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00:09 [ Organ plays
00:46 >> ♪ What wondrous love is this ♪ ♪ Oh, my soul, oh, my soul ♪
00:54 ♪ What wondrous love is this ♪ ♪ Oh, my soul ♪ ♪ What wondrous love is this ♪
01:07 ♪ That caused the Lord of bliss ♪ ♪ To bear the dreadful curse for
01:16 my soul, for my soul ♪ ♪ To bear the dreadful curse for my soul ♪
01:29 [ Organ plays ]
01:58 ♪ All we, like sheep, have gone astray, gone astray ♪ ♪ Like sheep, have gone astray,
02:10 oh, my soul ♪ ♪ We all have gone astray ♪ ♪ Each one to his own way ♪
02:22 ♪ And the Lord hath laid on Him, laid on Him, oh, my soul ♪ ♪ The iniquity of our souls ♪
02:41 [ Organ plays ]
02:51 ♪ What wondrous love is this, oh, my soul ♪
03:11 >> Well, good morning, boys and girls. Nice to see you on this last
03:14 Sabbath of June, the first Sabbath, official Sabbath, of summer.
03:18 Yep, summer started this week on Wednesday. Nice to have you here from
03:22 wherever you have come. God bless you. I thought, you know, today
03:26 everybody would be at camp meeting, but I'm so glad you're here!
03:29 I've got just the right story for you, because some friends of ours, and Bill Sipes, they went
03:35 to Alaska last month. They sent us a postcard from Alaska.
03:39 And Carlson Sipes, she says, "Pastor, this could be a children's story."
03:44 I believe she's right! I want to show you a little village in Alaska called
03:49 Talkeetna. Let's put the village store on the screen, please.
03:54 There you go. Talkeetna. Hey, do you see the antlers from
03:58 the moose right beneath the sign there? See the moose antler?
04:02 They have all kinds -- Oh, here, deer antlers up here. And there's snowshoes.
04:06 This is kind of the biggest building in town. Inside the building, the mayor
04:13 of the town lives. Now, just let me tell you about this mayor.
04:17 This mayor is so popular that 30 to 40 people every day come and they say, "We want to see you,
04:22 Mayor." How many people come to Berrien Springs and ask to see
04:25 the mayor? Nobody. But they want to see the mayor. This mayor is so popular that he
04:33 has his own Facebook page. Ho! But I've got to tell you, some
04:38 strange things have happened to him. He got attacked by a dog once.
04:42 Ooh, that hurt! Ooh, that hurt! Some teenage boys with a BB gun
04:46 went pow, pow. Oh! Shot the mayor!
04:49 [ Scoffs ] And then once, the mayor got stuck in the garbage truck and
04:53 they took him out of town! [ Children laugh ] And then they realized, the
04:56 mayor's in the truck! Oh, that's not a way to treat a mayor.
05:00 I want to see the Mayor, please, of Talkeetna, Alaska.
05:04 There is the mayor. [ Children exclaim ]
05:06 That's Mr. Stubbs! That's Mr. Stubbs, the mayor.
05:10 He's been mayor for 20 years. Since July 1997, he's been the
05:14 mayor. And they get along very nicely.
05:16 That might be an idea for us. I don't know.
05:19 [ Children exclaim ] But isn't that something?
05:21 That's a cat. [ Laughing ] That's a cat!
05:24 But the cat is their mayor. Apparently, anybody can be a mayor.
05:30 But not anybody can be a savior. There's only one person in the whole universe who could
05:36 possibly be savior for you and me, and what's His name? His name is Jesus.
05:41 He did what for us? He died for us. He loved us unto death.
05:48 He rose, and He says, "I'm gonna to save you, if you want to be." How many here want to be saved
05:54 by the Lord Jesus? Of course! And in a few moments, your
05:57 mother and father are going to hold a little piece of bread and a cup, and they're going to
06:00 celebrate our Savior came, hallelujah. Not anybody can be a savior,
06:05 only One. And is He is our Lord Jesus. Who would like to thank God for
06:11 our Savior? Sissy, you come right here. You got your hand right up
06:15 there. All right. What's your name, Sissy?
06:20 >> Hannah. >> Hannah? Hannah, have you prayed before?
06:24 Good, you pray well. Okay, let's close our eyes. Hannah's going to pray.
06:28 Fold our hands. Please pray, "Thank God for Jesus."
06:31 >> Thank you, God. Help us remember this day. Help us to have a good day.
06:37 Amen. >> Amen. Thank you, Hannah.
06:39 And God bless you, boys and girls, shh, as you go quietly and reverently back to your
06:43 seats. You can say it in your heart, "Thank you, God, for the only
06:46 Savior of the universe, our Lord Jesus." Happy Sabbath to you.
06:51 [ Organ plays ]
07:06 >> Let's pray together. Oh, God, what wondrous loveis this, oh, my soul, that caused
07:16 the Lord of bliss to bear the dreadful curse for my soul, for my soul?
07:23 Ah, bring that price back to us. Thrill our hearts with the Good News of our Savior.
07:33 We pray in Jesus' name, amen.
07:38 By the way, my heart always thrills with a beautiful song.
07:47 Mm-hmm. But my heart especially thrills
07:54 when, with the beautiful song, there is a beautiful singer.
07:58 [ Congregation murmurs ] Two weeks ago, we've been married, Karen and I, 43 years.
08:04 Can you believe that? 43 years. We were 12 when we got married.
08:07 That explains why. They're saying, "Dwight, the numbers don't add up.
08:10 They just don't add up." So, no, no, no. [ Congregation applauds ]
08:18 You know, I hate to begin with such bad news, because this is how it begins.
08:21 John the Baptist gets... decapitated at the behest of a very wicked queen and her naive
08:31 accomplice daughter.
08:34 Our story today, "Two Fish and a Cross," begins
08:39 right here, right now. Open your Bible with me,
08:41 please, to the Gospel of Matthew -- Matthew chapter 14.
08:44 Let's go. What a dramatic beginning to so moving a story.
08:49 Matthew chapter 14. I'm in the New International Version.
08:52 Whatever translation you have is fine by me. You didn't bring one, grab the
08:56 pew bible in front of you. You'll see the page number on the screen.
09:00 Let's go. Matthew 14:11. "His head..." that would be
09:04 John the Baptist's head. "His head was brought in on a platter..." I imagine it a
09:11 sliver platter, "...and given to the girl, who carried it to her mother."
09:16 Verse 12: "John's disciples came and took his..." obviously
09:20 headless "...body and buried it. Then they went and told Jesus."
09:29 I've got to tell you, there is something poignant with that line -- "Then they went and told
09:32 Jesus." I mean, they could've gone home and told their parents.
09:35 They could've gone and told their spouses. They could've gone and told
09:38 their friends. They could've told their neighbors or their teachers.
09:41 No, no, no, no. The record reads, "Then they went and told Jesus."
09:48 Oh, it's like that old Gospel song. If I could sing, I'd sing it to
09:51 you right now. ♪ I must tell Jesus ♪ ♪ All of my burdens ♪
09:58 ♪ I cannot bear these burdens alone ♪ You know what, ladies and
10:02 gentlemen? That's absolutely true.
10:04 Some of you who have come into this space today, sacred space,
10:07 summer space, and you've come with you heart just weighted
10:11 down. I'm looking into your
10:12 well-manicured faces. Doesn't look like there's
10:14 anything wrong with you at all, but there's something down deep
10:16 beneath that smile that is just a weight on your soul.
10:22 And I've already been praying that, in this space where Jesus is right now, that somehow He'll
10:28 draw from your heart what you need to tell Him and take the courage and the hope He wants to
10:33 give you. And, oh, I pray that in a friendly church like this, that
10:38 there be somebody in the next few minutes as we cross paths, will say, "Hey, I'm gonna get to
10:46 know you." We need each other. I want to tell Jesus.
10:52 I must tell Jesus. That's what the disciples did. They go, they pour out their
10:55 broken hearts to Him. And God bless Jesus, He just reaches His strong arms around
11:00 them and draws them to Himself in the inner circle of His own disciples.
11:04 And then, they go quietly. Nobody knows. They slip away.
11:08 Look at that, verse 13. "When Jesus heard what had happened..." John the Baptist,
11:12 his cousin, is dead. And by the way, Jesus knows, "I'm next."
11:16 "I'm next," He knows it. "When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat
11:21 privately to a solitary place." "Desire of Ages" tells us, "Just a few hours alone together
11:27 to draw strength from the master..." But the people heard about this.
11:31 "Hearing of this, the crowds followed Him on foot from the
11:35 towns." So they go around the curve of
11:37 Galilee, and when Jesus eventually "landed and saw a
11:41 large crowd, He had compassion on them and He healed their
11:44 sick."
11:46 I spent four days last week in the nation's capital, right on the edge and in it --
11:51 Washington, D.C. I preached in the iconic church in Takoma Park -- Sligo.
11:57 It only has one name. It's called "Sligo." I preached in that church last
12:01 Sabbath. I was there for a symposium that my friend, Alex Santrack, put
12:06 together -- a symposium on preaching in urban ministry. Alex is Serbian, and so he said,
12:13 "I've got a great Serbian restaurant we've got to go to down in the heart of
12:15 the District of Columbia." So a bunch of us went down there.
12:20 I'm telling you what. Like every urban sprawl, gridlocked traffic everywhere
12:25 you turn, gridlocked crowds as far as the eye can see. Jesus is drawn, He's drawn --
12:33 He's drawn to the crowds. And He had compassion on them. By the way, I remind you, cities
12:42 are the largest container on Earth of lost human beings. That's why God's so big on
12:49 cities. "There's so many of My children here."
12:54 Jesus had compassion on the crowds. Now, Matthew -- I don't know if
12:58 he intended this, but he juxtaposes the disciples' reaction to the crowd right up
13:04 against Jesus. And here's what we see. So, Jesus has compassion on the
13:07 crowds in verse 14. And now, "As evening approached..." verse 15, "...the
13:11 disciples came to Him." You can put the words on the screen there...
13:24 Jesus has compassion on the crowds, and the disciples say, "Yo, get 'em away.
13:28 We don't need these crowds. Send them away. I mean, what are we supposed to
13:32 do with them? We can't feed them." Listen, you have a hard time
13:36 with cities, I have a hard time with cities, we're probably going to have a hard time going
13:39 to Heaven, because guess what? Heaven is a city -- Zion, City of God.
13:44 We're going to get used to living in cities.
13:51 Jesus surprises them. He says, "No, no. Youdo something."
13:56 "We just told You we can't." "Yes, you can. You feed them."
13:59 "Feed them what?" "Feed them what every crowd wants."
14:01 "What's that?" "Bread of Life. You give it to them."
14:05 It's the Gospel of John. And by the way, this is one of those rare miracles where all
14:12 four Gospel writers say, "We've got to have this as a part of our story."
14:16 It's one of the rare miracles. So, we got details in John because Phillip said, "Oh, Lord.
14:21 You want us to feed them? Yeah, do You know how much money it would take to feed this
14:24 crowd? Just guess." And Brother Andrew pipes up,
14:27 "Yo, but I did find a little lad over here. He's got two shriveled fish and
14:32 some five small, little loaves of bread, but what is that among so huge a crowd?"
14:38 And then, I love what Jesus says in verse 18. Notice what Jesus says in
14:41 verse 18. Jesus says, "Bring that little lunch to Me.
14:45 Bring Me that lunch." Don't you love that about God? Oh, my.
14:51 As a boy, you know, growing up in Japan, I was fascinated with the fish markets, because Japan
14:57 is a seabound nation, so fish is a staple of their diet. I mean, that's what they live
15:01 off of. So, I'd go down as a boy, and I just watch these butchers slice
15:05 and dice, fillet, wrap it all up in newspaper, put it in a scale. Their happy customer pays, walks
15:14 away with fresh, raw fish. The Japanese eat fish raw. I want to assure you that this
15:19 little Hebrew mother who sent her boy with that lunch didn't send raw fish.
15:23 The fish would be stinking by now. It, no doubt, was salted.
15:27 You know how sardines can get salted for preservation? Two shriveled little sardines
15:33 and five small loaves of bread. "Give Me that lunch. Bring that lunch to Me."
15:37 And he probably tussles the boy's hair. "Thank you, son, for sharing
15:40 with Me." Don't you love that about God? Come on, you think about it.
15:45 "Hey, Moses! Yo, what do you have in your hand?"
15:48 "A rod." "Hey, good enough for Me. Bring it to Me.
15:51 Bring Me that rod. We can do business with that. Yo, wedding coordinator.
15:56 What've you got in your hand?" "I've got six empty stone jars." "Bring those stone jars to Me.
16:00 I'll do business with that." "Yo, little widow, little widow. What do you have in your hand?"
16:05 "Well, I have a little oil and a little meal, and this is our last food."
16:09 "Bring Me that. Give Me that. I can do business with that."
16:13 "Gideon, what've you got? "Lord, I'm already down to 300." "Bring the 300 to Me.
16:20 I can take it." Can you believe God's mathematics?
16:24 Because in every one of those instances, and in your life and mine as well, here's how God
16:28 operates...
16:32 Have you noticed that? We add. Humble, little two shriveled-up
16:36 fish -- We add, he multiplies. Mercy! "Bring Me what you have.
16:44 Give Me what you have, and I'll take it from here." God says, "You add, I'll
16:47 multiply, and we'll get along famously." And by the way, the heroes of
16:50 Scripture got along famously, very famously with this God of the universe, because they kept
16:55 adding and He kept multiplying. That's exactly what happens here.
17:01 They didn't have a tithe envelope to bring their little, but they brought their little.
17:07 Okay, verse 18. "Bring them to Me. Come on, bring that bread and
17:12 fish to Me," He said. Verse 19...
17:25 And I was studying this this last week, I said, "Wait a minute.
17:27 There's something missing in this story, because this is Matthew.
17:31 I don't read anything about fish getting handed out." You read the story, the next
17:34 verse, not a word, not a peep about fish. I said, "That's crazy.
17:38 Did He only do the bread?" So I went through all four Gospels, and I found out two
17:43 Gospel writers say not a hint about Him breaking the fish. Two others make it a key,
17:51 integral part of their narrative. "What's going on here?" I said.
17:53 Okay, who are the two that didn't? Well, it's Matthew and of
17:56 course, he's a tax collector. And then there's Dr. Luke, and he's a Gentile physician and a
18:00 historian. And neither one says a word about fish.
18:03 But the other two writers, get this -- the Gospel of Peter. That would be Mark, by the way,
18:10 because Peter told the story to Mark and Mark wrote it down. The Gospel of Peter and the
18:13 Gospel of John -- guess what those two boys were all their lives?
18:16 They were fishermen. And they're saying, "If we're going to tell this story, make
18:19 sure you get the fish in there as well." He broke the fish!
18:23 That's how they made their living. Fish and bread.
18:27 Verse 20...
18:35 Verse 21 -- "And the number of those who ate was about 5,000 men, besides..."besides,
18:42 ..."women and children." We're talking about 15,000, minimum.
18:46 Two stinking little fish and five loaves of bread in the hands of the God who multiplies
18:54 when we add, and 15,000 people get fed. What a God!
19:00 Can you believe it? "You add, I'll multiply." What's wrong with mathematics
19:07 like that? "You add, I'll multiply." "Desire of Ages," right here at
19:12 the top of the page in Matthew 14, I have this quotation written down.
19:16 I'm going to put it on the screen for you. "Desire of Ages," page 371, that
19:20 classic on the life of Jesus. "The means in our possession today may not seem to be
19:25 sufficient for the work." "What kind of work are you talking about, Dwight?"
19:28 Well, I don't know. It's whatever work you do for the glory of God.
19:31 So, what's the work you do? Whatever you do for the glory of God.
19:35 You're a mother? I know the work you're doing 24/7.
19:38 You are raising those little cherubs for the Kingdom of Heaven.
19:42 Whatever work you do. You're a plumber? God says whatever work you do --
19:48 What did we just read? If...
19:56 "What could I do with this?" It doesn't matter what you do. Keep reading.
20:10 You add, He multiplies. What's wrong with that?
20:14 You add, He multiplies. "I will take care of you," which
20:20 is why I will put my trust in Him.
20:24 We spent six months coming back to that line over and over
20:26 again, that seven-word credo of the Lord Jesus.
20:28 Hebrews 2:13, "I will put my trust in Him."
20:33 "Give Me what you have. Just bring it to Me. You add, I'll multiply."
20:39 And by the way, did you catch that line? What was that line?
20:42 "If we will move forward in faith..." It reminds of the Israelites.
20:48 Hot dragon breath of Pharaoh and his armies on their tail, the cold waters of the Red Sea right
20:55 in front of them, and God says, "Hey, quit talking to Me. Go forward!
20:59 Move it! I'll take care of you. You add, I'll multiply.
21:06 You watch what I do for you." Takes a little bit of faith to live like that because you're
21:12 not sure how the story ends. Jesus says, "You just stay with Me, girl.
21:15 You stay with Me. I'll show you how this story ends.
21:18 You'll be all right." Wow. Some of you struggling right
21:23 now, are you afraid? Are you anxious? Are you worried about the
21:29 future? Don't worry. "I will put my trust in Him."
21:34 "You add," He says, "I'll multiply." Oh, that quotation goes on.
21:39 Here's another line. "If the work be of God..." Oh, I love this...
21:48 Young father, listen. Listen, young father. Young mother, are you here?
21:53 You need to know that your anxious concerns over providing for the physical necessities of
21:59 your tiny little family have been heard by the Provider of the universe.
22:04 He has heard this. He said, "You add, I'll multiply.
22:08 If the work be of God and your work is of God, I will multiply when you give what you have.
22:19 Give me those kids." He knows, struggling heart, your desperate need for money.
22:24 He knows, lonely soul, your longing for a life companion. He knows.
22:30 "Give Me what you have. I'll multiply for you." Wow. "Desire of Ages" goes on.
22:36 You add, You multiply, you add, You multiply, here it goes. Here's the next line.
22:40 "He will..." God will "...reward honest, simple reliance upon Him.
22:46 The little that is wisely and economically used in the service
22:50 of the Lord of Heaven..." Whatever you do is for the
22:53 service of the Lord of Heaven. Whatever you do.
22:55 So if you use the little you have wisely in the service of
23:00 the Lord of Heaven, it will -- what's the next word?
23:02 It will what? It will "increase in the very
23:05 act" of your giving, "your imparting.
23:08 In the hand of Christ, the small supply of food remained
23:11 undiminished..." It didn't get used up.
23:12 It just kept lasting "...until the famished multitude were
23:16 satisfied."
23:17 Two little fish and 15,000 minimum people got fed. "Give Me what you have.
23:24 You add, I multiply. You can trust Me. You can take that to the bank!
23:33 You add, I multiply." What a God! Ah, "You add, I'll multiply."
23:43 One last line, this is written on my page here. "If we go..." final line, "If we
23:47 go to the Source of all strength..." Isn't this beautiful?
23:51 "...with our hands of faith outstretched to receive..." People say, "Don't go begging,
23:54 begging, begging God." [ Laughing ] No, no. Beg, beg, beg God.
23:57 God says, "Come to Me. Come on, put your hands out. Put your hands out and believe
24:00 that I can fill your hand." "Open wide your mouth," the Psalmist says, "and I will fill
24:03 it." Just put your hands out. Put your hands out.
24:07 "If we will go to the Source of all strength, with our hands of faith outstretched to receive,
24:13 we shall be sustained in our work..." whatever your work is, "...even under the most
24:18 forbidding circumstances..." and we "...shall be enabled to give to others the bread of life."
24:25 "You add, I multiply." God says, "These are My mathematics.
24:30 Come on, get this. You add, I multiply." In fact, that is the sign of the
24:36 Cross -- add and multiply. Watch this. The cross is a sign of add.
24:41 You add, and then what does He say? "I'll multiply."
24:47 You got multiplication right there, don't you? And it's been a long time since
24:51 I was in grade school, but I know this.
24:53 "You add, you add, I multiply. You add, I multiply."
25:03 That's Calvary!
25:05 "Give me two little fish, and I will feed 15,000 people through you."
25:10 Don't sell yourself short. Don't dream small, dream big. "I will feed 15,000 people
25:17 through you. Just give Me what you have. Two fish? I'll take it.
25:21 Let's go! Move on! We've got cities to reach.
25:26 We have a world to save. And you've got to believe that when you add, I multiply.
25:32 You have to believe that."
25:36 Wow. So, a few nights earlier this week, Karen and I are having
25:46 pillow talk. Do you ever have pillow talk? That's a good thing to have, by
25:50 the way. If you're married, that is. [ Congregation laughs ]
25:55 A little caveat just to keep this very clear. So, this week, Karen and I were
26:02 having a little pillow talk in the dark, a great concern on our hearts.
26:07 So we're talking about it to each other, just talking back and forth, back and forth.
26:12 Finally, we had prayer together. I prayed, she prayed, in bed. And then, we fell asleep.
26:19 I woke up early that morning, earlier than my alarm. It was dark.
26:23 I tiptoed downstairs to my study where I have my time in the early morning.
26:30 And I want to bless the name of God, because He cut a slack. He said, "Okay, get it off, get
26:37 it off," because my mind is still on what was last night. And so, God let me just kind of
26:44 pour it out again. And God said, "Lookit, Dwight, are you through yet?
26:49 Are you through? 'Cause I'd like to say something now."
26:54 And God said, "Let's just clear the deck of all this." I didn't hear an audible voice,
26:58 you understand that, but God brought His word to my mind, and words came to mind and I'm
27:03 thinking on those words. And I'm realizing those words are speaking to my very need at
27:07 this moment, and I finally turn on the light. I've got to read these words
27:10 myself, and here's what I read. I'll put it on the screen for you -- Romans 8:31.
27:26 Get this, " will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?"
27:31 "I'll give you everything. Lookit, have I emptied the treasury of Heaven for you?
27:36 Have I already emptied the treasury of Heaven for you in the gift of Jesus?
27:39 Is Calvary about you add and I multiply? Is that still true?
27:42 You add, I multiply? Have I done all that for you?" Yes, You have.
27:46 "Then what are you worried about?" What are you worried about?
27:52 I will put my trust in Him. Wow. I mean, you keep reading, it
27:59 gets even better. "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?
28:02 Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?"
28:06 Some of you are going through that right now. "No!" Paul cries out....
28:27 Amen! And just like that, that burden on my heart, it just lifted into
28:33 the dark and just disappeared. How do You do that, God? "You add, I multiply.
28:42 It's My mathematics. It's how you'll survive this life.
28:45 Bring Me what you have. You got heartache? Bring it to Me.
28:48 You got concerns and worries? Bring it to me. You got empty cupboards and a
28:53 bank account that's about zero right now? Bring it to Me.
28:57 You bring Me what you have. Your marriage run out of high-octane fuel?
29:02 You bring it to Me. You add, I multiply. Come to the cross, I'll
29:11 multiply. Wow. Today, when we pick up the bread
29:17 and the cup, that's what we're going to do. We're going to confess to God,
29:21 "I will put my trust in Him." Seven words, that's what the Lord's Supper's about.
29:26 We say seven words, "I will put my trust in You. I'm adding to You, and now You
29:33 are multiplying for me." We add, He multiplies forever and ever.
29:45 Amen. I want you to lock those words in your heart right now.
29:49 We add, He multiplies. Let's pray. Oh, God, wow. That's the news for us today.
29:58 That's it, from the foot of the Cross. You're saying this?
30:01 "I am." Oh, Father, we will put our trust, we will keep our trust in
30:06 You no matter what is happening, no matter what isnothappening, we will put our trust in You.
30:13 We add, You multiply. And how could it be any better than that right now?
30:19 So, lift our spirits up, and knowing we sit at the table with Jesus, oh, just lock this deep
30:26 in our hearts for the next chapter before us. We pray in Jesus' name, amen.
30:35 [ "Worthy Is The Lamb" plays ]
30:47 [ Performers sing ]
34:47 [ "Crown Him With Many Crowns" plays ]
34:49 [ Performers sing ]
35:36 >> Sing "Worthy." [ "Worthy Is The Lamb" plays ]
35:38 [ Performers sing ]
36:52 [ "Revelation Song" plays ]
36:58 [ Instrumental music plays ]
37:08 [ Performers sing ]
37:34 >> Holy, holy, holy. [ Performers sing ]
39:12 [ Instrumental music plays ]
39:23 [ Performers sing ]
40:19 [ "Holy, Holy, Holy" plays ]
40:24 [ Instrumental music plays ]
40:30 [ Performers sing ]
42:34 [ Organ plays ]
42:46 [ Organ continues ]
42:58 [ Organ continues ]
43:05 [ Organ stops ] >> It's very interesting in John's account of the feeding of
43:12 the 5,000, after we capture that mathematics -- We add and He multiplies -- John immediately
43:23 plunges into "Jesus, Bread of Life" discourse.
43:29 And those who know John's Gospel the best are quite convinced that, in fact, these words in
43:39 the discourse are John's "Lord's Supper" talk because there is no Lord's Supper in the
43:44 Gospel of John. Washes the feet, and nothing. No word from Jesus, because the
43:50 other three had already written about it. John writes much later in the
43:53 First Century, says, "I don't need to put that, but I am gonna embed it right here."
43:58 So, now when we read these words, we can say, "Oh, thisis Lord's Supper."
44:02 So, this is John 6 where he tells the story, Jesus now speaking, red letters.
44:07 "I am the living bread that came down from Heaven. Whoever eats this bread will
44:12 live forever. This bread is My flesh which I will give for the life of the
44:18 world. Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and
44:25 I will raise them up at the last day." And then he repeats it.
44:29 "Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood remains in Me and I in them."
44:35 And the old King James says, "...abides in Me, and I in them."
44:39 So, what you and I are about to do as we ingest the bread and the wine, Jesus says, "That's
44:45 Me. It's a symbol of Me coming in. And then, I do My mathematics
44:49 from the inside out. You add, I multiply." That's why we have His gift of
44:57 this supper. Genie Patterson Smith is going to read the sacred account of
45:03 this -- that Thursday night. And then her husband, Harold, will lead us in prayer.
45:13 >> From Luke 22, this marvelous scene. "When the hour came, Jesus and
45:20 his apostles reclined at the table. And he said to them, 'I have
45:25 eagerly waited and desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.'
45:31 And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them saying, 'This is my body
45:41 given for you. Do this remembrance of me.' In the same way, after the
45:50 supper he took the cup saying, 'This cup is the new covenant in my blood which is poured out for
45:58 you.'" Please kneel with us as my husband, Harold, prays.
46:15 >> Father, we pray in thanks for Your son's blood and for his body which is, was, and will be
46:26 the key to our meeting You face to face in glory. Bless us this Sabbath day as we
46:34 take these symbols of what Your son did for us. May they become life in each of
46:41 us, we pray. Amen. [ Organ plays ]
47:15 [ "There Is A Fountain" plays ]
47:30 >> ♪ There is a fountain filled with blood ♪ ♪ Drawn from Emmanuel's veins ♪
47:44 ♪ And sinners plunged beneath that flood ♪ ♪ Lose all their guilty stains ♪
48:00 ♪ Lose all their guilty stains ♪ ♪ Lose all their guilty stains ♪ ♪ And sinners plunged beneath
48:22 that flood ♪ ♪ Lose all their guilty stains ♪ [ Organ plays ]
48:40 ♪ E'er since by faith I saw the stream ♪ ♪ Thy flowing wounds supply ♪
48:55 ♪ Redeeming love has been my theme ♪ ♪ And shall be till I die ♪
49:11 ♪ And shall be till I die ♪ ♪ And shall be till I die ♪ ♪ Redeeming love has been my
49:33 theme ♪ ♪ And shall be till I die ♪ ♪ Wash all my sins away ♪
49:51 ♪ Wash all my sins away ♪ ♪ Redeeming love has been my theme ♪
50:08 ♪ Wash all my sins away ♪
50:34 [ Organ plays ]
51:15 >> That's quite a promise -- redeeming love shall be my theme, wash all my sins away.
51:22 You know, this multiplication/addition formula, it really works for sin.
51:30 Because there's some sins I can't even think of that are embedded so deep in me, I've
51:35 become accustomed to them. So I bring the one I know about or the two or the three, and God
51:41 says, "That's okay. You add, I multiply. I have you covered to the very
51:49 depths." That's why we'll sing "redeeming love" forever and ever.
51:55 So that we would never forget, Jesus turns to us like he turned to his closest friends.
52:01 He said, "This is my body. Take, eat this. Do this in remembrance of me."
52:11 [ Organ plays ]
52:33 And then he turns to us. He says, "This is my blood shed for you, all of you.
52:41 Drink in remembrance of me."
52:48 [ Organ plays ]
53:06 And that's what he does, and that's why we came. And that's why we leave with the
53:11 joy that we will. It's no wonder they sang. Bible says they sang a hymn,
53:17 and then they went out to Gethsemane. We've got a hymn we love to sing
53:20 here. It's 407, "Sent Forth with God's Blessings."
53:27 We're gonna sing that. But they had another custom, and we do it right here.
53:31 And so let me just tip you off, because there's gonna be ushers standing at every one of these
53:35 doors. If God has blessed you over these last three months
53:40 unusually, and you know how blessed you are, and out of that largess you would like to give
53:47 to someone in need, we have an emergency fund. We service the inner city of
53:52 Benton Harbor as well as Berrien Springs, and so freely you've received, freely give.
53:58 There'll be ushers standing here. Just be generous with them.
54:02 You're going to be helping somebody that you'll never meet in this life, but thank you in
54:06 advance for your love for them. Now, let's sing 407, "Sent Forth With God's Blessings."
54:12 [ Organ plays ]
54:37 [ Congregation sings ]
56:27 And now may the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back
56:31 from the dead, our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, may He
56:36 equip you with everything good for doing His will and may He work in us what is pleasing to
56:41 Him through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.
56:50 [ Organ plays ]
57:01 We've been really blessed by the financial support that comes
57:04 from our viewers. And we've made a conscious
57:07 decision not to continually appeal to you for that support.
57:10 Which I hope doesn't convey to you that this national and
57:13 international telecast has no needs.
57:15 The fact is, is anyone in the industry will tell you, we are
57:17 needing to make constant upgrades to the technology that
57:20 brings "New Perceptions" to you every week.
57:23 So if God has blessed you and you're in a position to share
57:26 some of that blessing with this ministry, I'd be very grateful.
57:29 I don't receive a dime from our listeners' support, but there's
57:32 a world that gets blessed by the teachings of this program.
57:35 So thank you in advance. You can go to our website and
57:38 give there --
57:42 Or you can call our operators and make a donation.
57:45 877 -- Toll-free for you. 877-HIS-WILL.
57:49 And here's my prayer, that the God who has blessed you, may He
57:53 continue to pour into your life His gifts of joy and hope.
57:58 Thank you. I'll see you here next time.
58:04 ♪♪


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