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Participants: Pr. Jim Gilley (Host), Pr. Dan Jackson, Pr. C.A. Murray, Pr. Mark Finley, Pr. Ted Wilson, Pr. Don King, Pr. Rohann Wellington, Pr. John Bradshaw, Pr. Frank Fournier, Norman & Heather Knight


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00:23 We're Night Light,
00:25 we're coming to you live tonight from Orlando, Florida
00:29 and we're here at the ASI Convention
00:32 having a wonderful time.
00:35 We're hearing a lot about evangelism,
00:37 we're hearing a lot about reaching the big cities.
00:40 Right now, I have the President of North American Division,
00:43 Pastor Dan Jackson with us, Dan, welcome.
00:47 Thank you, good to be here.
00:48 And tell us a little bit about some of the things
00:50 that are being planned for North America.
00:53 You know, the... all over North America,
00:55 there are wonderful winds of the Holy Spirit blowing
00:59 and I mean that very sincerely.
01:01 Yes.
01:02 We are seeing some of the amazing plans for our big cities
01:06 we are talking about cities like Indianapolis, Minneapolis,
01:11 Memphis, Tampa, St. Louis...
01:16 all of these cities and many others
01:18 are planning for major evangelistic outreaches
01:22 and we're praising God for every single one of them.
01:26 Now, how is the Division
01:28 actually involved in these meetings?
01:30 Well, the Division is involved primarily
01:34 because we're looked upon as the resource base.
01:37 All right.
01:38 And, we are trying to fund these or many of these
01:41 so the system of funding many of these
01:43 in the major effort that went forward in New York City,
01:48 we probably invested about 600,000 dollars in that effort.
01:54 Wow! that's a commitment.
01:56 Now, we don't quite have that much money for every city
01:59 but we are committed
02:01 to assisting every single place per weekend.
02:04 Now what about... you mentioned some of those cities
02:06 and they are large cities
02:08 but what about places like Chicago and Houston
02:11 and Los Angeles
02:13 and some of these big centers of our Country?
02:16 We are... basically... we are responding
02:19 to what Conferences and Unions are doing.
02:22 Okay.
02:24 So we are not directing that you need to go into Los Angeles
02:27 for instance, there is a very exciting thing happening
02:31 over the West Coast,
02:33 I don't want to jump ahead of anything
02:34 but I recently had the privilege
02:36 of speaking at both the Central and the Northern California
02:41 Camp Meetings and those two Conferences
02:45 are doing something that is so wonderful
02:48 in collaboration in the cities San Francisco and Oakland
02:52 what they're calling "The Bridges Project"
02:56 well I think they call it more than that
02:59 but "Bridges" is in there somewhere
03:01 and it is a... it's a fantastic opportunity
03:04 for the church to work in those two great cities of this Nation
03:09 so when we hear that there are Conferences
03:12 that are actually working together
03:14 then, we tell them... and we just recently told them
03:18 "You need to talk to us, we want to be involved in that,"
03:22 we also have... as one of our major strategic initiatives
03:26 what we're calling "Transformational Evangelism"
03:29 where we are encouraging every Conference... every church
03:36 to start looking at how they
03:38 reach their role for Jesus in a different way.
03:40 Yes.
03:42 So that the whole culture of the local congregation
03:44 is transformed
03:46 rather than looking at Evangelism
03:47 as just something that happens
03:49 once every five years for one month,
03:53 we think that its the life of the church.
03:56 Yes.
03:57 And that everything that the church needs to be doing
04:00 is focused on how we reach our world for Jesus.
04:04 You know, you talk about different methods,
04:07 how is media working into that?
04:09 We're extremely interested in that at 3ABN...
04:12 how are you using media?
04:14 Well, we have... we also have another strategic initiative
04:18 where we are talking specific to media.
04:21 Yes.
04:23 All of our... and recently, of course, the media ministries
04:28 of the North American Division,
04:29 the six major media ministries of the North American Division,
04:33 have been given the option
04:35 to locate in whatever area of this country... they so desire
04:40 however, we are saying to them
04:43 and they are fully enthusiastic and supportive of this
04:47 that they are all ministries of the North America Division
04:51 so, we are beginning to work with them...
04:54 with each of the major media ministries...
04:57 to focus on, "How do we approach the large cities of our Nation?"
05:02 So, how will media be involved? Heavily involved...
05:05 Yeah, we're going to have the opportunity this fall
05:08 to be with Pastor John Bradshaw in Charlotte
05:12 and we'll have the 3ABN team there for the whole time,
05:16 it will be uplinked and you'll be able to receive
05:19 that massive meeting all around the world
05:24 but in your home by television
05:26 so, we're looking forward to that,
05:28 that's "It is Written's" outreach
05:31 for this particular fall.
05:32 Well, you know, we have some other Outreaches taking place
05:36 and "It is Written" of course is a key ministry
05:39 in the North American Division
05:41 but, you know, "Voice of Prophecy"
05:43 also has gone into a small Conference in this Division,
05:48 the Mountain View Conference
05:50 and has partnered with that Conference
05:53 in scattering Bible Enrollment cards,
05:56 so far, in that little Conference
05:58 with about 3,000 members,
06:00 they've had 3,000 responses for Bible Studies.
06:03 Let me tell you a quick story about those cards...
06:06 that is still a great way to go.
06:08 When I was a young fellow, about seven- or eight-years old,
06:12 they were just coming out, pretty much, with this course
06:16 and so, the VOP Course...
06:18 they were encouraging people to go door-to-door with it.
06:21 My good friend, Dan Buckingham and I teamed up.
06:25 The Church said, "They're too young, don't let them go"
06:27 and finally they said,
06:29 "Why don't you just let them go one side of one street?"
06:31 so we did,
06:33 and we went knocking on the front door
06:36 and a lady came to the door
06:37 and we said, "Are you interested in studying the Bible?"
06:40 And she said, "No, I'm not. "
06:41 But she said, "You know, my mother is out back
06:43 and I think she might be. "
06:44 We went around and we gave this lady the card,
06:48 she took the course,
06:51 she called the Pastor a few months later
06:54 and she said, "I want to become a Seventh-day Adventist"
06:58 and she said,
06:59 "Furthermore, I want to see those two little boys
07:01 that brought me that card. "
07:03 Well, we'd forgotten all about it... this lady...
07:07 but when she got to church, she pointed at us,
07:10 and said, "Those are the two boys that brought me the card. "
07:13 Then we remembered her, and Mrs. Foreman was baptized,
07:16 she's a faithful member of that church...
07:18 the last 10 or 12 years of her life.
07:20 Amen.
07:21 Well, listen, thank you so much for sharing with us
07:24 and I know you mentioned to me
07:26 about this project, "Bridges" tell us more about that.
07:29 I want to tell you,
07:31 I want to tell you about it
07:32 but I don't want to steal the thunder of Dr. Lewis
07:37 who has deliberately and... you know, taken the initiative
07:41 to start something that is wonderful
07:44 with the city of San Francisco.
07:47 And I say not "in" but "with" the city of San Francisco
07:50 but I'm going to let her tell you about it
07:52 and I'm going to get lost.
07:54 Thank you very much.
07:55 Good to be with you and God bless you.
07:57 God bless you...
07:58 And Dr. Lela, how are you?
08:00 Okay, thank you so much Elder Gilley.
08:02 And we're so happy that you can be with us,
08:04 tell us... when I was at SoCal Camp Meeting a few weeks ago
08:08 I heard about this "Bridges" or "Bridge to Bridge"
08:11 tell us more about that.
08:13 Well, actually, I'm the President of Pacific Union ASI,
08:16 the ASI Chapter and we decided
08:19 we wanted to do something very different this year
08:21 for our "Evangelism Actuals our Conference"
08:24 what we decided to do is
08:26 two-and-a-half days of free medical, dental
08:29 and ophthalmological care
08:31 offered to the citizens of San Francisco
08:33 immediately preceding our actual convention.
08:35 The Lord has worked amazing miracles
08:39 as far as how and where we're going with that.
08:42 We're actually working hand-in-hand
08:44 with the city of San Francisco Mayor's Office
08:47 and they are providing... actually a Facility
08:50 where our Providers will be doing these...
08:52 What kind of assessments will these be?
08:54 Well, these are actually full assessments,
08:56 I mean... this is... the patients will come in...
08:59 they'll be, basically, triaged
09:00 depending on what their specific needs are
09:04 and then we will be able to care for them.
09:05 The city is estimating that if we can get at least 20 Providers
09:09 by God's grace, we've got 18...
09:11 I'm pushing for 50...
09:12 if we can get 20 Providers to volunteer their time
09:15 we will see and be able to treat a 1,000 people a day.
09:18 That's 2,500 people in two-and-a-half days.
09:22 So you'll be involving this also with some witnessing you have.
09:26 Absolutely, that's the neat thing.
09:28 Central California Conference and
09:30 Northern California Conference
09:32 as Elder Jackson already mentioned
09:33 are all together in this whole big collaborative event
09:37 we're working hand-in-hand...
09:39 Pacific Union ASI is working hand-in-hand
09:40 with the Pacific Union Conference,
09:42 Central and Northern California Conferences
09:44 so all of these contacts will then be followed up,
09:48 the other really exciting thing...
09:49 the name of our Event or Convention is,
09:53 "Building Bridges Big City Evangelism Convention"
09:56 going right along with what Elder Jackson already mentioned
10:01 which is Bridges Bay Area for Jesus
10:03 which is the Pacific Union Conference's initiative...
10:05 I'm sorry, go ahead.
10:07 No, you go ahead... if this is in April...
10:10 This is April 23 to 27 and we need volunteers,
10:13 we need Physicians, Dentists, Ophthalmologists, Lay People,
10:18 anybody willing to serve and be able to just come out
10:22 and be a witness for Jesus with His...
10:25 basically let your hands be His hands.
10:28 Wow! that is exciting, I tell you,
10:30 now this is a way that we feel
10:33 that in that particular instance,
10:36 it could be the opening wedge there in San Francisco.
10:40 Absolutely, and we are actually coinciding
10:42 with their big reaping event,
10:44 Central California's reaping event
10:46 is going on right at the same time
10:48 and so our people that will come through
10:50 are going to be invited and their people that go through...
10:53 their events... their reaping session
10:55 will be invited to the free medical care as well.
10:57 You know, San Francisco is a pretty secular community
11:00 and for this opportunity to be brought to them...
11:03 it allows the city to see that we Seventh-day Adventists...
11:07 we care about people...
11:08 just like Jesus did... and even if nothing else happened
11:12 which I know...
11:14 something much bigger than this is going to take place
11:16 but even if nothing else happened
11:17 then to break down prejudice and build bridges,
11:21 if you will, with the city officials,
11:23 I believe a great in-road will be made
11:25 and that said,
11:26 Sabbath afternoon... at the Conference...
11:29 we will have the opportunity of professionally
11:31 and thanking the city officials
11:34 for allowing us to participate in helping their community.
11:37 This is going to be exciting
11:39 and we're going to look for a great report
11:41 that comes out of there after this event in April.
11:45 Well, listen, I know that Pastor Murray is ready now
11:49 for our interview and discussion with Ted Wilson,
11:53 the President of the
11:54 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists,
11:57 and Mark Finley, Vice President and also,
11:59 Assistant to the President
12:01 and... so we're going to join them on the stage right now.
12:05 We welcome you to this portion of our Night Light Program
12:10 and thank you for joining us,
12:12 the two gentlemen that I am going to introduce
12:14 really need no introduction to the Adventist audience
12:17 but to our worldwide audience and those who may not know them,
12:20 I am in the company of two very distinguished gentlemen,
12:23 one is the President of the General Conference
12:25 of the Seventh-day Adventists,
12:26 he superintends the work for the Seventh-day Adventist church
12:29 around the world, that is, Pastor Ted Wilson.
12:30 Elder, good to have you here.
12:32 Thank you so much CA... this is a real privilege.
12:34 And the Assistant to the President...
12:37 the right arm... dare I say...
12:39 or the one who holds up his hands
12:41 as Aaron held up Moses' hands,
12:43 Pastor...
12:44 Evangelist... Mark Finley,
12:46 Mark, good to have you here also.
12:47 Thank you CA, it's always good to be on 3ABN.
12:50 Gentlemen, we're talking about
12:53 comprehensive urban evangelism,
12:56 we're talking about this thrust that the church has undertaken
12:59 for the last several years and certainly it...
13:02 it got its impetus this year in New York City
13:05 and so much has happened... is happening...
13:08 will happen in New York City,
13:09 first I want to define some terms
13:11 so that the people know what we're talking about
13:13 walk us through what we envision when we say,
13:16 "Comprehensive Urban Evangelism. "
13:20 Well, maybe I can share, to begin with
13:23 and Pastor Finley can certainly give a larger amplification.
13:28 You know, when Enoch worked in the cities of his day,
13:37 we're told that he went into the cities,
13:41 worked in a very careful way with the people,
13:44 he came out of the cities to be refreshed
13:47 and to be rejuvenated by God Himself
13:51 went back into the cities,
13:53 now there's a good pattern in that,
13:57 when we read in Matthew chapter 9
14:00 that Jesus went about the cities and the villages
14:03 and then we know about his ministry
14:06 and how he came apart to rest awhile,
14:08 we know that He went in... He went out...
14:12 when we understand certain inspired writings,
14:16 by God, I believe, through the inspiration
14:19 of the Holy Spirit speaking to Ellen White,
14:23 we understand that there is a model
14:26 as to how to work in cities
14:27 and it is an in-and-an-out approach
14:31 just as Enoch worked... as Jesus worked...
14:33 so that you have things that are happening in the city,
14:36 you also come out... you rest awhile...
14:38 but you are not doing a hit-and-run kind of evangelism,
14:43 you're doing something in the cities
14:45 because we have churches in the cities,
14:47 we have Centers of Influence in the cities,
14:49 we have integrated media evangelism
14:52 such as 3ABN, Hope Channel and so many others,
14:55 we have small-groups' meeting,
14:58 we have young people going door to door...
15:02 selling Christian literature,
15:03 we have all kinds of things that are happening,
15:06 medical missionary work,
15:08 comprehensive health ministry that is to take place
15:11 all kinds of ways in which to attract people,
15:15 all of those things constitute a comprehensive approach
15:19 so that there's a sustained, comprehensive
15:23 reaching-out to people in a community
15:26 preferably right around churches and in unentered areas
15:30 so that you don't have this kind of swooping in,
15:33 hold a meeting, leave...
15:36 and then, what happens after that?
15:38 So, the comprehensive aspect is to truly fulfill
15:41 God's original plan, that the local churches,
15:45 the church members... going door to door...
15:48 working in their local communities,
15:50 community services,
15:51 all of these things will reach out and touch people's lives
15:53 and then, as Christ's method itself
15:57 points out to us, in our ministry,
16:00 then we are to tell people, "Follow Christ. "
16:03 Understood, several years ago, I coined the term,
16:06 "Guerilla Evangelism"
16:08 you know, you appear,
16:09 you fire off a few shots and you disappear
16:11 and then a couple of years later you appear again,
16:13 fire off a few rounds and then disappear
16:15 and, by the grace of God, the church has grown doing that,
16:18 we've done that, we've contacted the cities
16:21 but never impacted them on a long-term basis
16:24 and I think, that's what we're trying to address,
16:25 isn't it Mark?
16:27 It is, and as Pastor Wilson has said,
16:29 Pastor Wilson quoted Mathew chapter 9 and verse 35
16:35 where it says,
16:37 "And Jesus went about all the cities and villages,
16:39 teaching in their synagogues,
16:41 and preaching the gospel of the kingdom,
16:43 and healing every sickness and every disease
16:46 among the people. "
16:47 So what is comprehensive evangelism?
16:49 It is a total ministry,
16:51 ministering to the physical, mental, emotional
16:55 and spiritual needs in the city,
16:56 so the church becomes a center of God's redemptive grace
17:01 the body of Christ... the church...
17:04 reaches out to touch people,
17:06 Jesus met physical needs, He touched the eyes of the blind
17:10 He touched the ears of the deaf,
17:11 Jesus met psychological and emotional needs
17:15 and He had to have a purpose in that
17:17 to meet spiritual needs
17:18 so comprehensive evangelism includes health ministry,
17:22 Stop Smoking Programs, Cooking Schools,
17:25 Weight Reduction...
17:26 it includes a ministry...
17:29 an emotional ministry to the family,
17:32 depression ministry...
17:33 it includes everything from giving out clothing
17:37 to ministering to the sick,
17:39 to helping people in every way possible,
17:43 to passing out literature, to giving Bible Studies,
17:45 to small groups,
17:46 to public evangelistic meetings to nurture and follow up,
17:50 so comprehensive urban evangelism
17:53 is reaching people in every way possible
17:56 with every means possible
17:59 to touch them for the kingdom of God
18:01 and seeing them saved and prepared
18:02 for the second coming of Jesus.
18:04 Amen, we know, Gentlemen,
18:06 that one of the jobs of the church
18:08 is to meet people where they are,
18:09 talk to me about what reality in the world that we face
18:13 drove us to develop this plan for Urban Evangelism,
18:17 obviously, we looked at the world
18:19 that we're called to minister to,
18:20 we saw patterns and then we developed ministry
18:24 to address those patterns,
18:25 what did we see about our world around us
18:28 that called us to move into Urban Evangelism
18:30 in such a strong way?
18:31 First of all, it's what God would have us do
18:34 in these very last days of earth's history,
18:37 about three... four years' ago,
18:41 we passed the mark of more people living
18:44 in urban centers than are living in rural areas
18:48 and that's the first time in the history of the earth
18:51 that that's ever happened,
18:52 so, if we were told as a church,
18:56 over a 100 years ago,
18:58 that the essential work is the work in the cities
19:03 and that we ought to be working there,
19:05 then how much more
19:07 ought we to be working there right now?
19:09 And so, it's where the people are,
19:12 and we can't ignore that
19:14 so we've just taken very seriously
19:17 the commission that God has given
19:19 and He's asked us to actually
19:23 work in these huge metropolitan areas,
19:27 one of my favorite passages or quotations
19:31 from a book called Medical Ministry,
19:34 is on page 304 and people... they get tired of hearing it
19:40 but it thrills me whenever I recount
19:43 and it says,
19:44 "When the cities are worked as God would have them,
19:47 the result will be the setting an operation
19:50 of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witnessed... "
19:53 and by God's grace... and we'll get into this, I'm sure,
19:56 about New York... NY13... what happened in New York
20:00 Mark Finley was so much involved in that
20:03 in helping to organize that,
20:05 Robert Costa and so many others,
20:07 Don King... one of our leaders in that area,
20:10 what we're hoping by God's grace
20:13 is that the mighty movement has begun
20:16 because we're trying to do the work God has assigned to us
20:21 under His guidance and through His power
20:24 and in obedience... the Lord will bless.
20:26 Now let me ask you, you were just in New York
20:29 and this is a very modern city, a very secular place...
20:33 how does our prophetic message reach people there?
20:37 Or does it reach the modern or post-modern individual today?
20:42 Well, the Word of God is eternal
20:45 and it touches the hearts of people
20:48 regardless of where they are... what culture they're in,
20:51 what time they're in,
20:53 it's absolutely amazing and I was just thrilled
20:57 to be part of only one public evangelistic meeting
21:00 now we were talking about the comprehensive aspect
21:03 of evangelism in an urban area,
21:05 periodically, you need to have those public evangelistic
21:10 approaches to people,
21:12 because the preaching of God's Word does something
21:15 for people's hearts,
21:17 not only for the people listening,
21:19 it does something for those who are preaching themselves
21:22 and I just was reenergized
21:25 with being able to preach those beautiful truths from Scripture,
21:28 but as we... as we preached these messages
21:34 in Greenwich village
21:36 which, remember, is only one of about a 100 meetings
21:39 that were taking place in the month of June,
21:41 in New York there are about 400 meetings during this year
21:45 that are going to take place
21:46 and they've got plans for the future as well,
21:48 but this was just one meeting
21:51 as I was preaching there in Greenwich village,
21:54 assisted by the world renowned evangelist...
21:58 can you imagine preaching in a church
22:02 and having an experienced evangelist like this
22:05 just sitting and listening to you, of course, I was...
22:07 I was saying, "Amen" though.
22:08 Laughter...
22:10 And I got experience once with Kenneth Cox,
22:12 I'm preaching and Cox is sitting there every night,
22:14 in fact, he's putting my slides up for me,
22:17 and I was like, "What in the world am I doing preaching... "
22:19 so I know your feeling...
22:20 But I was actually using sermons
22:23 that Pastor Finley had prepared and... with beautiful graphics
22:28 and available to pastors anywhere...
22:31 and they're just fabulous...
22:32 and they use a marvelous computer system
22:35 very simple to use with a synchronizer...
22:38 beautiful graphics on the screen...
22:40 you're seeing a script
22:41 which you can adapt as you want and all of that...
22:43 there's no excuse for anybody to say,
22:47 "Well, I don't have materials and I can't preach... "
22:50 there are so many resources and materials that anyone can use
22:54 and the Holy Spirit uses you
22:56 but when you're preaching the Word of God
22:59 and you're sharing this message with people,
23:01 I don't care whether it's in Greenwich Village...
23:04 in one of the most sophisticated,
23:06 secular... money places
23:08 in this country... in the United States
23:10 or whether it is in a rural area,
23:13 the Holy Spirit uses the preaching of God's Word
23:17 to touch people's hearts and it happened in New York.
23:20 Let me do a follow up on that,
23:22 you mentioned about what it does to the preacher's heart
23:25 and what it does to our own people,
23:27 there are... I have someone who came in touch with our ministry
23:33 not long ago and wrote a lot of music for us,
23:36 who started going to our churches
23:38 and he said, "I'm just amazed, I'm going to your church
23:42 and I never hear your message,
23:43 I never hear the message of Seventh-day Adventists
23:47 in a Seventh-day Adventist church... "
23:49 now, there are some Pastors... Pastor John...
23:52 That's sad.
23:53 It is... I'm encouraging and hoping that we can encourage
23:57 our own ministers... when I've done Sabbath morning series
24:01 they've been very successful, not only in bringing people in
24:05 but in also... in encouraging our own members
24:08 with the truths that we believe and should not get far from.
24:12 Pastor John Carter, his church is built on that,
24:16 he repeats those prophetic messages,
24:20 he repeats the Sabbath,
24:21 he repeats these subjects over and over again
24:25 and his people never tire,
24:26 he comes at it from a different angle every single time
24:30 but I think that many of our preachers
24:32 need to return to preaching Seventh-day Adventist sermons
24:37 and not the kind of sermons you might hear
24:40 on some of the radio stations.
24:41 And the preaching of the three angels' messages.
24:44 Yes.
24:46 The Series that we held was entitled: Revelation of Hope
24:49 and it was focusing on the prophecies in Daniel,
24:53 Revelation... primarily...
24:55 and, of course, using Scripture in a broad way as well
25:00 but the book of Revelation is a book for today
25:04 and it's absolutely marvelous to see the church members
25:08 in that historic Manhattan church
25:10 on West 11th Street in Lower Manhattan,
25:13 they just got so excited,
25:15 they got so energized by the Holy Spirit,
25:18 the Church members themselves...
25:20 and now, we're seeing the results of that, Pastor Finley,
25:23 and Bible Study is continuing there in that church,
25:27 there are people who are being studied with on a regular basis
25:32 and it's just exciting to see what's happening.
25:34 I want to go back, and... and...
25:36 of course, you've rehearsed this so many times
25:39 but I know that it's a subject that's close to both of you
25:42 because the experience is still fresh
25:45 we see New York as sort of a template
25:48 for what's going to happen around the world,
25:49 talk to us a little bit about... Gentlemen...
25:53 about the kinds of pre-Event things that we use
25:56 to sort of prepare the city,
25:57 and I know there are a lot of things going on
25:59 before the actual state of meetings began
26:01 but give us just some of the flavor
26:03 of those pre-meetings and those pre-events.
26:05 Previous to Elder Wilson's coming,
26:07 about a year in advance, we began to meet with pastors
26:11 and discuss with them the possibilities for New York City
26:14 as those Planning Meetings progressed,
26:17 in January a team of us went out to New York City,
26:21 Pastor Wilson came with us and we rented the
26:25 100-College auditorium
26:27 particularly for the Manhattan Series,
26:30 there were about seven active churches
26:33 that were involved with Pastor Wilson's meetings
26:36 in the Manhattan Series, probably 11 or 12 churches
26:39 that participated
26:40 but there were really seven core churches
26:42 in Hunter College, we rented an auditorium,
26:46 we had about 2,200 people at the auditorium
26:50 that night... that afternoon...
26:52 and we challenged them to be involved in witness-in-ministry,
26:56 we organized a very strong comprehensive
27:01 intercessory prayer ministry,
27:02 every member had a card
27:04 in which they were praying for their friends and neighbors,
27:06 we began to conduct training seminars,
27:10 my wife trained over 500 lay Bible Workers in New York City.
27:15 We train small-group Leaders... 140 to 150 small-group Leaders,
27:21 there were other training events
27:23 by Conference and Union personnel
27:26 where 100s were trained to participate
27:29 in health-outreach ministries.
27:32 Denzel McNeil is from ASI came
27:34 and trained about 300 people to hold the New Beginnings Seminars
27:38 so when the 400 evangelistic meetings are launched,
27:42 it was our desire
27:44 that there would be pretty strong pre-work before that,
27:47 now honestly, that did not happen in every case
27:50 there were some cases where it didn't
27:52 but in a majority of cases it did.
27:53 In the Manhattan meetings, before Elder Wilson's meetings,
27:57 we had Bible Workers there, our new school...
28:00 the North East Evangelism Training School
28:03 NETS brought its students in to give Bible Studies,
28:07 we mailed Bible Study Cards to the area,
28:11 over a 100 people responded for Bible Studies
28:13 we also began a program of health evangelistic activities,
28:18 with the Pastor Tony Romeo and his wife
28:21 every month would have health programs...
28:24 vegetarian cooking in there... in their church...
28:26 my wife and I did a comprehensive approach
28:30 to a week-long health series
28:33 before the evangelistic meetings,
28:34 so... many, many things were happening.
28:37 When Elder Wilson came to hold the evangelistic meetings,
28:40 we actually have a pre-enrollment system
28:42 where we pre-enrolled over 500 people
28:44 that would attend his evangelistic series,
28:48 each evening... on the weekends
28:51 we would run about 550 people attending
28:53 during the week... 350...
28:54 and that attendance was steady, it was constant the whole time,
28:58 when Pastor Wilson began to make appeals, scores came forward
29:02 and we began to baptize... and it just was a miracle
29:04 to see what God did in Greenwich Village.
29:07 You've got to use a real variety of ways
29:10 in which to attract people
29:11 and to do something of this nature...
29:15 without this type of preparatory work...
29:18 if you only rely on advertising and that kind of thing...
29:23 which is important as well,
29:24 but if you only did that,
29:25 you would have a pretty poor showing
29:28 so it's important to do this
29:30 comprehensive evangelistic approach
29:33 and this was one of the reasons that we wanted to use New York
29:38 and have New York as a symbol
29:41 because we're told that that can be
29:42 a symbol as to how God can work in the rest of the world,
29:47 I think also, we need to mention and maybe you'll get into this,
29:52 we had an international field school of evangelism
29:54 which was absolutely phenomenal,
29:57 it was organized by Pastor Finley, Pastor Costa,
30:00 we had representatives from
30:01 every single one of our 13 world divisions
30:05 and those people went back, there were about 300 of them,
30:09 they went back so energized...
30:12 so excited about "Mission to the Cities"
30:14 and the opportunity of helping to develop
30:17 in their own Divisions... the plans that are already underway
30:21 to reach over 600 of the largest metropolitan areas of the world.
30:27 So, so much was happening in New York
30:30 and we just give God the glory for the results that have come.
30:35 Admittedly, did we make an enormous dent in New York?
30:42 Well, perhaps from the world's standpoint,
30:47 we didn't shake things,
30:48 but I want to tell you,
30:49 the Holy Spirit has now been able to touch
30:52 100s and 1,000s of lives and the results of this
30:56 is only going to be crescendoing in the future
30:59 because the Holy Spirit is at work.
31:01 Amen.
31:02 Let me jump in with a story,
31:04 you know, somebody challenged us a little bit and said,
31:07 "You know, you didn't even make an impact in New York,
31:11 look at all those millions of people... "
31:13 and it reminded me of a story that I heard once
31:16 that took place in Jamaica.
31:19 There was a very, very high tide that came in
31:23 and put 1,000s and 1,000s of starfish on the beach
31:27 and an old Jamaican man was walking down the beach
31:31 throwing some starfish back in
31:33 but he wasn't making a dent on these 1,000s of starfish
31:35 and a smart American tourist came by
31:38 and he looked and he said,
31:40 "Hey, Man! you think you're going to make a difference?
31:42 Look at those 1,000s of starfish,
31:43 you're not making a dent in this,
31:45 you're not making a difference. "
31:46 And that old Jamaican man bent over,
31:48 picked up one starfish and threw it back in the water and said,
31:51 "Well, I made a difference for that one, didn't I?"
31:53 Laughter.
31:54 That's evangelism, you win them one at a time for Jesus.
31:58 Absolutely... and you never know who that "one" might be.
32:01 That's right.
32:03 You and I know about so many stories...
32:05 but your own story, Marion Kidder holds a meeting
32:09 your father was... had made a decision
32:12 but you... he had made an agreement
32:15 not to share his faith with the family,
32:18 with the priest, he said, "I won't do it. "
32:21 But you went to that meeting
32:22 to find out what your father's church believed
32:26 and God touched your heart,
32:27 I don't think there were very many baptized in that meeting,
32:30 may one, two, three... I don't know...
32:32 but God took you and He has baptized through you
32:38 100s of 1,000s of people around the world,
32:42 so you see, Folks, evangelism is something
32:45 that... you may think...
32:47 that something is not as successful
32:52 as you might wish it were
32:54 but you never know who those people are
32:57 and how God will multiply what they do.
33:00 God does not... He's not involved with failures,
33:04 He's always involved with success.
33:06 I think what happened in New York
33:09 was absolutely fantastic.
33:11 I think it is unique, I am so excited about it
33:16 because I've been around a few years,
33:17 I've seen meetings in big cities that never finished.
33:21 I've seen meetings where
33:22 the evangelist cut them off a week or two before
33:25 they were supposed to be finished,
33:27 he said, "Well, we're going to bring it to a close... "
33:29 and he had had a little save-face
33:31 but the truth was, there wasn't anybody coming.
33:33 Night after night, those people came...
33:37 night after night there were decisions made
33:41 and we don't know until we are sitting together
33:44 around the sea of glass,
33:46 visiting with those who made decisions
33:49 and those who found others afterwards.
33:52 We really don't know... that's all the impact.
33:55 We're thankful for 3ABN for coming to New York too.
33:57 Well, we were happy to there.
33:58 Yeah, it was great to see you in there.
34:00 It was exciting to be there.
34:01 It's exciting to know
34:03 that on 11th Street in Greenwich Village,
34:05 over 300
34:07 non-Seventh-day Adventists
34:09 came to Pastor Wilson's meetings.
34:11 Right.
34:12 Thousands throughout New York came,
34:15 Sure, there are millions but God, literally,
34:19 gave us 1,000s of guests and visitors.
34:21 Amen.
34:22 And we just praise God for what He did.
34:25 So many stories...
34:27 there is a young advertising executive
34:30 who is responsible for numerous hotels in that city
34:35 who came to Pastor Wilson's meetings
34:38 with his fiancé... made a major decision for Christ
34:43 and said, "I can never be the same again,"
34:45 is preparing to go off to Southern Adventist University
34:48 to take Theology.
34:49 There is a Chinese Architect who...
34:52 and his wife were baptized... going back to China
34:57 to share the love of God
35:00 so there is so much that's going on by the grace of God.
35:04 Praise God.
35:05 You know, the East Coast is not an easy place,
35:07 you know that, you've worked there,
35:09 I worked in New England, also part of the East Coast
35:13 and a very difficult place
35:15 and I remember that there was an educator
35:18 who had come to the conclusion that evangelism was dead
35:22 and in the meeting with me and with my Conference President
35:26 and two educators,
35:27 they were giving me a hard time about doing evangelism
35:30 and I mean, sincerely... a hard time,
35:33 and the Educator who was very prominent
35:36 said, "I want to tell you something...
35:39 Jim, you know if you were honest
35:40 that the day of evangelism is over... "
35:43 and I said, "Well, I don't think it is. "
35:46 To make a long story short, in the next Series that I held,
35:49 this Educator's sister
35:52 who had been out of the church for 40 years,
35:55 came back... you later were her Pastor.
35:57 She came back to the church with her husband
36:01 who had never been a member and was baptized
36:04 that... he had the privilege of going down and baptizing her
36:08 and re-baptizing her and baptizing her husband
36:11 and later, people would tell me...
36:14 he was on the Conference Committee
36:15 they said, "You know, you've got the best friend in the world,
36:18 in the Conference Committee...
36:19 every time a budget comes up, the votes it... "
36:21 he knew that evangelism was alive and well
36:26 why? Because it was personal,
36:28 somebody has said, "All politics is personal. "
36:30 All soul winning is personal, it's one person at a time.
36:37 Even if there are crowds,
36:39 they are one single individual multiplying
36:42 and that is the story to me of New York City.
36:46 What has been... instead of cursing the darkness,
36:50 you have been lighting candles
36:52 and you're going to see the brightness of those continually.
36:57 You've got to do something,
36:58 if you don't do something... you know...
37:00 and the Holy Spirit is in it and He'll magnify it.
37:03 Absolutely.
37:04 When we look at and talk about the template,
37:07 it seems as though you intentionally took time
37:09 to get buy-in from the local field
37:12 that the pastors, the people, the members,
37:14 the Conference administrators...
37:16 we're going to have Don King and Rohann Wellington here
37:18 in just a few moments but those people in New York,
37:21 New Jersey, New England,
37:22 saw and caught the flavor of what you are trying to do.
37:26 Talk to us about how important it is to get that local buy-in
37:31 for long-term... we're talking about comprehensive
37:33 and sustainability,
37:34 once you go back to the General Conference,
37:36 there's got to be some people on the ground
37:39 who've caught that vision... and carry it through.
37:41 You cannot accomplish much of anything
37:44 unless you have people ready to be involved totally
37:51 in what is hoping for the future to happen
37:56 and in reality... unless we had local church membership
38:02 and pastoral involvement,
38:05 we would have simply been an out-of-town operation
38:10 moving in for a few weeks... leaving...
38:12 and they'd all say, "We're sure glad you're gone. "
38:15 I want to tell you, at the end of that Series,
38:18 and I suppose in most Series, it's like this
38:21 but at the end of this one...
38:22 I missed being there at historic Manhattan Church
38:26 and the church members were just so sad,
38:28 "We don't want to see you leave"
38:30 it was like, part of the family was simply being torn apart
38:34 and you've got to have that local involvement
38:37 and it does something
38:39 not only for the evangelistic meetings themselves
38:43 but it does something for the people who are involved
38:46 and that's God's method,
38:47 He could have sent the angels to do all this evangelism
38:50 but He wants us to be involved
38:52 and that's why personal contact
38:54 and evangelism is absolutely vital.
38:57 What about the...
38:59 can you elaborate a little bit on the follow up
39:03 that's taking place there in the Manhattan camping.
39:06 Yeah, Mark has just received recent word
39:09 about what's happening in that very location
39:11 and, of course, it's happening all across the metropolitan area
39:14 but Mark, share a little bit about what's happening.
39:17 Sure, we recognized that after the meetings
39:20 there would be many people
39:22 who had not yet made a full decision for Christ
39:24 and Bible truth
39:26 and we also recognized
39:27 that there would be many new believers who needed nurturing
39:30 so the last week of our meetings
39:33 we established a three-fold approach
39:36 number one... during our meetings, we had a Bible School
39:40 and we maximized that Bible School
39:44 because many people hadn't finished the lessons
39:46 during the Bible Schools so we developed a system
39:49 where they would continue those Bible Lessons.
39:52 Secondly, we met with the church at Manhattan
39:56 and we organized small groups and we gave them materials,
40:01 in fact, they're studying the book, "Beyond Belief"
40:03 reading it through at homes for small groups.
40:05 Thirdly, which is the major thing that we did was...
40:08 I've written a book called, "What The Bible Says About"
40:12 it's like a Bible Encyclopedia... just came out,
40:15 we provided a copy of that to each of the new believers
40:19 who would come for five nights for Bible Study follow up.
40:24 In the Manhattan Church alone, 35 to 40 new Adventists...
40:28 some older Adventists and new believers
40:31 in interest meet every Wednesday night
40:34 to study that book.
40:35 They are studying the Word of God
40:38 under the direction of our Bible Instructor there
40:40 who is now visiting them in their homes...
40:43 preparing them for baptisms.
40:44 In addition to that,
40:46 there are consistent, regular health outreach
40:48 that's going out of that one Manhattan Church,
40:51 each of our Hispanic Churches who are involved,
40:54 have a copy of the book in Hispanic
40:56 and they are studying
40:58 so I think it's accurate to say that 100s of people
41:01 are continuing to study mid-week
41:04 and throughout on Sabbath mornings
41:07 with our Bible Study follow-up material
41:11 so we're encouraged that this is just the beginning
41:15 of what's going to happen in New York.
41:16 We don't see this as the end of the meetings,
41:18 we are planning, in fact, considering...
41:21 talking to Administration about going back to New York
41:24 with dates before Christmas
41:27 and developing even further
41:29 modalities to reach out to people for Christ.
41:32 Excellent, now, I know that
41:34 the bulk of the meetings are still happening...
41:37 and there was a large number of meetings
41:40 but there are more coming.
41:42 I know our own John Lomacang
41:43 is speaking at the Bethel Church in October,
41:45 so things will be going on right through next year
41:47 is my understanding.
41:48 Absolutely, yeah... and this is...
41:50 but we've kind of coined a term "NY13 Plus"
41:55 because this has to go on until Jesus coming
41:59 and, you know, I think we need to constantly remember
42:05 that the plans we make,
42:08 we're trying to follow counsel from the Bible,
42:12 from the Spirit of Prophecy but the plans that we make
42:15 are not necessarily going to come to fruition
42:18 and be successful just because we made the plans
42:22 or we are trying to follow God's instruction,
42:25 we cannot forsake in any way for forget
42:29 that the power of the Holy Spirit
42:31 is moving in this and when the mighty movement
42:35 actually begins in full force,
42:38 we're going to see unbelievable miracles take place
42:42 and we will not be able to just pat ourselves on the back
42:46 and say, "Well, you know, we went up
42:48 and we held some meetings and all that... "
42:49 no, this is going to be an absolute direct intervention
42:53 in answer to prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit
42:57 and we're beginning to see that happen.
42:59 Church members just became so enthusiastic and alive
43:02 to be there at a beautiful convocation
43:07 at the end of June in the Nassau Coliseum
43:11 where a famous hockey team plays
43:14 but instead of watching hockey,
43:16 people were there watching baptisms take place,
43:19 I mean, it was thrilling and people were excited...
43:23 you folks were there so I mean, you know,
43:25 it was just something that enlivened you
43:28 because the Holy Spirit is in this.
43:31 Amen, we're talking about follow up
43:34 and there are so many different areas and ways...
43:37 of course, I'm really excited
43:39 about the study programs you're doing,
43:41 Pastor Jim Stevens out in Texico
43:45 which is not an urban area for sure
43:47 but there are some cities there,
43:49 they have found that if they install a media dish,
43:55 one that gets Hope, 3ABN or the Roku... one of the Systems,
44:00 they put these in for every family that's baptized,
44:04 they have found that they are retaining 80 percent more
44:09 than they were prior to giving them that
44:12 so when people see it, they keep hearing the message
44:15 they keep going with it, over and over again
44:17 and I don't know what message in New York City...
44:21 so many times, they can't put up dishes
44:23 but we've gone with Roku now,
44:26 Roku is absolutely free for those of us,
44:30 I know it is for Hope Channel
44:31 and for some of the others as well
44:33 so, this is an exciting way that people can get,
44:39 they can transfer their television viewing
44:41 from watching the major networks
44:43 to, now, starting to watch the Adventist networks
44:47 and to get the Adventist message
44:49 and I know there has been a lot of discussion about
44:53 using those things and we would encourage you
44:56 if any way we can be involved, we offer our services to you
45:01 because we believe that media is a key to reaching the cities
45:06 and we found this even around the world
45:09 that places where they will not allow individuals
45:15 to come through a gate to talk to them,
45:18 they will watch the media situation
45:21 and there are other unique places in the US
45:25 where it's really, really working very well.
45:27 We are coming down to the end of our first hour,
45:31 in retrospect, walk us through your experiences
45:34 your feeling... that Sabbath we were all there,
45:36 Nassau Coliseum... I've been to that building many, many times,
45:39 12,000 plus Seventh-day Adventists.
45:41 Long Island Islanders play there.
45:43 Yeah, the hockey team plays there,
45:44 that experience of seeing that crowd... I use that term...
45:49 New York City, New England, Southern New England,
45:52 across the bridge in New Jersey,
45:54 to have Adventists come together and just praise God
45:57 and then to have wonderful baptisms...
45:58 you were in the pool.
46:00 Yeah, it was thrilling, it was thrilling.
46:01 It was a great day.
46:03 To have an event like that,
46:06 it's costly and it's a challenge
46:10 and some people may say, "Oh, you'll never get a crowd"
46:15 but I want to tell you
46:17 it was thrilling to see that many Seventh-day Adventists
46:21 from the metropolitan New York area come together
46:24 because the metropolitan New York area
46:27 is a rather daunting place to be in...
46:30 it's rather formidable,
46:32 20 million people or so in that whole region...
46:37 but yet, to see those faithful Seventh-day Adventist members
46:43 come together with a great sense of mission
46:46 and then understanding that God is going to do great things,
46:49 that... to me was perhaps one of the most thrilling aspects of it
46:53 and to see the fruition of the meetings
46:55 that had taken place through baptisms
46:57 and that was only a fraction of the baptisms
47:00 that had been taking place in the metropolitan area
47:03 on that particular Sabbath.
47:04 To me it was an answer to prayer
47:08 and it was a thrilling encouragement for me
47:12 to know that God wants us to reach these big cities
47:16 and He's going to empower us to do that...
47:19 we need to rely upon Him completely.
47:21 The thing that was so thrilling to me
47:23 in addition... that Sabbath was to see
47:26 the two Conference Presidents stand on the platform
47:29 from North Eastern and from the Greater New York Conference
47:32 with their hands bound together...
47:34 two Conferences in unity and then, of course,
47:38 to see 3ABN there, Hope Channel there,
47:41 unity together...
47:43 to see pastors, lay people there unity together,
47:46 medical missionaries, gospel workers... unity together
47:50 and I think, one of the things
47:51 that the Holy Spirit really blesses
47:54 is when the church comes together,
47:57 puts aside any differences between ministries or whatever
48:01 and unifies for Christ for one goal...
48:04 to win people for Jesus
48:05 so we want to express our deepest appreciation to 3ABN
48:09 and the fact that its one mission
48:13 beyond everything else, is to win people for Jesus
48:17 and to unite with the church structure
48:21 as a supporting ministry,
48:23 we just can't just tell you Jim and CA
48:26 how much we appreciate the fact that we can work together.
48:29 You mentioned that about the structure
48:32 and I think people sometimes don't realize this
48:34 but we have those who would come...
48:37 those who are really very intelligent
48:39 and they say to us,
48:40 "You're spending your money in places like India
48:44 and South America and in China
48:46 and all around the world
48:48 in places where not one dime comes back,
48:52 you need to spend all of your money in the US
48:55 because this is where your income comes from. "
48:58 Now, this is what those who... even following our message
49:02 but they are thinking it financially,
49:04 we say, "But that's not our goal,
49:08 our goal is to... yes... exist...
49:10 and to be able to pay our bills
49:12 and to be able to expand
49:14 and be able to get better equipment
49:15 and to be able to do the things we need to do
49:18 but our real goal is to get this message around the world
49:23 and go home... that is our goal...
49:26 and that's why we're just putting ourselves
49:29 on a new satellite that will cover a great part of India now,
49:34 better than we have ever had there before
49:38 and we're teaming up with some other situations
49:41 to help reach India.
49:42 Why? Because there are souls there
49:44 and you know the exciting thing,
49:47 I was just talking with someone here
49:49 from the General Conference and they were telling us
49:53 about some of the countries that are non-Christian countries
49:57 where people are watching 3ABN
50:01 and it was unbelievable to me but they said,
50:05 "Do you know what programs they watch?"
50:07 And I thought, "Well, maybe they watch the kids' programs
50:10 or maybe they watch evangelism or preaching... "
50:12 and I'm thinking that,
50:13 they said, "No, they start with the exercise programs
50:17 because the people are dressed modestly,
50:21 they're not wearing leotards
50:23 or they're not wearing shorts or things like that
50:26 and so these ladies who are very much into modesty
50:29 in some of these cultures, they start out working...
50:32 then, before long, they leave the television on
50:35 and they're starting to watch some of the other programs
50:38 and over and over again, 100s and 1,000s of them...
50:43 and some of these countries...
50:45 we know, that we have underground churches
50:48 of 200 to 300 people that are meeting
50:52 in some of these countries that have to be unnamed obviously
50:56 but this is what we can do with media
51:01 which, even in New York City,
51:03 you know, that we've got a tremendous
51:07 Verizon Fios outreach there with Verizon
51:10 and with Dish Network so... and Hope Channel with DirectTV
51:15 so, we're reaching out and reaching in... to these pockets
51:20 now we talked earlier about the Field school
51:22 what... I know we don't have much time
51:24 but tell us the impact of that international field school.
51:28 As Pastor Wilson mentioned,
51:30 we had people from 300 countries plus... in the world,
51:34 we had classes 3 or 4 days a week
51:37 in which we studied the art of evangelism,
51:39 in addition to that,
51:41 we had teachers coming from Southern Adventist University
51:43 teaching fundamental Adventist doctrines like,
51:46 Creation, Sanctuary,
51:48 emphasizing the Sabbath through the Creation Model,
51:53 emphasizing outreach and evangelism,
51:56 talking about Biblical preaching
51:58 and talking about the Spirit of Prophecy,
52:00 and its Biblical foundations
52:03 and so we had Theology classes
52:06 for our representatives from all over the world
52:08 as well as practical evangelism classes.
52:10 My wife and I did a good portion of the teaching
52:13 as we did... many other teachers participated with us.
52:16 When these representatives went back,
52:20 they now have planned
52:22 field schools of evangelism for their countries...
52:25 with pastors in their countries...
52:26 so, for example in the former Soviet Union... in the Ukraine
52:30 there'll be a major field school of evangelism.
52:32 These field schools will take place throughout Australia,
52:35 throughout Africa, throughout Europe,
52:37 throughout all the different parts of the world,
52:39 in these varying cities,
52:42 there will be Union Evangelistic Meetings held in...
52:46 and we have Sections of the world field called Unions
52:49 for those that may not be aware of that
52:51 but there are about 120 of those Unions
52:53 every one of those Sections
52:55 we'll choose a major city at least once,
52:57 some... two or three... there'll be field schools there.
52:59 In over 500 local Conferences, there will be some field schools
53:05 there will be some...
53:06 they're choosing cities for evangelistic outreach,
53:09 so, what happened in New York City
53:11 has ripple effects all over the world for further training,
53:15 we've produced materials and evangelistic manual
53:18 that's being translated in scores of languages
53:22 and we are thrilled as the spirit of mission...
53:26 the spirit of evangelism... the spirit of soul-winning...
53:29 the spirit of witnessing... is taking hold all over the world
53:32 where the church is focusing on mission
53:34 and winning people for Jesus.
53:35 One of the things that we looked at from the outside in...
53:40 is that a venture of this nature
53:43 would call for unprecedented cooperation and unity
53:46 and I think one of the glorious default settings
53:49 on this venture was that we saw
53:53 unprecedented-working-together of Conferences,
53:56 having worked in New York City for 30 years,
53:58 I know those things that can divide,
54:00 some real... some artificial...
54:01 but it must have brought joy to both of your hearts
54:05 to see everybody sort of pulling together and working together
54:08 in a venture that had to have that kind of cooperation,
54:11 if it was going to be a success,
54:12 talk about that for just a little bit.
54:14 Well, when you think about New York
54:17 and it represents about 800 languages
54:19 spoken in New York City
54:21 and the diversity that that creates...
54:24 and then the fulfillment in this kind of an endeavor
54:29 of Christ's prayer of John 17 of unity,
54:32 you can see how the Lord intends to propel His church
54:40 into the final days of proclamation
54:42 being unified in the mission of the church
54:47 and forgetting a lot of the extraneous sideline situations
54:54 that tend to draw us away from the main focus
54:57 which is the proclamation of the three angels' messages
55:00 to bring people back to the true worship of God,
55:03 to help them understand
55:05 that Christ has provided His righteousness for us,
55:09 both in justification and through sanctification
55:13 that He has provided a way of escape for us.
55:17 When you grasp that incredible message and you proclaim it,
55:21 it helps you to put your own perspective
55:27 in a heavenly perspective
55:29 and the things become much clearer
55:32 as to what's important and what's not
55:35 and I think as... as our church members
55:38 grasp this great commission that the Lord has given to us,
55:43 and we... as Christ did... described in Luke 19 verse 41,
55:48 He wept for the city of Jerusalem.
55:51 He wept for the people whom He knew would reject Him
55:55 then, we can help to weep for the people
55:59 and do far more than just weep,
56:01 get in there and work through the power of the Holy Spirit
56:05 and it will unify us because the Holy Spirit is in it.
56:08 Yes, I heard from many people, this is... people in New York...
56:12 who... you don't look into the face of another person
56:16 when you're passing them on the street or riding on the Subway,
56:18 who said, "You know, I feel the presence of the Lord,
56:20 I feel us coming together... "
56:22 "coming together" we've heard that so many, many times
56:24 particularly on that Sabbath at Nassau
56:26 and I think that's the legacy... one of the legacies...
56:29 that will be left at the church, the church in New York City
56:32 is now firing on all cylinders...
56:34 all pulling in the same direction...
56:35 that must be a great thing... Mark...
56:37 Pause...
56:39 On the Day of Pentecost,
56:40 the disciples were brought together
56:43 by the Holy Spirit in unity,
56:44 we believe that God's going to do that again
56:47 and we thank God that it has begun in New York City.
56:52 Hmmm... wow!
56:53 And it has begun and...
56:55 you worked there for so many years...
56:57 I had the privilege of working there after 9... 11...
57:01 that's where we met... in fact...
57:03 and I saw some of the challenges of leadership
57:09 and some of the challenges
57:11 of two Conferences that cover the same territory
57:14 and these seem to have been surmounted
57:19 in this particular meeting and we saw... as we said...
57:22 those Presidents holding hands,
57:24 that was very, very significant that we are together
57:29 in unity... in finishing God's work.
57:32 Well, listen, we're going to take a break right now
57:35 for just a moment, get a drink of water...
57:37 like we're going to do and then come back and join us...
57:41 call your friends... right now, would you.


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