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Participants: C.A. Murray (Host), Jim Gilley (Host), Shelley Quinn (Host), Joanne Davies


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00:11 We're back and we welcome you
00:12 to this edition of 3ABN Night Light...
00:15 news, views and commentary on things that affect you...
00:18 that affect our church...
00:20 and that affect our world
00:22 and Jim, we've been talking about the Annual Council
00:25 that took place in October of this year.
00:27 Yes.
00:28 But I want to make a little left turn...
00:30 left turn here because we've got something coming up
00:33 that's pretty close to our hearts
00:35 that's coming up in a part of the world
00:37 that you are very familiar with...
00:39 we want to give you a second just to talk about that
00:41 because some exciting things are afoot.
00:43 Well, we really are excited about it
00:45 because we're going to be in Israel...
00:47 and the week of November 17 we'll be there actually
00:53 over almost two weeks...
00:55 two overlapping groups.
00:58 The 17th... and we leave
01:01 and then we come back here on the first.
01:04 Now, what's happening is on the 23rd
01:07 be sure to put this down...
01:09 23rd... 8 a. m. Central Time...
01:13 if you're on the Central Time
01:17 you know it will be 8 a. m. to 10 a. m.
01:21 we will be live... coming from Israel
01:26 and so... be sure to watch at that time
01:31 that will be 4 to 6 p. m. over there
01:35 there's 8 hours difference...
01:37 if you're Eastern Time, of course, that will be 9 to 11
01:41 and if you're Pacific Time, that will be 6 to 8 a. m.
01:46 so, you may have to get up before breakfast...
01:48 if you live out in the West Coast...
01:50 we're going to show that again later on in the day...
01:53 it will be shown again
01:55 so you'll get a chance to see the rerun
01:57 particularly if it conflicts with your church hours...
02:01 then you want to watch the rerun.
02:03 But Folks, this is a time that is extremely important,
02:09 now, that is November the 23rd of November... that's a Sabbath
02:15 and it will be... will be late in the day out there,
02:19 we will have had the... our worship service in the Garden
02:24 Garden... Tomb area...
02:27 and we will have Communion there as well
02:32 and then we will go out to the Valley of Elah
02:35 where this will take place
02:37 so, we're hoping you can join us by television
02:40 and some of you are going to actually be with us...
02:42 about 165 of you
02:44 are planning to make that particular trip with us
02:48 so, be praying for us while we're gone,
02:51 this will be a time of... of spiritual renewal...
02:55 because that's what this is, its a Bible Enrichment Tour...
02:58 we study God's Word...
03:00 we have a book we've put together
03:02 that specifically outlines
03:05 each site and how it relates to what's happened in the Bible...
03:10 Old Testament or New Testament or both...
03:12 and how important these items are...
03:16 as far as our study and understanding
03:20 Elder Richards...
03:22 you and I did an interview recently with some of his family
03:26 and over and over again... when he...
03:31 I listened to his talk...
03:33 and he talks about how much it meant to him to go there,
03:36 and how much he enjoys studying,
03:39 he went there... I think I've passed him now...
03:41 that was one of my goals in life
03:44 was to go more times than Elder Richards
03:47 and that's the only way I've passed him
03:50 because... what a man!
03:51 God gifted him in so many ways
03:54 but listen, please plan to be with us
03:57 because we're going to do something...
03:58 we're planning to pull the switch... while we're there
04:02 so it will be right out the Valley of Elah
04:04 at RR Sat...
04:06 which is our major satellite provider around the world,
04:08 goes out from there...
04:10 see, that's the great significance of this,
04:12 I've said it several times but some of you have not heard this
04:16 you know, this is the valley where David and Goliath fought,
04:19 we have a Goliath of a task ahead of us
04:23 it is so fitting to me... it's so important...
04:28 that our satellite transmission goes out from that very valley,
04:34 right in that very spot...
04:36 very area where David and Goliath fought...
04:39 and so, we're praying that this will be something to launch
04:44 the finishing of God's work.
04:46 We're going into two areas that we've never gone into
04:50 dramatically before... one is India
04:53 and we'll talk about that a little later on too
04:57 but also, into the former Soviet Union fully...
05:00 we've got a Production Facility there
05:02 that's been operating for years and doing things on the internet
05:06 and also, in stations around the Soviet Union
05:10 but now we'll be all over
05:12 the entire Soviet Union,
05:14 so, pray about that, we'll be pulling the switch,
05:17 I'm hoping that Julia is able to join with us
05:20 we're trying to arrange that... for her to be there as well
05:24 and... because this is a great moment,
05:28 pray for us...
05:29 we just... this was a leap of faith,
05:31 we're talking about an additional $25,000 a month
05:35 it's going to take to operate that
05:37 do we know where that's coming from?
05:39 No, we do not know where that's coming from
05:42 but it's by faith...
05:44 about the same amount for the one in India,
05:46 and Folks, when you go into these areas,
05:49 there's not income coming back
05:53 to try to support these things from those areas
05:57 we are there to give the message to the world
06:00 and that's our... our sole reason for being there.
06:04 Yeah, and we're going to pray
06:06 and we're going to consecrate ourselves during that time
06:08 because this is a quantum leap...
06:12 it is a giant step of faith and 3ABN has done this before
06:17 and God has always seen us through
06:20 but, we're going to take our time
06:23 and walk you through some things
06:25 and give you a sense of what is going to be happening
06:28 so you really want to put that on your calendar,
06:30 it's going to be a great time coming from a great place,
06:33 we been to our RR Sat Facilities
06:35 and as you know, RR Sat runs...
06:38 we walked in that building... I was blown away...
06:40 I didn't know that they lay fiber optic cable
06:43 on the great ocean...
06:45 the floors of the great oceans of the world
06:47 I mean, there's one running across the Atlantic...
06:49 across the Pacific...
06:50 they're Satellite broadcasting, they're microwave broadcasting
06:54 almost anywhere you can get a signal...
06:56 from Point A to Point B... RR Sat does it...
06:58 Right... from right there.
07:00 Yeah, from right there.
07:01 And it's amazing to me
07:02 because you think of all the things that could happen
07:05 to a fiber optics cable...
07:07 running on the floor of the ocean
07:10 I mean, that... to me is an amazing thing,
07:13 in and of itself,
07:15 then on top of that... that courts the Satellites.
07:16 When the Lord put the children of Israel
07:19 where He put them...
07:21 He knew exactly what He was doing...
07:23 from that spot, you can reach all of Europe...
07:27 all of Africa... all of Northern Europe...
07:31 and other parts of the world
07:33 that you can reach from right there...
07:36 it's an amazing location...
07:39 and then to reach... like the US...
07:42 they use fiber optics to come here...
07:44 Yeah... yeah...
07:46 Then they've got a place in Pennsylvania
07:47 that re-shoots it up into the air...
07:49 over here...
07:50 and the same is true to Australia
07:52 where they reach there... so... I... I...
07:56 when you think about that and think about...
07:59 to me it just... and you know when you're there, you see...
08:02 150 Dishes up in the air...
08:04 and then you see the fact
08:07 that this is where David and Goliath fought again
08:13 and then, why was that spot chosen as the very spot
08:19 where this big satellite operation is,
08:22 see that... I think the hand of God is involved with that.
08:25 We have an impressive... and we're kind of using it
08:28 but we have an impressive satellite from out back
08:30 but when you go to RR Sat
08:32 and you see a satellite there so big
08:34 that it takes an engine the size of a bus to move it...
08:38 and you walk into a room almost the size of a Studio...
08:41 you walk into the room...
08:43 that engine is sitting in that room...
08:45 and that satellite dish is almost a 100 feet across...
08:47 Then you take an elevator up...
08:49 Right, you do...
08:50 If you remember that...
08:52 so, it's amazing...
08:53 it really is amazing.
08:55 It is quite something, so, again, we're saying this
08:58 because we want you to join us, we want you to be with us
09:00 on Sabbath, Saturday, November 23
09:04 8 a. m. Central Time... 9 a. m. Eastern Time Zone
09:09 and 6 a. m. Pacific Time Zone
09:12 for really, a series of great... some great music...
09:15 we've got some people that are going to be with us...
09:18 some people that you know well, Lincoln Steed, Allen Lindsey...
09:21 others are going to be with us, just a really... fabulous time
09:24 I think Yvonne is coming over,
09:26 Molly and Hal... J.D... Shelley...
09:28 and Danny's going to be there...
09:29 great music... great prayer...
09:31 then we're going to cast a vision
09:33 of something that God is moving us into that...
09:36 we feel is just going to be fabulous...
09:38 you know... the church is talking about...
09:40 when I was at the Annual Council over and over and over again...
09:43 they're talking about 10... 40... window,
09:45 10... 40... window, 10... 40... window...
09:47 Which we reach from this spot.
09:49 Precisely... precisely...
09:50 so, we're going to be helping with that push
09:52 to evangelize the 10... 40... window...
09:55 millions of men and women
09:57 who don't get to hear about Jesus Christ
10:00 will hear about it... some... maybe for the first time
10:03 because of what you're going to help us to do together
10:06 as we lift up the name of Jesus.
10:09 During this year's Annual Council,
10:11 the church was... as we mentioned,
10:13 hyper-focused on evangelism,
10:16 that would be the watch word for the Seventh-day Adventist Church
10:20 through the 2015 General Conference Session
10:24 in San Antonio.
10:26 A number of plans have been put together...
10:30 a number of mechanisms and media have been assembled
10:34 to try to assist us in this great evangelistic push.
10:39 One of the things the church really wants to do
10:41 is to get the armchair
10:44 participant
10:47 or non-participant... dare I say, Jim.
10:49 The person who has been a little timid... a little afraid
10:53 to even reach out into evangelism...
10:55 to get them off the couch and into the Movement... as it were,
11:00 a number of things are being happening here...
11:02 are going to be happening here...
11:04 one of the things we said was this...
11:05 this, "Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission"
11:06 by Mark and Ernestine Finley
11:08 a... kind of a Primer to walk you through that
11:11 but the church also has a number of media...
11:14 the South Pacific Division...
11:16 we just had a Media Center for... oh... many, many years,
11:19 at least 20 years, perhaps, many more than that
11:21 and it's taken the lead in producing a number of things,
11:25 has put together just a fabulous series of
11:30 media... and I say, "Media"
11:32 because it crosses a number of Media platforms,
11:34 there's video...
11:35 there is paper material... printed material...
11:38 there is audio material
11:39 but that comes under the heading of "Beyond"
11:43 beyond imagination...
11:45 our great friend... a friend of this ministry
11:48 who went on last year's trip to Israel actually, Joanne Davidson
11:52 came and made a presentation
11:54 on behalf of the South Pacific Division
11:56 to the General Conference
11:59 and right after the meeting, she came here to 3ABN,
12:02 she and Shelley Quinn are close personal friends
12:05 and so I asked Shelley, would she sit with Joanne
12:08 and sort of walk us through
12:09 what this brand-new initiative is
12:13 and so, they got a chance to sit on our "Today" Set here
12:16 and talk about this brand-new initiative
12:19 which is going to go across the world
12:21 and this is kind of our first
12:22 as we launch it here in North America...
12:24 it's called, "Beyond. "
12:25 This is Shelley Quinn and Joanne Davidson.
12:27 As you probably already know the year 2014 has been announced
12:34 as the International Year of Evangelism
12:36 by Ted Wilson, our President
12:39 of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist churches
12:43 and I am really excited right now
12:45 to introduce to you, a personal friend of mine
12:48 who has an excellent tool,
12:51 as a matter-of-fact, this tool is used for evangelism
12:54 and was recently highlighted
12:56 at the General Conference Annual Council
12:59 so, Joanne Davies is my dear friend,
13:02 Joanne, it's always wonderful to have you here my sister...
13:06 And it's always wonderful to see you and the friends at 3ABN.
13:09 Amen, some people say, Joanne,
13:11 and you're very much aware of this
13:13 that public evangelism isn't as effective
13:16 as they thought it once was
13:19 however, what you have done
13:21 and by you, I mean, the South Pacific Division,
13:25 you've really got a plan to help change that,
13:28 to motivate individual members
13:30 to become involved in personal evangelism
13:33 before the public evangelism... explain to us the process.
13:37 Well let me say, "Public Evangelism does work
13:39 when it's part of a strategic sequential evangelism plan
13:43 and in my local church
13:44 we grew from about 40 to 180 in only a couple of years.
13:47 Wow!
13:48 So public evangelism often is thought of by local churches
13:52 as something... as an event...
13:54 so they book an evangelist, they book a hall...
13:56 they get their advertising together...
13:58 they spend lots and lots of money on advertising
14:01 get a big crowd and then, people just move away.
14:05 I think the reason that is...
14:07 is because they don't integrate people
14:09 into the social fabric of the church
14:12 we're encouraging people to
14:14 generate contacts in the community
14:16 in lots of different ways
14:18 and that was talked about at Annual Council...
14:20 lots of things that people do... great ideas...
14:23 but they meet people's needs... make friends...
14:26 then invite your evangelist in,
14:28 it's Christ's method alone
14:31 and many people talk about this
14:32 but we've got to put it into practice
14:34 in order to keep the people who we make contact with
14:38 in the general community, in our churches
14:40 so the South Pacific Division, the Adventist Media Network
14:43 using money that was granted by the General Conference
14:46 has created a set of DVDs... 14 DVDs...
14:50 that cover 43 Programs shot all over the world
14:54 but basically helps anyone to share the gospel,
14:58 you don't need any special training,
15:00 you don't need to be an evangelist,
15:02 you don't have to be a pastor,
15:03 you can help to reach people in your community
15:06 or even your own friends and family... it is really easy.
15:09 And, you know, before we actually go a little further,
15:13 I would like for us to show the trailer for this
15:15 because this particular Series
15:18 has won multiple international film awards
15:21 and we're going to talk about that in a moment,
15:23 but let's look at the trailer for this
15:26 so that you get an idea of how exciting...
15:29 this isn't just your ordinary way of presenting the gospel,
15:33 this has been done in a very upscale action-packed...
15:38 attention-grabbing way so here's the trailer.
15:42 "Choose your destination... "
15:44 "You have chosen: Hell. "
15:46 You see, most people think that Hell is down there,
15:50 but according to my GPS, it's just up the road.
15:54 Now we're connected to more people than ever before
15:59 but we still seem to feel isolated.
16:01 Thing is... people only care about themselves.
16:04 According to the "Chaos Theory,"
16:08 a butterfly flapping its wings here in the Amazon,
16:11 could change the climate of the entire globe,
16:14 well, that seems a bit of a stretch,
16:16 but what's happened in just up here...
16:18 this is easy to believe,
16:20 music...
16:30 "I never thought I'd be in a war zone, but here I am... "
16:35 sound of guns shooting...
16:42 People on the back of a 1,000 kilo bull...
16:48 "I know God is there with me, we're in together... forever. "
16:53 You can understand why surfing's more than just a sport,
16:57 it's a nice surface... it's a lifestyle... an obsession
17:01 it dictates what time they get up in the morning...
17:04 the places they live... how they ate...
17:06 and the lifestyles they live...
17:07 nothing gets in the way of that relationship,
17:11 this is the Dead Sea, and despite appearances,
17:14 it's one of the most inhospitable places
17:17 on the planet.
17:19 "I wanted the truth about life and death
17:21 and meaning and purpose... I just wanted the truth. "
17:26 Music.
17:38 The Vaudois hid the illegal material
17:41 in secret pockets and false linings,
17:43 and smuggled it down from the Alps.
17:46 Music...
17:51 It makes you wonder what's going on, doesn't it?
17:52 Where's this all headed?
17:54 Is there anyone in control?
17:56 Music...
18:11 "Beyond the Search" has won 15 international film awards
18:15 and been nominated for many more
18:17 and you can see, that was must little clips
18:19 from each one of the 14 DVD Sets,
18:22 you can see how exciting that would be for people to watch
18:27 and Joanne, tell us about this particular product
18:31 in the 14 DVD Sets,
18:33 what kind of topics do you actually cover?
18:37 The key messages that covers...
18:39 revolves around Jesus' second coming
18:42 so the episode... a 30-minute film...
18:45 talks about the signs of the times
18:47 and what's happening in the world today
18:50 and says that these are signs of Jesus' second coming.
18:53 The second one goes into the theme of the great controversy
18:56 each of the 14 films has three stories...
19:00 presented by Geoff Youlden and Dannielle Synot
19:03 and Johnny Murison,
19:05 who are located in different parts of the world,
19:07 and they interview experts
19:09 or people that have been through tragedy
19:11 and all sorts of really amazing, interesting things on location
19:15 so "The Great Controversy" is the second one.
19:17 Key messages of the third one goes...
19:20 It just basically is following what you would have
19:24 in a full evangelistic meeting.
19:28 Yes, it goes into... "Can you believe the Bible?"
19:31 "Grace"
19:34 "Who is Jesus Christ?"
19:35 "He comes back again" in Episode number 6...
19:38 to the "Second Coming of Jesus" again
19:40 goes into things like, "What Happens When You Die?"
19:43 "Is There an Everlasting Hell?"
19:45 And ends when we come into: "What is Baptism?"
19:49 Why do we need that? Why do we need a Christian Life?
19:52 Three episodes on the Second Coming,
19:54 that's why I personally wanted to get involved in this
19:56 because I think it is about time that we as Adventists
20:00 act with urgency but with love
20:01 in a contemporary way
20:03 in fulfilling our gospel commission
20:05 and this will really help people in their local churches
20:09 to take those contexts through a process 14 times...
20:13 to get to know them a little bit better.
20:15 And, you know, I think that a lot of people...
20:17 the reason there's not more personal evangelism
20:20 is... people feel so inadequate in their own Bible knowledge...
20:22 "What do I say?" and we're so busy
20:26 but these DVDs are something that you can gift to someone,
20:30 share them even... just one at a time...
20:32 One at a time or as a whole gift... yeah.
20:34 But you know, once you've done this...
20:36 you all didn't just leave it there
20:38 where you've got wonderful messages
20:41 that are presented in such an exciting and inviting way,
20:45 and it appeals to people of all ages...
20:47 you can see where it appealed to the young...
20:49 but it also appeals to the older folk
20:51 but once you have given this,
20:55 you have a whole toolkit
20:57 for people to follow up... and tell us what's in this kit.
21:00 Well, there are Bible Studies...
21:01 there's a book, "See Beyond" by Clifford Goldstein
21:04 Clifford Goldstein also contributed
21:05 to the script of "Beyond" with Neale Schofield...
21:08 there's "Step Beyond" which is "Steps to Christ" by Ellen White
21:12 and a Set of Discover Bible Studies as well,
21:16 there is also a number of tracts,
21:18 so there is everything that you need
21:20 but just to give you a practical example
21:22 of how you could use that...
21:23 there was an excellent resource that was launched
21:25 at the Annual Council called, "The Creation Movie"
21:28 and people all over the world
21:29 are going to be showing this Creation Movie
21:31 and thousands and thousands of people are coming along
21:34 well, what you should do with that...
21:36 you should get 100s of 1,000s of people in your event,
21:38 take a card, fill in their name and address,
21:42 give them the first free DVD,
21:45 and then go and get a church member to follow up
21:48 with subsequent DVDs in the person's home
21:51 so you then take them back one at a time
21:54 for the next couple of weeks,
21:55 at the end, have a big social event,
21:57 maybe in your church or in your homes
21:59 and then invite them to an evangelistic event
22:02 and so, you've taken them through a workout
22:06 that is genuinely friendship based.
22:09 Is this involved... or...
22:11 is this available in multiple languages or...?
22:13 At this stage we're looking at
22:15 putting it into Portuguese and Spanish as well
22:18 but all of those details... you can contact me on:
22:20 beyondorders @adventistmedia. org. au
22:24 if you'd like to look at the trailer,
22:27 beyond. info
22:29 and the prices start from $20 each plus freight and taxes,
22:34 wholesale price for a minimum order of 1,000
22:37 so our business people out there
22:39 will find... it's a great way
22:40 to help with the evangelism on a great scale,
22:43 and we've got a great offer
22:44 for people who order 10,000 or more as well.
22:47 All right, but now, if somebody said just one and two orders,
22:50 one at a time... I understand that Pacific Press Publishing
22:54 if their order is under a 1,000
22:57 that we can actually get them here in the States
22:59 through Pacific Press Publishing.
23:01 So give us your address one more time.
23:03 It's at: beyond. info is our website
23:06 and my e-mail address is:
23:08 beyondorders @adventistmedia. org. au
23:13 it's a fantastic resource... I'm so excited about it.
23:16 I'm excited about this as well
23:18 and I know that this is something
23:19 that the South Pacific Division has developed
23:22 as a resource for the worldwide church
23:24 and we hope that you will take advantage of it
23:27 so that you can be an active participant
23:30 in the 2014 International Year of Evangelism.
23:34 Thank you Joanne... and thank you.
23:36 Pause...
23:40 So, as you can see, the Church has developed
23:43 a number of media
23:45 that you can use to lift up the name of Jesus,
23:48 I've got a set of the...
23:49 the "Discover Tomorrow" Bible Studies from "Beyond"
23:53 a small... not too thick... very colorful...
23:57 the pages are not too... not too many words
24:01 so that you're not daunted when you look at these...
24:03 very portable... something you can give away...
24:06 and it takes the fear that many people have, Jim,
24:09 out of doing evangelism.
24:11 That's right, absolutely
24:13 and it covers every subject thoroughly.
24:16 Yes.
24:18 And, so when someone gets through with these lessons,
24:20 they are going to understand the message.
24:23 Yeah, and they're interesting, they're good to look at...
24:25 they are bright, the video is very good,
24:28 it's very engaging
24:30 and as you can see, it was done at a very high level
24:33 this is designed to meet the secular mind...
24:35 the person who is moving...
24:36 who wants... what we call, "eye candy"
24:39 they want a treat for the eye and so...
24:42 these videos will do that, it will grab them immediately
24:46 it was shot all over the world
24:47 so whatever country you're using this is...
24:50 using these in...
24:51 that person who you're trying to reach
24:53 will find something about their country
24:55 that they can resonate with,
24:57 with North America, South America, Africa, Asia,
25:00 Australia... just about... Europe...
25:03 wherever you are,
25:05 there's something there that was shot in your locale
25:08 so this is great material and again, ABCs will have it,
25:12 you can call your Conferences
25:14 and call your Offices... it will be there, praise God.
25:15 Joanne Davies is the spokesperson
25:17 for this Organization and for this Project...
25:21 what a wonderful Christian lady.
25:23 Oh she is... and I apologize, I called her "Davidson... "
25:25 which is another friend of ours
25:27 whose been teaching in the Seminary
25:28 Jo Anne Davidson...
25:29 but this is Joanne Davies...
25:31 and I need to make that apology to her.
25:32 What a wonderful person and
25:34 she loves this ministry and is very supportive of us
25:39 and we appreciate the work that she is doing
25:41 and we really enjoy having her on that trip with us
25:47 because she is a gung-ho person...
25:51 in other words,
25:52 she really enjoyed learning all those things
25:55 and we enjoyed having her, we really did.
25:58 Yeah, it was a blessing and she is a fun person
26:00 and she made a wonderful presentation
26:02 at the meeting there so, again, as we're talking...
26:06 this year's particular Annual Council
26:10 really lasered home on this idea
26:14 that the work of God must be finished...
26:16 not only in the cities, but in the 10... 40... window
26:19 some of the places where 3ABN is...
26:22 some of the things that we see going on
26:24 that the work really needs to be finished
26:27 not by just Pastors and Preachers and Organizations
26:30 but every member needs to pick up the mantle.
26:33 Joanne talked about evangelism as an event...
26:37 we want to move evangelism from an event to a process...
26:40 to part of a natural life of the church
26:43 so that every day we're doing something evangelistic...
26:46 not just holding a meeting but Bible studies and caring
26:50 and sharing and helping
26:52 and showing acts of love and kindness to our neighbors...
26:54 all of that is evangelism.
26:55 You know, down in Dyersburg, Tennessee...
26:59 my daughter, Mary Anne, has been very active
27:01 and she and a lot of the church members...
27:04 she's not the only one,
27:06 but with... particularly with the cooking schools
27:09 and bringing people to the church
27:12 for cooking schools, the people...
27:15 it breaks down prejudice... people get to know them,
27:17 a number of individuals are now
27:19 starting to get really interested in the message,
27:22 one or two of them were at church recently when I was there
27:26 and so this is the type of thing
27:29 that you keep going constantly... in a church
27:32 so that when you do hold an evangelistic meeting,
27:35 you are not just meeting strangers,
27:38 you're having a lot of your friends that are already...
27:42 who've become kind of part of the church
27:44 that are coming to those.
27:46 Yeah, if the church goes out and meets and greets,
27:48 then when it's time to... to open the doors...
27:50 that people who know you and want to come in
27:52 and not intimidated because there are some people
27:54 who just... who don't know what Adventism is...
27:56 they're afraid to go inside of an Adventist Church...
27:59 And, you know, so many times I'll have people say to me,
28:01 "Look, we're just too small... we're just too small a church. "
28:05 One of the most powerful things in the nation
28:08 are small groups
28:09 so, if you've got a small church... make it a small group,
28:13 attack the study...
28:16 the way you do evangelism differently,
28:19 do it as a Bible-Study type thing...
28:21 do it as a... learn what small groups are all about.
28:25 You can even begin them in the home...
28:28 move them to the church later whatever,
28:30 don't give up just because you're small,
28:33 that's the whole thing.
28:34 If you're small, you can be surprised
28:37 how much of an impact you can have.
28:40 One of the things that I noticed at this year's Annual Council
28:43 is they... they ask for buy-in
28:46 by every department of the General Conference
28:49 and the North America Division.
28:51 Willie and Elaine Oliver in Family Ministries
28:54 said that we can use what we do as an entering wedge
28:58 because there are people out there
28:59 who have got family problems
29:01 and the church can help with those family problems
29:03 not that you're trying to make an "Adventist" per se...
29:07 you're trying to meet a need. Jim: Yeah.
29:08 But in doing so, they're going to want to know
29:10 about the God that you serve.
29:11 Jim: All Right.
29:13 Yeah, that kind of thing... Sabbath School...
29:15 all of the Departments...
29:16 Education... these are just a few...
29:18 just all of the Departments came together to say,
29:21 "Hey, we buy into this... "
29:23 even the General Conference Secretariat...
29:25 they're going to be doing meetings,
29:27 people have realized
29:30 that we're in the last days and something...
29:32 we've got to step it up as it were... for Jesus Christ.
29:35 And you know something, people sometimes think that
29:38 the day of holding meetings is past,
29:40 it is nowhere near past...
29:43 we actually are baptizing more people today
29:47 from Evangelistic Meetings than we ever have in our history
29:50 and see, sometimes, people get the idea that...
29:52 "Well, that was something that happened in the old days... "
29:54 no, there are more people being baptized
29:57 in the evangelistic meetings today
29:59 than ever in our history.
30:01 Yes.
30:02 And so, don't relegate that now, it may not be in your church
30:06 because you may not be doing them
30:08 but if you do continue...
30:10 one of the best examples of that was under Bill McClendon
30:15 the South Tulsa Church and I'm sure they're continuing it
30:19 but I haven't stayed in touch since I left...
30:22 they were holding four, five, six meetings a year
30:25 in their church and baptizing...
30:29 it was the fastest growing church anywhere in this Country
30:33 now, you don't have to baptize a thousand
30:37 every time you hold a meeting...
30:38 you baptize one, two, three... five...
30:41 whatever God gives you.
30:42 Ford Estedemore used to make the statement,
30:45 "If you want to baptize a 100 people in a year
30:47 and you're only doing ten...
30:49 do ten meetings...
30:50 and you'll be surprised,
30:53 the Lord will give you those baptisms... He really will.
30:56 We need our Viewers... we need you to pray for us
30:59 Jim and I have gotten a number of invitations
31:03 for the 2014 year.
31:04 We haven't quite decided which ones we're going to accept,
31:07 which ones we're not going to be able to work in the schedule
31:09 to do some public evangelism and keep us in prayer
31:13 we kind of strap on the guns and go back out there
31:17 and fire a few rounds for the Lord
31:19 but we've got to try to work it into this 3ABN Schedule
31:23 which is an all-encompassing kind of thing
31:25 but we want to join with our General Conference President
31:28 and others of our leaders of the church
31:30 and go back out and hit the...
31:32 the... I want to say, "The sawdust trail"
31:34 because back in the old days, it was a sawdust trail
31:37 but go out and hold some public evangelism meetings,
31:39 you've done so many all over the world,
31:41 I was impressed to do several in New York City,
31:43 but it does fire you up
31:44 and make you feel strong in the Lord to preach this...
31:47 Well you did a real good series in Chicago a few years ago
31:50 and I tell you, we're still watching that on 3ABN
31:52 so we're ready to do another one where you are the preacher
31:58 and where we can tape that for you
32:01 so I know, some of you have really commented to me
32:03 how much you appreciated that Series
32:06 that Pastor Murray did do in Chicago,
32:09 boy! it was hot in Chicago, I remember that.
32:12 Hot... then cold...
32:14 it went from hot to cold in a couple of days, yeah.
32:18 Right, right, but when we first got started
32:20 in that particular church,
32:21 I don't think they had air conditioning.
32:23 No... and we didn't expect to need it in October.
32:25 And I've never seen air in such condition as it was there,
32:28 it was hot air... I guarantee you.
32:30 Yeah, I think it was in the 70s or 80s
32:33 for the first several days,
32:34 then it flipped over...
32:35 went down into the 60s for the next several days
32:37 and then back up to 80s... it was quite an adventure.
32:40 It may have been in the 80s outside...
32:42 it was in the 90s inside or 100 inside...
32:44 it was hot in there,
32:46 you had to use a towel rather than a handkerchief,
32:49 I remember that
32:50 just to keep the perspiration...
32:52 Very true, very true, yeah the fans were not doing any good.
32:56 One of the additional burdens for this year's Annual Council
33:00 was the idea... something that we hit on
33:02 a couple of years ago, Jim
33:03 is to reestablish the church's belief
33:07 in the literal Creation... six days...
33:10 we had a number of individuals there
33:13 to talk about this but the church has also seized on this
33:17 that we need... as Adventists
33:20 to restate our unequivocal belief
33:23 that we believe that there is a God
33:26 who created this earth in six literal days.
33:28 You remember, we had a number of individuals
33:30 as we started to get that issue from the number of Adventists
33:34 just a year and change ago.
33:36 Yeah, and there are a number of things
33:38 that are very pertinent for us right now
33:41 but none, more so, than Creation
33:43 because if we don't have that basic belief,
33:47 then, we don't have anything.
33:49 C.A. Murray: Yes.
33:50 This world either has to be created by God
33:54 or we have none of the answers that we know the Bible gives us.
33:58 If the Bible is not right there,
34:02 at the very beginning...
34:03 then Folks, it throws into question
34:06 everything that follows afterwards...
34:08 so we believe that it is... without any question that it is,
34:13 we don't have any reservation
34:15 and... that we believe in the six literal days of creation
34:21 just as God said it
34:23 we don't believe in some Mickey-Mouse-type explosion
34:27 or anything of that nature
34:29 but we really believe that...
34:31 that God did exactly what God said He did.
34:34 And Jim, there is no middle ground on that,
34:36 either He did or He didn't,
34:38 That's it.
34:39 There's no way to sort of parse that in
34:41 and make it half way...
34:42 either God created it or He did not
34:43 and if He did not... then, we're in trouble man, yeah.
34:46 You know, this is the reason
34:47 that many of those that don't teach the Sabbath,
34:51 if you'll notice, those individuals are the ones
34:55 those churches are the ones that are very soft on Creation,
34:59 they either come up with some kind of a
35:02 1,000-and-1,000s-of-years theory of Creation
35:06 or they come up with some "Big Bang Theory"
35:10 or they come up with an evolutionary theory
35:13 and this is what happens... why?
35:16 Because of the Fourth Commandment,
35:19 "For in six days, the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea,
35:25 and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day:
35:28 wherefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day,
35:31 and hallowed it. "
35:32 C.A. Murray: Yeah.
35:34 See, if they don't believe in Creation... if they don't...
35:36 the Sabbath is saying, "God is God... "
35:39 sometimes people get the idea that...
35:43 whether I keep another day of the Creation
35:46 or the resurrection...
35:48 you know, God never told us to do that,
35:50 He told us how to honor that.
35:52 One is through the new birth, one is through baptism,
35:56 we do it through Communion
35:58 and He gave us ways to honor that
36:00 but He said, "First of all, God is God. "
36:03 God created this world, without that being true,
36:07 none of the other can be true, you see,
36:10 so this is why the Creation is the cornerstone...
36:13 this is where the devil is fighting...
36:15 he's fighting with Christian groups,
36:17 he's fighting with even Sabbath-keeping groups,
36:20 to try to come up with alternatives
36:23 to the real true story of Creation.
36:28 C.A. Murray: Yeah.
36:29 Jim: God is God.
36:30 If you work your way through that and you're so right,
36:32 if you make the first six days... 1000s of years,
36:35 then the Sabbath washes out...
36:37 if the Sabbath is a literal 24-hour day,
36:41 then, days one through six have to be literal 24-hour days.
36:45 Now, why did God do it?
36:46 He could have done it in six milliseconds
36:48 but... or He could have done it in six seconds...
36:51 He could have... but He chose six days
36:54 so that we would take that 7th day
36:57 to honor Him as our Creator
37:00 and to have a communion with Him as our God
37:04 and this is an important truth
37:08 and I know, sometimes, some of you think...
37:11 well, we just hammer on this Sabbath thing...
37:13 Folks, the reason we do is because He says,
37:16 "Remember the Sabbath"
37:17 and the whole world basically...
37:19 except for about 17 or 18 million people...
37:22 the rest of the world has said, "Forget the Sabbath... "
37:26 see... and there's a lot of people out there
37:28 so this is why you hear us saying over and over again,
37:32 "Remember the Sabbath Day"
37:34 God said it... He wrote it with His very finger
37:37 and that's the amazing thing to me,
37:40 is that... people want to take the Ten Commandments...
37:43 written by the finger of God...
37:45 the only part of Scripture that was actually...
37:48 literally written by God was the Ten Commandments
37:51 the rest... through His prophets...
37:53 but the Ten Commandments...
37:54 He didn't give any kind of a chance
37:57 for there to be any interpretation...
38:00 He wrote that Himself
38:02 and so... this is why we keep hammering on this
38:06 and talking about this
38:07 and once the world wakes up to this,
38:09 and says, "You know, you're right... "
38:12 then we'll go on to another subject
38:14 but you're going to hear it from us
38:17 until we get recognition that this is God's doing.
38:20 Yeah, and evidently over the next couple of years
38:22 you're going to hear from the church also
38:24 because they are re-animating and re-enforcing
38:28 and restating our belief that this is...
38:30 this is where we stand on this issue...
38:32 Oh yeah.
38:33 There's no vacillation... this is where we stand on this issue.
38:35 And there are some real good books out there...
38:38 David Read... he was one of our guests here
38:40 has written a great book on dinosaurs
38:43 Yeah, it's powerful.
38:44 Yeah, it is... and it goes in to the Creation stories
38:48 and we also... Dr. Johns...
38:51 I'm trying to get him to come and be a guest here with us,
38:55 he lives some distance...
38:57 and it's not easy getting Dr. Warren Johns,
39:00 I get information from him on a regular basis...
39:04 what a believer of Creation this man is...
39:08 and he's a well-trained Doctor of Laws...
39:13 he has a Law Degree and he is a self-taught scientist
39:17 because I guarantee you, nobody can stand up to this man
39:21 as far as I'm concerned
39:23 when he presents the arguments for Creation.
39:26 Yeah, yes, investigative mind and a great writer...
39:28 an engaging writer and a neat guy...
39:30 somebody who I really like and respect.
39:32 And we're trying to get him here,
39:33 if you know him, you encourage him to come
39:35 I'll tell him to come back.
39:37 I want you to take a look now at a piece of video,
39:41 this is something that
39:42 very few outside of the General Conference Committee
39:45 and those who were at our Annual Council have seen yet...
39:47 it will be released very shortly...
39:48 we're going to give you a little peak
39:51 and then comment on it on the other side
39:53 but here is something that flows in the trajectory
39:57 of this reaffirming our belief
39:59 that this beautiful, wonderful world of ours
40:02 was created by the hand of a loving, caring God.
40:07 Music.
41:37 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. "
41:44 Music.
43:06 "Then God said, let us make man in our image,
43:11 according to our likeness. "
43:13 Music...
43:30 "And God said to them, Be fruitful, and multiply,
43:34 fill the earth, and subdue it. "
43:36 Music...
44:20 More music...
47:18 Jim, this is some new material that the church is producing
47:21 aimed at the secular, worldly mind
47:24 it's going to focus on
47:27 the beauty of the world that we live in
47:29 and then, basically, ask the question,
47:30 "How did it get this way?"
47:32 "Is this accident, is this chance?"
47:34 You got people... we saw Ben Carson there...
47:36 and other individuals.
47:38 Dr. Standish...
47:39 Yes, yes, yes, yes who were saying,
47:42 "This is not an accident, this is not chance,
47:44 this is designed, this was intentionality,
47:47 this is something that God has done
47:49 so, it's designed to meet the mind...
47:50 and it's very well done...
47:52 very lushly done... it has been field tested
47:54 and I think the church feels very good
47:56 about what they're trying to do
47:58 to reach that mind that's kind of resistant...
48:00 that you're not going to be able to preach into the church
48:02 or thump your Bible,
48:03 you're going to have to approach them through another avenue
48:06 and they feel this is one of those avenues
48:08 that will do just that.
48:09 Well, it... obviously is not aimed at me or you
48:13 because there are so many things there that...
48:17 as you just look at... it's definitely soft sell...
48:20 Hmmm... hmmm...
48:21 But it may be that the secular mind
48:24 may be more attracted to this
48:26 and so let me tell you,
48:28 I believe in all things for all people,
48:30 in other words, we try this for some,
48:32 other things for others,
48:34 but the main things is that when we're through,
48:37 that we're teaching that God created the world in six days,
48:42 that His Son, Jesus, came to die...
48:46 that actually Jesus was
48:47 the active part of the Godhead
48:50 in Creation.
48:52 The Bible teaches that without any question.
48:53 Oh yes.
48:54 And that He came to die for us on the cross
48:57 and that is the message of salvation...
49:00 Creation... He can save us because He created us.
49:04 If He was not our Creator, how can He be our Savior?
49:07 Yes.
49:08 See, there's just no... to me... no link there
49:12 so, if we can get people interested...
49:15 I'm for every approach.
49:17 Yes, yes, yeah... and I think that multi-faceted approach...
49:21 you know, Christ says...
49:22 Colossians says, "Without Him nothing was made that was made"
49:25 so, that mind that may be a little resistant
49:28 to some of the classic approaches
49:30 you're trying to break down barriers,
49:32 you're trying to break down resistance
49:33 like we have at "Dare to Dream"
49:35 there are some people who will come in through 3ABN...
49:38 others, 3ABN Latino...
49:40 3ABN Russia... 3ABN SonBeam...
49:42 3ABN Dare to Dream...
49:43 different methodologies...
49:46 but all preaching the same gospel
49:47 heading towards the same goal
49:49 by coming at it through slightly different...
49:51 you kind of meet people where they are.
49:52 You have to do that
49:54 and Apostle Paul is very clear to that,
49:56 he says, "I've become all things to all people...
49:58 that I might by... reach some... "
50:01 you see... and that's what we have to do.
50:04 Yeah... so these then... Jim are the themes
50:08 that dominated this year's Annual Council
50:11 as we move towards...
50:13 we're just a couple years out from General Conference 2015.
50:16 The Church really wants to gear up,
50:19 now we had our test case in New York,
50:22 now we've got 650 cities across the world
50:26 in all of the Divisions that are going to be evangelized
50:30 using that New York Model over the next two years
50:33 and the Conferences are getting ready,
50:37 the Divisions are getting ready, the Unions are getting ready
50:40 and we're hitting on all cylinders
50:42 and even the General Conference people...
50:45 Ella Simmons... comes to mind
50:48 others who are sort of "Desk People... "
50:51 and "Committee People" are sort of stepping out
50:53 and doing evangelism themselves.
50:55 You know, Mark held a Field School in New York
50:58 while Elder Wilson was doing that meeting
51:00 and they met every morning and he had...
51:04 I think it was a 150 people... about that amount
51:08 from all over the world that were being trained
51:11 to go back to those big cities
51:14 so that was a... not only an Outreach
51:18 but it was a training time
51:19 for a worldwide training seminar that took place.
51:24 Yes, yes, the Division sent individuals so that
51:27 this information will not just stay in America
51:29 but filter back to those Divisions
51:31 and it's going to be a work
51:32 that you are going to be hearing a lot about
51:34 over the next two years
51:35 called: Centers of Influence
51:37 and we haven't really had a chance to talk about...
51:40 too much on this particular program
51:42 but, you may be asking,
51:43 "Well, could you preach a meeting... and then you leave
51:45 and you kind of leave the city like you found it... "
51:46 but Ellen White talks about it
51:48 and the church has really gravitated to this idea of...
51:51 Centers of Influence
51:52 be they hospitals or restaurants or other kinds of things...
51:58 Community Service Centers... where people can come
52:01 and these Centers can influence the Communities for Jesus Christ
52:06 so that they change Evangelism from just this...
52:10 this "Meeting Event Idea" to a "Process Idea. "
52:13 It is a good thing to have a meeting
52:14 but once the meeting is done and the Evangelist leaves,
52:18 what's the legacy that's going to be left in that city
52:22 and these Centers of Influences will carry on that legacy
52:25 for years to come.
52:26 And it is important that we have these...
52:29 they must not be the Evangelism themselves...
52:33 where that's been tried... it has not failed,
52:36 where it's worked with Public Evangelism... it succeeds
52:39 Yeah, yeah.
52:41 But if you... but those that have tried to have
52:43 maybe a vegetarian restaurant or something,
52:46 but they didn't tie it to Evangelism,
52:49 they just made healthier sinners.
52:53 Now, you brought that up
52:54 as we were talking about it the other day
52:55 that it's the mingling of the two...
52:58 because we can feed them good healthy food
53:00 and never lead them to Christ.
53:02 Exactly, just because they're eating the good tomatoes
53:05 instead of the bad tomatoes
53:06 it's not necessarily going to save them
53:09 and... but it can get their attention.
53:12 The truth is that where they've done the...
53:15 for instance, Vegetarian Restaurants...
53:18 you remember in New York... they've tried that...
53:22 but where they tried that, it had very few results
53:26 where you would hold a meeting in New York...
53:29 people like Yvonne and Yolanda and all these people came
53:33 and were baptized... see...
53:36 they were baptized... now somebody says,
53:38 "Well, maybe they ate at the vegetarian restaurant... "
53:41 maybe they did...
53:42 my experience with watching it was that
53:45 where that was standing by itself,
53:47 you just had Wall Street guys...
53:49 they're enjoying... taking good care of their health
53:52 but it didn't make any impact on them at all...
53:55 I've eaten in Buddhist Restaurants
53:57 but I wasn't tempted to be a Buddhist
54:00 and... because when you go overseas,
54:03 sometimes, that's the only thing you've got
54:05 particularly for vegetarian foods...
54:08 Buddhist restaurants in Hong Kong... different places...
54:11 but it... they didn't reach me with their religion
54:15 so, in addition to showing people the healthy way,
54:19 we have to give them the Word...
54:21 and those combinations are powerful.
54:24 This is the new model that seems to have energized the Church,
54:28 the idea of co-mingling classic, public evangelism
54:33 which we guarantee still works...
54:35 with more long-term impact kind of things
54:39 that sort of hold it up
54:40 and of course, this was done in New York,
54:42 it's going to be done in New York,
54:43 will continue to be done in New York
54:45 and now it's going to be spread around the world
54:47 and I'm excited to see over the next several years,
54:49 the kinds of results that we're going to see
54:52 through this mingling... this new initiative
54:55 that puts Centers of Influence with active evangelism,
54:59 not only pastors in pulpits
55:01 but members in homes and small groups
55:04 and hitting, as it were, on all cylinders
55:06 and this is something we want you to pray for,
55:08 one of the other things the church has been doing,
55:10 of course, is this revival and reformation,
55:12 we're reading our way through the Bible,
55:14 over the next two years
55:16 as we move towards the next General Conference
55:18 so, there are a number of initiatives...
55:20 all bathed in prayer... all actuated by prayer
55:23 that the church has brought together
55:26 and we are really seeing great results
55:28 and that was the flavor of the Annual Council this year,
55:32 there was an air of excitement because people have reports...
55:34 yes, we are trying these things
55:36 and praise God, Jim, they are working.
55:38 They are... and this was... when Mark was in New York,
55:41 Mark has used the mingling with things...
55:46 just like a loaf of bread for your neighbors
55:49 and being a good neighbor... being a... that type of person,
55:53 he has used these types of things
55:56 to build their evangelistic meetings
55:58 all through his ministry, very successful with that
56:02 so, he's the one that's leading out in this co-mingling...
56:06 of different aspects of bringing people...
56:10 interested people to the message.
56:12 Yeah, I have a neighbor... I'll say this real quick...
56:14 I was driving the other day and he kind of flagged me down,
56:16 he was on his lawn tractor and he said,
56:18 "Hey, I know you... you're that preacher... "
56:20 and I have some lumber sitting up behind my house
56:22 and he said, "Are you going to use the lumber?"
56:24 and I'm really not, so I said,
56:25 "Come and get it... come to take it. "
56:27 And so he stopped by the other day and picked up the lumber
56:29 and I put a couple of tracts in his hand
56:31 and we've built up a... a friendship,
56:33 I did not know that he had already been watching 3ABN,
56:35 and he's right next door to me
56:36 and I just... and I didn't know...
56:38 and he says, "Oh yeah, we see you all the time... "
56:39 it's the "good neighbor" policy, Jim,
56:42 doing things to help people
56:44 and sort of putting legs on the gospel
56:45 and that's what the church has drawn up to.
56:48 We... you know... these two hours have just flown by
56:50 and I'm excited about what God is doing
56:54 and how the Holy Spirit is working to use this Church
56:59 to spread the gospel around the world
57:01 and 3ABN is a very important part of that,
57:04 thank you for your support... for your prayers...
57:08 and we pray that you will continue supporting
57:12 the ministry of 3ABN
57:13 because we want to be used by God
57:17 in helping to finish the work
57:20 of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord,
57:24 you hang on to Jesus, don't give up,
57:27 keep on... keeping on with Him.


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