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00:10 Every year in America,
00:12 there are over one million deaths
00:13 because of Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
00:16 This includes heart attacks and strokes.
00:18 That's 6.5, 747s crashing every day.
00:22 What's even more surprising is that the fix is easy.
00:25 It's your lifestyle.
00:27 Wouldn't it be nice
00:28 if you could actually add quality years to your life
00:30 rather than dying one organ at a time?
00:33 Obesity and diabetes
00:34 are the cause of over million deaths per year.
00:37 Most diseases are reversible
00:39 because most diseases are lifestyle diseases,
00:42 especially Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
00:46 Seriously now, they can be reversed
00:48 and the quality of your life can be renewed.
00:52 Call NEWSTART today at 1-800-525-9192.
00:58 You will see dramatic changes
00:59 in the first few days of our program
01:01 and you'll be on the road
01:03 to a better more robust quality of life.
01:06 The NEWSTART programs are simple and effective.
01:12 In our studio with me today is James Barber,
01:16 from Riverside, California.
01:18 Good old, native Californian.
01:21 I want to take a look at when James first got here.
01:25 He had a stroke a few months back.
01:27 We will discuss that during the interview
01:30 but let's take a look.
01:33 Well, I had a stroke two and a half years ago,
01:35 and I am recovering a little bit
01:39 and I'm just trying to recover little, little more
01:42 and every little bit helps.
01:44 So, I thought I'd come up here
01:48 and see if this would help me too
01:52 to get myself back again.
01:55 I was on statins,
01:59 and I did some research
02:03 and found out how dangerous they were,
02:05 so I just quit taking them on my own and I thought,
02:09 "Well, this should help me," you know.
02:15 And the program here should help me
02:18 with the problems I have with high cholesterol.
02:22 Well, I hope to see some improvement in my health.
02:29 I need to lose some weight.
02:31 I need to get my cholesterol down.
02:36 I need to do little more exercise
02:38 for my leg and arms,
02:42 especially with me getting off of the medications
02:46 that I was taking.
02:48 He said the program here should replace...
02:54 the medications,
02:56 especially with the change of diet,
02:58 and exercise, and water.
03:04 Welcome back, friends.
03:06 James, how are you, sir? I'm fine, Ron.
03:08 That's good to see you.
03:10 You do look different.
03:11 Yeah, better than I was when I came here.
03:14 Yeah, I think so. Yeah.
03:17 You know, we discussed a stroke on our first interview.
03:23 How severe was that stroke and when did it exactly,
03:26 when did it happen?
03:28 It happened on May 6th, 2014 and it was pretty severe.
03:33 I was asleep in my truck, taken a break.
03:38 And the next morning
03:40 when I went to make my delivery,
03:41 I couldn't get out of bed.
03:43 I'd had a stroke during my sleep
03:45 and kind of paralyzed my left side.
03:49 The entire left side?
03:50 The entire left side, arm and leg.
03:53 And I couldn't get out of bed.
03:56 So, my company
04:01 track the truck down,
04:02 they knew where it was so they called the local police
04:05 to come and check on me.
04:06 And they, they are the one that got me out of the truck
04:09 and got me to the hospital.
04:11 But I had blood clot on my brain.
04:14 And I remember,
04:19 I could hear the doctors talking
04:21 when they were trying to dissolve them
04:23 or take them out or whatever they do,
04:26 but I didn't get to the hospital fast enough
04:30 to make a fast recovery.
04:34 Yes.
04:36 So, it's been a couple years now,
04:38 about two and a half.
04:39 Two and a half.
04:41 And you regained mobility with your left leg
04:45 but your left arm is still little bit...
04:48 Tell us about that?
04:49 Yeah, left arm is still not functioning.
04:54 But I've been working on it in the last few months
04:58 and at least I can move it and there is no pain.
05:03 So I think
05:05 if I just keep working with and exercising it,
05:07 I'll get some mobility back in it.
05:10 Yes.
05:11 We've had some students working with you.
05:14 One of our students from Guest services.
05:16 Correct.
05:17 And I have taught him a few techniques
05:19 to work on the tendons and such and help bring back mobility.
05:25 So I understand you are thinking about,
05:29 maybe staying for another session?
05:32 Yeah, because
05:36 the improvement that I see
05:41 has encouraged me to stay another session
05:44 because I think another session,
05:46 I'll get a lot better, get to walk in a lot better,
05:50 I'll get the arm moving a little bit better.
05:52 Yeah.
05:53 And get some weight down
05:56 and get all of my vitals
06:01 in better shape than they are now.
06:04 Now, vitals, you mean,
06:05 cholesterol and triglycerides, all that.
06:07 Correct. Correct.
06:08 Now, you lost about 11 pounds, the first 10 or 11 days.
06:14 But then you gained a couple of pounds.
06:16 Correct.
06:17 Could that gain maybe be muscle mass,
06:20 and tell me what do you think?
06:23 I guess.
06:24 I guess it could be
06:26 because I haven't been eating anything
06:27 to put the weight on.
06:30 Well, we don't starve people here, do we?
06:32 No, you don't starve people
06:34 but, I have a sweet tooth and when I am home,
06:39 I eat a lot of sweets which I haven't had here.
06:42 You can't do those sweets.
06:44 So, I know it wasn't the eating that put weight back on,
06:49 I don't really know what it was
06:51 but something put three pounds back on me.
06:55 Now, have you learned while you are here,
06:59 foods to eat and foods not to eat
07:03 that will help your situation?
07:06 Yeah, I've learned a lot about eating correctly
07:09 and the right foods
07:11 but it's going to be difficult for me
07:15 to get into the habit of eating like that regular.
07:21 Why would you say that?
07:22 Well, I'm living with a friend
07:24 and I live in somebody else's house and I...
07:30 They do all the fixing?
07:32 They do all the fixing and...
07:36 My friend is 88
07:38 and he has a caretaker to come in and fix his meals
07:42 and, of course, they fix mine too,
07:45 but I quit eating what he eats before I came up here.
07:51 Good.
07:52 Because he has to have eggs and bacon
07:54 every morning for breakfast,
07:55 and I don't like bacon.
07:58 I don't like eggs and... Yeah, too fat.
08:01 Those two things along will clog up your arteries.
08:03 Yeah, they will. Yeah.
08:05 And then he eats about a half a gallon of ice cream
08:07 every night before he goes to bed.
08:08 Oh, how old is he?
08:10 Eighty eight. Well.
08:12 And I cut out the ice cream too.
08:16 Good for you.
08:17 I used to eat a little bit with him
08:18 but I cut it out few weeks before I came up here.
08:22 Good for you.
08:25 And where did you learn that?
08:27 I learnt it from a friend
08:29 that used to work here at NEWSTART.
08:31 Really? A doctor or...
08:33 Oh, you learnt that from Jerry Flores.
08:36 Jerry Flores. Jerry.
08:38 Good old Jerry.
08:39 You know one of the best massage therapist
08:42 I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
08:43 He is good.
08:45 He is good. He is very, very good.
08:47 In fact, didn't Jerry recommend you come here?
08:49 Jerry, yeah, Jerry recommended me
08:51 to come in here to the NEWSTART program and...
08:53 He told me about you at some point in time.
08:56 Yeah. Yeah, he did. I'm glad that you made it.
08:58 Yeah, I am too and actually I didn't want to come
09:03 and tell I could stay for two sessions
09:05 because I figured it was going to take to...
09:10 To get a big change in my walking
09:14 and my arm movement.
09:17 And, but while I was waiting,
09:22 I started spending the money
09:24 and I spent part of the money before I came up here so.
09:30 Oh, no.
09:31 Yeah. That's okay.
09:38 I know, I need two sessions
09:40 because he was telling me that
09:43 one person came here and stayed for four sessions.
09:46 Actually we had this guy, came here, he was living here.
09:51 He stayed for two sessions and he lived on campus
09:55 and continued on for about six months.
09:59 Oh.
10:00 And I don't know if he's referring
10:02 to that gentleman or not.
10:05 But we have had people stay two or three sessions in a row.
10:09 We had a gal two sessions ago, 355 pounds.
10:14 Wow.
10:15 She lost 32 pounds her first session.
10:18 I spoke with her the other day, she's down 75 pounds
10:23 and so, you know.
10:26 It is a big improvement.
10:27 Yeah, and the same thing is going to happen with you.
10:30 You gonna lose more and more weight.
10:32 Yeah, if I could get my weight down,
10:33 a lot of things, I think will improve.
10:36 Yeah, yeah.
10:38 'Cause I have sleep apnea,
10:39 I'm sleeping with a CPAP machine
10:41 and they say, if you get your weight down
10:44 it may get to
10:46 where you don't have to use the CPAP machine.
10:48 So, true.
10:50 James, I want to thank you for taking your time
10:53 and coming on the set and chatting with us.
10:56 And I'm looking forward to see you in next session.
10:58 Well, I thank you for having me.
11:00 Yeah, I am looking forward to be in here
11:01 on the next session.
11:03 All right, James, God bless.
11:04 Okay, all right. Thanks.
11:05 Thanks for being with us,
11:07 and thanks for taking your time.
11:08 And, friends, don't go away
11:10 Dr. A Kuninobo will be right with us.
11:16 When we look at the health status
11:17 of Americans today,
11:18 it's alarming to see that 60% are either overweight or obese.
11:28 In addition, diseases such as Type 2 diabetes,
11:31 cancer, and heart disorders
11:33 are the leading cause of so many complications
11:35 and deaths every year.
11:41 Could it have something to do with what we eat?
11:44 After all, every one in four Americans
11:46 visits a fast food restaurant daily
11:48 and with such easy access to quick fix foods,
11:52 we tend to forget the poor health value
11:54 those foods actually offer.
11:57 Maybe it's the sedentary lifestyle
11:59 and lack of exercise that we've become
12:01 so accustomed to as a media dependent world.
12:04 Whatever the cause of these diseases,
12:06 a solution has arrived.
12:10 The NEWSTART lifestyle center offers enriching program
12:14 where patients can get a healing of mind,
12:16 body, and soul.
12:18 Located in the outskirts of Sacramento,
12:20 the NEWSTART center is situated on
12:22 the beautiful campus of Weimar Center
12:24 of Health and Education,
12:26 with scenic walking and hiking trails all around.
12:30 With a whole plant foods eating whole motto,
12:33 the NEWSTART center promotes a healthy plant based diet
12:36 with the emphasis on natural foods.
12:39 The NEWSTART staff are made up of California board certified
12:42 nurses, doctors, dieticians, and therapist
12:46 who work together to assist each patient personally.
12:50 The staff are dedicated to each patient's success
12:52 in the program
12:54 and are always there to guide, advise, and encourage.
12:57 In addition to a healthy lifestyle,
12:59 NEWSTART also promotes a healthy exercise routine.
13:02 You both in sequence, that's good.
13:04 All right.
13:06 As part of the balance program, there is much opportunity
13:08 to get in the fair share of physical activity
13:11 from utilizing our fitness center
13:13 to taking a stroll around the peaceful grounds of Weimar.
13:17 It's amazing what a NEWSTART can do for you.
13:20 Welcome back, friends.
13:22 In our studio, Dr. Kuninobo.
13:24 Yes, thank you.
13:25 I want to tell our guests that you are our newest arrival
13:29 who is joining our clinic.
13:31 And it's been a pleasure so far.
13:33 And it's been a pleasure for us.
13:35 You've come here.
13:36 You had a family practice in San Diego for 20 years.
13:39 That's correct.
13:40 And you are born on some little island,
13:43 in the middle of the pacific called Hawaii.
13:46 Well, actually I was born in L.A.
13:48 You were born in L.A., then you were raised there.
13:50 I was raised in Hawaii from age 8 to 18.
13:53 Yeah, we're joking about that, just a moment ago.
13:56 Yeah, and here you are, so good to have you here.
13:59 Thank you so much.
14:00 And our guests, otherwise known as patients,
14:05 I think they all love you, and they told, Dr. K says this.
14:07 Praise God. Praise God.
14:09 Yes, so you're bringing something,
14:11 all our doctors bring so much value here.
14:14 Praise God.
14:15 And we just thank you for your ministry here,
14:18 we know that it's important for our guests.
14:22 Let's talk about James. Oh, yes.
14:25 And you know, he had a stroke, two and a half years ago,
14:29 roughly in May 14th.
14:31 And a heart attack too.
14:33 I didn't know about the heart attack.
14:36 Was it simultaneous?
14:38 Pretty close together.
14:39 Ah, okay.
14:41 And he's struggling,
14:42 he was paralyzed on the left side.
14:45 He was out on the road as a trucker.
14:48 He couldn't get out of his truck
14:49 so he couldn't get immediate help,
14:52 you know, blood thinners, and whatever
14:54 you guys do to help,
14:57 but now he's struggling
14:59 that long road back to mobility.
15:03 What are his chances here, Doc?
15:05 What do you think?
15:07 I know a miracle needs to happen
15:10 'cause out in the world there, they say,
15:12 "Well, that's the way it is."
15:13 Yeah, you know, at two and a half years,
15:15 most conventional thought would say, you know,
15:16 if he's going to get improvement,
15:18 we should have seen it by now.
15:20 But, you know, the body has amazing capacities
15:23 to heal itself.
15:25 Yeah.
15:26 When God is at the head of their body.
15:29 You know, and so I would never limit God
15:32 to what He is going to do for James.
15:34 You know, on the other hand, as we all recognize that
15:37 it will be tall order to expect that
15:40 just because he's going to do
15:41 a few simple things in his life,
15:42 suddenly there is going to be a miraculous thing
15:44 that happens here.
15:45 God could do that.
15:47 That may happen.
15:48 But there are so many facets to James
15:50 besides just his disability.
15:52 I think they're very important for him.
15:55 One thing about James that may or may not come out
15:58 when he was talking, is he's a very resourceful man.
16:01 And he is very determined. Yes.
16:04 When you think about the ability
16:06 or maybe somebody would say disabilities
16:08 that he has to function, he's very creative
16:12 and how he works through everything by himself
16:15 with that one hand.
16:16 We noticed that at the cafeteria
16:18 that he does everything himself,
16:20 you know, gets his food, grains, flaxseed,
16:23 does all these things by himself.
16:25 Gets his meal, so, you know, he's a type of person
16:29 that if there is going to be improvement
16:31 when he puts his will with God's will,
16:33 who knows what can happen with him.
16:35 Amen.
16:37 We want so bad to see him change to benefit him.
16:43 Absolutely.
16:45 So that he can get mobility back on that left arm,
16:48 I know he wants that more than anything.
16:51 You know, he's going to stay with us another session.
16:54 Yeah. I am really excited about that.
16:55 Yeah, he's pretty much made that decision already
16:59 and we're helping him in every way we can.
17:02 He will be going home, he's from Riverside area.
17:07 He was referred to us by one of our massage therapist,
17:12 Jerry Flores.
17:14 Jerry is an excellent therapist,
17:16 I wish he was back here
17:17 but nonetheless Jerry referred him,
17:20 and so he's going to go back down
17:22 and get some therapy with Jerry
17:24 and then come back to our next session.
17:27 And I am sure you're going to be his doctor then, right?
17:30 Well, I certainly hope so
17:31 'cause I want to continue to follow with his improvement.
17:33 Yes. Yes. You noticed I said improvement.
17:36 Did he talk it all about that with you?
17:37 Yeah, why don't you tell us from your perspective?
17:40 Yeah, 'cause I was there, I was talking with him today,
17:43 you know, doctor's appointment,
17:44 our final visit during this session,
17:47 and I was asking him how things were going.
17:50 You know, he was very interested
17:51 to find out about his cholesterol,
17:53 which we should talk about in a minute.
17:55 But I was asking him about how is he doing getting around
17:57 because I've been watching him, everybody's been watching him.
18:00 Yes.
18:01 And to see, and I think there for a lot of people
18:04 when you're the one that's improving,
18:06 sometimes you don't recognize it
18:07 unless you stop and think about it.
18:09 I think we all recognize that he was getting stronger,
18:13 little firmer in his step.
18:15 Little quicker down the hallway.
18:17 And you know, he had to stop and think about it.
18:19 Then he says, "You know what?
18:21 I have noticed that my step is stronger.
18:24 That I am walking a little bit easier."
18:26 Praise God. And I say praise God for that.
18:28 Absolutely. Praise God.
18:30 I saw, I mean, Paul, our editor and our photographer here,
18:36 he noticed that he was dragging the suitcase
18:39 out to his truck with one arm.
18:41 Filling up with whatever he needed.
18:43 Maybe it was Dr. Gallant was sharing.
18:45 Dr. Gallant I think was sharing with, yeah.
18:47 And he'd fill up the suitcase and he dragged it back
18:49 to his room and he really is resourceful.
18:52 He is.
18:54 And determined, I really feel that, you know.
18:57 You know, you are in the business of healing
19:00 and you see people,
19:01 you know for sure they're going to make it
19:03 'cause they've got that attitude.
19:05 He's got the right attitude. He's got the right attitude.
19:07 Yeah. Absolutely.
19:09 Can you tell us more, can you tell our guests
19:11 if they're struggling with,
19:15 you know, things like an arm
19:19 that won't work or a leg, what should they do?
19:22 Well, number one is,
19:24 you want to give your body every opportunity
19:26 to heal and improve.
19:28 So you want to really maximize your health
19:31 because especially for those
19:34 who have just recently suffered an injury,
19:36 loss like a recent stroke.
19:39 You really want to increase the body's capacities
19:42 to heal itself.
19:44 So you want to increase the nutrients,
19:47 through going on a whole food plant based diet.
19:51 You want to increase water intake, this dehydration,
19:55 things don't move around as well.
19:56 Your nutrients, your oxygen as well.
19:59 Yeah, you want to get exercise,
20:01 get the oxygen moving through there.
20:04 You know, those things are just so important
20:07 because the body does want to heal itself
20:10 and weak it in our own way sometimes.
20:11 And one of the worst things we do is sometimes,
20:13 when we suffer losses, we just kind of sit back
20:16 and say, "Oh, well."
20:18 And then, we don't do anything and that's the worst thing
20:21 that we can do.
20:22 Give up. Give up, exactly.
20:24 And the mind body connection is so profound,
20:27 just the can do attitude like you said.
20:31 You know, I talk to people all day and I give them,
20:36 a kind of a layman's interpretation
20:38 of what you just said.
20:40 When we feed the body, what is right for the body,
20:44 it knows what to do.
20:46 The body knows what to do.
20:47 It doesn't need instruction.
20:49 It doesn't have to go anywhere to get to learn.
20:53 It heals itself through plant based,
20:57 exercise, water...
20:59 And the grace of God.
21:01 Grace of God, we mustn't leave that out.
21:05 So, Doc, I want to thank you
21:07 and again let the guests know that
21:10 we're really happy that you're here with us,
21:12 and we thank the world of you already.
21:14 Thank you so much.
21:16 You've only been, you've made a good impression.
21:18 Oh, thank you.
21:20 Thank you, Dr. K. My pleasure.
21:22 Do you mind if I call you Dr. K?
21:23 I'm fine with that. Okay.
21:25 Friends, thank you.
21:27 Don't go away, please,
21:29 we've got a tip for you following this.
21:34 Welcome to our NEWSTART kitchen.
21:36 I'm really excited to show you
21:38 how to make a Rice Krispie treat,
21:40 without all of the sugar.
21:42 I've been growing up with Rice Krispie Treat,
21:45 I use the marshmallows, you know, on the butter.
21:47 We're going to skip all of that,
21:49 and I'm going to use healthy ingredients.
21:51 What goes into the Rice Krispie treats
21:53 are our brown rice crisps or brown rice Krispies.
21:56 Find whichever work for you but I really love this brand.
21:59 It's veganic and sprouted and what that means is that
22:03 it's totally vegan
22:04 and before they actually turn this into rice Krispies,
22:08 they sprout the rice.
22:09 So, it has about three ingredients
22:11 and that's kind of what we're looking for.
22:13 We don't want a lot of ingredients.
22:15 We want our food to be our ingredients, right?
22:17 We'll be using some almond butter
22:19 to replace traditional butter in this recipe.
22:22 I'll be using this brown rice syrup
22:24 which is wonderful,
22:26 it has a really nice caramelly flavor,
22:29 and it's going to be nice in this recipe.
22:31 And we'll also be using some maple syrup
22:33 to give it just a little bit of something special,
22:36 and then a pinch of salt.
22:38 Okay, so what we want to do is,
22:39 get our burner on to about a medium high
22:43 and we're going to pour in our almond butter.
22:49 We want this all to blend really well together.
22:54 Okay, I'll let you learn a little secret.
22:56 What I'm really making is kind of like a caramel sauce.
23:00 So could you use this as a caramel sauce?
23:02 Absolutely.
23:03 You could put this little concoction we have here
23:06 over some popcorn, okay.
23:08 And then make some common corn,
23:10 but today we're going to be using this
23:12 for Rice Krispie treats.
23:15 Maple syrup, and a pinch of salt.
23:24 All right.
23:25 So I'm just going to go ahead,
23:28 stir this all together.
23:33 You don't want to burn this,
23:34 so you do want to stir it
23:38 constantly until everything melts together.
23:44 Turn this down slightly.
23:46 We don't want to spoil the almond butter.
23:56 Okay, and just like that we have a great concoction.
24:01 And nice slurry to combine our Rice Krispies together.
24:05 Turn this off, remove it from the heat
24:09 and then add your Rice Krispies.
24:14 And make sure you get everything coated.
24:23 And incidentally, you don't have to use
24:24 Rice Krispies for this if you don't have it.
24:27 Why not throw any kind of cereal in here, cheerios.
24:30 And the other cool thing with this recipe
24:32 is you could add some great nuts to this,
24:35 you can add some raisins.
24:37 And this could be a little breakfast bar for you.
24:41 But I like it as an old fashioned
24:45 Rice Krispie treat,
24:47 that I thought that once I went vegan,
24:49 I was going to give all that up,
24:51 but not anymore.
24:54 This is a great alternative.
24:57 Okay, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to put this
25:00 into a springform pan.
25:01 Or you could just add it to any kind of,
25:04 you know, dish that you like.
25:05 But there is nothing like a springform pan.
25:07 As once this sets up, then I can just take it off,
25:10 and it's really simple, you can remove it, like so
25:14 and have your Rice Krispies on a platter like that.
25:17 And the other cool thing
25:18 is you could actually even frost this.
25:20 Can make it look like a cake, so for those special occasions
25:24 when you have birthday parties
25:26 or however you want to celebrate with a cake,
25:29 you could do it with the Rice Krispie treat.
25:32 So let me put this back in here.
25:35 Pretty simple, you just get it set,
25:38 and then tighten it up.
25:42 Okay, so let's add this to our springform pan.
25:47 So, let's get this away.
25:50 You can see what I'm doing here.
25:54 You can get all that goodness of the bottom here,
25:57 throw a lot of flavors.
25:59 Careful not to burn yourself.
26:04 All right, and the reason I have gloves
26:06 is because it can be little sticky
26:08 when you're trying to form it into the pan.
26:11 But we could also just use wax paper
26:13 and use it to help you push down these Rice Krispies,
26:17 and we want to get this nice and packed.
26:19 So I'm just going to use my hands here.
26:22 And these gloves work great for that.
26:25 So get that in nice and tight.
26:38 Okay, so what will I do at this stage?
26:40 I'm going to put this in the refrigerator
26:42 for about 20 minutes just to let it set up
26:44 and get these bars so that they'll be nice and cold
26:48 or you could use it at this stage when it is warm
26:52 but it seems to be a little bit better
26:53 when they're cold.
26:55 And you could cheat a little bit too
26:57 and put it in the freezer for about five minutes
26:59 and that will set up really quickly for you.
27:02 Okay.
27:05 All right, so here is our Rice Krispie treat.
27:07 And let me show me once I take this springform pan off,
27:11 how lovely that just sets up for you.
27:14 And have fun, decorate this, do what you want.
27:16 Cut into squares, and have a really nice treat
27:19 for all of your friends and your family.
27:22 So enjoy.
27:26 Well, friends, that's it for today.
27:28 But join us next week for another episode.
27:31 In the mean time, pick up the phone
27:33 and give us a call at 800-525-9192.
27:39 Mention the NEWSTART Now program
27:42 and receive the NEWSTART special.


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