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00:12 Every year in America, there are over 1 million deaths
00:15 because of type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
00:18 This includes heart attacks and strokes
00:20 that's six and half 747s crashing everyday.
00:24 What's even most surprising is that the fix is easy.
00:27 It's your lifestyle.
00:28 Wouldn't it be nice
00:29 if you could actually add quality years to your life
00:32 rather than dying one organ at a time?
00:34 Obesity and diabetes
00:36 are the cause of over million deaths per year.
00:39 Most diseases are reversible,
00:41 because most diseases are lifestyle diseases,
00:44 especially type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
00:47 Seriously now, they can be reversed
00:50 and the quality of your life can be renewed.
00:53 Call Newstart today at 1-800-525-9192.
00:59 You will see dramatic changes
01:01 in the first few days of our program
01:03 and you'll be on the road
01:04 to a better more robust quality of life.
01:07 The Newstart programs are simple and effective.
01:14 Hi, friends, and welcome
01:15 to another edition of Newstart Now.
01:18 I'm your host Ron Giannoni.
01:20 In our studio with me I have a gentleman
01:23 from Admin Washington, Andy Seaver.
01:28 Now, Andy we have an interesting story here.
01:31 Let's take a look at when Andrew first arrived.
01:37 And round about three and half weeks ago,
01:40 I was in an ICU
01:42 for the third time in less than a year,
01:47 and I felt like as a wake up call
01:51 that something needed to be changed
01:55 or I was not going to be around the year from now.
01:59 And sent me home with two medications
02:01 that I've previously had not taken
02:04 and doubled up on one that I had
02:07 and taking for years.
02:10 And I said at that point, you know,
02:14 I'm ready, let's go.
02:19 My impression had gone from zero to about man
02:25 over last three years.
02:30 I'd increase the amount of time
02:32 I was sleeping and decrease the amount of time
02:35 that I was with my wife and with my friends,
02:39 so wasn't much afraid of me.
02:42 And...
02:44 so I know that I was going downhill.
02:50 Taking life from here the ability to...
02:55 you know, to understand and be reinforced.
03:04 I just cherish that.
03:08 It's really good.
03:11 Welcome back, friends, here in the studio.
03:14 Andy, how are you? Good.
03:15 I'm glad you can make it today
03:17 and I'm excited to hear your story.
03:20 We saw when you first arrived, you had an episode.
03:25 I had one, so we're like brothers here.
03:29 Tell us what has happened now
03:31 that you are here, have you seen any hope?
03:36 Thank you very much for asking that question.
03:39 In the two weeks I've been here,
03:42 my blood pressure has come down by 20 points.
03:46 I've lost 16 pounds. Oh, well, that's good.
03:49 I had no exercise program going when I came here.
03:54 So far I've walked 105 miles.
03:58 Well, you've counted each mile. I never did that.
04:01 And my best day was 12 miles walking.
04:05 Good for you.
04:07 I was taking 21 pills a day, now taking none.
04:11 You are all from-- zero pill,
04:12 you're having zero pill. Zero pill.
04:14 You were taking 21. 21 pills.
04:17 And I will bet you that you were taking
04:19 some of them more than once a day.
04:21 Yes, sir, including those pills
04:25 were two for diabetes, two for hypertension.
04:30 And additionally I was on an insulin pump when I came.
04:33 Wow.
04:35 The first evening,
04:37 the physician after interviewing me said,
04:41 I want you to cut your insulin level,
04:43 your base rate, in other words
04:46 an hourly rated pump puts out in half.
04:49 And I want you to stop your oral insulin.
04:53 Now who is your doctor? Dr. Lukens.
04:54 Dr. Lukens. I know it.
04:56 Yes.
04:57 He cut your insulin in half in first day.
05:00 The first day.
05:03 The morning of the third day after the stress test,
05:08 he said turn the insulin pump off.
05:11 Now, let me stop you right there.
05:13 Were you little nervous?
05:16 When someone's telling to cut off your lifeline.
05:19 I had never heard about reversing diabetes.
05:24 I was awestruck, I was dumbfounded,
05:29 but I'm a registered nurse
05:32 and have been for 40 some odd years.
05:35 And I said we're on campus,
05:38 we have a doctor within three minutes.
05:40 Yeah. 24 hours a day.
05:42 More than one doctor--
05:43 Right and we have nurses on duty
05:46 from 6 in the morning till 10 at night
05:49 and our call as well.
05:50 Let me stop you just a minute.
05:52 You nurses out there pay attention,
05:54 I've met a lot of nurses
05:55 and you're all God bless you for the work you do.
05:58 However here's the nurse 40 years he said,
06:02 had never heard of reversing diabetes.
06:05 And we reverse a lot of other diseases
06:08 because we know that most diseases
06:11 are lifestyle diseases.
06:14 Continue please.
06:15 Okay, anyway I took it on faith
06:20 and I've had no insulin since I've been here.
06:25 And what's your blood sugar in the morning?
06:27 It's still up, it's still-- between 148/220 fasting.
06:34 Now that means I've had nothing to eat
06:37 during the night time hours.
06:39 Exactly.
06:41 However there's a cell portion,
06:46 the power plant of the cell for non scientific crowds,
06:50 it's the power plant, it's called mitochondria.
06:53 And Dr. Lukens explained that I've been packing
06:57 that full of sugar for so long
07:00 that it needs 6 to 12 weeks for that to rejuvenate itself.
07:06 And God bless, it's only 10 more weeks, of course.
07:13 So I'm very, very happy.
07:16 I've dropped two waist sizes in my pants.
07:20 You're wearing the same pants you've brought.
07:22 Yes, sir...
07:29 I think that pretty much covers it.
07:31 I guess I would have to say though
07:33 that my faith has increased multifold.
07:39 Now why would your faith increased
07:44 just for coming to a lifestyle program?
07:48 There is no outer person on campus,
07:50 staff, visitor, family of workers.
07:57 There are some positives, he doesn't reach on the trail
08:00 and say hi, he doesn't wave at you,
08:04 if they're riding in the car.
08:06 There's not a person who doesn't sit down with you
08:10 before a treatment and pray with you.
08:13 Dr. Lukens did from the very start.
08:17 Dr. Hellman did as the nutritionist.
08:23 Of course the chaplain would, and that was just amazing.
08:27 And the massage therapist? The massage therapist Elias.
08:31 We don't want to miss anybody. Oh, my goodness.
08:36 You know, it was amazing
08:41 to get here and see that happen.
08:44 It's been amazing to see the nurses.
08:47 I had headaches the first day, my migraines were terrible
08:53 and the nurses came in to do the foot baths.
08:58 Your feet in warm water,
09:00 your head in ice water or an ice rag in prayer,
09:07 that doesn't happen in most hospital settings
09:10 that I have worked in.
09:11 Yeah.
09:14 I... you know, it's kind of--
09:18 as I mentioned in the beginning interview
09:22 just to get here was the miracle.
09:25 I was at my wit's end.
09:27 I had come to the end of my road and said, okay,
09:35 if you can get us in, I'll go to my wife.
09:38 Yeah.
09:40 Andy, let me ask you a question now.
09:43 Did the Newstart program meet your expectations?
09:47 Far exceeding my expectations. My wife was here 10 years ago.
09:53 Yes.
09:54 And the questions I ask of her, her memory failed her.
09:57 So I came as the new babe in the woods
10:00 just like most people who arrive here
10:03 not knowing anything about what was going to occur?
10:07 What I need to do to wear?
10:12 What's the food was gonna be like
10:15 and it's just been beyond my wildest expectations.
10:21 I enjoyed everything that has come to me.
10:27 I was on a three day fast at the beginning
10:31 and they kept promising, they, the staff kept promising
10:35 that my taste buds were going to change.
10:39 I kind of-- Yeah.
10:42 As the peasant see to that
10:44 and ironically my first meal after coming off the fast
10:50 were the three foods in all of God's creation
10:56 that I dislike the most
11:01 and yet they tasted wonderful.
11:04 Yeah.
11:05 And my taste buds have changed.
11:09 They've taken on a whole different way
11:13 of feeding my brain.
11:16 Would you recommend the Newstart program?
11:19 To everyone. Amen.
11:23 So I came here with some expectations
11:29 but not anywhere close to what God has granted to me.
11:36 Amen.
11:39 Andy, I want to thank you
11:40 for taking the time to be with us
11:43 and sharing your story
11:45 to hopefully millions of people who are watching.
11:49 And, you know, I'll be following up with you
11:52 in the near future.
11:54 That's one of my jobs here. So I've heard.
11:57 I'm looking forward to that.
11:58 So, God bless you brother and again thank you so much.
12:00 Thank you. Friends, don't go away.
12:02 After this little bit information,
12:04 Dr. Lukens is gonna be with us.
12:40 Welcome back friends in our studio, Dr. Lukens.
12:44 Yes. Good to see you here.
12:45 I'm so excited about this patient.
12:47 I'm really excited about it too.
12:49 And you know what I'm most excited about
12:51 is that you follow up with these patients now
12:53 and that is huge.
12:56 Yes, it is. Yeah.
12:57 And I enjoy that work so much,
13:01 because people, you know, they stay here for 18 days.
13:05 They learn about this new lifestyle,
13:07 then they go home and they forget this
13:10 or they forget that.
13:11 So I'm there every month calling them,
13:13 the ones that want me to call
13:15 and helping them with their new lifestyles.
13:18 That's a wonderful thing.
13:19 And thank you 'cause it was your idea to do that.
13:21 Yeah, it's been everybody's idea
13:23 but you are doing it.
13:24 So that's the wonderful thing.
13:26 So let's talk about Andy,
13:27 he's had some remarkable change.
13:28 Okay, Andy.
13:29 When they come in on that first night,
13:32 we have realized that if they continue on
13:36 even just eating one, two meals or something like that.
13:39 If we see them in the afternoon on Monday,
13:41 they might have already had an insulin reaction.
13:44 That's how fast it works. Yes.
13:47 And so he asked me probably three times
13:51 and I didn't realize he was embarrassed,
13:52 you know, we don't know everything about it
13:53 when we're first seeing them.
13:54 What we do know when they have that
13:57 and I had seen somebody else previously
14:00 that was constantly having insulin reaction.
14:03 So I said look just cut whatever you are doing,
14:05 just cut in half because I know
14:07 that a high blood sugar over a short period of time
14:11 isn't going to be a real problem.
14:12 So he kept asking me and so you want me to just--
14:15 Yeah, and I said until I see you,
14:17 just cut in half.
14:18 Cut in half.
14:19 And so then right after that he went on the fast
14:23 and that we do a three day fast,
14:25 I mean if a person is fasting, no sugar is coming in
14:30 and they are on a full replacement dose.
14:32 You-- you know, you may...
14:34 Could have a problem.
14:35 Oh, you might have a real emergency
14:38 on your hand, you know.
14:39 And so anyway we cut it down,
14:43 cut in half and then when I was able to see him.
14:45 I said why don't we stop this
14:47 because you are not gonna be eating.
14:49 We always have to do that and it's kind of a novel thing
14:53 but our sister institution used to do that.
14:56 They used to do that in at lifestyle center in Oklahoma
15:02 and so they were the ones that brought that to us
15:04 and so that was a really neat thing.
15:05 So anyway here he goes and he's on that
15:08 and his blood sugars were going up.
15:11 And they were high but they weren't out of line
15:14 from what he had before.
15:16 I have one other patient
15:17 that she never got her blood sugar below 350.
15:20 And she had that for eight years
15:22 and so I'm thinking well,
15:24 you know, let's do this and let's see what happens
15:27 and that's the reason why it's so important.
15:30 If he's not followed up and he thinks
15:32 hey, you know, we did this
15:35 and it was just wonderful and all this stuff you know.
15:38 They go back to their other way,
15:40 they're going to see their doctor
15:41 and the doctor's just you know
15:43 he's either thinking about P.T. Barnum,
15:46 there's a sucker born every minute
15:49 or he's thinking about how can people be so gullible
15:52 because there isn't such a thing
15:54 as reversing diabetes.
15:56 But now when he left,
15:57 his blood sugars were acceptable
15:59 for the stage that he is in.
16:01 Now you see he's out here,
16:05 he's got the metabolic syndrome.
16:07 He's got all the parts of the metabolic syndrome
16:10 and now he's working on that.
16:13 And we know from people
16:15 that have worked with the metabolic syndrome
16:18 which is killing our teenagers
16:20 in this generation of teenagers.
16:22 We know that when they start exercising
16:25 and what did he tell you
16:27 about his exercise in that one day.
16:29 Oh, he walked 12 miles in one day.
16:30 Absolutely.
16:32 He's never done that before in his life.
16:34 The people that are doing this
16:36 have to be walking 6 to 10, in one day he did 12.
16:40 Let me add something right here,
16:42 I got to cut you off.
16:43 Friends, I want
16:44 you to pay attention to what doctor is saying.
16:47 This is just not a guy
16:48 that's telling you about another guy.
16:51 He's got 25 years here at Newstart,
16:56 here at Weimar and he's seen
16:59 thousands of patients over the years
17:02 and helped many, many people.
17:03 This is just one of many, 21 medications this guy had
17:08 and he was taking some of them two or three times a day.
17:11 How is it possible, doc?
17:14 Well, after you've been out on the trails with somebody
17:17 that's on the picnic and stuff like that,
17:19 and they are lying on the ground
17:21 and you've got their head tilted down.
17:22 Then you get a little bit more conservative
17:25 on how much you're gonna get them.
17:27 But anyway that's just a side thing.
17:29 So what's so important is that he continues to do this
17:33 because as the fat comes out of the inside of his abdomen,
17:37 as the fat comes out of his liver
17:40 which is the metabolic syndrome,
17:42 his cholesterol comes down, his triglycerides comes down.
17:45 He doesn't eat the refined sugars
17:48 but he can eat the complex carbohydrates.
17:51 The way they are packaged,
17:52 the way God made the grains and the legumes
17:55 and all these things and he'll be doing fine.
17:58 Hence, whole foods Whole plant foods.
18:02 Plant foods. Eaten whole.
18:03 Eaten whole.
18:04 No added oil and no added sugar
18:07 and you with that amount of exercise
18:09 you will be on the way to abundant health.
18:13 Now, you know, I came through the program,
18:17 by the way it will be 9 years this coming August.
18:21 You get a handshake for that.
18:24 That's a month away from now.
18:26 Yeah. 9 years ago.
18:27 I'm excited about you doing this
18:29 because you are the one that should be doing it.
18:30 Well, I'm doing it
18:32 and I'm real grateful to be doing it.
18:35 And I-- you know sometimes
18:37 I say is this possible
18:39 that this could really be happening to me,
18:41 9 years I'd been free of...
18:44 And it has been progressive for you too, isn't it?
18:46 Yes, yes, it has.
18:47 And so we have to always encourage people
18:49 but that's why the follow up.
18:51 Yes.
18:52 Yeah, you just told me the other day
18:53 that some of the people have forgotten
18:55 almost everything we told them.
18:56 That's not unusual, that's a short period of time.
18:59 That's right.
19:00 And even after 9 years sometimes
19:02 I come to you and say,
19:03 hey, what about this, that and the other thing.
19:05 Yeah.
19:06 But I'm always encouraged because I get to talk to people
19:09 and encourage them and it triggers that,
19:12 oh, wow, I have a responsibility here.
19:15 Yeah, yeah, it does.
19:16 Anyway let's talk about Andy
19:17 a little bit more rather than me.
19:19 Okay, so what's gonna happen is that as he can--
19:23 as he just keep shrinking down and getting smaller,
19:28 his insulin requirements are going to be less and less
19:31 to get the energy units into the cells
19:36 and he talked about that.
19:37 He understands this kind of stuff
19:39 and then he will essentially have
19:42 reversed his metabolic syndrome
19:44 which says more things than just the diabetes.
19:47 It is so awesome to see what's happened to him
19:51 and I was impressed with the miles
19:54 that he's walked and his whole life is changed.
19:57 Yeah.
19:58 Can we actually say that most people
20:02 who come to the Newstart program
20:05 will have the same kind of change?
20:09 While they are here, it's wonderful
20:11 and almost everybody will say look,
20:13 I'm on it and we talked about
20:17 when we talked about his wife Debby,
20:19 the fact that the two of them were there
20:21 but I have to warn them, don't ride herd on each other.
20:25 Because then they can fight against you
20:27 instead of against the Holy Spirit
20:29 when he's trying to help you do your very best.
20:32 And yeah and it's the thing in--
20:34 it'll be encouraging to them
20:35 and you know if something comes up,
20:37 sometimes they were just-- there's one little thing
20:40 that has to be done to adjust and it's a huge thing
20:44 but it doesn't take much of a change
20:46 and they do it well.
20:48 You know, doc,
20:49 one of the things that impressed me
20:51 as I think back was I remember you
20:56 or one of the doctors said, you know,
20:59 we prayed for you before you got here.
21:02 We're praying for you while you are here
21:05 and we'll pray for you after you've gone
21:08 and I feel those prayers everyday.
21:12 And the great physician is the one who--
21:14 is the only one who can heal.
21:16 Amen. The only one.
21:18 Amen.
21:20 And he's made it so easy for us.
21:23 He's made it so easy.
21:25 He even gave us someone to write books about this.
21:28 He begs it to do it. And I'm grateful.
21:33 I want to thank you for all the work you do,
21:36 not just here at the Newstart program,
21:39 the work you've done overseas
21:41 and Africa and else where, I know that--
21:45 Now, there was a blessing to us.
21:46 Yeah, I'm sure it was, but I want to thank you.
21:50 And thank you for being my friend
21:52 and my doctor as well.
21:54 Yeah, very good.
21:55 You're doing a good work, I know.
21:57 And thank you friends,
21:58 but don't go away 'cause up next,
22:00 we have a short cooking demonstration with artichokes
22:03 and then Dr. David DeRose will join us
22:07 with the little information on vitamins.
23:15 Welcome to "Ask the Doctor." I'm Dr. David DeRose.
23:19 Today your questions are our concern, our focus,
23:23 we're going to Mathew in Washington State,
23:26 he's got a question for us.
23:28 I'm a pretty healthy person and I eat healthy.
23:31 Should I be taking vitamins?
23:35 Well, Mathew, this is the question
23:36 that often comes up in the real question
23:38 about vitamin supplementation is the real one.
23:41 Let's talk a little bit about it.
23:42 If you are eating lots of fruits,
23:45 whole grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds
23:47 you're getting a vast array,
23:49 not only of conventional vitamins
23:52 but also micronutrients
23:53 and what we call phytochemicals.
23:55 The more you eat of these foods,
23:57 generally they're healthier the diet.
23:59 Are there though any possible pitfalls,
24:01 any areas where you could be falling short
24:03 even with an excellent diet?
24:04 One that often comes up on the radar screen
24:07 and especially relevant for someone
24:08 living in Washington State is vitamin D.
24:11 It seems we were designed to get vitamin D from the sun.
24:14 The problem is if you are living
24:16 above the 35 degree latitude line.
24:20 Some people want to move that higher
24:21 at least in the northern hemisphere,
24:23 we use the same measures in the southern hemisphere
24:26 but then we've got some problems
24:27 in the winter months with getting
24:29 adequate amounts of vitamin D.
24:32 Further from the equator than 35 degrees latitude.
24:36 If you say living in northern California
24:39 that may amount to three months.
24:41 In the winter where you can't make
24:42 adequate vitamin D.
24:44 As you go up further north,
24:45 you'll reach places like Bergen, Norway,
24:49 it's actually been studied
24:50 fully six months out of the year
24:52 they cannot make adequate vitamin D.
24:54 What do you do in this situation?
24:56 You supplement or you go into a tanning bed.
24:59 You want to get vitamin D exposure
25:02 either through the sun or the equivalent of sun
25:05 through what we call UVB light.
25:07 And if you don't get it,
25:08 you need to take that in an oral form,
25:11 just kind of an interesting sidelight from many years
25:13 I lived in the state of Maine.
25:15 In Maine I found that the old Mainers
25:17 had some traditional wisdom
25:20 as far as how to deal with the winter.
25:23 They took cod liver oil.
25:25 Actually cod liver oil we now know
25:27 is a rich source of vitamin D.
25:28 They were supplementing.
25:29 In other words with Vitamin D without knowing it.
25:32 You don't need to take cod liver oil today,
25:33 I know that may not sound very appealing
25:35 and I know you may be worried about all the toxins and fish.
25:38 Vitamin D supplements are readily available.
25:41 Anything else on the list
25:42 that commonly may not be included in the diet
25:44 that you may need to watch for.
25:46 Another one is vitamin B12.
25:48 B12, one of the B vitamins
25:51 is something that many people get into trouble with.
25:54 A lot of people say
25:55 well, that's a vegetarian problem Dr. DeRose,
25:57 I eat plenty of meat, milk, eggs and cheese
26:00 so I don't worry about B12.
26:01 That is not a guarantee.
26:03 In fact if you look at absolute numbers,
26:05 the largest number of people in America
26:07 who have B12 deficiency are eating
26:09 things like milk, meat, eggs and cheese.
26:12 And that's because as we get older,
26:13 we often do not absorb B12 as well.
26:17 Truly if you are on a vegan diet
26:18 less exposure to B12,
26:20 but all of us need to be concerned about this vitamin.
26:23 If you want to know where you stand,
26:24 you can have your blood level checked.
26:25 You are able to store this B vitamin for many years,
26:28 but if you're not getting a reliable source
26:30 especially if you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet,
26:33 we do recommend a B12 supplement
26:35 on a daily basis.
26:36 B12 absorb best if it's chewed or dissolved in the mouth.
26:40 Keep that in mind as well.
26:42 B12 and vitamin D, it's a major concerns,
26:44 most of the other things they take care of themselves
26:47 when you are on an excellent diet,
26:48 of course there can be individual differences.
26:50 If you've got personal questions,
26:52 see a doctor.
26:53 Have some of those test checked out on yourself
26:56 and make sure that you are getting
26:57 everything that you need.
27:03 You are killing me.
27:05 Actually, dad, you are killing yourself.
27:10 With the only program scientifically proven
27:12 to prolong life by 10 years,
27:14 the Newstart lifestyle program can significantly decrease
27:17 the risk of disease including diabetes.
27:19 Done with that? I think I am.
27:23 Go to now to learn more,
27:25 the Newstart lifestyle program.
27:27 We bring you back to life.
27:29 Well, friends, that's it for today
27:30 but join us next week for another episode.
27:34 In the mean time pick up the phone
27:35 and give us a call at 1-800-525-9192.
27:41 Mention the Newstart now program
27:44 and receive the Newstart special.


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