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01:12 Hi, friends, and welcome to another edition
01:14 of NEWSTART Now.
01:15 I'm your host Ron Giannoni.
01:18 In our studio with me is LeJon Stan...
01:21 I just love that name, LeJon Stanley
01:24 from Lancaster, California.
01:27 Let's take a look at a clip when she first arrived.
01:32 I came to the NEWSTART program
01:34 because I have high blood pressure,
01:39 high cholesterol, pre-diabetic, and I was having chest pains.
01:47 So along with all the medication
01:49 that I was taking for the blood pressure
01:52 and the doctor wanted me to take another medication
01:55 for the cholesterol, and I refused.
01:59 I said, no. No more medicine.
02:01 I was barely taking that.
02:03 And I was investigating, you know,
02:08 programs that I could go to and never heard of NEWSTART.
02:14 And through my research, NEWSTART came up
02:18 and that was on a Sunday evening
02:20 and Monday morning,
02:22 I was speaking to a gentleman named Ron.
02:24 Before I leave NEWSTART,
02:27 I would love for all my numbers to be down.
02:33 I would love to have lost some weight.
02:37 And I would love for my spiritual connection
02:44 to God to be closer.
02:47 And I want all this because I want to live
02:51 the latter part of my life healthy and strong
02:56 for my grandchildren
02:57 and my great granddaughter, Carter.
03:01 And I just believe that being here at NEWSTART
03:08 will do just that, give me that new start
03:11 that I'm looking for.
03:13 Hi, friends. And heartily welcome, LeJon.
03:16 How are you, dear? Great.
03:18 It's so good to see you.
03:19 It's good to see you too.
03:21 Yeah, I love your smile by the way.
03:22 Oh, thank you.
03:23 You know, you got this really great, great smile.
03:26 Thank you. I'm very excited. Good.
03:29 I want to talk about what's happened to you,
03:32 since you've been here.
03:33 Now, I interviewed you over the phone,
03:36 I know you remember that?
03:37 Yes.
03:38 And from that day, tell us what happened
03:42 real briefly about how you got here
03:45 and what's happened since you been here?
03:47 Well, after talking to you,
03:50 I immediately began to get prepared to come
03:55 because I knew I needed to be here.
03:58 And when I came in, I had medical issues,
04:01 high blood pressure, cholesterol,
04:04 little depression going on, and obese.
04:08 And since I've been here,
04:11 my blood pressure has gone down to normal.
04:14 What's normal?
04:15 Normal, now I'm averaging like 120
04:19 and under over 80 and under.
04:24 So it's... Wow.
04:25 Yes. Are you on medication?
04:27 No. So no medication?
04:29 No medication.
04:30 Your blood pressure is normalized.
04:31 Yes.
04:33 My cholesterol was 229 when I came in
04:36 and it has gone down to 217.
04:39 So it's gone down a little bit which is great.
04:43 And let's see, oh, I've lost ten pounds.
04:47 All right.
04:49 Yes, five inches off the waist.
04:52 Five inches? Five whole inches.
04:55 You know, we've had people here in the past,
04:57 the lady in specifically.
05:00 She lost four dress sizes. Wow.
05:03 And not one pound. And not one pound.
05:05 Oh, she lost all inches.
05:07 She lost inches, gained muscle, got rid of some fat of course.
05:11 Yes, yes.
05:13 So we see people start to shrink this way,
05:15 so the weight isn't really that important.
05:18 No.
05:19 It'll fall away as you continue on the path.
05:23 And I was telling someone earlier that I know
05:27 that you're going to be a good instructor
05:28 for some of your church family.
05:31 Oh, yes.
05:32 I'm going to start with my family first.
05:33 Yes.
05:35 And then as I teach them then I will, you know,
05:38 reach out to my church family, those that want to learn,
05:42 because it is a phenomenal program
05:45 and I won't say a program, I'll say lifestyle.
05:48 Amen.
05:50 Because I've learned to cook the foods,
05:52 because if anyone had said to me before, you know,
05:56 eating vegan, I would have said,
05:58 "No, thank you."
06:00 Because it just sound boring, but I'm just so excited
06:04 about the foods and learning to cook them
06:07 and, you know, they look good,
06:09 they taste good, they smell good,
06:11 and so it has all the components,
06:13 so, and I'm satisfied.
06:15 I am satisfied.
06:17 You know, aside from the food, what revelation have you,
06:21 I mean, you had an epiphany while you're here,
06:25 is the term that I would use.
06:26 Yes.
06:28 Well, while here I have reconnected.
06:32 I thought that I had a connection with God
06:35 and I do but I have reconnected because I've realized
06:41 that the overeating and depression,
06:48 those are not from God and by having that
06:52 fresh start every morning with the word,
06:55 it just gave me the...
07:01 I can't think of the word, but it gave me what I needed
07:04 to reconnect with God.
07:06 And the spiritual component of it
07:08 is the most important part.
07:11 So we're talking about NEWSTART now.
07:14 Right.
07:15 Which is an acronym. Right.
07:17 Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air,
07:22 Rest and Trust in God.
07:26 Yes.
07:27 So all these things put together
07:30 is what you're experiencing now and that's helping you
07:33 with a new lease on life so to speak.
07:36 Yes. Your depression is subsided.
07:38 Yes.
07:39 It's no longer... You see the smile?
07:42 Do I look depressed?
07:43 No, you don't look depressed. Right.
07:45 When I first met you, you didn't look depressed.
07:47 I know.
07:49 Well, you know, depression can be hid.
07:50 Yes. It definitely can be hid.
07:52 You did a pretty good job. Oh, thank you.
07:54 So now I'm just...
07:57 I feel like I'm 95 percent of the LeJon
08:02 that God wants me to be.
08:03 Amen.
08:04 And as I continue on this road of NEWSTART,
08:10 you know, I'm going to be fine, I'm going to be fine.
08:14 And it's amazing how each component
08:17 works together like you said, I was this kind of blown away
08:21 learning about how important air, fresh air and rest...
08:27 And I used to stay up late and get things done
08:30 because I thought everything needed to be done,
08:32 you know, before I went to bed and now I realize, you know,
08:36 going to bed, going to sleeping,
08:38 getting the proper rest gives me a fresh start
08:41 for the next day.
08:43 You know, and nothing is as important as your health.
08:48 And I wish I had learned that 40-50 years ago.
08:53 Don't we? Yes, yes.
08:56 But the good part is you can turn it all around.
08:59 That's right. Yes.
09:00 And God can do wonders. Yes.
09:02 All you got to do is ask.
09:03 Ask. Amen.
09:05 And you could ask too,
09:06 but then you got to come here, right?
09:08 That's right. So what about water?
09:11 I know you've learned something about water.
09:14 Yes, water.
09:16 Oh, wow.
09:18 Well, there's drinking water
09:20 and then there's water therapy, right?
09:22 Yes, tell us about both.
09:24 Okay, well, drinking water just gives your body new life.
09:31 It...
09:35 You don't have to get scientific with me.
09:38 I just want to know.
09:39 Well, it just refreshes your body
09:41 and nourishes your body, you know, and...
09:42 Okay. You gotta drink it. You gotta drink it.
09:44 Yeah, and if you don't drink it,
09:46 you get dehydrated.
09:47 Exactly. And then you get depressed.
09:48 Exactly.
09:50 And a whole lot of other illnesses.
09:51 And I did exactly and I didn't drink
09:53 a lot of water before I came.
09:54 And when I got here, one of the first things
09:56 they did was to give me a water bottle.
09:59 Welcome to NEWSTART, you know.
10:01 With your name on it? Yes, with my name on it.
10:04 And I...
10:05 now it's like where's my water bottle?
10:07 You know, where's my water bottle?
10:09 Who is your doctor? Dr. Lukens.
10:11 And what do you think of Dr. Lukens?
10:13 Oh, I love Dr. Lukens.
10:15 He was there every part of the way, you know,
10:21 I went into to visit him as a doctor
10:24 but then he ate with us in the cafeteria,
10:28 he prayed with me every time I saw him,
10:31 we went hiking, and everybody was like,
10:34 "If Dr. Lukens can do it, we can do it."
10:38 You know, I have to ask this question.
10:39 When was the last time you went to a doctor
10:43 and they took you to lunch?
10:46 Or even talk to you except to say,
10:49 "Okay, take two of these, see you in a month"
10:51 or three months or whatever.
10:53 I don't want to put down the doctors
10:54 but we have an unusual group of doctors here.
10:57 Right.
10:58 They are totally dedicated to the well-being of all of us
11:03 who come through the NEWSTART program.
11:04 Yes. Staff.
11:06 Yes. I just love them.
11:08 Everybody.
11:10 And with each session...
11:12 like you said not only the doctor,
11:14 the therapists, the gentlemen who did
11:19 the stretchercise in the morning,
11:21 we prayed every time before we began
11:26 and when we finished.
11:28 And I just love that.
11:30 I even had the opportunity to pray with them
11:34 because I know they always pray for everybody.
11:36 So I took the opportunity to pray with them
11:39 and it's just a new start.
11:44 A new start. LeJon, let's wrap it up.
11:45 We're really out of time here. Okay.
11:47 But I want to thank you for your willingness
11:49 to come on the program and give your testimony
11:52 and just speak your word of truth.
11:55 Amen.
11:56 Well, thank you, Ron, for sharing your testimony,
11:58 that's what got me here.
12:00 Amen. Amen.
12:01 And, friends, thank you for joining us
12:03 but don't go away,
12:04 Dr. Lukens will be right with us.
12:10 Every year in America
12:11 there are over one million deaths
12:12 because of Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
12:15 This includes heart attacks and strokes.
12:18 That's six and half 747s crashing every day.
12:21 What's even more surprising is that the fix is easy.
12:25 It's your lifestyle.
12:26 Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually add
12:28 quality years to your life
12:29 rather than dying one organ at a time?
12:32 Obesity and diabetes are the cause
12:34 of over million deaths per year.
12:36 Most diseases are reversible
12:39 because most diseases are lifestyle diseases,
12:42 especially Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
12:45 Seriously now, they can be reversed
12:47 and the quality of your life can be renewed.
12:51 Call NEWSTART today at 1-800-525-9192.
12:57 You will see dramatic changes in the first few days
13:00 of our program and you'll be on the road
13:02 to a better more robust quality of life.
13:05 The NEWSTART programs are simple and effective.
13:11 Welcome back, friends.
13:13 Help me say hello to Dr. Lukens.
13:16 Very, very good. Good to be back.
13:17 Good to see you. Yeah.
13:19 It's really nice. So much good to see you.
13:20 You're looking well. So are you.
13:23 And your numbers have gotten so good,
13:26 I think that it's hard to keep you humble anymore.
13:29 I know, I know. Yeah.
13:30 Well, you know, we...
13:32 Well, it's been 11 years.
13:33 It's about time. Yeah.
13:35 I just had read the draw, I guess they're wondering
13:39 what we're talking about.
13:40 The best numbers I've had in 11 years.
13:43 So I'm grateful.
13:45 And they're all in the safe range.
13:46 Yes. Totally safe.
13:47 So I'm safe. Yeah.
13:49 I can go run marathons now.
13:50 Okay, all right. Yes.
13:52 I want to talk about LeJon, isn't that a beautiful name?
13:55 Yeah, it is.
13:57 And, you know, when she got here,
13:58 she was dealing with a number of issues.
14:02 Tell us about that real quick?
14:04 Well, one of the things is that, you know,
14:06 when you get up every day and you start working
14:10 and you're doing your routine and stuff like that,
14:13 she was getting depressed.
14:15 Yes.
14:16 And she was getting anxious, and her blood pressures
14:19 were going up, and they're getting her
14:21 on different medications and so she just...
14:27 she was getting more and more down all the time.
14:30 So she comes here and, you know,
14:34 that the joints are the problem and, you know,
14:37 this hip and that knee and so forth
14:41 which is kind of common.
14:42 Because people that are eating the diet
14:45 like the standard American diet,
14:47 they have so many things that go wrong with them.
14:50 And after a while, you know, she's had a lot of stress
14:57 and we might talk about that later.
14:58 But anyway, so being in a situation like this
15:03 is just like I must be getting old,
15:07 I must be wearing out,
15:09 there must be no future for me, and I'm still young, you know.
15:13 So, you know, it's tough to see
15:15 these things going wrong with you.
15:17 And some people say when you're 40,
15:19 then you're over the hill and you're going down.
15:22 But, you know, she didn't want that.
15:24 No, 60s and then the 40s now.
15:27 Well, I don't know what it is.
15:28 But I want to touch on something you just said,
15:31 because I know there's a lot of viewers out there
15:34 that are depressed.
15:36 Some of them don't even know it.
15:38 But the majority of people come here.
15:40 When you say the majority are depressed
15:42 and then they leave
15:44 and they're not depressed anymore.
15:45 Well, that's how we see and you know why that is.
15:49 My wife...
15:50 I got a feeling that you're going to tell me.
15:53 My wife's psychiatric...
15:55 Clinical Psychiatric News, years ago said,
15:59 "If you're going to put somebody
16:01 on an antidepressant,
16:03 50 percent of their therapies are exercise."
16:07 And, you know, if you've got a joint that hurts
16:10 and you can only go to a swimming pool to,
16:13 and the doctor says, "You know,
16:15 you've got a bad hip or a bad knee" or whatever,
16:17 you got to take care of that.
16:19 And then, you know,
16:21 there's a muscle twitch or a pain,
16:24 you know, in an area then you just say,
16:26 "Well, every time I move, it hurts
16:29 and you're telling me to move."
16:31 So they'll come in and they'll be walking
16:33 maybe just around the flagpole and then when they get
16:37 to the place where they can walk
16:39 the half mile loop, especially the up part
16:42 and then, you know, they're just kind of like...
16:45 you know, and when they start feeling better and...
16:50 I guess we should talk about the depression part.
16:53 Her mother has quite advanced Alzheimer's disease.
16:56 And when she goes there, you know,
16:58 it's getting worse and her mom really, you know,
17:02 isn't her mom anymore.
17:04 But she said, "You know,
17:06 I retired a couple of years ago."
17:08 And I said, "Well, what are you going to do,
17:11 you know, you're only, you know,
17:12 you're two or three years from retirement."
17:14 She said, "You know,
17:16 I'm going to go back to school."
17:17 But the greatest thing that has happened with her
17:20 is that she's having a spiritual renewal,
17:22 and that's why we're opened.
17:24 Amen. Yeah.
17:25 Yeah.
17:27 You know, a lot of people don't realize
17:28 but there's a spiritual aspect of the program.
17:31 You know, NEWSTART acronym, the last letter "T"
17:35 Trust in God and, you know, there's an emphasis here
17:40 because truly, God's presence is here on the campus.
17:45 He's everywhere, He's with our doctors,
17:47 He's with our nutritionists, certainly our cafeteria,
17:52 our massage therapist, and with Beth and myself
17:56 as we work together to help bring people into the program.
18:01 And I think we need to elaborate on that trust
18:05 that we have in God and how He performs miracles.
18:09 You're looking at one. Absolutely.
18:12 You know, I would be dead if I didn't come here
18:16 to the NEWSTART program.
18:17 Yeah. Yeah, I know.
18:18 You know that and I know that.
18:21 Now, one of the things is we have a chaplain here
18:24 that takes people through a spiritual journey
18:27 right out of the Bible.
18:29 I left him out, I'm sorry.
18:31 No, no, no but this is her, what do you call it
18:36 the epiphany, this is her spiritual epiphany,
18:39 and she is so thrilled that she has a loving savior
18:44 who is the great physician,
18:46 and she's doing these eight natural remedies
18:49 and one supernatural.
18:52 And we put everybody in the hands
18:54 of the great physician and he says,
18:58 "Look, this is my way of healing people.
19:01 And when you do it, I'm right there
19:04 and I'm going to make it happen."
19:05 You know, when she gets back home,
19:07 I can just see, she's going to be a teacher.
19:10 She is going to be teaching at her church.
19:13 An example. She'll be a living example.
19:16 People will look at her and go, "Wow, what happened?"
19:19 And she'll be talking about the NEWSTART program
19:22 as most people do.
19:24 So, you know, I want to encourage you...
19:27 But I want to tell people don't get overly exuberant
19:31 and make them, you know...
19:33 Live the life, and when they keep seeing it
19:36 like one of our other patients, everywhere he goes
19:39 people look at him and they say,
19:41 "You've got to tell me now."
19:42 Because he was way overweight and now he's coming down
19:46 and coming down and people give anything
19:47 to be able to do that.
19:49 And they look at his face and they say,
19:51 "I can see it in your face."
19:52 You're talking about the Rabbi?
19:54 No. No? Okay.
19:55 You don't want to mention any names.
19:57 It's okay.
19:58 We have a lot of people like that
20:00 that call us all the time.
20:01 Yeah.
20:02 Send us emails and thanking us.
20:04 It's just so...
20:05 Well, then there are advertisement
20:06 and that's where...
20:08 Well, we did a survey one time and 95 percent of the people
20:11 that come here, it's not a blast,
20:13 it's not a brochure,
20:14 it's not a big claim or something like that.
20:16 They say, "Listen, you tell me what you're doing, you know."
20:21 And they say, "Well, you know, I changed my diet."
20:23 And they keep watching and they say,
20:25 "Listen, you tell me, I'm readying."
20:29 I used to talk to people telling her eyes
20:31 are glazed over, you know.
20:33 The funny thing, how do I get this
20:35 none out of you, you know.
20:37 I've got my half of my shopping card
20:40 filled with beef and fish and...
20:43 Oh, here comes Dr. Lukens, let's go that way.
20:45 No, no, no they don't know me from anybody.
20:47 Okay.
20:48 But I'm so excited about was that,
20:49 that's when I first got here.
20:51 Now I'm learning to temper it down
20:52 just a little bit.
20:54 And I was just telling Dr. Gallant,
20:56 how well poised you are that it's no big deal
21:00 if people's numbers are high,
21:02 because you've been doing this for 27 years,
21:05 you know that the numbers will come down.
21:07 If they will keep in touch with us.
21:10 And that's what we're doing now.
21:12 Yes. Yeah.
21:13 And you're doing a good job.
21:15 We're trying to follow people that are ready for dialysis
21:17 and keep them off of it.
21:19 Yes.
21:20 And we have plenty of people who have been here
21:22 with kidney failure in the last several sessions.
21:25 Yeah. We've had seven or eight.
21:27 Yeah, yeah, we have.
21:28 And now they're all doing well.
21:30 So if you've got a kidney condition,
21:31 you should get here real quick.
21:33 Even if it's hypertensive.
21:35 Even if, whatever that is. Yeah.
21:36 Most of them are diabetic with hypertensive ones,
21:39 they said, "There's nothing you can do."
21:41 And we found out that...
21:43 Some people are told that they have to go
21:45 on dialysis four and a half years out,
21:47 they haven't started.
21:48 We're out of time. I got to cut you off.
21:50 Thanks Doc.
21:51 It's always good to see you. Yes, sir.
21:53 And, friends, don't go away,
21:54 we have an important message for you.
21:59 Hi, I'm Dr Neil Nedley of NEWSTART Now.
22:03 And with me today is Dr. Eddie Ramirez.
22:06 We, at the NEWSTART program have been publishing a lot
22:10 in the peer reviewed scientific literature
22:12 on what is happening to even the average patient
22:16 that comes through Weimar's NEWSTART program.
22:21 And, you know, one of the major problems
22:22 we have in the world today, Dr Eddie Ramirez, is obesity.
22:27 Tell us a little bit about the problem of obesity.
22:30 It's not just an American problem anymore.
22:33 That's right.
22:34 Both of us have traveled quite a bit around the world
22:36 and this is a problem we very often see.
22:40 The problem with obesity is that as you gain weight
22:43 apart from talking about the statics
22:45 or this other type of topics, the health,
22:49 it has a negative effect on your health.
22:51 You increase many other risk factors
22:55 that actually increased your risk
22:57 of dying sooner than what you should be.
23:01 And that's why authorities around the world
23:04 are investing lots of money to try to understand,
23:06 why people are gaining weight and what can we do about it?
23:09 Well, I think we have a very tangible solution
23:12 to that problem.
23:13 Yes, you know, in America, over one out of three people
23:17 are overweight.
23:18 Almost one out of two people are overweight.
23:22 And that is a major problem
23:24 in regards to their future health.
23:27 And fortunately, it's something we can reverse.
23:29 You know, we've often thought, you know, if you're just obese,
23:32 it's kind of your metabolism or you're kind of born
23:34 with those genes
23:36 and there's not much you can do about it.
23:39 But as you have discovered along with other researchers,
23:43 and my own name as on this trial
23:46 obesity reviews in April 2016, published a study.
23:51 And tell us a little bit about how you did this
23:54 and what came forward?
23:56 That's right.
23:57 Here we're using 17 years of data.
23:59 We're talking about close to 1, 200 patients
24:03 in this important study.
24:05 And what we were doing?
24:06 We were separating people
24:07 according to their different weights.
24:09 There are some people that have normal weight that participate,
24:12 some are underweight, some are overweight
24:14 and some are obese.
24:16 And what we found out here as we divided the groups
24:21 is that the plan based diet and the interventions
24:24 that we're doing with the NEWSTART program,
24:27 if you are underweight, you shouldn't worry
24:30 because you're not going to lose weight
24:31 on this full plant based diet
24:33 that you're going to be receiving.
24:35 If you have normal weight also, you should not be worrying,
24:39 your weight will maintain the same.
24:41 But if you have overweight or obesity,
24:45 your weight loss will be proportionate
24:48 to how much excess weight you have.
24:50 In other words, the more obese you are,
24:53 the more weight you will lose in these 18-day programs
24:56 according to their data as we process it.
24:59 Well, that's pretty exciting because a lot of people think,
25:01 you know, "I'm probably too fat to experience those benefits."
25:07 But actually the fatter the people are
25:09 the better their response...
25:11 That's right. When they come to NEWSTART.
25:13 And the beauty of this is that, you know,
25:16 this is not like a crash program
25:18 that you're going to lose 30 pounds
25:21 or some incredible number,
25:23 those type of programs in which you lose
25:25 a lot, a lot of weight very rapidly studies show
25:29 those people are going to gain that weight back.
25:30 Yeah, called yo-yo dieting.
25:32 So rather we're going to give you the tools
25:36 so that you can start losing weight
25:39 step by step as you are enjoying
25:42 the good food, and the exercise, and so forth.
25:46 This is something that you can maintain
25:49 at the long-term.
25:50 This is not just a plan of 18 days
25:53 and then you go home to the old lifestyle,
25:55 we'll train you, we'll give you the tools,
25:57 so you can learn how to maintain this change at home.
26:00 Well, that's exciting.
26:01 You know, the study looked at BMI
26:04 which is Body Mass Index
26:05 and if you want to look that up at home,
26:08 just know your weight in pounds,
26:10 and how tall you are, and you can calculate your BMI.
26:14 So this works for BMIs over 25,
26:16 which means that you're overweight,
26:18 if you're over 30, you're obese.
26:20 And I would encourage you overweight, underweight,
26:24 or normal weight experience the benefits of NEWSTART
26:28 and invest in coming to this nice vacation land here
26:32 at Weimar Institute.
26:34 Dr. Ramirez, any closing words?
26:36 Yes, I just want to tell you that the patients
26:41 as we interview them at the end,
26:43 they were saying, "You know what?
26:45 It's so easy to lose this type of weight."
26:48 As some people have been struggling for years and years
26:51 and now they're able to finally get a solution to that problem
26:54 that they were facing.
26:56 For NEWSTART Now, I'm Dr. Neil Nedley.
26:58 Join us again next week.


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