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00:12 Every year in America,
00:13 there are over one million deaths
00:14 because of Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
00:17 This includes heart attacks and strokes.
00:20 That's 6.5, 747s crashing every day.
00:23 What's even more surprising is that the fix is easy.
00:26 It's your lifestyle.
00:28 Wouldn't it be nice
00:29 if you could actually add quality years to your life
00:31 rather than dying one organ at a time?
00:34 Obesity and diabetes
00:36 are the cause of over million deaths per year.
00:39 Most diseases are reversible
00:41 because most diseases are lifestyle diseases,
00:44 especially Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
00:47 Seriously now, they can be reversed
00:49 and the quality of your life can be renewed.
00:53 Call NEWSTART today at 1-800-525-9192.
00:59 You will see dramatic changes
01:01 in the first few days of our program
01:03 and you'll be on the road
01:04 to a better more robust quality of life.
01:07 The NEWSTART programs are simple and effective.
01:13 Hi, friends, and welcome to another edition
01:16 of NEWSTART Now.
01:17 I'm your host Ron Giannoni.
01:20 In our studio, I have a gentleman
01:23 all the way from Florida, came to California here,
01:27 to the NEWSTART program, his name is CJ,
01:30 those are his initials, it's really Cleveland Story,
01:34 but we're going to call him CJ.
01:37 Let's take a look at when he first arrived.
01:42 Well, I've always been healthy,
01:44 and over about the last six to eight weeks,
01:47 I find myself not as healthy as I was.
01:50 In fact, the biggest turning point
01:52 is where I started developing the symptoms of neuropathy,
01:56 so all my movements in a day were being lessened as I went.
02:01 And I got to a point by the end of the day,
02:03 I was walking like I was maybe 107 years old
02:06 just creeping along.
02:07 And I knew, we're young family, my oldest boy is 10,
02:13 and then I have a 9-year-old, a 7-year-old,
02:15 and twins that are 5, all boys.
02:17 I knew I couldn't finish my life at half capacity,
02:21 or quarter capacity, or no capacity,
02:24 so I had to look for a way to fix it.
02:26 And all of the regular physicians that I talked to,
02:29 they weren't about a plan that I could agree with,
02:31 they were about masking the pain
02:33 with some non-altering drugs and different stuff.
02:35 And I said God's got a better plan,
02:38 I just have to find my way to it.
02:40 And at that time, a good friend of mine
02:43 which is a retired pastor, Pastor Kohlard Bain told me,
02:46 "You know, we have a program that's right connected
02:49 with our church, Adventist church,
02:51 and it's on sound doctor and in biblical principle,
02:54 you got to look at the Weimar Institute,"
02:56 and I googled it, and the next thing I saw
02:58 is a NEWSTART program,
03:00 and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it or not,
03:03 but I got a phone call that made the difference,
03:06 and I was encouraged to be back at a 100% or more,
03:10 and not encouraged with just idle chat
03:13 but with sound testimonies and experience over years,
03:18 Walking out here at a 100%, I'll be elated,
03:23 but if I'm walking out here at even 50% to 70% better,
03:27 I'm happy, but I know a 100% is on the way,
03:29 so they're going to happy or God does not break promises.
03:36 Welcome back, friends. In our studio, CJ.
03:39 Nice to be here, Ron. Good to see you, man.
03:41 I'm excited to be back here talking to you.
03:44 Have I told you you've got a beautiful voice?
03:47 Oh, thank you, thank you. Do you sing?
03:50 I wish I could sing, right, I'll sing
03:53 but I don't know who would listen.
03:55 You got the vocal cords. Yes.
03:57 Okay, I want to get into
03:59 what's happened to you while you're here.
04:03 We first talked about a month ago,
04:07 and you called and I answered the phone,
04:10 and you told me your story, and I said,
04:13 "Oh, don't worry about that, we'll get rid of all that,"
04:16 told you a couple things...
04:17 Tell us what happened, you decided what?
04:20 Well, I got here, and I was excited
04:22 because you easing me with your phone call,
04:26 and it made me ready to just change
04:28 and make some change.
04:30 So I came here,
04:31 and I just tried to embrace
04:32 everything that I was told to do
04:34 in the diet plan, in the walking.
04:36 And the walking was the hardest to embrace
04:39 because I was walking none when I came here,
04:41 I couldn't even walk from the parking lot
04:45 to the building I worked in.
04:46 But you're a young man, why couldn't you walk?
04:49 I was dealing with the pain from neuropathy.
04:52 Okay.
04:53 I mean, it's everything from a burning sensation
04:57 to shooting pains,
04:59 and I barely could put any pressure on my feet at all.
05:03 So it was very difficult to move around,
05:06 and I would sit and watch my kids,
05:08 I couldn't do anything to help,
05:09 I couldn't do anything to help my wife,
05:11 very painful.
05:12 And I would be up to days at a time with the pain.
05:15 Ouch.
05:17 Three or four days without any sleep
05:18 because of the pain.
05:19 Now I met a lady in the North Carolina
05:21 that couldn't sleep with a blanket on her feet.
05:25 I know exactly what you're talking about
05:27 'cause I couldn't put anything on my feet.
05:30 Really?
05:31 People would say try different shoes,
05:34 I would need to try different feet
05:36 because it was so much pain that it was not the shoes,
05:39 it was my feet,
05:41 the nerves in the feet were just aggravating.
05:45 How long has this been, CJ?
05:48 The total time probably that it was maybe about
05:51 seven, eight weeks,
05:52 so it was fairly new experience to me at all.
05:55 Oh, you didn't have it like six years ago?
05:57 No, no, no.
05:58 It started somewhere around February.
06:02 What brought it on?
06:03 High blood sugar numbers,
06:07 trying those switch around medications,
06:09 I'm a getting my numbers on a control,
06:10 but they were running high,
06:12 and it first started with the tingling
06:14 and then it just went rampant to rampant pain.
06:17 So you're diabetic?
06:20 Yes. Yes, I am.
06:21 Type 2? Type 2.
06:23 And you are taking what for that?
06:26 Well, at the time I came here,
06:28 they gave me a bunch of different medications
06:31 from Lantus Solostar
06:33 to regular insulin to metformin,
06:37 and then they gave me lisinopril
06:41 just to protect my liver.
06:44 Right, they gave you all those garbage.
06:46 Everything, they just gave me a bunch of...
06:47 I think they were trying to clear the closet,
06:49 so they just gave me everything that they could.
06:52 "Yeah, give it to this guy, he'll take it. "
06:54 So how many of those medications
06:56 are you currently taking?
06:57 Actually, the whole time I was here, I took none.
07:01 Really?
07:03 I had a little cold over the weekend,
07:04 and my numbers started climbing, and so yes,
07:07 there was a first time I took insulin
07:09 just to try to cut off the dehydration rise
07:14 from the dehydration.
07:15 And the whole time, no medication,
07:18 I was so proud of that, yeah.
07:20 Oh what about the pain in your feet now?
07:22 How bad is that?
07:24 The pain in my feet, it's gone from unbearable pain
07:30 to it feels like I got a little sunburn,
07:33 so it's almost completely gone.
07:35 And a great thing I like about it
07:37 when I came I couldn't walk at all,
07:39 and I've been averaging four to six miles,
07:41 and my best day, nine miles of walking.
07:43 Oh, man. Praise God. Nine miles.
07:47 So my wife was rejoicing over the phone when I told her.
07:52 Nine miles,
07:53 and you couldn't walk when you got here?
07:55 I couldn't walk when I got here at all.
07:56 Oh, wow.
07:58 So I'm so thankful. I am so thankful.
08:01 You know, it's just absolutely amazing.
08:05 Who is your doctor here?
08:07 Dr. Gallant. Roger Gallant.
08:08 Roger Gallant. Absolutely.
08:10 And he stayed with me all day, every day,
08:13 he's helping me understand the process,
08:17 and the recovery, and what's doing what,
08:20 and why this happened, and I felt like
08:23 I wasn't by myself anymore.
08:25 The other physicians, you go in,
08:27 they push some medications or prescriptions at you,
08:30 and you back out, I mean take the time,
08:33 let me know what my body is doing
08:35 or needs to be doing,
08:36 and I am just so thankful for the whole program.
08:38 Ain't that amazing that you run across two doctors?
08:43 Dr. Gallant and Dr. Lukens. Yes, Dr. Lukens.
08:46 They'll stay with you side by side,
08:48 they'll do whatever they can to help you
08:52 through this program.
08:53 Yeah, I tell you and Dr. Lukens was amazing also.
08:56 He would pull me aside, and give me some encouragement,
08:59 and tell me some stories about other neuropathy patients,
09:03 he gave me some books to read, and what a blessing.
09:07 And every step of the way,
09:08 someone stops to pray with me for improvement.
09:13 With that much prayer, something's going to happen.
09:15 Well, I got to say, you're very approachable guy,
09:19 you have a look on you that you're approachable.
09:24 And people love you.
09:25 I haven't heard an unkind word.
09:30 I haven't heard about anybody else either,
09:33 but, you know, you're just a nice guy.
09:36 And I'm so glad to meet you,
09:39 and I'm so happy that the Spirit you brought here.
09:44 God was definitely in control of this venture
09:47 'cause nothing I say got you here, but the...
09:50 Yes, you put the right people in front of you to do His work.
09:53 That's true.
09:54 I tell you, you're a blessing, Ron,
09:56 because it didn't take you long to get my thinking
10:00 to right thinking, to be the right thinking.
10:02 I just pray every day that the people I talk to
10:07 that call here that I can get to come here,
10:10 some of them are unfortunately they can't.
10:13 Right.
10:14 Through physical inabilities or financial.
10:18 And while we're on the subject, friends,
10:20 if you need to come here, pick up the phone
10:23 and call us at 800-525-9192,
10:29 ask for Ron, and I'll help you.
10:33 I will help you get the funds to get here.
10:38 That being said, we also ask our pastors and people,
10:44 and family, and friends and...
10:46 No one wants to see anyone suffer,
10:48 so people will help.
10:49 That's right, that's right.
10:51 The amazing thing, Ron,
10:52 is the Lord will help make you aware,
10:55 but you have to ask the Lord help make you aware.
10:58 If you don't never ask Him...
11:01 Amen. You know.
11:02 I'm asking.
11:03 I'm asking, I'm shouting through the rooftops.
11:07 And you need to pray for us. Yes.
11:10 You know, we pray for our guest,
11:12 and our guest pray for us, and they often ask me,
11:16 "Well, what do you kind of prayer you need?"
11:18 Well, we just need prayer that the Holy Spirit guide us.
11:21 Yes. Each and every step of the way.
11:23 Yes.
11:25 So who is your favorite, or what was your favorite thing
11:28 to do here on campus?
11:31 Me, I like lectures, you know, I like speakers.
11:36 And I like speakers that can tell a story
11:39 because a speaker that speaks in facts,
11:42 most people won't remember the facts,
11:44 but when they speak in stories with the facts in the stories,
11:48 people will remember the stories
11:49 and they remember the facts because they were in the story.
11:51 Amen, brother.
11:53 And you had such great talent in the front of the room
11:56 from Dr. Lukens to Dr. Gallant
11:58 to Steve to Richard
12:05 to everyone that got in there, they were prepared,
12:08 and I just enjoyed.
12:11 And I had notebook after notebook that I filled,
12:14 I had to buy a new notebook
12:16 to complete the process and everything,
12:19 so I have a wealth of information to take back,
12:22 I didn't want to miss a beat.
12:24 You're going to be a preacher, I can tell.
12:26 I want to thank you, CJ, for coming,
12:29 and we'll be talking to you in the near future.
12:31 Yes.
12:33 I, hopefully, you will see
12:34 some NEWSTART stuff happening in South Florida.
12:37 You bet. Yes, God bless.
12:38 And, friends, don't go away
12:39 'cause Dr. Gallant will be right with us.
12:43 When we look at the health status
12:45 of Americans today,
12:46 it's alarming to see
12:47 that 60% are either overweight or obese.
12:56 In addition, diseases such as Type 2 diabetes,
12:59 cancer, and heart disorders
13:00 are the leading cause of so many complications
13:03 and deaths every year.
13:09 Could it have something to do with what we eat?
13:11 After all, every one in four Americans
13:14 visits a fast food restaurant daily,
13:16 and with such easy access to quick-fix foods,
13:20 we tend to forget the poor health value
13:22 those foods actually offer.
13:25 Maybe it's the sedentary lifestyle
13:26 and lack of exercise that we've become
13:28 so accustomed to as a media-dependant world.
13:32 Whatever the cause of these diseases,
13:34 a solution has arrived.
13:38 The NEWSTART lifestyle center offers an enriching program
13:41 where patients can get a healing of mind,
13:44 body, and soul,
13:45 located in the outskirts of Sacramento,
13:48 the NEWSTART center is situated on the beautiful campus
13:51 of Weimar Centre of Health and Education
13:54 with scenic walking and hiking trails all around.
13:58 With a "whole plant foods eating whole" motto,
14:01 the NEWSTART center promotes a healthy plant-based diet
14:04 with an emphasis on natural foods.
14:07 The NEWSTART staff are made up of California Board Certified
14:10 nurses, doctors, dietitians, and therapists
14:14 who work together to assist each patient personally.
14:17 The staff are dedicated to each patient's success
14:20 in the program and are always there
14:22 to guide, advise, and encourage.
14:25 In addition to a healthy lifestyle,
14:27 NEWSTART also promotes a healthy exercise routine.
14:30 You're both in sequence, that's good, all right.
14:33 As part of the balance program, there is much opportunity
14:36 to get in the fair share of physical activity
14:39 from utilizing our fitness center
14:41 to taking a stroll around the peaceful grounds of Weimar.
14:44 It's amazing what a new start can do for you.
14:49 Welcome back, friends.
14:51 And, Dr. Gallant, good to see you.
14:53 Ron, good to be here. Seems like we just did this.
14:55 Yes, it does. Yes, it does.
14:57 You know, I want to talk about CJ,
15:02 he's such an incredible guy,
15:04 I felt a really good connection with him
15:07 when I first talked with him over the phone.
15:10 Yeah, he really is a great guy, very spiritual man,
15:15 interesting story,
15:16 just a little back story on him.
15:19 We moved here from North Carolina,
15:21 he grew up in the town that we moved from
15:25 when we came here.
15:27 Really? Yeah.
15:28 Oh, he's from North Carolina?
15:29 He's from North Carolina originally.
15:31 What town is that?
15:32 Elizabeth City, North Carolina,
15:33 up in the Northeast corner of North Carolina,
15:35 close to the outer banks.
15:36 Oh, okay.
15:38 So it was kind of neat just to make that connection,
15:41 and, you know, one of the things,
15:44 I really have to tell, I have appreciated CJ.
15:46 One of the things I appreciate about him,
15:48 he's not a complainer.
15:50 No.
15:51 That man has had some health challenges,
15:53 and, you know, you ask him,
15:55 and you almost have to pull it out of him
15:56 that it's hurting, or that he's having a hard time,
15:59 or, you know, he's just a...
16:00 He's been in constant pain. Yeah.
16:03 You know what I love about him, what a voice.
16:05 Oh, yeah.
16:07 We got to teach this guy to sing.
16:08 Yeah. He's got a natural voice.
16:11 Yeah, he does.
16:12 You know, I also love the fact that he could feel his feet
16:15 a little bit differently,
16:17 but tell us about this neuropathy.
16:19 I know there's viewers out there
16:22 that are suffering with this same terrible thing.
16:25 Yeah. What about that?
16:27 You know, the nerves start to get damaged
16:31 when our blood sugar is out of control,
16:34 when we don't have good circulation,
16:37 and so two of the things that we start working on
16:41 when people come to Weimar, almost immediately
16:43 is helping to control your blood sugar
16:46 and helping to improve your circulation.
16:48 We do that one of two ways.
16:50 The first way is, we have people drink water.
16:53 Most people don't drink enough water.
16:56 I know, before I knew about it, I was chronically dehydrated.
17:00 I'd go to work and work a 12-hour shift
17:02 and maybe only go to the bathroom once or twice.
17:04 And you didn't know it? Didn't know it.
17:06 But knowing how I feel now and comparing it
17:09 to how I felt then, it's night and day.
17:11 So drinking water is the first thing
17:13 that kind of thin your blood and improve your circulation.
17:16 Well, how much water should you drink?
17:17 Well, that's a great question.
17:19 What I tell the guests is,
17:21 I don't like to give them numbers
17:22 'cause when I give them a number,
17:24 people get fixated on the number.
17:26 So what I tell them is I give them a principle.
17:29 When we've got enough water in our bodies,
17:32 our body will use what it needs
17:33 and spill the rest in our urine.
17:36 And the sign that that is happening
17:38 is our urine is pale to clear.
17:40 So what I tell guests is in between meals
17:43 you should drink enough water
17:45 that your urine is pale to clear.
17:47 But if you're taking vitamins, that may not happen.
17:49 That's true, those vitamins will make it yellow
17:51 for a long time.
17:53 So that's again...
17:55 Well, that's a good way of viewing it.
17:58 Is that the only thing you need to watch, I mean...
18:01 No, the other thing that we have them do is
18:03 we have them increase their exercise.
18:06 And that's something that CJ told me.
18:08 He said that when he came here,
18:10 it took him about 20 minutes to walk from his car
18:15 into his building where he works.
18:18 Wow.
18:19 And the distance is only about the distance of going
18:23 from the lodge to the NEWSTART clinic,
18:26 for what you would understand that it to be...
18:28 Fifty yards, maximum. Yeah, maybe 50 or 60 yards.
18:30 Yeah. Wow.
18:31 Exactly. And it would take him 20 minutes plus.
18:33 Because of the pain.
18:35 Because of pain, he'd have to stop.
18:36 So he describes to me today that
18:42 rather than painful, it feels like maybe as sunburn.
18:46 What does that mean, I mean...
18:48 Well, that's actually a good thing.
18:51 People might not think of that
18:52 but that's actually a good thing.
18:53 What that means
18:55 is the nerves are feeling sensations differently.
19:01 We told him this that if he starts getting more pain,
19:04 that's actually a good thing
19:06 because it means his nerves are starting to...
19:07 He's getting feeling back.
19:09 Yeah, yeah. Oh, wow.
19:10 So his numbers are not where he wants them to be,
19:14 and I keep reminding him it's been 18 days,
19:17 but we're seeing improvement.
19:18 And I believe by God's grace they'll continue to improve,
19:21 but he's now starting to see that he's having
19:23 not as much trouble with his feet.
19:26 He was doing contrast baths,
19:29 he was doing charcoal poultices on his feet.
19:32 Really? And all of that helps.
19:34 But he's finding that he's not having to do
19:37 as much of that
19:38 because he's not having as much problems.
19:40 In fact, one night, he told me he slept through the night
19:42 without having any symptoms.
19:46 He told us he had, first time,
19:48 he can put a blanket on his feet.
19:50 Yeah. I never knew that.
19:52 Yeah, praise the Lord. Oh, my!
19:55 Terrible disease. Yeah, yeah, it is, it is.
19:57 But you know something,
19:58 he never complains, so I just...
20:00 Is there a way someone who's watching this now
20:02 could do this at home?
20:04 Yes, there are ways to do this at home,
20:06 but again, you have to be careful.
20:08 I really like seeing it done under medical supervision.
20:12 But doing a little bit of increased walking,
20:15 a little more exercise
20:16 will help to improve circulation.
20:19 We use contrast baths, hot and cold baths,
20:22 but you really need to make sure
20:23 that the temperature is not too hot
20:25 because if you have neuropathy, you could burn your feet...
20:29 And not realize it,
20:30 so it's good to have someone help you
20:32 who doesn't have the neuropathy
20:35 and just test the water and make sure it's not too hot.
20:37 Now what about...
20:39 You mentioned that, doctor, what about food?
20:42 Food plays a big role in this as well
20:44 because as he has changed his lifestyle
20:47 and gone on plant-based diet,
20:49 he is controlling the glycemic index
20:53 in his food a little bit more,
20:55 so it's not as likely to make his blood sugars go up.
20:57 Ah, got it.
20:59 Now even though his numbers are not where he wants them,
21:01 we're still starting to see some progress.
21:04 And so I praise God for that.
21:06 You know, actually I just...
21:08 I shared this with CJ in the class
21:09 just the other day,
21:11 Dr. Crane, who used to be here at Weimar,
21:14 they had, they did some published research,
21:16 and they had 21 patients
21:18 who had this very bad painful neuropathy.
21:21 And in 18 days,
21:22 17 of them had relief from their neuropathy.
21:26 Just by changing their lifestyle,
21:28 eating a plant-based diet, doing more exercise,
21:31 drinking more water, changing things.
21:36 So for the average person at home
21:39 to be able to do this,
21:41 that's a lot that you just mentioned,
21:44 they really need to go to a lifestyle center
21:46 like NEWSTART.
21:47 Or Black Hills or number of them across the country.
21:52 But I can't sanction them 'cause I've never been to them,
21:55 I've been here, and I work here, and of course,
21:57 I want people to come here.
22:00 'Cause I know they're going to get well.
22:01 They have supervision by board-certified physicians,
22:05 otherwise known in the world as MDs or doctors,
22:08 and they're able to monitor and guide
22:11 through blood draws and testing,
22:15 they're non-invasive as I understand it.
22:18 That's right. And people have a great time.
22:22 I've never heard an unkind word.
22:24 That's true.
22:25 You know, occasionally has someone who leaves
22:27 because they're not happy or whatever but that's rare.
22:31 It is, it is.
22:33 So what conclusion can we make with CJ?
22:37 Well, CJ is on the road to recovery.
22:41 He's not at the end of the road,
22:43 but he's on the road.
22:45 And he says that he is walking now
22:48 more than he has walked
22:50 probably in the last several years.
22:52 Yeah, so he is very pleased about that.
22:56 And I am just, yeah,
22:58 praising God that he's received the blessings
23:01 he already has and I think there are more to come.
23:03 I love that guy. Yes, I do too.
23:05 He is lovable. He is.
23:07 Absolutely, absolutely. He really is.
23:09 Doc, I want to thank you again, I know you're a busy guy,
23:12 you got a lecture tonight, we have a graduation tonight,
23:15 you participate in that, and so many things you do,
23:19 thanks for coming on the set.
23:20 Thanks for having me, Ron.
23:22 And being a part of NEWSTART Now.
23:23 Friends, don't go away,
23:25 we have a tip for you following this.
24:00 This is what I like to call my way cool ranch dressing,
24:04 it's so easy and delicious.
24:07 In fact, you can use it for other things
24:08 besides a way cool ranch dip.
24:11 You can use it as a dressing,
24:13 you can also use it as a spread,
24:14 and it all depends on how thick or thin you like it
24:17 and that will become what you'll be using.
24:20 We're going to be using some of our cashews,
24:22 these are raw cashews, unsalted,
24:24 some cool ranch dressing mix
24:26 that you can find on our website,
24:29 some onion flakes, fresh lemon juice
24:31 which makes the huge difference.
24:33 So let me tell you, when you can use fresh ingredients,
24:36 it changes everything.
24:38 Fresh cloves of garlic, some water,
24:40 and a high speed blender.
24:42 So let's get started.
24:43 We're going to go ahead and add our cashews
24:46 to our food processor,
24:47 you could use your food processor
24:49 with this recipe if you wanted to have it be a spread,
24:52 but since we're turning in this into a dip,
24:54 I just like to put it all into a blender.
24:56 Our cool ranch dressing mix,
25:00 our onions, lemon juice,
25:05 garlic, and our water.
25:10 And we will go ahead and process this up
25:12 until everything blends together.
26:26 Okay, so amazing.
26:29 And it's just a few ingredients.
26:33 You can see how thick this consistency is.
26:37 Once it chills,
26:39 I like to marinate this in the refrigerator
26:40 for maybe an hour or two.
26:42 Once it chills,
26:43 it will continue to thicken up on you,
26:45 but this about the stage that I really love it.
26:48 And a wonderful dip for you to use
26:50 with your carrots and celery,
26:53 also to spread on your sandwiches
26:55 as an alternative to mayo.
26:59 But it's also a wonderful pizza base,
27:02 so if you have a pizza
27:04 and you want that reminiscent of that white sauce,
27:07 this is absolutely wonderful for it.
27:11 And here you have a beautiful cool ranch dressing
27:15 dip or spread,
27:16 however you like to use it
27:18 for all of your parties and guests to share with.
27:26 Well, friends, that's it for today,
27:27 but join us next week for another episode.
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27:32 and give us a call at 800-525-9192.
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