out the music for us.
28:07 And praise the Lord for Lari.
28:09 And this song, "Forever, He's Alive".
28:20 Forever He's alive
28:26 He's alive
28:37 Her heart was broken
28:42 She could not sleep
28:48 All through the night
28:52 She could only weep
28:57 She made her way to the tomb
29:02 Bringing oil, spices, and perfume
29:09 With all hope gone
29:12 How could she carry on?
29:20 Mary had been bound by a life of sin
29:30 Only Jesus
29:32 Could bring her peace within
29:39 He really knew her
29:44 And still He loved her
29:51 That's the way
29:54 It had always been
30:01 Mary believed Jesus was the Son of God
30:04 but now He was dead.
30:06 She'd never see Him again.
30:08 It was love that carried her on through the darkness
30:11 that Sunday morning to prepare His body for the grave.
30:15 But as she neared the tomb, an angel suddenly appeared
30:18 and said, "Why seek ye the living among the dead?
30:21 Your Lord has risen, He's alive.
30:24 Forever, He's alive."
30:28 He is risen
30:33 From the grave
30:38 He conquered death
30:41 Forever on that day
30:48 No sad good byes
30:51 No falling tears
30:54 No broken heart
30:56 No need to fear
31:00 For He's alive
31:04 Forever He's alive
31:15 He is risen
31:21 From the grave
31:25 He conquered death
31:28 Forever on that day
31:36 No sad good byes
31:39 No falling tears
31:41 No broken heart
31:44 No need to fear
31:47 For He's alive
31:51 Forever He's alive
32:02 Forever and ever
32:09 He is alive
32:20 Forever He's alive
32:34 Whoo! Praise the Lord.
32:36 Praise the Lord. Thank you Melody.
32:39 I'm starting to feel that anointing of the Holy Spirit.
32:41 I like it, Yvonne. How about you?
32:43 Yes. Praise the Lord.
32:44 God is so good that He gives us these songs
32:48 because we now can give honor and glory and praise to Him.
32:52 And sometimes...
32:53 And I want to talk to you at home for just a minute.
32:55 Sometimes on this earth it seems like we're forgotten.
32:59 Probably everybody who's ever lived at some point you say,
33:02 "Lord, what about me?
33:04 Where are You when I needed You?"
33:06 And sometimes you just feel left alone
33:09 and you feel like there's no way out.
33:11 But I want to tell you something,
33:13 God knew you before Creation.
33:17 He knew us before we were ever born.
33:19 He had a plan.
33:20 When Jesus was hanging on the cross,
33:21 you and me were on His mind.
33:23 He could look down the stream of time
33:25 and see a people who would be willing to give their lives
33:28 unto death if necessary for the cause of God.
33:31 And one evening I was sitting at home and I said,
33:34 "Lord, I'm working on these songs.
33:37 Give me a song that will be powerful,
33:38 not for me but for Your glory and for Your honor."
33:42 And all of a sudden this song came to me, Just In Time.
33:46 And it's so beautiful
33:47 because it says the devil will tempt us,
33:49 the devil will say "Where is your God?"
33:51 In fact, one verse says
33:53 "Where is your God, the demons cried.
33:55 This whole thing's not true, it's all been a lie.
33:59 And then a voice from heaven is heard.
34:03 It came from God, the Living Word.
34:05 And just in time the Savior came."
34:07 In your life today, we don't have to wait
34:09 till the second coming.
34:11 In your life today Jesus will be there.
34:13 God will be there just in time.
34:16 And that's what we love about Him.
34:17 He's not a God that's late
34:19 and He's not a God that's early.
34:20 He's always just in time. Amen.
34:22 So we've asked Yvonne Lewis to come and sing Just In Time.
34:26 Then in the middle of it
34:27 I turned to Great Controversy.
34:28 It's a book by Ellen White.
34:30 Her descriptions of seeing Jesus,
34:33 what it will be like in starting small as a man,
34:36 a cloud as small as a man's hand...
34:38 What it must be like when Jesus comes back.
34:40 So we've added that into the song
34:43 and it comes from Great Controversy, Ellen White.
34:46 Yvonne, sing for us.
35:08 There were famines and earthquakes
35:15 With trouble all around
35:20 The heavens did shake
35:25 No peace could be found
35:30 There were wars and strife
35:35 On every hand
35:40 It seemed God had lost
35:44 With no hope
35:47 For man
35:53 "Where is your God," the demons cried
35:58 "He's left you, here to die
36:03 Your Truth has failed
36:08 It's all been a lie"
36:13 But a shout from Heaven
36:18 Can now be heard
36:23 It came from God
36:28 The living Word
36:36 Then just in time
36:42 The Savior came
36:46 Just in time
36:50 He called my name
36:53 Salvation's plan
36:58 For fallen man
37:03 Redemption by the Great
37:07 I Am
37:12 Soon there appears in the East
37:14 a small black cloud half the size of a man's hand.
37:19 It is the cloud which surrounds the Savior
37:21 and which seems in the distance
37:23 to be shrouded in darkness.
37:26 The people of God know this
37:28 to be the sign of the Son of Man.
37:31 In solemn silence they gaze upon it
37:33 as it draws nearer the earth
37:35 becoming lighter and more glorious
37:38 until it is a great white cloud,
37:40 its face a glory like consuming fire
37:44 and above it the rainbow of the covenant.
37:47 Jesus rides forth as a mighty conqueror
37:50 not now a man of sorrows
37:52 to drink the bitter cup of shame and woe,
37:55 He comes victor in heaven and earth
37:57 to judge the living and the dead.
38:00 With anthems of celestial melody the holy angels,
38:04 a vast unnumbered throng, attend Him on His way.
38:08 The firmament seems filled with radiant forms,
38:12 ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands.
38:17 No human pen can portray the scene.
38:19 No mortal mind is adequate to conceive its splendor.
38:24 His glory covered the heavens
38:27 and the earth was full of His praise.
38:29 And His brightness was like the light.
38:32 As the living cloud comes still nearer
38:35 every eye beholds the Prince of life.
38:38 No crown of thorns now mars that sacred head
38:42 but a diadem of glory rests on His holy brow.
38:45 His countenance outshines
38:48 the dazzling brightness of the noonday sun
38:51 and on His robe and on His thigh
38:54 a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.
39:00 Then just in time
39:06 The Savior came
39:10 Just in time
39:13 He called my name
39:17 Salvation's plan
39:22 For fallen man
39:26 Redemption by the Great
39:31 I Am
39:33 Salvation's plan
39:37 For fallen man
39:44 Redemption by the Great
39:52 I Am
39:58 Amen!
40:00 Amen!
40:04 Amen!
40:08 Amen!
40:22 Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus.
40:24 Thank you, Yvonne.
40:26 A lot of these folk up here are song writers.
40:27 Marty, how you must feel when you write a song like
40:30 Somewhere between Heaven and Earth.
40:31 You actually can say, "What a beautiful song"
40:34 'cause you know you didn't write it, right?
40:37 Wonders Never Cease Yvonne sings.
40:38 It's one of my favorite ones.
40:40 To know that God
40:41 would reach down and allow frail human agents
40:44 to be used of Him is amazing to me
40:46 because none of us are worthy of it.
40:48 None of us are worth it.
40:50 The Bible says, "We're all as filthy rags
40:51 in the sight of God."
40:53 But because of His love,
40:54 He wants to work through you, in you and through you.
40:57 So no matter who you are, no matter what your past is,
41:00 God is willing to forgive it and He has a plan for your life
41:03 and that's to be a witness.
41:05 Maybe you can't be a song writer or a singer
41:07 but you've got a testimony.
41:09 The most important asset you have is your testimony.
41:12 It's not the things that people look at,
41:14 the world looks at,
41:16 it's your own personal testimony of what God
41:18 has done for you in your life.
41:20 Sometimes when I look around things
41:22 aren't pretty on this earth
41:24 and I get to daydreaming a little bit.
41:25 I'm a daydreamer.
41:26 I don't know about some of you, but I daydream sometimes.
41:29 Got in trouble in school,
41:30 I'm sure a few times and with my folks.
41:32 Back then they tanned your hide a little bit.
41:34 Now you're not supposed to talk about that.
41:37 But anyway sometimes I'm a daydreamer.
41:38 One night I was sitting by myself.
41:41 Had my little guitar and this thought came to me,
41:44 I'm longing for a place I've never been,
41:47 yet it's a place I call home.
41:49 And I said, "That makes no sense."
41:51 In the physical that makes no sense.
41:53 How can you long for a place you've never been
41:56 and still call it home?
41:58 This little song came to me. Thank you, Lord.
42:00 Heaven Means Home to Me.
42:23 I'm longing for a place
42:27 I've never been
42:31 But it's a place
42:33 That I call my home
42:41 Where the Son is the light
42:45 In the midst of the night
42:50 Heaven means
42:53 Home to me
42:59 Heaven means
43:01 Home to me
43:08 Where Jesus is
43:12 I want to be
43:16 There's no dying up there
43:20 This old earth can't compare
43:25 That's why Heaven means home to me
43:43 I've heard
43:46 Of a beautiful city above
43:52 With streets
43:54 That are paved with pure gold
44:01 But my eyes are fixed
44:06 On Jesus my King
44:10 That's why Heaven means home to me
44:20 Heaven means
44:22 Home to me
44:29 Where Jesus is
44:33 I want to be
44:36 There's no dying up there
44:41 This old earth can't compare
44:46 That's why Heaven means home to me
44:53 Sing it, Choir.
44:55 What a day that will be
45:00 When my Jesus I shall see
45:04 And I look upon His face
45:08 The One who saved me by His grace
45:13 When He takes me by the hand
45:17 And leads me through
45:19 The promised land
45:22 What a day
45:24 Glorious day that will be
45:31 There's no dying up there
45:35 This old earth can't compare
45:42 What a day, glorious day
45:47 What a wonderful day
45:53 That's why Heaven means home to me
46:01 Heaven means home to me
46:20 Next I'm going to ask Reggie, and Ladye,
46:23 and Yvonne to come and sing a song that we wrote
46:28 called "The Sacrifice".
46:29 And thank you Lari Goss again for bailing me out.
46:32 It's always good to have a friend
46:34 who knows more, Rod, about music than you do.
46:37 And Lari is one of those, so we wrote this song.
46:40 And the words came to me but I said, "On the chorus..."
46:44 But I said, "Man, the verse
46:46 needs to be something really powerful."
46:48 So who should I go to, Marty, but Lari Goss?
46:50 So Lari in a matter of minutes once again sits down
46:54 and he looks at the words.
46:55 He reads them and you can just see this
46:57 anointing coming over him.
46:58 He just begins to play,
47:00 and this song is called "The Sacrifice".
47:17 There was darkness
47:20 All over the land
47:26 As they crucified the Son of Man
47:33 The veil of the temple was rent
47:41 Though few really knew
47:44 What it meant
47:49 Was this the earth's Darkest hour
47:56 Or could the Lord be showing us His power?
48:03 The sacrifice
48:07 Was God's greatest plan
48:12 The gift of His Son
48:16 For Salvation of man
48:21 Christ death's upon the cross
48:25 Was never counted loss
48:29 But victory over sin
48:32 At the greatest cost
48:37 When Christ the Lord
48:39 Became our sacrifice
49:01 The earth shook
49:03 And graves open wide
49:09 The power of God
49:13 Could not be denied
49:18 It is finished
49:20 Are the words He spoke that day
49:25 As He gained victory over death
49:29 Hell and the grave
49:33 The sacrifice
49:36 Was God's greatest plan
49:42 The gift of His Son
49:45 For salvation of man
49:51 Christ's death upon the cross
49:54 Was never counted loss
49:58 But victory over sin
50:02 At the greatest cost
50:06 When Christ the Lord
50:08 Became our sacrifice
50:14 Christ's death upon the cross
50:18 Was never counted loss
50:22 But victory over the sin
50:25 At the greatest cost
50:30 When Christ the Lord
50:32 Became our sacrifice
50:40 When Christ the Lord
50:44 Became our sacrifice
50:56 Our sacrifice
51:08 Amen. Thank you Jesus.
51:10 Aren't you glad that He became our sacrifice?
51:13 Absolutely.
51:14 What we'd like to do now,
51:16 we're going to go back to an old song
51:18 that many of you knew.
51:19 In fact, my brother Kenny is back here...
51:21 Our dad used to...
51:22 It was one of his favorite all-time songs.
51:24 I'm going to ask our pastor,
51:26 Pastor John Lomacang to come out.
51:29 And John's not only a great preacher,
51:31 and a great friend, and a wonderful Christian.
51:34 He and his wife Angie have been such a blessing
51:36 to the ministry of 3ABN,
51:38 to this church in particular.
51:40 He's the pastor of this church.
51:42 But John has a long history in music.
51:45 His dad was a professional musician
51:46 in New York for many years,
51:48 but John has sung all around the world literally.
51:51 Sang with The Heritage Singers for years
51:53 but has done solo work and sung with others.
51:55 Literally you travel around the world.
51:57 Recently you guys have been in the islands.
51:59 You've been in Africa.
52:01 Almost any country we name, you've been there.
52:03 So we're so blessed to have you here, John.
52:05 And you wanted to sing this song "Until Then"
52:08 because it has a special meaning to you.
52:10 Well, you know Danny,
52:12 before I even mentioned the special place
52:14 it had in my heart for...
52:15 I want to say this but I don't want to sound old,
52:17 for more than 40 years.
52:19 I heard this song
52:20 when I was just coming back to the church
52:22 out of the gambling, the pool hustling,
52:24 the night life.
52:25 And I need to say this publicly,
52:26 "I heard a gentleman singing this song, Duane Hamilton.
52:31 And this was one of the first songs
52:33 I had heard coming back into the church.
52:34 And I always listen to the theme of it
52:37 and I said, "You know, Lord, I'm going
52:39 to keep serving You until then.
52:40 I'm going to keep trusting You until then."
52:42 And so when you asked me out of the clear blue one day,
52:44 "John, I want you to sing this song."
52:46 I said, "Danny, that fulfills the desire
52:48 I've had for more than 40 years."
52:49 Praise the Lord. So it's an honor.
52:51 God bless.
53:17 My heart can sing
53:22 When I pause
53:25 To remember
53:31 A heartache here
53:36 Is but a stepping stone
53:45 Along the trail
53:50 That's winding
53:52 Always up above
53:58 This troubled world
54:03 Is not my final home
54:12 So, until then
54:17 My heart
54:19 Will go on singing
54:26 Until then
54:30 With joy I'll carry on
54:38 Until the day
54:45 My eyes
54:46 Behold that city
54:53 Until the day
54:58 God calls me
55:02 Home
55:26 The things of earth
55:30 Will dim
55:32 And lose their value
55:39 When we recall
55:44 That they're borrowed
55:46 For a while
55:52 And the things of earth
55:57 That cause my heart
56:01 To tremble
56:05 Remember there
56:11 Will only bring
56:14 A smile
56:20 So, until then
56:25 My heart
56:27 Will go on singing
56:34 Until then
56:38 With joy
56:40 I'll carry on
56:47 Until the day
56:52 My eyes behold
56:56 My that city
57:00 Until the day
57:07 Until that day
57:14 Until that day
57:19 Glorious day
57:25 Until that day
57:30 When my eyes
57:32 Behold that city
57:37 Oh, yes, until the day
57:44 God calls me
57:48 Home
57:53 Until the day
57:59 God calls me
58:10 Home
58:32 Amen. Praise the Lord.
58:35 You brought me to tears on that, John.
58:38 Brought me to tears.
58:39 I tell you, what a wonderful day.
58:41 Think about Until Then,
58:43 but I talked to Lari and I said,
58:45 "Lari, can we come up with a medley maybe of songs?
58:48 Something that we want you to put it together."
58:50 He said, "What do you want?"
58:52 I said, "You put something together."
58:53 And I'm going to ask Jim Gilley to come up and help lead this.
58:56 But it starts off with the song.
58:58 And those of you at home and you're watching this,
58:59 we want you to sing along with us
59:02 'cause you'll recognize these songs.
59:04 They're beautiful, beautiful songs.
59:06 But we're going to start out, "It Will Be Worth It All".
59:09 All right.
59:24 It will be worth it all
59:30 When we see Jesus!
59:35 Life's trials will seem so small
59:41 When we see Christ
59:47 One glimpse of His dear face
59:52 All sorrow will erase
59:58 So bravely run the race
01:00:04 Till we see Christ
01:00:27 Face to face with Christ my Savior
01:00:34 Face to face what will it be?
01:00:41 When with rapture I behold Him
01:00:46 Jesus Christ who died for me
01:00:54 Face to face I shall behold Him
01:01:01 Far beyond the starry sky
01:01:08 Face to face in all His glory
01:01:14 I shall see Him by and by
01:01:22 Face to face
01:01:24 In all His glory
01:01:31 I shall see Him
01:01:34 By and by
01:01:40 Then I shall know Him
01:01:45 I shall know Him
01:01:48 When redeemed
01:01:50 By His side I shall stand
01:01:56 I shall know Him, I shall know Him
01:02:03 By the nail prints in His hands
01:02:09 I shall know Him
01:02:13 I shall know Him
01:02:20 By the nail prints
01:02:22 In His hands
01:02:29 One glimpse of His dear face
01:02:36 All sorrow will erase
01:02:42 So bravely run the race
01:02:48 Till we see Christ
01:02:54 It will be worth it all
01:03:01 When we stand face to face
01:03:07 Then we shall know Him
01:03:13 When we see Christ
01:03:20 When we see Christ!
01:03:25 See
01:03:27 Christ!
01:03:35 Whoo. Glory. Praise the Lord.
01:03:37 We're having church up here, hope you are at home too,
01:03:39 those of you watching around the world.
01:03:41 We're having church.
01:03:43 We're starting to really get into this thing, you know?
01:03:45 Thinking about all of these wonderful things.
01:03:48 Thank you, Lari Goss, for arranging that,
01:03:50 picking out those songs.
01:03:51 Reggie, how about if we do something different.
01:03:53 We're going to bring you over here in just a moment.
01:03:55 We've been having all of this great orchestra behind us
01:03:59 but we're going to give you something better,
01:04:01 we're going to give you the maestro himself right here,
01:04:04 Brother Lari Goss.
01:04:05 So you guys... Would you do Amazing Grace?
01:04:08 Okay. All right.
01:04:10 And Brother Lari, you haven't had a chance to talk yet.
01:04:13 I haven't given you that chance,
01:04:15 but you were here before at camp meeting,
01:04:19 and you told us a little bit.
01:04:20 We were talking about what a blessing this has been.
01:04:22 But you said the project
01:04:23 on the second coming has blessed you.
01:04:26 You know, even from the very beginning
01:04:29 when we first started on the project
01:04:31 in the first series
01:04:32 the Lord really touched me about all of this
01:04:35 and I just considered it
01:04:37 a great honor to be a part of it.
01:04:39 And it really, really did something to my life
01:04:41 and it touched a place in my heart
01:04:44 that's never been touched before at a place
01:04:47 that I don't think time will ever erase.
01:04:49 It gave me a greater insight
01:04:52 to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
01:04:55 And I cannot thank 3ABN and you, and Brother Gilley,
01:04:59 and E.T., and everybody for allowing me
01:05:03 to be a part of this project.
01:05:05 I thank you so much for what it's done for me.
01:05:07 It's not what I've done for you
01:05:09 but it's what the Lord has done for me
01:05:12 through you allowing me to be a great part of this project.
01:05:15 Thank you so much.
01:05:17 Well, that's what you call a win-win for everybody.
01:05:19 Win-win. We all enjoyed it. We've all been blessed by it.
01:05:22 Hopefully the viewers at home.
01:05:24 I don't know if there was ever a greater song
01:05:26 ever written on this earth
01:05:28 than the one you're about to sing.
01:05:31 Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
01:05:33 that saved a wretch like me.
01:05:42 Amazing Grace
01:05:48 How sweet the sound
01:05:54 That saved a wretch
01:06:00 Like me
01:06:05 You see I once was lost
01:06:11 But now I am found
01:06:15 Yes, thank you Lord.
01:06:17 Was blind
01:06:21 But now
01:06:23 Oh, I see
01:06:29 T'was Grace that taught
01:06:34 My heart to fear
01:06:39 And Grace
01:06:41 My fears relieved
01:06:48 How precious did that
01:06:54 Grace
01:06:57 Appear
01:07:03 The hour I first believed
01:07:18 Through many dangers
01:07:25 Toils and snares
01:07:29 I have already come
01:07:37 'Tis Grace that brought
01:07:42 Me safe thus far
01:07:48 And Grace
01:07:50 Will lead me home
01:07:57 When we've been there
01:08:03 Ten thousand years
01:08:08 Bright shining
01:08:10 As the sun
01:08:17 We've no less days
01:08:22 To sing
01:08:26 God's praise
01:08:28 Than when
01:08:31 We've first begun
01:08:43 It was when we first
01:08:48 We first, we first
01:08:56 Begun
01:09:05 Amen. Praise the Lord.
01:09:06 Amen.
01:09:08 Amen.
01:09:11 Thank you, Reggie.
01:09:13 I think, Reggie, I'm just turning into an old cry baby.
01:09:16 I'm having to sit here and wipe tears from my eyes, folks.
01:09:19 When we think about it
01:09:20 when we've been there ten thousand years
01:09:22 bright shining as the sun,
01:09:24 we've no less days to sing God's praise
01:09:27 than when we first begun.
01:09:29 I heard a preacher one time,
01:09:31 and he said, "How long is forever?"
01:09:33 Somebody asked him, "How long is forever?"
01:09:36 And this preacher said, "Well, I don't know.
01:09:39 We don't know for sure,
01:09:41 but in human terms
01:09:42 I'll just do the best I can to give you a little example
01:09:44 of how long eternity is."
01:09:47 Well, okay...
01:09:49 What is that preacher?
01:09:50 And he says, "Well, let's say that God sent a bird, a raven,
01:09:54 a bird, a dove down from heaven.
01:09:57 We're all in heaven... He's come back.
01:09:59 All of His children are home so heaven's finally home.
01:10:04 And once every million years a bird comes to planet earth.
01:10:08 He flies down.
01:10:10 Doesn't have to be in fast time,
01:10:11 can be real time.
01:10:12 Take his time all through the universe to planet earth.
01:10:17 He picks up one grain of sand
01:10:20 and he flies back to heaven.
01:10:24 When every grain of sand on planet earth is gone
01:10:30 we've just begun.
01:10:31 Whoo!
01:10:33 Somebody better say amen to this.
01:10:36 I'm gonna check your pulse
01:10:37 and see if you're still alive if you're not on this.
01:10:39 Amazing grace.
01:10:40 Do that last verse for us one more time, Reggie.
01:10:42 When we've been there ten thousand years...
01:10:48 When we've been there
01:10:52 Ten thousand years
01:10:57 Bright shining
01:10:59 As the sun
01:11:07 We've no less days
01:11:12 To sing
01:11:15 God's praise
01:11:18 Than when
01:11:22 We've first
01:11:24 Begun
01:11:31 Than when
01:11:34 We've first
01:11:40 We've
01:11:44 We've first begun
01:11:50 Thank You, Lord
01:11:55 You got to love it, when we first begun.
01:11:58 Thank you, Reggie. Amazing grace.
01:12:00 Lari Goss. Absolutely incredible.
01:12:02 We have one last song.
01:12:05 And this song is so much fun to sing
01:12:09 and I just praise the Lord.
01:12:10 It's called, "Hallelujah. Home At Last".
01:12:13 Well, all of the songs that we've been singing thus far
01:12:17 we've been looking
01:12:18 from an earthly perspective Yvonne,
01:12:20 we're standing here looking up, waiting for Jesus to come back.
01:12:24 But this song, one night it hit me.
01:12:26 Lari, it hit me,
01:12:27 how about something's got to happen in heaven.
01:12:30 There's got to be some kind of excitement in heaven
01:12:34 that's going to happen when Jesus comes down.
01:12:37 We're all excited, we're looking up,
01:12:38 but what happened?
01:12:40 And all of a sudden it came to me,
01:12:41 there's excitement in heaven like there's never been before.
01:12:45 Jesus stands up.
01:12:46 Heaven is changed forevermore.
01:12:49 Think about that, heaven is changed forevermore.
01:12:53 The angels escort the Savior literally to come down,
01:12:57 surround the Savior to come down to earth
01:12:59 to collect what's rightfully His.
01:13:02 Right?
01:13:04 That's you and me.
01:13:06 Hopefully, folks, every one of you watching this program.
01:13:08 There's some great singers, great musicians,
01:13:11 but really, compared to heaven, we'll all be...
01:13:15 We couldn't make D or F choir, right?
01:13:18 Thankfully, God's going to change us all.
01:13:20 We'll know what music really is when we get to heaven.
01:13:23 So it's not about the singers, it's not about the musicians.
01:13:26 And I know you hear that but we mean it.
01:13:28 What it's about is Jesus
01:13:30 and it's about catching a vision
01:13:32 of who He is and who we are.
01:13:34 And I'm so grateful
01:13:36 and so thankful that God cares enough for us
01:13:40 that when He comes down
01:13:41 and we go back up
01:13:43 the second verse of this song hit me.
01:13:45 Think about this, no more empty mansions.
01:13:47 When we make it home with Jesus no more empty mansions,
01:13:51 no vacant seats around the throne.
01:13:54 Right now there's got to be some vacant seats.
01:13:56 We're not there.
01:13:57 Is somebody with me?
01:13:59 No more vacant seats around the throne.
01:14:01 Heaven is finally heaven
01:14:04 when God's children are all home.
01:14:08 Hallelujah. Home At Last.
01:14:10 What happens is I talked to Yvonne
01:14:12 one morning about 9 o'clock
01:14:14 just two or three months ago.
01:14:16 She says, "Last night the Lord gave me a chorus.
01:14:19 It's just sticking in my head.
01:14:21 It says Hallelujah, Home At Last.
01:14:23 But she said, "I don't have any verses
01:14:26 and I don't consider myself a prolific writer," she says.
01:14:29 "I don't have any verses but I've written this chorus."
01:14:33 And I said, "Really? That's interesting.
01:14:34 Last night I wrote two verses but I didn't have a chorus."
01:14:39 And she said, "Yeah, Hallelujah, Home At Last."
01:14:40 I said, "Wait a minute.
01:14:42 My second verse actually has those words Home At Last...
01:14:45 Hallelujah, Home At Last."
01:14:47 We put our notes together
01:14:49 and I actually took out one of my lines
01:14:52 'cause it was exactly like one of the lines
01:14:54 the Lord had given her.
01:14:56 And I said, "Man, I didn't write a chorus
01:14:58 because this verse is so powerful I don't know..."
01:15:03 How would you build up to a chorus?
01:15:05 Chorus is usually, Reggie, we build up to, right?
01:15:08 So when I heard it, I went to my buddy Lari Goss.
01:15:11 I said, "Lari, Yvonne's wrote this great chorus
01:15:14 and God has given me some words,
01:15:16 but I need help musically.
01:15:18 What can you do?"
01:15:19 You know what I'm going to say.
01:15:21 About 3 to 5 minutes,
01:15:22 Lari Goss puts together what you're about to hear right now.
01:15:27 Praise God. Hallelujah, Home At Last.
01:15:30 Reggie and Ladye.
01:15:44 Hallelujah, to the Lamb
01:15:48 Hallelujah to the Great I Am
01:15:52 Hallelujah all pain is past
01:15:56 Hallelujah we're home at last
01:16:01 There's excitement in Heaven
01:16:05 Like there's never been before
01:16:10 Jesus stands up, Heaven is changed
01:16:13 Forever more and more
01:16:18 The angels surround the Savior
01:16:21 To escort the Son of Man
01:16:25 He returns to earth victorious
01:16:30 To fulfill Salvation's plan
01:16:37 Hallelujah, to the Lamb
01:16:41 Hallelujah to the Great I Am
01:16:45 Hallelujah all pain is past
01:16:49 Hallelujah we're home at last
01:17:01 At the sound of the last trump
01:17:05 The dead in Christ will rise
01:17:09 We're going home at last
01:17:12 We'll surround the sea of glass
01:17:17 No more empty mansions
01:17:20 No vacant seat round the throne
01:17:26 Heaven is finally Heaven
01:17:29 When God's children are home
01:17:36 Hallelujah to the Lamb
01:17:41 Hallelujah to the Great I Am
01:17:45 Hallelujah all pain is past
01:17:49 Hallelujah we're home at last
01:17:57 Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah
01:18:02 Hallelujah
01:18:03 To the Lamb
01:18:10 Hallelujah, to the Lamb
01:18:14 Hallelujah to the Great I Am
01:18:18 Hallelujah all pain is past
01:18:23 Hallelujah we're home at last
01:18:27 Hallelujah we're home at last
01:18:34 Hallelujah!
01:18:39 We're home, we're home at last!
01:18:47 Home at last!
01:18:51 Praise the Lord. Amen.
01:18:54 Thank you Reggie, thank you Ladye.
01:18:56 Thank you choir for coming here
01:18:58 and all the folks from Nashville
01:18:59 coming up and joining us.
01:19:01 Y'all can be seated for just a moment.
01:19:03 And, we're kind of, Jim, we're here at the close.
01:19:05 We only have just 3 or 4 minutes left
01:19:08 and I want you to just...
01:19:09 There's people around the world,
01:19:10 there are people that are hurting
01:19:12 and there are people saying, "You know what?
01:19:14 Maybe I have not been focused on where I should be focused,
01:19:18 that Jesus is coming, that He cares for me.
01:19:20 He died for me, He made a plan of salvation."
01:19:22 Maybe you could in the time
01:19:23 that we've got left just give an appeal
01:19:26 and take us out in a prayer.
01:19:28 You know, Danny, it is so encouraging
01:19:32 to know that Jesus Christ is coming again.
01:19:36 Amen.
01:19:38 John 14:1-3 He said, "Let not your hearts be troubled."
01:19:43 We live in a world with lot of trouble.
01:19:45 He said, "You believe in God, believe also in Me.
01:19:50 In My Father's house are many mansions.
01:19:55 If it were not so," He says, "I would have told you."
01:20:01 And there's so many things
01:20:04 that you hear people say to you today.
01:20:08 But Jesus says, "If it were not so,
01:20:11 I would have told you."
01:20:13 People will tell you that God didn't create this earth
01:20:16 but Jesus said He did.
01:20:19 And if God did not create this earth in six literal days
01:20:24 just as He says He did,
01:20:28 then He says, "I would have told you.
01:20:32 I would have told you.
01:20:34 I go to prepare a place for you and if I go," He said,
01:20:40 "to prepare a place for you,
01:20:42 I will come again
01:20:47 and receive you unto Myself
01:20:53 that where I am there you may be also."
01:21:00 You know, He's going to wipe away all tears.
01:21:02 We think about tears being wiped away here on this earth,
01:21:05 but my friend,
01:21:07 He's going to wipe away the tears of the universe.
01:21:09 He's going to wipe away the tears of heaven
01:21:13 because this whole sin problem started there.
01:21:15 It didn't start here.
01:21:18 Heaven will not really be heaven
01:21:22 until we're home at last.
01:21:26 Until He has wiped away all sin, all sorrow,
01:21:32 and restored once again
01:21:36 life the way He intended it to be.
01:21:41 The Bible tells us that sin will never rise again.
01:21:46 It will never rise again
01:21:47 because we have seen the results of sin.
01:21:51 We see the sorrow that it brings to us.
01:21:54 We see what it does in our hearts and our lives,
01:21:57 to our families, to our friends.
01:21:59 We see what alcohol and drugs
01:22:02 and all of the different debilitating things can do.
01:22:05 We see what selfishness does,
01:22:11 and we see what love did on the cross.
01:22:17 "I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live.
01:22:23 Yet not I but Christ lives in me.
01:22:30 And the life which I now live in the flesh I live
01:22:33 not in my own strength.
01:22:37 I live by the faith of the Son of God
01:22:42 who loved me
01:22:44 and gave Himself for me."
01:22:48 Oh my friend, I walked life's path
01:22:52 with an easy tread.
01:22:53 I wondered where pleasures and riches
01:22:55 led until one day in a quiet place
01:22:59 I met the Master face to face.
01:23:04 I met Him and knew Him and blushed to see
01:23:07 that His eyes full of mercy were fixed upon me.
01:23:10 And then I turned my eyes upon Jesus,
01:23:15 looked full in His wonderful face,
01:23:21 and the things of earth grew strangely dim
01:23:27 in the light of His glory and His grace.
01:23:35 Hallelujah, Home At Last.


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