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Participants: Pr. Jim Gilley (Host), Pr. Dan Jackson, Pr. C.A. Murray, Pr. Mark Finley, Pr. Ted Wilson, Pr. Don King, Pr. Rohann Wellington, Pr. John Bradshaw, Pr. Frank Fournier, Norman & Heather Knight


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00:10 We are back for our Number 2,
00:11 and hopefully, you caught our Number 1,
00:13 we were so grateful to have
00:15 our General Conference President and Mark Finley.
00:17 We have two gentlemen here
00:18 who are integral to the work in the Northeast,
00:21 Don King, the President of the Atlantic Union
00:24 which covered the territory and he superintended the work there,
00:27 chaired the meetings and wore the many hats
00:29 and a good buddy of mine,
00:31 Rohann Wellington... we worked together,
00:33 he is the Communication Director
00:35 for the Greater New York Conference
00:36 but also heads up the work for Atlantic Union Adventist Media
00:40 which was the media outlet that covered the meetings
00:45 and put on that wonderful Day of Unity in Nassau Coliseum.
00:52 When, Don King, the idea was brought to you,
00:57 did you see the potential right away?
00:59 Was it something that you gravitated to...
01:01 was it something that you sort of took hold of
01:03 or were you a little skeptical?
01:05 Well, actually, about two years before 2013,
01:08 I got a call from the President's office
01:12 indicating that there was a desire to come to New York City
01:15 and do this initiative
01:18 and immediately, I will be honest...
01:22 I was very excited!
01:23 Laughter. Praise the Lord.
01:26 Oh yes, because, you know, my... I have evangelism in my DNA
01:32 and anything on Evangelism... I really get excited
01:36 so, I was thrilled to know that
01:39 this initiative from Elder Wilson's office
01:42 and Mark Finley and others
01:44 for this tremendous opportunity
01:46 to reach New York for Jesus Christ
01:48 and to share the everlasting gospel
01:50 so, yes, yes, I was very excited about it.
01:53 I didn't think it would take too much arm twisting,
01:55 you pastored with the President of Northeastern for a while
01:58 so you know the New York city pretty well... been in the Union
02:01 so you've had to deal with all of the Conferences
02:03 and you're a pretty forward-thinking guy
02:05 so I don't think they'd have to twist your arm too hard.
02:06 Well, thank you CA, thank you, you're very kind.
02:09 Tell us about some of the meetings...
02:10 some of the logistics... some of the things you had to do
02:13 as far as getting the men who worked under you on board
02:16 and catching the vision.
02:17 Well, that was not as easy as getting excited
02:21 because that took quite a bit of doing,
02:24 one of the first things we did
02:27 is to work with the local Conference leadership
02:31 and working together to corral and galvanize our workers there
02:39 in the New York City area,
02:40 the Pastors, the Leaders there, the Key Leaders and so forth
02:46 and of course, we...
02:48 the Coordinating Committee which I chair,
02:51 for the last year... year-and-a-half or so...
02:54 we spent quite a bit of time thinking through
02:57 how we're going to really make this happen
03:00 and one of the things that came up, right at the outset is,
03:04 we've got to bring the Pastors together
03:06 and we've got to share with them
03:09 the vision of this initiative
03:11 and help them understand how we might do this together.
03:16 You've got to realize,
03:18 this is not something that's been done before.
03:20 We were really treading new water here in New York City.
03:25 Not only two Conferences working together in this way
03:30 but also... the pastors...
03:32 not having had this kind of exposure before
03:35 of this massive metropolitan evangelistic thrust
03:39 so, bringing the pastors together was very important
03:43 and I'm so happy we did and I will say, from the very offset,
03:47 we had very good support, gentlemen, very good support...
03:51 in fact the pastors came out, they attended very well,
03:55 we had just about a... probably a very large percentage
03:59 maybe 90 percent of the pastors,
04:01 here in New York City attending.
04:03 That is a miracle of the Holy Spirit
04:06 because, in the time that I was there,
04:08 I found that there were a large number of pastors
04:11 who did not believe in public evangelism
04:14 in that particular part of the world,
04:17 in other words, there were a lot of individuals...
04:20 I'm not sure how they...
04:22 what kind of evangelism they did believe in
04:24 because I never could find that out
04:26 but getting all these different nationalities...
04:30 different philosophies...
04:32 getting them to agree
04:34 to support something like this is a miracle.
04:37 You're absolutely so correct, it was a miracle,
04:41 it is a miracle and the miracle continues
04:44 because, I tell you, the support has really come through,
04:47 it wasn't easy at the beginning but it really came through,
04:50 we just kept our coordinating committee... we kept pushing it,
04:53 our Conference Presidents and Leadership...
04:55 they kept pushing it and together we moved forward...
04:59 we moved forward as a team and I praise God for that.
05:02 Amen.
05:03 You know, 9... 11... forced us together...
05:06 NY13 drew us together...
05:08 I want to call him "Welly" because he's my brother...
05:12 he knows...
05:14 That's okay... it's okay...
05:15 laughter...
05:18 Talk to us about your role because you were...
05:20 sort of the media arm... the PR arm...
05:22 talk to us about your role and what you were assigned to do.
05:25 I was assigned to coordinate the communication PR team,
05:29 we had a wonderful... we still have...
05:32 because it's not... NY13 is not over yet...
05:34 it continues toward the end of the year,
05:36 we had a nice team of crew... people to work with,
05:40 Communication Directors from the Northeastern Conference,
05:42 Jeanine Johnson,
05:43 Southern New England...
05:45 the Atlantic Union... Ed Davison
05:47 New Jersey Conference, the Allegany East Conference
05:50 and George Johnson from the North American Division...
05:53 that's right... Columbia Union...
05:55 coming together to form that Committee...
05:57 and we talked... looked at how we would have...
05:59 Yes, Southern New England... Southern New England...
06:04 and we looked at how we would brand this NY13 Program
06:09 both internally and externally
06:12 and so we looked at... kind of energizing the base
06:15 letting our membership get excited,
06:17 the same level of excitement
06:18 that the President... Dr. King talked about
06:20 in getting the passes,
06:22 trying to get the base energized around NY13
06:25 and then also, how will we market that to the public?
06:30 Because the public... in some cultures
06:32 13 is not necessarily a good number for some people
06:36 but we branded the public arm
06:41 of what we're doing as "Revelation of Hope"
06:43 and so we have a NY13 website
06:47 that caters for the internal audience
06:48 and we have a Revelation of Hope
06:50 which is an external-branded website
06:52 not using internal language
06:53 but using more acceptable language
06:55 towards the external audience
06:57 and we have all our meetings, for the most part,
07:01 that are taking place throughout 2013...
07:04 you can find that on our website: revelationofhope. com
07:08 that's for our external audience
07:11 and we kind of came together... planned awhile...
07:13 working, of course, under the leadership of Dr. King
07:16 and the Presidents to make it happen.
07:17 Gentlemen, I am going to get very crass...
07:19 because it's very crass to talk about numbers
07:21 and yet, numbers are a great part of what we do.
07:24 What kind of baptismal numbers, Don, did we get...
07:26 and I know the numbers are growing and still...
07:28 so it's a fluid number... whatever you give and growing...
07:32 Yeah, actually since January 1, my Conference Presidents
07:35 have informed me that we are well over 2,000 baptisms
07:39 as a result of NY13 and this initiative
07:42 and this is just in metropolitan New York City,
07:45 which, of course, includes across the river in New Jersey
07:48 with the New Jersey Conference
07:50 and the Alleghany East Conference.
07:51 That's great.
07:53 And I think, if I may, I work...
07:55 representing Greater New York Conference,
07:57 I know, Dr. Don here is from Northeastern...
07:59 but my President, Dr. Knight
08:01 and our Conference Secretary, Dr. Sanders
08:03 would be happy to share this because we've had...
08:06 from January to about this point,
08:08 a 50 percent increase in the baptismal totals
08:13 that we've had compared to last year
08:14 and last year was one of the highest years
08:18 that we have had on record in the Greater New York Conference
08:20 so already the same Spirit that worked at Pentecost,
08:23 is working in NY13.
08:25 You see that same kind of increase in Northeastern as well
08:28 with Dr. Honore and his team
08:30 doing an outstanding job with that
08:32 their pastors... yeah.
08:33 Sometimes, people get the idea
08:36 that nothing is happening in New York
08:38 and yet, I would always... as the Conference President
08:41 look at the figures from Greater New York
08:45 and from Northeastern and see...
08:48 especially Greater New York
08:50 we're seeing unbelievably high percentages of baptisms.
08:55 Now, certain people groups have been fairly easy to reach
09:00 or successfully reaching them
09:02 but some have been more difficult and...
09:06 but this time, it seems like you were able to make inroads
09:09 into the more difficult people groups
09:12 as well as still reaching immigrant groups
09:16 and those that are coming in from other countries.
09:18 Yeah, that is very true, Jim, and we praise God for that...
09:22 that in-reach into the various demographic
09:26 and cultural groups of New York City
09:28 as you know New York is very, very diverse now
09:32 and we're not only trying reach the English-based...
09:37 English-speaking population
09:39 but also the various other languages
09:41 and one thing I'll say, Jim, that the Hispanic...
09:45 our Hispanic brethren in New York City...
09:47 my... my... my! how hard they work...
09:49 they really do... and they're doing a fantastic job
09:53 but as you know, they have a Hispanic Net Series
09:56 that's coming up in October
09:58 and that's going to be all across the Country
10:02 but focused right there in New York City.
10:06 Well, the Hispanics are doing an outstanding job
10:09 and, of course, we have the Haitian work...
10:11 the French speaking... they're doing an outstanding work
10:14 and we have Russian churches and different-language churches
10:18 in New York... and they're all involved in NY13...
10:20 we're very excited about that
10:22 and don't forget the Jewish ministries,
10:23 they're also involved as well.
10:25 Yes.
10:27 The culmination, of course, was the United Camp Meeting,
10:30 and having worked in New York for 30 years,
10:32 never before...
10:34 we boldly went where... no one had gone before...
10:36 Rohann, I want you to set up this video
10:38 tell us what we're going to see and then, Don, if you will...
10:41 respond to your feelings that day
10:43 to see the two Conferences come together
10:45 in a way that they've never done before,
10:46 you've been there quite a few years now
10:48 but set up what we're going to see on this video
10:50 and then Don... you respond.
10:51 I think the cover of the recent Atlantic Union Gleaner
10:55 August Edition... covers it nicely,
10:57 "The Joint Camp Meeting a Success
10:59 more than 12,000 attending and over 150 baptized... "
11:03 and we're going to see right now a re-cap video
11:06 of what we experienced at the Nassau Coliseum on June 29th,
11:11 will be played right now.
11:12 Music...
11:21 More music...
11:23 I want to say this morning...
11:26 how pleasurable and how joyous we are
11:29 to come together with the Northeastern Conference
11:33 and the Greater New York Conference
11:34 in the first ever, historical moment
11:39 in the history of New York City
11:41 and the history of the Atlantic Union
11:44 and the history of the North American Division
11:45 in the world.
11:46 Greater New York Conference is proud
11:50 to stand alongside Northeastern Conference
11:53 for the very first time in 68 years
11:58 we have come together...
12:00 Because we want to work together
12:02 to conquer New York for Jesus Christ.
12:05 In 1901, Ellen White had a vision
12:07 that New York would be shaken with the Adventist message
12:11 if she were alive today
12:13 she would be happy and proud of what she sees.
12:16 Scenes with various Speakers...
12:35 Thank you, on behalf of the people of New York City,
12:39 you... everyday... make us a better and stronger city
12:43 and I say, "God bless you. "
12:46 Scenes of preaching and singing...
12:51 When you have big plans for God...
12:55 when you have a vision for God... to take a city...
12:58 when you have a vision for God
12:59 that God is going to use you,
13:01 there'll always be some who doubt.
13:03 When we started NY13... there were those that doubted,
13:07 they said, "Lay people in New York will not come out... "
13:11 I praise God that there are New Yorkers that have faith,
13:14 I praise God that there are Pastors that have faith,
13:18 I praise God that there are Administrators that have faith,
13:21 I praise God that when you step out in faith
13:26 that Jesus who sends us out in a commission to win the world
13:30 promises to be with us.
13:32 Scenes of baptism.
13:45 Ellen White told us some years ago
13:48 that New York was to be a symbol
13:52 as to how the rest of the world was to be worked.
13:55 Seventh-day Adventists are proclaiming God's message
13:58 in over 200 countries of the world
14:00 in 100s of languages to millions of people
14:04 every day is Pentecost
14:07 with nearly 3,000 brothers and sisters being baptized
14:11 into God's great Adventist family.
14:14 Discipleship Follow up...
14:21 You superintended this work...
14:29 you were largely responsible for that day and that event,
14:33 give us your thoughts as you were there that day.
14:35 Well, I'll tell you, one of the things that really
14:38 just impressed me so tremendously
14:41 was the support of our lay people,
14:44 never having had something like this in New York before
14:49 and seeing all of our people from New York City...
14:53 and their friends who brought people to this coliseum
14:56 on the 29th of June...
14:57 that to me was just an absolute signal
15:01 of the support of our people
15:04 and the Holy Spirit's movement in this initiative.
15:07 Praise God... praise God...
15:09 it was an exciting day... it really, really was.
15:10 We drove up... and we were driving... drove up together...
15:13 we sensed as we drove into that... early...
15:17 we were there... and there were lines waiting to get in
15:21 already... an hour... an hour and a half...
15:24 or maybe more... but...
15:26 before even the meeting was to start...
15:28 and that excitement continued,
15:31 I knew then that we were going to have a full auditorium...
15:33 I knew it when I saw all those people.
15:35 Oh, thank you Jim and CA for coming out and supporting us
15:38 and just being with us... it was awesome to see you up there,
15:41 it was tremendous... thank you very much...
15:43 It was our privilege.
15:44 Yeah, it was a great day and we saw people actually tailgating,
15:47 looked like a sporting event... Adventist tailgating...
15:51 Rohan, before we let you go,
15:53 you got something that you want to sort of lay on us, man,
15:55 that we're sort of excited about.
15:56 Well we just want to thank 3ABN for your support of
15:59 Atlantic Union Adventist Media AUAM...
16:01 you were there along with Dr. King when we started AUAM
16:05 along with helping to build our truck
16:07 and we're just happy to relaunch our new website tonight live
16:10 on your Program and we're just so happy for that
16:13 and we want to let your Viewers know that
16:16 that they can watch a re-cap... that video that we just saw...
16:19 a re-cap of the coliseum as well as Dr. Ted Wilson's sermon
16:25 will be available on this weekend... on this site
16:29 and you can go to www. AUAM.TV
16:32 we have now flipped the switch...
16:35 the new website has been launched.
16:37 All right, amen. That's great.
16:39 Gentlemen, thank you so very, very much
16:41 it was a pleasure... I know this is not the last time
16:43 we're going to work together or see each other,
16:44 we got a long history
16:46 and we got a long future together... God bless you both.
16:48 Thank you very much, God bless.
16:50 You know we're talking about websites
16:52 and talking about media
16:54 I'm still extremely excited about our new APP
16:59 and some of you have already tried it
17:01 and at first, we had some bugs, they were always big bugs...
17:06 but that's one thing that you'll never get rid of
17:10 but remember, if you have an iPhone,
17:13 you can go to your APP store, put in the number 3ABN
17:20 and what you will get is a thing that will tell you
17:28 how to join and you join for free...
17:30 you just punch it... put: install...
17:33 put in your number... it will... it will...
17:36 just follow the instructions
17:37 and then, here's what you'll get
17:39 and I don't know if they can get the camera on this or not...
17:42 but this has got a little bug there for 3ABN...
17:47 for 3ABN Proclaim... 3ABN Dare to Dream...
17:53 it's got 3ABN Russian... 3ABN SonBeam...
18:00 and 3ABN Latino...
18:02 all of them are right there on the screen
18:06 and you can watch live wherever you are.
18:09 For instance, when "It is Written" is on,
18:13 you just flip on 3ABN and you can watch John Bradshaw,
18:19 welcome John, we're glad to have you with us,
18:21 That's pretty smooth, John, how you're doing?
18:24 We're going to change towns now,
18:26 we've been in New York for the last hour,
18:27 we're going to go to another town...
18:29 We're coming down...
18:30 Charlotte...
18:32 I'm thrilled about Charlotte... thrilled...
18:34 anyone with a southern accent like me
18:37 wants to be in Charlotte.
18:39 Are you from southern Australia or southern New Zealand?
18:42 Southern New Zealand...
18:43 actually I'm from northern New Zealand...
18:45 but New Zealand is about as far south as you can get...
18:47 after New Zealand is just penguins and ice.
18:49 So it's all southern there...
18:51 It's all the south... this is a genuine southern accent.
18:53 All right.
18:54 We've got a great meeting coming up,
18:56 you are going to be preaching in Charlotte
18:58 and we're going to have the privilege of broadcasting that,
19:01 tell us about it, what you're going to do,
19:03 when is it going to start,
19:04 how long are you going to be preaching,
19:06 give us the rundown... the culture...
19:07 I'm thrilled and actually,
19:08 I'll tell you another reason why I'm so happy,
19:10 my wife is a North Carolinian... my children are "Tar Heels"
19:15 they were born in North Carolina,
19:17 I lived in North Carolina for many years,
19:19 so, in a certain sense,
19:21 it's like going home to preach and it's going to be wonderful,
19:25 it would be a bit of a challenge you know,
19:27 we're in the...
19:28 every city in the south calls itself the
19:30 "buckle of the Bible Belt... "
19:32 but it's a very churched area...
19:34 very Christian... culturally... a Christian area,
19:38 we will have a month-long series,
19:41 looking at the prophecies... the dynamic...
19:43 and not just the prophecies
19:45 but the key teachings of the Bible
19:47 we'll look at Daniel... we'll look at Revelation...
19:50 we're going to start on October the 11th
19:53 and we're going to be five nights a week,
19:55 for about a month... for the better part of the month
19:58 a weekend... and then four weeks...
20:00 and we're in a magnificent auditorium...
20:03 the Oven's Auditorium
20:04 on East Independence Boulevard in Charlotte,
20:06 I believe the Lord is going to do a great thing...
20:10 he's working there now powerfully
20:13 with some of the preliminary work that's going on even now
20:17 I heard Elder Wilson and Pastor Finley speaking earlier
20:20 about the pre-work that took place in New York
20:23 building up to NY 13...
20:25 and the saints are working hard and praying hard...
20:30 and God is striving right now,
20:32 there's going to be a dynamic series,
20:34 I just can't wait.
20:35 This past year, I was at a couple of the camp meetings
20:38 over in Carolina,
20:40 and I was very impressed with the leadership there
20:45 that they have an evangelistic culture
20:48 and they're looking forward very much to this meeting,
20:51 we were talking about it clear back then
20:53 and they have been planning for it,
20:56 they have... are ready for it...
20:58 and I think that God is really going to bless.
21:01 Carolina has... and the Conference...
21:04 has historically been evangelistically oriented
21:08 and Jim Davidson, the previous Conference President
21:12 who's now moved downstream to the Southern Union Office,
21:16 he had talked about this and planned for this
21:19 and Jim... he loves evangelism...
21:23 and now the new... I don't know if we can still...
21:27 after a year he's still new...
21:28 Elder Leslie Louie is now the new President...
21:31 and you know, he's the one who coined the working title,
21:35 "Charlotte for Christ"
21:36 and that's what we've been calling it among the churches,
21:38 it's the "Revelation Today" series
21:40 but we call it, "Charlotte for Christ"
21:41 and he is just excited about this
21:44 and all the way through the administration
21:46 in the office in Charlotte,
21:49 there are church leaders just committed
21:52 to the proclamation of the everlasting gospel,
21:55 you know, for me to go to a place like that it's exciting,
21:59 just to be working with people whose hearts are in this,
22:03 it's a thrill you know... you know that...
22:05 Oh, absolutely and... when people really want you to come
22:10 and they really want a meeting...
22:13 I've been to places... when I got there and they said,
22:16 "Hey, we don't know why you're here,
22:17 we didn't want you to come... "
22:18 that makes you want to pack up and leave, I guarantee you
22:22 but when you have a group of people
22:25 as they are there, they're excited about...
22:27 we're really excited because the minute you told us about it,
22:31 we committed to come and be with you,
22:34 our Viewers will be able to see every single meeting
22:39 every night...
22:41 Yeah, and some mornings for that matter too.
22:42 Yeah, that's right, when you've got people who are onboard
22:46 it makes a huge difference and what that does
22:48 is when leadership is invested,
22:52 then church members are getting confidence from that,
22:56 that sort of confidence begets confidence
23:00 so, the membership of the church...
23:02 and that's where the power is, you know,
23:04 they're not looking at each other and saying,
23:06 "Well, what do we do... which hill do we take?"
23:09 It's clearly defined... clearly mapped out...
23:12 and around Charlotte, oh! we got some wonderful people
23:14 some fabulous church members,
23:17 great saints, committed people...
23:19 folks who are putting their hands up and saying,
23:21 "What can I do? I want to invite my friends
23:23 I'm studying with people that we're getting ready for baptism"
23:27 that's exciting... you love to go to a place like that.
23:30 You know, our Founder, Danny Shelton,
23:34 is always saying, "The blessing is on the go... "
23:36 That's right.
23:38 And that's the philosophy that he has had
23:40 throughout his ministry
23:41 and what he has brought to 3ABN, of course,
23:45 and what he brings to every project
23:47 and tonight... by-the-way,
23:49 our prayers are with Danny,
23:50 Danny was to be here with us
23:52 but he is battling with two kidney stones right now...
23:59 Ooooh...
24:00 So keep Danny in your prayer.
24:02 That's a battle...
24:04 Yeah, that's right, one is bad enough
24:07 but he has two and... on either side...
24:11 so he's got a real battle on his hands...
24:14 pray for him that the Lord will bring him
24:16 safely through this, I know He will...
24:19 this is not...
24:20 Danny says, it's not life-threatening
24:22 but he kind of wishes it were.
24:24 Probably feels like it.
24:25 You know, I want to say this too...
24:27 and I've expressed this to you before
24:29 but how thankful I am for 3ABN's commitment
24:32 not to television,
24:34 even though you're committed to television
24:36 but 3ABN's commitment isn't...
24:38 and this is where we come from at "It is Written"
24:40 your commitment isn't to television
24:42 for the sake of television,
24:44 it's to television... for the sake of evangelism...
24:47 for the sake of soul winning,
24:48 so when an Organization like 3ABN says,
24:51 "Evangelism... we want to be there... "
24:53 Oh man! that doesn't just speak to me...
24:55 that speaks to the world...
24:57 it speaks to the world,
24:59 you're defining for the world what it is to be a Christian
25:05 and that is to share your faith and lift up Jesus
25:07 and to proclaim the everlasting gospel...
25:09 that's a big deal.
25:10 Praise God... John, we are excited also,
25:13 talk to us a little bit about
25:14 some of the pre-work that's going on,
25:16 it is so necessary and obviously our brothers and sisters...
25:20 the saints in Charlotte
25:21 have bought in to what IIW is trying to do
25:23 talk to us about some of the pre-events...
25:26 how you're getting ready to start the meetings.
25:28 I don't know which order to begin,
25:30 long ago, when we... when we announced
25:33 that it was announced here that this was going to go on,
25:35 people were asked if they would volunteer...
25:37 to participate in being a... Lay Bible Instructors...
25:41 we had a lot of training that went on with SALT...
25:43 that's "It is Written's" Evangelism Training School...
25:46 SALT went in there and trained scores of people
25:52 I would like to say hundreds...
25:53 but if I say hundreds, I may be stretching it
25:55 or maybe not pushing it far enough
25:57 but dozens and dozens and dozens of people were trained
26:00 so that they could go out in the community
26:02 and study the Bible with others and you know,
26:05 lots of church members have never been involved in that
26:08 and that's too bad...
26:09 one of the reasons is...
26:11 they've never really been given the opportunity,
26:13 and so, what's great... you know...
26:15 we have stories coming back from the field
26:17 about church members who...
26:19 who went to doors with response cards in their hands,
26:22 their knees are knocking together...
26:24 they knock on the door and get a great response
26:27 and then, that's it...
26:29 they converted to this work
26:30 now they want to go and reach everybody in the world,
26:32 those are the sorts of things that are happening
26:34 so lots of people trained for that,
26:36 lots of small-group Leaders have been trained
26:39 to encourage church members to pull people together
26:43 into Bible Study Groups and hold small-group Bible studies
26:46 and you know, small-group Bible Studies
26:48 are effective and they're powerful
26:51 and they're life-changing
26:53 then we... and this is such a blessing.
26:55 We've had two groups of student Literature Evangelists
27:01 have spent weeks in Charlotte going door-to-door
27:05 knocking on doors...
27:06 you know, there are a few things
27:09 as inspiring as listening to a Literature Evangelist
27:12 share a testimony...
27:14 and I just want to say in encouragement
27:16 of Literature Evangelists...
27:18 what a great work...
27:19 what a great work Literature Evangelism is
27:23 and I don't know if we spotlight that enough
27:24 and lift up the LEs enough and pray for them enough
27:28 but these were student LEs
27:29 and they spent the better part of ten weeks
27:30 going door-to-door in Charlotte and around Charlotte
27:33 and leaving behind truth-filled books
27:36 and offering people Bible Studies...
27:38 so it's not just the selling of books
27:40 but it's, "Now, can we interest you
27:42 in a series of in-home Bible Studies
27:43 or a series of Bible Studies?"
27:45 So, via many different avenues,
27:48 then the churches...
27:49 they're holding health evangelism meetings
27:52 meetings targeted at children...
27:54 meetings on a variety of subjects
27:56 to bring people to the churches
27:59 to make friends with people so then, you can say,
28:02 "Here's what else we have... here's what else we have. "
28:05 and this is something... I'll tell you...
28:07 this is interesting, it's good to see this working,
28:09 some time ago,
28:12 we developed a one-minute daily devotional: "Every Word"
28:15 I spend 60 seconds sharing a verse from the Bible
28:19 and applying it to your life yeah, so...
28:21 and we found that that's been very effective
28:24 what the folks in Charlotte are figuring out
28:26 is they can forward this to their neighbors and say,
28:28 "Have a look at this... "
28:29 and the next week,
28:31 "Oh, you liked that, here's another one...
28:32 why don't you subscribe... "
28:33 then... "That guy is coming to town...
28:36 I want to take you
28:37 to sit through a series of Bible presentations
28:40 but you've been enjoying the 'one minute'
28:42 well, what's one hour going to be like?"
28:44 So that's been a neat seed-sowing help as well
28:49 lots of things have been going on...
28:50 the pastors is in that town... creative... dedicated...
28:53 we're working with pastors from the South Atlantic Conference
28:56 Carolina Conference, both Conferences coming together
28:59 we say, "Thank the Lord for that... "
29:00 multiple languages... we've got some good people here,
29:07 the pastors are hardworking, dedicated, great preachers
29:11 this is going to be a good series.
29:12 Yeah, again the glorious default setting...
29:14 and I said this with Elder Wilson and Mark Finley,
29:17 the glorious default setting
29:18 is unity in the ranks of the brethren...
29:22 the church is coming together for a cause
29:25 that de facto unites us
29:27 if we're going to get the gospel out...
29:29 we've all got to push together
29:30 and this is another one of those times
29:32 when we can come together and see Christ glorified.
29:33 Yeah, it's wonderful,
29:34 I had a Ministerial Secretary one day who said to me that
29:38 he discovered that a pulling horse doesn't kick
29:41 so when you give God's people something to do,
29:44 and then when people realize, "We're working together... "
29:46 we really are a family...
29:48 We really are a team,
29:49 we really are working together for a common interest
29:53 and this church is bigger than me
29:54 and bigger than my congregation,
29:56 we got brothers and sisters all over this place
29:59 it's a glorious default setting as you said
30:02 there's just something about that.
30:03 Give us, again, before we call Frank Fournier out,
30:05 give us the dates, the time, the place, again...
30:08 one more time... before you go.
30:09 We begin Friday night, October the 11th
30:12 at the Ovens Auditorium
30:13 in Charlotte on East Independence Boulevard,
30:17 now, the good thing is,
30:19 that we begin Friday night, 7 o'clock Eastern time on 3ABN
30:23 so that means... if you're in Charlotte,
30:26 we want you to come...
30:27 if you are nearby, we want you to come,
30:29 if you're on the other side of the country
30:30 or on the other side of the world,
30:32 join with us, we'll be meeting each night
30:35 except for Mondays and Thursdays
30:38 so I want to encourage people everywhere,
30:40 write the date down,
30:42 you could participate with your church
30:43 put it up on the screen and beam the 3ABN signal in,
30:46 you can participate online revelationtoday. com
30:50 itiswritten. com or 3abn. org
30:55 so there are a number of places you can participate
30:58 get your friends and your family and your neighbors...
31:01 this is going to be a great event
31:03 and, we're going to lift up Jesus,
31:06 nobody needs to be scared
31:08 that we're going to embarrass their neighbors...
31:10 we'll lift up Jesus... the truth will be clear...
31:12 it will be winsome
31:14 because the Spirit of God will be in it,
31:16 it will be powerful...
31:17 I'm looking forward to what we start...
31:19 October 11 worth being part of...
31:21 Amen... amen...
31:22 Put that down on your calendar and get ready
31:26 if you are in the Charlotte area go there live
31:29 if not, watch 3ABN... October 11 it will be 6 p. m. Central time
31:37 7 p. m. Eastern time...
31:39 and we'll have this Program for you
31:43 so we're looking forward to it, thanks John...
31:45 Thanks Jim... God bless you it's always good to see you.
31:47 C.A. God bless you. God bless...
31:49 Well, that is another exciting big-city evangelism effort
31:56 and earlier, I was visiting with our Division President
32:02 Dan Jackson... and with Dr. Lela Lewis
32:06 talking about the San Francisco Outreach
32:11 and she is the President of the Pacific Union ASI Chapter
32:15 what is happening is...
32:18 the church and the laity...
32:21 the ministry and the laity are joining together
32:24 to reach souls...
32:26 it's not just pastors... it's not just laity...
32:28 it's together...
32:30 and this gentleman to my left,
32:33 Frank Fournier is the President of ASI.
32:40 Yeah, the recently re-elected President of ASI
32:43 and we congratulate you on that kind Sir.
32:44 I want to thank you for the message last night
32:47 because it touched my heart.
32:49 And I felt that there were so many things there
32:55 you were speaking to me
32:56 and I appreciated it so very much
32:59 God blessed me through your message last evening.
33:03 The Lord is good.
33:04 Yes He is...
33:06 And hey, I'm grateful to be here this evening
33:07 to see you again, C.A. and Jim, it's a blessing to be here.
33:11 Frank is a guy we like a lot
33:12 and Frank proves that you don't have to be a paid pastor
33:15 to be a preacher... because he's a strong preacher.
33:16 Right.
33:18 He brings a good message and still working at Eden Valley.
33:20 I'm still working... well, when I'm there...
33:22 lately I haven't hardly been there at all but
33:24 hey, I've got strong help.
33:25 Yes indeed.
33:27 Yeah, it's a blessing.
33:28 As the President of ASI,
33:30 give us some idea of the culture of what you have to do...
33:33 what you're called to do...
33:34 the kinds of things your office superintends for ASI.
33:37 Wow! you're talking about what I'm having to do...
33:40 Well, for some reason, I seem to be,
33:43 for the little time that I will be President,
33:46 and I suppose, everything is limited,
33:48 I seem to be the face of ASI... the external part...
33:54 and that's what I have to do
33:56 next week after I leave here, I go to Germany...
33:59 and then I go from there to Malaysia
34:01 and its ASI Conventions and then I go to Singapore
34:04 and it's stuff like that that I'm having to do
34:07 so I'm doing a lot of preaching
34:09 and I'm doing a lot of meeting with people
34:12 and explaining to them what we're all about at ASI
34:17 and trying to encourage Lay people
34:19 to be involved in ministry
34:21 because that's what ASI is all about.
34:22 Hmmm... hmmm... Yeah.
34:24 Let me ask you one of those kinds of high concept
34:26 ontological questions we throw out every now and then...
34:28 Laughter...
34:31 But when we look at ASI, why is ASI necessary?
34:35 What role does it fulfill?
34:37 Why does it exist and... and what...
34:40 how does it fit in with overall promotion of...
34:42 we're trying to get Christ back here as close as we can,
34:45 how does ASI plug into that?
34:47 Well, you know, we've been told that the ministry...
34:51 the professionals... the God's... God's Leaders...
34:54 cannot finish the work without the Lay people,
34:57 and I feel like ASI is the link...
35:00 it's the linkage between the professional ministry
35:04 and the Lay people brought us together
35:06 for my own experience,
35:08 I just know that with the amount of education I have...
35:13 and I wanted to be a missionary,
35:15 I never would have been able to be a missionary in the church
35:18 because I just don't have enough education,
35:21 so the Lord had already prepared a way
35:23 where I could participate in missionary work
35:26 overseas... anywhere...
35:28 with the little bit of education that I have
35:30 and He could still use my talents
35:32 and so the Lord was not caught behind...
35:34 He was not trumped by the fact that we demand high education
35:38 to be missionaries in the church
35:39 and... hey, I'm not faulting the church
35:41 that's great... you know...
35:42 but the Lord wanted His Lay people...
35:46 and He wanted people who didn't have as much education
35:48 to be involved...
35:49 and He opened the way, so that I could be involved
35:52 and I'm going to praise Him forever... yes...
35:54 Yes, praise God...
35:55 Praise God...
35:57 talk to us about some of the projects
35:59 that ASI particularly is looking at this particular year
36:02 and giving assistance to.
36:03 Well, right now... and I think we're going to hear some of this
36:08 over the weekend...
36:10 a couple of APPS have been developed... which is amazing
36:14 and I don't know how much to say
36:16 because it's going to be unfolded tomorrow night
36:19 but still in all... there's an APP coming out
36:23 that has so much...
36:24 so much evangelistic material on it,
36:28 it will blow you away... it will blow people's minds away
36:30 and it's going to be an APP that is available to everyone
36:32 and they're going to have everything right there
36:35 in their device... whatever the device might be
36:37 so that anyone can...
36:39 it's either health messages or evangelistic messages
36:43 or any other kind of messages we used to do evangelism...
36:46 it will all be on one APP...
36:47 and it will be available to everyone.
36:49 That's something that's coming out... just... right now
36:52 besides everything else that we've been involved with
36:56 like the DVD evangelism
36:59 which is... I don't know, I would like to give you numbers
37:02 I can't give you numbers,
37:04 I would exaggerate them or I would minimize them...
37:06 I don't know...
37:08 but there has been thousands and thousands and thousands
37:11 of people trained to use these
37:13 and they have gone out and trained multiple more
37:16 and so, that all comes from ASI.
37:19 We have noticed, my wife and I were commenting
37:22 last night... opening night... Wednesday night...
37:25 when we first walked in the auditorium,
37:28 there were very few people here
37:29 and then, by the time we actually got into this meeting,
37:34 this place was full... it was...
37:37 and I was amazed and again, tonight the same thing...
37:41 the attendance at these ASI sessions...
37:44 it just continues to grow doesn't it?
37:46 Yes, well, you know, there was a time
37:48 before the economy crashed,
37:50 we had some we had some high times
37:52 and we had some high numbers...
37:53 the economy took things down a little bit
37:56 and we've been expecting that it would get smaller and smaller
38:00 but it's going in the opposite direction.
38:02 It's getting greater and bigger
38:04 and even our attendance in the Booth areas... in the Exhibits
38:07 and in the hall... I was surprised...
38:10 I saw what you saw, there was not so many
38:12 then I thought, "Well, you know,
38:13 that's par for the course
38:15 and I came in to preach and I looked...
38:16 I looked at the audience... the place was full!
38:19 and I thought, "This is opening night,
38:21 this is Wednesday night,
38:22 I mean, it doesn't happen on Wednesday nights...
38:25 and it has this year, so... why? I don't know.
38:28 We left the auditorium and we were going back to the room,
38:32 the people checking into the hotel are double lined...
38:36 it went clear back out into the street...
38:38 I mean, it was... I've never seen so many people
38:41 checking in for an ASI Convention.
38:44 So what is the Lord doing?
38:46 I think that we sense the end of time
38:49 and we don't have time to waste
38:54 we are seeing this with 3ABN
38:58 our summers are always very difficult
39:01 but this summer has been strong right through...
39:05 and the only thing I can say is, I think, people are sensing
39:11 we can't let down... we can't pull back...
39:14 we can't relax...
39:15 we've got to move forward with the message
39:19 and continue to preach it and that has been...
39:23 and by the way... Folks, I would tell you this...
39:26 I would promise you that when the Lord comes,
39:29 3ABN would be broke
39:30 because we don't believe in endowments,
39:34 we don't stack money up somewhere,
39:36 we spend everything that the Lord sends us every month
39:42 on evangelism... on soul winning...
39:44 on reaching out and we are strictly a ministry of faith...
39:50 by faith...
39:51 Amen... amen... I don't know any supporting ministry
39:54 that is not always broke and yet... always going forward.
39:57 Exactly...
39:58 Yeah, that's right.
40:00 If you waited to have money you would be just treading water
40:02 you got to go forward...
40:03 You wouldn't do anything...
40:04 The Lord is forever stretching our faith.
40:06 And it drives businessmen crazy who are on our Board sometimes
40:10 because they look at this...
40:11 they say, "We can't believe it,
40:13 you don't have any money in the bank
40:14 and you're spending this money
40:16 and you're expanding and going forward... "
40:19 but the Lord tells us to go into all the world...
40:23 and that is what our goal is.
40:26 Well, He says, "Give... and it shall be given to you"
40:29 and so, if He's given us anything
40:31 and we don't use it for the ministry,
40:33 then obviously, He has no reason to give us more
40:35 and so, let's just go forward, let's use what we have
40:38 and He will provide until it comes to a day
40:40 like you said, "When we're dead broke... "
40:42 then the Lord is coming.
40:45 He is... yeah... He will...
40:46 Having so said, Frank, we want to congratulate you
40:49 and ASI for... for years of...
40:52 one of the most spiritual conventions...
40:54 one of the most inspirational...
40:56 informational and uplifting conventions...
40:59 I think that the Seventh-day Adventist Church holds
41:01 one of the things that you know you're going to get
41:02 when you come to ASI...
41:04 you're going to get Lay people who have dedicated themselves
41:07 to the work of Christ
41:08 and who Christ has been pleased
41:11 to bless with fruits for their labor
41:13 and that is encouraging to the saints...
41:15 I don't have to be a paid professional...
41:17 if I just give what I've got in my hand to Jesus,
41:19 Christ is going to multiply that
41:21 and He's going to add souls to His kingdom
41:22 and that's what you do so beautifully.
41:24 Amen...
41:25 Well, you know we...
41:27 we have a variety of things happening here...
41:29 during the Convention
41:30 but one of the main ones,
41:32 that I think, that I appreciate the most
41:34 is that we can find... just common people
41:36 who had an experience out there in reaching a soul...
41:39 thinking of a new method,
41:41 creatively going out there to do evangelism...
41:44 and we'd like to bring them up here
41:46 so that they can inspire
41:47 and people out there can say, "Hey, I can do that... "
41:51 it reminds me of one... oh, in the past that
41:54 went around in Men's wear stores...
41:57 and used to put tracts in the pockets of the suits...
41:59 Laughter...
42:01 There's all kinds of ways to doing evangelism
42:03 and it's inspiring to the people...
42:05 people come out thinking,
42:07 "If they can do it... I can do it. "
42:10 Yeah... yes... yeah... Amen...
42:12 Frank, thank you so very much, in the words of Jim,
42:16 "Keep on keeping on, man, you guys are doing a great work"
42:18 and we hope for many, many more years of broadcasting
42:21 this Convention... should the Lord delay His coming
42:25 but it has been a great partnership
42:27 certainly for us and we hope for you...
42:28 you know what I'm saying.
42:29 Thank you for teaming up with us.
42:31 Thank you... God bless you.
42:32 Well, you know, going to an ASI Convention
42:35 is kind of like, someone has said,
42:36 like a mini GC...
42:38 Oh yeah...
42:40 General Conference...
42:42 and it's not as large, of course,
42:44 but you see people from everywhere
42:46 and you see people with all kinds of different missions
42:53 that they are on... and so, it's just a very exciting thing.
42:57 It is... it truly is...
42:59 it truly is... and we're glad and happy
43:02 and pleased and joyful and joyous to be here...
43:04 we're going to switch gears just a little bit now
43:06 because we always have to take a little time off
43:07 for Christian education...
43:09 we believe greatly in Christian education...
43:11 we got our own school there...
43:12 I had the privilege of meeting these two lovely people
43:15 just a little while ago...
43:17 and some people... as you meet them, you like them
43:19 they look like good Christians.
43:21 She... the President of Pacific Union College
43:25 He... her husband... but also...
43:29 and Norman has got this...
43:31 this kind of résumé that kind of just...
43:33 kind of... well it's kind of
43:34 gelatinous flowing résumé...
43:36 he preaches... he teaches...
43:37 he goes out and does PR for the school
43:41 and does... anytime you work for Adventism...
43:44 wherever you are assigned... that's what you plug in
43:47 Heather and Norman Knight... good to have you both here.
43:49 Thank you, it's great to be here with you.
43:51 Yeah...
43:52 First thing I want to ask you is,
43:53 "Heather, how long have you been at PUC?"
43:56 We just finished our fourth year there, actually...
43:58 began on September of 2009
44:01 and we're about to start our fifth year there together.
44:04 Now, you are not a novice to Adventist education
44:06 you spent a little time at Andrews... I am told...
44:09 I served as Provost at Andrews for three years
44:11 before going to PUC... before being reassigned to PUC.
44:15 Now, Norman, give us a little flavor
44:18 of what you do there at PUC.
44:20 I'm the Outreach Chaplain at Pacific Union College,
44:22 I go to churches throughout the Pacific Union
44:26 and throughout the world and I preach the 3 Angels' message
44:29 preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified
44:31 in the morning and we have a potluck
44:34 or some type of luncheon to keep folks there
44:36 and then in the afternoon, I do a seminar on
44:38 "Access to Christian Education"
44:39 Access to Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education...
44:43 and we want our children to go to our colleges...
44:46 our academies... and I tell them how to do that
44:49 especially how to finance Christian education
44:52 we have a blended family... we have eight children...
44:55 seven of them are... all eight are college educated.
44:58 All right... all right...
45:00 Praise God... so you're not just pushing PUC...
45:02 you're pushing the idea of Christian education as a whole.
45:05 Absolutely, and we use Pacific Union College
45:07 as a model or baseline...
45:08 so we get our public relations in there.
45:10 Dr. Heather, I want to send some flowers your way
45:14 because I am told that since being at PUC,
45:17 the School has stabilized financially...
45:19 it is a... "come up" dare I say
45:22 and you dropped something on me a little bit ago,
45:24 an award that you got...
45:26 tell us a little bit about that, if you will.
45:27 Certainly, we've been working hard
45:29 to really grow enrollment there
45:31 and as we've grown enrollment,
45:32 we've gone from 1,278 to 1,616 last fall
45:37 so we had our highest enrollment really in seven years
45:40 and so, when folks say,
45:42 "Well, how do you turn things around?"
45:43 We basically say,
45:45 "The mantra is... revenues up... expenses down... "
45:49 and we just got another nice recognition
45:52 just... really in the last week from: affordablecolleges. org
45:57 in the State of California...
45:59 they looked at 62 colleges in California
46:02 and have the best return on investment
46:05 and PUC was ranked number 22 on this list of 62
46:10 and we were there with schools like Caltech,
46:14 UC Berkeley, Stanford
46:16 above some other very prestigious schools...
46:20 I thought, "Little PUC... but we're doing it!"
46:22 the investment in education there
46:24 is paying off for our families...
46:26 You know, my son teaches at PUC Prep
46:29 and... so, he's one of those
46:32 that's getting those students ready for it, yeah... and...
46:35 And we thank him.
46:36 He loves that school and he loves PUC...
46:40 and loves that part of the country
46:42 and we have seen... over the years... we've seen
46:46 this change and this improvement
46:49 in the enrollment... in the spirit at PUC...
46:53 and we praise God for that.
46:54 Right, while I was really coming back on board back in 2009,
46:59 I really prayed the Lord and said,
47:01 "Give me something special for PUC... "
47:03 and He gave me the Adventist Advantage...
47:05 and these are seven key points
47:08 that really highlight the importance
47:10 and the distinctive nature of Seventh-day Adventist education
47:14 and their points will make
47:17 the quest for meaning and purpose in life...
47:19 how our faith fulfills that...
47:21 looking at education for eternity,
47:24 our focus on health and wellness for example,
47:27 our focus on diversity, stewardship,
47:30 the moral and ethical compass
47:32 and so, we're really trying to say
47:34 we have a wonderful system of meaning...
47:36 a wonderful worldview
47:38 that our schools really embodied in the Adventist Advantage.
47:41 Wow! Hmmm... hmmm...
47:42 But the other thing that Heather did when she came on board is,
47:45 we had about 20... 25... Theology students...
47:49 Heather put together a financial aid package where...
47:52 3,000 dollar scholarships for students majoring in Theology
47:57 and... or Education...
47:58 so our Theology majors... they pretty much tripled there
48:03 and they are the student leaders on campus
48:06 so the atmosphere on campus...
48:08 the peer pressure is to be spiritual...
48:11 to be Seventh-day Adventists...
48:12 come in as a Seventh-day Adventist...
48:14 and you leave as a stronger Seventh-day Adventist.
48:17 I like that Jim because, if truth be...
48:20 at least when I went to school,
48:21 some of the poorest guys on campus was the Theo guys...
48:24 All of us needed financial aid during those days.
48:28 They felt that we had taken the vow of poverty...
48:31 we didn't have anything...
48:34 so that's great that they have the scholarship available.
48:38 An extra 3,000 dollars a year for four years
48:41 so it was an extra 12,000 dollars added in
48:44 to their already, we think,
48:45 pretty generous financial aid packages
48:48 that they received at PUC.
48:49 Now I'm told... you also have an excellent Nursing Program
48:52 and that your nursing students
48:54 are highly priced and highly sought after.
48:55 That's right, Nursing is actually our
48:57 largest Major at PUC
48:59 and about a third of our graduates are nursing graduates
49:03 so we have the AS in nursing and the BSN as well...
49:07 and in the last two cohorts, those nursing students scored
49:11 at a 100 percent pass rate on the Nursing Boards.
49:14 Praise God.
49:16 So we're very, very proud of our wonderful nursing professors
49:19 and the students that they're really working with
49:22 and training and turning out...
49:23 they really go into our wonderful hospitals
49:25 to really, again, work with health and wellness
49:28 and to really work with our communities.
49:29 So you've cut spending but you have not cut quality.
49:32 We have not cut quality,
49:34 can I give a couple of little praise reports here
49:36 but for example, our Biology majors scored
49:39 in 99th percentile on the major field test in Biology.
49:43 Similarly, our Psychology majors... the same score
49:47 on the major courses in Psychology
49:49 and... so there's a lot of great indicators of quality
49:52 and I think that's what we offer in the Adventist schools...
49:55 that integration of faith and learning...
49:58 Christ centered... you get a great education
50:00 but you could get that pretty much anywhere
50:02 but what's different is the Christ-centered dimension
50:05 of Seventh-day Adventist Higher Education...
50:07 Love it... love it... talk to me just a little bit
50:10 before I let you go... about...
50:12 and you've been in education for a while.
50:13 Yes.
50:15 The kind of young people that you're getting now
50:17 as opposed to... maybe years ago...
50:19 and the challenges you have to integrate...
50:20 you want them to come in Adventist...
50:22 and leave better... as Norman has said...
50:24 but if they don't,
50:25 you certainly want to expose them to who Jesus is,
50:27 so talk to us about the kinds of challenges you have
50:31 given the product you're getting
50:32 and the product that you're trying to end up with
50:34 when they graduate four years later.
50:36 I think we're getting students who really are more "high need"
50:39 we have, really, a wonderful demographic blend,
50:42 we're also PUC as the second-most diverse
50:46 national Liberal Arts College in the whole country
50:48 as ranked by US News and World Report,
50:51 so we're very diverse economically
50:53 as well as ethnically and culturally
50:56 and so, looking at how to help families to fund an education
50:59 is really important...
51:01 the affordability factor is really important right now
51:03 and I think our commitment is to say,
51:06 "When you come into PUC,
51:07 or I'm sure, any Adventist college or university,
51:11 we really want to have a palpable, powerful pervasive
51:14 spiritual experience
51:16 between your coming here your Freshman year
51:17 or when you graduate,
51:19 you will be able to meet Christ as your personal Savior...
51:21 I think it's the same challenge...
51:23 some kids come who are not yet converted
51:26 and the challenge is to give them opportunities
51:28 to become converted... to really,
51:30 to meet the Man Jesus Christ... to accept Him as Lord...
51:33 and to really go on and to live a transformed life
51:37 with the renewed mind in Christ,
51:38 I think it's the same challenge.
51:40 Amen... all right...
51:42 The President is a pastor's wife by-the-way.
51:44 Laughter...
51:46 And we praise the Lord for that.
51:48 Thank you so much for spending a little time with us,
51:50 we always like to include Christian Education
51:53 in our Night Lights because there's much going on,
51:55 we're preparing the church of tomorrow...
51:57 really... the church of today...
51:58 we say, "Tomorrow... " but it's the church of today
52:00 and it's good to know that there are dedicated men and women
52:03 such as yourselves who are...
52:05 you know, when you send your child off to school,
52:08 you are hoping that there's someone on the other end
52:10 to receive that child... to nurture that child...
52:13 to take care of that child
52:14 and to produce a product who can be of benefit in this world
52:17 but has a mind on the world that is to come
52:19 and you are doing that... we see that you're doing that
52:22 and we thank you for that.
52:23 Thank you so much for having us.
52:24 All right... God bless you.
52:26 Thank you.
52:27 God bless you both, thank you so much.
52:28 All right.
52:30 Well, Christian education is where you and I were prepared
52:35 for preaching the message and they're doing that at PUC
52:40 in a very powerful way and helping...
52:43 if you know... or have a student that
52:45 is looking for a place to study for the ministry,
52:50 you might definitely want to give PUC a check out...
52:54 Yeah, you and I have been on many, many college campuses,
52:56 we've spoken in many... been to many...
52:58 we see that dedication at all of our schools
53:01 and over the last couple of years
53:03 we've had some little flare ups at some of our campuses
53:07 but the default setting is that there are men and women
53:10 on all of those campuses who love the Lord,
53:12 who are loyal to the Adventist Church,
53:16 teach the Adventist message
53:18 and there is this sort of self-correction in Adventism...
53:22 when things kind of get out of line,
53:23 there are men and women who will stand up and say,
53:25 "That's not right... bring it back into the line... "
53:27 and of course, and you've read...
53:28 sort of flown that flag yourself along with others...
53:32 You know, we... these Night Lights...
53:36 we try to look at some of the great things that are happening
53:40 sometimes, some of the challenges are taking place and
53:43 last year I think we were looking at a challenge...
53:46 even before... looking at a challenge...
53:49 and we take the opportunity here at ASI
53:52 because we've got so many people that are here
53:54 to consider some of these things
53:57 and I tell you that I just... really... am hoping
54:03 that we can expand this particular program...
54:08 and do more of these Night Lights.
54:09 Yeah, we are looking at bringing Night Light as a weekly
54:13 or either bi-weekly in the next little bit...
54:15 news and information program...
54:17 you see, Brothers and Sisters... the truth is this
54:19 and Jim and I have talked about this many times,
54:21 the cost of Adventism is... is vigilance...
54:25 it is... of being a Christian... is vigilance...
54:28 you don't get to sleep, you don't get vacations,
54:31 you don't get downtime,
54:32 the cost of being a child of God is keeping your eyes open
54:35 and being aware for every encroachment of the enemy
54:39 upon sacred ground
54:41 and those of us who know the Lord... who love the Lord
54:43 must stand up and cry aloud and spare not
54:45 and Night Light was designed... among other things... to do that
54:49 when there are issues that we need to talk about,
54:52 and we can't do it in the interview setting...
54:54 we need to do it in more of a News setting
54:56 Night Light was designed to take care of that...
54:57 we want to keep you informed as much as we can
55:00 of those things that are challenging the church
55:02 because the devil...
55:03 Jim as you know, there are many things
55:05 he is not stupid... he is slick...
55:06 he is sophisticated and he is a roaring lion
55:09 so whenever the lion roars, we're here to tell you
55:12 what that's all about... and give you the insight.
55:14 I'd liken the devil to a baseball pitcher...
55:18 because the idea of the pitcher
55:20 is to keep the batter off balance...
55:23 if he is looking for a fast ball you throw him a curve...
55:26 if he's looking for a curve, you throw him a fast ball...
55:29 you see, last year for instance,
55:31 we looked at contemplative prayer,
55:34 we talked about the dangers of this
55:36 but you know, sometimes, people overreact...
55:39 so they don't want to get into contemplative prayer
55:42 they quit praying at all
55:44 so we have to make sure, Folks,
55:46 that we are still having a great prayer life...
55:50 that we don't throw out the baby with the bath water as they say,
55:54 and that we are reacting properly
55:57 and not overreacting to some of these things
56:01 but we'll try to keep you informed as much as we can
56:04 on issues...
56:05 Night Light actually started at a GC session...
56:09 if I remember... and the Lord has blessed that...
56:12 we still hear from people about those particular sessions
56:16 and we are already planning
56:18 for the next General Conference Session.
56:20 Indeed we are, indeed we are...
56:21 one of the things we want to encourage you to do,
56:24 when you hear these things, don't be afraid...
56:28 don't be upset... just pray...
56:29 pray for us... pray for your church...
56:32 pray for yourself...
56:33 pray for the world church
56:35 because these things are necessary before Christ comes,
56:38 everything that can be shaken... Jim, you know...
56:40 will be shaken...
56:41 but that which is firm will hold firm
56:44 and there will be a people, Jim,
56:46 prepared for the coming of the Lord...
56:48 Absolutely.
56:50 And we want to be prepared ourselves
56:51 and to prepare as many as we can
56:53 for that grand and glorious day...
56:55 which we are convicted... is soon to come.
56:56 Yeah, He is coming soon... I have no question about that
57:00 more so than I've ever felt before...
57:02 Oh yes... yes...
57:04 And I don't believe he wants us to cry wolf...
57:06 we know there are certain things to take place,
57:08 and we have a great task...
57:10 Well, listen, we hope that each one of you will continue
57:14 to support 3ABN
57:16 because it's your prayers and your support...
57:18 that keep us on the air...
57:20 we want to keep giving this message strong
57:23 and we want you to keep on... keeping on...
57:27 with Jesus Christ our Lord, our God and our Savior.


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