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Nobody Said It Was Going To Be Easy

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01:37 When in our music God is glorified
01:44 And adoration leaves no room for pride
01:51 It is as though the whole creation cried
01:57 Alleluia
02:03 How often, making music, we have found
02:12 A new dimension in the world of sound
02:21 As worship moved us to a more profound
02:28 Alleluia
02:32 Alleluia Alleluia
02:38 Alleluia Alleluia
02:44 Alleluia
02:53 So has the Church, in liturgy and song
03:01 In faith and love, through centuries of wrong Borne
03:09 witness to the truth in every tongue
03:19 Alleluia
03:33 Words of Joy today are taken Psalm 98.
03:36 I will read the first of verses in Russian
03:39 and then entire Psalm in the New King James Version.
03:42 [Speaking in foreign language]
04:04 "O sing to the Lord a new song,
04:06 for he has done marvelous things,
04:09 his right hand, and his holy arm,
04:11 had gained him the victory.
04:14 The Lord has made known his salvation,
04:16 his righteousness he has revealed
04:18 in the sight of the nations.
04:21 He has remembered his mercy and his faithfulness
04:24 to the house of Israel.
04:25 All the ends of the earth have seen
04:27 the salvation of our God.
04:29 Shall joyfully to the Lord, all the earth
04:32 break-forth into song, rejoice and sing praises.
04:36 Sing to the Lord with the harp,
04:38 with the harp, and the sound of the Psalm.
04:41 With trumpets and the sound of a horn
04:44 shall joyfully before the Lord the King.
04:47 Let the see roar in all its fullness,
04:49 the world and those who dwell in it.
04:52 Let the rivers clap their hands.
04:54 Let the hills be joyful together before the Lord
04:57 for he is coming to judge the earth,
05:00 with righteousness he shall judge the world
05:02 and the people's with equity."
05:10 Please be seated.
05:15 Please note that the hymns
05:17 are also listed as the numbered hymn numbers
05:20 and you can use the screens as well if you wish.
05:22 Let's praise God further.
05:54 All things bright and beautiful
05:59 All creatures great and small
06:03 All things wise and wonderful
06:07 The Lord God made them all
06:12 Each little flower that opens
06:16 Each little bird that sings
06:20 He made their glowing colors
06:25 He made their tiny wings
06:30 All things bright and beautiful
06:34 All creatures great and small
06:37 All things wise and wonderful
06:42 The Lord God made them all
06:46 The purple-headed mountain
06:52 The river running by
06:56 The sunset, and the morning
07:00 That brightens up the sky
07:05 All things bright and beautiful
07:09 All creatures great and small
07:14 All things wise and wonderful
07:18 The Lord God made them all
07:23 The cold wind in the winter
07:28 The pleasant summer sun
07:32 The ripe fruits in the garden
07:37 He made them every one
07:41 All things bright and beautiful
07:45 All creatures great and small
07:50 All things wise and wonderful
07:54 The Lord God made them all
07:58 He gave us eyes to see them
08:03 And lips that we might tell
08:07 How great is God Almighty
08:12 Who has made all things well
08:18 All things bright and beautiful
08:22 All creatures great and small
08:27 All things wise and wonderful
08:31 The Lord God made them all
09:11 Fairest Lord Jesus,
09:16 Ruler of all nature
09:21 O Thou of God and man the Son!
09:32 Thee will I cherish
09:38 Thee will I honor
09:42 Thou art my glory, joy and crown
09:52 Fair is the sunshine
09:57 Fairer still the moonlight
10:02 And all the twinkling, starry host
10:13 Jesus shines brighter
10:17 Jesus shines purer
10:23 Than all the angels heaven can boast
10:33 Beautiful Savior
10:38 Lord of all the nations
10:44 Son of God and Son of Man!
10:55 Glory and honor,
11:01 Praise, adoration
11:06 Now and forevermore Be Thine!
11:44 Praise to the Lord The Almighty
11:48 The King of creation!
11:53 O my soul, praise Him
11:56 For He is thy health and salvation!
12:03 All ye who hear,
12:06 Now to His temple draw near
12:11 Join ye in glad adoration!
12:19 Praise to the Lord
12:22 Who o'er all things So wonderfully reigneth
12:29 Shieldeth thee under His wings
12:33 Yea, so gently sustaineth!
12:38 Hast thou not seen
12:42 How thy desires ever have been
12:47 Granted in what He ordaineth?
13:11 Praise to the Lord, Ho doth prosper
13:16 Thy work and defend Thee
13:21 Surely His goodness and mercy
13:26 Here daily attend thee
13:32 Ponder anew
13:37 what the Almighty can do
13:42 If with His love He befriend thee
14:11 Come, let us anew our journey pursue
14:17 Roll round with the year
14:19 And never stand still Till the Master appear
14:26 His adorable will let us gladly fulfill
14:33 And our talents improve By the patience of hope
14:39 And the labor of love By the patience of hope
14:43 And the labor of love
14:50 Our life is a dream Our time, as a stream
14:55 Glide swiftly away
14:58 And the fugitive moment refuses to stay
15:04 For the arrow is flown
15:08 And the moments are gone
15:11 The millennial year Rushes on to our view
15:16 And eternity's here Rushes on to our view
15:21 And eternity's here
15:28 Oh, that each in the day of His coming may say
15:33 I have fought my way through I have finished the work
15:38 Thou didst give me to do!
15:42 Oh, that each from his Lord
15:46 may receive the glad word
15:49 Well and faithfully done!
15:55 Enter into my joy, and sit down on My throne!
15:58 Enter into my joy,
16:01 and sit down on My throne!
16:07 Oh, that each from his Lord may receive the glad word
16:15 Well and faithfully done!
16:20 Enter into my joy, and sit down on My throne!
16:25 Enter into my joy,
16:27 and sit down on My throne!
16:56 This last week in the Wall Street Journal's
17:00 best seller list for 'nonfiction'
17:04 the number one, entry was entitled the "Last Lecture."
17:11 Apparently, it is a custom of some colleges
17:16 to select a professor from the faculty
17:18 and invite that man that women to spend an hour
17:24 sharing from the heart those lessons
17:27 that he or she has learned matter most.
17:33 Randy Pausch, was a professor of computer science
17:35 at Carnegie Mellon University
17:37 when the president of that university
17:38 came to him and said, "Randy, would you give a last lecture?"
17:43 Neither he nor the president knew
17:46 when he accepted that invitation
17:47 that in just a few weeks he would be told
17:52 he would have between three and six months to live.
17:57 Pausch wrote, "I learned
18:00 I was dying of pancreatic cancer.
18:04 I knew I could cancel.
18:06 I have three young children,
18:07 I'm married to Jai, the woman of my dreams,
18:09 and there were so many things to be done.
18:12 But by speaking, I knew I could put myself in a bottle
18:16 that would one day wash upon the beach
18:19 for my children, Dylan and Logan and Chloe."
18:24 The 76 minute lecture was taped.
18:27 It was placed on YouTube and as of last week
18:29 it has been viewed
18:30 seven million 840 thousand 276 times.
18:37 Pausch expanded that lecture
18:40 and it has become today's bestseller, the "Last Lecture."
18:45 Through his suffering he maintained an online journal.
18:50 The final entry was posted by an anonymous friend
18:53 July 25th, 2008.
18:56 Randy died this morning of complications
18:59 from pancreatic cancer.
19:01 He was 47 year old.
19:04 Now look, I understand
19:07 not everybody dies of pancreatic cancer
19:12 but what has become clear to me as I grow older
19:16 is that everybody and I mean everybody
19:22 suffers sometime along the way.
19:26 In fact, suffers many times along the way.
19:33 And what daunts on you,
19:34 when you read the Book of Acts
19:36 which is our theme book for this series Primetime
19:39 is that even the friends of Jesus suffer.
19:43 In fact, truth and advertising especially
19:46 the friends of Jesus suffer.
19:51 Which is why I wish, what's up doctor--
19:54 why did you put that one measly little line in?
19:57 You could have left it out but oh, no, you stuck it in.
20:02 And because he did
20:04 you who are the primetime generation
20:06 and I am thinking especially of you.
20:09 You have been given a slice of truth
20:12 that I hope you will never forget.
20:15 Open your Bible with me, please to the Book of Acts.
20:18 Book of Acts Chapter 14, if you didn't bring a Bible
20:23 you got to-- you need to read this one liner for yourself.
20:26 Grab the pew Bible in front of you.
20:29 Acts Chapter 14,
20:30 I will be Today's New International Version.
20:32 Take the pew Bible that's a New King James
20:34 it works page 745 in pew Bible.
20:37 Follow along, just one line.
20:39 We need to run up to that line so let's pick it up in verse 21.
20:42 Acts 14:21,
20:46 says "They had preached the gospel"
20:47 That would be Paul and Barnabas.
20:51 Two some partnership.
20:52 "They preached the gospel in that city
20:54 and won a large number of disciples.
20:56 Then they returned to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch,
21:00 " Verse 22, "Strengthening the disciples
21:03 and encouraging them to remain true to the faith."
21:06 And this sentence is attributed to them.
21:08 Here it comes.
21:09 "'We must go through many hardships
21:12 to enter the kingdom of God,' they said."
21:16 Can you believe it?
21:17 Write it down. We're real quick.
21:18 Write it down right down, grab that study guide,
21:20 that's in your worship bulletin today,
21:23 pull it out and jot that sentence down.
21:26 And while you're doing it and I want to say
21:27 those of you watching right now.
21:29 I'd love for you to have the same study guide.
21:31 We'll put it on the screen for you our website
21:37 You got to get this line jot it down
21:39 so you can brood over it as well.
21:42 You're looking for the series Primetime
21:43 this is the next to the last in that series primetime.
21:46 By the way don't miss the final installment
21:49 towards a nighttime before a primetime
21:52 and all through the world.
21:54 That's our last one coming up.
21:56 But this one is entitled
21:57 "Nobody said it was going to be easy."
21:58 So that's what you're looking for when you see
21:59 "Nobody has said it's going to be easy"
22:01 says study guide there you click on
22:03 you'll have the same study guide.
22:05 All right, fill it in. Write in the reference.
22:06 You're gonna need to do that Acts 14:22 jot that down.
22:10 "We must go through many hardships."
22:12 Many hardships. "To enter the kingdom of God."
22:17 I ye nobody said it was going to be easy.
22:23 Actually, we shouldn't be too hard on Paul and Barnabas
22:25 or on Dr Lupo including this one liner
22:28 simply because truth be known
22:30 it's the perfect summation
22:32 for the narratives that it just taken place.
22:34 Six stories, keep your pen moving.
22:36 Can't tell the stories but I want you to note the stories
22:38 that lead to this punch line.
22:40 Story number one, you see it in your study guide
22:42 that's Acts 13:1-12.
22:44 It's a story about being on the Island of Cyprus.
22:46 They're trying to reach the Roman pro-council
22:48 that would be the governor Sergio Paulus.
22:51 He has a counselor a sorcerer named Bar-Jesus
22:54 and the powers of darkness at work and Bar-Jesus
22:57 keeps trying to turn
22:59 the governor away from what Paul is teaching
23:01 until finally Paul in exasperation strikes
23:05 the sorcerer blind for a season.
23:07 Not for life but for a season.
23:08 Write that down, he had to strike him blind.
23:10 Crisis right at the beginning.
23:12 Story number two, keep your pen moving Acts 13:13,
23:15 "The 'primetime' mission got so tough so quickly that"
23:19 young adult "John Mark"
23:22 He is in his late 20s early 30s
23:24 we've calculated the age, young adult "John Mark
23:28 quit the mission for Jesus."
23:30 Just up and quit.
23:32 Story number two.
23:33 Story number three, Acts 13:14-45,
23:36 "The Jews in Pisidian Antioich" direct quote out of the TNIV
23:39 heaped abuse, "'heaped abuse'
23:43 on Paul after his sermon in the synagogue."
23:46 Heaped abused.
23:47 Story number four, Acts 13:46-52,
23:50 "The Jewish leaders then 'stirred up persecution.'"
23:53 Write it in.
23:54 "'Stirred up persecution' against Paul and Barnabas
23:56 and expelled them from the region."
23:59 Story number five, Acts 14:1-7,
24:01 "Jewish antagonist in Iconium hatched a plot to stone
24:05 Paul and Barnabas."
24:06 But they got to win but they got a whiff of the plot afoot
24:09 and fled the town before they could be stoned.
24:12 Story number six,
24:14 this time they didn't get out quick enough.
24:16 Story number six, Acts 14:8-20
24:19 "But in Lystra the crowd thinks Paul and Barnabas are gods."
24:24 Because they've healed a lame man.
24:25 And so the crowd immediately begins to offer
24:27 animal sacrifices to the two men
24:29 both men desperately seek to a halt,
24:31 re affaire, the Jews from the previous cities
24:34 arrive at that very moment and persuade the crowd
24:37 to actually go ahead and stone.
24:39 Write it in, stone Paul.
24:42 In fact that story is so dramatic
24:43 I need to read the two lines before what we just read.
24:46 You're Bibles already opened to Acts 14,
24:48 go back up to verse 19,
24:50 "Then some Jews came from Antioch
24:51 and Iconium and won the crowd over and they stoned Paul."
24:56 Never been stoned in my life, have you?
24:58 And "They stoned Paul
25:00 and dragged them outside the city,
25:01 thinking he was dead."
25:02 The body is comatose.
25:04 It doesn't even look like he is breathing.
25:05 He is gone.
25:06 But watch this,
25:07 "But after the disciples gather around the broken body,
25:12 he got up and went back into the city
25:15 and the next day he and Barnabas left for Derbe."
25:18 You can't believe it. You just can't believe it.
25:20 Six, events of obvious suffering and tribulation
25:23 Paul and Barnabas
25:25 as they revisit the new churches after those six events
25:28 its no wonder they've adopted this maxim.
25:32 And they teach the truth,
25:33 we must go through many hardships
25:37 to enter the kingdom of God.
25:39 Nobody, said, it was going to be easy.
25:43 You wonder why that it is. Me too.
25:46 I'll tell you what why does God allow us friends,
25:49 who are working hard for Him
25:51 which is what He has called you to do for Him?
25:53 Why does God allow His friends who are working hard for Him
25:55 seeking the witness to their friends,
25:57 witness to the family, witness my colleagues,
25:59 witness to the neighbors?
26:00 Why when they're on mission for Jesus
26:02 does God allow hardships to take place?
26:07 I wasn't with you last Sabbath,
26:08 out on the west coast
26:09 for the memorial service of a very dear friend of mine,
26:13 a worker for Jesus just like you have been called to be.
26:16 Why, why is that maxim of the kingdom
26:19 we must go through many hardships
26:22 in order to enter the kingdom of God?
26:24 I'd been brooding on that obviously,
26:26 now for a bunch of days.
26:29 I am coming with two plausible reasons.
26:31 I want to running by you see if you agree with these two.
26:35 Reason number one jot it down.
26:36 "It's the truth of the pearls."
26:40 I was born in Japan,
26:43 one of the greatest nations on earth for culturing pearls.
26:46 I know, a little bit as a consequence
26:48 about how pearls are formed.
26:50 Let me put a pearl on the screen for you.
26:51 Take a look at this beautiful,
26:53 beautiful pearl that we found online.
26:55 Let me tell you about that pearl leaving on the screen.
26:58 A natural pearl begins in the moist heart of an oyster
27:03 when a foreign object that doesn't belong
27:06 falls into that oyster.
27:07 It could be a broken part of the shell.
27:09 It can be a parasite.
27:11 It can be cultured by a grain of sand
27:14 but when that moist body of the oyster receives it,
27:17 it immediately reacts.
27:18 This does not belong here and it begins to secrete
27:22 what is called the nacre.
27:26 As it secretes this slimy substance,
27:30 it's endeavoring to isolate
27:33 the irritant from the rest of the organism.
27:35 The longer the organism stays within the oyster
27:38 the more that substance get secreted.
27:40 Now this substance consists by the way
27:42 of microscopic crystals of calcium carbonate.
27:46 They just keep building.
27:47 The longer it stays it just keeps building it,
27:50 overtime a ball develops.
27:54 A ball by the way where these microscopic crystals
27:56 of carbonate are aligned perfectly with one another
27:59 so that the light passing along the axis of one crystal
28:02 is reflected and refracted by another
28:04 to produce a rainbow of light and glory.
28:08 The pearl, the pearl is born that way.
28:11 Would you jot it down?
28:13 "As long as there is an irritant
28:16 that interrupts the normal flow of life in the creature,
28:19 the process of transforming that foreign object
28:21 into a stunning creation of beauty goes on, and on, and on."
28:26 Are you getting any parallels?
28:27 Are you catching anything here?
28:29 You have to have the irritant in order to get the pearl.
28:37 In fact jot it down the more suffering,
28:40 "The more 'suffering,' the greater the beauty."
28:45 Isn't that some.
28:48 And that classic on the Sermon on the Mount
28:50 entitled thoughts from the man of blessing.
28:52 Would you jot this down please?
28:53 "The trials of life."
28:56 Write it in, "The trials of life are God's workmen,
28:59 to remove the impurities and roughness from our character."
29:02 There are hewing, they're squaring, they're chiseling,
29:05 they're burnishing and polishing,
29:07 is a painful process but the pearl--
29:09 now I switch the word it says stone but I put pearl in.
29:12 "But the pearl is brought forth
29:14 prepared to fill its place in the heavenly temple.
29:17 Upon no useless material does the Master bestow
29:20 such careful thorough work.
29:22 Only His precious pearls are polished
29:25 after the similitude of a palace."
29:29 Do you suppose that's why Paul's point is true?
29:32 We have to go through many hardships.
29:35 Daniel the kingdom of God nobody said
29:39 it was going to be easy.
29:41 It's the lesson of the pearls.
29:45 Number two, write it down please.
29:47 "It's also the truth of the powers."
29:52 You'll say what powers?
29:53 Let me tell you something,
29:54 the powers that surround every young disciple
29:57 or not so young disciple
29:59 who steps out to become primetime witness for Christ.
30:02 The moment you accept Jesus and you'll say I am gonna live
30:05 in radical witness for my Savior.
30:07 In that instant,
30:09 the opposing powers are marshaled to mute you,
30:12 shut you up or discourage you, shuts you down.
30:17 We're on a war.
30:20 John Mark is a classic example.
30:23 Young adult John Mark
30:25 who looked at what was coming and said,
30:27 I am out of here and he quit.
30:30 In fact, just to page back to verse 13 of chapter 13.
30:33 Just turn one page back to Acts 13:13.
30:35 "So they leave us." They leave Cyprus from Paphos.
30:39 "Paul and his companions sailed to Perga in Pamphylia,
30:43 where John left them to return to Jerusalem."
30:50 Actually apostles commenting
30:52 on why Mark cuts and runs these words.
30:56 "It was here that Mark,
30:58 overwhelmed with fear and discouragement,
30:59 wavered for a time in his purpose
31:01 to give himself wholeheartedly to the Lord's work.
31:04 Unused to hardships,
31:05 he was disheartened by the perils
31:07 and privations of the way.
31:08 He had labored with success under favorable circumstances,
31:11 but now, amidst the opposition and perils
31:14 that so often beset the pioneer worker,
31:16 he failed to endure hardness as a good soldier of the cross."
31:21 Ladies and gentlemen, there is no way to paper in it over
31:23 this is a major crash and burn.
31:26 This is total failure.
31:28 John Mark melted down could not stand the heat
31:35 and got out of the kitchen.
31:41 Sometime later at the end of chapter 15,
31:43 you're trying this sometime later Paul says,
31:45 hey Barnabas, you know what,
31:46 we got to go back and visit these churches
31:47 we planted together.
31:48 And Barnabas says, great idea Paul,
31:50 how about if I bring my cousin again?
31:52 Because, John Mark was the young cousin of Barnabas.
31:54 How about if I bring my cousin Mark again?
31:57 Paul looked at him and said, you got to be crazy.
32:00 You're not bringing up boy with us.
32:02 No, no, no, no at the end of verse, chapter 15 of Acts,
32:05 they enter into sharp dispute.
32:09 And finally it got so bad that Barnabas says,
32:10 I will tell you what
32:11 if you're not gonna let me and Mark come,
32:12 we're out of here.
32:14 And Paul says "adios."
32:17 And Barnabas and his cousin Mark
32:19 go back to Cyprus because you got to back
32:22 to where you need to learn your lesson.
32:23 And Paul says, I got to find somebody.
32:25 He gives a whole of a man name Cellos and guess what,
32:28 God gets a two for one out of that deal.
32:32 By the way, make note just because you're a friend of Jesus
32:36 does it mean you agree with all His friends.
32:43 And a university community knows that very well.
32:49 By the way, John Mark grew from that meltdown.
32:53 Because when he went back to Jerusalem
32:54 his mother was Mary.
32:55 The upper room was owned by her
32:57 at last supper was all there.
32:59 When John Mark goes back there's another big man.
33:03 He says "I want that boy."
33:05 And Peter took John Mark under his wing
33:09 and began to nurture him.
33:10 And in fact, scholar believes
33:13 that John Mark who obviously came out of that meltdown
33:16 became the great evangelist who wrote the very first gospel.
33:18 We're convinced.
33:19 Mark was the first of the four gospels to be written.
33:21 Scholars believe you really should call
33:23 that the gospel according to Saint Peter.
33:25 It's Peter story as recorded by Mark.
33:29 John Mark recovered from that meltdown.
33:32 Good news, for all of us who have melted down in fear
33:35 when we were about our father's business good news.
33:39 God will take you back again and again.
33:41 In fact by the way number two, he re-wins Paul's heart.
33:47 And if I leave him on 23, Paul says,
33:49 "hey I want to tell you about my co-worker Mark."
33:52 And in his last will and testament, 2 Timothy
33:54 just before Paul dies Paul begs Timothy,
33:56 Timothy, bring Mark with you
33:58 because "he is helpful to me in my ministry."
34:03 You can crash him burned and learn and get a back up.
34:08 Hallelujah.
34:10 By the way John Mark tradition tells us went
34:12 on to be the head of the church in Alexandria.
34:14 Finally the city rouse up to slay him.
34:17 To martyr John Mark they dragged him
34:20 through the streets of Alexandria till he was dead.
34:24 We must enter the Kingdom of God through many hardships.
34:31 Nobody said it was going to be easy.
34:36 Don't you cut and run now.
34:38 Nobody said it was going to be easy.
34:41 It's the truth and lesson of the pearls it's a truth
34:44 and lesson of the powers.
34:46 Let me, one more line from Mount of Blessing jot this now.
34:49 "Principalities and powers and wicked spirits
34:52 in high places are arrayed against all" All, all,
34:56 all, we're in a war "
34:59 all who yield obedience to the law of heaven."
35:01 What's the law of heaven?
35:02 Share the good news with everyone you can.
35:06 Therefore," because of this opposition "
35:09 so far from causing grief, opposition should bring joy."
35:13 Write it down "should bring joy to the disciples of Christ."
35:16 Why should I have joy over hardship?
35:18 Because it is evidence that you're following
35:20 in the steps of your Master.
35:21 When you're under hardship in mission for Christ
35:24 trouble start it's because somebody knows
35:27 you're on beam for the Savior.
35:29 Don't you back down then,
35:31 you must go through that hardship.
35:32 Hang in there, stay with it.
35:36 It's a sign you're exactly where God needs you to be.
35:43 Nobody said it was going to be easy.
35:45 Besides didn't Jesus promise us,
35:47 Low, I am with you always even to the very end.
35:55 When I end the story
35:58 that illustrates the truth
35:59 that He is with us to the very end.
36:01 I found the story two months ago in the newspaper
36:03 you can understand why it would catch my eye.
36:07 Story about a pastor, Caldwell, Idaho, six foot six
36:12 pastor of the Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church,
36:16 July 30, go striding into the Wyoming wilderness
36:20 capping the end of a three months sabbatical.
36:22 He says listen.
36:23 "I need a ten day, sixty miles solo hike
36:26 across the continental divide.
36:27 Then we will go family that will come in,
36:29 we have a grand camping trip to wrap it all up."
36:32 And so on July 30 with his lab mixed named Andy
36:38 turning his dog started their adventure,
36:40 hiking into the Bridger-Teton National Forest.
36:43 He keeps a journal.
36:45 August 2,
36:49 the fourth day of his journey,
36:50 Turner he was traversing a field of boulders
36:53 along a mountain lake more than 11, 000 feet high
36:55 and 16 miles from the nearest trailhead
36:58 when a bolder he stepped on teetered.
37:03 If you have ever climb on rocks as I think we all have,
37:06 you know, some rocks are little bit loose.
37:08 So the bolder teetered and instinctively
37:11 he jumped to the next one.
37:13 But he slid off.
37:15 And the 800 pound rock he had just leaped
37:17 from rumbled toward him
37:19 catching him between the boulders.
37:23 The rock barely touched him.
37:25 But when he tried to extricate himself
37:26 his legs wouldn't move.
37:27 They weren't broken, barely even injured
37:29 but his feet were suspended in the air, midair,
37:31 he couldn't push them down, he couldn't pull them up.
37:33 The two boulders had come together
37:35 in the perfect configuration
37:37 to form a pair of granite shackles.
37:41 He is locked in.
37:46 Through Turner's journal and physical evidence
37:47 at the scene, it is clear he fought mightily
37:50 to free himself and to stay alive.
37:52 He used his tripod and anything he could lay
37:53 his hands on to try to force himself free.
37:55 He melted, then drank, the snow he could reach,
37:57 and used his tent's rain fly to collect dew and rainfall.
38:00 He tied a water bottle to a rope
38:01 and tried repeatedly to toss it to the nearby lake.
38:03 But the bottle, too, got caught between rocks.
38:06 And then Turner's journal, carefully protected
38:09 in a zip-top plastic bag, slipped beyond his reach
38:14 after about five days on the rocks.
38:17 Desperate to maintain communication with his family,
38:20 he began writing on the blank pages
38:21 at the beginning and end of his Bible.
38:23 When those filled, he wrote in the margins
38:25 of the instruction sheet for his camp stove.
38:28 And his suffering continued. Key word "suffering."
38:31 And as it did Tuners mood turned darker and despairing.
38:35 "God is with me, but I am angry with Him.
38:37 What is the purpose of this ordeal?
38:39 Will I ever know, or continue to be puzzled, angered,
38:42 and feel quite abandoned by the one I serve?"
38:45 More than a week passed, Turner's handwriting weakened;
38:48 a mood of acceptance took over.
38:50 And his final line, his final line
38:55 barely legible reads with these words
38:59 "I will trust in God though He will slay me,
39:04 yet will I trust in him."
39:08 Hanging between heaven and earth slowly dying,
39:12 it sounds like Calvary to me.
39:15 We must go through many hardships
39:21 in order to enter the Kingdom of God.
39:26 But we have His promise,
39:29 Lo, I am with you all the way to your very last breath.
40:36 What gift can we bring what present, what token?
40:44 What words can convey it, the joy of this day?
40:52 When grateful we come, remembering, rejoicing
41:00 What song can we offer in honor and praise?
41:12 Give thanks for the past, for those who had vision
41:20 Who planted and watered so dreams could come true
41:28 Give thanks for the now, for study, for worship
41:36 For mission that bids us turn prayer into deed
42:24 Give thanks for tomorrow, full of surprises
42:31 For knowing whatever tomorrow may bring
42:39 The Word is our promise always, forever
42:45 We rest in God's keeping
42:51 and live in God's love
42:59 This gift we now bring, this present, this token
43:07 These words can convey it, the joy of this day!
43:15 When grateful we come, remembering, rejoicing,
43:23 This song we now offer in honor and praise!
44:16 All praise and thanks to God,
44:22 The Father, now be given,
44:28 The Son, and Him who reigns
44:33 With them in highest heaven,
44:39 The one eternal God
44:45 Whom earth and heaven adore,
44:50 For thus it was, is now, and shall be evermore"
45:30 Please stand.
46:06 "Praise God, from whom all blessings flow,
46:13 Praise Him, all creatures here below
46:20 Praise Him above, ye heavenly host,
46:27 Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
46:37 Amen."
47:16 For all the saints who from their labors rest
47:28 Who Thee by faith before the world confess
47:38 Thy name, O Jesus, be forever blest
47:53 Alleluia! Alleluia!
48:02 Alleluia!
48:20 Thou wast their Rock, their Fortress,
48:25 and their Might Thou, Lord,
48:30 their Captain in the well-fought fight Thou,
48:36 in the darkness drear, their one true Light
48:43 Alleluia! Alleluia!
48:53 Oh, may Thy soldiers, faithful, true and bold
49:01 Fight as the saints who nobly fought of old
49:09 And win with them the victor's crown of gold
49:17 Alleluia! Alleluia!
49:26 And when the fight is fierce, the warfare long
49:42 Steals on the ear the distant triumph song
49:51 And hearts are brave again, and arms are strong
50:11 Alleluia!
50:21 Alleluia!
50:37 Alleluia!
51:32 "From earth's wide bounds, from ocean's farthest coast,
51:40 Thro' gates of pearl streams in the countless host,
51:51 Singing to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
52:00 Alleluia! Alleluia!"
52:51 He who testifies to these things says
52:54 "Yes I am coming soon."
52:58 Amen, come Lord Jesus,
53:01 the grace of the Lord Jesus be with God's people.
53:05 Amen.
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