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Dead Man Walking

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00:08 [ "Majesty" plays ] >> Sing "Majesty" with us today, please.
00:20 Jesus, who died. Now glorified, King of all kings.
00:25 Sing with us now.
00:32 [ Congregation sings ]
01:52 Let's sing that again. [ Congregation sings ]
03:28 Won't that be an amazing moment? We've just sung our first hymn
03:32 in heaven. We've just lift our voices
03:34 and joined with the billions of others praising our --
03:38 praising our Jesus.
03:39 We've joined our voices with those of the angels as we stand, sit, kneel, bow
03:45 around the throne of God. How great is our God? [ "How Great Is Our God" plays ]
03:56 [ Congregation sings ]
07:09 Please stand with us now.
10:11 [ "We Fall Down" plays ]
10:24 [ Congregation sings ]
11:15 One more time, sing with us, "We Fall Down."
11:21 [ Congregation sings ]
12:45 >> Well, good morning, boys and girls. Happy Labor Day Sabbath to you,
12:50 the last summer break before fall begins. Nice to see all of you.
12:55 You're looking just great. So okay, let's have a little summertime show-and-tell
13:00 because this is the last, uh, official Sabbath of summer. I want to show you a picture.
13:04 All right? Put a picture on the screen of a very beautiful tree.
13:09 Oh, that tree, 65 feet tall. The little birdies would sit in its branches
13:15 and tweet, tweet, tweet. Little squirrels race up and down, up and down,
13:18 up and down. Even the man would come and sit under that tree and read
13:23 a book on a Sunday afternoon. When children came along, children played under that tree
13:29 with the woman and the man. Years, happy years went by. Until one day, un--
13:35 Nobody knew this was happening. But one day, it happened. Let me show you the picture
13:40 right on that screen. You see that penny? Do you see two
13:44 little beetles on that penny? Those are the emerald ash borers,
13:51 smaller than a penny, tiny, teeny. But they landed
13:56 on that ash tree. And they say, "Hmm. [Munching]" And they began to dig.
14:01 And they went in. And the mamas went in. And the mama said,
14:04 "Let's have babies." Mm, boop. The eggs came out.
14:07 Next picture, and the eggs became larvae. That's a larva.
14:12 The larva is [Munching] eating all the wood where the water and the nutrition for the tree,
14:19 the vascular system, where it passes to the tips of the branches.
14:24 [ Munching ] And then, the larvae began to multiply and multiply
14:29 and multiply until eventually, the tree was filled. The man and the woman
14:33 and the children didn't know the tree was filled with these borers.
14:39 In fact, when the borers would crawl out, they could fly up to a half
14:42 a mile to another ash tree. An ash tree cannot survive ever, ever, ever if they're there.
14:50 And so it was a sad day when the man went out, stood in the yard,
14:53 and looked up at his tree and noticed something under the bark.
14:58 Look at the next picture. He noticed, "[ Gasps ] What's happening to the bark?"
15:02 Do you see those little squiggly trails? Those are the --
15:06 Those are the larvae just [Munching] Next picture.
15:10 You can see it a little closer. Oh, they're carving everything under the bark.
15:13 You couldn't tell from the outside. But the tree is dying.
15:18 And on that day when the man came out and looked up at the tree,
15:21 here's a picture of that tree. Not a leaf -- Not a leaf in sight.
15:29 That means only one thing. If you don't want that tree to come crashing down
15:32 on your house, you better take it down. "Hello, Mr. Lumberjacks
15:36 of Bering Springs. John Hansen, is this you?" "Yes, it is."
15:39 "Will you come take down our three ash trees?" Bingo, let's put him
15:43 on the screen. There is brave John Hansen moving up
15:48 into the trees with a -- with a saw, branch by branch. Pew! Pew! Pew!
15:54 Let's see the next picture. Aw, the tree is coming down. It's dead.
15:59 It can't live. We waited three years hoping it might come back.
16:02 It's dead. It's gone. Next picture. Oh, that beautiful 65-foot tree,
16:09 bye-bye. It died. One more picture.
16:13 All it's good for now is firewood. If you want some, come by.
16:20 Do you know what, guys? You know what killed the tree? Something so small,
16:23 nobody saw it -- the little emerald ash borer. Reminds me of sin,
16:28 something so small. Nobody can see a sin. When it gets in your heart,
16:31 that little sin gets in your heart. I'll be a little sassy to mommy.
16:34 I'll be -- I'll disobey. I'll hurt her. I'll get her. I'll get him.
16:37 [ Munching ] And if that sin is left in the heart [Munching]
16:42 And sin can eat the whole heart up. So once upon a time,
16:46 God planted a tree. Let me see God's tree. Ah, God planted a tree
16:52 to save us from our sins. And that's why -- that's why Jesus died.
16:58 He died so that He could get those sins out of our hearts with our help,
17:02 get those sins out of our hearts so that we won't die, but live forever.
17:09 Oh, who is thankful that Jesus came to die to save us from our little borer sins?
17:16 And who wants to say, "Jesus, if there's some ash borers in my heart, those little sins,
17:21 help me get them out now." Who would like to thank Jesus for being that kind of Savior?
17:28 Somebody here? Sissy, come on up here. What's your name?
17:31 >> Cassie. >> Cassie? You go, Cassie. All right.
17:33 Let's close our eyes and fold our hands as Cassie thanks Jesus for being our Savior.
17:39 Cassie? >> Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for this day.
17:42 Thank You for everything that You give us. Thank You that we got to go
17:45 to our Sabbath Schools today and come here to listen to the, um, the preacher, um,
17:53 preach to the little kids and to the grown-ups. Dear Jesus,
17:57 thank You for everything that You gave us this -- this week as we are going back
18:00 to school in three days. Dear Jesus, thank You. Amen.
18:05 >> Amen. Thank you, Cassie. And, boys and girls,
18:07 as you go back to your seats, you say what Cassie said, "Thank You, Jesus."
18:11 Thank You for being our Savior. Thank you, Cassie. Well done.
18:33 >> ♪ Within these walls ♪ ♪ The sound of praises ♪ ♪ Radiant hallelujahs rise ♪
18:45 ♪ Ceaseless prayer and hymn ascending ♪ ♪ Sweet as incense to the
18:56 skies ♪ ♪ Holy, holy ♪ ♪ Holy God all glory ♪
19:13 ♪ Saints on Earth and saints above ♪ ♪ Join to bless the Lord of
19:24 love ♪
19:38 ♪ Within these walls a meal for sharing ♪ ♪ Tender hallelujahs rise ♪
19:51 ♪ Bread and wine for celebration ♪ ♪ Hymns to praise the
20:00 Crucified ♪ ♪ Holy, holy ♪ ♪ Holy God all glory ♪
20:21 ♪ Saints on Earth and saints above ♪ ♪ Join to share this feast of
20:32 love ♪ ♪ Within these walls ♪ ♪ A faith confessing ♪
20:43 ♪ Joyous alleluias rise ♪ ♪ Songs of hope and revelation ♪ ♪ God's own Word and sign
20:58 inspire ♪ ♪ Holy, holy ♪ ♪ Holy God all glory ♪
21:21 >> ♪ Saints on Earth and saints above ♪ ♪ Speak of promise ♪
21:33 ♪ Sing of love ♪
22:35 >> ♪ Within these walls ♪ ♪ Yet far beyond all ♪ ♪ Wondrous hallelujahs rise ♪
22:49 ♪ Word and song and all creation ♪ ♪ Praise the Son of God
22:58 most high ♪ ♪ Holy, holy ♪ ♪ Holy God all glory ♪
23:17 ♪ Saints on Earth and saints above ♪ ♪ Join to bless the Lord of
23:34 love ♪
24:07 >> Amen.
24:17 >> Thank you, Steve. That was just beautiful. Thank you, choir.
24:21 Good to have you back.
24:30 Let's pray. Oh, God, You have conspired this morning from the holy,
24:40 holy, holy we sang before the service began to the Sanctus that our singers brought to us
24:52 as we invoked Your blessing as worship formally began. The music, the praying.
25:07 We are in the presence of a holy God who rules this universe and yet has hit the pause button
25:18 everywhere else so that You can be wholly engaged with our minds
25:24 right here at Andrews University in the Pioneer Memorial Church. God, You have
25:31 something for us today. It is very clear. Let it be clear,
25:36 I pray in Jesus' name. Amen.
25:40 Have you ever met anybody who was partly pregnant?
25:47 "Yo, girl, you pregnant?" "Partly."
25:53 "Which part?" Have you ever met anybody
25:57 who was partly a sinner? "Yo, dude, you a sinner?"
26:03 "Partly." It's impossible. You can't be partly.
26:08 You either are or you aren't. I can understand why as -- as humans,
26:12 we have this longing to -- to -- to come on -- kind of push me into the corner.
26:16 I'm part sinner instead of full sinner. Who wants to be full sinner when
26:21 you've got the moral portrait that Scripture paints for us with words
26:25 like "stinky" and "sick"? I want you to write those two texts down.
26:31 You don't believe that's in the Bible. Grab your study guide right now.
26:33 It's in your worship bulletin. Pull it out. You didn't get a worship
26:36 bulletin, you didn't get a study guide? We got some great,
26:39 young ushers. Well, sort of young and... I was looking at these boys
26:45 right over here. That's all right. Everybody's young here.
26:48 This is a college church. So we're -- We got the, uh -- We've got
26:52 the study guides for you. Hold your hand up. They're coming your way on this,
26:54 uh, Labor Day Sabbath. You didn't get a study guide. You're watching
27:00 on the air right now.
27:01 Let's put the website on your screen so you can see it.
27:05 Watching on television,
27:09 That's what you're looking for. You're looking for a new series
27:12 that -- whose title is this -- #RxF4Now.
27:18 That's the title of the series. You have to look at that
27:21 on a piece of paper to get it straight.
27:23 But some of you are already using it with your tweeting.
27:25 And that is how we can track it. And we got people
27:28 that are monitoring your tweets. All right?
27:31 So what you're looking for on that website,
27:32 by the way, is you're looking for today's teaching,
27:34 which is "Dead Man Walking." If you missed last week -- It's
27:36 possible you did.
27:38 It's entitled "Believe!" with an exclamation mark. Now what we shared last week
27:42 and what we're gonna share today may seem a bit disparate. But next week is the key.
27:47 We pull the two together. And then, we keep journeying right into this, uh, fall.
27:51 And so "Dead Man Walking." What's that all about? Come on.
27:55 Let's jot the text down. We just -- We just talked about this -- Psalm 38:5,
27:58 New Living Translation.
28:07 I told you it's not a very pretty picture. It certainly won't end up --
28:10 end up on the cover of "People" magazine. I stink because of my sins.
28:15 How about Isaiah 1:6, also the New Living? The God of the universe
28:19 is giving a moral diagnosis of Israel. And he says to them...
28:32 Period. Stinky and sick, not a very attractive portrait
28:38 for sure of the sinner. Martin Luther reminds me of what he --
28:43 He described our fallen human nature, Martin Luther, this way.
28:47 Very graphic for the times in which he was living, but we'll put 'em on the screen
28:50 there, these words.
28:58 Get over on that side, push him back up, back and forth
29:02 because he's drunk. That's our fallen human nature. And you say,
29:06 "Well, I beg to differ with you because that's not me. I happen to be an exception.
29:13 I am different." That's what he thought, the great saint and apostle
29:19 Paul -- "I'm different. "In fact, let me just give you," he says, "a little insight
29:26 into how I grew up." And, by the way, this is a piece of very interesting
29:30 self-disclosure. Jot it down. It's in your study guide.
29:34 Put it on the screen. Philippians. By the way, he wrote this in --
29:37 in jail, in prison in Rome. Paul writing, you want to talk.
29:42 "If someone else thinks they have reasons to put confidence
29:44 in the flesh --" that's human nature, the drunk in the
29:46 saddle -- "I have more." "Let me just run by
29:48 my credentials. "I was circumcised
29:51 on the eighth day, Jew of Jew, Hebrew of Hebrew,
29:54 tribe of Benjamin." He keeps going on.
29:56 "And in regard to the law, a Pharisee. As for righteousness,
29:59 based on the law --" write it down. "I was faultless."
30:04 That's what he's saying, faultless. "I kept the Ten Commandments
30:08 from the day I was born from top to bottom. I kept them faultlessly, always
30:13 honored the Seventh Day Sabbath, lived a morally pure life. Upstanding?
30:17 Why, I was outstanding." Kind of reminds us of the Pharisee Jesus depicted
30:23 in his biting parable, the Pharisee who stands up front in worship.
30:27 And he lifts up his eyes to heaven, "Oh, God, I thank You.
30:30 I am not like that moral wretch on the last row. I fast twice a week.
30:39 I give a tenth of all I get." Yeah. Sounds like some people I know.
30:46 Paul, the Pharisee, convinced their obedience to the law would get them
30:50 into God's good graces and His heavenly home someday. But something very dramatic --
30:56 You'll see this. Something very dramatic happens to Paul that forever changes
31:02 his mind about God's law. Watch this. This is dynamite.
31:07 You got to go to it in your Bible. Now, here's where we're gonna
31:09 stay, Romans chapter 7. Open up your Bible, please, to Romans chapter 7,
31:12 provocative testimony. Paul, Romans chapter 7. I'll be in the New International
31:17 version. You didn't bring a Bible, grab that pew Bible
31:19 in front of you. You got to track this. You got to see it written
31:22 in front of your eyes. Romans chapter 7, pew Bible page 761.
31:26 Romans 7. Let's begin in verse 7. Provocative testimony.
31:30 Here it comes.
31:50 What law says, "You shall not covet"? Call it out to me.
31:53 What law is that? That would be the Ten Commandments, of course.
31:57 What in the world changed Paul's mind about the law? He just told us that, "Man,
32:01 growing up as a young adult, I was faultless before the Ten Commandments."
32:08 It can't be that the -- the 10th commandment got added. He memorized
32:12 the 10th commandment when he was a kid. It's the last of the 10.
32:15 So what has changed? Aha. Paul met somebody.
32:21 And once he met this somebody, the law could never be the same again
32:27 because -- excuse me -- because, you see, in the Sermon on the Mount,
32:34 Sermon on the Mount, Jesus, the law giver, the incarnated law
32:36 giver, who, by the way, with His own finger carved the 10 commands
32:40 into granite Himself. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus treats
32:45 the 10th commandment like we have never seen it treated before.
32:51 Watch this. Matthew chapter 5. In your study guide, verses 21
32:55 and 22 and then on to 27 and 28 -- Let's go, Red-letter words in anybody's
32:58 Bible. "You have heard --" Jesus speaking.
33:01 "You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, 'You shall not murder.'"
33:05 That would be the sixth commandment, by the way, of the Ten Commandments.
33:09 "You shall not murder. But I tell you that anyone who is angry --" write that
33:14 down. "Anyone who is angry with a brother or sister
33:17 will be subject to judgment." And then a few breaths later, Jesus goes on,
33:22 "You have also heard that it was said, 'Do not commit adultery.'"
33:26 That would be the seventh commandment of the Ten Commandments.
33:29 "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully --" or a man --
33:35 "has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Write in that word "heart."
33:41 The 10th commandment, "you shall not covet,"
33:45 radically shifts our focus from the law of God,
33:48 our focus on the Ten Commandments.
33:49 Jot this down. It shifts us
33:51 from external compliance. This is huge.
33:55 It shifts us from external compliance
33:57 to internal obedience. And that is what
34:03 Paul is talking about. Paul says, "Look, Jesus,
34:05 in the Sermon on the Mount, reveals to us why He,
34:08 the divine law giver, included the 10th commandment
34:12 in the first place." Because the 10th commandment
34:15 deals with the mind. You shall not covet.
34:18 In other words, you shall not sin in your mind.
34:22 You shall not sin in your thoughts. "And the moment I realized,"
34:27 Paul is writing, "that that's what the 10th commandment is doing,
34:32 I threw my hands up. I am lost. Why? Because I know my mind.
34:39 I know my secret thoughts. I know my darling sins. I thought the commandments
34:44 were about one to nine, you know, external behavior. And then throw in the covet
34:46 just to cover everything, not realizing that the 10th commandment
34:51 was inserted so that I could get nailed, proud of my external compliance,
34:59 nailed regarding my internal obedience." Wow.
35:06 Nailed, by the way.
35:08 Nailed by the law. And I know what you're saying.
35:10 You're saying, "Oh, yo, Dwight, if the law is this dangerous,
35:14 if it's okay with you, I'm just staying away
35:15 from those 10. Please,
35:16 do not bring me into those 10."
35:19 Come on. Come on. Come on. Why would we do that? That doesn't make
35:22 any sense when, in fact, the Ten Commandments, the divine law, is a portrait,
35:27 a transcript of the beautiful law giver who God is. Listen to how David sings.
35:34 David devotes an entire song, the longest chapter in the whole Bible, Psalm 119 --
35:40 He devotes it to the law. He's singing about the law. Jot these down, will you?
35:43 Run 'em by you, verse 97, Psalm 119.
35:50 Keep writing, 172, verse 172.
35:58 Keep writing, verse 127.
36:04 That's why he opens up the song with verse 18.
36:12 I tell you what, if you were to walk up to David and declare, "You know that law of God,
36:15 those 10 Commandments? Man, what a bummer. What a downer."
36:18 You know what David would respond? "Are you crazy?
36:21 Don't you understand? The law reveals the God of love who rules this universe."
36:25 That's why he throws in verse 64 -- Fill it in. "The earth, O God,
36:29 is filled with Your love. Teach me your decrees," a synonym for laws,
36:35 a synonym for commandments. Teach them to me. They are filled with Your love.
36:40 The whole universe is. There's nothing defective or bad news
36:44 about the law of God. In fact, Paul is about to make that very point.
36:49 Let's read verse 7 again just to get a run into this. Verse 7...
37:00 "For I would not have known what coveting really was if the law had not said,
37:03 'You shall not covet.'" Now, go on, verse 8.
37:12 Now I'm suddenly aware of my thoughts. I'm aware that, oh, wow.
37:14 I wouldn't want anybody knowing what I'm thinking right now.
37:29 "I never realized the depth of the 10th commandment," Paul's telling us.
37:32 "I didn't know. I thought I was faultless. And now I realize everything,
37:37 like X-ray, is exposed to the God of the universe." Verse 10.
37:52 "Because, suddenly, now I stand guilty before the bar of justice
37:56 and judgment in the law." As Jesus put it in the Sermon on the Mount --
38:01 This is what Paul is saying in between the lines. "As Jesus taught,
38:04 even if I think it, I'm nailed. Even if I don't do it but only think it, I'm nailed."
38:12 The law, guilty, guilty, guilty. "There's nothing wrong with the law, reader,"
38:21 he tells us. "Nothing wrong with the law. It's wrong with me."
38:27 Jot it down, verse 12. "So then, the law," Paul writes, "is holy, and the commandment
38:33 is holy, righteous and good." There's nothing wrong with the law.
38:42 Pick it up in verse 14 now. "We know that the law is spiritual --" yes, we do --
38:47 "but I am unspiritual." See? I'm the one that's defective.
38:50 "Sold as a slave to sin. I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do
38:55 I do not do, but what I hate I do. "And if I do," verse 16,
38:59 "what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good.
39:23 Verse 24...
39:35 Wow.
39:40 Remember John Bunyan? The Englishman John Bunyan, remember him?
39:44 "Pilgrim's Progress," the classic. He wrote another book
39:47 in which he tells -- he relates his conversion experience. The title of that book,
39:51 "Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners." And in that book,
39:54 he describes this, "Oh, wretched man that I am," experience that he went through.
40:00 I'll put his words on the screen. You can take 'em home
40:02 there in your study guide. "I --" John Bunyan writing...
40:25 "Yo, let me have your heart. Mine is worse. I promise it's worse.
40:28 Give me your heart."
40:31 "I thought none but the devil himself could equalize --" or
40:35 equal -- "me for inward wickedness and pollution of
40:38 mind. I fell, therefore,
40:40 at the sign of my own vileness, deeply into despair."
40:46 End quote.
40:49 "Oh, wretched man that I am." When John Bunyan, when the Apostle Paul,
41:00 when you, when I see in the perfect mirror or reflection of the law of God,
41:07 when we gaze into that reflection, staring unblinkingly back at us,
41:12 when our consciences are confronted with the total depravity
41:17 that exists inside of us, it is truly a, "Oh, wretched woman."
41:26 It is truly a, "Oh, wretched man that I am," experience...
41:39 ...for anyone. When I met Christ as a 22-year-old
41:47 here at Andrews University, it was through this same, "Oh, wretched me,"
41:53 experience that God led me. And you know what? A few years have gone
41:56 since that day, and I've come in the course of my ministry to men,
42:02 women, young adults, teenagers, and children -- I have come to realize
42:07 that this dark pathway is one that all must trod. For only a conscience made aware
42:18 of the perfection of God's law and the holiness of His character and realizing
42:23 how wretched is the comparison with my guilty heart, only that guilty heart
42:29 can be driven to truly seek relief from salvation.
42:44 That was the experience, by the way, of Jacob, with his midnight --
42:47 Do you remember Jacob and the midnight assailant? That was the experience
42:51 when Isaiah comes into this glorious worship service. Suddenly the walls --
42:54 He was talking about, in these four walls, the walls fall away.
42:57 And now he's -- he's standing before the throne of almighty God.
43:01 "Woe is me, for I am undone. I'm a man of unclean lips. And I live in the midst
43:05 of a people of unclean lips." "Holy, holy," they sang as he watched.
43:10 And he fell to his face. It's what happens to you. It's what happens to you
43:15 when you realize that it is a guilty heart you bring into the presence
43:20 of almighty God. It's what happened to Peter, slimy, silvery fish dancing
43:26 in the bottom of that fishing skiff. And Peter is down on his face,
43:30 grabbing Jesus' ankles. And he's saying, "Depart from me,
43:33 for I am a sinner, oh, God." It's what happens. It would be the experience
43:41 of all who come to God. At some point, it has to happen, or you haven't looked
43:50 in the mirror yet. When my professor told us in class --
43:55 By the way, he told us, we needed to ask God to reveal to us our true sinfulness.
43:59 I wrote it down thinking it might be on a test. Then one dark night,
44:04 just a few weeks later, I prayed that prayer, kind of on the -- on the spur.
44:10 I mean, no thought. Just, "Okay, God, show me my true sinfulness."
44:16 And I now realize what happened when God heard that prayer. He leaned over to Gabriel.
44:19 He said, "Hey, Gabriel, you hear that boy? I'm rolling up my sleeves
44:23 because we're gonna have a field day right now." And I was so overcome
44:29 with personal guilt, I thought I was losing my mind. "Oh, wretched man that I am.
44:41 Who will deliver me from this body of death?" Which is Paul's very point.
44:54 Look at that again, 24. Come on, look at it in your own Bible.
45:00 Keep reading, verse 25...
45:07 Verse 1 of chapter 8...
45:12 No condemnation. Something happens. Something happens to that guilt
45:18 when you look into the law and it says, "Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty,
45:24 guilty, guilty, guilty." Something happens when you say, "I need help.
45:32 My God, help me." Thanks be to God.
45:41 Purpose and point of the law -- Jot this down, please.
45:46 Yep. That's what it is. Galatians 3:24, jot this down.
45:52 My translation reads -- renders it guardian. "The law was our guardian
45:55 to bring us to Christ." Keep writing...
46:10 Don't ever throw the Ten Commandments out. They're to get you to Jesus.
46:15 It is to deliver us from this body of death that the law giver lovingly
46:21 gave us the law in our fallen state so that we might dri--
46:27 be driven to him who is our redeemer and our friend.
46:34 Come on, God. God, who loves you with all His heart, mind, body and soul.
46:39 And God, who loves His neighbor as Himself. God is the embodiment
46:43 of the Ten Commandments. They are all about Him.
46:50 Christ's object lessons, page 315. Jot it down.
47:09 Now, I want you to listen to my new, never-met-him friend
47:13 named Cameron Schofield, a kiwi -- that means he's from New Zealand,
47:17 a writer. Got a book this summer sent by a physician across the lake,
47:22 as I told you last week. The title of the book, "Heralding the Loud Cry."
47:27 Cameron, who asks this question -- Now, these are Cameron's words
47:30 that go on the screen. You'll see them.
47:41 It can't be satisfied because your right-doing --" and, by the way, as we learned
47:44 last week, right-doing is the gut core level definition of righteousness --
47:49 "It can't be satisfied because your right-doing is not what the law wants."
47:54 Hit the pause button right there. Last night as I was reflecting
47:58 on this teaching, I'm saying, "My God, how -- how -- how -- Is there anything else
48:04 that should be added?" So this didn't make it into the study guide.
48:09 But I want you to jot it down. We put a slide together this morning.
48:12 I want you to write this verse down, please. Galatians 3:10.
48:15 This is a stunning -- This is absolutely stunning. You'll need to take a few
48:20 little notes in the margin. That's okay. You can do it. Galatians 3:10.
48:24 I'll read it on the screen as you have it there.
48:28 "For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse,
48:32 as it is written --" now he's quoting
48:34 from Deuteronomy -- "'Cursed is everyone who
48:36 does not continue --" does that look like
48:38 it's blue on the screen to you? Yeah, it's supposed
48:41 to stand out. "Cursed is everyone
48:43 who does not continue to do everything
48:45 written in the Book of the Law."
48:47 Now, listen, listen, here's what Paul is saying. "If you want to be saved by the
48:51 law, okay, be my guest. You want the law? You don't need a Savior.
48:54 You can do it yourself. You want to go to the law and be saved, fine.
48:57 Here's what you need to do. You need to keep the law continually from the day
49:02 you were born until the day you die. Okay? You need to keep
49:05 the law continually. And you need to keep the law entirely.
49:09 Every piece of the law you need to keep. So if you can do it continually
49:14 and if you can do it entirely, my boy, you do not need a Savior.
49:18 Welcome home, children." From birth. Uh-oh, too late.
49:28 Too late. Jot these two words down before you go back to --
49:32 to Cameron. Two words. You have to keep it continually.
49:36 Write in the word "continually." And you have to keep it entirely.
49:40 That's the only way you can satisfy the demands of the law, continually and entirely.
49:44 If you can't keep it continually and if you cannot keep it entirely,
49:46 then you're out. You better find another way to heaven, 'cause it won't be
49:50 through the law, buddy. That's the point. Let's pick Cameron back up.
49:57 "What the law wants --" oh, this is good -- "is God's --" this is his
50:01 emphasis -- "is God's right-doing, God's perfect life --
50:05 and we, in ourselves, do we have to offer it? We don't.
50:08 Is there any room in you -- any room for you in this picture?"
50:11 There isn't. "Can you satisfy the law? Can you?" You can't.
50:14 "Have you in your life attained unto the very perfection
50:16 of God?" You have not. "To do that, you would have
50:18 to be God yourself. Are you God? You are not God!"
50:22 You are not God. Then you better find another way
50:28 because all that law keeping will never get you to heaven.
50:32 Now, the law is holy, just, and good.
50:33 Let's not get all twitterpated here.
50:36 It's holy, just, and good. Cameron goes on, "We can not."
50:42 We cannot save ourselves. "We can do nothing to effect
50:45 our own salvation. And it's a frightful realization
50:49 when we meet the law as it is really is.
50:51 We are dead men walking." End quote.
50:56 Nailed. Paul says, "I was doing fine.
50:59 I was doing fine. One through nine,
51:00 I have 'em all faultless, faultless.
51:02 External compliance, I got it, external.
51:04 But then, I suddenly realize, thanks to the Lord,
51:08 what number 10 is saying -- internal obedience.
51:12 And I was nailed. Who will deliver me
51:16 from this body of death?" Dead man walking.
51:22 By the way, that's a nomenclature, prison talk.
51:26 Prisons that can perform executions, because when the man is taken out of his cell
51:30 and he's marched down to the chamber of death, the guards shout out,
51:35 "Dead man walking! Sit up. This is the last time you'll see this boy."
51:41 Dead man walking. The truth of the Gospel is, we are all dead men
51:46 and dead women walking. Doomed to our deaths unless something --
51:53 unless someone comes along and puts a stay on the execution.
52:01 Thanks be to God, who delivers us by our Lord Jesus Christ.
52:09 By the way, the only perfect law giver -- law -- law keeper in the history
52:15 of the human race, who from birth to death continually kept the law,
52:22 kept the entire law. In fact, the great messianic promise --
52:26 uh, prophesy tucked away in Psalm 40:8 -- "I delight to do your will,
52:32 O God. Your law is within my heart." Wow.
52:38 Only one person has perfectly kept what the law demands -- perfect compliance,
52:43 continually, entirely. And because He has, anybody, anybody who comes to God
52:51 through Him gets it, too. Anybody.
52:58 Cameron asks the question -- "The question is --" I like
53:03 this. Well done, Cameron.
53:18 You'll come to church. You will come to church. But you won't come to Christ.
53:23 You will sit in that pew Sabbath after Sabbath. But you haven't given your heart
53:26 to Christ. You are still your own God. You are still
53:31 taking His name in vain by living practically as an atheist without Him.
53:37 You can come to church. But that isn't coming to Christ. You must.
53:46 Dead man walking. Dead woman walking. You must.
53:55 When I went back to my professor, by the way -- >> [ Speaks indistinctly ]
54:00 >> Thank you. That's two of us now, at least. When I went back
54:05 to my professor, overwhelmed with the guilt. "Who will deliver me
54:10 from this body of death?" His response to me was, "Boy, go read 'Steps to
54:15 Christ.'" And I did. And that's how God saved me.
54:21 That's how He saved me. I want to end with this, page 31 from "Steps to Christ."
54:26 You have it in your study guide.
54:55 We must come to Christ --" How's it end?
55:01 Let's read that whole sentence, that last sentence, together.
55:03 "We must come to Christ just as we are."
55:09 Question, are you bad enough to come to Christ?
55:13 Are you bad enough... just as you are? Just as bad as John Bunyan,
55:19 just as bad as Paul, just as bad as Jacob, as bad as Isaiah and Peter
55:24 and Mary Magdalene. Are you bad enough to come to Christ?
55:30 Good news -- He is good enough to come to you and save you, just like that if you ask Him.
55:51 Oh, God, what are we thinking? What are we thinking? That we could somehow,
56:02 by hard work and behavioral strictness...
56:13 our way straight through the law into heaven? No.
56:19 We're the opposite, Father. Most of us think, "It doesn't matter.
56:26 I don't need a law. I just do it my way." And, oh, God,
56:33 it doesn't take much to realize we're doomed if we go that pathway.
56:39 There's only one way. And we hear Jesus calling us now,
56:44 "Come to Me, the Savior, the law giver, your friend. Come to the Father, your friend.
56:54 Come and I will save you." Father, grant that for us today and today and today.
57:06 I pray in Jesus' name. Amen. Amen.
57:13 >> I want to take an extra moment to thank you for joining us in worship today.
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58:10 In the meantime, God be with you and bless you real good.
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