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00:11 Every year in America,
00:12 there are over one million deaths
00:13 because of Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
00:16 This includes heart attacks and strokes.
00:19 That's six and half 747s crashing every day.
00:22 What's even more surprising is that the fix is easy.
00:25 It's your lifestyle.
00:27 Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually
00:29 add quality years to your life
00:30 rather than dying one organ at a time?
00:33 Obesity and diabetes are the cause
00:35 of over million deaths per year.
00:37 Most diseases are reversible
00:40 because most diseases are lifestyle diseases,
00:43 especially Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
00:46 Seriously now, they can be reversed
00:48 and the quality of your life can be renewed.
00:52 Call NEWSTART today at 1-800-525-9192.
00:58 You will see dramatic changes
00:59 in the first few days of our program
01:01 and you'll be on the road
01:03 to a better more robust quality of life.
01:06 The NEWSTART programs are simple and effective.
01:11 Hi, friends, and welcome to another addition
01:14 of NEWSTART Now.
01:15 I'm your host, Ron Giannoni.
01:18 And we have a young lady in our studio today, Maureen,
01:22 that I want you to meet.
01:24 But first let's take a look at a clip
01:26 when she first arrived.
01:31 I have diabetes.
01:33 I would like to lose quite a bit of weight.
01:37 I see everybody here who is thin
01:40 and I know that they are experiencing
01:43 a lot more energy and health
01:46 and I think weight is one of our biggest problems
01:48 in the world today, at least in our country.
01:52 I have hypertension.
01:55 And little things, getting up in the morning
01:58 with stress on my mind raises my blood pressure immediately,
02:03 and I'm on medication for both of those.
02:08 I have a lot of pain.
02:09 I have pain in my feet, my hands,
02:13 and I'm hoping that if I adopt a new lifestyle
02:18 and get a kick start while I'm here
02:20 that I can reverse all of those things.
02:22 I believe that I can.
02:27 Welcome back, friends.
02:28 And as I promised, Maureen. How are you doing?
02:31 Hi, I'm good, thank you. Good.
02:33 Now, officially you're Maureen Norris from Virginia.
02:38 Yes.
02:39 And so you've come all the way from Virginia
02:41 to attend our NEWSTART program.
02:44 And why did you come here?
02:46 Why didn't you go somewhere close to where you live?
02:52 I have heard about Weimar for many years,
02:55 I've always wanted to come here.
02:57 I've talked about it and my daughter,
03:01 my eldest daughter who is in her 30s,
03:05 just decided she was gonna send me
03:07 and that was it.
03:09 She wasn't gonna take no for an answer.
03:12 My mother died when she was my age.
03:14 She had high blood pressure and diabetes
03:19 and she died very suddenly,
03:21 and my daughter didn't want to go
03:24 through the same thing that she saw me go through.
03:26 Well, let's talk about you. Okay.
03:28 So when you got here as we've just seen,
03:31 you had diabetes, you were overweight,
03:36 you had high blood pressure,
03:38 high triglycerides, high cholesterol.
03:41 Of course, you didn't know all these things
03:43 until you had a blood draw here.
03:46 But tell us the results of the second blood draw.
03:52 How do these numbers look now? Tell us about that?
03:55 My triglycerides have gone down.
03:57 My total cholesterol went from 181 to 153.
04:05 I'm not taking any medication.
04:07 You're off of all the medications?
04:09 Yes, my blood sugars have been in the normal range
04:11 and so is my blood pressure.
04:15 Oh, wonderful.
04:16 So you're good to go. Yes.
04:19 Do you have any issues about maintaining this lifestyle
04:24 once you leave here?
04:26 I'm gonna take it one day at a time.
04:30 I'm determined. And I love the food.
04:34 I don't see how anybody could miss eating
04:37 any other foods
04:38 when you've tasted the food here.
04:40 One of my favorite parts was the cooking class.
04:43 The food is just really, really good.
04:45 Now you had 11 cooking classes while you were here.
04:50 And did you learn a lot in these cooking classes?
04:53 I'm over the top with all the information, yes.
04:57 Yes, I've taken a lot of notes and plan to go home
05:00 and start practicing all of those recipes
05:03 and feeding my family and showing them
05:06 how to do it the right way, so they'll be healthy.
05:09 Did The NEWSTART program meet your expectations?
05:13 More than met my expectations.
05:15 More. It usually does. I did mean it.
05:19 It does most people and I'm so happy and glad
05:23 and praise God that you're able to see
05:28 what lot others have seen in the past.
05:31 And so you could take that back to your family
05:34 and teach them.
05:35 I wish they could all come, everybody.
05:38 Yeah.
05:40 It's just a new way of living
05:42 and the people walk together in sweet accord.
05:47 I will really miss that.
05:49 The facility is phenomenal.
05:51 It's just very, very beautiful and well cared for.
05:56 I couldn't have expected all of this.
05:59 It's like a touch of heaven.
06:00 It is, absolutely.
06:03 So how did you like the massages?
06:06 Those were wonderful, wonderful.
06:09 Marta was my masseuse and she was just as sweet
06:13 as she could be.
06:15 She prayed with us every time we would start and finish
06:19 and so did everybody did all the prayer.
06:23 And even the doctors?
06:24 Yes, everybody.
06:25 You mean when you went to the doctor,
06:27 they prayed with you?
06:28 Yes, they did.
06:30 When's the last time you went to a doctor
06:31 and they wanted to stop and pray with you?
06:33 Never.
06:34 Usually they don't even want to talk to you.
06:36 They want you get in and out, you know, sorry guys.
06:39 Any doctors out there, my apologies,
06:41 but our doctors really do spend a lot of time with our guests.
06:46 Not only do you have one on one,
06:50 but they eat lunch with you.
06:51 Yes. They eat breakfast with you.
06:54 And when we are sitting across the table,
06:56 you could pick their brains for any questions.
07:01 Now tell me about your walking?
07:03 A lot of people come here, like myself,
07:07 couldn't walk a half a mile if my life depended on it.
07:10 What's say ye?
07:13 It was hard at first and then we went
07:16 right into a three-day fast
07:18 which made me feel very weak at first.
07:21 I did walk at least a mile the first week
07:25 but after the fast and I felt, I felt exhilarated.
07:32 I was so glad that I had gone through that
07:35 because it taught me, it taught me self control,
07:39 especially when we had our cooking classes
07:41 and we couldn't sample the food.
07:42 Oh, no.
07:43 But I have been up to
07:45 seven miles a day for this week.
07:47 You're kidding. Yeah.
07:48 Seven miles a day. Seven miles, yes.
07:50 And it's not that hard to do. Wow!
07:53 The paths are gorgeous and we're walking with friends
07:56 and talking and bonding the...
08:00 I have a new family. You know what.
08:02 Not just the staff here, but the people
08:04 that I went through the program with.
08:05 Encouraging one another. Yes.
08:08 Isn't that wonderful?
08:10 You know, I want the viewers to hear
08:13 something you said to me
08:15 before we went on to record here.
08:18 You said you lost some inches.
08:21 I have lost five inches on the hips.
08:24 In one spot? Yeah.
08:27 Five inches? Yes.
08:29 You know, that's like, that's a lot.
08:34 So now what? You're gonna lose five more?
08:37 Absolutely. Oh, girl.
08:40 You know, it's wonderful.
08:41 We had a lady come to the program,
08:43 I got to tell you this.
08:45 She lost four dress sizes but not a pound.
08:51 She didn't lose any weight but lost all these dress sizes.
08:54 So as you're building muscle, all of a sudden everything
08:58 becomes more compact but did you ever wonder
09:01 were all that fat goes? Yes.
09:03 Where does it go, does it just evaporate in...
09:06 I don't know, I'm just kind of kidding with you.
09:07 I'm leaving my legacy behind.
09:11 Well, that's excellent.
09:13 Now what about when you get home,
09:17 you're gonna be teaching this when you get home,
09:20 teaching this new lifestyle?
09:21 I believe in this saying, "If you really want to know
09:25 how to do something, you see it done, you do it,
09:28 and then you teach it."
09:29 You're a teacher though, aren't you?
09:31 I'm a nurse. Same thing.
09:33 Okay. We do a lot of teaching.
09:35 You're an RN, so you're a very educated woman.
09:40 Yes. I hope so, most nurses are.
09:43 Well, not just in nursing but in life, yes.
09:46 Yes. You're a mother of how many?
09:48 I have six. Wow!
09:51 So you got quite a tribe to minister to.
09:55 And others you can pass this legacy on
09:58 that you can break the mold, you don't have to check out
10:02 at 40-50 or 60 years old, you know that.
10:07 I am also from a very large family,
10:10 they were 12 of us originally.
10:11 You mean large in size? I have siblings.
10:14 Okay. Many siblings.
10:16 So I have been feeding them a little bit of information
10:20 as I have been hearing, repairing them.
10:23 Are they believing what you're telling them?
10:25 Yes, yes. Really?
10:26 They're really excited for me. Oh, awesome.
10:29 You know, you look so... You're vibrant more so then...
10:34 I feel it, I feel more energetic.
10:36 Yeah. And I'm...
10:38 My skin feels softer too.
10:40 You have your red likeness cheeks
10:42 and that's the blood, you know, reaching
10:46 where maybe it didn't a couple of weeks ago,
10:49 and this is only 16 days.
10:51 Yes. Wait for 16 years.
10:55 Anyway, you're doing good now, and I'm so happy for you.
10:58 Thank you.
10:59 And, you know, I will be sending out an email
11:02 that we'll be keeping in touch.
11:05 I'd like you to answer that email.
11:06 Let us know how you're doing.
11:08 And then we can talk every now and then.
11:10 If you need any prodding, I'll be there for you.
11:14 That's good to know, Ron.
11:16 You've been an inspiration to all of us.
11:18 Thank you. Thank you for taken your time.
11:22 And thank you, friends, but don't go away
11:24 because the doctor will be right with us.
11:27 When we look at the health status
11:29 of Americans today,
11:30 it's alarming to see that 60% are either overweight or obese.
11:40 In addition, diseases such as Type 2 diabetes,
11:43 cancer and heart disorders are the leading cause
11:46 of so many complications and deaths every year.
11:53 Could it have something to do with what we eat?
11:56 After all, every one in four Americans
11:58 visits a fast food restaurant daily,
12:00 and with such easy access to quick fix foods,
12:04 we tend to forget the poor health value
12:06 those foods actually offer.
12:09 Maybe it's the sedentary lifestyle,
12:11 and lack of exercise that we've become so accustomed to
12:14 as a media dependant world.
12:16 Whatever the cause of these diseases,
12:18 a solution has arrived.
12:22 The NEWSTART Lifestyle Center offers enriching program
12:26 where patients can get a healing of mind,
12:28 body, and soul.
12:30 Located in the outskirts of Sacramento,
12:32 the NEWSTART Center is situated on the beautiful campus
12:35 of Weimar Center of Health and Education
12:38 with scenic walking and hiking trails all around.
12:42 With a whole plant foods eating whole motto,
12:45 the NEWSTART Center promotes a healthy plant-based diet
12:48 with an emphasis on natural foods.
12:51 The NEWSTART staff are made up of California board certified
12:54 nurses, doctors, dieticians, and therapists
12:58 who work together to assist each patient personally.
13:02 The staff are dedicated to each patient's success
13:04 in the program,
13:06 and are always there to guide, advise, and encourage.
13:09 In addition to a healthy lifestyle,
13:11 NEWSTART also promotes a healthy exercise routine.
13:14 You're both in sequence, that's good, all right.
13:17 As part of the balance program, there is much opportunity
13:20 to get in the fair share of physical activity
13:23 from utilizing our fitness center
13:25 to taking a stroll around the peaceful grounds of Weimer.
13:29 It's amazing what a NEWSTART can do for you.
13:33 Welcome back, friends.
13:34 And as I promised, Dr. Lukens in the house.
13:37 Yes, sir.
13:38 Man, you know, it's really great
13:41 to have a medical person.
13:43 Go ahead and ask me some questions.
13:46 I am supposed to say that. You took my line.
13:49 You're reading my script.
13:51 It is really great to have a medical person
13:54 and one like you, exactly you,
13:58 that's been here 26 years
14:01 and for that I thank you, Brother.
14:03 Well, the reason why I'm here is I see the Lord working.
14:08 It's real. I know.
14:10 And we are seeing the Lord working in Maureen
14:12 and that's what I want to talk about right now.
14:14 I like to talk about you, but let's talk about Maureen.
14:16 Well, that's what we are here for.
14:18 Okay. She's done great.
14:21 She's told us today
14:24 that she lost five-six inches around her hips.
14:29 Yeah. That's a lot, isn't it?
14:31 That's funny because, you know, you think
14:33 when somebody's measuring the girth,
14:35 you know, or something like that,
14:37 may be it's gas, you know.
14:39 Well, I don't know what it was.
14:41 But you can't have gas around your hips, you know.
14:44 True.
14:46 Yeah and a couple of the gals,
14:49 you know, I mean some of the ladies,
14:51 you know, they're pulling down like
14:52 this all the time trying to cover the hips up
14:55 and they lose five inches in 18 days,
14:58 I mean that's something to do somersaults about, yeah.
15:01 I told her the story that you often share about the lady
15:05 who lost four dress sizes.
15:08 And didn't lose any weight, but she lost four...
15:10 Yeah, people can't believe that.
15:12 Yeah.
15:13 Well, tell us from a professional perspective...
15:18 Is that what I am?
15:21 I thought I was a NEWSTART doctor
15:22 who just followed the lentils, the rice, and walking people.
15:28 Yeah, go ahead, go ahead.
15:30 Well, from a modified... How's that?
15:33 No, from your perspective, you know,
15:36 I have my own perspective,
15:38 things mostly I learned from you, but...
15:41 Oh, dear. Yeah, go ahead.
15:43 How do you see that she's done?
15:46 Well, you know, that's it because
15:48 she's very analytical and she's been...
15:51 She's a nurse.
15:52 Yeah, but she... You know, what I'm saying.
15:54 She came out of a similar mold.
15:55 Yeah and she is, she's, you know,
15:58 I can't say an old nurse because people don't get old,
16:01 she's about ready to retire, and she's seen it
16:04 from the olden days like me, and then you,
16:08 and then coming up through what's happening now,
16:10 but yeah, she's very interested in the numbers
16:12 and why are they that way.
16:14 I just got through talking to somebody
16:16 and they could not understand how the cholesterol numbers
16:21 can be low on the statins,
16:24 and it doesn't make any difference,
16:25 and I explained in five different ways,
16:28 and that's how the medical profession,
16:32 and that's how the pharmaceuticals,
16:34 and that's how the public they are duped by the numbers
16:37 and I'm not trying to say this as proud
16:39 but the morbidity and mortality doesn't come in,
16:43 so I'm willing to talk to that about anyone.
16:46 But see the thing that's so interesting
16:48 about her is that a few years ago
16:52 she was working with dialysis patients.
16:55 Oh.
16:56 And dialysis patients, you lose five percent per year,
17:00 ten percent per year.
17:02 So in ten years...
17:06 You have to count your fingers.
17:08 Yeah, in ten years you don't have any patients
17:11 that started ten years ago.
17:13 And some die in one year, and three years and so forth.
17:17 And I said, well, you know,
17:19 what was your relationship with that?
17:21 She said, "I was in the hospital
17:23 and the people that weren't doing well came in."
17:27 And I said, "Well, you know, does this impress you?"
17:30 And she said, "Impress me?"
17:33 She sees all these people off their insulin
17:35 and their numbers are getting better and everything.
17:37 That's why she is so,
17:38 she wants to work here, you see.
17:40 She is on the right side.
17:42 She wants to see people turn it around.
17:44 So you see, I said, "Well do you have any cases,
17:47 you know, that stick out in your mind?"
17:49 she said, "Yes, a 30 year old woman came in
17:53 and the next time she comes in one foot's cut off."
17:57 Oh.
17:58 The next time, the other leg is amputated below the knee,
18:03 then both knees were cut off at the thigh,
18:06 you know, at the groin level,
18:11 and this lady comes in at 30,
18:14 and she doesn't make it to 40 years,
18:15 even though she doesn't make 40 years of age...
18:17 It's terrible. And she's gone.
18:20 You see that shouldn't happen, you know.
18:22 Here I say it again, John McDougall,
18:25 who a lot of people appreciate and some people don't,
18:28 95% of diabetics who would do this,
18:33 would be off of their medicines and their numbers would be good
18:36 and their diseases would be reversed.
18:39 Isn't that amazing? Well, it's wonderful.
18:42 It's true and that's why I still want to work here.
18:44 You know, soon we're gonna have our researchers,
18:49 and you know them both, Eddie Ramirez and Dr. Sanchez,
18:54 these men are putting together
18:56 the stats over a several-year period.
18:59 We'll be able to have them publicized, well I'm going...
19:02 I'm jumping the gun,
19:04 but it's nice that they'll be able to get this
19:08 and show and have proof.
19:10 We talk about it and we're airing right now,
19:13 all over the world people are watching this interview.
19:15 And we're going to do a progressive study too.
19:19 We want 50 to 70 people, especially the ones
19:23 that are ready for dialysis and the ones that,
19:27 you know, their diabetes is out of control
19:31 and three sessions ago we had two people
19:33 that didn't have to go on dialysis
19:35 and they are thrilled.
19:37 That's what I want to speak to you right now.
19:38 For those of you who have a kidney condition,
19:42 you need to get here right now, not next year,
19:46 not when you gonna afford it, you need to call up...
19:50 Pick up the phone, call 1-800-525-9192, call us,
19:56 and I will make sure I'll do all I can to get you here.
20:00 But doc, we gotta help these people.
20:05 You know, one of them had a business,
20:08 and I can't break HIPAA laws, but in a state
20:12 that's way across in the east in the south,
20:15 is that good enough?
20:16 They'll never find her.
20:19 Anyway, she was so busy and it was a family deal
20:23 and stuff and her best friend, she was a doctor's wife...
20:28 This lady that was ready for dialysis,
20:33 she came in from Europe
20:37 and her friend met her at the airport
20:39 and she says, "I've got everything packed,
20:41 you've been resistant to this,
20:43 next week the doctor's gonna put a shunt in your arm."
20:46 In fact, while she was here the doctor called up,
20:48 "Where are you?" I know.
20:49 So she flew out with her, she even packed her suitcase,
20:54 if anything came from home, and she had to get back there,
20:57 no chance.
20:59 And she was just absolutely thrilled.
21:01 These are the kind of people we want to help
21:03 because dialysis is not life, it's a sentence.
21:08 Yeah. Wow, that was a mouthful.
21:13 So as far as Maureen is concerned,
21:17 she is doing so very well and she is very excited,
21:22 will you be keeping in touch with her?
21:24 Yeah, that's why the eight-week calendar,
21:26 they need to fill that out so we can know, yeah.
21:29 Okay.
21:31 And how do you see that she's done?
21:34 Has she done better or not as well?
21:37 Now she's off of her medication,
21:40 the one that whips the pancreas and the other one,
21:44 and her numbers are the same as when she was on it.
21:47 I mean, her numbers weren't bad
21:50 when she came in with the two medications,
21:52 but off the medications now for more than two weeks
21:56 and her numbers are as good as they were
21:58 and she just started.
22:00 Yeah. This is 18 days.
22:02 Actually just two weeks between the two blood draws.
22:05 That's awesome.
22:06 You know, it's always a pleasure to have you here.
22:10 And the time always goes so fast.
22:13 We could talk like this for hours I know,
22:16 but we don't want to bore our viewers,
22:18 I want to thank you though for taking your time
22:21 and God bless you and your work here.
22:23 Thank you for helping him to get in.
22:25 You bet.
22:26 And thank you, friends, for being with us
22:29 but don't go away
22:30 because we have a tip following this.
22:39 Welcome to Ask the Doctor.
22:41 I'm Dr. David DeRose.
22:43 Today your questions are our concern, our focus.
22:46 We're going to Matthew in Washington State.
22:50 He's got a question for us,
22:52 "I'm a pretty healthy person and I eat healthy.
22:55 Should I be taking vitamins?"
22:58 Well, Matthew, this is a question
22:59 that often comes up and the real question about
23:02 vitamin supplementation is a real one.
23:04 Let's talk a little bit about it.
23:06 If you're eating lots of fruits, whole grains,
23:09 vegetables, nuts, seeds, you're getting a vast array,
23:13 not only of conventional vitamins,
23:15 but also micronutrients
23:17 and what we call phytochemicals.
23:19 The more you eat of these foods,
23:20 generally the healthier the diet.
23:22 Are there though any possible pitfalls,
23:25 any areas where you could be falling short
23:26 even with an excellent diet?
23:28 One that often comes up on the radar screen
23:30 and especially relevant for someone living
23:32 in Washington State is vitamin D.
23:35 It seems we're designed to get vitamin D from the sun.
23:38 The problem is, if you're living above
23:41 the 35 degree latitude line,
23:43 some people want to move that higher
23:45 at least in the northern hemisphere,
23:47 we use the same measures in the southern hemisphere
23:49 but then we got some problems in the winter months
23:52 with getting adequate amounts of vitamin D.
23:56 Further from the equator than 35 degrees latitude,
24:00 if you are say living in northern California
24:02 that may amount to three months in the winter
24:05 where you can't make adequate vitamin D.
24:08 As you go up further north,
24:09 you reach places like Bergen, Norway.
24:13 It's actually been studied
24:14 fully six months out of the year
24:16 they cannot make adequate vitamin D.
24:18 What do you do in this situation?
24:19 You supplement or you go in to a tanning bed.
24:23 You want to get vitamin D exposure
24:26 either through the sun
24:27 or the equivalent of sun through
24:29 what we call UVB light and if you don't get it,
24:32 you need to take that in an oral form.
24:34 Just kind of an interesting sidelight,
24:36 for many years, I lived in the state of Maine.
24:38 In Maine I found that the old Mainers
24:41 had some traditional wisdom
24:43 as far as how to deal with the winter.
24:46 They took cod liver oil.
24:48 Actually cod liver oil,
24:50 we now know is a rich source of vitamin D,
24:52 they were supplementing.
24:53 In other words with vitamin D without knowing it.
24:55 You don't need to take cod liver oil today.
24:57 I know that may not sound very appealing,
24:59 and I know you may be worried about all the toxins in fish.
25:02 Vitamin D supplements are readily available.
25:04 Anything else on the list
25:06 that commonly may not be included in the diet
25:08 that you may need to watch for, another one is vitamin B12.
25:12 B12, one of the B vitamins,
25:15 is something that many people get into trouble with.
25:17 A lot of people say,
25:18 "Well that's a vegetarian problem,
25:20 Dr. DeRose, I eat plenty of meat, milk, eggs and cheese
25:23 so I don't worry about B12."
25:25 That is not a guarantee, in fact,
25:27 if you look at absolute numbers,
25:28 the largest number of people in America
25:30 who have B12 deficiency are eating things like
25:33 milk, meat, eggs, and cheese.
25:35 And that's because as we get older
25:37 we often do not absorb B12 as well.
25:40 Truly if you are on a vegan diet,
25:42 less exposure to B12
25:44 but all of us need to be concerned about this vitamin.
25:46 If you want to know where you stand,
25:48 you can have a blood level checked,
25:49 you are able to store this B vitamin for many years.
25:52 But if you're not getting a reliable source
25:54 especially if you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet,
25:56 we do recommend a B12 supplement on a daily basis.
26:00 B12 absorb best if it's chewed or dissolved in the mouth.
26:04 Keep that in mind as well.
26:06 B12 and vitamin D some major concerns,
26:08 most of the others things, they take care of themselves
26:10 when you are on an excellent diet,
26:12 of course, there can be individual differences.
26:14 If you got personal questions, see a doctor.
26:16 Have some of those tests checked out on yourself
26:19 and make sure that you're getting
26:21 everything that you need.
26:22 I'm Dr. David DeRose with Ask the Doctor.
26:26 If you've got questions for us,
26:27 simply send them to us at
27:07 Well, friends, that's it for today,
27:09 but join us next week for another episode.
27:12 In the meantime pick up the phone
27:13 and give us a call at 1-800-525-9192.
27:19 Mention the NEWSTART Now program
27:22 and receive the NEWSTART special.


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