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00:15 type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity. This includes heart
00:19 attacks and strokes. That's 6-1/2747s crashing every day.
00:23 What's even more surprising is that the fix is easy. It's your
00:28 lifestyle. Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually add
00:31 quality years to your life rather than dying one organ at a
00:35 time. Obesity and diabetes are the cause of a million deaths
00:39 per year. But most diseases are reversible because most diseases
00:42 are lifestyle diseases especially type 2 diabetes and
00:46 chronic obesity. Seriously now they can be reversed and the
00:51 quality of your life can be renewed. Call NEWSTART today at
00:56 1-800-525-9192. You will see dramatic changes in the first
01:02 few days of our program and you will be on the road to a better
01:06 more robust quality of life. The NEWSTART programs are simple and
01:10 effective. Hi friends and welcome to
01:16 another edition of NEWSTART Now. I'm your host, Ron Giannoni. In
01:22 our studio we have a young gentleman, Joe Haber, from
01:26 Fresno, California. I'd like you to take a look at a clip when he
01:31 first arrived. I've been type 2 for 17 years.
01:37 I exercise, I thought I was eating properly and nothing has
01:41 really changed. My weight has gotten good, it's always been
01:46 good but it's gotten better from diet and exercise. But the
01:51 diabetes has not. The doctor has explained to me if it's in your
01:53 cards, it's in your cards. The doctors also told me that I
01:57 would never be able to get off my medicine. In fact, what they
02:01 told me is that I would eventually become insulin
02:04 dependent and I'm afraid of needles so that's been my goal
02:08 not to become insulin dependent. I chose the NEWSTART program
02:12 because of the testimony of three individuals who actually
02:16 graduated from the program who attended and are currently
02:20 alumni and they had dramatic results - weight loss, diabetes
02:24 reversal and I looked at them and I said that's for me. What
02:28 I would like to see transpire from this NEWSTART program is
02:33 one is to have my diabetes reversed. Two is that the other
02:38 is to be able to I guess share my testimony, my story, with
02:42 others so that they know it's possible. There was a time I
02:45 didn't think it was possible. So if this works for me, I'm
02:48 there. I'm in. So.
02:51 Welcome back friends and Joe how are you? Great. Good to see
02:56 you. I'm so happy you've selected to come in and share
03:02 your story with us. So tell us how did you enjoy your stay here
03:06 It's wonderful. Actually it was a really good experience. We
03:10 didn't really know what to expect coming in but whatever
03:14 expectations we had they've been exceeded.
03:16 Good. Now the viewers have seen your first interview. Has
03:23 anything changed. You've been here 16 or 17 days going on 18.
03:29 What's different than when you first arrived?
03:32 Eight pounds lighter, for one. And I'm feeling good. I've been
03:37 doing a lot more walking than I normally have done in the past
03:43 and feel great. Actually today I have to say at the end of this
03:49 program I feel better today than I've felt in a long time.
03:53 Wow. That says a lot. Who's your doctor, by the way?
03:58 My doctor is Dr. Gallant.
04:00 What do you think of Dr. Gallant?
04:02 I think Dr. Gallant is a saint. He's actually really been...
04:09 I've seen a lot of doctors in the past with my medical
04:12 conditions and I have several doctors now that I see and I'd
04:16 have to say Dr. Gallant is top notch. Actually he's more than
04:20 a doctor. He takes you along the way, gives you encouragement.
04:24 He's not just someone who's going to see you for 15 minutes
04:28 and you know look at your symptoms and walk out. He
04:31 actually prays with you. He talks to you like a human being
04:35 and really makes you feel good.
04:37 I'm so glad to hear you say that I have to ask you a question.
04:42 Have you ever been to a doctor's home where they prepared a meal
04:46 for you? Not until I came here.
04:49 What do you think of that?
04:51 Actually I thought it was wonderful. It was a great
04:57 experience and it was a way for my wife and I to kind of look at
05:02 what we could do in addition to just the meals that we'd kind of
05:05 been learning in the menu. These were things that were a little
05:09 bit off the grid but it was delicious.
05:12 Good, good. So did Dr. Gallant walk with you?
05:19 We would meet up with Dr. Gallant in the mornings at least
05:24 half a dozen times we'd run into him. He was out walking. Really?
05:28 We'd walk with him. Again, I'd never walked with a doctor
05:34 before until I came here.
05:35 What was the purpose of him walking with you?
05:40 The purpose was to show us that... The thing about
05:44 Dr. Gallant is that he's done this too. He's actually made a
05:47 lifestyle change and he shared that with us and this is what he
05:51 does. So it kind of inspired us to say hey if he can do it we
05:56 can do it. If he can do it I can do it. So it was really good.
06:00 As far as your lifestyle goes, before you came here were you
06:05 vegetarian? No. No, I was a carnivore, a
06:12 meat eater. Actually this year we made some changes where we
06:16 cut back on the red meat and so coming here was really just the
06:20 next step because I noticed that there were changes in my blood
06:24 sugar numbers from cutting back on red meat. So I figured why
06:29 not take it to the next level and cut out all meat and get off
06:33 all medicine. So that's what I've done.
06:34 How are you dealing with that?
06:36 Right now my numbers aren't as good but my body's transitioning
06:41 I haven't been on medication for two weeks and I feel fine. I'm
06:46 not sick. I'm not foggy. My energy levels are about as good
06:52 as they were when I was in my 20s. I feel great; sleeping well
06:56 So I'm just waiting for things to kind of settle down as we
07:01 go through this process but I'm feeling good.
07:02 What kind of medications were you taking?
07:04 I was on medication for diabetes so I was on Metformin, I was on
07:12 Januvia, another medicine called glimepiride.
07:15 So you were shooting the needle and taking pills.
07:18 No, no needles, just all pills.
07:19 Oh it was all pills.
07:22 All pills but for high blood pressure and also for
07:25 cholesterol. How's your blood pressure?
07:29 Blood pressure is not where I would like it to be but I feel
07:32 fine and that's the thing that's encouraging. In the past I've
07:37 gone off my medication and not felt good at all. So that was
07:42 the big Ah-ha for me to stop the medication and feel good and I
07:47 think it has to do with the diet and the fresh air and the
07:51 walking. So are you going to have any
07:52 problem when you get home sticking to the program?
07:55 It's going to be a little bit of a challenge. But we're excited.
07:58 And I've got my wife you know,
08:01 we're a team in this so I think we're going to be fine.
08:04 That's a huge benefit. Because I brought my wife with me when I
08:09 came to the program. Had it not been for her I wasn't sure that
08:14 I'd stick with it. But I have stuck with it for nine and a
08:18 half years and I've lost a lot of weight, got rid of my
08:22 diabetes, all the pills, etc. etc. and you're going to do the
08:25 same because you have a team You can kind of coach one
08:30 another. So I want to ask you about your overall experience
08:37 here at NEWSTART. It's like nothing I've ever
08:42 experienced before. The thing that really touched me deeply
08:48 was the start of every session we prayed and I think that's
08:53 something that was really new to me, it was really new to my
08:58 wife but it was a thing we looked forward every time
09:01 whether it was hydrotherapy, whether we were seeing the
09:03 doctor, whether before our meals Every aspect of this place is
09:09 God centered and I think that really makes a difference.
09:13 That made such a difference to me that I started studying the
09:17 Bible after I came through the program and was baptized four
09:21 months later just because of this place. How about the
09:26 lectures? Did you go to and receive many lectures?
09:30 We received a lot of lectures and the lectures were
09:33 outstanding and there were many many ah-ha's by going to these
09:39 lectures. Even for diseases, not diabetes. I've got a friend who
09:45 has asthma and I gleaned some information from one of the
09:48 lectures and actually went back to my room and called him and
09:51 I said you know you need to follow this if you want to feel
09:55 better. So the lectures were very informative and very...
09:58 And they're all given mostly by doctors.
10:00 Mostly by doctors. The doctors and the other staff in the
10:04 mornings we have a chaplain actually give us some lectures
10:08 but they're all Christ-based, Jesus Christ-based but also
10:12 health based. So it was integrated. The program was
10:18 great. Good. So the message you're
10:25 going to take back home. Is there anyone living with you and
10:26 your wife. Just my wife and I. We're empty
10:29 nesters. So what about your church
10:34 family? Are you going to be on board with bringing the health
10:37 message to the church?
10:38 Oh I think our testimony, we're going to be living testimonies.
10:43 We're not only to our church but we have a wide circle of friends
10:47 and we know a lot of people who could really benefit from this
10:51 program so we'll be big advocates for Weimar in the
10:54 future. Yeah. They're going to be
10:55 looking at you and going what did you do. What has changed?
11:00 Right. You know I want to take just a
11:02 moment to thank you for coming and sharing your life and what
11:07 you've experienced here and I'm looking forward to chatting with
11:12 you in the coming months. So God bless you my brother and
11:15 we'll talk to you soon. And God bless you too friend. Don't go
11:19 away. Dr. Gallant will be with us after this.
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11:57 Welcome back friends. Help me to welcome Dr. Gallant. How are
12:01 you? I'm doing well Ron.
12:03 Good to see you and I want the viewers to know that you're one
12:07 of our new docs. That's right I am. I'm the new
12:10 medical director for NEWSTART.
12:12 And we're happy that you're here and I want to get right into
12:15 this interview about Joe. Yes. He's quite a guy.
12:21 He is quite a guy. You know we had a great relationship and a
12:24 great time getting to know each other.
12:25 Yes. I thought he was kind of buff when I first met him. He
12:30 says he lost a few pounds.
12:32 He did. He lost about eight pounds.
12:34 Eight pounds at that.
12:35 Yeah in about 18 days, isn't that amazing?
12:39 Yeah, well he didn't have a whole lot to lose did he?
12:41 No I don't think he had a whole lot to lose but we changed his
12:46 activity schedule. We got him walking more and pushing less
12:50 weight. Yeah that's good. So that will change your physique
12:55 a little bit. Now how much do you have these
12:59 guests, I'll call them, how much do you have them walk? Where's
13:06 the benefit, where's the shall we say, how much do you need
13:12 to walk, in other words, to get healthy?
13:15 Well what we have found is the more a patient walks the more
13:20 healthy they become. So we have these patients walking a lot.
13:24 It was interesting with Joe. Joe used to cycle a lot and I told
13:29 him, I said activity is activity specific. So having exercise
13:35 tolerance for cycling is different than having
13:37 exercise tolerance for walking.
13:39 And he found that out. He had a good healthy cardiac reserve but
13:44 he found that walking was a little different and uses a
13:47 little bit different muscles and it actually, once he got going,
13:51 he was doing great. He was doing up to, I believe, six
13:54 miles a day. Wow. Yeah.
13:56 Can I ask you this. If walking is good is running better?
14:01 That's a great question. You know it depends on what you're
14:06 trying to do, okay. But I believe if you're trying to be
14:10 healthy walking is the best way. Let me tell you why I say that.
14:15 For somebody who is running and running hard we think of that as
14:19 an aerobic activity because they're breathing hard but
14:23 really where aerobics makes a difference is at a cellular
14:28 level, at your tissue level, and at a tissue level when you're
14:32 working so hard, you're breathing fast, your heart rate
14:35 is up, you only burn glucose. Take you all the way back to
14:38 high school chemistry. You go through that cycle we call the
14:43 Krebs cycle. So that is not always the most optimal way to
14:47 be healthy whereas if you walk at a moderate pace where you can
14:51 keep up a conversation if you're walking, it actually burns 50
14:56 percent fat and 50 percent glucose so it's actually better
15:00 for your body and most of us could stand to lose a little bit
15:04 of weight so if we burn a little fat, it's better for us.
15:08 So what I heard you say in the layman's terms, running is to
15:12 get fit, walking is to get healthy.
15:15 I like that. You like that?
15:17 I like that and also too running tends to be hard on your joints.
15:21 Yeah. Yeah I don't do it very much
15:24 either. Our knee joint is a straight joint so every time we
15:29 run there's an impact between those two bones, whereas animals
15:33 that run a lot have more of a bowed knee joint so they land
15:37 lighter. It's not as hard on their body. Walking is an
15:41 exercise we can do. Just about everybody can do it. You don't
15:44 have to have a lot of special equipment. You don't even have
15:48 to have a partner although a partner is very helpful because
15:51 it motivates both of you to keep going. You don't have to belong
15:54 to any special club or anything. You know just a good pair of
15:57 shoes is really all we need.
15:59 Good to hear and I know the viewers are going to benefit by
16:02 what you're saying here. I want to get back to Joe because we
16:05 only have a few minutes left.
16:07 Let me give you one more thing about Joe. Yes. I told Joe that
16:12 walking was going to be his new medicine for his diabetes. Joe
16:16 was worried about his diabetes because he's been on pills and
16:21 he was worried about having to take shots. I told him that
16:26 walking for an hour is equivalent to five units of
16:30 insulin. So I told him that's like getting a free shot without
16:35 the needle and he loved it. He was all in at that point.
16:38 That's so good to hear you say that. Well what about the blood
16:43 pressure now? I know he mentioned he had some issues
16:46 with blood pressure and issues with diabetes. Is he off both
16:50 medications? He got off of all of his
16:52 medications while he was here and his numbers fluctuated a
16:56 little bit but I told him don't get excited about that because
17:01 he's going through a transition. His body is changing and as we
17:05 were getting to the end of the program his numbers were really
17:08 starting to come down. It was fascinating. We did a treadmill
17:12 test at the beginning and at the end where they start off as
17:17 walking and he improved his time on the treadmill and the
17:22 endurance and the physical work of the test by a significant
17:27 amount just in 18 days. Unbelievable. Yeah.
17:33 You know before we sat down, before we started rolling the
17:37 camera you said you had something really nice to share
17:40 about his last... We do two blood draws.
17:43 Two blood draws, that's right.
17:45 And the last one you had something you wanted to share.
17:48 So his first set of numbers were up, definitely were up and his
17:53 blood sugars came down and then started to go back up a little
17:58 bit slowly. Some of that was related to maybe some of the
18:03 things that were taking place while he was here. You know, we
18:08 had a visit and we prayed about what God was doing to change
18:13 his body and make him healthy. And his numbers that morning
18:17 had been high and after we prayed and after he'd eaten
18:23 lunch, his numbers dropped significantly. Wow! Praise God.
18:28 Praise God. That's the way God works.
18:31 When is the last time you went to the doctor and he prayed with
18:34 you? Or let alone he took a walk with you and then invited you to
18:39 his home to fix you a meal. It just isn't done. Doctor, I want
18:43 to thank you. You know, I know your time is so valuable. All
18:47 you doctors seem to be running 24 hours a day and I really
18:51 appreciate you coming here and thank you so much.
18:54 Thank you, Ron, for having me. It was a pleasure.
18:56 And thank you friends. Don't go away. We have a tip for you.
19:01 I'm Michelle Irwin. I'm the NEWSTART cooking instructor and
19:05 I'm going to show you how to make a sunflower burger that's
19:08 gluten free, nutritious, delicious and super versatile.
19:11 Okay, let's talk about the ingredients that we'll be using
19:15 today. I have two cups of cooked brown rice. I like the short
19:18 grain because it's going to give you a little bit more binding
19:22 action and that's what we're looking for. Two cups of raw
19:25 sunflower seeds, unsalted, and that's really the secret
19:28 ingredient to this recipe because it's going to give us
19:32 that oil in the nut that we don't use. At NEWSTART we don't
19:35 use oil. So we're going to get the oils from our nuts or our
19:39 seeds I should say. We'll be using a grated carrot. You can
19:42 substitute the carrot for a nice zucchini if you don't want the
19:45 carrot. I'll be adding some fresh sage, some cumin, some
19:50 thyme, a little bit of oregano and I have some Herbamare salt
19:54 or you could use sea salt and granulated garlic plus a
19:59 handful of parsley to give us that gorgeous green color we're
20:03 looking for. Okay. So let's get started. What you'll need in
20:07 terms of appliances for this is your food processor with the
20:11 S blade. What I'm going to do is I'm going to add my two cups of
20:17 my sunflower seeds along with my dry spices. So I'm adding my
20:23 cumin, my garlic, thyme, some oregano and then some nice
20:32 Herbamare salt or sea salt. All right what I want to do is
20:41 process this until I achieve a nice, fine, flour-like
20:45 consistency. It's important to note that you don't want to
20:48 over process this because you'll turn it into sunflower seed
20:51 butter and we don't want that. We just want to have a nice
21:05 flour-like consistency. (Processing) Okay, so this looks
21:14 great. And I processed that for about three minutes or less
21:20 depending on how fast your processor is. Okay, so what I
21:26 want to do now is I want to add my carrots or if you're going to
21:29 use zucchini in place of that you could do that or you could
21:32 do a combination of both. The sky's the limit with this burger
21:36 Okay and then I'm going to add just a handful of my parsley to
21:41 give us some nice color variation. Parsley, incidentally
21:44 is excellent for the blood. It gives you a nice chlorophyll that
21:47 helps to cleanse your blood. So parsley wherever you can fit
21:51 that in is good. It's also good for your breath since we're
21:54 using garlic; we want to make sure that we counteract
21:57 that. Pulse this a few times. (Pulsing) And you can see that
22:05 it's already starting to bind together for me. It's turning
22:11 into a nice little crumbly as we add our wet ingredients. Okay,
22:17 so I'm going to add my rice. Now you don't want to over
22:20 process this rice because it will get gooey on you. So let's
22:24 go ahead and add a little bit at a time here and make sure that
22:29 it gets well distributed and you may have to stop this a few
22:33 times just to scrape it down and just kind of spend a little bit
22:45 of time doing that if you need to. (Pulsing) Okay I'm going to
22:53 go ahead and scrape this down. Already it's starting to bind.
23:00 So I have precooked my brown rice and you can definitely use
23:05 it cold like I'm doing now or you could use it after you cook
23:09 it, just let it cool about 20 minutes because that rice is
23:14 pretty hot and it may be a little bit harder to work with
23:19 if it's hotter. But it definitely will work.
23:22 Okay, so we're going to add a little bit of sage to this and
23:26 it's going to give us a nice earthy balance to this recipe.
23:30 Fresh sage is the secret ingredient. I can't tell you
23:33 enough great things about sage but we're going to show you how
23:36 to use it in this recipe. I'm just going to layer the leaves
23:41 on top of each other like so, give them a little bit of a roll
23:45 and then take my sharp knife and just gently, I don't want to go
23:51 crazy with bruising this so I'm just going to work through these
23:56 herbs here, the sage, and just give it a little chop here. Okay
24:02 now let's throw it into our food processor, sprinkle that in, and
24:07 give it a spin. (Processing and tipping). There I'm going to
24:17 scrape it down a little bit here again. You can see that's really
24:21 starting to come together. And you see all the beautiful color
24:26 variation of this dish. Okay. What we're looking for is for it
24:30 to form really nice like so and if you need to add a little bit
24:35 you can add a little bit of tomato sauce or salsa if
24:38 you wanted to but it should stick together pretty well for
24:42 you, okay. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to go ahead
24:46 and turn my stove to a medium heat. You don't want to go too
24:50 high with this because these are already cooked and they'll burn
24:54 if you do it too high. So just get a little bit of time and
24:58 turn that burner on to about a medium. Okay I'm going to go
25:01 old fashioned here and we're just going to form our burgers.
25:04 I'll show you a method that you can form them with these cool
25:07 little Mason jar tops but what I'm going to do now is just put
25:11 this into my nonstick pan and we're going to just cook them
25:17 for about 3-5 minutes on each side. All right, so we're going
25:22 to let this cook and you can press it down as well. So let me
25:27 show you how to form these burgers using other methods.
25:30 The method I'm using today is just on a nonstick frying pan
25:34 with no oil. But you can definitely put it on a cookie
25:37 sheet, a nonstick cookie sheet, or have a little we call this
25:41 Bake Magic so you can get them at your store, to keep them
25:45 from sticking. But what I like to do is just take a top of a
25:48 Mason jar here and if you want to get really technical you can
25:53 use one scoop and they'll all be about the same size. Then all
25:58 you're going to do is just kind of press it into that ring. Just
26:02 fill that in, pack it in really nice, and then just simply lift
26:07 and fill again. So this is a way to make sure all your burgers
26:11 are the same size and they'll cook the same time. You could
26:15 put this into the oven at about 350 for about 12 minutes, give
26:19 it a flip, cook it for another 10 minutes until they're brown
26:22 and that way you can do a bunch of burgers at once if you don't
26:27 want to fry them. You can also make little sliders. Okay so for
26:31 your fun little picnics you can just form them in these little
26:35 jars, tops of jars. So that's great. Let's go ahead now and
26:39 give our burger a flip and see how it's doing. There we go. So
26:43 we want to have it just a little bit golden brown and these are
26:46 going to be wonderful. You can cook them ahead of time and
26:50 freeze them so when you need a burger quickly you already have
26:53 them done and just microwave them or put them into your pan
26:57 and reheat them gently. Or you can actually keep this mixture
27:01 for about three days and this mixture will stay to form
27:05 later. You can use these as substitutes for burger crumble.
27:09 You can use it to put into your chilies as well as make little
27:13 tacos with this burger recipe. I can show you the finished
27:18 product of our burger and I've plated this with my favorite bun
27:21 with some tomatoes and gorgeous lettuce and avocados and some
27:26 onion. But feel free to have fun with this recipe and enjoy.
27:30 Well friends that's it for today but join us next week for
27:34 another episode. In the meantime pick up the phone and give us a
27:40 call at 1-800-525-9192. Mention the NEWSTART Now program and
27:46 receive the NEWSTART special.


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