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The Fairest Judge

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00:27 Great is the Lord He is holy and just
00:31 By His power we trust in His love
00:36 Great is the Lord He is faithful and true
00:40 By His mercy He proves He is love
00:45 Great is the Lord and worthy of glory
00:49 Great is the Lord and worthy of praise
00:53 Great is the Lord now lift up your voice
00:57 Now lift up your voice
01:00 Great
01:03 Is the Lord
01:08 Great
01:12 Is the Lord
01:17 Great are You Lord You are holy and just
01:21 By Your power we trust in Your love
01:25 Great are You Lord You are faithful and true
01:29 By Your mercy You prove You are love
01:34 Great is the Lord and worthy of glory
01:38 Great is the Lord and worthy of praise
01:42 Great is the Lord now lift up your voice
01:46 Now lift up your voice
01:48 Great
01:52 Is the Lord
01:56 Great
02:00 Is the Lord
02:03 Great are You Lord and worthy of glory
02:07 Great are You Lord and worthy of praise
02:11 Great are You Lord, I lift up my voice
02:15 I lift up my voice
02:17 Great
02:21 Are You Lord
02:25 Great
02:29 Are You Lord.
02:34 Amen.
02:38 This next song is fairly new.
02:42 It's a song that I don't know how I stumbled upon it
02:46 but the first time I heard it, it got stuck in my head
02:49 and I realize why I love this song so much
02:52 is because it comes from the vision out of Isaiah 6
02:56 and I'm gonna read to you starting verse where it says,
02:59 "In the year that king Uzziah died
03:01 I saw the Lord seated on a throne,
03:04 high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple.
03:08 And above him were seraphim's, each with six wings,
03:12 with two wings they covered their faces,
03:14 and two they covered their feet,
03:15 and with two they were flying.
03:16 And they were calling to one another,
03:18 'Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord almighty,
03:21 the whole earth is full of His glory.'"
03:25 And I think the reason
03:26 that I love this verse in particular
03:29 is because there is something that I struggle with
03:31 as a Christian and that's wrapping my mind
03:33 around this God that is so great
03:38 that the beings that are constantly surrounding Him
03:41 can't help but constantly be in worship
03:44 and yet He acts as my intercessor.
03:49 It's a beautiful thought.
03:50 And so as we sing this morning, "You Are Holy"
03:53 I want you think on that thought.
04:32 I saw the Lord
04:38 seated on His throne
04:45 He was clothed in Glory
04:52 And Exalted high
04:58 And the train of His robe
05:05 Filled the Temple
05:11 And the Angels circled 'round Him
05:18 And cried
05:25 You are Holy
05:32 Oh so Holy
05:38 You are Holy Lord of all--
05:49 Let's sing that again.
05:51 You are Holy
05:57 Oh so Holy
06:04 You are Holy Lord of all
06:14 And woe is me
06:20 For I am unclean
06:26 For my eyes have seen
06:32 The Holy King
06:37 And he cleansed my lips
06:43 Right before I died
06:49 And the Pillars shook
06:55 As the Angels cried
07:02 You are Holy
07:08 Oh so Holy
07:14 You are Holy Lord of all
07:25 You are Holy
07:31 Oh so Holy
07:37 You are Holy Lord of all
07:47 And we see worthy is the Lamb
07:54 Seated on the throne
08:00 We crown You now with many crowns
08:05 You reign victorious!
08:11 High and lifted up
08:17 Jesus, Son of God
08:22 The darling of Heaven
08:26 Crucified
08:32 Worthy is the Lamb
08:37 Worthy is the Lamb.
09:13 Great is Thy faithfulness
09:18 O God my Father
09:23 There is no shadow
09:27 Of turning with Thee
09:32 Thou changest not, Thy compassions
09:39 They fail not
09:42 As Thou has been
09:45 Thou forever will be
09:51 Great is Thy faithfulness!
09:56 Great is Thy faithfulness!
10:01 Morning by morning
10:05 New mercies I see
10:10 All I have needed
10:14 Thy hand hath provided
10:20 Great is Thy faithfulness!
10:25 Lord, unto me
10:32 Summer and winter
10:37 And springtime and harvest
10:42 Sun, moon and stars
10:45 In their courses above
10:51 Join with all nature
10:55 In manifold witness
11:00 To Thy great faithfulness,
11:05 Mercy and love
11:10 Great is Thy faithfulness!
11:14 Great is Thy faithfulness!
11:19 Morning by morning
11:23 New mercies I see
11:28 All I have needed
11:33 Thy hand hath provided
11:38 Great is Thy faithfulness!
11:43 Lord unto me
11:50 Pardon for sin
11:54 And a peace that endureth
12:00 Thy own dear presence
12:04 To cheer and to guide
12:10 Strength for today
12:14 And bright hope for tomorrow
12:20 Blessings all mine,
12:23 With ten thousand beside
12:29 Great is Thy faithfulness!
12:34 Great is Thy faithfulness!
12:39 Morning by morning
12:43 new mercies I see
12:48 All I have needed
12:52 Thy hand hath provided
12:58 Great is Thy faithfulness!
13:03 Great is Thy faithfulness!
13:08 Great is Thy faithfulness!
13:17 Lord, unto me.
13:28 Hey, you got a good group. Come on up, guys, we got room.
13:32 Come on in, I want to tell you story
13:33 about a little boy named Nate.
13:35 Is anybody here named Nate? Anybody here?
13:38 Seven-years-old. Anybody here seven?
13:40 Seven, seven, okay, okay. I need to see that.
13:43 good, seven, seven.
13:45 Thank you Dick and Harvey, bless you.
13:49 Okay, guys, I got some good seats down here.
13:51 There you go.
13:52 Nate, seven-years-old and oh, he loved his mother.
13:55 He just loved his mother.
13:57 I got to tell you, his dad, his dad just wasn't around.
14:00 He saw his dad very little but his mother was his BFF,
14:05 his best friend for ever.
14:07 And mother loved Natey.
14:09 Oh, she loved Natey, you know why?
14:12 Not just because he had a very rare blood diseases
14:15 that he had to go to the doctor almost every week
14:17 or the hospital laboratory he had to go
14:20 not just because of that
14:21 but because he was her main man.
14:24 And mother and Nate were just like that.
14:26 So today we got to go to the doctor again.
14:29 Oh, Nate, we'll run it.
14:31 Oh, Nate, we are way behind, let's go, boy, come on.
14:35 I'm coming, Mom, but I can't get my shoe on.
14:39 Bring it down here I'll help.
14:43 But by that time they got in the car
14:44 with the shoes on fitting right,
14:49 so, you know, Highway 31 out here,
14:50 Highway 31, it goes from 45 to 40 to 35.
14:56 Well, mother just said, I got to get,
14:57 "We got to get to the doctor.
14:59 We got to get to the hospital, the laboratory."
15:01 And so mother is going a little faster
15:03 but when she gets down to the stop line
15:04 in Berrien Springs and it's ferry road
15:07 and she turns on to ferry road, the speed drops down to 25
15:12 but mother is thinking "I got to go, I got to go"
15:15 and she is not thinking about the speed.
15:16 She is not going 25 she is going 30,
15:18 no she is going 35, she is going 40.
15:20 She is going 45 and just then...
15:28 the police.
15:30 They pulled mother over, a very nice Berrien Springs
15:33 our local policeman got out
15:36 and he said, "If you can, ma'am,
15:37 may I see your driver's license and registration."
15:39 And you know the drill, you probably don't
15:41 but then he had to check it all out.
15:46 He came back finally he said, "I've written you a ticket.
15:48 Do you know you're going 48, 48 in a 25?
15:51 This is residential. What were you thinking?
15:53 You're gonna be in the court house
15:55 in three weeks."
15:56 And mother is just feeling awful now
15:58 but they had to get Natey, still had to go
16:00 but she is driving carefully now.
16:01 They were late.
16:02 Three weeks later St. Joseph County Court House
16:06 big building, you've seen it.
16:08 Mother and Nate are going in and mother's heart,
16:10 what do you think mother's heart is doing?
16:14 Her heart is beating very fast
16:15 because today she would stand before the judge.
16:18 And everybody knows, and he is gonna say
16:22 "Are you guilty or innocent? What do you plea?"
16:26 So they come into the room there are others there.
16:28 Well, Lisa's company there and then a clerk comes out,
16:31 "Stand ye,
16:33 stand ye in the honorable Judge Johnson's court room."
16:39 He comes in his black robe everybody standing.
16:42 He sits up on a chair high and lifted up.
16:45 And now mother's heart is, her palms are sweaty
16:48 and one by one he is calling them out.
16:50 Traffic court here they come
16:51 and they she hears "Mrs. Kendrick."
16:57 Come on, Nate, let's go.
16:59 So mother and Nate go walking up,
17:01 walking up till now they are standing
17:03 beneath the judge's high and lifted up desk.
17:08 He didn't even look up.
17:10 He pulls his glasses down and he is looking at,
17:12 he is looking, "I see you speed 48 in a 25
17:18 what were you thinking?"
17:21 And he looks over the edge of his glasses,
17:23 he looks over the top to look at Mrs. Kendrick
17:26 and then he sees a little boy.
17:30 And, you know, what the little boy is doing?
17:32 He has a great big smile on his face.
17:38 And the judge looks back at that little boy
17:41 and then the judge gets a great big smile on his face
17:46 and Nate, when there was a pause Nate said,
17:48 "Mommy, this Natasha, this is Natasha's dad.
17:52 You remember the house I went to Natasha
17:54 for the afternoon and evening.
17:55 This is her daddy, I recognize him."
17:58 Mother looked up at him. He looked down to mother.
18:01 "Are you Nate's mother?
18:05 Well, I must tell you, you've done a very good job
18:07 with that boy of yours.
18:09 Now, mother, what was happening?"
18:10 "Well, my boy, he has to go to the doctor every week
18:12 and he couldn't get the shoe on.
18:13 We were running late and..."
18:15 Judge Johnson looked down at mother and he says,
18:18 "You know what, give me that ticket.
18:23 Pardon.
18:26 I've dropped it. I've dropped the charges.
18:28 Now, Mrs. Kendrick, are you gonna drive carefully?"
18:31 "Oh, yes, sure. I will. I will."
18:34 But when mother and Nate walked out of that court house
18:37 they are walking on air because, you know what,
18:41 when the judge is a friend,
18:45 you have nothing to be afraid of.
18:48 They were walking on air. The judge was a friend.
18:53 The Bible says that God is our judge,
18:55 Jesus is our judge.
18:57 But guess what?
18:58 That Jesus and the Father are our friend.
19:03 We have nothing to be afraid of.
19:05 Just stand before that judge.
19:07 Are you kidding? He is my friend.
19:10 How many are happy that Jesus is the judge?
19:13 One hand Jesus is the judge and how many are happy
19:16 that if you put your case in His hands you got it.
19:19 You got it. Everything is gonna be okay.
19:23 Who would like to thank Jesus
19:25 for not only being our Savior but our judge?
19:28 I had a girl in first service
19:29 so I need a boy in second service.
19:31 Yes, I do. Sir, come right here, Mr. Davis.
19:35 Yes, you.
19:37 All right, let's fold our hands,
19:40 let's close our eyes.
19:41 What's your first name? Brian.
19:44 Brian is gonna pray. Brian has the microphone.
19:46 Let's pray with Brian. All right, Brian.
19:48 Dear Jesus, please help us to have a good day today.
19:51 Thank You that is Your, that is Your holy day.
19:54 Thank You that we get to spend time with our family today,
19:57 in Your name we pray, amen.
19:58 Amen. Thank you, Brian.
20:00 Thank you, boys and girls, as you go quietly
20:02 and reverently back to your seats.
20:04 Thank You, Jesus.
20:05 You're my judge and You're my friend.
20:09 Happy Sabbath to you.
25:09 Amen.
26:12 I suppose we would have to agree
26:13 looking at the evidence
26:15 that God has a huge PR problem
26:20 on this planet.
26:22 I mean, His approval ratings are in the tank.
26:25 If He were running for president,
26:27 Donald Trump would win.
26:32 Now I get it, God wrote a book once upon a time
26:34 and it's the best seller
26:35 over any other piece of human literature.
26:37 I understand that
26:38 but do you know what they are saying about the book.
26:41 One author I put his words, a skeptic on the screen.
26:44 "The God of the Old Testament is arguably
26:47 the most unpleasant character in all fiction:
26:50 jealous and proud of it, a petty, unjust,
26:53 unforgiving control-freak, a vindictive,
26:56 bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser, a misogynistic,
26:59 homophobic, racist, infanticidal,
27:01 genocidal, filicidal, pestilential,
27:04 megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic,
27:08 capriciously malevolent bully."
27:10 Can't even read it.
27:14 But I want to say to that author,
27:15 "Why don't you tell us how you really feel?"
27:18 Here's another one, here's another author,
27:20 a skeptic you would guess.
27:21 On the screen "And it is astride
27:23 this contemptible history of religious atrocity
27:25 and scientific ignorance that Christianity now stands
27:28 as an absurdly unselfconscious apotheosis
27:32 which is a culmination
27:33 or a climax of all of the mess behind it.
27:35 The notion that Jesus Christ died for our sins
27:38 and that his death constitutes a successful propitiation
27:41 of a 'loving' God is a direct and undisguised inheritance
27:45 of the superstitious bloodletting
27:47 that has plagued bewildered people throughout history."
27:52 I repeat God has a huge PR problem on this planet.
27:58 And guess what?
28:01 He has an enemy who with blinding rage
28:04 and desperate cunning is out to shred God's reputation
28:09 at least in the court of public opinion.
28:12 And so far he is winning.
28:17 Little classic called "Steps to Christ."
28:19 Let me just put a line on the screen for you.
28:22 Your study guide has just began by the way,
28:24 no fanfare, we are now in it.
28:26 Pull that study guide out of your worship bulletin.
28:27 Those of you who watching on television
28:29 or on live streaming right now
28:35 That's our new website
28:37 You go there, you're looking for Charmed into Righteousness
28:40 and today's teaching "The Fairest Judge."
28:42 All right, "Steps to Christ" it's on the screen.
28:44 "Satan has led humanity to conceive of God
28:47 as a being whose chief attribute
28:50 is stern justice- one who is a severe..."
28:53 Write it in, "Judge, a severe judge,
28:57 a harsh, exacting creditor.
28:59 He pictured the Creator
29:00 as a being who is watching with jealous eye
29:02 to discern the errors and mistakes of men,
29:05 that He may visit judgments upon them."
29:09 How did that writer put it just a moment ago
29:10 speaking of God "a petty, unjust,
29:12 unforgiving control-freak,
29:13 a capriciously malevolent bully."
29:16 Turns our there's has been a whisper campaign,
29:18 a smear campaign to shred...
29:23 the divine reputation.
29:26 So what's the God to do?
29:28 The next line same book
29:29 "Steps to Christ" on the screen.
29:30 "It was to remove..."
29:33 Keyword, jot it down.
29:35 "It was to remove this dark shadow,
29:38 by revealing to the world the infinite love of God,
29:40 that Jesus came to live among men and women.
29:42 The Son of God came from heaven to make manifest the Father."
29:48 Let's check it out.
29:49 Open your Bible to the fourth gospel
29:50 that would be the Gospel of John.
29:52 Let's go.
29:53 Every reference we look at now will have John in front of it.
29:57 John 1, the majestic prolog to the fourth gospel.
30:01 Oh, this prolog I could, I just,
30:04 it's has to be the pinnacle of human literature.
30:08 John 1 now, the last line of the prolog.
30:10 John 1:18 I'll be in the NIV. Grab the pew Bible.
30:13 If you don't have a Bible, grab the pew Bible.
30:15 Track this along for page 714
30:18 otherwise on your devise find it please.
30:20 John 1:18, "No one has ever seen God,
30:25 but the one and only Son, who is himself God
30:27 and is in close relationship with the Father,
30:30 has made him known."
30:34 Drop back, how did he do it? Drop back to verse 14.
30:37 "And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.
30:40 We have seen his glory,
30:42 the glory of the one and only Son,
30:43 who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."
30:46 What did we read just a moment ago?
30:47 It was to remove this dark shadow that he came.
30:53 Come on, the most beloved text in the whole book
30:56 for someone who believes in the book.
30:59 Chapter 3 verse 16, John 3:16,
31:03 "For God so loved the world
31:05 that he gave his one and only Son,
31:07 that whoever believes in him shall not perish
31:10 but have" what?
31:11 "Eternal life."
31:14 Let's fast forward now
31:16 all the way to the less than 12 hours
31:19 and he will be dead.
31:20 John Chapter 14 take a look at this.
31:22 John Chapter 14, let's pick it up in verse 5.
31:27 Jesus upper room, 11 of the disciples are there.
31:34 "Thomas said to him, 'Lord,
31:35 we don't know where you are going,
31:37 so how can we know the way?'
31:38 And Jesus answered, 'I am the way
31:41 and the truth and the life.
31:42 No one comes to the Father except through me.
31:44 If you really know me,
31:45 you will know my Father as well.
31:47 From now on, you do know him and have seen him.'
31:51 Philip said, 'Lord, show us the Father
31:54 and that will be enough for us.'
31:55 Jesus answered" red letters, "Don't you know me, Philip,
32:00 even after I have been among you such a long time?
32:04 Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.
32:06 How can you say, 'Show us the Father?'"
32:10 So I'm visiting this week in a business
32:12 in the village of Berrien Springs, Michigan.
32:15 I'm talking to the owner of the business who is the dad.
32:18 I bumped into the son as I go outside the business
32:21 and fall in the conversation with him.
32:23 He is young adult in his 30s I would imagine.
32:25 So we get, we fall in the conversation
32:27 and I'm just beginning to marvel.
32:30 This is insane.
32:32 This guy is a spitting image of his dad
32:35 except for that big lumberjack beard that the boy has.
32:38 The eyes, the nose, the lips,
32:40 the cheeks, the way he talks, wow.
32:44 Is that Jesus who say, "Hey, when you see me,
32:47 you've seen the Father.
32:49 He looks just like Me."
32:50 Is that the point Jesus is making
32:52 some sort of physical resemblance?
32:54 Can't be. Look at verse 10.
32:57 He goes on verse 10.
32:58 "Don't you believe that I am in the Father,
33:01 and that the Father is in me?
33:03 The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority.
33:06 Rather, it is the Father,
33:07 living in me, who is doing his work."
33:12 Hey, guys, I'm not talking about five fingers
33:14 and brown eyes,
33:15 I'm talking about God the Father living out His love,
33:17 His very character toward Me.
33:19 You want to know what kind of God your Father in heaven is.
33:22 Take a look in me, that's it.
33:28 Wow, the theologian Kevin Vanhoozer
33:33 summarizes Jesus point right here.
33:35 I love the way he puts it up.
33:37 I'll put it on the screen for you.
33:38 "The son's humanity is the ultimate form
33:40 of God's self-presentation,"
33:42 I like that, God's self-presentation.
33:45 "Jesus is God's definitive word
33:47 and in his person and history corresponds
33:50 to what it is that makes God God."
33:54 Write in that second God, God, God.
33:58 You want to know what makes God God?
33:59 Look at Me, if you've seen me, you've seen the Father also.
34:03 And by the way, not just in the Old Testament
34:05 but also in the New Testament.
34:08 That skeptic a moment ago said, "Yeah, this God is..."
34:12 Listen to what John Peckham in his steering book for me
34:17 " The Love of God: A Canonical Model"
34:19 he's just right here in the seminary.
34:21 Okay, I put Peckham's words on the screen for you.
34:23 "Depictions of divine compassion
34:25 in the Old Testament and New Testament
34:28 are strikingly similar
34:29 to that manifested by Christ in the Gospels.
34:32 Thus Leon Morris
34:33 contends that 'Christ's action is God's action.
34:36 Christ's love is God's love.'"
34:40 If you've seen Me, you've seen the Father also.
34:45 And what do we see when we see Jesus?
34:48 Okay, let's go to a case study.
34:52 There is a case study embedded in a very familiar story
34:54 just a few pages back in the Gospel of John.
34:57 So I have to set the story up, don't go there yet.
34:59 Let set the story up.
35:00 There are two players in this narrative,
35:02 the protagonist and the antagonist
35:04 and both will interact with Jesus.
35:07 Yes, they do.
35:08 Both considered themselves in fact, followers of Christ.
35:11 And we would categorize both of them
35:13 since we've read the cliff notes
35:14 of the story we know.
35:16 We would categorize both of them
35:17 as red blooded sinners just like you and me
35:20 and one of them would say absolutely
35:22 and the other would vehemently deny that,
35:25 all right.
35:26 Both in this morality tale will be exposed
35:30 which means that we will come to the Day of Judgment
35:34 for them both as we live the story.
35:38 So it's gonna be a case study.
35:40 First let's consider the protagonist
35:43 who happens to be a woman and her name is Mary.
35:48 Jesus has battled for the heart of Mary
35:50 from the very first time they met.
35:52 You see, Mary has been demonized by sexual impurity.
35:57 Lock stock and barrel, bow and chain
36:01 but whenever she stands
36:02 in the pure unsullied presence of Christ
36:06 everything within her is just longing for that purity
36:10 to become my purity and Jesus knows it.
36:14 I'll put these words on the screen for you.
36:17 In Mark 16:9 she is described,
36:21 not in the story we are about to read
36:22 but she is described Mark 16:9, one line on the screen.
36:25 "When Jesus rose early on the first day of the week,
36:27 he appeared first to Mary Magdalene,"
36:30 there she is "out of whom he had driven seven demons."
36:36 The only reason the number is indicated there
36:40 is because there is some sort of
36:42 unfolding process in this.
36:43 Something is going on here.
36:45 Desire of Ages on the screen for you.
36:47 "Mary had been looked upon as a great sinner,
36:50 but Christ knew the circumstances
36:52 that had shaped her life.
36:53 He might have extinguished
36:55 every spark of hope in her soul,
36:57 but He did not.
36:58 It was He who had lifted her from despair and ruin."
37:00 Now jot it down.
37:01 "Seven times..."
37:04 Seven separate times, "She had heard His rebuke
37:07 of the demons that controlled her heart and mind.
37:09 She had heard His strong cries to the Father in her behalf.
37:13 She knew how offensive is sin to His unsullied purity,
37:16 and in His strength she had overcome."
37:21 Seven major prayer seasons
37:25 she is close enough to Jesus physically
37:27 that she hears Him sobbing to the Father,
37:30 "You've got to set this girl free."
37:38 Don't ever be fooled into thinking
37:41 that sometimes it just goes.
37:44 Sometimes even with Jesus and you
37:49 it takes time and He is loving you,
37:52 He is holding on to you through it.
37:55 And in His presence on the seventh time
37:58 that pleading it just, it got through
38:02 and He set her free.
38:04 I want to put it back on the screen
38:06 Mary again Desire of Ages.
38:07 "When to human eyes..."
38:09 See Jesus never gave up on her.
38:11 "When to human eyes her case appeared hopeless..."
38:13 And some of you today,
38:15 your case to yourself is hopeless.
38:16 Dwight, you don't know what I've been through.
38:18 You do not know my story. My case is hopeless today.
38:21 It is not. Human eyes would say hopeless.
38:27 "When to human eyes her case appeared hopeless,
38:29 Christ saw in Mary capabilities for good.
38:31 He saw the better traits of her character.
38:33 The plan of redemption has invested humanity..."
38:36 That would be you and me.
38:37 "With great possibilities,
38:38 and in Mary these possibilities were to be realized.
38:41 Through His grace
38:43 she became a partaker of the divine nature.
38:46 The one who had fallen,
38:47 and whose mind had been a habitation of demons,
38:50 was brought very near to the Savior
38:53 in fellowship and ministry."
38:56 Jesus never gave up on her.
39:02 And in just a moment you will see here
39:03 in the case study.
39:04 But there is not only a protagonist,
39:06 there is an antagonist he is a man
39:09 and his name is Judas.
39:11 One day when Jesus send His disciples were gathered,
39:14 Judas approached the group with just a very bold petition.
39:18 I want to be tall, young, handsome,
39:22 executive type straight out of Wall Street.
39:25 I want to be yo,
39:26 I want to be in your inner circle.
39:32 Jesus comes and stands in front of Judas
39:35 and He looks into those dark eyes of that young man
39:39 and He reads the story.
39:41 He knows how it will end.
39:44 And we are told with mournful tones
39:47 "Jesus said, 'Foxes have dens and birds have nests,
39:52 but the Son of Man has no where to lay his head.'
39:55 " In other words
39:57 if you think you're going to get rich with me
40:00 forget it.
40:02 But Judas insisted, come on in.
40:08 And as He did with Mary,
40:10 Jesus sees in Judas divine possibilities.
40:13 if, if, if Judas will surrender
40:15 his life to the Savior.
40:20 Look at this "Desire of Ages" on the screen.
40:22 "When Judas joined the disciples,
40:24 he was not insensible
40:25 to the beauty of the character of Christ.
40:27 He felt the influence of that divine power
40:29 which was drawing souls to the Savior.
40:31 In connecting this man with Himself,"
40:33 Jesus places Judas where he might,
40:35 day by day, be brought in contact
40:38 with the outflowing of Jesus own unselfish love.
40:41 If Judas would open his heart."
40:43 Jot it down that's the keyword
40:45 in this case study we are about to read.
40:47 It's all, it's the battle it's everything in the heart.
40:50 Everything is in the heart.
40:54 "If you would open his heart to Christ,
40:56 divine grace would banish the demon of selfishness,"
40:59 isn't that something?
41:01 Mary had demons, Judas has a demon.
41:04 It looks like we all have a demon
41:07 that might be our favorite demon.
41:13 Nobody is exempted from this battle.
41:24 "If he would open his heart to Christ,
41:26 divine grace would banish the demon of selfishness,
41:28 and even Judas might become
41:29 a subject of the kingdom of God."
41:31 Seven times Jesus pleads for Mary.
41:33 Makes you wonder how many times did Jesus plead
41:35 to the same father for Judas.
41:37 How many times did He say, "God, just give me this boy.
41:40 He is so young. He has so much promise.
41:43 I just look at him and I'm thinking
41:45 if we could have him, Father, You and Me.
41:46 If we could have him for the kingdom."
41:49 If He never gave up on Mary,
41:51 do you think He would give up on Judas?
41:52 Are you kidding?
41:56 But sadly lesson after lesson falls on a deaf ear.
41:59 "Desire of Ages" back on the screen.
42:01 "When Judas came into association with Jesus,
42:03 he had some precious..."
42:04 Look at that. Jot that word down, precious traits.
42:08 Precious traits, great possibility.
42:11 "He had some precious traits of character
42:13 that might have been made a blessing to the church.
42:15 If Judas had been willing to wear the yoke of Christ,
42:17 he might have been among the chief of the apostles,
42:20 but he hardened his heart..."
42:21 Keyword again "When his defects were pointed out,
42:24 and in pride and rebellion
42:25 chose his own selfish ambitions,
42:28 and thus unfitted himself
42:31 for the work that God would have given him to do."
42:35 Mary the fallen,
42:38 Judas the fallen will meet one last time
42:41 in the case study we are about to read.
42:42 Let's go to it, just a few pages back chapter 12,
42:46 John 12.
42:48 Here's the case study, watch this carefully.
42:50 As you read watch in your mind.
42:53 Verse 1, "Six days before the Passover,
42:56 Jesus came to Bethany, where Lazarus lived,
42:59 whom Jesus had raised from the dead.
43:01 Here a dinner was given in Jesus' honor.
43:03 Martha served,
43:05 while Lazarus was among those reclining at the table
43:07 with Jesus.
43:08 Then Mary," there she is now.
43:10 "Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard,
43:13 an expensive perfume, she poured it on Jesus' feet
43:16 and wiped his feet with her hair.
43:17 And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.
43:20 But one of the disciples..."
43:24 You guessed it "Judas Iscariot,
43:27 who was later to betray Jesus, objected,"
43:30 loud stage whisper.
43:31 Everybody in the room hears it including Mary.
43:34 Why was this perfume sold?
43:37 "'Why wasn't this perfume sold
43:38 and the money given to the poor?
43:39 It was worth a year's wages.'"
43:42 Now little parentheses from John.
43:44 "He did not say this because he cared about the poor
43:46 but because he was a thief, as keeper of the money bag,
43:50 he used to help himself to what was put into it."
43:52 End of parentheses.
43:54 Now Jesus speaks
43:56 'Leave her alone,' Jesus replied.
44:02 'It was intended that she should save this perfume
44:04 for the day of my burial.
44:07 You will always have the poor among you,
44:09 but you will not always have me.'"
44:13 Leave Mary alone, Judas.
44:21 Jesus knows the hearts of both the protagonist
44:25 and the antagonist
44:26 and in that single pronouncement of judgment
44:29 upon them both Jesus reveals the truth.
44:32 He is the judge of the human race.
44:37 You say, oh, come on. Come on.
44:39 I mean, you are saying the judge of the whole earth?
44:45 The guys in the room didn't remember that day of the dinner
44:47 but Jesus actually earlier in John had spoken these words.
44:50 They are in your study guide, jot it down. Will you please?
44:51 Jesus had announced, "The Father judges no one,
44:54 but has entrusted all judgment to the Son."
44:59 Jot that word down.
45:01 You mean, the same Jesus of Nazareth
45:02 is the end time judge of the human race?
45:04 That's what He said.
45:05 And by the way, that's what the Bible says.
45:07 2 Corinthians 5:10 jot this one down.
45:09 "For we must all appear before the judgment seat of..."
45:12 What's the next word, ladies and gentlemen?
45:14 What's the next word? Christ.
45:16 "We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ,
45:18 so that each of us may receive what is due us
45:21 for the things we did while in the body,"
45:26 Plain and simple.
45:28 Christ is the end time judge of the human race.
45:31 And so the question that begs to be asked is
45:33 "How will He treat the sinner in the judgment
45:38 since he is the judge?"
45:41 Well, we know two sinners by name in this case study.
45:44 How did He treat them? It is absolutely clear.
45:47 He did not embarrass either sinner.
45:54 Isn't that right?
45:56 Could He have work Judas up one side
45:58 and down the other
46:00 trashing him in front of the circle
46:02 that had no idea as Jesus did who was pilfering.
46:05 Why their money never lasted?
46:08 Of course He could have. Not a word.
46:10 His only judgment to Judas, "Leave her alone."
46:13 And in that eye, and in that eye lock
46:18 Judas now knows Jesus knows about me.
46:29 Five evenings later when the gathering
46:32 in the upper room for the last supper
46:34 Judas elbows his way to the front of the group.
46:36 He is gonna be right beside Jesus.
46:38 John boy is on the other side, Judas on this side.
46:41 What a stark contrast between the two disciples.
46:47 Jesus gets up from His table strips, strips to His waist.
46:51 Begins to wash the feet of His proud bicker,
46:53 they are bickering on the eve of His execution, disciples.
46:58 And He begins with a feet of His betrayer.
47:05 "Desire of Ages" on the screen.
47:06 "Jesus' heart was crying, How can I give thee up?
47:10 The constraining power of that love was felt by Judas.
47:13 And when the Savior's hands were bathing those soiled feet,
47:16 and wiping them with the towel,
47:18 the heart of Judas thrilled through
47:20 and through with the impulse then and there
47:22 to confess his sin.
47:24 But he would not humble himself.
47:27 He hardened his heart against repentance,
47:29 and the old impulses, for the moment put aside,
47:33 again controlled him."
47:36 And when later that night in the Garden of Gethsemane
47:40 Judas is leading this profane mob
47:42 to arrest his master.
47:46 Judas feigns affection.
47:47 Walks across the clearing in the full moon.
47:50 Throws his arms around Jesus.
47:52 Kisses Him on both cheeks, Master.
47:57 Jesus steps back.
47:59 He looks into those young dark eyes
48:02 and Jesus says, "Friend.
48:07 Hey, friend, what are you doing here?"
48:14 Well, later that night early the next morning
48:18 after Judas's nefarious betrayal of Jesus,
48:22 guilt ridden Judas comes back to the court room.
48:27 He is in anguish. He knows what he has done.
48:31 And as it describe
48:33 his hoarse voice rang through the hall
48:35 sending a thrill of terror to all hearts "He is innocent.
48:39 Spare him, O Caiaphas!"
48:42 Judas hurdles 30 pieces of silver at the priest
48:45 and then falls at Jesus feet.
48:53 Desire of Ages "The Savior did not reproach His betrayer.
48:59 He knew that Judas did not repent,
49:01 his confession was forced from his guilty soul
49:03 by an awful sense of condemnation
49:05 and a looking for judgment,
49:07 but he felt no deep, heartbreaking grief
49:09 that he had betrayed the spotless Son of God,
49:11 and denied the Holy One of Israel.
49:13 Yet
49:15 the Judge
49:18 spoke no word of condemnation.
49:22 He looked pityingly upon Judas, and said,
49:28 "For this hour came I into the world."
49:33 Oh, Judas.
49:36 Oh, Judas,
49:39 how I have longed to draw Me,
49:46 draw you to Me
49:51 as a mother hen draws her chicks
49:57 but you would not.
50:00 And the record reads Judas went out and hanged himself.
50:04 The Judge of the earth
50:05 and here's the point you need to get,
50:06 the Judge of earth has washed his feet.
50:09 Jesus has done everything divinely
50:12 and humanly possible to win that life back.
50:16 I remind you also this very same night...
50:27 another disciple will with profanity
50:31 deny his connection with this Jesus
50:36 and Jesus will forgive him.
50:39 Which means if Judas had just lived through the weekend.
50:43 If he would found the master
50:45 and then sob at His nail scared feet,
50:47 the same Jesus would have just assuredly forgiven Judas.
50:51 It's okay, I take you back. God used it, let's go.
50:58 Standing in front of the Judge
51:02 Judas has granted his free choice and he says no.
51:07 So hey, here's the question.
51:08 How about you and me,
51:09 when we stand before the judgment seat of Christ,
51:12 how will it be for us?
51:15 I said every text has a genre in front but this one is true.
51:17 Our last text is 1 John. Go to 1 John.
51:20 This is, if it's not marked in your Bible,
51:22 make sure you mark it.
51:24 1 John 2, this is a stunning,
51:27 stunning piece of word here, get it.
51:30 1 John 2:1, you will never forget this verse again.
51:35 1 John 2:1 "My dear children..."
51:38 This is John boy elderly now a pastor, elderly pastor.
51:42 "My dear children, I write this to you
51:44 so that you will not sin.
51:45 But if anybody does sin,
51:48 we have an advocate with the Father Jesus Christ,
51:52 the Righteous One.
51:54 He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins,
51:57 and not only for ours
51:58 but also for the sins of the whole world."
52:00 Can you believe it?
52:03 This one who is the Savior of the whole world,
52:06 this one who is the judge of the whole world
52:09 is also the advocate of the whole world.
52:12 And fill that blank in, what's an advocate?
52:14 He is the Defense Attorney for the human race.
52:18 Now I want you to just think about the logic
52:20 of a court room for a moment.
52:21 If you're the defense attorney
52:25 and you are going with your client to the bar
52:31 if is it turns out you're also the judge of the case
52:37 would you logically ever lose a case?
52:41 Yes or no? Impossible.
52:44 If you're the judge
52:45 and the defense attorney you win every single time.
52:49 If somebody places his case or her case in your hands,
52:53 you win for her, you win for him every single time.
53:00 He is even better than that.
53:02 He is not just the defense attorney,
53:03 He is not just the judge, He is the Savior of the world.
53:09 Hallelujah. Wow.
53:13 Oh, Judas, Judas, how can I give you up.
53:17 Give me your life,
53:19 give me your case, I will defend you.
53:21 I will deliver you.
53:22 Mary kept coming back Judas says,
53:24 okay, you just keep coming back
53:26 I will save you, come to me.
53:31 I love this "Steps to Christ"
53:33 put it on the screen last quotation.
53:34 "We shall often have to bow down
53:37 and weep at the feet of Jesus
53:39 because of our shortcomings and mistakes..."
53:41 Often, often, "But we are not to be discouraged.
53:46 Even if we are overcome by the enemy,
53:48 we are not cast off,
53:50 we're not forsaken and rejected of God."
53:53 No, no, no.
53:54 "No, Christ is at the right hand of God,
53:56 who also makes intercession for us."
54:01 And if He is at the right hand of the Father
54:04 who is just like Him.
54:05 Didn't Jesus say,
54:06 "If you've seen Me, you seen the Father."
54:08 If He is at the right hand of the Father everybody there,
54:10 everybody there is on your side.
54:13 The defense attorney, the Savior and the judge.
54:18 I mean, how can you lose
54:21 just like Mary keep coming back.
54:23 Mary, it's no wonder that the very first person
54:28 the Savior greets upon His resurrection
54:31 there in the garden is sobbing Mary Magdalene.
54:37 And when she recognizes Him, she is so overcome with joy
54:44 that through her tears she has fallen to the ground
54:46 and she is holding Him by his ankles
54:50 until Jesus finally has to say,
54:52 "Yo, yo, Mary, you gonna let go.
54:56 I haven't even been to the Father yet.
54:59 I wanted to make sure that you heard the good news.
55:03 You were the first one, let me go.
55:06 And go tell the world that I go to My Father
55:09 and your Father but I will come again
55:12 and I will receive you to myself
55:14 that where I am there you may be also.
55:18 You go, you tell.
55:22 And, ladies and gentlemen,
55:25 in my humble opinion and conviction,
55:28 there is no better news than that,
55:34 for they call it the good news.
55:38 Oh, what I wish for you, what I wish for you
55:44 is a life
55:47 surrendered into the nails scared hands of Christ.
55:51 Just give your case to Him, He wins every time.
55:57 We've just finished incredible week of prayer
56:01 here on this campus
56:04 and I want to give you an opportunity to respond.
56:10 I want to pray with you first
56:13 and then we will go to that connect card.
56:15 Oh, God...
56:19 what do we say, this is who You are
56:25 charmed by Masters attractions of Christ.
56:30 This is who You are,
56:32 the Judge, the Savior,
56:37 the Defense Attorney all in one and I pray, oh, Father,
56:42 that everyone of us will chose
56:45 to place Jesus nail scared hands
56:49 our case and our life.
56:51 In His name I pray, amen.
56:57 May I take an extra moment with you
56:59 and let you know how grateful I am
57:00 that you joined us and worshiped today.
57:02 I have some viewers like you across the nation
57:04 and literally around the world and I'm thankful.
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