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00:10 Every year in America
00:12 there are over one million deaths
00:13 because of Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
00:16 This includes heart attacks and strokes.
00:18 That's six and half 747s crashing every day.
00:22 What's even more surprising is that the fix is easy.
00:25 It's your lifestyle.
00:27 Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually add
00:29 quality years to your life
00:30 rather than dying one organ at a time?
00:33 Obesity and diabetes are the cause
00:35 of over million deaths per year.
00:37 Most diseases are reversible
00:39 because most diseases are lifestyle diseases,
00:42 especially Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
00:46 Seriously now, they can be reversed
00:48 and the quality of your life can be renewed.
00:52 Call Newstart today at 1-800-525-9192.
00:58 You will see dramatic changes
00:59 in the first few days of our program
01:01 and you'll be on the road
01:03 to a better more robust quality of life.
01:06 The Newstart programs are simple and effective.
01:10 Hi, friends, and welcome to another edition
01:13 of Newstart Now.
01:14 I'm your host Ron Giannoni and in our studios
01:19 we have Oscar Neuman
01:20 all the way from New York City.
01:23 Hi. How are you?
01:25 Thank God.
01:26 Thank God you're alive.
01:27 Yes, sir.
01:29 Thank God you're here. That's even more so.
01:31 I want the viewers to see when you first arrived here,
01:34 so we're gonna break away just for a minute.
01:37 I'm here is because I have high blood pressure,
01:40 I have diabetes,
01:42 I have kidney problems and I'm overweight
01:46 and I want to get rid of all of it.
01:48 Now it's told that over here I could do it
01:51 and this is the place to be, so that's why I'm here.
01:54 This has kept me from doing things
01:56 that my friends are doing
01:58 that I can do and running around with my grandkids
02:01 and being with them and being on trampolines with them,
02:08 I've to be off it because of my,
02:10 all my problems that I'm having.
02:12 And I want to able to go jump and run with them.
02:16 I would ask for health
02:18 and I would ask just to be able to do the things
02:22 that everybody else is able to do
02:24 and which I can't do.
02:25 I'd love to reverse all these conditions
02:28 and I'd love to be able to walk away
02:32 from all the crap food that's out there
02:35 and know that I'm doing the right thing.
02:38 All right.
02:40 And welcome back, friends,
02:41 and before we start the interview,
02:43 I want the cameraman to just pan this table
02:46 right in front of me,
02:47 because these were the medications
02:50 that Oscar was taking all for I don't know how many years.
02:55 But we're gonna now do an interview with Oscar
02:58 and we're gonna talk about these medications.
03:01 What about these medications?
03:03 How many are you taking today?
03:05 Absolutely, none.
03:06 You're not taking any of them?
03:07 Not one.
03:09 How's that possible?
03:10 Well, this program is unbelievable.
03:13 Case closed.
03:15 That's it.
03:17 You're unbelievable.
03:18 You actually changed a great deal
03:20 since you've been here.
03:22 Totally, I had energy.
03:23 You've lost weight, you had energy here,
03:26 go head, you tell me.
03:27 I've energy and when I got here
03:31 I was told that we'd have to walk
03:33 and I said oh, my God, this is hell on earth.
03:36 I can't walk? I can't walk.
03:38 You couldn't walk half a mile?
03:39 Walk half a mile,
03:40 I couldn't walk from the corner to my store.
03:43 You couldn't walk that far. I couldn't walk that far.
03:45 And when I would go to the store,
03:47 I would always go around three, four times around the block,
03:50 sometimes wait in the car for almost an hour,
03:52 until I could find the spot
03:54 as close to the store as possible.
03:56 I would never want to walk from wherever...
03:59 There were times there were four, five spots available.
04:02 Nope, it's too far.
04:04 And how far are you walking now?
04:06 In fact two days ago I walked almost 6 miles.
04:11 Six miles?
04:12 Six miles, this morning I did three and a half miles.
04:14 Absolutely wonderful.
04:17 I'm little exhausted.
04:18 Okay.
04:19 But I accepted.
04:21 That's permissible. Yes.
04:22 You could be exhausted.
04:24 I exhausted and then I go back to doing it.
04:25 Yes, but what's really amazing,
04:28 now let's talk about your these medications.
04:31 What are they all for?
04:32 They're all for... Wait a minute.
04:34 You were told when you...
04:35 You just told me this before we start shooting
04:39 that you had to go on dialysis, am I correct?
04:42 Yes, two weeks before I got here,
04:44 I was told by my nephrologist
04:47 that I've to go on dialysis
04:50 and he set up an appointment with a doctor
04:53 to put in a shunt in my arm for the dialysis.
04:57 And I came back to my brother who happens to be a doctor,
05:01 an alternative medicine doctor
05:03 and I told him that we've to do a shunt,
05:08 and he said over my dead body.
05:11 No, over your dead body.
05:13 No, over his dead body.
05:14 One way or the other...
05:16 Well, so he advised you to come here?
05:18 So, he got on the phone and he called here.
05:21 And we talked, I remember we talked to your brother.
05:23 And you told yes, and he said this is the place,
05:27 he had called the few other places
05:29 but he said he didn't like the answers that he got.
05:32 So, I did a good job. Yes, you did.
05:34 Amen, a little pat in the back
05:36 Why not? No, why not?
05:37 'Cause I know, you know I love it
05:39 when guys like you come to this program
05:43 and they get well and it's just another way
05:46 to praise the Lord.
05:47 It's amazing. Yes.
05:49 Absolutely.
05:50 Now did we miss anything out, diabetes, weight...
05:52 Yes, diabetes, first of all diabetes because of that,
05:57 because of the diabetes,
05:59 they wanted to put me on dialysis
06:01 because they said my kidneys were shutting down
06:03 and they gave me a number that if it goes below 16.
06:07 If it gets 16 there is no other way in the world
06:10 to go ahead and do to catch to save it.
06:13 And since you've been here the number has gone up.
06:15 And now it's gone up to 21.
06:17 Yeah.
06:18 And the other number I was told,
06:22 I had 170 and it's down to 52.
06:26 And I'm not on any one of these medications,
06:30 not a one, and my sugar,
06:32 my fasting sugar was yesterday 121
06:35 and today if the lunch and a good lunch
06:40 it's down to 150 without any medications.
06:43 Awesome.
06:44 And before I would like I said,
06:47 I started out at 440 with insulin
06:50 and all these medications.
06:52 So you were taking,
06:53 your blood sugar was 440 with medications...
06:57 With medications, with insulin.
06:58 And yesterday you had 121 without any insulin.
07:02 Praise God.
07:04 Folks, there it is.
07:06 I mean, you know, that we've done about 200 interviews
07:10 in the last several years,
07:11 and I've heard the story over and over and over.
07:14 And those viewers out there that are still wondering
07:17 should they come or shouldn't.
07:19 You should pick up that phone right now
07:21 and call me at 800-525-9192
07:27 ask for me Ron Giannoni,
07:29 and I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
07:32 I want people to come here.
07:33 I can also say one another thing.
07:34 Please.
07:36 I traveled around the world quite a bit.
07:38 And I've never come across a community
07:42 as friendly with a smile
07:49 and if you have a question
07:51 there is nobody that doesn't answer
07:53 and say, no, don't have time,
07:55 they all find the time to answer which I've...
07:58 I've gone to doctors and ask them questions,
08:02 and when I ask them questions,
08:04 they tell me, oh, I got to run,
08:06 I don't have time to answer it.
08:08 And I tell them, I paid you for my time.
08:10 He says, I'm sorry, I'm running late.
08:12 So this over here is amazing.
08:14 I know the drill, look we run out of time
08:17 Okay.
08:18 I don't want to give you the bumps roast,
08:20 I really hate doing this.
08:21 Okay.
08:23 Thank you so much. You're welcome.
08:24 You're a great guy and God bless you to.
08:25 God bless you too.
08:27 Okay. Okay.
08:28 And, friends, don't go away
08:30 because Dr. Lukens will be right with us.
09:06 Welcome back, friends, help me
09:09 welcome Dr. Lukens with that hand there,
09:12 that's a strong hand you got there.
09:14 You know I want the audience to know
09:15 and the viewers to know this,
09:17 you've been here 25 years?
09:20 Yeah and counting.
09:21 And counting, and you've done some marvelous things
09:25 and I know we're gonna talk about...
09:27 No, no, no wait a minute, I haven't done marvelous...
09:28 The Lord has done marvelous things.
09:30 Yeah, His plan...
09:31 Through you, through all of us,
09:33 through the Newstart program
09:35 but I want to get right in and talk to this wonderful,
09:38 talk about this wonderful man.
09:41 We've seen his interviews,
09:42 we know that he has some kidney issues.
09:45 We know he has diabetes, high blood pressure
09:48 and he is overweight.
09:49 And today he's told me he lost three or four belt sizes.
09:53 He is losing weight and he is, tell...
09:56 What about his kidneys?
09:57 How are they doing, doctor?
09:58 Well, when he came here,
10:01 the first blood draws they rushed it through
10:05 and told us that his,
10:07 his kidneys are in big trouble and he knew that,
10:12 he has two brothers that are doctors
10:14 and one of them likes this type of stuff,
10:17 so he researched kidney and he thought,
10:20 he actually talked to people and he thought,
10:22 well, this will probably be one of the best places
10:25 that he can go to.
10:26 I answer to his questions satisfactorily,
10:30 so then he sends him here
10:32 and his brothers kind of like
10:34 yeah, I want to get better you know,
10:36 what do you think you were doing here.
10:38 So anyway his kidneys were are packing up
10:43 and you could say,
10:44 and then that means they've got to put a shunt in the arm
10:46 if he's getting on him on dialysis
10:49 and the thing is just that each time we have an interview,
10:54 he lost four inches in his waist
10:57 and that's because the internal fat is inside
11:00 and it's in the liver, with metabolic syndrome,
11:03 it's going away.
11:05 He was having a hard time walking.
11:07 Dr. Chang that visited this time the cardiologist,
11:11 he says, you know, his heart is really bad,
11:14 but now he is able to,
11:16 he is able to get up to walking five miles a day.
11:19 He couldn't walk the first day.
11:21 It was really, really tough.
11:22 He said half a mile loop,
11:24 his knees were killing him almost.
11:25 Yeah.
11:26 And then he tells five and a half miles.
11:29 Yeah, now that's, that's something else.
11:30 That's incredible.
11:31 So, anyway,
11:33 so they sent the lab results through,
11:36 they rushed it through to us
11:39 because his blood urea nitrogen,
11:41 it should be easy numbers to remember it's like 8 to 26
11:45 or something like that,
11:47 and his was over 100, it was almost 110.
11:51 And so, you have to alert people
11:55 when these numbers are way out of line
11:57 because the person might be in really, really bad shape
12:02 and then looking at his creatinine,
12:04 that's supposed to be about one and a half
12:07 and his was over three and a half,
12:10 so his brother knew his kidneys were going away.
12:13 And also, they have a way now of figuring out
12:17 how much your kidneys are filtering
12:20 and they should be able to,
12:22 that the number should be greater then 59,
12:25 should be 60 or above
12:27 and his was down to like 14 or 15.
12:30 Wow.
12:31 And so, that means you know
12:33 you got to get ready for dialysis,
12:35 there is nothing for it.
12:36 You can't recover kidneys when they're that far gone.
12:42 And so anyway he was really thrilled
12:44 because his blood urea nitrogen is half of what it was,
12:49 his creatinine has gone down below three
12:52 and his eGFR has gone up to 24
12:56 and they, they told him, you know,
13:00 that never happens, yours kidneys are gone.
13:03 Now, for the people that have diabetes
13:07 it's easier to work on
13:09 because it's a microvascular disease,
13:12 and here we go again.
13:13 When you eat just the plant based foods,
13:16 the prostate glands then look it up,
13:18 do two things,
13:20 they dilate the tiny blood vessels
13:22 and that gives you 75 percent more oxygenated blood
13:26 to your body from the heart,
13:28 and the other thing is they decrease inflammation.
13:31 And so all of these things that
13:32 we always see over and over again,
13:34 so I mean, you know, when you look at,
13:38 when you look at dialysis that's a sentence,
13:41 it's not a lifestyle.
13:43 And so, we lose about 10 percent per year
13:47 if the person is very fortunate,
13:49 and then they have to go on longer
13:51 and stuff like that
13:52 and they don't really feel good most of the time
13:54 and so of course, you know,
13:56 he wanted me to talk to his brother
13:58 and his brother was so happy, he said, I can kiss you
14:01 and I said, well, that's a Jewish thing.
14:03 He said, I don't care whether I'm Jewish or not,
14:05 I want to thank you for my brother.
14:08 That's also Italian by the way.
14:10 Okay, thank you.
14:11 I think the Jewish got it from the Italian
14:12 or may be that's backwards, anyhow.
14:15 But anyway and also...
14:16 His numbers are better, right?
14:17 Well, not only the numbers, he is better,
14:20 that's what you always got to look at.
14:21 Oh, yeah, well, he looks better.
14:23 Well, he is better, yeah.
14:24 He looks better. Yes, he looks better.
14:26 Okay.
14:27 But you know, from your perspective
14:30 it really puts things in plain sight now.
14:33 He not only looks better, he is feeling better,
14:35 he is better.
14:37 Yeah.
14:38 That's what you're telling me.
14:39 Yeah, and then his, his fellow guests that's here,
14:44 I had the exact same thing.
14:46 And in fact that guest was called up by the nephrologist
14:51 and said you've missed your appointment,
14:52 get in here now.
14:55 We've been trying to get her here for a year.
14:57 Is that the lady you're talking about?
14:59 Yeah, and you just broke hipper.
15:02 We didn't mention her name.
15:03 No, no, okay. Okay.
15:05 But anyway... Doc, we've run out of time.
15:06 So she is good and she is surreal as she is.
15:09 We're gonna talk to her a little bit later.
15:11 Thank you so much for your time.
15:13 Yeah. God bless you.
15:14 Friends, don't go way because got a recipe for you.
15:20 Hi, I'm Michelle Irwin,
15:21 I am a Newstart cooking instructor,
15:23 and I'm gonna teach you
15:24 how to make a nutty taco meat
15:26 that is made with lentils and cauliflower,
15:28 and walnuts,
15:29 and you will fill your friends on this dish I guarantee it.
15:33 So let's talk about what we're gonna do with this recipe.
15:36 So that the recipe is gonna make
15:38 our own little taco seasoning blend.
15:40 And what I've here is some smoked paprika,
15:44 some mild chili powder with a little bit of cumin.
15:47 I have some onions, some garlic,
15:50 some sea salt, of course our cauliflower
15:52 and a little tiny florets like this.
15:56 These are French green lentils
15:58 and it give us a nice texture for this dish,
16:02 so we're gonna be making some French green lentils
16:04 which I've already made ahead of time,
16:05 and so you have that for this recipe.
16:07 Also I have my favorite cheese sauce
16:09 I'm gonna drizzle
16:11 as well as I'll be using
16:12 a little bit of my tomato sauce,
16:14 my toasted walnuts that I've pre-toasted
16:17 as well as all the fixed things that I'll put into my taco.
16:21 Okay, so let's get started.
16:23 The first thing I want to do
16:25 is I want to toast my seasonings.
16:26 This is the secret to making this recipe pop with flavor,
16:31 because I have a lot of aromatic spices,
16:33 these tend to give you a little bit of a bitterness,
16:36 and I'm gonna toast them over a medium heat with no oil,
16:39 nothing else to give us a lot more of that
16:42 nice smoky savory feel.
16:45 So I'm gonna turn on my burner to about a medium,
16:48 you don't want these spices to burn,
16:50 so you've just gonna put them into your pot,
16:53 and then what you're gonna do is just give it a shake
16:55 or stir whatever you like to do
16:58 and then you're gonna just toast this over the heat
17:00 until it starts become fragrant about two to three minutes
17:04 depending on your stove temperature
17:07 but that should do it,
17:08 so I'm gonna go ahead and keep an eye on that.
17:10 While that is toasting, I'm gonna go ahead
17:11 and get started and I want to turn my walnuts
17:14 that I've toasted into a little bit of meaty texture.
17:18 So I'm gonna add them to my food processor with my S blade.
17:23 Go ahead and reassemble like so give it a few pulses.
17:35 Okay, about 15 to you desire texture
17:38 so I'm gonna give it a little bit longer
17:39 because it's too chunky for my texture taste.
17:45 Okay, very good, this is what I like to see right here,
17:48 it's a nice little...
17:51 I have a grain like texture,
17:53 so I'm gonna pour that in a bowl,
17:55 set that aside.
17:57 Okay, go head and give my spices
17:59 a little bit of a stir
18:02 and we're getting definitely close.
18:03 I can smell all that wonderful aroma.
18:08 Okay, now I'm gonna go ahead and put my S blade back in.
18:11 We're gonna go ahead and take my cauliflower now,
18:13 and I want to turn this into
18:15 like a little bit of rice like consistency.
18:18 So let's go ahead and put that in.
18:23 Again we're gonna just pulse this
18:25 until we get our nice little
18:29 rice looking feel that's perfect.
18:32 Okay, this is ready to go, so we're gonna turn this off
18:36 and I'm just gonna take my spices
18:38 and set them aside.
18:40 Now what I want to do is I want to caramelize my onion
18:43 and you want to use a nice big pan for this
18:46 so that we can really distribute
18:48 the heat evenly with our onion.
18:50 So let me introduce, I'm gonna preheat
18:51 my pan medium high.
18:53 I want this nice and hot so that when I add my onion,
18:56 it's gonna start to caramelize.
18:57 And what I mean by caramelizes,
18:59 onions will have sugar in them
19:02 but usually it's so pungent you can't tell.
19:04 So we're gonna turn these onions into a sweet onion
19:07 by taking all that sugar out of that onion
19:09 we're giving it a nice sweet flavor.
19:11 Okay, so what I'm doing is taking my one onion,
19:15 putting it into my pan
19:16 and I'm gonna just distribute the onions
19:18 evenly over the heat and now it's a waiting game.
19:22 I'm just gonna let it pull all that flavor out
19:25 and I'm just gonna wait while that does that.
19:28 Okay, in the mean time what I want to do is
19:30 I want to take my cupped lentils.
19:32 I'm gonna go ahead now and I'm gonna puree them
19:34 because I want this to be a nice binder to this meat
19:38 like thing I'm going on here, this fake meat.
19:41 And what I want to do just take out my cauliflower,
19:48 my food processor.
19:52 Okay, you can see it almost looks like rice.
19:55 This is gonna give us that little fake meat look.
19:58 Okay, once it gets nice and cooked up,
20:02 it's gonna have great texture that's gonna blow us
20:05 and they're thinking that how is that meat like texture.
20:07 Okay, so right now my onions are staring to pull
20:11 the flavor out.
20:13 I'm gonna go head now
20:14 and reassemble my food processor,
20:18 and I don't need to wash this or rinse this,
20:20 we don't want to make more work for ourselves,
20:22 okay, so we're just gonna simply add this pack
20:25 to a food processor
20:26 and these are the cooked lentils
20:29 and I'm just gonna kind of formulate
20:31 a little bit of a paste.
20:32 I can find my cover here and lets it go.
20:39 Okay.
20:47 And you're always welcome
20:48 to leave a little bit of a texture
20:50 it's up to you, your preference.
20:51 Now, lintels are wonderful, they're protein packed,
20:53 they're full of fiber and they're super easy to make,
20:56 you don't have to soak them.
20:57 You can just make them until they are nice and soft
20:59 and you have a really great bean
21:02 that's like 40 minutes and you have beans to eat,
21:05 or you can buy this in a can,
21:06 just make sure you rinse them really well,
21:08 you don't want to have that residue on your lentils.
21:11 Okay, so right now my onions are caramelizing.
21:14 And what I want to look for is I want to see that brown,
21:18 almost looks like it's starting to stick to your pan
21:21 and it's getting brown, you don't want to turn black
21:23 that's were it's burning.
21:25 With that beautiful brown is actually our caramel
21:27 so I'm now seeing that.
21:29 I'm just gonna simply add a little bit water,
21:33 so pull that caramel out.
21:37 Now this process may take, you know,
21:40 five minutes depending on how hot your stove is
21:44 or your pan is, but just be patient.
21:47 Once those onions are translucent
21:49 you're good to go
21:51 and you can keep
21:54 caramelizing it if there is still,
21:58 it still have that white in them
21:59 so you can keep caramelizing.
22:00 So what I'm doing now is
22:02 I'm gonna just repeat the process,
22:04 push all my onions around to distribute that heat evenly.
22:07 Let all that water evaporate.
22:09 Let them stick a little bit, that's the caramel.
22:11 Pour a little bit more water and then we're gonna go ahead
22:14 that get all that beautiful sweetness out of that onion
22:16 which is a ton of flavor.
22:18 Okay, so this has stared pretty well.
22:20 I'm gonna ahead now and add my garlic.
22:23 I'm gonna layer this flavor, my onion and my garlic, okay.
22:27 Just keeping a close eye on that.
22:29 Now what I want to do is
22:30 I want to add my tomato sauce to this
22:35 as well as my spices,
22:40 I'm gonna add my salts.
22:47 Okay, and then I'm gonna go ahead
22:48 and add this beautiful cauliflower mixture.
22:53 We want to cook this really well.
23:00 And if it seems too dry,
23:01 you can definitely turn the heat down a little bit,
23:04 but that water from the cauliflower
23:06 is also gonna help give this some moisture,
23:09 but your are more than welcome
23:11 to add a little bit more water too.
23:12 Just depends on what you start with.
23:15 If you don't have a lot to begin with,
23:17 you may need to add a little bit more water
23:19 just to get this steam process happening.
23:22 You can see,
23:24 it's already staring to look a lot like brown beef.
23:28 Okay, let's go ahead and add our toasted walnuts
23:31 that I've chopped up to a fine texture.
23:37 All right.
23:40 This will make a lot of taco filling.
23:42 I would say, you know, repurpose this food.
23:45 make tacos one day,
23:47 maybe you want to have haystacks another day
23:49 and just use this or may be this
23:50 could be a filling puree enchiladas
23:52 or even quesadillas, okay.
23:56 You can definitely use this.
23:57 A lot of times my kids and I will just like
23:59 have this as a dip.
24:00 We take our favorite chips and we'll use it as a dip,
24:04 so feel free to have fun with this recipe.
24:08 Okay, next,
24:10 we're gonna head and add our lentils.
24:18 Okay, and so don't feel like intimated by this color.
24:21 It's all gonna get mixed in to the final product
24:25 and it's gonna look really beautiful.
24:28 Lentils gonna kind be a little bit,
24:30 you know, the color can throw us off a little bit
24:32 but they're still really good for you,
24:35 and you can always add tomato sauce
24:37 to disguise that color.
24:40 Okay, so I'm just gonna add a little bit more
24:43 stirring,
24:45 so this incorporates really well.
24:47 We want all those flavors to just
24:52 cook through.
24:57 Okay, it's looking really good.
25:02 And you can see this makes quite a bit.
25:04 We are, you know, when we make this,
25:07 it makes about, you know,
25:08 18 tacos filling depending on how much you use,
25:10 so you can definitely cut this is in half,
25:12 put in the refrigerator, use it for something else
25:15 or use it all in your dishes.
25:19 I think so, there we go,
25:20 we're getting beautiful texture,
25:24 I'm gonna turn this down
25:25 and just let this cook a little bit longer.
25:27 Okay, so let me show you
25:30 how I've used this recipe and other recipe,
25:35 use this recipe and how I would plate this.
25:38 Okay, so put this aside.
25:42 These are amazing little
25:45 different Engine 2 Plant-Strong,
25:47 they're brown rice tortillas,
25:49 no oil, nothing's in here so these are great product.
25:52 I got this at the whole foods
25:53 and you can definitely do the same.
25:55 They also have sprouted ancient grains tortillas,
25:58 no oil so definitely Newstart approved,
26:02 and we're really excited about those
26:05 because sometimes people don't have time
26:07 to make them from scratch.
26:08 Okay, so let's pull out
26:12 what I've done with this taco meat.
26:15 And you can see what it looks like
26:16 when it's all cooked through,
26:17 it's wonderful and it's a really good cold,
26:20 so if you don't have time to eat it
26:21 when it's hot definitely save it for your lunches
26:24 or whatever you would like to do.
26:25 So I just take some beautiful lettuce,
26:28 add it some taco meat to it with all my favorite fixings,
26:31 from tomatoes and things like that.
26:34 So I'll just take my little toast starter,
26:37 add my taco filling
26:40 and then just add all of your favorite fixings to this,
26:43 like guacamole or your avocado,
26:46 some fresh tomatoes,
26:48 cilantro which is really good,
26:50 it helps clean metals from your body.
26:53 Cilantro is one of those things you either love it or hate it,
26:56 so I encourage you to get used to it
26:58 'cause it's so good for you.
26:59 And then we have our black olives
27:01 and then I've just made my own favorite little cheese sauce,
27:05 and you can just definitely add that to your starter
27:09 or if you want to just keep it lighter,
27:11 keep it on your lettuce wraps,
27:15 and here are your different variations
27:20 for a vege taco meat.
27:30 Well, friends, that's it for today,
27:31 but join us next week for another episode.
27:35 In the mean time pick up the phone
27:36 and give us a call at 800-525-9192.
27:42 Mention the Newstart now program
27:45 and receive the Newstart special.


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